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          Adolph Fimrite fonds
          PR3046 · Fonds · 1958

          The fonds consists of material pertaining to Adolf Fimrite's political career and includes a letter in Ukrainian from Adolph Fimrite to residents of the Spirit River Constituency regarding the plans of the Social Credit Government for the next five years and a letter in English to the residents of the Spirit River Constituency addressing the need for the former letter.

          Fimrite, Adolph
          Albert Ludwig fonds
          PR4187 · Fonds · 1953-1971

          The fonds consists of the records of Albert Ludwig as the Minister of Public Works, including records received from his predecessors James Hartley and Fred Colborne that Ludwig received upon taking office. The files include administrative and operational subject files pertaining to the Queen's Printer, the Solid Waste Disposal Study Committee, the Space Committee, various provincial buildings in communities throughout the province, publicity, Building Design Department policies, the Building Owners and Managers Association, Canadian Western Natural Gas Company Limited, the Alberta Government Communications study, construction expenditures and overseas recruiting of architects and engineers.

          Ludwig, Albert
          PR0658 · Fonds · 1935-1955

          Fonds consists of records created by Frank L. Thorn in his capacity as Secretary-Treasurer of the Alberta Social Credit League, Wetaskiwin Constituency and includes biographical/historical sketches, election pamphlets, petitions, correspondence, minutes, resolutions, newspaper clippings, programmes, budgets, financial records, and various Social Credit newspapers.

          Alberta Social Credit League. Wetaskiwin Constituency
          PR2145 · Fonds · 1923 - 1993

          The fonds consists of records documenting the activities of the Alberta Social Credit Party dating from 1939 to 1993 including reports, resolutions, conventions, manuals, policies and principles, financial statements, correspondence, guidelines, certificates, payrolls, ledgers, accounts, biographies of members, expenses, campaign forms, electoral maps, photographs of candidates, newsletters, publications, minutes, election pamphlets, newsletters, party information and advertising, clippings, songs and poems, handbook letters, appeal letters, constituency reports, opinion surveys, demographic studies, election statistics, provincial election returns, summary of proceedings of conferences, certificates, guidelines for nomination and potential candidates, campaign manuals, mailing lists, lists of federal and provincial constituencies, lists of electors, platforms, campaign literature, speeches, lists of candidates, pamphlets, name tags, bulletins, attendance registers. The fonds also contains audio and film recordings capturing Social Credit Party speeches, conventions, commercials, broadcasts, speeches, lectures, and campaigns. In addition, the fonds includes records documenting the Alberta Social Credit Women's Auxiliaries including convention proceedings, correspondence, financial lists, financial statements, guest books, resolutions, bulletins, scrapbooks, directories, newsletters, minutes from various councils including the following auxiliaries: Edmonton, Calgary, Strathcona South, Strathcona East, Prairie Rose, Drumheller, Garneau, Mill Creek, Inglewood, and Excelsior. The records also document the Democrative Monetary Reform Organization and the Alberta Social Credit League Board including circulars, resolutions, speech notes, financial statements and convention reports.

          Alberta Social Credit Party
          Alfred Hooke fonds
          PR4171 · Fonds · 1922-1965, predominant 1935-1959

          The fonds consists of the records of Alfred Hooke pertaining to his role as Minister of Economic Affairs as well as Provincial Secretary, including records of the Provincial Secretary, Minister of Trade and Industry, and Premier received from his predecessor Ernest Manning when Hooke took office.

          The files include correspondence, newspaper clippings, legislation, speeches, reports and other records pertaining to insurance programs, the Social Credit Party, the Post-War Reconstruction Committee, Alberta's official tartan, departmental operations and liaison with other ministers and departments, libraries, the Civil Service Joint Council, immigration, housing, veterans, motor vehicles and highway traffic, fuel oil, amusements, companies, and the Agent-General at Alberta House (London),

          The fonds also includes two files from his successor as Provincial Secretary, A. Russell Patrick.

          Hooke, Alfred
          Ambrose Holowach fonds
          PR4172 · Fonds · 1948-1970

          The fonds consists of the records created and received by Ambrose Holowach as Provincial Secretary, including records from his predecessors Alfred Hooke and A. Russell Patrick as Minister of Economic Affairs as well as Clarence Gerhart, Alfred Hooke, and A. Russell Patrick as Provincial Secretary that Holowach received upon taking office.

          The files pertain to the Agent General (London, also referred to as Alberta House), arts and crafts initiatives, cultural development, community recreation, grants, the City Provincial Emergency Housing Project, libraries, and recreational facilities. The fonds also includes files pertaining to Alberta's Canadian centennial projects (1963-1970) minutes of Centennial Committee meetings, Alberta Golden Jubilee calendars, and transcripts of the Hooke-Hinman inquiry.

          Holowach, Ambrose
          Anders Aalborg fonds
          PR4174 · Fonds · 1935-1971, predominant 1951-1971

          The fonds consists of the records created and received by Anders Aalborg as a Member of the Legislative Assembly as well as a cabinet minister. The fonds is divided into the following series:

          • Constituency records;
          • Minister of Education records, which include files received from his predecessor Ivan Casey when Aalborg took office;
          • Provincial Treasurer records, which include files received from his predecessor Edgar Hinman when Aalborg took office; and
          • Other cabinet records, which may include records received as Minister of Telephones.
          Aalborg, Anders
          Anthony Hlynka fonds
          PR3363 · Fonds · 1939-2007

          The fonds consists of materials created during and after Hlynka's political career including original memoir manuscripts, typed and handwritten, diary entries, correspondence between Hlynka and various people, typed and handwritten speeches, materials related to his activism for displaced persons during the Second World War and from his post war tour of Europe, materials related to his marriage, scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and other materials related to his career, marriage, election loss, death, and legacy, official Hansard copies of speeches he gave in the House of Commons, and various photographs (1939-1957). The fonds also includes materials related to the publishing of his memoirs, the Ukrainian edition in 1982 and the English edition in 2005, including correspondence between Stephanie Hlynka and numerous people, published copies of the memoirs, materials related to, and a video recording of, a lecture given at the University of Manitoba Centre for Ukrainian Studies in 2002 on "Ukrainian Immigration to Canada: Anthony Hlynka and the Third Wave, 1940-1949", and materials regarding other members of the Hlynka family including Anthony Hlynka's brother Dr. Isydore Hlynka and Stephanie Hlynka's uncle Volodymyr Klisch, a pioneer in Polish aviation.

          Hlynka, Anthony
          Art Dixon fonds
          PR2000 · Fonds · 1945-1979

          The fonds consists of materials relating to Art Dixon’s political career and dates from 1945-1979. The fonds includes Social Credit pamphlets, election pamphlets for Dixon, committee files, clipping files, correspondence, Social Credit meeting minutes and banners used by William Aberhart in election campaigning.

          Dixon, Art
          Bertie C. Hart fonds
          PR0510 · Fonds · 1914-1974

          Fonds consists of accounts and minutes of the Rural Municipality of Nelson No.638 and the Soldiers' Home Property Register. Also includes notes, historical sketches, and reminiscences written by Bernie C. Hart about various people and places in the County of Athabasca No. 12, including such diverse topics as pioneer histories, the Alberta Social Credit Party, grain elevators, bulls, oil development, municipal elections, fencing, school districts, and Hart's experiences while working as an assessor.

          Hart, Bertie C.
          Bob Clark fonds
          PR4064 · Fonds · [1966-1971]

          The fonds consists of records created and received by Bob Clark during his terms as Minister of Education, Minister of Youth, and as a cabinet minister generally. The files include correspondence, newspaper clippings, submissions, and reports pertaining to teachers as well as education and youth issues.

          Clark, Bob
          PR3018 · Fonds · [ca. 1926] - 1945

          The fonds consists of materials documenting the activities of the Alberta Prophetic Bible Institute circa 1926 to 1945 and includes: bulletins; pamphlets; lectures; bylaws; platforms; brochures and pamphlets related to Social Credit theory; and photographs of Ernest Manning speaking at the Institute.

          Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute
          PR1412 · Fonds · 1966-1976

          The fonds consists of the records of the Camrose Social Credit Group, and includes minutes, correspondence, accounts, membership lists, political pamphlets, and speech notes.

          Alberta Social Credit League. Camrose Social Credit Group
          Cornelia Wood fonds
          PR0114 · Fonds · 1839-1984

          This fonds consists of records relating to Cornelia Wood’s work as a Member of the Legislative Assembly for the Alberta Social Credit Party, publications and pamphlets about the Social Credit movement, photographs of Alberta scenes, particularly around Stony Plain, personal and political correspondence, speeches, newspaper clippings, periodicals, financial records, posters, calling cards, magazines and other records relating to Cornelia Wood’s involvement with various organisations.

          Wood, Cornelia
          David Mullen fonds
          PR4061 · Fonds · 1938-1939

          The fonds consists of the records of David Mullen created during his tenure as Minister of Agriculture. The files pertain to branch operations regarding field crops, fish and game, fur farms, the Wheat Surplus Board, and agricultural exhibits.

          Mullen, David
          Duncan Macmillan fonds
          PR4189 · Fonds · 1948-1952

          The fonds consists of the records of Duncan Macmillan created and received during his tenure as the Minister of Public Works. The files pertain to administration of the Department of Public Works, interdepartmental relations, highways, roads, ferries, oil sands, swimming pools, liaison with stakeholder groups such as the Alberta Motor Association and the Canadian Good Roads Association.

          MacMillan, Duncan
          Edgar H. Gerhart fonds
          PR3053 · Fonds · 1968-1971

          The fonds consists of the records of Edgar Gerhart created or received during his tenure as a cabinet minister. The records are divided into the following series:

          • Attorney General records
          • Minister responsible for Emergency Measures records
          • Social Credit leadership records
          Gerhart, Edgar
          PR1477 · Fonds · 1899-1983

          The fonds consists of records relating to the lives of Edith and William Rogers, and includes correspondence, speeches, newspaper clippings, posters, cards, constitutions and bylaws for groups such as the Rebekah Assembly of Alberta, of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the Canadian Protestant League, Edmonton Branch and the Social Credit Party, notebooks, diary/scrapbooks, financial statements for Sun Valley Apartments, education manuals, programs, minutes, reports, speeches and correspondence regarding Edith's time as Member of the Legislative Assembly, trustee for Edmonton Public School Board, member of the Alberta School Trustees' Association, and member of the Metropolitan Edmonton Educational Television Association, and photographs used by Edith Rogers in Pioneers of the West, and includes the photographs of John Diefenbaker, R.B. (Richard Bedford) Bennet, Alexander Cameron Rutherford and Reverend Leonard Gaetz, D.D

          Rogers, Edith
          Edith H. Gostick fonds
          PR0687 · Fonds · 1934-1935

          Fonds consists of two Alberta Social Credit Party election posters.

          Gostick, Edith H.
          Ernest C. Manning fonds
          PR0071 · Fonds · 1901-1980, predominant 1935-1959

          The fonds consists of records created or received by Ernest C. Manning during his tenure as the Premier of Alberta. The files include records generated by the activities of Herbert Greenfield, John E. Brownlee, Richard G. Reid, and William Aberhart as Premier that Manning received upon taking office.

          The fonds also includes materials relating to Manning's external activities of the Premier, including speeches, radio broadcasts, correspondence, as well as records pertaining to the Prophetic Bible Institute, the Alberta Social Credit League, as well as Aberhart's and Manning’s constituency records.

          The records contain correspondence, memorandum, reports, meeting minutes, agendas, legislation, submissions from organizations, newspaper clippings, invitations, registers of incoming mail, and other records containing diverse information regarding all aspects of government administration, including:

          • Agriculture, including schools, livestock, dairying, wheat and other crops, relief plans, the Alberta Wheat Pool, marketing, land settlement, cooperatives, and agricultural colonies, drought, soil erosion and conservation;

          • Justice, including acts and legislation, police, judges, gambling, prisons, and law enforcement generally;

          • Education, including schools, teachers, organizations, universities, agricultural colleges, other post-secondary and technical institutions, school districts, school buildings, students, school boards and trustees, and school finance;

          • Executive Council, including the British monarch, the Governor General, the Lieutenant-Governor, civil service, consular services and Agent-General positions;

          • Environment, including soil and water conservation, flood control, and dry areas;

          • Mines, minerals and other resources, including electricity, fisheries, forestry, timber, hydropower, coal, natural gas, pipelines, oil and oil sands;

          • Legislative Assembly, including meetings of the caucus, library administration, sessional papers, acts and legislation, speeches from the throne, reports, printing, and elections;

          • Labour, including minimum wage issues, disputes and strikes, unemployment, working conditions, and the Worker’s Compensation Board;

          • Municipal affairs, including cities, villages, towns, irrigation districts, special districts, improvement districts, planning, and local taxation and assessment;

          • Provincial Secretary, including corporations, theatres, motor vehicles, airplanes, historic sites, licensing, tourism, movies and censorship;

          • Public health, including hospitals, nurses, doctors, communicable and other diseases, mental health, sanatoriums, vital statistics, child welfare;

          • Public works, including roads, highways, parks, public buildings, and transportation;

          • Public welfare, including relief and unemployment projects and programs, mother’s allowances, and pensions;

          • Publicity and advertising, including government advertising, government publications, the Publicity Commissioner, films, television and radio broadcasts, exhibitions, and CKUA Radio;

          • Treasury, including provincial finances, bank policy, taxation, public debt, free trade, auditor’s reports, statistics, and audits;

          • Telephone and railway matters, including Alberta Government Telephones, the Canadian Pacific Railway, the Canadian National Railway, and other railways;

          • Trade, commerce and industry, including economic plans, freight rates, tariffs, free trade, marketing, licensing, and trade organizations;

          • Interprovincial issues, including relief efforts, commerce, Premier’s conferences, and liaison between provinces;Dominion and national issues, including constitutional matters, federal royal commissions, federal-provincial conferences, immigration and citizenship;

          • Celebrations, commemorations, and visits of dignitaries, including royal visits and those of Governors-General;Imperial, British, and international matters, including imperial conferences;

          • Alberta political parties, including the United Farmers of Alberta, the Alberta Social Credit League, Social Credit organizations in other provinces, and other political groups in Alberta; and

          • Other issues, including immigration and specific immigrant groups, wars and veterans, religion and the creation of the United Church, civil defense, alcoholism, and women’s rights.

          The fonds also includes a file of financial accounts of the Alberta Hotel Licenses "Help Win The War Fund" administered by Manning as well as letters patent appointing Manning as Provincial Treasurer (1944), Minister of Mines and Minerals (1952) and Attorney General (1955). It also includes a small volume of records created by Manning after leaving office.

          Manning, Ernest C.
          Ethel Wilson fonds
          PR1175 · Fonds · 1966

          The fonds consists of a script and accompanying slides entitled "Historical Fashion Pageant" created by Ethel Wilson regarding the history of women in Alberta, dating from 1966. The fonds also includes photographs featuring the "Famous Five": Irene Parlby, Louis McKinney, Emily Murphy, Nellie McClung, and Henrietta Muir Edwards dating from the early part of the 20th century.

          Wilson, Ethel
          Floyd Baker fonds
          PR0266 · Fonds · 1910-1970, predominant 1935-1967

          Fonds consists of records used by Baker during his time as an MLA with the Alberta Legislature and records pertaining to the Social Credit movement in Alberta. The records include correspondence, reports, photographs, transparencies, articles, brochures, newspaper clippings and published materials. The fonds has been divided into the following series: Political records; Social Credit literature; and Photographs and transparencies.

          Baker, Floyd M.
          Fred Colborne fonds
          PR4182 · Fonds · 1955-1962

          The fonds consists of records created and received by Fred Colborne during his term as a Minister without Portfolio. The records include published annual reports, correspondence, and cabinet documents.

          Colborne, Frederick
          G.L. MacLachlan fonds
          PR4208 · Fonds · 1937-1938

          The fonds consists of the records of G.L. MacLachlan as chair of the Alberta Social Credit Board, primarily focusing on the Board's publicity activities. The files include correspondence, pamphlets, transcripts, articles and other records related to the distribution and publication of promotional materials. The records also include some correspondence between MacLachlan and Board members as well as an incomplete transcript of the 1938 proceedings of the Supreme Court of Canada regarding the three Social Credit bills reserved by Alberta Lieutenant-Governor John C. Bowen.

          MacLachlan, G.L.
          PR2464 · Collection · 1905 - 1935

          The collection consists of a program for the Alberta Inaugural Celebration Concert at Thistle Rink in Edmonton, Alberta dating from 1905; a membership card for the Edmonton Amateur Athletic Club dating from ca. 1908; an account book for the Union Book of Canada and a bundle of cancelled cheques dating from 1917; a copy of The Alberta Social Credit Chronicle dating from 1935; a pamphlet entitled "The Douglas System of Economics"; a photograph of the G.A. Forster Ranch House; and a photograph of the Forster family.

          Unknown donor
          Gordon Taylor fonds
          PR2835 · Fonds · 1921-1988

          The fonds consists of records created and received by Gordon Taylor in his personal life and during his career as a Member of the Legislative Assembly, cabinet minister, and Member of Parliament. The fonds includes the following series:

          • Constituency and personal records;
          • Minister of Highway records, including records received by Taylor from his predecessors Vernor Smith and Duncan MacMillan as Minister of Railways and Telephones that Taylor received upon taking office;
          • Camp Gordon records; and
          • Member of Parliament records.
          Taylor, Gordon
          Harry Strom fonds
          PR4165 · Fonds · 1908-1972, predominant 1959-1972

          The fonds consists of the records of Harry Strom. The fonds is divided into two series:

          • Premier's Office records; and
          • Personal and constituency office records
          Strom, Harry
          Henry Ruste fonds
          PR4173 · Fonds · 1946-1970

          The fonds consists of records created or received by Henry Ruste during his tenure as the Minister of Agriculture. The files include records generated by the activities of Duncan MacMillian, David Ure, Leonard Halmrast, and Harry Strom as Minister of Agriculture that Ruste received upon taking office.

          The files include chronological day files, committee files, reports from divisions and branches, subject files, and other related records .

          Ruste, Henry
          Herbert C. Boyd fonds
          PR1248 · Fonds · 1934-1936

          The fonds consists of correspondence with William Aberhart, C. H. Douglas, Herbert Bruce Brougham, G.B. O’Connor, G.H. Van Allen and others about Social Credit in Alberta, newspaper clippings, research notes, and a copy of “The Case for Douglas Social Credit,” the brief prepared by Herbert C. Boyd for C.H. Douglas.

          Boyd, Herbert C.
          Heritage Books collection
          PR1433 · Collection · 1877-1954

          The collection consists of a map of part of Keewatin showing Dominion Land Surveys, a map of Railroads and Counties for the Dominion of Canada, and issues of Social Credit periodicals including Today and Tomorrow, “Mr. Speaker” (published by New Democracy members of Parliament), “The Prophetic Voice” (Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute) and the Canadian Social Creditor.

          Heritage Books
          Ivan Casey fonds
          PR3799 · Fonds · [192-]-1999

          The fonds contains newspaper clippings, a photograph of the Legislative Assembly, and records of Ivan Casey’s official appointments to positions as Minister. Some records are related to Ivan Casey’s service in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. The fonds also includes books and photographs related to the life of the Casey and McInnis Family.

          Casey, Ivan
          J. William Beaudry fonds
          PR0523 · Fonds · 1917-1954

          The fonds consists of records relating to the political career of J. William Beaudry during 1917-1954 and include correspondence, newspaper clippings, historical notes and speeches, photocopies of Beaudry genealogy, election publications and lists, Alberta government publications, programmes, invitations, Alberta Social Credit Party publications, envelopes, and photographs.

          Beaudry, J. William
          James Henderson fonds
          PR4063 · Fonds · ca. 1963-1971

          The fonds consists of the records of James Henderson created and received during his tenure as the Minster of Health, including files received from his predecessor J. Donovan Ross that Henderson received upon taking office.

          Henderson, James
          Joe Forsyth fonds
          PR3047 · Fonds · 1920 - 1941

          The fonds consists of material acquired by Joe Forsyth and includes pamphlets and journals related to the Alberta Social Credit Party dating from the 1920s and 1930s; transcripts of R.B. Bennett's radio broadcasts produced by the Dominion Conservative Headquarters in the 1930s; and a transcription of Leonard W. Brockington's war-time speeches produced by the federal department of Public Education in 1941.

          Forsyth, Joe
          John H. Sanders fonds
          PR2778 · Fonds · 1935

          The fonds consists of a ticket inviting the Sanders family to the Social Credit "Hard Times" Party held on Tuesday October 29, 1935.

          Sanders, Johh H.
          John Hugill fonds
          PR4169 · Fonds · 1878-1943, predominant 1935-1937

          The fonds consists of records created and received during John Hugill's tenure as Attorney General of Alberta. The files include correspondence, minutes of meetings, proposed legislation, policies, financial statements and other records related to the Alberta Liquor Control Board, debt adjustment, health insurance, child welfare, courts, gaols / Jails, the Hillcrest disaster of 1926, the Alberta Provincial Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Social Credit, and liaison activities with various organizations. The records also include Northwest Territory Ordinances: Note on Legislative Sessions (1878-1904).

          Hugill, John
          John L. Robinson fonds
          PR4202 · Fonds · 1948-1953

          The fonds consists of the records created and received by John L. Robinson as Minister of Industries and Labour. The records include correspondence, briefs suggesting changes to legislation, amendments to acts and regulations, reports and newspaper clippings relating to such subjects as the Alberta Federation of Labour, apprenticeship, the Board of Industrial Relations, the Bureau of Statistics, the Canadian Congress of Labour, the Civil Service Commission, Cooperatives, credit unions, hours of work, licensing of trades and businesses, the Alberta Power Commission and the Provincial Marketing Board. The fonds also includes a single file of correspondence from 1953 of his successor, Norman Willmore.

          Robinson, John L.
          Lagustus L. Pound fonds
          PR0210 · Fonds · 1935-1949

          Fonds consists of personal records reflecting Pound’s various interests in Ribstone and Edmonton and reflecting his involvement with the Social Credit Party. Fonds has been divided into the following series: Personal interests; Political interests.

          Pound, Lagustus L.
          Lee Leavitt fonds
          PR0528 · Fonds · 1964-1970

          Fonds consists of various speeches made by Lee Leavitt as an MLA in the Alberta Legislature.

          Leavitt, Lee
          Leonard Halmrast fonds
          PR0218 · Fonds · 1930-1967

          Fonds consists of records pertaining to Leonard Halmrast’s public and private life, including correspondence, diary entries, newspaper clippings, photographs and manuscripts. Fonds has been divided into the following series: Hutterite Investigation Committee; Public life; Private life.

          Halmrast, Leonard
          Lois McCalla fonds
          PR1113 · Fonds · [19-]

          Fonds consists of the lyrics for three songs satirizing the Social Credit movement in Alberta.

          McCalla, Lois
          Lou Heard fonds
          PR1583 · Fonds · 1938-1985

          The fonds consists of personal and legislative records of Dr. Lou Heard, and includes newspaper clippings, correspondence, press releases, Social Credit pamphlets, programs and reports, speeches, notebooks, legislative records regarding seniors housing and fluoridation, a chiropractic exam, a scrapbook of newspaper articles, photographs of chiropractic and MLA events, and records from Lou’s membership in the Canadian Chiropractic Association, the Alberta Chiropractic Association, the Fort Edmonton Historical Foundation, the Optimist Club of Edmonton, and the Sir Winston Churchill Society.

          Heard, Lou
          L.P.V. Johnson fonds
          PR0513 · Fonds · [ca.1909]-1969

          Fonds consists mainly of records relating to William Aberhart and include a typed manuscript of Aberhart of Alberta, photographs of Aberhart and other Social Credit Party members, pamphlets of speeches delivered by Aberhart, and an election notebook kept by Richard L. Johnson for the 1935 election campaign of Aberhart.

          Johnson, LeRoy Peter Vernon
          Lucien Maynard fonds
          PR0642 · Fonds · 1915-1986, predominant 1930-1986

          Fonds consists of records pertaining to Lucien Maynard’s political career, to his involvement with ACFA, and to his personal life, and includes affidavits, agendas/itineraries, almanacs, articles, blank cheques, business cards, bylaws, books, certificates of incorporation, correspondence, court transcripts, draft manuscripts, election materials, financial records, historical/biographical sketches, invitations, leases, legislation, maps, member lists, memorandum, minutes, the ACFA newspaper La Survivance, the Social Credit newspaper Today and Tomorrow, newsletters, newspaper clippings, notes, notices, oaths, pamphlets, petitions, plans, poems, postcards, programmes, questionnaires, radio broadcast transcripts, receipts, reports, resolutions, speeches, telegrams, various government commissions reports, voting proxies, wills, and photographs.

          Maynard, Lucien
          Norman Willmore fonds
          PR0126 · Fonds · 1944-1965

          Fonds consists of correspondence relating to Norman Willmore’s work as a Cabinet minister, a stamped personal copy of the rules and proceedings of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, notes for speeches, transcripts of speeches and television appearances, programs for various events, schedule of speaking engagements, map of Alberta produced by the Department of Lands and Forests, a tribute to Normal Willmore delivered at his funeral by Hon. E.C. Manning, photographs, and a scrapbook containing newspaper clippings of Willmore’s achievements from 1944 until 1965.

          Willmore, Norman
          PR1607 · Fonds · 1938-1964

          Fonds consists of the business records of the North Bittern Lake Social Credit Group No. 962 and includes financial records, membership lists, minutes, bank books, membership applications, cancelled cheques, and an Alberta Social Credit League constitution.

          Alberta Social Credit League. North Bittern Lake Social Credit Group No. 962
          Ora B. Moore fonds
          PR0308 · Fonds · 1912-1967

          Fonds consists of a diary, a photo album depicting Rimbey, Alberta, political posters, newspaper clippings, instructions for constructing pillows, invitations, and a receipt book from the family farm auction sale. Fonds also consists of reference letters for Erma Sutton.

          Moore, Ora B.
          Pierre Gauvreau fonds
          PR0177 · Fonds · 1869-1964, predominant 1885-1964

          Fonds consists of records pertaining to Gauvreau’s personal life, political interests and involvement in various associations as well as business records pertaining to his work in the Peace River area.

          Gauvreau, Pierre
          PR0479 · Fonds · 1939-1940

          The fonds consists of the records of the Ponoka Social Credit Auxiliary Group, and includes minutes, members lists and newspaper clippings.

          Alberta Social Credit League. Ponoka Social Credit Auxiliary Group
          PR0474 · Fonds · 1935

          The fonds consists of the records of the Ponoka Social Credit Group, and includes correspondence, minutes and newspaper clippings.

          Alberta Social Credit League. Ponoka Social Credit Group
          Raymond Reierson fonds
          PR4178 · Fonds · 1935-1971

          The fonds consists of records created and received by Raymond Reierson during his tenure as a provincial cabinet minister. The fonds is divided into the following series:

          • Minister of Labour records, including records from his predecessors George Hoadley, William Chant, Ernest Manning, Wallace Cross, and Clarence Gerhart as Minister of Trade and Industry as well as John Robinson and Norman Willmore as Minister of Industries and Labour that Reierson received upon taking office;
          • Minister of Education records; and
          • Minister of Telephones records.
          Reierson, Raymond
          Raymond Speaker fonds
          PR4209 · Fonds · 1923-1971, predominant 1966-1971

          The fonds consists of records created and received by Raymond Speaker during his tenure as a provincial cabinet minister. The records primarily consists of files created while serving as the minister responsible for personnel, including the Personnel Administration Office, which include minutes of the Civil Service Joint Council (1923-1971) and files regarding individual departments.

          The fonds also includes press releases issued in 1969 by the Ministry of Social Development and photographs of past Ministers of Public Welfare and Ministers of Social Development).

          Speaker, Raymond
          R.J. Dinning fonds
          PR0500 · Fonds · 1902-1942, predominant 1924-1941

          Fond consists of one scrapbook containing newspaper clippings related to the liquor trade, and a number of scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings regarding the Alberta Social Credit Party and William Aberhart. Fonds also includes a report, transcripts of religious radio broadcasts given by William Aberhart and E.C. Manning, a typed manuscript entitled Alberta’s Social Credit Pantomime: Two Years of It, pamphlets regarding the Social Credit Party of Alberta, an index of member’s speeches reported in Canadian papers, and a photograph. Also includes material about Solon E. Low.

          Dinning, R.J.
          Robert N. Thompson fonds
          PR1958 · Fonds · 1943-1968

          The fonds consists of published material, including pamphlets, newspaper articles, addresses and speeches, as well as photographs, all relating to Robert N. Thompson’s political career.

          Thompson, Robert N.
          Romeo Lamothe fonds
          PR0755 · Fonds · 1961-1971

          Fonds consists of records pertaining to Romeo Lamothe's political career as an MLA for Bonnyville, Alberta and includes agendas/itineraries, articles, biographical/historical sketches, briefs, bylaws, correspondence, draft agreements, invitations, maps and hand drawn maps, memorandum, minutes, MLA reports, newsletters, newspaper clippings, notes, petitions, press releases, radio broadcast transcripts, receipts, recommendations, reports, reports from the Legislature, special committee reports, speeches, and survey reports.

          Lamothe, Romeo
          Roy Ells fonds
          PR1316 · Fonds · 1921-1978

          The fonds consists primarily of Roy Ells’s constituency records from his time as Member of the Legislative Assembly for Grouard, as well as records from his time as chairman of the Legislative Committee on Automobile Insurance; these includes correspondence, certificates, reports and minutes, pamphlets and newsletters, invitations and programs, newspaper clippings, financial statements, speeches and copies of bills.

          The fonds also holds some personal papers of Roy Ells, including minutes, reports, correspondence, programs and pamphlets relating to his membership in the Alberta Hotel Association, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, the Alberta Social Credit League and the Grouard Constituency Association; a photograph of High Prairie’s first town council and other photographs featuring Rimbey, High Prairie, Fort Vermilion, Swan Hills, and other constituency locations, and includes the 1948 High Prairie flood, the High Prairie Fire Department, the Spaulding Hotel, the High Level Hotel, ribbon cutting ceremonies, and Legislature tour groups; and audio recordings of speeches by Roy Ells, interviews conducted by Roy Ells of Mr. Leesrud and Sid (Bud) Brown, the Social Credit Grassroots theme song and the opening of the High Level Hotel.

          Ells, Roy
          PR0616 · Fonds · 1941

          Fonds consist of the records of the Smoky Lake Social Credit Group and includes a member list, minutes for January 25th, 1941, and financial records.

          Alberta Social Credit League. Smoky Lake Social Credit Group
          PR1393 · Fonds · 1935-1963, predominant 1935-1938

          Fonds consists of minutes, convention materials, resolutions, correspondence, financial records, study group materials, issues of The World Today and other Social Credit publications, constitution and bylaws of the Alberta Social Credit League, and posters depicting the Social Credit League.

          Alberta Social Credit League. Venice Social Credit Study Group
          William Aberhart fonds
          PR1982 · Fonds · 1897-1965

          The fonds consists of records of William Aberhart relating to his involvement in education, religion and Social Credit and includes pamphlets and published material, notes and speeches, audio tapes, correspondence, photographs of family and his public life. The fonds also includes a rubber stamp with the name William Aberhart and Aberhart’s watercolour banner “God’s Blueprint of the Ages” (1918).

          Aberhart, William
          William Delday collection
          PR2555 · Collection · Copied 1967

          The collection consists of copies of clippings related to the political career of William Delday.

          Delday, William
          William Fallow fonds
          PR4190 · Fonds · 1921-1952, predominant 1935-1948

          The fonds consists of records created and received by William Fallow during his term as Minister of Public Works and Minister of Railways and Telephones, including records of his predecessors Alex Ross and Oran McPherson as Minister of Public Works that Fallow received upon taking office.

          Primarily pertaining to his role as Minister of Public Works, the files include correspondence, reports, agendas, minutes, copies of speeches and other records relating to Alberta Government Telephones, Abasand Oil Ltd., agriculture, airports, the Alaska Highway, the Alberta Motor Association, automobiles, bridges, public buildings, the Canadian Good Roads Association, cost of living bonuses, the Debt Adjustment Board, education, ferries, floods, gaols (jails), highways, old age pensions, the Post War Reconstruction Committee, public utilities, railways, the Social Credit Party, the United Farmers of Alberta, the University of Alberta, the Vermilion School of Agriculture, war assets, water resources and the Workmen's Compensation Board.

          The fonds includes one file regarding the Peace River Exploration Party that contains correspondence from Vernor Smith, Fallow's predecessor, and Gordon Taylor, Fallow's successor, as Minister of Railways and Telephones.

          Fallow, William
          William Louth fonds
          PR2619 · Fonds · 1924 - 1935

          The fonds consists of a certificate of membership to the Loyal Orangemen registered to William Louth dating from 1925 and a cirkuit print photograph featuring the first annual meeting of the Alberta Social Credit League dating from 1935.

          Louth, William