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      Banks and banking

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          Banks and banking

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          PR1562 · Fonds · 1972-1984

          Le fonds se compose d'un rapport annuel de 1984 et de photocopies d'articles de presse au sujet de la Caisse Francalta Credit Union Limited de 1972 à 1980.

          Sans titre
          Barr Colony Museum photograph collection
          PR2304 · Collection · Copied 1976-1977

          The collection consists of images of dating from about 1903 to about 1930 from the Lloydminster, Saskatchewan area relating to Barr colonists, and includes images of a variety of buildings including the school, train station, bank, post office, and hospital, automobiles, houses, log cabins, tents, ploughing, haying, horse and cart, a musical band and a soccer team. The fonds includes a number of images relating to the Tebbs, Booth, Topott, Hall, Wright, Grey, Fisher, Jones, Sutton, and Cripps families and to Rev. Trench.

          Sans titre
          Len Dutton collection
          PR1047 · Collection · 1975-1980

          The collection includes a copy of a fictionalized article entitled "A suit for Herbie," by Terence Thompson, relating to banking in "Rose Valley," along with Thompson's account of how he came to Killam, Alberta as a Bank of Montreal employee and a letter addressed to Dutton from Thompson; and a copy of a biographical sketch entitled "The Saga of My Paternal Grandparents: Thomas and Margaret Henderson," by Ada Elizabeth Law, an account about the Henderson family's journey from Maple Ridge, British Columbia to Fort Edmonton, North-West Territories, in 1880 and their years homesteading in the Rabbit Hill area of Alberta, and an accompanying letter to Dutton from Irene Gillespie, Ada Elizabeth Law's cousin, who gave Law's article to Dutton.

          Sans titre
          Marilyn L. Franklyn fonds
          PR2015 · Fonds · [191-]

          The fonds consists of photographs from Grouard and High Prairie and include images of the Grouard main street, the Indian Agents Quarters and Police Barracks at Grouard, the Grouard school, a bridge at High Prairie, the loading of hay on to a train at High Prairie, the Canadian Bank of Commerce at High Prairie, and window display of Cree artifacts, and postcards from Big Point of an Indigenous family along with tipi and log building, the Grouard Mission and the Grouard main street.

          Sans titre
          PR1356 · Collection · [ca. 1913]-1983

          The fonds consists of copied images, postcards and mechanically produced photographic reproductions, originally dating circa (ca.) 1913 of Redcliff, Alberta, and include views of Redcliff, schools, churches, banks, streets, train station, water tower, industrial plants such as the Redcliff Motor Company (Co.), the Redcliff Clay Products Co. Limited (Ltd), the Redcliff Rolling Mills and Bolt Manufacturing Co., the Redcliff Brick and Coal Co. Ltd., the Dominion Glass Co. Ltd., the Foundry and Ornamental Iron Works Co., the New Steel Mill and the Pressed Brick Co. and a catalogue entitled Redcliff Commercial Cars, those built by Redcliff Motors Co., Ltd.

          Sans titre
          G. C. Mathews fonds
          PR1685 · Fonds · 1903-1933

          Fonds consists of annotated photographs of various people, buildings and views mainly in Peace River, Alberta and includes school children and buildings, churches, weddings, street views, banks, businesses, hospitals, ferries, bridges, steam boats, missionaries and mission buildings, the Grouard Trail, agricultural exhibitions, agricultural scenes, livestock, an HBC trading post, a group of Dominion land surveyors, water falls, the Peace River, oil wells, sled dogs, automobiles, airplanes, women’s and men’s sports teams, and North West Mounted Police (NWMP) barracks. Fonds also includes photographs of Athabasca Landing and the Hay River Mission.

          Sans titre
          Allan Commodore fonds
          PR2551 · Fonds · [ca.1890] - 1934

          The fonds consists of the publications The School of Magnetism and Electricity (1914), The Canadian Speller Book (1934), The Essentials of Health (1909), The Children of History (1910), Ireland (1904), The Science of Eugenics and Sex Life (1914), Rudyard Kipling's Verse (1918), The New Century Perfect Speaker (1901), Medicology (1903), The Great Controversy between Christ and Satat (1911), and Sheldon's 20th Century Etiquette (1901); two ledgers from W.F. Jennejohn's Motor Inn in Vulcan, Alberta; a postcard album; a photograph album belong to the Gibson family; a photograph album belonging to an unidentified family; an account book for the Bank of Hamilton; Julius Zang Balance Sheet; a Shank Lake Oils Ltd. Share Certificate; a Big Chief Oil Company Share Certificate; a copy of Waghorn's Guide; a copy of Nor'West Farmer; a notice of auction sale; a leaflet pertaining to automobiles; and correspondence related to Valentine's Day. The fonds dates from ca. 1890 to 1934.

          Sans titre
          PR1028 · Collection · Copied 1974

          Collection consists of copied photographs that date from 1912 to circa (ca.) 1923 which depict various people, buildings, and views in Vegreville, Alberta including members of the Girl Guides, army troops on trains, school buildings and students, including the Aplomb and Imperial schools, various farming scenes, Galician settlers, houses, hospitals, churches, banks, grain elevators, and street views. Fonds also contains a panoramic view of Vegreville, Alberta and some collage images.

          Sans titre
          Jean F. Tucker fonds
          PR2847 · Fonds · Copied 1968

          The fonds consists of views of Pincher Creek, Alberta dating from the 1880s to the early part of the 20th century. The fonds includes a view of Main Street, volunteers for the Boer War, the Royal Bank of Canada, a man erecting a utility pole outside of a pharmacy, the Morden residence, the Bartender's team playing the Wanderer's team in hockey, the Scott Brothers' hardware store, and a horse coach outside of a bakery.

          Sans titre
          Dale family fonds
          PR1701 · Fonds · Copied 1987

          The fonds consists of images, originally dating 1907 to 1941, of the 1939 Royal Visit, the unveiling of the cairn at Frog Lake, and other images from Kitscoty including store exteriors and interiors, banks, streets, horses, wagons, bison, automobiles, snow banks, hockey teams, tents, fishing, children, swimming as well as R.W. Miller’s store in Lloydminster, the Olds Agricultural School, Sylvan Lake, picnics at Lake Laurier, boats, boating and a cabin at Cold Lake.

          Sans titre
          Richard Berry fonds
          PR1030 · Fonds · copied 1975

          Fonds consists of photographs dating circa 1950 that depict a car, a house, and the McDonald Hotel and a temporary building housing the Imperial Bank of Canada in Edmonton, Alberta.

          Sans titre
          PR1040 · Collection · Copied 1974

          Collection consists of copied photographs dated 1883-1917 that depict various people, buildings, and views in Pincher Creek, Alberta including a sawmill, Hotel Arlington, the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) store interior, a hockey rink, street views, log buildings, horses, carts, the Union Bank of Canada, agricultural machinery, branding cattle, houses, Allison’s Store, the Lynch Brothers Livery, and the railroad.

          Sans titre
          PR1708 · Fonds · [ca. 1915]-1987

          The collection consists of images of Morinville, Alberta, originally dating circa (ca.) 1900 to ca. 1920, and includes images of streets, buildings, stores, banks, hotels, restaurants, interior of a saloon, hearse, a religious procession, horses, sleighs, wagons, delivery wagons, trains, the Cardiff Coal Mine, a church service, tennis players and a marching band and Byron-May Company, Limited photographs of buildings and views along Morinville’s main street.

          Sans titre
          PR1964 · Collection · Copied 1977

          The collection consists of copied photographs dating 1927-1955 that depict various people, buildings and views in Barrhead, Alberta including Carl Johnson’s Central Meat Market, Hooper’s Garage, the Bank of Toronto, nuns, the United church and St. John’s Lutheran church, an Alberta Jubilee parade, street views, cars, the first train in Barrhead, and a hospital built by Doctor (Dr.) E.J. Varreau.

          Sans titre
          PR1236 · Fonds · 1931-1942

          Fonds consists of minutes, a newspaper clipping, and a letter of the Sholom Aleichem Free Loan Association.

          Sans titre
          Lester Delp fonds
          PR3032 · Fonds · 1930 - 1936

          The fonds consists of a Canadian Bank of Commerce cheque dating from 1936 and an account statement from the Canadian Bank of Commerce dating from 1930 belonging to Lester Delp.

          Sans titre
          Frank Pike fonds
          PR1628 · Fonds · 1898-1947

          The fonds consists of dismantled scrapbooks compiled by Frank Pike which include correspondence from bank management (Merchants Bank of Canada and Bank of Montreal) and other friends and acquaintances, newspaper clippings, photographs, speeches, and articles; as well, the fonds includes a souvenir album of Wetaskiwin, Alberta with 12 photographic reproductions.

          Sans titre
          Glenbow Alberta history collection
          PR2464 · Collection · 1905 - 1935

          The collection consists of a program for the Alberta Inaugural Celebration Concert at Thistle Rink in Edmonton, Alberta dating from 1905; a membership card for the Edmonton Amateur Athletic Club dating from ca. 1908; an account book for the Union Book of Canada and a bundle of cancelled cheques dating from 1917; a copy of The Alberta Social Credit Chronicle dating from 1935; a pamphlet entitled "The Douglas System of Economics"; a photograph of the G.A. Forster Ranch House; and a photograph of the Forster family.

          Sans titre
          Photographs of banks collection
          PR2957 · Collection · Copied 1968

          The collection consists of a copy of a photograph of the Union Bank at Fort Macleod, Alberta taken by an unidentified photographer circa 1906, and a copy of a photograph of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in Red Deer, Alberta taken by an unidentified photographer circa 1906.

          Sans titre