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        Director of Farm Development records
        Série · 1952-1977

        The series consists of the records of the Director of the Farm Development Division and that position's predecessors. The records include correspondence, minutes of meetings, reports and other records related to divisional and branch operations as well as intradepartmental relationships with other divisions as well as Assistant Deputy Ministers, the Deputy Minister and the Minister.

        Sans titre
        Série · 1989-1993

        The series consists of the records of the Director of Rural Services Division pertaining to home economics and 4-H programs. The records also include correspondence and photographs regarding the planning of the 50th anniversary of the home economics program in 1993.

        Sans titre
        Série · 1975-1983

        The series consists of the records of the Assistant Deputy Minister for International Marketing pertaining to the development of international markets for Alberta's agricultural products.

        Sans titre
        Farm Adjustment Committee records
        Série · 1966-1972

        The series consists of records of the Farm Adjustment Committee, which oversaw the farm adjustment program.

        Sans titre
        Dr. Hugh Horner fonds
        PR2510 · Fonds · 1945-1974, predominant 1971-1974

        The fonds consists of the records created and received by Hugh Horner during his tenure as Minister of Agriculture (1971-1975) as well as agriculture-related reference materials (1945-1967) assembled by Horner. The fonds also includes two photographs featuring members of the House of Commons dating from 1961.

        Sans titre
        Stanley Rackham fonds
        PR2747 · Fonds · [ca. 1993]

        The fonds consists of a transcript, typed by Esther Perry, of Stanley Rackham's diary for the years 1903- 1910. The diary describes his life on his homestead.

        Sans titre
        Michael Clark family fonds
        PR3023 · Fonds · [ca. 1905 - 1962]

        The fonds consists of a farm record book for the Clark farm from circa 1905 to 1963.

        Sans titre
        PR3176 · Fonds · 1920 - 1953

        The fonds consists of annual reports and financial statements of the Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District dating from 1920 to 1960.

        Sans titre
        PR2448 · Fonds · 1963

        The fonds consists of a 60th Anniversary program celebrating the Barr Colonists Trek to Battleford and Lloydminster in 1903 created by the Fort Battleford National Historic Park in 1963.

        Sans titre
        Thelma Campbell fonds
        PR2275 · Fonds · 1929-1954

        The fonds consists of published academic pamphlets, and unpublished notes regarding the management agricultural lands in Alberta collected by Thelma Campbell, and dating from 1929 to 1954.

        Sans titre
        J. MacGregor Smith fonds
        PR2625 · Fonds · [ca. 1875] - 1989

        The fonds consists of records related to John Macgregor Smith's academic and research work including research notes, exercises booklets, study guides, exam guides, articles, theses, publications, photographs, certificates, programs, and correspondence dating from 1905 to the 1940s. In particular the fonds features numerous images of agricultural equipment dating from the early part of the 20th century. The fonds also includes research notes created in 1989 during the preparation of the John Smith Macgregor material for reference use in the Department of Agricultural Sciences reading room.

        Sans titre
        Martin and Frances Locher fonds
        PR0683 · Fonds · Copied 1972

        Fonds consists of photocopies of the June 13, 1928 and July 25, 1928 issues of the Alberta Farm Journal.

        Sans titre
        CNH Global fonds
        PR2384 · Fonds · [1940 - 1950]

        The fonds consists of three transcription discs containing advertisements for J.I. Case Company farm equipment dating from ca. 1940s and 1950s.

        Sans titre
        Taber Irrigation District fonds
        PR3210 · Fonds · 1943 - 1961

        The fonds consists of annual reports of the Taber Irrigation District dating from 1943 to 1961.

        Sans titre
        John William Hope fonds
        PR3161 · Fonds · 1903

        The fonds consists of thirteen letters from John William Hope to his wife, “Louie,” 10 April – 2 August 1903. The letters detail his journey from Britain to Barr Colony, and his struggle to find work in Western Canada. The fonds also includes British Colony and Dominion Lands Branch receipts for homestead land, 30 January and 2 July 1903.

        Sans titre
        Ed Lambert fonds
        PR3674 · Fonds · [1929-1966]

        The fonds includes notes, circulars, and publications about the development of plants and animals that could survive in northern climates, including crops, fruit producing trees, vegetables, bees, chickens and beef cattle.

        Also included are newspaper clippings and letters concerning the transfer of Polish war veterans to Canada for agricultural labour.

        Sans titre
        PR3909 · Fonds · 1913 - 1987

        The fonds consists of the PFRA photograph library documenting projects and sites in Alberta. The images depict PFRA projects such as irrigation, crop production, public relation events, the Bow River Project, the St. Mary’s dam, and sites around PFRA projects across southern Alberta. The textual records consist of identification cards that accompany the photographs and negatives, which provide detailed information about each image.

        The fonds also consists of copies of photographs depicting soil-drift from the federal Agricultural Research Station in Lethbridge (A5652-A5674).

        The fonds also consists of 7 photographs (A.1978-A.1979, A.2040-A.2041, A.2018, A.2032-A.2033) collected or created by George Spense, the director of the PFRA from 1938 to 1947. These photographs depicts sites in Pothole Coulee, Banff, Brooks, and the St. Mary's Dam and Irrigation Project.

        Sans titre
        PR0089.0001 · Série · 1909-2004
        Fait partie de Alberta Women's Institute fonds

        The series consists of records which have been created in the administration of the Alberta Women’s Institute at the provincial level and represents activities that have a provincial scope. It includes minutes, cashbooks, financial records, membership lists, Books of Remembrance, correspondence, records associated with the Alberta Women’s Girls Clubs, convention reports, Home & Country magazine, organizational history and etcetera.

        Henry Donnelly fonds
        PR0146 · Fonds · 1878-1956

        Fonds consists of records pertaining to Donnelly’s family and personal life as well as business and financial records. The fonds has been divided into the following series: Family records; Financial records; Personal and dairy business records; Dairying in Alberta; and Farming records.

        Sans titre
        Hodgson family fonds
        PR0259 · Fonds · 1907-1969, predominant 1907-1941

        Fonds consists of personal diaries belonging to Jim and George Hodgson describing their trip from England to Canada and their experiences on their brother’s farm. Fonds also consists of business diaries outlining the daily business conducted on the farm including information about livestock, produce and financial accounts, as well as scrapbooks full of newspaper clippings.

        Sans titre
        H. Norman Fisher fonds
        PR0279 · Fonds · 1921-1963, predominant 1921-1925

        Fonds consists of records reflecting H. Norman Fisher’s farming activities including correspondence regarding farmers’ debts and agricultural credit, manuscripts written by Fisher regarding hardships endured by farmers, and a certificate from an agricultural fair. Fonds also consists of other personal records including poems written by Fisher under the name Chico, photographs, and ribbons received by Fisher.

        Sans titre
        Ray Hauff fonds
        PR0590 · Fonds · Copied 1972

        Fonds consists of a short undated history of French homesteaders in the Trochu, Alberta area, a programme for the Three Hill Valley Agricultural Fair Association dated 1905, newspaper clippings regarding the Trochu area, a photograph of the first church built in Trochu, and a map of Trochu dating ca. 1909.

        Sans titre
        Farmers’ Union of Alberta fonds
        PR1132 · Fonds · 1911-1965

        The fonds consists of the records of the Farmers' Union of Alberta, and includes the following sous-fonds: Asker Local. No. 904 sous-fonds, Bellis Local No. 409 sous-fonds, District No. 6 (Lamont) Association sous-fonds and Farm Women's Union of Alberta sous-fonds; and one series, "The Voice of Agriculture" records, which consists of transcripts of radio broadcasts from 1958 to 1965, hosted by W.J. (Bill) Harper.

        Sans titre
        Beth Witherbe fonds
        PR0455 · Fonds · 1905-1966

        The fonds consists of the ephemera and records of Miss Beth Witherbe, and includes photographic postcards and photographs of friends, family, automobiles, floats, tennis, horses and carriages, a photographs album with 16 photographs of camping scenes, Vermilion School of Agriculture memorabilia, music programs, cards, a dance card, invitations and name tags, movie programs, a calendar, Vermilion Live Stock Protective Association Brand Books, a dry cleaning guide, banquet menus, newspaper clippings and family history information.

        Sans titre
        Fred Freeman Parkinson fonds
        PR0245 · Fonds · 1897-1978, predominant 1907-1978

        Fonds consists of records reflecting Parkinson’s interest and involvement with the agricultural community in Alberta including photographs, negatives, postcards, correspondence, newspaper clippings, blueprints for the stook sweep and reports.

        Sans titre
        Fred Freschette collection
        PR3904 · Collection · 1906 - 1938

        The collection consists of photographs of Red Deer, Dalemead, Lacombe, and Old Basing in the early decades of the twentieth century. The account book is a farm ledger belonging to Arthur L. Long.

        Sans titre
        Alberta resource maps
        Série · 1972-1980

        The series consists of published maps that could be stored in three-ring binders. Each map addresses a different type of resource in the province. While oil, pipelines, roads, forestry, and population are included as resources, the majority of the maps address resources that relate to agriculture.

        Sans titre
        Family Herald fonds
        PR0033 · Fonds · [1880-1968] : Copied [1951]-1968

        Fonds consists of photographs and negatives used in research for or used for publication in the Family Herald newspaper. Fonds also consists of clippings and two item lists of photographs requested from the CPR and CN. (14 of the photographs are attributed to J. S. Cram. Most of the photographs appear to be copies obtained from information resources both private and public).

        Sans titre
        John Hillman fonds
        PR1336 · Fonds · Copied 1976

        Fonds consists of copied photographs dating circa (ca.) 1910-ca.1930 that depict various people and views in the Markerville and Edmonton, Alberta areas and include construction, buildings, people wearing costumes, and students of Evarts School District Number (No.) 736.

        Sans titre
        O. D. Christensen fonds
        PR1535 · Fonds · Copied 1976

        Fonds consists of copied photographs dating 1917-1939 that depict members of the Christensen family on their homestead at Standard, Alberta and includes images of tractors and other agricultural machinery, horses, women and children. Fonds also includes a view of the Christensen house, barn and outbuildings.

        Sans titre
        PR0566 · Collection · 1903-1973

        Collection consists of coal mining union agreements, an Alberta government Department of Public Welfare information booklet, a report entitled Who’s Who in Alberta Agriculture, a Lethbridge School souvenir programme, notes, correspondence, and reports of C. A. (Charles Alexander) Magrath, Manager of the Canadian Northwest Irrigation Company, concerning St. Mary water rights and the St. Mary and Milk Rivers diversions, undated photographs depicting farming in the Peace River area, and a view of the Clearwater River and Dr. Frank Hamilton Mewburn of Lethbridge, Alberta. Collection includes microfilm copies of correspondence written to William Stafford dated 1883-1894, various records concerning farming, irrigation, homesteading, and Lethbridge, Alberta dated 1887-1921, a map of Alberta electoral districts dated 1924, and correspondence, reports and memorandum from the Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company dating 1885-1906. Collection also includes copied photographs from a number of photograph albums, some with annotations, dating 1830-1935, which depict various forts, trading posts, canals, people, buildings, farms, livestock, and views in Alberta and western Canada.

        Sans titre
        PR1040 · Collection · Copied 1974

        Collection consists of copied photographs dated 1883-1917 that depict various people, buildings, and views in Pincher Creek, Alberta including a sawmill, Hotel Arlington, the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) store interior, a hockey rink, street views, log buildings, horses, carts, the Union Bank of Canada, agricultural machinery, branding cattle, houses, Allison’s Store, the Lynch Brothers Livery, and the railroad.

        Sans titre
        PR1590 · Fonds · 1969-1973

        The fonds consists of films showing farm machinery and farming techniques, and includes “The Practice of Stubble Mulch Cultivation and the Noble Blade,” “The Noble High Clearance Drill,” “The Noble Portable Stubble Harrow,” and “The Economy Weeder from Noble.”

        Sans titre
        Alexander John Charnetski fonds
        PR0005 · Fonds · 1938-1970

        The fonds consists of the records of Alexander John Charnetski relating to his involvement in agriculture, and includes slides of livestock, barn plans, farm equipment and pastures. The fonds also includes correspondence, reports, records, including a photograph, relating to the Agriculture Officers Orientation conducted by the Canadian Civil Defense College, and yearbooks of the Olds School of Agriculture and the Vermilion School of Agriculture.

        Sans titre
        Barb Dumenko fonds
        PR1676 · Fonds · [ca. 1918]

        The fonds consists of images from Heatherdown, Alberta, and predominantly includes of images of children, as well as farming, horses, cattle, dogs, log houses, farm machinery and carts, and a photographic postcard of Miss Ethel Green and students.

        Sans titre
        Gustav Magnus Eriksson fonds
        PR1147 · Fonds · 1919-1955

        The fonds includes the 1928 Constitution and Bylaws of the United Farmers of Alberta, Report and Addresses of the 1928 United Farm Women of Alberta Convention, with correspondence to locals, the 1926-1927 Annual Report of the Alberta Co-operative Wheat Producers Limited, the 1919 Annual Report and Year Book of the United Farmers of Alberta, the 1955 unclaimed reserves of the Alberta Wheat Pool and a 1937 report from the Dominion Experimental Station in Scott, Saskatchewan. The fonds also includes correspondence, American income tax forms and agricultural catalogues.

        Sans titre
        Foothills County fonds
        PR2431 · Fonds · 1905 - 1982

        The fonds consists of cashbooks receipts, expenditures, assessment and tax rolls of the following former local authorities of the Municipal District of Foothills No. 31 and dating from 1905 to 1946:

        • Municipal District of Riley No. 159
        • Municipal District of Sheep Creek No.190
        • Municipal District of Highwood No. 159
        • Municipal District of Stockland No. 191
        • Local Improvement District No. 9
        • Local Improvement District No. 10-T-4
        • Municipal District of Dinton No. 189, and
        • Municipal District of Riley No. 159.

        The records include correspondence with other municipalities; project proposals/plans; newspaper clippings; and publications by the Government of Alberta and other bodies relevant to the administration of the County. The records document the activities of the Municipal District of Foothills No. 31, as well as the villages of Cayley and Blackie, from 1954-1982.

        Sans titre
        Captain Fred M. Whitmarsh fonds
        PR2488 · Fonds · [ca. 1890 - 1956]

        The fonds consists Captain Fred M. Whitmarsh's photographs including Whitmarsh's family photographs and a photograph album featuring scenes of agriculture and transportation in Alberta circa 1890 to 1956.

        Sans titre
        H.J. Hogarth fonds
        PR1451 · Fonds · [1900]-1913

        Fonds consists of copied and original photographs depicting Delia, Alberta, including street views, businesses, buildings, a Sunday school picnic, agricultural machinery, horses, a railroad station, and grain elevators.

        Sans titre
        William Rigby fonds
        PR1165 · Fonds · 1928-1930

        Fonds consists of a leaflets from the Eaton's Farm News Service and newspaper clippings about peonies and gardening.

        Sans titre
        Ed Dempster fonds
        PR1570 · Fonds · Copied 1985

        The fonds consists of images, originally dating ca. 1930 to ca. 1940, of road construction and camps near Irma, Mercoal and Coalspur Alberta, bridge construction over the McLeod River, horses pulling logs at Whitecourt and Fort McMurray, Alberta, strip mining near Edson, Alberta, the Edson train station, a moose calf at Coalspur, students of Clyde school (1933) and tractors, combines and harvesting.

        Sans titre
        Terry and Sheelagh Kerr fonds
        PR3687 · Fonds · [192-?]

        This collection includes photographs of Canadian agribusiness in the 1920’s. The photographs include images of horse and tractor farm machinery, the use of irrigation in farming, agricultural shipping via rail and the many types of livestock and field crops raised and grown in Canada.

        Sans titre
        Food for Thought Magazine
        PR3204.0002 · Série · 1998-2008
        Fait partie de Growing Alberta fonds

        The series consists of published copies of Food For Thought magazine, promotional material, advertising files, content for the magazine, photographs, distribution files, correspondence related to the magazine.

        PR3204.0003 · Série · 1994-2009
        Fait partie de Growing Alberta fonds

        The series consists of material created or compiled by Growing Alberta during the course of research into the Albertan agricultural industry. The research includes consumer surveys, industry surveys, focus group reports, and working documents. Topics of research include biotechnology, food safety, sustainability, meat processing, and consumer impressions of agriculture.

        Série · 1950-1985

        The series consists of the records of the Assistant Deputy Minister of Research and Resource Development and its predecessors, the Assistant Deputy Minister of Administration and the Assistant Deputy Minister of Research and Operations.

        Sans titre
        Série · 1925-2009

        The series relates to the Irrigation Council and the operation of the Irrigation Rehabilitation Program. The records include memos to the Irrigation Branches, correspondence, reports, manuals, applications, proposals, and policy and procedure documents. The Irrigation Secretariat manages the affairs of the Irrigation Council; establishes liaison between Council, the irrigation district boards, and others; assists and advises the irrigation district boards on administrative procedures; provides administrative assistance to the Irrigation Appeal Tribunal; and performs other related duties.

        Sans titre
        Director of Program Development records
        Série · 1966-1975

        The series consists of the records of the Director of the Program Development Division. The files include correspondence, reports, minutes of meetings, and conference proceedings.

        Sans titre
        Agriculture research requests
        Série · 1947-2000

        The series consists of research requests regarding agricultural matters. The requests may pertain to tariffs, trade policy, marketing, and other issues. The records may include correspondence, notes, and background research material related to specific requests.

        Sans titre
        Agricultural Service Board records
        Série · 1949-1959, 1967-1981, 1997-2000

        The series consists of records resulting from the partnership between the Department and local Agriculture Service Boards to address agricultural concerns in communities in order to ensure agricultural production is maintained and improved.

        Sans titre
        Série · 1980-1999

        The series consists of records related to various agricultural commodities from the perspective of understanding and developing markets. The records include correspondence, reports, studies, statistics, and information on the development of various commodities (e.g. meats, grains, oilseeds, honey, dairy products, livestock and crops) in Canada as well as other countries.

        Sans titre
        Série · 1981-1999

        The series consists of records related to the marketing of agricultural products in North and South America, with a focus on countries involved in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The records include correspondence and other records related to food companies, banks, embassies, and trade offices from the United States, Canada, and Latin America (Mexico), regarding export of food products and agricultural commodities.

        Sans titre
        Agricultural market development records
        Série · 1981-1996

        The series consists of records related generally to the market development activities of the Division. The records include correspondence, reports, and other records pertaining to staff activities, operations of branches, interdepartmental liaison work, and other Divisional functions related to market development.

        Sans titre
        Série · 1991-2001

        The series consists of records related to summer employment programs within the agricultural sector. The records include policies and procedures for Veterinary Work Experience Program, Agriculture Processing Industry Program, and Summer Farms Program (1991-2001) as well as final payment and statistical information (1998).

        Sans titre
        Director of Plant Industry records
        Série · 1932-2002

        The series consists of the records of the Director of Plant Industry. The files include correspondence, minutes of meetings, reports, and other records related to field crops, plant diseases, pests, weed control, soils, crop insurance, and other administrative and operational activities of the Division. The series also includes correspondence and reports related to the establishment of the Provincial Horticultural Station in Brooks (1932-1965).

        Sans titre
        Agricultural commodities liaison records
        Série · 1972-1997

        The series consists of records pertaining to liaison activities between the business unit and companies and producers regarding agricultural commodities. The aim of the liaison activities was ensuring an efficient supply of quality products and taking advantage of all marketing opportunities. The files contain grants, surveys, studies, and correspondence with meat, dairy, alfalfa, honey, fish, canola and other companies and producers,

        Sans titre
        Série · 1989-1992

        The series consists of records related to the Alberta Sugar Price Reduction Program, an initiative designed to assist beekeepers in reducing input costs associated with the overwintering and/or spring feeding of honey bees. The records include reports and correspondence relating to program establishment, requirements, conditions, procedures, payments, and statistical information.

        Sans titre
        Agricultural engineering records
        Série · 1973-1979

        The series consists of records related to agricultural engineering. The records includes minutes of committee meetings, correspondence, and project files.

        Sans titre
        Pest control program records
        Série · 1937-2002

        The series consists of records pertaining to programs designed to control pests affecting agricultural crops. The records include correspondence, reports, minutes of meetings, contracts, conference proceedings, and other records related to pesticides, herbicides, as well as the control of rats, coyotes, bears, grasshoppers, insects, and other species identified as harmful to crops. The files also include records related to plant diseases and plant pathology, including the impact of blackleg on canola as well as grain diseases.

        Sans titre
        Série · 1987-2002

        The series consists of the records of the Executive Director of the Information Services Division. The files include acts and legislation, business plans, agreements, and other records.

        Sans titre
        Dave and Loretta Puckrin collection
        PR0483 · Collection · [ca. 1900]-[ca.1914]

        The collection consists of 37 glass plate negatives with matching prints, 11 glass plate negatives without prints and 9 prints without negatives, of a variety of subjects purported to be from east of Edmonton, Alberta dating circa (ca.) 1900 to ca. 1914 including family portraits and portraits of children, buildings, houses, log cabins, parks, a church and cemetery, a baseball game, sleighs, the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) 66th Overseas Battalion, and farm activities such as threshing, ploughing and haying, with some of the agricultural images marked as copyright R. Weaver.

        Sans titre