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          19 Archivistische beschrijving results for Architects

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          Franz Deggendorfer fonds
          PR1625 · Archief · Copied 1985

          The fonds consists of photocopied records of Franz Deggendorfer, originally dating 1894 to 1916, of certificates, agreements, a notebook, a report by Franz regarding water works for Edmonton, correspondence and telegrams, primarily concerning to sale of some land in Edmonton, an interim homestead receipt, and an architectural plan and negative copies of plans for the St. Albert Cathedral.

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          PR2566 · Archief · [ca. 1930]

          The fonds consists of three architectural plans for the Edmonton Club buildings dating from ca. 1930 and produced by Rule Wynn and Rule.

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          PR1298 · Archief · 1950-1984

          The fonds consists of the records of Wallbridge & Imrie, Architects, and includes two series: project records, which include correspondence, agreements, plans, blueprints, drawings, specifications, tenders; and financial records, which include financial statements, correspondence and other finance-related records.

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          Erna Dominey fonds
          PR2861 · Archief · 1991

          The fonds consists of recordings of interviews conducted by Erna Dominey in 1991 with the employees, friends, colleagues, and clients of the architectural firm of Jean Wallbridge and Mary Imrie including Trevor Edwards, Mickie Hollands, Ilse Koerner and Sabine Reich, Helen Peters, Dr. and Mrs. Leslie Wilcox, Gordon Wynn, Ray Gordon, Eleanor Cairns Everington, Brian Campbell Hope, Mrs. Margaret Millar, Mrs. Jean Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Fitch, Dan Kassian, Bernie Wood, Joan Hunt, and Dr. and Mrs. Judge.

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          Dennis Person collection
          PR3102 · Collectie · 1970

          The fonds consists of course work prepared by Dennis Person's students in the Architectural Section of NAIT for course credit. The fonds includes architectural drawings featuring the Old Edmonton Post Office, Mellon House, Mellon House Barn, the Canadian Pacific Railway Station in South Edmonton, and the Kenneth MacDonald House.

          The fonds also contains reports created by students regarding the construction and design of buildings in Edmonton such as the Church of the Resurrection, St. Anthony's Chapel and Church, St. Joseph's Cathedral, the Church of St. Albert, All Saints Cathedral, St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Alberta Government Telephones building, the Perma building, the Union Bank building, Chancery Hall, Michener Park, Rutherford House, Secord Residence, the Royal George Hotel, the Strand Theatre, the T. Eaton Mail Order Building, Southgate Shopping Centre, the Old Edmonton Library, Hillcrest Junior High School, Corgett Hall, the Industrial Research and Training Centre for the Retarded, and Alex Taylor School.

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          PR2982 · Archief · 1955-2003

          The fonds consists of W. G. Milne Architect operational records, prints and drawings of Western Canadian buildings, including Calgary buildings as well as structures built in the Kananaskis Country which was basically a concept developed by W. G. Milne.

          The fonds has been arranged into the following 16 series: - Centennial Tower, later Husky and now Calgary Tower - Bowlen Building, Calgary - Monenco Place, Calgary - Bridges, including the Crowchild Trail Pedestrian Bridge, the Nose Creek Bridge and the Sappers Bridge - Mini Max Development, Calgary - University of Calgary Library Extension - Other Calgary buildings - Fish Creek Provincial Park - Kananaskis development, including the Evan Thomas Alpine Village and the Kananaskis Alpine Villages - Gondola Lift, Jasper - Saxony Motor Hotel, Edmonton - Caravan Motor Hotels, Western Canada - Other Canadian buildings - Sunset Esplanade, San Francisco - The Universal Lifesaver concept - Beautification and traffic reducing projects.

          This arrangement is based on the record keeping practice of the company. The material for each building includes operational records and drawings created from the preliminary to the final stages of construction. Operational records consist of agreements, minutes of meetings, correspondence, proposals, project descriptions, engineering reports, guidelines and specifications, overview reports, progress reports, financial files, beautification reports, traffic and parking reports, news releases and promotional material. Architectural drawings comprise site plans, sketches, perspectives, floor plans, elevations, sections, electrical, plumbing, heating, lighting, mechanical and air conditioning drawings, window, door and stair details. Preliminary, final and revised drawings found in the series document the development of the building.

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          Reeks · 1942-2004, predominant 1980-2004

          The series consists of records related to the regulation and oversight of various provincial professions and occupations. The files include those created by several government-appointed independent regulatory boards as well as government branches responsible for professional regulation whose records were subsequently consolidated into a single filing system for all regulatory activities.

          The records include correspondence, reports, minutes of meetings, agendas, background research into and histories of specific disciplines, drafts and copies of legislation, questionnaires, ministerial orders, orders-in-council, and other records related to liaison with and oversight of health-related and other professions and occupations. Those professions and occupations include:

          • accountants
          • acupuncturists
          • agrologists
          • appraisers
          • architects
          • assessors
          • athletic therapists
          • chiropodists
          • chiropractors
          • laboratory and x-ray technicians
          • dental mechanics
          • dental technicians
          • dental hygienists
          • dental assistants
          • dieticians
          • electroencephalograph technologists
          • emergency medical technicians
          • engineering technologists
          • engineers / geologists / geophysicists
          • foresters
          • funeral directors / embalmers
          • health records administrators
          • hearing aid practitioners
          • herbalists
          • home economists
          • homeopathic practitioners
          • interior designers
          • landscape architects
          • lawyers
          • licensed practical nurses
          • local government managers
          • massage therapists
          • medical lab technologists
          • medical doctors
          • medical radiation technologists
          • mental deficiency nurses / psychiatric nurses
          • midwives
          • naturopaths
          • nurses
          • occupational therapists
          • ophthalmic dispensers
          • optometrists
          • orthomolecular consultants
          • orthopedic technologists
          • orthotists / prosthetists
          • pharmacists
          • physical therapists
          • planners
          • podiatrists
          • professional biologists
          • psychologists
          • purchasers
          • rehabilitation practitioners
          • respiratory therapists
          • school business officials
          • shorthand reporters
          • social workers
          • teachers, and
          • veterinarians.
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          Cory Cunningham fonds
          PR0057 · Archief · 1972-1994

          The fonds consists of architectual plans of college and university campuses, private residences, churches, medical, provincial and commercial buildings, and light rail transit stations in Alberta. It also consists of the correspondence, reports, contracts and financial records relating to these plans.

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          Ronald Clarke fonds
          PR1133 · Archief · 1954-1973

          The fonds includes 2 series: Aberhart Hospital records and Health Sciences Centre records. The fonds also includes the following: correspondence, news clippings, receipts, reports, articles, programs, seating plans, examinations, and specifications for the Provincial Auditoria, the Provincial Mental Hospital (Ponoka), the Alberta School for the Deaf, the Treasury Branch Building (Edmonton), and the Biology Wing, University of Alberta.

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          William Blakey fonds
          PR0799 · Archief · [19-]

          Fonds consists of photographs of the Alberta Legislative Building and Government House, and an architectural watercolour painting of the Canada Permanent Building in Edmonton, Alberta.

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          PR0201 · Archief · Microfilmed 1967

          Fonds consists of microfilm copies of architectural drawings prepared by the firm of Howard and Robert Bouey and their predecessors, dating from 1819 until 1964. Included are plans for churches, school buildings, hospitals, warehouses, hotels, theatres, stores, banks, office buildings, apartment blocks and residences. The majority of these buildings were situated in Edmonton, although a number were located in other Alberta communities and a few were in locations outside of the province.

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          T. Bryan Campbell-Hope fonds
          PR0080 · Archief · [1900] - 2000

          The fonds documents T. Bryan Campbell-Hope's architectural career and contains materials collected and created by T. Bryan Campbell-Hope. The fonds includes images of railroad locomotives and cars, and buildings in small towns in Alberta taken by T. Bryan Campbell-Hope dating from the 1950s to 1993; photographs of the S.S. Athabasca dating from ca. 1900; nine line negatives, five b&w photographic prints and seven mylar copies of architectural drawings of the Legislature Building by Alberta Department of Public Works dating from 1907; photos of architectural drawings of SAIT and the proposed University of Alberta Faculty of Physical Education building by T. Bryan Campbell-Hope dating from the 1970s; two original architectural ink and watercolor drawings of the Legislative Building and grounds by T. Bryan Campbell-Hope for the Alberta Department of Public Works dating from the 1970s; nine photographs and nine negatives featuring buildings T. Bryan Campbell-Hope designed in Edmonton Alberta taken in 2000; and architectural ink drawings of the Masonic Temple, Acme Bridge Company and the Legislative Building by L. Patrick Campbell-Hope dating from 1932-1933.

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          George Heath MacDonald fonds
          PR0120 · Archief · 1952-1954

          Fonds consists of drawings made by George Heath MacDonald during research for possible reconstruction of Fort Edmonton and the flyleaf from one of MacDonald’s books. The drawings were made from old photographs, maps, pictures and floor plans and originally appeared in two books by MacDonald entitled Fort Augustus – Edmonton and Edmonton – Fort, House and Factory.

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          Cecil Scott Burgess fonds
          PR2978 · Archief · 1895 - 1951

          The fonds reflects Cecil Scott Burgess architectural career and includes materials created by Cecil Scott Burgess including drawings of sundials dating from 1927 to 1939; measured detailed drawings of features of mosaics, churches, libraries and furniture of churches and Cathedrals in Europe dating from the 1890s to the 1930s; plans of Canadian Battlefield Memorials; plans and drawings of the Seminary of St. Sulpice in Montreal dating from 1905; stencils, brass rubbings, and charts; and plans for Lancashire Town Hall dating from 1894.

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          Raymond O. Harrison fonds
          PR0174 · Archief · 1944-1980

          The fonds consists of the business records created by Raymond O. Harrison during his career as an architect and heritage resources consultant, and includes design notebooks, plans, photographs, minutes, correspondence, reports, studies, project files, pamphlets, publications, scrapbooks and newspapers clippings. The records are arranged into the following series: Architectural Study, Melbourne, 1946-1948; Early Architectural Career, 1949-1960; Vancouver Maritime Museum, 1955-1977; Heritage Resources Employment, 1959-1963; Private Consulting, 1969-1979; Heritage Resources Consulting, Ltd., 1975-1980; Heritage Institution Planning Reports, 1944-1980; and News Clipping, 1957-1978.

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          PR1297 · Archief · 1936-1987

          The fonds consists of the personal records of Mary Imrie and Jean Wallbridge, and includes correspondence, certificates, financial records, notes, Imrie genealogical information, films, and information on pre-fabricated cabins and solar energy. The fonds includes one series: travel records, which includes travel diaries, photographs, films, itineraries, correspondence, article manuscripts and pamphlets about the various trip taken by Mary and Jean, to Europe, South America, Mexico, Asia, Africa, Alaska, the Northwest Territories, the Maritimes, and Russia.

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          Marke Slipp fonds
          PR1988 · Archief · 1968-2003

          The fonds consists of VHS and ¾” videotapes, 16mm and 35mm film release prints and film elements, ¼” reel to reel and cassette audiotapes and textual material regarding film productions that Marke Slipp worked on, mainly as film editor. Some of the productions include My Partners My People, Get Back the Night with Alberta singer/songwriter Connie Kaldor, Learning With Love about the Alex Taylor School in Edmonton, Sylvan Lake Summer, and Truckers: A Road Well Travelled. Also included are the film elements for the unfinished production, A Poet of Place, regarding architect Douglas Cardinal.

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          Allan Merrick Jeffers fonds
          PR2518 · Archief · Copied 1994

          The fonds consists of 4 photographs of Allan Merrick Jeffers dating from 1903 to 1910.

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          Peter Arends fonds
          PR3005 · Archief · [ca. 1906] - 1969

          The fonds reflects Peter Arends professional occupation and consists of an oral history interview conducted with Cecil S. Burgess, the first head of the Department of Architecture at the University of Alberta in 1913. Peter Arends recorded the interview in 1969 while studying the history of architecture in Edmonton. The fonds also includes a photograph featuring the Alberta Association of Architects circa 1906.

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