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        Alcomdale, AB

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          Alcomdale, AB

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            Alcomdale, AB

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              Harrington family fonds
              PR2477 · Fondo · [between 1916 - 1917]

              The fonds consists of a photograph album of the Harrington family circa 1916 -1917 including images the Alcomdale area, Edmonton, and logging operations.

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              Lovelock family fonds
              PR4042 · Fondo · [190-?]-1963

              The fonds consists of a photo album that focuses on the Lovelock family with particular emphasis on Eva Lovelock and later, her husband, Theodore, and their daughter, Avis. The photographs are well recorded with nearly all of the subjects identified. Beyond family members and friends, subjects include the town of Alcomdale, homesteads and farming, family businesses, and Great Western Garment (G.W.G.) employees in Edmonton during the Second World War.

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              PR3165 · Fondo · 1950 - 1972

              The fonds consists of material created by the Edmonton Regional Metropolitan Planning Commission including site plans created by the Commission in 1966 for the communities of Alcomdale and Mearns, Ardrossan, Glenevis, Magnola, Gunn, Kaunagh, Looma, Namoa, Nisku, Riviere Qui-Barre, Rochford Bridge, Rollyview, Sherwood Park, Sunnybrook, Tomahawk, Telfordville, Villeneuve, Calmar, Devon, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, Mayerthrope, Morinville, Stony Plain, Bon Accord, Breton, Entwistle, Gibbons, Legal, New Sarepta, Onaway, Sanguido, Thorsby, Spruce Grove, and Warburg; a map created by the Commission in 1964 displaying Edmonton and Environs; and a 1972 report created by the Commission entitled "Report of Market Areas and Service Centres Edmonton Regional Planning Commission Area."

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              Sturgeon County fonds
              PR2826 · Fondo · 1896 - 1974

              The fonds consists of minutes, assessment and tax rolls, bylaws, and the following former local authorities of Sturgeon County dating from 1896 - 1974:

              • Local Improvement District No. 30
              • Local Improvement District 27-S-4
              • Statute, Labour, and Fire District No. 1
              • Local Improvement District No. 45
              • Statute Labour District 230
              • Local Improvement District 28-R-4
              • Statute Labour District No. 235 of Morinville
              • Local Improvement District 28-S-4
              • Local Improvement District 548
              • Local Improvement District 578
              • Local Improvement District 549
              • Municipal District of Ray No. 549
              • Municipal District of Hazelwood No. 579
              • Municipal District of Morinville No. 91
              • Municipal District of Sturgeon 548
              • Municipal District of Opal No. 578, and
              • Municipal District of Sturgeon River No. 90.

              The fonds also includes a minute book of New Lunnon School District No. 294 dating from 1918 to 1938.

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