Bakers and bakeries

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      Bakers and bakeries

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        Bakers and bakeries

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          Bakers and bakeries

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            David Howell fonds
            PR0918 · Arquivo · Copied 1974

            Fonds consists of copied photographs that date from circa (ca.) 1920 of the East End Bakery in Edmonton, Alberta, including employees, a delivery van, and the interiors of the kitchen and store.

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            Charles E. Masse fonds
            PR1458 · Arquivo · [ca. 1895]

            The recods consist of photographs depicting Charles E. Masse at Dunbow School and include an interior view of the bakery, the children's dormitories, staff, First Nations boys, and a haying crew. A letter by George E. Masse providing biographical information about Charles E. Masse has been included.

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            Norine J. Lauder fonds
            PR1898 · Arquivo · [ca.1900], Copied 1974-1978

            The fonds consists of portrait images of James Lauder and Hannah Lauder, an image of a group in front of Jasper House in Edmonton in 1891, an image of the Lauder Bakery in 1891, a photograph of Dr. H.C. Wilson, the first Speaker of the Legislative Assembly ca. 1900, a photograph of Dr. H.L. McInnis ca. 1900, and a photograph of R.B. Bennett ca. 1900.

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            Jean F. Tucker fonds
            PR2847 · Arquivo · Copied 1968

            The fonds consists of views of Pincher Creek, Alberta dating from the 1880s to the early part of the 20th century. The fonds includes a view of Main Street, volunteers for the Boer War, the Royal Bank of Canada, a man erecting a utility pole outside of a pharmacy, the Morden residence, the Bartender's team playing the Wanderer's team in hockey, the Scott Brothers' hardware store, and a horse coach outside of a bakery.

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            Charles W. Campbell fonds
            PR3315 · Arquivo · [191-?]

            The fonds consists of two photographs, one depicting the interior of the bakery and the other depicting several bakery wagons aligned outside of the bakery.

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