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          PR3009 · Colección · [Copied 1966]

          The collection pertains to Matt Berry's and Wop May's careers as bush pilots and includes copied photographs circa 1930s to the 1940s featuring Matt Berry and Wop May as well as other individuals and subjects related to air travel in northern Alberta including Frank Harley (Berry's mechanic) carrying canoes, Cranberry Portage, airplanes, airplane wrecks, Bathhurst Inlet, Harry Hayter and Curtis Robine, Patsy Xlengenberg's residence on Wilmot Island, K.V. salvage operations on Lake Athabasca, McMurray airport construction, installing floats on an airplane, hand-made carriage and track for wood hauling on Boar Island, R.H. Channing Jr., Tom McCallum, Jack Stark, construction of the Yellowknife airport, Berens River, Jack Humble, members of the Royal Canadian Air Force, Bob McInnes, Frank Baragar, Bill Francis, Bob McInnes, Frank Baragar, Bill Francis, Ed Ballan (Berry's instructor), Curtis Jenny, and Ruby Henss.

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          Hazel McCardell fonds
          PR0673 · Fondo · [18-]-1976

          Fonds consists of the personal papers of Hazel McCardell and includes music scores, poems, songs, newspaper clippings, greeting cards, diaries, an autograph book, articles, newsletters, correspondence, historical/biographical sketches, family histories, pamphlets, notices, a wedding invitation, tax receipts, journals, magazines, books, telegrams, an insurance policy, notes, returned cheques, negatives and photographs depicting family members and various people, views, buildings, airplanes, air pilots, street views, fires, and plane crashes, and cinefilms depicting home movies. Fonds includes many records pertaining to Hazel McCardell’s research of the Strang family, Jesse James Strang, and the Mormon community in St. James, Michigan, USA. Fonds also contains records pertaining to William McCardell’s service in the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Canadian Forestry Service.

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          G. C. Mathews fonds
          PR1685 · Fondo · 1903-1933

          Fonds consists of annotated photographs of various people, buildings and views mainly in Peace River, Alberta and includes school children and buildings, churches, weddings, street views, banks, businesses, hospitals, ferries, bridges, steam boats, missionaries and mission buildings, the Grouard Trail, agricultural exhibitions, agricultural scenes, livestock, an HBC trading post, a group of Dominion land surveyors, water falls, the Peace River, oil wells, sled dogs, automobiles, airplanes, women’s and men’s sports teams, and North West Mounted Police (NWMP) barracks. Fonds also includes photographs of Athabasca Landing and the Hay River Mission.

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          Brian Huff collection
          PR1366 · Colección · [19-]

          The collection consists of images of tenting, a log cabin, canoes, boats, seaplanes and airplanes.

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          Bert Silverman fonds
          PR2189 · Fondo · 1919-[1939]

          The fonds consists of 34 views of the Royal Visit of the Prince of Wales dating from 1919; 5 views of the Royal Visit of King George in 1939; 79 views of Edmonton dating from 1920 - [1923]; 9 views of Banff and Lake Louise dating from the 1920's; 31 views of Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and Mexico dating from the 1920's and 1930's; and 36 views of buildings, airplanes, and lumber camps from Alberta dating from the 1920's to the 1930's.

          Sin título
          A. Lawrence Berry fonds
          PR0641 · Fondo · Copied 1973

          Fonds consists of negatives dating after 1915 and before 1936, depicting bush pilots, planes, a homestead, and a field hospital (includes nurse Eileen Johnson). Fonds also includes photographs of certificates inscribed to Arthur Massey (Matt) Berry.

          Sin título
          Mary Harrington fonds
          PR3058 · Fondo · [ca. 1960] - 1991

          The fonds consists of material documenting the operation of Air Spray Ltd. created, collected, and arranged by Mary Harrington including films and transparencies capturing fire suppression and crop dusting performed by Air Spray Ltd during the 1960s; correspondence, licenses, photographs and clippings related to the operation of Air Spray collected by Mary Harrington dating from 1960 to 1969; Mary Harrington's correspondence related to the collection of Air Spray Ltd. materials; a copy of Western Wings (July 1961) published monthly by Wings Publishing Co. Ltd in Calgary; a souvenir program for "Edmonton's Centennial Air Show and Armed Forces Day" prepared by 700 (City of Edmonton) Wings, Royal Canadian Air Force Association to commemorate aviation in Alberta in 1967; an Alberta Forest Service Plan 1962 map used by Air Spray Ltd. during firefighting; and a cartoon strip regarding the construction of "Helmsworth Field" in 1960."

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          LeRoy Palmer fonds
          PR2717 · Fondo · 1910-1957

          The fonds consists of photographs of airplanes, aerial views of airports taken by the United States Army dating from the 1940s; postcards and photographs of individuals acquired by LeRoy Palmer, dating from the 1930s to the 1950s; visitor guides for Edmonton, Alberta dating from 1949 and 1958, Alberta College Calendars dating from the 1930s and 1940s; and a copy of the Edmonton Journal from the Royal Visit in 1939.

          Sin título
          Archie McMullen fonds
          PR1420 · Fondo · 1925-1984

          The fonds consists of logbooks, Archie McMullen's Second World War pilot's license, correspondence, certificates, Archie's Canadian Pacific Air Lines employment record, air route data, a wedding invitation, a Christmas card, a diary, scripts, newspaper clippings about the Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited Club (CAVU), McMullen family genealogy, photographs of planes, destinations, Archie McMullen, friends and family, a broadcast about Archie McMullen's career, and films of Archie's travel in the North and a family holiday to the Rocky Mountains which includes some footage of the 1939 Royal Visit.

          Sin título
          D'Arcy McLeod fonds
          PR1961 · Fondo · [1938 - 1946]

          The fonds consists of primarily of aerial images of Edmonton taken by D'Arcy McLeod (with two taken by the United States Air Force), and includes images of the construction of the Hudson's Bay Company building on Jasper Avenue, the Macdonald Hotel, the Legislative buildings, other Edmonton buildings, the river valley, airplanes and a Victory in Europe (V.E.) Day parade.

          Sin título
          J. Hardin fonds
          PR0655 · Fondo · Copied 1972

          Fonds consists of negatives depicting the Curtiss JN-4 biplane G-CABT owned by May-Gorman Aeroplanes Limited between the summer of 1920 and April 1922.

          Sin título
          Leigh Brintnell fonds
          PR1358 · Fondo · 1917-1977

          The fonds consists of magazines, magazine articles and newspaper clippings, photographs of family and friends, and airplanes, flights and destinations, certificates, programs and invitations, correspondence, presentations and speeches, photograph albums containing over 550 photographs of airplanes, aerials views, Indigenous peoples, and locations in Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories including Aklavik and Great Bear Lake, and two transcription discs of CKUA programming about Northwest Industries Limited.

          Sin título
          PR1107 · Colección · Copied 1975

          Collection consists of copied photographs dating 1912-1967 which depict various images in the High Prairie, Alberta area including women, children, buildings, grain elevators, livery barns, aerial and street views, businesses, floods, houses, logging, agricultural scenes, schools, churches, post offices, barracks, airplanes, hospitals, bridges, a dairy and a circus.

          Sin título
          PR0606 · Colección · Copied 1972-1973

          Collection consists of copied photographs dating 1901-ca.1940 that depict various people, views, and buildings in Peace River, Alberta including street views, an airplane, an oil well, a First Nations camp, a ferry, school children, boats, a funeral procession, and flood waters. Fonds also includes a postcard depicting the King George Hotel in Cochrane, Alberta dated 1910.

          Sin título
          Archie Jamieson fonds
          PR2498 · Fondo · [between 1936 - 1940]

          The fonds consists of images owned by Archie Jamieson featuring airplanes chartered to fly from Edmonton to Althona Mine at Goldfields, Saskatchewan circa 1936 to 1940.

          Sin título
          Leslie Corness fonds
          PR3241 · Fondo · 1944-1997

          The fonds consists of photographs taken by Leslie Corness over the course of his work and travels from 1944 to 1997. Photographs were taken in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Northwest Territories, the US, England, Scotland, and in various countries in continental Europe. Some of the photographs are arranged into a scrapbook. Aviation is a prominent subject of many of the images, particularly those in accession PR2016.0052.

          Sin título
          Ross LaLiberty fonds
          PR1332 · Fondo · [ca. 1929]

          The fonds consists of photographs and negatives of an airplane salvage operation, the salvage of a Canada Post Office airplane that had crashed and was frozen in ice, along with a photograph of a river and cliff and one of the Edmonton Municipal Airport and its parking lot.

          Sin título
          G. Harrison Villett fonds
          PR2856 · Fondo · 1913-1918, 1925

          The fonds consists of photographs G. Harrison Villett took and collected featuring images of World War I in France and England including aerial photographs taken for the purposes of mapping, photos of soldiers in trenches, photos of exploding shells, photos of biplanes, and photos of biplane accidents.

          The fonds also include a ticket for a 1913 Dominion Royal Mail Steamers ticket for travel for one adult from Quebec to Edmonton with notes on the back and a photograph of people in front of McDougall United Church, with a label noting it as the McDougall Methodist congregation in 1925, prior to Union.

          Sin título
          Marshall Hamar fonds
          PR0749 · Fondo · 1929-1932

          Fonds consists of photographs depicting the Legislative building, the High Level Bridge, and Borden Park Pool in Edmonton, Alberta. Also includes photographs of the Grönland-Wal airplane.

          Sin título
          Canadian Pacific Railway collection
          PR3919 · Colección · [19--]

          The fonds consists of nine lantern slides that were potentially created as promotional images for Canadian Pacific Railway in the early 20th century. The images depict CPR employees, trains, interiors of train cars, and a biplane.

          Sin título
          Charles Eymundson fonds
          PR3659 · Fondo · 1911-1963

          The fonds consists of photographs taken by either Charles Eymundson or his son, Romeo, between 1911 and 1963, digitized copies of these photos on four DVD-Rs, and a newsletter from St. John the Baptist’s Church in Fort McMurray.

          The photos depict subjects, events, and locations from across northern Alberta and some locations in Saskatchewan. Locations include Fort Chipewyan, Lesser Slave Lake, Cascade Rapids, McKenzie River, Lake Athabasca, White Mud Canyon, Waterways, Fort McMurray, Athabasca River, Goldfields (Saskatchewan), Edmonton, Brownvale, Slave River, and Embarras.

          Events and subjects depicted in the photos include the Dr. Karl Clark oil sands expedition of 1929, Waterways floods of 1936 and 1963, the Dr. August Sandberg expedition of 1911, the poet Robert Service, the Athabasca Fire Brigade, Hudson’s Bay Company posts, water transportation, hunting and trapping, the crash site of CF-ARI (January, 1940), airplanes and airfields, dog sleds, work crews, American military forces in Waterways during the Second World War, forest fires, and other facets of daily life in northern Alberta. There are also several images of Eymundson family members and friends or associates of the family.

          Sin título
          von Berg family fonds
          PR3415 · Fondo · 1957-1993

          The fonds consists of films and videos that were created by Victor von Berg and document family activities as well as events and activities related to the Edmonton Soaring Club and the Phoenix Club. Footage includes glider and small-engine plane flights around Alberta and British Columbia, water skiing, the construction of facilities at Lake Isle, church services at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, and family excursions to Jasper, California, Mexico, and around Alberta. There is also a video of Victor narrating his life story.

          The remainder of the material was created by Reinhard von Berg and focuses on his family in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

          Sin título
          Viewegar family fonds
          PR0084 · Fondo · 1913 - 1974, predominant 1913 - 1914

          The fonds consists of photographs taken by Hugo Viewegar and his son, Lute Vieweger. Of particular note are nine autochromes, 1913 - 1914, taken by Hugo Viewegar. The autochrome is a very rare early colour photographic process. The originals are 5"X7" and 3 1/2"X5" transparencies on glass plates. Copy negatives and prints have been produced from the fragile originals by the Provincial Archives of Alberta as reference copies. The subject matter is native people, Royal North West Mounted Police (RNWMP), family portraits, a house and a still life, all taken in Edmonton. Also by Hugo Viewegar are nine black and white photographs and four black and white negatives, 1913 - 1914, of homesteading, RNWMP, the City of Edmonton paddle steamer, and Edmonton scenes. Two of the prints are vintage albumen prints (RNWMP). The remainder are modern prints. Also included are five black and white photographs and four black and white negatives, [193-], by Lute Vieweger, of riverboats, airplanes and Fort Chipewyan. All five prints are modern prints. Also included is an audio reel recording of an interview with Lute Vieweger about his life, recorded in 1974.

          Sin título
          G. H. (Mike) Finland fonds
          PR1538 · Fondo · 1929-[1950]

          The fonds consists of copied and original photographs that pertain to the career of G.H. (Mike) Finland as a pilot with Cominco and includes images of airplane, float planes, camps, aerial views of towns, airplane construction and repair equipment, accidents, boats, buildings and First Nations women. Fonds also includes images of G.H. (Mike) Finland and various other pilots and an index with information about the photographs.

          Sin título
          Muriel Shaw fonds
          PR1275 · Fondo · [ca. 1920]

          Fonds consists of photographs depicting a partially constructed plane in Edmonton, Alberta and pilots W. Bligh Shaw and W.R. (Wop) May. Also depicted in the photographs are Ted Field, James Bell, and Punch Dickens.

          Sin título
          May family fonds
          PR0484 · Fondo · 1886-2014

          The fonds includes articles, certificates, correspondence, scrap books, journals, cards, postcards, programs, drafts, publications, magazines, reminiscences, booklets, and a screenplay that cover the life of the May family and individual family members. Subjects of photographs, negatives, slides, and CDs include aviation, the First World War, family life, Vi’s horse-riding career, friends, travels, Boy Scouts, ceremonies, and reminisces.

          Sin título
          Marvin C. Combs fonds
          PR0170 · Fondo · 1929-1962, predominant 1940-1950

          Fonds consists of records pertaining to Combs life and interests, as well as some of his uncle’s records including photographs of family, paddle steamers and aspects of World War II. Fonds also includes a taped interview with Walter Leslie, captain of the Second Strathcona and first mate of the City of Edmonton paddle steamers.

          Sin título
          Corrine Hulburd fonds
          PR1068 · Fondo · 1905-1955

          Fonds consists of scrapbooks containing poems, newspaper clippings and magazine articles by and about various celebrities, musicians, and political figures. Fonds also includes photograph albums containing black and white and coloured photographs of Seattle, United States of America, Waterloo, Quebec and Mexico, as well as to Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia and various places in Alberta including Peace River, Athabasca, South Cooking Lake and Edmonton. A large portion of the photographs depicts houses, streets and building interiors in Edmonton, Alberta, but there are also photographs which depict log cabins, ships and boats, women, children, beaches, picnics and other recreational activities, gardens and flowers, bridges, churches, airplanes and float planes, automobiles, hospital, university and civic buildings, street views, parades, members of the North West Mounted Police (NWMP), a golf course, schools, sawmills, railroads, hotels, and members of the Royal family. Fonds also includes pictorial souvenir booklets of Banff and Calgary, Alberta, and photographic and mechanically produced postcards.

          Sin título
          Robert S. Niven fonds
          PR1818 · Fondo · 1929

          The fonds consists of photographs taken by Robert S. Niven, primarily taken on a Sunday visit to Calgary by airplane from Arrowwood, and includes images of an airplane, aerial views of the Bow River and Calgary, the oil derricks at Turner Valley, the Bow River at Arrowwood, an irrigation flume at Crossing Valley and workers along the railroad tracks.

          Sin título
          James A. Bell fonds
          PR0250 · Fondo · 1929-1959

          Fonds consists of records pertaining to the Edmonton Municipal Airport including photographs, memoirs and notes written by Bell while he was manager of the airport.

          Sin título
          Eric Huestis fonds
          PR0972 · Fondo · [ca. 1922]

          The fonds consists of copied images at the High River Air Station originally from about 1922, of a Hucks Starter, airplanes, airmen, and the Air Station.

          Sin título
          Stan McMillan fonds
          PR2037 · Fondo · [1928]-[before 1945]

          The fonds consists of films by Stan McMillan, with a few produced by Leigh Brintnell, about aviation, and includes the films about aviation in northern Alberta and northern Canada as well as the film "Wings over the North."

          Sin título
          Kay Bailey fonds
          PR0450 · Fondo · Copied 1986

          The fonds consists of images relating to the fishing operations of McInnes Products Corporation, Limited in Waterways, Alberta, originally dating circa 1930s and 1940s, and includes images of fishing boats, canoes, docks, barges, cargo, workers, airplanes, lakes, log buildings, logs and logging, fish plant, United States Army officers, children, tennis games, swimming and views of Waterways.

          Sin título
          Sidney A. Smith fonds
          PR1329 · Fondo · [ca.1914]-1944

          The fonds consists of photographs of the First World War trenches in France, an unemployment march in Edmonton, the Edmonton Municipal Airport, the around the world trips of Captain W.V. Gorneau and Wiley Post, buildings burning, a Dawson Creek, British Columbia fire, and King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on their 1939 Royal Visit and postcards of the 1939 Royal Visit including the 19th Dragoons, the parade, the Royal Car, decorated Edmonton streets and the Legislature, Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Alaska highway construction and the Rossington flood.

          Sin título
          K.G.L. Sange collection
          PR3990 · Colección · 1920-1925

          The collection consists of photographs of threshing scenes, a biplane in Viking, grain elevators in Blackie, and Peace River.

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