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        Fonds Charles E. Masse
        PR1458 · Fonds · [ca. 1895]

        Le fonds est constitué de photographies illustrant Charles E. Masse à l'école Dunbow, incluant l'intérieur de la boulangerie, les dortoirs des enfants, personnel de l'école, garçons indigènes, la fenaison. Une lettre de George E. Masse, offrant des renseignements biographiques sur Charles E. Masse, est incluse.

        Sans titre
        PR3222 · Fonds · 1914-[1991?]

        Le fonds est constitué de : une biographie, correspondance, articles de journaux, transcriptions sur disques et la photocopie d'une brochure Master Farm Family concernant la famille Joe Dusseault. Les disques sont des enregistrements du prix inaugural Master Farm Family en 1949.

        Sans titre
        Chambers family fonds
        PR0157 · Fonds · 1891-1964, predominant 1920-1957

        Fonds consists of personal and business records belonging to the Chambers family. The fonds has been divided into two series: Business activities of the Chambers family and Personal life of the Chambers family.

        Sans titre
        Personal Information series
        PR0106.0001 · Série · 1930-1998
        Fait partie de John Edward Fitzsimmons fonds

        This series consists of the personal records of various Fitzsimmons family members as well as Jack Fitzsimmons. There are family estate records for Gladys Fitzsimmons, his parents, and his sister Evelyn Jean. There are personal records from Mr. Fitzsimmons’ time at the University of Alberta, medical records, investment material, military records, material from his travels and variety of material about associations, organizations and subjects in which Jack Fitzsimmons had an interest.

        Alberta Women’s Institute local series
        PR0089.0003 · Série · 1909-2006
        Fait partie de Alberta Women's Institute fonds

        The series consists of records which have been created through the administration and activities of local Alberta Women Institute branches. The series includes minute books, cash books, financials, local branch histories, registers, scrapbooks, clippings, guest book, programs, reports and by-laws

        Josephburg Seed Club fonds
        PR1156 · Fonds · 1933-1935

        Fonds consists of minutes and a membership list of the Josephburg Seed Club.

        Sans titre
        Louisa M. Gordon fonds
        PR1144 · Fonds · 1920-1921

        The fonds consists of sheet music for two songs, “Equal Rights for All” (1920) and “The Farmers’ Movement Nought Can Stay” (1921), both by H.W. Gothard.

        Sans titre
        Albert E. Orpwood fonds
        PR1038 · Fonds · [19-?]-1963

        Fonds consists of photographic and mechanically produced postcards, photographs, negatives, and a photograph album depicting various images including Albert Orpwood, the Calgary Normal School, construction, railroads, log cabins, oil wells, women, children, soldiers, agricultural machinery, farm scenes, buildings, cars, bridges, houses, barns, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers, street views, airplanes, snow blowers, churches, a sports team, and a wedding. Fonds also includes booklet, containing a commercial map of Alberta and historical sketch, produced by CJCA Broadcasting Station.

        Sans titre
        Ernest Douglas Isley fonds
        PR1833 · Fonds · 1980-1993, predominant 1987-1993

        The fonds consists of records used, maintained, and created while Ernest Douglas Isley served as Minister of Agriculture from 1989 to 1992 and Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development from 1992-1993 including minutes, pamphlets, correspondence, and invitations on topics related to federal agricultural issues such as federal program and policy, federal-provincial agreements, meetings, conferences, news releases and liaison material, agricultural companies, marketing boards and commissions, program areas of the department, agencies, boards, commissions, corporations reporting to the Minister of Agriculture, budgets, organizational structure, associations and societies, acts and legislation, committees and councils, meetings, departmental news release, and ministerial messages.

        Sans titre
        Carl J. Tracie oral history collection
        PR3134 · Collection · 1966 - 1969

        The collection consists of oral history interviews conducted by Carl J. Tracie during the years 1966 to 1969 with pioneers of the Grande Prairie region. The interviews include recordings of the following individuals:

        • Eric Wilson homesteaded in Saskatoon Lake in 1910;
        • Barney Throness Lake Saskatoon circa (ca) 1911;
        • Marley Sherk and Gordon Sherk, traveled with Mennonites to Beaverlodge area ca. 1910;
        • James Summerville homesteaded in Grande Prairie ca. 1911;
        • J.J.E. Clarke homesteaded in Peace River ca. 1911;
        • G. Balisky homesteaded in Grande Prairie ca. 1912;
        • Joseph Tracie homesteaded in Grande Prairie ca.1916; and
        • Oskar Anderson homesteaded in Peace River ca. 1911.

        The tapes discuss climate, individuals, religions, agriculture, transportation, the economy, and geography of the region.

        Sans titre
        Leduc collection
        PR3385 · Collection · [ca. 1930]

        The collection consists of over 30 identified individuals and families from the Leduc and Beaumont area, Alberta. The images also include landscapes, homesteads, Dominion Day celebrations, and agricultural working conditions and equipment.

        Sans titre
        Barr Colony Museum photograph collection
        PR2304 · Collection · Copied 1976-1977

        The collection consists of images of dating from about 1903 to about 1930 from the Lloydminster, Saskatchewan area relating to Barr colonists, and includes images of a variety of buildings including the school, train station, bank, post office, and hospital, automobiles, houses, log cabins, tents, ploughing, haying, horse and cart, a musical band and a soccer team. The fonds includes a number of images relating to the Tebbs, Booth, Topott, Hall, Wright, Grey, Fisher, Jones, Sutton, and Cripps families and to Rev. Trench.

        Sans titre
        Agriculture print collection
        PR2445 · Collection · [ca. 1940]

        The collection consists of two poster prints featuring agricultural scenes dating from ca. 1940 and a poster print featuring King George V dating from ca. 1940. The artist of the prints is unknown.

        Sans titre
        PR3204.0001 · Série · 1995-2008
        Fait partie de Growing Alberta fonds

        The series consists of records related to the planning and execution of all Growing Alberta events, including the Growing Alberta Leadership Awards, the Harvest Gala, members’ dinners, Agriculture and Food Week, An Afternoon of Food For Thought, and Industry Consultations.

        Daniel Schneider fonds
        PR1679 · Fonds · 1907-1938

        The fonds consists of images of mountain scenes, Jasper, Alberta sites, swimmers, children, wedding portraits, bison, Wainwright, farm machinery, and a ship.

        Sans titre
        G. C. Mathews fonds
        PR1685 · Fonds · 1903-1933

        Fonds consists of annotated photographs of various people, buildings and views mainly in Peace River, Alberta and includes school children and buildings, churches, weddings, street views, banks, businesses, hospitals, ferries, bridges, steam boats, missionaries and mission buildings, the Grouard Trail, agricultural exhibitions, agricultural scenes, livestock, an HBC trading post, a group of Dominion land surveyors, water falls, the Peace River, oil wells, sled dogs, automobiles, airplanes, women’s and men’s sports teams, and North West Mounted Police (NWMP) barracks. Fonds also includes photographs of Athabasca Landing and the Hay River Mission.

        Sans titre
        Lily G. Kluck fonds
        PR1603 · Fonds · [ca. 1910]-1927

        Fonds consists of photographs that depict scenes on the Kluck family homestead in Provost, Alberta including agricultural machinery, building construction, and members of the Kluck family. Also includes images of a band at the agricultural fair in Macklin, Saskatchewan and various buildings and views in Provost, Alberta including St. Mary’s and Rosenheim churches, Franz Joseph school, and Provost railroad station.

        Sans titre
        B.T. Stephanson fonds
        PR2817 · Fonds · 1965

        The fonds consists of a history of the Department of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Alberta written in 1965 by B.T. Stephanson. The fonds also includes a biography of John Macgregor Smith, the first head of the Department of Agricultural Engineering.

        Sans titre
        W.D. McIlvride fonds
        PR3071 · Fonds · 1923 - [ca. 1929]

        The fonds consists of six photographs pertaining to W.D. McIlvride's life including images featuring a carnival in Alaska, agricultural equipment, and individuals in automobiles dating from the 1920s.

        Sans titre
        Western Irrigation District fonds
        PR3214 · Fonds · 1944 - 1963

        The fonds consists of annual reports of the Western Irrigation District dating from 1944 to 1963.

        Sans titre
        Robert McKay Brebner fonds
        PR3369 · Fonds · [ca. 1890] - 1909

        The fonds consists of photographic negatives depicting a wide variety of activities related to farming and labour, and family and daily life and leisure in the early homesteading period of Albertan history. Images include family portraits, the Spruce Grove homestead, farm work and equipment, horse-drawn carriages and carts, First Nations, and locations in Scotland.

        Sans titre
        Mary Harrington fonds
        PR3058 · Fonds · [ca. 1960] - 1991

        The fonds consists of material documenting the operation of Air Spray Ltd. created, collected, and arranged by Mary Harrington including films and transparencies capturing fire suppression and crop dusting performed by Air Spray Ltd during the 1960s; correspondence, licenses, photographs and clippings related to the operation of Air Spray collected by Mary Harrington dating from 1960 to 1969; Mary Harrington's correspondence related to the collection of Air Spray Ltd. materials; a copy of Western Wings (July 1961) published monthly by Wings Publishing Co. Ltd in Calgary; a souvenir program for "Edmonton's Centennial Air Show and Armed Forces Day" prepared by 700 (City of Edmonton) Wings, Royal Canadian Air Force Association to commemorate aviation in Alberta in 1967; an Alberta Forest Service Plan 1962 map used by Air Spray Ltd. during firefighting; and a cartoon strip regarding the construction of "Helmsworth Field" in 1960."

        Sans titre
        James Murray fonds
        PR2688 · Fonds · Copied 1969

        The fonds consists of images taken between 1911 and 1913 depicting farming in Suffield, Alberta from a photo album belonging to James Murray. The fonds includes images of a gasoline tractor, a steam tractor, a Red River Cart, four horse-drawn swathers, ploughs breaking prairie land, a machine shop, cutting wheat, cutting flax, bunk houses, four men each driving a horse-drawn binder, hauling steamcoal, and breaking land with oxen.

        Sans titre
        Marjorie Scott fonds
        PR1837 · Fonds · 1914-1923

        The fonds consists of photographs relating to the dairy industry in Alberta and includes images of dairy conventions, groups standing in front of train cars, the Valhalla Creamery, G.W. Scott instructing students of the Olds School of Agriculture, and G.W. Scott conducting an experiment.

        Sans titre
        PR0089.0004 · Série · 1911 - 2001
        Fait partie de Alberta Women's Institute fonds

        The series consists of material that is not specifically associated with the three organizational levels of the Alberta Women’s Institute – provincial, district and local. The series includes Northern Alberta Women’s committee, guest speakers/visits, histories, ephemera, journal, tape order book, address book, Cirkuit photographs, photograph of Women Institute Girls Club, survey of disabled farmers, The Alaska Highway Station, published material from a variety of sources, some material associated with the Women’s Institute at the national level, and material collected as part of research conducted for the book, “Many and remarkable: the story of the Alberta Women's Institute,” by Catherine C. Cole and Judy Larmour.

        PR0277 · Fonds · 1965-1968

        The fonds consists of materials pertaining to the activities of the Alberta Agricultural Centennial Committee in 1967. It includes programs, pamphlets, bulletins, and two blueprints documenting the burial of a centennial cairn.

        Sans titre
        Ruth and Leo Hamson fonds
        PR0082 · Fonds · 1940-2008

        The fonds consists of material related to Ruth Hamson's book, Staying Alive: Tracing the Adventures of George Cornell and W. Scott Pitzer, images of Little Smoky Farm Industries, material related to Leo's Second World War service (including records related to the German POW camp at Wetaskawin), and audiovisual/photographic material related to travel, hobbies, and family life.

        Sans titre
        Ernest W. Haselwood fonds
        PR0199 · Fonds · 1902-1969

        Fonds consists of business records pertaining to the operation of the flour mill at Bittern Lake as well as some personal correspondence.

        Sans titre
        John Edward Fitzsimmons fonds
        PR0106 · Fonds · 1930-2000

        The fonds consists of records created by both Jack and Gladys Fitzsimmons in their personal and professional lives. The records have been arranged into the following series: Personal Information (1930-1998); Diaries (1945-2000); Photos (192?-198?); Correspondence (1945-2000); Geneology (1944-2000); and Acadia Masonic Lodge (1956-1999).

        Sans titre
        Photographs series
        PR0106.0003 · Série · [192-]-[198-]
        Fait partie de John Edward Fitzsimmons fonds

        The series consists of a variety of photographs and slides predominantly taken by Jack Fitzsimmons though some may be attributed to Gladys Fitzsimmons as well. The subject matter of Jack Fitzsimmons photographs alternates from pictures of different agricultural strains of seed from his time with the University Farm, to travelogues of the many trips and vacations taken by both Jack and Gladys Fitzsimmons. The photographs that may be attributable to Gladys Fitzsimmons were of vacation destinations and friends.

        Wesley Smith fonds
        PR1780 · Fonds · 1912-1964

        The fonds consists of copies of Wesley Smith’s weekly newspaper columns for the Taber Times, including his series “Better Crops Under Irrigation” (1946-1947). The fonds also includes issues of the Bassano News for October 17, 1912 and Bassano Mail for November 11, 1915.

        Sans titre
        Frank Sidney Grisdale fonds
        PR0066 · Fonds · 1921-1976

        The fonds consists of the records of Frank Sidney Grisdale. The fonds is divided into the following three series: Diaries; General files; and Farm records.

        Sans titre
        Thomas A. Cooke fonds
        PR0166 · Fonds · 1890-1966

        Fonds consists of records pertaining to Cooke’s personal and business life, as well as records relating to the Barr colonists’ expedition, including photographs, correspondence and newspaper clippings.

        Sans titre
        Kenneth A. Baptist fonds
        PR1422 · Fonds · 1936-1973

        The fonds consists of yearbooks from: the Vermilion School of Agriculture, Killam Division Central High School, Mundare High School, Frank Maddock High School (Drayton Valley), and Devon High School; a newspaper clipping about the Vermilion School of Agriculture; and photographs of Kenneth’s graduating class at the Vermilion School of Agriculture and one photo of swans.

        Sans titre
        Ardyth Barber fonds
        PR1637 · Fonds · Copied 1986

        The fonds consists of images, originally dating 1928 to 1932, predominantly from the Hines Creek and Fairview areas of Alberta, including Marshall Barber, covered sleighs, log transportation, wood cutting, harvesters, combines and agricultural machinery, cars, the shipment of automobiles by train, pack horses, riverboat, trappers, bands, baseball team, a wedding on horseback, and homesteaders’ camping near the Scona Yards near Edmonton, Alberta.

        Sans titre
        Arthur S. Mould fonds
        PR0922 · Fonds · 1923-1974, predominant 1923-1925

        Fonds consists of records related to Arthur S. Mould’s participation in the Hoadley Scheme, and includes an issue of The Radio, a Legislative Assembly of Alberta member’s gallery pass, a personal reminiscence, and photographs that depict horse teams, a train, and various buildings.

        Sans titre
        Holden Drainage District No. 1 fonds
        PR2131 · Fonds · 1917-1979

        The fonds consists of minutes, photos, vouchers, receipts, bills, correspondence, balances, estimates, tax forms, assessments, leases, notices, damage claims, memorandum, profiles, plans, maps, and photographs related to the management and activity of the Holden Drainage District No. 1. The fonds dates from 1917 to 1979.

        Sans titre
        Multicutural Heritage Centre collection
        PR1321 · Collection · 1978-1982

        The collection consists of records collected by the Multicultural Heritage Centre in Stony Plain, Alberta. The collection includes a history of the Winterburn Area Church by Noel Gour and images from a number of different individuals: John Ducholke, Hilda Margerison, Mrs. Pahal, Mrs. Vanderwell, Mrs. Dringenberg, Dora and Alex Ziegler, Dan Dale, C. Groat, Mrs. J. Eatock, Clara Evjen, Mrs. Deby, D. Dickie, Harold Anderson, Frank Maddock, Mrs. C. Talbot, Mrs. Burger, Mrs. Erickson, A. Kulak, Dennis Jettkant, R. Breitkrietz, Elizabeth Altheim, Curtland Schwalbe, Mr. A Shep, Mike Nonay, Allite Meads, Willie Propp, and Emil Fischer. The images date from circa (ca.) 1905 to 1937, and feature the Stony Plain area including Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and Wabamun, and include images of stores (exteriors and interiors), train stations, hotels, grain elevators (exteriors and interiors), garages and liveries, houses and log houses, schools and students, churches, harvesting, agricultural machinery, musicians, picnics, a merry-go-round, laundry, sleighs, exhibitions, logging, locomotives, ferries and town views.

        Sans titre
        Biollo family fonds
        PR1370 · Fonds · 1923-1955

        Fonds consists of records pertaining to the personal activities of O.J. Biollo and the Biollo family, as well as records pertaining to the activities of O.J. Biollo as a sub-agent for the Cunard White Star and Anchor-Donaldson ship lines, contractor for Northern Alberta Railways (NAR), Treasury Branch agent, Alberta Government Telephones (AGT) agent, sub-agent for the Department of Lands and Mines, and crop correspondent for the Dominion Bureau of Statistics. Fonds also contain records pertaining to O.J. Biollo’s work with the Italian Consulate on behalf of residents in the Venice, Alberta area and maps depicting the Edmonton Land District, a road survey in Lac La Biche, Alberta, and a roadmap of Alberta.

        Sans titre
        Leslie Hamson fonds
        PR0445 · Fonds · 1986

        The fonds consists of images from the Little Smoky, Triangle and High Prairie areas, and includes images of a church and ministers, houses and sheds, tractors, farm machinery and threshing.

        Sans titre
        Patricia Wright fonds
        PR0446 · Fonds · 1946-1986

        The fonds consists of a copy of the booklet Little Smoky: A Biography of Modern Pioneers by Patricia Wright, which contains correspondence regarding her time spent at the Little Smoky Farm Industries settlement from 1946 to 1949, and related images from this time, originally dating late 1940s, including images of cabin and house construction, logging, the landscape, threshing, farm machinery, bulldozers, automobiles, trucks, houses, picnics, wheelbarrow, children, family and friends.

        Sans titre
        Beaverlodge Research Farm fonds
        PR2546 · Fonds · 1909 - 1921

        The fonds consists of images related to D.C Cranston's life in Alberta and features images of the staging area of Burnsites on their way to Beaverlodge, Alberta, Athabasca Landing, a wagon overturned on the trail, cutting wood, the S.S. Northern Light on Lessler Slave Lake, a wagon boarding the ferry at the Peace River Crossing, the first home of Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Smith, the first post office at Lake Saskatoon, the second annual sports day at Lake Saskatoon, the first wedding in Beaverlodge, the Beaverlodge baseball team, a log cabin, Ralph Carrel and Jake Glesnet at Grande Prairie.

        The fonds also comprises photographs related to Maud Clifford including images featuring the first church at Spirit River, the Anglican mission house at Spirit River, the Hudson's Bay Company post at Dunvegan, the Roman Catholic Church at Bear Creek, and the home of Rev. Alexander Forbes at Flying Shot Lake.

        The fonds also includes photographs featuring the Beaverlodge Experimental Farm including photographs featuring the experimental; and images featuring the Beaverlodge region including images featuring a picnic day, picking currents, binding grain, the first automobile to reach Grande Prairie from Edmonton over the Edson Trail, a cutter constructer on the front bob of a sleigh, and sunflowers. The photographs date from 1909 to 1921.

        Sans titre
        Henry Clifford Messum fonds
        PR2664 · Fonds · 1905, 1955

        The fonds consists of materials from Henry Clifford Messum's scrapbook regarding the Barr Colony including a program from the Barr Colonists Golden Jubilee, and newspaper clippings from The Lloydminster Times from 1905 and 1955.

        Sans titre
        Mary Leah de Zwart fonds
        PR3640 · Fonds · 1957-1967

        The fonds consists of two personal record books for the 4-H Garden Club and the 4-H Clothing Club which detail the history of the clubs, her personal goals, and the steps taken to complete the goals; two 4-H banquet programs; nine photographs depicting club members and award recognition; a Alberta Wheat Pool scholarship certificate; and two miscellaneous 4-H newspaper clippings.

        Sans titre
        Growing Alberta fonds
        PR3204 · Fonds · 1994-2009

        The fonds consists of annual reports, correspondence, meeting minutes, planning documents for events, the full run of the Food For Thought magazine, planning documents for Food For Thought, brochures, pamphlets, educational material for distribution, strategic planning documents, sponsorship and funding documents, promotional material, and records related to a Growing Alberta scholarship.

        The majority of the photos and negatives depict events such as the Growing Alberta Leadership Awards and the Harvest Gala. Many of these images are arranged in event-specific binders and are identified by event and date (although many of the individual photos are not specifically identified). The remainder of the photos and negatives were created for promotional material or Food For Thought magazine.

        Most of the videos were created for use at the Growing Alberta Leadership Awards and the Harvest Gala. These videos consist of introductory remarks, profiles of award winners, and depictions of agricultural practices around the province. The remaining videos are of an educational nature created for dissemination. These videos are either about Growing Alberta and its mission or focus on a specific aspect of Albertan agriculture, such as chicken farming.

        The computer discs contain audiovisual material, word processing documents, and presentations. The audiovisual material mirrors the type of material found in the videos and some duplicate material was selected for access purposes. The word processing and presentation records are similar to the textual material, with the addition of PowerPoint presentations in their original format. These presentations cover the range of Growing Alberta activities and were provided to agricultural and educational organizations across Canada.

        Sans titre
        Olds College fonds
        PR2710 · Fonds · [between 1920 - 1929]

        The fonds consists of instructional and informational films produced in the 1920s by the University of Alberta, Department of Extension for use at the Olds School of Agriculture. The fonds also includes material commemorating Olds School of Agriculture including newsletters, pamphlets, a history of the school, a coin, stamps, and photographs.

        Sans titre
        Irrigation Districts records
        Série · 1925-2009

        The series relates to the interaction between the Irrigation Council and various Irrigation Districts. The records were maintained by the Irrigation Secretariat. The records may include general information; policies established by the Irrigation Council affecting Irrigation Districts; financial support for extended activities; project information; water user concerns; procedures; medium- and long-term construction plans; financial statements; bylaws; annual reports; water licenses; agreement information; minutes of the Irrigation District Board meetings; and information related to water supply and acreage limits for the districts. The Irrigation Secretariat manages the affairs of the Irrigation Council; establishes liaison between Council, the irrigation district boards, and others; assists and advises the irrigation district boards on administrative procedures; provides administrative assistance to the Irrigation Appeal Tribunal; and performs other related duties.

        Sans titre
        Ditch Rehabilitation Plans
        Série · 1925-2009

        The series relates to Ditch Rehabilitation Plans for the Irrigation Districts exempt from seepage damage claims. The Irrigation Secretariat maintained the records. The records include yearly status reports, general information, and plans by district.

        Sans titre
        Série · 1914, 1932-1998

        The series consists of records pertaining to veterinary programs operated by the department. The files include correspondence with the Minister, Deputy Minister, and staff members of the department; minutes of departmental committee meetings; subject files about disease outbreaks including rabies, mastitis, Newcastle disease, and brucellosis; and committee and association records related to liaison activities with external organizations. The series also includes the 1914 notebook of Edmonton veterinary surgeon Dr. Britton Love pertaining to zoology and histology.

        Sans titre
        Director of Laboratory Services records
        Série · 1951-1995

        The series consists of the records of the Director of Laboratory Services pertaining to veterinary or animal health programs. The files contain correspondence, minutes and agendas of meetings, and reports.

        Sans titre
        Série · 1985-1998

        The series consists of the files of the Assistant Deputy Minister responsible for the planning and development sector within the department. The files include correspondence, reports, minutes and agendas of meetings, and other records related to policy research, financial support programs, irrigation and resource management, systems development, agricultural economics, and other agriculture programs.

        Sans titre
        Radio Scripts
        Série · 1970-2003

        The series consists of scripts for radio programs developed by the business unit regarding a variety of agricultural topics including farm buildings, crops, soil management, marketing, weed control, farm operations, and economic issues. The records primarily relate to the daily radio program "Call of the Land," but other programs may be included in the series.

        Sans titre
        Communications Photographs
        Série · 1967-1989

        The series consists of photographs of Agriculture personnel and special events.

        Sans titre
        Série · 1925-2009

        The series relates to the organization of the Irrigation Council. The records were maintained by the Irrigation Secretariat. The records include Council establishment, membership, policies, procedures, decisions, hearings, applications, and submissions. The Irrigation Secretariat manages the affairs of the Irrigation Council; establishes liaison between Council, the irrigation district boards, and others; assists and advises the irrigation district boards on administrative procedures; provides administrative assistance to the Irrigation Appeal Tribunal; and performs other related duties.

        Sans titre
        PR1107 · Collection · Copied 1975

        Collection consists of copied photographs dating 1912-1967 which depict various images in the High Prairie, Alberta area including women, children, buildings, grain elevators, livery barns, aerial and street views, businesses, floods, houses, logging, agricultural scenes, schools, churches, post offices, barracks, airplanes, hospitals, bridges, a dairy and a circus.

        Sans titre
        PR2479 · Collection · 1910 - [ca. 1950]

        The collection consists of a negative featuring Harry Pollard dating from ca. 1920, a negative featuring Ernest Brown dating from ca. 1950, and an extract from The Farm and Ranch Review dating from 1910.

        Sans titre
        Série · 1943-1973, predominant 1967-1973

        The series consists of records related to agricultural projects undertaken to increase incomes, employment opportunities, and the standard of living for individuals residing in underdeveloped and rural areas of Alberta. The files contain correspondence, minutes of meetings, project files, newsletters, reports, and other related records pertaining to leadership programs, Indigenous agricultural labour programs, farm consolidation, federal-provincial agricultural initiatives, and other projects.

        Sans titre
        Agricultural marketing overseas records
        Série · 1981-1999

        The series consists of records related to the marketing of agricultural products outside of North America. The records include correspondence and other records related to food companies, banks, embassies, and trade offices from the Pacific Rim (e.g. Japan and China), various countries in Europe, the Soviet Union and Russian, Africa and the Middle East regarding exporting of food products and commodities.

        Sans titre
        Série · 1971-1989

        The series consists of records related to committees involved in the processing of agricultural commodities. The records include minutes, correspondence and other supporting material of committees such as the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (Food Technology Committee), the Alberta Food Industry Advisory, the Canada Committee on Food, Farming for the Future, the Alberta Agriculture Co-ordinating Committee, as well as other committees involving the business unit.

        Sans titre
        Série · 1981-1988

        The series consists of research reports and studies created by consultants related to the processing of agricultural commodities. The reports and studies pertain to the processing of red meats, poultry, fish, grains, oilseeds, honey, vegetables, starch, and other commodities.

        Sans titre
        Farmers' market program records
        Série · 1983-1986

        The series consists of records related to the promotion and development of farmers' markets. The files contain correspondence, newsletters, surveys, reports, and promotional material pertaining to farmers markets across the province.

        Sans titre
        Agricultural liaison committees records
        Série · 1972-1987

        The series consists of records pertaining to liaison committees involving the business unit and companies and producers with the aim of ensuring an efficient supply of quality products and taking advantage of all marketing opportunities. The files contain minutes and correspondence of the liaison committees.

        Sans titre
        Soils program records
        Série · 1941-2002

        The series consists of records pertaining to soils programs. The records include correspondence, reports, minutes of meetings, conference proceedings and research pertaining to solonetzic soil trials, fertilizers, vegetation management, and other related subjects.

        Sans titre
        Edmonton Facility Director's records
        Série · 1933-2002

        The series consists of the records of the director of the agricultural research facility based in Edmonton. The records include correspondence, reports, minutes of committee meetings, background research materials, and other related records.

        Sans titre
        David Mullen fonds
        PR4061 · Fonds · 1938-1939

        The fonds consists of the records of David Mullen created during his tenure as Minister of Agriculture. The files pertain to branch operations regarding field crops, fish and game, fur farms, the Wheat Surplus Board, and agricultural exhibits.

        Sans titre
        Walter Paszkowski fonds
        PR1849 · Fonds · 1993-1996

        The fonds consists of material used, maintained and created during Walter Paszkowski's tenure as Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. The fonds includes ministerial correspondence with provincial, federal, and municipal constituents, associations, societies, companies, and other governmental agencies; pamphlets and minutes of meetings, and news releases.

        Sans titre
        PR3103 · Collection · Copied 1970, Copied 1972, Copied 1973, Copied 1974

        The collection consists of copies of photographs acquired from the Medicine Hat Historical and Museum Foundation featuring views of the Medicine Hat area dating from the late 19th century and the early part of the 20th century including views of Medicine Hat, Bassano, Irvine, Farmers' Lumber Co. Ltd, Metis women, Connaught School, a milling company, Medicine Hat Crayon Company, a fire at the Alberta Linseed Oil Mills, Medicine Hat Glass Company, a court house, agricultural machinery, agricultural activities, Captain Ross' steam launch, flour mills, a baptism, a Canadian Pacific Railway Train, cowboys, First Nations, a pottery barn, pioneers, a football team, St. John's Presbyterian Church, surveyor's camps, and Canadian National Railway Depots. The collection also includes images featuring Hudson's Bay Company Factors.

        Sans titre
        Agricultural Hall of Fame collection
        PR3956 · Collection

        The collection consists of photographic portraits of members of the Alberta Agricultural Hall of Fame.

        Sans titre
        Municipalities and district maps
        Série · 1960-1979

        The series consists of maps of specific municipalities and regions. The maps include municipalities, irrigation districts, agricultural districts, Hutterite colonies, and regional planning areas.

        Sans titre
        John Grey Dixon fonds
        PR1683 · Fonds · 1936-1965

        Fonds consists of ration coupons, financial records, correspondence, receipts, tax notices, theatre and church service programmes, agreements, auction posters and a commercial road map of British Columbia. Fonds also includes various publications including the Central Alberta Farm and Ranch Directory, a Red Deer and district telephone directory, and an issue of Reddy Reader.

        Sans titre
        Howard Colwell fonds
        PR0884 · Fonds · [1915 - 1946]

        Fonds is made up of 11 photographs of grain elevators at Compeer, Alberta, including the Alberta Pacific Grain elevator, Home Grain elevator, and Searle Grain elevator.

        Sans titre
        Olive Armstrong-Morris fonds
        PR3163 · Fonds · [ca. 1908]

        The fonds consists of five maps entitled, "The Fertile North" published by the Railway Lands Branch, Department of Interior, Government of Canada in circa 1908. The maps provide information on natural resources, agriculture, the railways, and the environment for northern and central Canada.

        Sans titre
        Sid Wheeler fonds
        PR2880 · Fonds · 1901 - 1975

        The fonds reflects Sid Wheeler's profession as a farmer and delegate for the Alberta Wheat Pool. The fonds consists of minutes and accounts of the Pleasant Hill School District No. 607 dating from 1901 - 1947; a history of the Pleasant Hill School districts written by an unknown source; Sid Wheeler's diary dating from 1929; a farmer's account book dating from 1936 to 1940; financial statements of the Ponoka Co-op Oils Ltd. 1968; minutes of the Ponoka Co-op Livestock Association dating from the 1960's; minutes of the Alberta Livestock Co-operative dating from the 1950's and 1960's; minutes of the Morningside Farmer's Union of Alberta minutes dating from 1950 to 1974; and a photocopy of the minutes of the Ponoka Co-op Seed Grain Plant dating 1960 - 1962.

        Sans titre
        Cyril Alwin Tregillus fonds
        PR3135 · Fonds · [before 1972]

        The fonds consists of the reminiscences of Cyril Alwin Tregillus written before 1972. The reminiscences, which cover the years 1902-1914, discuss his childhood in Alberta and his career in agriculture.

        Sans titre
        Tom Jones fonds
        PR0598 · Fonds · 1935

        Fonds consists of photographs depicting the Jones’ 35 acre crested wheat and alfalfa fields.

        Sans titre
        Lucas family fonds
        PR0232 · Fonds · [187-]-1960

        Fonds consists of photocopies of histories compiled by Daisy Lucas pertaining to the Lucas family, the Nelson family and other homesteading families in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, as well as photographs depicting early scenes around Edmonton and a manuscript about Fort Ethier and the Indian Industrial Farm from 1879 to 1902.

        Sans titre
        James R. McFall fonds
        PR0230 · Fonds · 1944-1967

        Fonds consists of records reflecting James R. McFall’s involvement in a variety of agricultural organizations, which he accumulated as a member of these organizations. These records were not created by McFall in his capacity as the Secretary of the Alberta Federation of Agriculture, and as such do not constitute the official records of the organization. The records in this fonds include scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, handbooks, guidebooks, by-laws, and a photograph. The fonds has been divided into the following series: Scrapbooks and other material; and Publications.

        Sans titre
        Alberta Women's Institute fonds
        PR0089 · Fonds · 1896-2006

        The fonds consists of records which have been created in the process of maintaining, training and advancing the role of women and their work in the province of Alberta. The material is arranged in the following series: Provincial records; District records; Local records and Miscellaneous.

        Sans titre
        E.A. Weir fonds
        PR0202 · Fonds · 1916-1963

        Fonds consists of personal records of E.A. Weir including correspondence, articles and poems.

        Sans titre
        Alberta Farmers’ Union fonds
        PR1131 · Fonds · 1944-1949

        The fonds consists of the records of the Alberta Farmers’ Union, and includes a copy of “The Alberta Farmers’ Union Non-Delivery Strike, September 6 to October 5, 1946” by Helen Foster; audio discs, specifically transcription discs and 78 R.P.M. discs of speeches and musical recordings; a scrapbook containing correspondence, newspaper clippings, newsletters, briefs, press statements and printed material about the 1946 Alberta Farm Strike, compiled by the Publicity Department of the Alberta Livestock Co-operative Limited; and newspaper clippings, minutes and other miscellaneous material.

        Sans titre
        Miscellaneous records series
        PR0440.0004 · Série · [198-?]-2003
        Fait partie de Alberta Report fonds

        This series consists of negatives that were published in the Alberta Report magazine and its sister publications. Some of the negatives were of accidents, airplanes, businesses, sports, transportation, and environment.

        W. C. McKillican fonds
        PR1845 · Fonds · 1908-1989

        The fonds consists of a transcribed copy of “A Description of the Land and Life: Edmonton to Peace River, 1908,” transcription prepared by William C. McKillican’s for his mother of his journal kept during his and Horace A. Craig’s May 19 to June 22, 1908 journey from Calgary to Edmonton and then onto Peace River, to hold agricultural meetings/information sessions for an unidentified institute at various locations. McKillican’s account refers to the quality of the land and its agricultural potential, the flora and the fauna, settlements they passed through, as well as individuals they met along the way, including surveyors J.B. St. Cyr and (J.L.?) Coté, and Members of the Legislative Assembly T.A Brick and W.F. Bredin. The fonds also includes photographs relating to the journey, including images of the boat “Midnight Sun,” wagons and horses, the Athabasca and Peace Rivers, tents, a homesteader and a moose calf, as well as photocopies of these images and others from a photograph album.

        Sans titre
        PR1028 · Collection · Copied 1974

        Collection consists of copied photographs that date from 1912 to circa (ca.) 1923 which depict various people, buildings, and views in Vegreville, Alberta including members of the Girl Guides, army troops on trains, school buildings and students, including the Aplomb and Imperial schools, various farming scenes, Galician settlers, houses, hospitals, churches, banks, grain elevators, and street views. Fonds also contains a panoramic view of Vegreville, Alberta and some collage images.

        Sans titre
        Joseph Majakey fonds
        PR1289 · Fonds · 1900-[ca. 1976]

        Fonds consists of photocopied annuals from Camrose High School dating 1918-1922, a biographical sketch of Henry Wood, a genealogical history of the Matejka family entitled Many, Many Matejkas, written by Joseph Majakey, and photographs and copied photographs dating ca. 1900-1971 that depict the Matejka and Woods families, as well as various people, buildings and views in Alberta including agricultural machinery, parades, bridges, schools, houses, street views, churches, hospitals, teacherages, automobiles, railroads, stockyards, businesses, Camp Sarcee, a Hutterite colony, a hockey and baseball team, the Alberta Legislative Assembly, and Imperial Oil Refinery in Calgary, Alberta.

        Sans titre
        John Frederic Milner fonds
        PR1130 · Fonds · 1855-1900

        The fonds consists of six farming books and one photograph: three volumes of Stephen’s Book of the Farm (1891), two volumes of A Cyclopedia of Agriculture, Practical and Scientific (1855), and one volume of The Complete Grazier (1900), and a hand-tinted photograph of Mount Rundle, in Banff, Alberta. The books were brought over from England by Milner, and were used by local students when there was no library in the area.

        Sans titre
        Harry L. Hollingworth fonds
        PR0992 · Fonds · 1903-1918

        The fonds includes three manuscript diaries kept by Harry L. Hollingworth, two diaries about the journey to the Lloydminster, Alberta area and the first year there, and one diary of subsequent years after they were more settled, which also includes some accounting information.

        Sans titre
        Dixon family fonds
        PR2102 · Fonds · [1920]

        The fonds consists of 37 photographs of members of the Dixon family, and other individuals working at harvest on homesteads in Alberta in [1920].

        Sans titre
        Nemirsky family fonds
        PR1426 · Fonds · 1737-2001, predominant 1896-2001

        Fonds consists of the personal records of various members of the Nemirsky family and includes estate records, genealogical records, records pertaining to the Eastern Orthodox Church, historical/biographical sketches and obituaries of various Ukrainian Canadians, homesteading and property records, brand, stock and crop records, records pertaining to school reunions and centenary celebrations, tourism records, and election materials. Fonds also contains a number of photocopied photographs and original photographs that depict family members, churches and various views in the Wostok, Alberta area. Fonds also includes a drawing by Michael Nemirsky, district and township maps, and blueprints of a gothic barn, a one room school house, a granary and John Bruchal’s house.

        Sans titre
        Director of Animal Health records
        Série · 1963-1972, 1983-1987

        The series consists of records created by the Director of Animal Health, previously known as the Director of Veterinary Services, pertaining to the management of veterinary services or animal health programs. The files contain correspondence, policies, committee meeting agendas and minutes, reports, and subject files.

        Sans titre
        Série · 1967-1978

        The series consists of records documenting the official opening of the O. S. Longman Building as well as information about the work to be carried out in the building.

        Sans titre
        Série · 1925-2009

        The Irrigation Secretariat manages the affairs of the Irrigation Council; establishes liaison between Council, the irrigation district boards, and others; assists and advises the irrigation district boards on administrative procedures; provides administrative assistance to the Irrigation Appeal Tribunal; and performs other related duties. The records in this series relate to governance. The records include policies, procedures, standards, and other related documents.

        Sans titre
        Série · 1972-1989

        The series consists of the records of the Assistant Deputy Minister of Marketing. The files contain correspondence, minutes of meetings, and reports pertaining to agricultural marketing activities and the operations of various marketing divisions.

        Sans titre
        Série · 1972-1993

        The series consists of the records of the Executive Director of the Rural Development Division. The files include correspondence, reports, minutes of meetings, and subject files related to the operations of the Division.

        Sans titre