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            D. Stanley Egar fonds
            PR0635 · Fonds · 1925-1929

            Fonds consists of photographs depicting various women's baseball and basketball teams and a photocopied list that identifies some of the players in the photographs.

            Egar, D. Stanley
            Violet B. Douglas fonds
            PR0817 · Fonds · 1968-1980

            The fonds includes a transcript of a poem by Violet Douglas dedicated to J. Percy Page and the Edmonton Grads, a transcript of a letter from J. Percy Page thanking Mrs. Douglas for the poem, and a brief biography of Mrs. Douglas' mother, Grace Hood Watts.

            Douglas, Violet B.
            Elwood Butchart fonds
            PR0870 · Fonds · [1910-1980]

            The fonds consists of seven photographs, dating from about 1919 to 1925, of Edmonton sports teams such as the Y.M.C.A. Baseball team, the University of Alberta Men's Senior Team, and the All Stars Basketball team; a transcript of a Toronto Globe article from 1905 about the Butchart family's train journey west from Ontario; a letter from Elwood Butchart about his career and interests in Alberta; and a photographic postcard of the page boys at the Provincial Legislature in 1913.

            Butchart, Elwood
            Marjorie Killick fonds
            PR0062 · Fonds · 1920- [193-]

            The fonds consists of a scrapbook created by Marjorie Killick. The scrapbook consists of newspaper clippings of Killick’s sporting accomplishments and other Edmonton sports news.

            Killick, Marjorie
            Wilbur W. Powe fonds
            PR0074 · Fonds · 1921-1946

            The fonds consists of photographs of Alberta towns (1920s), Buffalo National Park at Wainwright and Banff National Park (1920s) and Edmonton photos (1921-1946) taken by Wilbur W. Powe. Also included are photographs of Athabasca River Boat scenes (1924-1925) taken by Russ Denholm (cousin of Lillian). Also included are a photograph and booklet of the Edmonton Commercial Grads Basketball team (1940).

            Powe, Wilbur W.
            F.R.F. McKitrick fonds
            PR0628 · Fonds · 1882-1935

            Fonds consists of records associated with F.R.R. McKitrick’s time as a teacher, farmer, and newspaper correspondent and includes correspondence, homestead records, curriculum material for geography and history, school exams, financial records, brand records, promissory notes, bank books, resort brochures, newspaper clippings, notes, written and typed manuscripts, railroad timetables, poems, income tax forms, receipts, pamphlets, hand-drawn maps, and bankruptcy records. Fonds also includes photographs, negatives, and glass plate negatives depicting various people, buildings, and scenes in Alberta and Ontario including the McKitrick family, the Edmonton Commercial Grads, the logging industry, churches, parades, steamers and ferries, First Nations, railroad and road construction, bridge construction, farming, train wrecks, horses and other animals, exhibitions and fairs, and an oil field.

            McKitrick, F.R.F.
            Margaret Dixon fonds
            PR0916 · Fonds · 1925-1926

            Fonds consists of photographs depicting the Calgary Normal School class of 1925-1926, and the Calgary Normal School women's basketball champions of 1926.

            Dixon, Margaret
            Arthur Thomas Meagher fonds
            PR1069 · Fonds · 1898-1919

            Fonds consists of the personal records of Arthur Thomas Meagher, and records related to his profession as a plumber, and includes tax assessments and notices, correspondence, an insurance policy, The Plumbers’ Textbook, bylaws regarding waterworks and sewage in Edmonton, Alberta, a business card for Ghormley’s Grocery, and various constitutions, photographs and banquet menus for the United Association of Journeymen Plumbers, Gas Fitters and Steam Fitters and Steam Fitters’ Helpers of the United States and Canada, Local 488 in Edmonton, Alberta.

            Fonds also includes a Government of Alberta telephone system Operator’s Code Symbols booklet, and a postcard and photographs depicting parades, floats, buildings, street views, an elephant, bison, a log building, a train wreck, a Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) basketball team, and Jasper Avenue in Edmonton, Alberta.

            Meagher, Arthur Thomas
            Shirley Ludwig fonds
            PR1544 · Fonds · 1912-1952

            Fonds consists of the personal records of Shirley Ludwig and includes photographs and negatives of various people, buildings, and views in Edmonton, Alberta including street views, a flood, and St. John’s Church. Fonds also includes photocopied newspaper clippings, as well as autographs and photographs pertaining to the Edmonton Grads basketball team, and hand coloured photographs by A.M Parker depicting Lake Louise and Edmonton Beach in Alberta, and Lake Temiskaming in Ontario.

            Ludwig, Shirley
            T.E. Morgan fonds
            PR3085 · Fonds · 1925 - [192?]

            The fonds consists of a photograph featuring the City of Edmonton Intermediate Basketball Champions dating from 1925, a photograph featuring an unidentified high school basketball team dating from the 1920s, and a photograph featuring a military basketball team dating from the 1920s.

            Morgan, T.E.
            PR1726 · Fonds · 1940-1991

            The fonds consists of the records of Filmwest Associates (1983) Limited and includes films, and some film elements, produced and distributed by Filmwest Associated including Shooting Stars, a dramatization celebrating the Edmonton Grads women's basketball team (distributed by Filmwest), The Class of 1912, about the renovations of the University of Alberta Arts Building (produced by Filmwest), Frozen Music, about Douglas Cardinal and his architecture (produced by Filmwest); screenplays and story ideas from Tom Wood, Anne Wheeler (Cowboys Don't Cry), Francis Damberger, Harvey L. Spak and D.H. (Don) Scott; a shooting schedule for Cowboys Don't Cry; Filmwest Associates distribution catalogues and movie advertisements; a Western Canada Film and Video Showcase (WCFVA) Study prepared by Filmwest Associates and Karvonen Films; AMPIA (Alberta Motion Picture Industries Association) minutes (copies), correspondence, newsletters and programs; and assorted publications relating to the motion picture industry in Alberta and Canada, including a brief history of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

            Filmwest Associates (1983) Limited
            Betty Bowen fonds
            PR2255 · Fonds · Copied 1993

            The fonds consists of an image of Dr. James Naismith and Percy Page dating from 1929 and a composite image of the Edmonton Commercial Graduates Basketball Team, with team members from 1921 to 1940.

            Bowen, Betty
            Lily Blower fonds
            PR2548 · Fonds · [ca. 1923]

            The fonds consists of a framed photograph of the Edmonton City Dairy Transportation Equipment dating from 1923 and a framed photograph of the Edmonton Commercial Grads Basketball Team circa 1923.

            Blower, Lily
            Jack M. Manson fonds
            PR2617 · Fonds · 1863 - 1979

            The fonds consists of photographs of sporting events in Alberta, predominantly women's basketball, dating from the 1920s to the 1940s; engraving plates for letterpresses printing; programs from the Bijou, Capital, Empress, Metropolitan, Orpheum, Pantages, and Temple Theatre dating from the 1920s to the 1970s; newspaper clippings, photographs, and magazines documenting the history of Alberta dating from 1876 to the 1960's; and a marriage certificate for John and Emma Ervin dating from 1863.

            Manson, Jack M.
            Margaret Jonason fonds
            PR3108 · Fonds · 1892 - 1926

            The fonds consists of images capturing Lacombe in the early part of the 20th century and materials pertaining to the Day family in Lacombe. The images depict the first log cabin owned by the Day family, Barnet Ave, the H.A. Day General Merchant's Store, the first town council, Main Street, the Lacombe Women's Basketball Team, the Lacombe School, the Lacombe High School Graduating Class (1910), players and coaching staff of the Lacombe Hockey Team, the Temperance Colonization Society, a lake, individuals in Lacombe, 10 photographic postcard addressed to various members of the Day family.

            The fond also includes store ledgers from the H.A. Day General Store dating from 1901 - 1903 as well as several promotional booklets pertaining to the development of Edmonton and Lacombe.

            Jonason, Margaret
            Sybil Morgan fonds
            PR3376 · Fonds · [190-]-1993

            The fonds consists of photographs including group portraits of the Edmonton Gradettes (including Sybil and Coach John Percy Page), a snapshot of Charles Lindbergh in an unidentified location, images of rail accidents and equipment from Sybil's father, family photos, locations around Edmonton and Alberta, images from the Central Alberta Sanatorium, First Nations images, farm fields and equipment, and snapshots of Sybil from the 1910s to the 1990s. The textual material includes funeral programs, an autograph book filled by Sybil's friends from the Central Alberta Sanatorium, and a Christmas card from the early 20th century.

            Morgan, Sybil
            Ethel Gregory collection
            PR3953 · Collection · 1913-1932

            The collection consists of photographs of people, places, and events in the Peace River region in the early decades of the 20th century. Locations include Griffin Creek, Peace River, Brownsvale, and Berwyn.

            Gregory, Ethel
            Larry Langley fonds
            PR4009 · Fonds · 1956-1979

            The fonds consists of audio reels of interviews and radio programs that Langley produced during his career with the CBC. The topics of these recordings cover a wide array of subject matter, and include oral histories of Father Lacombe, First Nations, and Hutterite colonies. There are also interviews with members of the Edmonton Grads, on the construction of the Bighorn Dam, on the founding of the oil industry, and with Margaret Atwood. Also included are programs on Albertan aviation history.

            The film reels contain interviews and news reports featuring Langley over the course of his broadcast career in Saskatoon, Calgary, and Edmonton. These feature interviews with Bill Kenny of the vocal group the Ink Spots, singer Pearl Bailey, comedian Jack Benny, and news reports from the Calgary Stampede. There are also some home movies (including amateur short films and home movies of RCAF Squadron 418 events) and a reel of public service announcements from the federal Department of Health and Welfare.

            Langley, Larry
            PR0285 · Fonds · 1920-1965, predominant 1922-1940

            Fonds consists of records pertaining to the Commercial Graduates’ Basketball Team including scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, publications, photographs, and silent films.

            Edmonton Commercial Graduates' Basketball Club
            Ethel Moore fonds
            PR0430 · Fonds · Copied 1970-1971

            Fonds consists of photographs and an article relating to the Edmonton Commercial Grads Basketball Team, dating 1922-1970, a photograph of Sandison’s Brick Yard in Mill Creek, Alberta dating ca.1920, a Merchant Marine Service recruitment advertisement, and a Hudson’s Bay Company, Mackenzie River Transport, employment contract dating 1930.

            Moore, Ethel