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          Edward Ewasiuk fonds
          PR4057 · Fonds · [196-]-2006

          The fonds consists of press clippings, scrapbooks (both personal/family and books devoted to specific topics or events that feature press clippings), MLA and Edmonton city council files, correspondence, and funeral programs for Grant Notley and Ewasiuk.

          The photographs depict Ewasiuk and events such as NDP riding association meetings, official portraits, union events, and family photos.

          Ewasiuk, Edward
          Léo Piquette fonds
          PR3372 · Fonds · 1891-2007

          The fonds consists of records documenting Léo Piquette's role as a Member of Legislative Assembly, his personal, political and professional life through correspondence, genealogical information compiled by his mother, photographs, scrapbooks with newspaper articles related to his political activity, broadcast documentaries and interviews covering his political career and related to his interest in the Lac La Biche Mission. The material is extensive and include records attesting to his involvement in different organizations and projects, like Association canadienne-française de l'Alberta, regionale de Plamondon, Alberta Catholic School Trustees' Association, Lakeland County Rate Payers Association, Fédération des conseils scolaires francophones de l'Alberta, Conseil scolaire Centre-Est, Réseau de développement économique et d'employabilité (RDEE) Canada, Society of Lac La Biche Mission, Premiere Peat Moss, Pulpmill: Poachers Landing, and the dissolution of the village of Plamondon.

          Piquette, Leo
          Tom Monto collection
          PR3630 · Collection · 1924, 1932, 1965-1992

          The collection consists of records from a wide variety of sources that are all related to progressive movements and the Canadian left. There are particularly large amounts of records from the Alberta New Democrats and the Strathcona NDP constituency association as well as material from the Alberta Federation of Labour, the Woodsworth-Irvine Socialist Fellowship, and the Edmonton Women's Coalition.

          The NDP material consists of committee files from the Edmonton NDP Anti-War Committee, the Women's Committee, and the Environment Committee; scrapbooks and documents created by Franklin Foster related to his 1975 NDP campaign for the Bonnyville MLA seat; Alberta New Democrat publications, magazines, and reports; and minutes and administrative files from the Strathcona NDP constituency.

          In addition to the Franklin Foster NDP material, there is also a copy of an abridged version of Foster's PhD dissertation on John E. Brownlee.

          The non-NDP material consists of a conference packet from the 1965 Summer Seminar of the Woodsworth-Irvine Socialist Fellowship; several papers and research documents published by leftist and progressive organizations such as the Revolutionary Marxist Group (Saskatchewan), the Woodsworth-Irvine Socialist Fellowship, and the Edmonton Women's Coalition; newsletters and pamphlets from the Edmonton Women's Coalition; several issues of The Other Alberta Report, a progressive compendium of Alberta-focused news analysis; and Alberta Federation of Labour publications.

          Monto, Tom
          Nancy Zaseybida fonds
          PR3654 · Fonds · 1933-2008

          The fonds consists of CCF records created and compiled by Zaseybida over the course of her political career as well as Ropchan family histories and an interview transcript with Zaseybida conducted by historian Olenka Melnyk for her history of the CCF, No Bankers in Heaven: Remembering the CCF.

          The CCF material consists of the 1944 constitution of the Alberta section, CCF Speakers’ Notes (1949, 1953, 1957, and 1958), the 1956 Winnipeg Declaration of Principles, the 1933 Regina Manifesto, campaign material from all of Zaseybida’s election campaigns (including pamphlets, posters, and clippings), correspondence, and Zaseybida’s speeches and speaking notes.

          There are also Farmers’ Union of Alberta and Farm Women’s Union of Alberta records that include board minutes, convention documents, and issues of The Organized Farmer.

          Zaseybida, Nancy
          Robert Atkin fonds
          PR3765 · Fonds · 1934-1998

          The fonds consists of records created or collected in the course of Atkin’s involvement with the labour movement, the CCF, and the NDP, and consists of NDP and CCF information pamphlets; convention programs from the AFL, IFLA, Canadian Congress of Labour, the Canadian Labour Congress, the CCF, and the NDP; union magazines; press clippings related to the labour movement, CCF, and NDP; notes from the founding conventions of the NDP; information pamphlets related to pensions and social security; United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) leaflets and stickers related to the 1998 boycott of Maple Leaf Foods; and two copies of The Battle of 66 Street, a two-song record recorded to support the UFCW strike at Gainers meatpacking plant in 1986.

          Atkin, Robert
          Raj Pannu fonds
          PR4073 · Fonds · 1950-2018

          The fonds consists of research files on topics such as education, economic development, and child poverty that were compiled and used by Pannu during his time as an MLA; NDP documents such as campaign literature and policy documents; campaign files for Pannu’s election campaigns including volunteer lists, campaign literature, and speaking notes for public appearances; tributes to Pannu received when he retired from politics; papers written by Pannu as a student and faculty member; and university faculty documents such as grant applications, performance evaluations, tenure applications, and committee files. There is also a copy of The Sikh Canadians, a history of Sikh communities in Canada written by Manmohan Singh Minhas, with an author’s inscription to Pannu.

          The photographs depict Pannu at public events during his career as an MLA and the audiovisual records consist of tributes to Pannu created at the end of his political career and a copy of the swearing-in of NDP MLAs in 1997.

          Pannu, Raj
          Grant Notley fonds
          PR1560 · Fonds · 1958-1984

          The fonds consists of records of Grant Notley, primarily from his time as Member of the Legislative Assembly for the Spirit River-Fairview Constituency. The records have been divided into the following series: Legislature records (PR1560.0001), Constituency records (PR1560.0002), New Democratic Party records (PR1560.0003) and Personal records (PR1560.0004).

          Notley, Grant
          Pam Barrett fonds
          PR2401 · Fonds · 1967-1993

          The fonds consists of the Highlands (Edmonton) constituency files, legislative issues files, Culture critic and Health critic files, committees files, and New Democratic Party and Caucus records. These records offer a comprehensive account of an MLA’s duties, documenting Barrett’s career as a MLA for the New Democratic party, as the first woman in Alberta to serve as House Leader in 1986, and as an active participant in community affairs.

          Barrett, Pam
          Terry Anderson fonds
          PR2540 · Fonds · 1968

          The fonds consists of materials related to Terry Anderson's candidacy run in the 1968 Federal Election including a copy of the New Democrat, Election Special, Vol.7, No.9, a poster advertising the election, and a copy of the Athabasca Riding News Vol. 1, No. 1.

          Anderson, Terry
          Barbara Campbell collection
          PR3703 · Collection · 1968-1971

          The collection consists of pamphlets, posters, articles, and clippings from a variety of political and activist groups. There are informational pamphlets from the Black Panther Party and the Young Communist League; anti-Vietnam War pamphlets, leaflets, and posters from a Canadian perspective; articles and pamphlets focusing on anti-racism; pamphlets and posters for candidates from multiple parties in the Strathcona and Beverly ridings during the 1971 provincial election; posters and informational material related to the University of Alberta Students’ Union debate to re-join the Canadian Union of Students in 1968; and other material related to the student movement.

          Campbell, Barbara J.
          Ted Orchard fonds
          PR3099 · Fonds · 1968

          The fonds consists of material pertaining to Ted Orchard's political career including a business card and a copy of the New Democrat Election Special dating from 1968.

          Orchard, G.E.
          Norman Dolman fonds
          PR2556 · Fonds · 1968

          The fonds consists of material pertaining to Norman Dolman's candidacy for the constituency of Edmonton Centre in 1968 and includes posters advertising Norman Dolman's candidacy, Norman Dolman's business card, a copy of New Democrat Election Special Vol. 7, No.9, and a copy of The Alberta Democrat Vol.1., No. 11.

          Dolman, Norman
          Jack D. Peters fonds
          PR2725 · Fonds · 1968

          The fonds consists of materials pertaining to Jack D. Peters' campaign in the 1968 Federal Election including three promotional posters, and a copy of The New Democrat 1968 election special.

          Peters, Jack D.
          Halyna Freeland fonds
          PR2400 · Fonds · 1970-1990

          The fonds consists of Halyna Freeland's personal papers, including her appointment books, daily journal, agendas, her clients' legal files, and files from her New Democratic Party election campaign; as well as records she collected on women's rights, on rights for Indigenous women, international issues on women, on fighting violence against women, and on Ukrainian studies.

          The fonds also includes operational files from the Common Woman Bookstores Ltd; operational files of the Alberta Women's News Magazine and copies of this magazine; operational records from the Alberta Law Foundation; records from the Advisory Council on the Status of Women, from the Institute of Law Research and Reform on children and women; as well as from the Hromada Housing Cooperative.

          The fonds is of outstanding significance and national importance by reason of its unique content on Canadian history and politics, women’s rights, rights of Indigenous peoples and people of colour, and because of Halyna Freeland’s impact on feminism in Alberta and Ukraine.

          Freeland, Halyna
          Robert Hawkesworth fonds
          PR3661 · Fonds · 1972-2010

          The fonds consists of minutes, correspondence, press releases, audited financial statements, speech drafts and research materials regarding Bob Hawkesworth’s election campaigns for both provincial politics and the City of Calgary municipal council.

          Hawkesworth, Robert "Bob"
          Howard Leeson fonds
          PR2977 · Fonds · 1976-1992

          The fonds consists of 126 audio cassettes of interviews with founding members of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation Party of Alberta, former Alberta New Democratic Party Leader Grant Notley and his wife Sandra Notley, and people associated with the Alberta New Democratic Party. Also includes handwritten notes and typewritten transcripts of some of the interviews, and Howard Leeson's book Grant Notley: The Social Conscience of Alberta.

          Leeson, Howard
          Susan Mayse fonds
          PR1514 · Fonds · 1978-1984

          The fonds consists of research materials of Susan Mayse, and includes interviews and transcripts of interviews with Grant Notley, Ray Martin, Blair Redin, George Oleksiuk, Pam Barrett, and Joanna Miazga for an article about Grant Notley, as well as photographs of Grant Notley; interviews with Gloria Cathcart, Vicki Lyall, Pat Richardson, and Dr. Gene Romaniuk for a computer education publication for Alberta Education; an interview with Pauline Gedge; interviews with William Cheung, Dr. Brian Evans, Kim Hung, and Bing Mah for an article about the Chinese cultural contribution to Alberta; interviews with [?] Cummins, Sandy Fester, Alex Gallacher, [?] Henson, Darolyn Hunter, Phil Oakes and Tom Robson for a proposed article about a one-industry town (Grande Cache); and interviews with Ted Byfield, Bettie Hewes and Mary Le Messurier and related articles.

          Mayse, Susan
          Joanna Miazga fonds
          PR4068 · Fonds · 1984-1988

          The fonds consists of campaign literature (pamphlets and copies of the Edmonton South Alternative, a newsprint of Miazga’s platform and positions) for both Miazga’s provincial and federal campaigns, correspondence, and NDP publications. There are also photographs of Miazga’s public appearances and portraits for campaign literature, as well as hand-written speeches for public appearances.

          Miazga, Joanna
          Alberta New Democrats fonds
          PR0144 · Fonds · 1944-1993, predominant 1961-1993

          Fonds consists of federal and provincial records pertaining to the Alberta New Democrats including administrative records, executive minutes, news releases, day files, campaign literature, candidate histories, history papers and correspondence on various political issues.

          Alberta New Democrats