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          Ada Jorgensen fonds
          PR1012 · Fonds · [ca. 1944]-[ca. 1972]

          Fonds consists of a letter written by Ted Sparks to Mrs. Gibson, a copy of an autobiographical sketch entitled A Pioneer Mother, written by Mrs. R.E. Sparks, a short biographical sketch about George Stanton, and a copy of the Stanton School District No. 1920 60th Anniversary Reunion booklet, dating 1969, which contains excerpts of minutes from the school district meetings, a township map, and a list of teachers who taught at the school.

          Jorgensen, Ada
          Albers family fonds
          PR0359 · Fonds · 1982-1996

          The fonds consists of a research paper covering the period 1781-1990, edited by the Albers family, on the history of the Svenskbybo-people. It also includes a detailed genealogy of the Albers family and it holds a few family members’ memoirs on World War II and farming life in Alberta. These memoirs were transcribed from audiotaped interviews not preserved by the family.

          Albers family
          Alex Cowan fonds
          PR2096 · Fonds · [1990]

          The fonds consists of a reminiscence by Alex Cowan entitled “Western Story” that documents the Cowans' life in Alberta.

          Cowan, Alex
          Alexis Kienlen fonds
          PR3814 · Fonds · 2013 - 2014

          The fonds consists of material compiled by Alexis Kienlen while she researched and wrote Non-Violence: The Story of Gurcharan Singh Bhatia. Included in the fonds is a copy of the completed book.

          Kienlen, Alexis
          Angela E. Harris collection
          PR1850 · Collection · 1983

          The collection consists of a copy of “The Cookson Memoirs,” which contains photocopies of John W. (Jack) Cookson’s diary from his voyage from Liverpool, England to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1890 as well as notes about his early days in Tofield, Alberta. The collection also includes copies of photographs relating to Jack Cookson and the Cookson family in Tofield.

          Harris, Angela E.
          Anna Pidruchney fonds
          PR1039 · Fonds · Copied 1975

          Fonds consists of a photocopied family history of Michael and Eva Raychyba, dated 1975, written by Anna Pidruchney.

          Pidruchney, Anna
          Anne Roseborough fonds
          PR1464 · Fonds · [1905 - 1956]

          Fonds consists of personal reminiscences by Anne Roseborough about her experiences traveling west and homesteading near Vermilion, Alberta. Fonds also includes a photograph of Anne and Samuel Roseborough on their homestead with W.B. Cameron.

          Roseborough, Anne
          PR3039 · Collection · 1969

          The collection consists of transcripts of interviews with Annie and Charles Johnston recalling their life in Bowden at the beginning of the 20th century typed by Abe Sawatsky of the Bowden Historical Society in 1969.

          Johnston, Annie and Charles
          Anthony Hlynka fonds
          PR3363 · Fonds · 1939-2007

          The fonds consists of materials created during and after Hlynka's political career including original memoir manuscripts, typed and handwritten, diary entries, correspondence between Hlynka and various people, typed and handwritten speeches, materials related to his activism for displaced persons during the Second World War and from his post war tour of Europe, materials related to his marriage, scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and other materials related to his career, marriage, election loss, death, and legacy, official Hansard copies of speeches he gave in the House of Commons, and various photographs (1939-1957). The fonds also includes materials related to the publishing of his memoirs, the Ukrainian edition in 1982 and the English edition in 2005, including correspondence between Stephanie Hlynka and numerous people, published copies of the memoirs, materials related to, and a video recording of, a lecture given at the University of Manitoba Centre for Ukrainian Studies in 2002 on "Ukrainian Immigration to Canada: Anthony Hlynka and the Third Wave, 1940-1949", and materials regarding other members of the Hlynka family including Anthony Hlynka's brother Dr. Isydore Hlynka and Stephanie Hlynka's uncle Volodymyr Klisch, a pioneer in Polish aviation.

          Hlynka, Anthony
          Archibald Campbell fonds
          PR0354 · Fonds · 1905-1966

          The fonds consists of a variety of records documenting the activities, interests and social life of an influential Edmontonian. It includes biographical information, correspondence, a day timer, a financial journal, a booklet with daily expenses, a poem written by Mrs. A. Campbell, programmes of various cultural and historical events in Edmonton and a photo album with views of early Alberta.

          Campbell, Archibald
          A.S. Cummings fonds
          PR0748 · Fonds · 1973-1975

          Fonds consists of reminiscences written by A.S. Cummings entitled Slow Train to the Foothills, 1910, The Yellowhead Pass, 1911, and Life at Mannville, Alberta 1908-1909. Fonds also includes a copied newspaper clipping from the Christian Guardian containing an article written by A.S. Cummings dated 1910, and an oral history given by A.S. Cummings to Frontier College in 1975.

          Cummings, A.S.
          B.C. (Bert) de Kat fonds
          PR4002 · Fonds · 2006

          The fonds consist of an autobiography titled "On the Farm - the Early Years" written and published by Bert de Kat in 2006, along with a copied photograph of Maximiliaan de Kat's hardware store dated October 6th, 1949.

          de Kat, B.C. (Bert)
          Beth Sheehan fonds
          PR0581 · Fonds · Copied 1972-1975

          Fonds consists of records compiled and/or produced by Sheehan during the course of her personal activities and research regarding pioneers and homesteading in Grand Prairie and the Beaverlodge area of Alberta, and includes copied oral interviews of Hugh W. Allen, dated 1966, and Gordon Sherk, Marley Sherk, Lulu Sherk Allen, Victor Flint, and Frances Flint, dated 1963, conducted by Beth Sheehan, and of J.R. Oliver, dated 1965, and conducted by Jack Soars. Fonds also consists of transcripts of oral interviews of Gordon Sherk, Marley Sherk, Lulu Sherk Allen, Victor Flint, Frances Flint, Everett Sheehan, George Stone, and Cletus Aloysius Sheehan, dating 1955-1969, transcripts of personal reminiscences by F.C. Falk, Hugh W. Allen, and Lulu Sherk Allen dating 1955-1970, transcripts of diaries belonging to Mrs. Maud Truax (nee Sherk), I.E. Gaudin, and Elizabeth Jane Sills Shishler dating ca. 1909, and transcripts of correspondence of G.V. Flint dating ca. 1909. Fonds also includes manuscripts about the Bull Outfit written by Madelon Truax, dating 1967, and by Isabel Loggie, transcripts of North West Mounted Police (NWMP) patrol reports in the Beaverlodge, Alberta area, a manuscript of the history of the Brekken family, written by Thea Brekken and edited by Beth Sheehan, dating 1968, transcribed excerpts from the minute book of the Bower Beaver Lodge School District No. 2812, and a copy of a burial register, dating 1911-1932. Fonds also includes a blank receipt from Gaudin and Drake Real Estate Brokers, newspaper clippings, transcripts of funeral eulogies, microfilmed photographs of Beaverlodge pioneers, and other photographs depicting various people and views in Grande Prairie and Fort Vermilion.

          Sheehan, Beth Flint
          Catherine McLean fonds
          PR0920 · Fonds · Copied 1974

          Fonds consists of copied records, that date from 1898-1964, including a personal reminiscence by Catherine McLean and photographs depicting Samuel McCauley, bridges, a ferry, horses and carriages, an ice breaker, and a train.

          McLean, Catherine
          Charles Anderson fonds
          PR1976 · Fonds · [Copied 1996]

          The fonds consists of copies of records relating to the life of Charles Anderson and includes correspondence relating to his appointment to the Order of Canada, newspaper clippings, and other records that provide biographical information about Charles Anderson and historical information about the Northern Alberta Railways and the Alberta Resources Railway Corporation. The fonds also include a 1973 image of Charles Anderson.

          Anderson, Charles
          Chas Phillips fonds
          PR2728 · Fonds · Copied 1967

          The fonds consists of reminiscences written by Chas Phillips documenting his life on a homestead in the Stettler area in the early part of the 20th century.

          Phillips, Chas
          Christina McKnight fonds
          PR1968 · Fonds · Copied 1979

          The fonds consists of reminiscences of Christina McKnight, including information about some of the first women in Edmonton and growing up in Edmonton, and two images of First Presbyterian Church's women's hockey team, the Victorias.

          McKnight, Christina
          Coral Davids Fry fonds
          PR1962 · Fonds · 1939-1994

          The fonds consists of a biography of Maurice Meredith Fry and a history of Midland Auto Supply Limited, both written by Coral Davids-Fry, catalogues for Midland Auto Supply Limited, Continental Auto Supply Limited, Pasco Auto Stores and Automobile Surplus Parts Company, and a photograph of a Midland Auto Supply Store. The fonds also consists of material created or accumulated by Coral Fry Davids in the course of her work with various environmental and heritage organizations, including Ft. Edmonton Park, the Rutherford House, and Ducks Unlimited. The material includes minutes, newsletters, and correspondence.

          Fry, Coral Davids
          Cyril Alwin Tregillus fonds
          PR3135 · Fonds · [before 1972]

          The fonds consists of the reminiscences of Cyril Alwin Tregillus written before 1972. The reminiscences, which cover the years 1902-1914, discuss his childhood in Alberta and his career in agriculture.

          Tregillus, Cyril A.
          Dale Holtslander fonds
          PR0377 · Fonds · 1979

          This fonds consists of unpublished memoirs which were written retrospectively in 1979. Dale Holtslander’s goal was to document his family’s immigration, his early childhood and his personal life up to the time of the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton in 1978. The records also hold information on the early history of Alberta, the Depression (1929-1939), World War II and the discovery of oil in Alberta in the 1940s. The photographs have been glued on to various pages of the memoirs.

          Holtslander, Dale
          Dave Gardiner fonds
          PR2412 · Fonds · [1965]

          The fonds consists of autobiography of Dave Gardiner written in 1965, and two 8 mm films featuring footage of road construction dating from ca. 1960s.

          Gardiner, Dave
          David O. Roberts fonds
          PR2760 · Fonds · 1967

          The fonds consists of reminiscences of the Roberts family 1918 written by David O. Roberts recounting the Roberts family's experiences homesteading in the Edmonton district from 1906 to 1918.

          Roberts, David O.
          Delcie Gray fonds
          PR2114 · Fonds · [1991]

          The fonds consists of a family history entitled “Legacy: A Pioneer Story of the Family of Henry Byrnes” written by Delcie Gray dating from [1991].

          Gray, Delcie
          Demetrius Metro Ponich fonds
          PR1328 · Fonds · 1900-1982

          The fonds consists of photocopies, originally written in the 1970s, of the Ponich’s diary, memoirs of Demetrius Metro Ponich, including immigration to Canada from the Ukraine and life on the family homestead, and an “Autobiographical and Historical Account of Settlement in the Pakan and Smoke Lake Areas” by Ponich, edited and transcribed by Isidore Goresky. The fonds also includes 125 photographs, 97 negatives, and 8 rpm discs, belonging to Ponich, documenting the people and activities of the Pakan, and Smoky Lake, Alberta area dating from 1900 to 1930.

          Ponich, Demetrius Metro
          Donald Graham fonds
          PR3036 · Fonds · [196?]

          The fonds consists of handwritten, transcribed, and bound reminiscences written by Donald Graham recalling his life in Western Canada in the 1880s. The material discusses hunting, the Riel Rebellion, crime, farming, and wildlife. Donald Graham's grandson, Gordon Graham, transcribed the material.

          Graham, Donald
          PR0931 · Fonds · 1932-1984

          The fonds consists of photographs of family, friends and Navy ships, maneuvers, events, people and Alberta Legislature ceremonies, financial records, original and copied birth certificates, invitations, records related to Munro’s university degree and his career in the Navy, newspapers clippings, photocopied reminiscences of growing up in Edmonton by Munro Williamson, slides of hunting trips (Beaverlodge), Imperial Oil staff, an arctic trip, Jasper area, Edmonton homes, streets, the Legislative building and the river valley, and maps of the North American East Coast, the Nova Scotia South East coast, and Peace River.

          Williamson, Donald Munro
          Donald Norris fonds
          PR1273 · Fonds · [ca. 1880]-1977

          Fonds consists of copied and original records pertaining to the genealogical research by Donald Norris of the Bruce, Cunningham, Matheson, Sutherland, Morrison, Kennedy, Mackenzie, and McFarlane families and includes correspondence, historical/biographical sketches, family trees, obituaries, newspaper clippings, and two copied photographs dating circa (ca.) 1880 of Henry and Mary Cunningham and Sister Saint (St.) Wilfred-Florestein Cunningham.

          Fonds also contains photocopied photographs of various other members of the families researched, and a photocopy of an account of the journey by the Red River settlers to Puget Sound, dated 1885, which originally appeared in the February 18, 1885 issue of the Tacoma Daily Ledger.

          Norris, Donald
          Doris Gibson collection
          PR1002 · Collection · 1981

          The collection consists of writings about the life of Glenn Harrison Wilson, and includes a biographical sketch entitled “A Pioneer Couple,” about Glenn Harrison Wilson and his wife Cora, by Marjorie J. Grant, and a second biographical sketch entitled “Glenn Harrison Wilson,” by Rita Ranks, also about Glenn Harrison Wilson, to which is attached some of Wilson’s own reminiscences.

          Gibson, Doris
          Dorothy Blakey Smith fonds
          PR0795 · Fonds · 1919- [1981], predominant 1919

          Fonds consists of a personal reminiscence by Dorothy Blakey Smith about the summer she taught at Pine View School in Alberta, and a number of photographs taken during that time which depict the Pine View School and students, log buildings, horse, carriages, the Calgary Stampede, as well as Dorothy Blakey Smith and other individuals.

          Smith, Dorothy Blakey
          Edgar D.W. Schafer fonds
          PR2781 · Fonds · 1993

          The fonds consists of memoirs written by Edgar Dave Willingdon Schafer in 1993 and a family history of the Schaefer family also written by Edgar in 1987.

          Schafer, Edgar D.W.
          Edna M. Sanders fonds
          PR1578 · Fonds · 1982

          The fonds consists of a manuscript, “Reflections,” by Edna M. Sanders, a compellation of short stories, articles, poems and music, and audio recordings of some of the songs.

          Sanders, Edna M.
          Effie J. Whitford fonds
          PR3147 · Fonds · 1972

          The fonds consists of a history of Frederick Edward Algar written by Effie J. Whitford in 1972 for publication in the local history Ponoka Panorama, Ponoka: Ponoka Historical Society, 1972.

          Whitford, Effie J.
          Evelyn Hansen fonds
          PR1106 · Fonds · 1975

          Fonds consists of correspondence, a history of the D.A. Thomas steamboat, biographical information about William Meikle, and a list of captions for photographs taken by William Meikle.

          Hansen, Evelyn
          Frank Turek collection
          PR0580 · Collection · 1928-1971, predominant 1971

          Collection consists of a copied oral history interview with Ralph Lynn Carrell, conducted by Frank Turek, and copied photographs of the Carrell family and various views in the Edson, Alberta area. Collection also includes photographs of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Trelle, Mr. Anderson, and the All Saints Church in Athabasca.

          Turek, Frank
          Fred Harrison fonds
          PR1921 · Fonds · 1910-1965, predominant 1910-1914

          The fonds consists of images likely taken by Fred Harrison (he came west with his own photographic equipment) and includes images, primarily from the Whitecourt and Greencourt areas, including images of Walter White, wild game, moose, bears, rabbits, hunting, houses and shacks, homesteaders, post offices, saw mill, pool halls, cards, dances, horses, buildings, schools, stores, Christmas parties, surveying camps, creeks, land guides, breaking ground, as well as the Coal mine near Tofield and images from Coalspur in 1915 and Lovett in 1917. The fonds also includes an excerpt from Fred Harrison’s autobiographical reminiscences about his time in Alberta.

          Harrison, Fred
          Fred V. Stone fonds
          PR1200 · Fonds · 1938-1975

          Fonds consists of a speech given by R.G. Reid on CJCA Radio on Aug 21, 1935, a personal reminiscence entitled The Lighter Life, and a history of the Stone-McLeod family written by Fred V. Stone.

          Stone, Fred V.
          Frederick George Topp fonds
          PR3132 · Fonds · Copied 1970

          The fonds consists of a copy of Frederick George Topp's autobiography, "An Immigrant of '82". The autobiography recounts Topp's life in Calgary as well as politics, business, the North West Mounted Police, and railroad construction.

          Topp, Frederick George
          G. C. Hamilton collection
          PR0563 · Collection · 1913-1976

          Collection consists of oral interviews conducted by G. C. Hamilton with Dolina Burrows, Herbert Hodnut, Ted White, G.H. Robertson, Alex Middleton, and Bill Wilde, three issues of the Yellowknife, Northwest Territories magazine, The Prospector, biographical information and photographs of Barbara Anne Burrows, a fold out panoramic promotional brochure of Edmonton, a copied pamphlet from the 50th Anniversary of The Edmonton Club, a copy and transcript of memoirs written by William Kathrens, former Provincial Ferry Foreman, correspondence between Eliza A. Hamilton and the North Star Land Company Limited of Edmonton, Alberta, and a photograph of the 13th Field Company Canadian Engineers, Musket Squadron.

          Hamilton, G. C.
          George Edwin Cornell fonds
          PR1966 · Fonds · 1905-1932

          The fonds consists of diaries written by George Edwin Cornell on his travels in the unsurveyed lands of Western Canada and the United States; correspondence of George Cornell; and images of gold mining on the North Saskatchewan River and the homestead at Kinuso.

          Cornell, George Edwin
          H. Milton Martin fonds
          PR0292 · Fonds · 1899-1972, predominant 1899-1913

          The fonds consists of photographs, personal papers and a scrapbook belonging to H. Milton Martin, and also a manuscript of reminiscences (38 p.).

          Martin, H. Milton
          Heathcote family fonds
          PR2127 · Fonds · 1918 – [1989 ]

          The fonds consists of family narratives relating to living on the homestead, copies of family birth certificates, family histories, and a land ownership map of the Wimbledon School District dating from 1918- 1989.

          Heathcote family
          Henry Stelfox fonds
          PR0602 · Fonds · 1905-1972

          Fonds consists of a memoir entitled Rambling Thoughts of a Wandering Fellow, 1903-1968, and a book of poems entitled When the Sawflies Mate in Summer and other Alberta poems, both written by Henry Stelfox. Fonds also includes photographs depicting Stelfox family members, farming, the lumber industry, and various First Nations people and scenes.

          Stelfox, Henry
          Héritage franco-albertain
          PR0968 · Collection · 1895 -1975

          The collection covers the period ca. 1895-1975 and consists of some of the records collected through the Héritage franco-albertain project in the effort to preserve French-Albertan songs, dances, recipes, autobiographies, histories, and photographs. The collection includes a biography of Alphonse Corbière, a photocopy of a 1910 letter from Alexandre Mahé, photocopies of a poem and traditional songs collected by Henri Hétu, a photocopied history of François-Xavier Gauthier's family, photocopied financial reports from the Legal parish and photographs from a number of different individuals: Bertha Lafrance, M. and Mme. Olivier Lafleur, Zéa Piquette, Maurice Langlais, Sister Antoinette Trudel, Monseigneur Raymond Roy, Diane Rémillard, M. and Mme. Adrien Pelletier, Ladislas Messier, Paul Montpetit, Jeanne Bilodeau, Jos L'Heureux, Aldège and Thérèse Arcand, M. and Mme. Ferrier Laflamme, Thérèse Beaudain, Yvette Laflamme, Carmen Maisonneuve, Lucienne Baril, Angélina Gobeil, Annette Bérubé, Alouisia Dansereau, Elizabeth Royer, Soeur Emile Hermary, Aimé Auger, Joseph Brosseau, Sarah Charest, Léopold Magnan, M. and Mme. Maurice Magnan, Alexina Zrion, Germaine Hurtubise, Thérèse Richard, Renée Labrecque, Jeanne Pivert and Marguerite Audet. The images, both original and copied, date from ca. 1895 to 1951, feature Beaumont, Bonnyville, Edmonton, Falher, Legal, Plamondon, Spirit River, Slave Lake, Girouxville, and the Grand Prairie, Red Deer and Lethbridge areas, as well as a few from Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and are of schools, churches, stores, houses, trades, automobiles and trucks, sports, farming, agricultural machinery, families, weddings, rites and ceremonies, musicians, children and town views.

          Héritage franco-albertain
          Hittinger family fonds
          PR2022 · Fonds · 1990

          The fonds is composed of a memoir and genealogy of the Hittinger and Tellier families.

          Hittinger family
          Hughes family fonds
          PR0249 · Fonds · [195-?] - 2000

          Fonds consists of a handwritten manuscript written by John McKendrick Hughes and a typed transcription. Fonds also consists of a desktop published manuscript of John Paul Hughes as well as additional materials supplied by family members.

          Hughes family
          Inez B. Hosie fonds
          PR0742 · Fonds · 1903-1973, predominant 1968-1973

          Fonds consist of personal reminiscences written by Inez B. Hosie, a typed transcript of personal reminiscence written by her mother Adelaide Connors about the Frank slide, and photographs depicting the McLaren Mill Company in Blairmore, a school located west of Rimbey, and Villa Gearning, who worked at McLaren Mill Company.

          Hosie, Inez B.
          Irma Girard fonds
          PR1073 · Fonds · 1981 - 1981

          The fonds includes an image of a painting (circa 1900) of Delphin and Maria Morin, and a photocopy of a biographical sketch about their son Firmin Morin and his family, written by Irma Girard.

          Girard, Irma
          Jack Edworthy fonds
          PR0053 · Fonds · [189-]-[199-]

          This fonds consists of the papers of the Edworthy family including speeches, memoirs, articles, photographs, maps and family history of the George Edworthy family. Also includes family papers of the Livingston family such as correspondence, photos and articles. Also includes the Jack Edworthy papers consisting of correspondence, photos, clippings, programs, reports, Fort Edmonton/Harvest Fair material and Edmonton South Rotary Club material. Also includes Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties Covention Handbooks.

          Edworthy, Jack
          James Sutherland fonds
          PR3301 · Fonds · [1917]-2013

          The fonds consists of photographs documenting the life of James Alexander Sutherland, along with a typed transcript of Sutherland’s oral recounting of his childhood in Calgary.

          Sutherland described experiences that were memorable for him including buying a pony to ride to school from the Tsuutʼina Nation [Sarcee Indian Band], a typhoid quarantine, and being strapped on his first day of grade one.

          Sutherland, James Alexander
          PR2517 · Fonds · 1991 - 1996

          The fonds consists of interviews conducted by the Jasper Yellowhead Museum throughout 1991 to 1995 with individuals of the Jasper Region. Interviewees include Rory Flanagan, Dr. William C. Taylor, Larry and Betty McGuire, Jack and Marion Warren, Lewis Grace, Roy Routledge, Janet Heckley, Louise Kronstedt, John Hartley, Ruth Prose, Doris Kensit, Max Winkler, Kate Wheeler, Willi Pfisterer, Ken Cook, Thelma Gillett, Alife and June Burstrom, Martha Duncan, Felix Plants, Rose Findlay, Tom McCready, Harry Home, Toni and Shirley Klettl, Phyllis Jeffery, Jim Albright, Fred Kofin, Dr. George Betkowski, Duke Watson III, Bill Ruddy, and Sandy Robinson. The interviews cover the period of 1900 - 1995.

          Jasper Yellowhead Museum
          J.E. Duclos fonds
          PR2065 · Fonds · [193-?]

          The fonds is composed of an autobiography of J.E. Duclos, which chronicles his activities in Bonnyville and surrounding area between the years 1916-1930.

          Duclos, J.E.
          Jean Édouard Côté fonds
          PR0610 · Fonds · 1946-2011

          The records document his professional life and consist of Alberta Court of Appeal and Queen’s Bench records, research papers on Canadian Courts of Appeal, international law and early communications in Canada, notes of oral arguments on appeals, as well as drafts, notes and correspondence related to The Appellate Craft, and to Alberta Rules of Court.

          Côté, Jean Edouard
          Jean Gustave Côté fonds
          PR0609 · Fonds · 1899-1992

          The records consists of research papers and publications on Jean Léon Côté's personal and professional life, genealogical material and newspaper clippings on the Côté family, research notes on train dispatching, photographs and maps.

          Côté, Jean Gustave
          Jennie Shapka fonds
          PR2188 · Fonds · 1918-1992

          The fonds consists of a manuscript for My Canadian Immigrant Parents, and miscellaneous poems and stories. The fonds also includes a family scrapbook dating from 1918 to [1989].

          Shapka, Jennie
          Joachim O.R. Nuthack fonds
          PR3645 · Fonds · 1975-2011

          The fonds includes diaries written by Joachim O.R. Nuthack in both English and German between 1975 and 2011, memoirs of his time as a child in Germany in the 1940s, travelogues of his visits there in 1985 and 2005, as well as an article written by Nuthack in Relatively Speaking specifically on keeping a diary. Records also include Christmas letters and cards sent and received by Joachim and Judy Nuthack.

          Nuthack, Joachim O.R.
          Johnny Grant fonds
          PR1262 · Fonds · 1840-1951

          The fonds consists of materials created or collected by Johnny Grant and his relatives and relating to the life of Johnny Grant. The material dates from 1840-1951. The fonds consists of a draft of a memoir written by Grant shortly before his death in 1907, a prefatory chapter to the manuscript written by Grant’s wife Clotilde Bruneau, assorted family photographs of Grant and his family, various legal documents for Grant and family, correspondence between Grant family members concerning Johnny Grant, genealogies and biographies of the Grant family written by Grant’s grandson William Nutt and original editions of the first and last Edmonton Bulletin newspapers.

          Grant, Johnny
          Joseph Barratt fonds
          PR2505 · Fonds · [ca. 1940] - 1966

          The fonds consists of a photograph and negative capturing Joseph Barratt receiving his MBE and an obituary of Joseph Barratt.

          Barratt, Joseph
          Joseph O. Tremblay fonds
          PR3362 · Fonds · [1968]

          The fonds consists of a copy of the manuscript of L'histoire de ma vie by Joseph O. Tremblay, covering the period between 1887 and 1968 and describing significant and anecdotal events from his childhood and life.

          Tremblay, Joseph O.
          Juliette Pilon fonds
          PR2731 · Fonds · [before 1994]

          The fonds consists of a draft of A Matter of Compulsion: The Story of Flory and Armand. The manuscript describes Juliette Pilon's life growing up in Legal and Cold Lake with a French Canadian father, and English mother. She completed the draft in 1994.

          Pilon, Juliette
          Kay Allin fonds
          PR4075 · Fonds · 1916-2009

          The fonds includes a typed copy of “Katherine Remembers.” It is sorted both by sections of life and by topics and is heavily based on the transcription of Allin’s words during her interviews with Kenna McKinnon.

          The fonds also consists of three audio microcassettes labeled as memories and recordings of Kay and one tape cassette labeled “Kay-Vancouver.” These audio records capture the interviews that Allin conducted with McKinnon. They capture the information used in writing “Katherine Remembers” and also capture sayings and proverbs from Allin.

          The fonds also includes a photograph album from between 1916-1946 and two loose photos from 2003. The photos depict Allin’s family, growing up, travel, and photos of and from friends and sweethearts.

          Allin, Kay
          Kinch family fonds
          PR1089 · Fonds · 1884-[197-]

          Fonds consists of recorded oral history and typed memoir of pioneers Winnifred and Edwin Kinch, 1 unmounted photograph of Edwin, Winnifred, Wynne and Lee, 32 unmounted photographs of boat building in Edmonton taken by Edwin Kinch circa (ca.) 1930s, one Charles Mathers commercially produced photograph album, ca. 1880s, and seven mounted photographs by Ernest Brown, 1884-1887.

          Kinch, Winnifred G.
          PR2430 · Fonds · 1915 - 1978

          The fonds consists of materials collected by the Archives Committee of the Lac Ste. Anne Historical Society throughout the 1950s for the publication of the local history West of the Fifth: a History of the Lac Ste. Anne Municipality. The fonds includes reminiscences, photographs, and correspondence collected by residents and former residents of the region dating from the 1915 and 1950s; research materials such as maps, publications, clippings, pamphlets, and reports dating from the 1950s; and correspondence concerning the publication of West of the Fifth: a History of the Lac Ste. Anne Municipality dating from the 1950s to the 1970s.

          Lac Ste. Anne Historical Society. Archives Committee
          Len Dutton collection
          PR1047 · Collection · 1975-1980

          The collection includes a copy of a fictionalized article entitled "A suit for Herbie," by Terence Thompson, relating to banking in "Rose Valley," along with Thompson's account of how he came to Killam, Alberta as a Bank of Montreal employee and a letter addressed to Dutton from Thompson; and a copy of a biographical sketch entitled "The Saga of My Paternal Grandparents: Thomas and Margaret Henderson," by Ada Elizabeth Law, an account about the Henderson family's journey from Maple Ridge, British Columbia to Fort Edmonton, North-West Territories, in 1880 and their years homesteading in the Rabbit Hill area of Alberta, and an accompanying letter to Dutton from Irene Gillespie, Ada Elizabeth Law's cousin, who gave Law's article to Dutton.

          Dutton, Len
          PR3411 · Fonds · [193?]-2009

          The fonds consists of the memoir of Lillian McLachlan's experiences as a homesteader in the Dunvegan area of Alberta including original handwritten drafts, sections transcribed by other family members, additional family information contributed by other family members, and a typewritten copy of the memoir created for a family reunion with an index created by wife of Dr. Robin McLachlan (c. 1930s-2009). It also includes a short typed memoir about Lillian McLachlan written by her son Clifford and a mimeographed letter from the Old Timers Association, Fairview, 1969, calling for contributions for a local history being produced.

          McLachlan, Lillian Maude
          PR0837 · Fonds · 1849-1970

          Fonds consists of Bibles, prayer books, newspaper clippings, a visitor’s book from a Dalquist family reunion, and photographs depicting members of the Lindberg and Dalquist family members.

          Dalquist, Anna
          Louise Yee fonds
          PR2158 · Fonds · [1990]

          The fonds consists of a self-published copy of Louise Yee’s memoirs entitled, Louise, that details her life in Northern Alberta. The fonds also includes a self-published book of poetry entitled Poetic Musings dating from 1990.

          Yee, Louise
          Lucien Dubuc fonds
          PR2026 · Fonds · 1888-[1979]

          The fonds consists of the records of Lucien Dubuc and includes copies of autobiographical information prepared by Sir Joseph Dubuc for his children, including "Recit Autobiographique pour Mes Enfants," "Recit Auto-biographique de 1887 à 1910," "Memoires d'un Manitobain" and "Autobiographie et Lettres;" a photograph album of Lucien Dubuc's trips to Aklarik, Northwest Territories in 1924, Herschel Island, Yukon in 1923 and Providence and MacPherson, Northwest Territories in 1921, and includes images from Fort Providence, Fort Good Hope, Fort Norman, Hay River, Fort Simpson, Fort MacPherson, Fort Chipewyan, Herschel Island, Fort McMurray, Fort Resolution, and Fort Wrigley; a scrapbook containing letters and newspaper clippings and other items, with many of the newspaper clippings about Dubuc's cases in the Northwest Territories; newspaper clippings, various photographs, and images of Lucien. The fonds also includes a photograph album containing over 100 photographs of Inuit, Victoria Island, Herschel Island, ships, dogs, the Klengenberg family, dating from the early 1920s; the album was presented to Lucien by Christian Klengenberg, Danish explorer-trader who lived with the Inuit near Victoria Island

          Dubuc, Lucien
          Mable Kennedy fonds
          PR2578 · Fonds · [1966]

          The fonds consists of copies of a biography of Donald Macbeth Kennedy written by his wife, Mable Kennedy in ca. 1966.

          Kennedy, Mable M.
          Madge Isabel Strong fonds
          PR0231 · Fonds · [19-]

          Fonds consists of a manuscript by Madge Strong about her experiences in Edmonton and Lloydminster between 1901 and 1908, as well as several photographs depicting scenes around Edmonton and Lloydminster.

          Strong, Madge Isabel
          Mary Moschenrass fonds
          PR2153 · Fonds · Copied [1991]

          The fonds consists of photocopy of Priscilla Gilmour’s account of her trip on the Edson Trail in 1911 and her life on the homestead in 1916. The fonds also includes a reminiscence by Mary Moschenrass of her grandmother’s life on the homestead.

          Moschenrass, Mary
          PR1083 · Fonds · 1896 - 1973

          The fonds consists of a transcript copy of "Uncle Maurice and All That," -- the memoirs of Maurice Destrubé up to 1920; Maurice Destrubé's handwritten notes recording his life from 1920; and a transcript of his notes covering the period from 1920 to 1947. The fonds also includes an annotated CPR timetable of originating from Eleanor Destrubé's journey from Quebec to Calgary in 1896; an interview with Maurice, conducted by Cynthia Thomas, regarding his homestead in Rife, Alberta dating from 1973, and a typed summary of the interview.

          Destrubé, Maurice and Eleanor
          Morely A.R. Young fonds
          PR0953 · Fonds · 1909-1973, predominant 1961-1973

          Fonds consists of historical/biographical sketches written by Morely A.R. Young about Lamont Public Hospital, the Lamont Public Hospital School of Nursing, and Dr. A.E. Archer. Fonds also includes speech given by Morley to the Northern Alberta Pioneers and Old Timers Association and a bond between Frank Oliver, the Minister of the Interior for Canada, and real estate agents Francis Austin Walker, William Andrew Dickson Lees, Johnston Carscadden, Ellsworth Simmons, and W.H. Cooper.

          Young, Morley A.R.
          Mrs. M. Nerland collection
          PR0571 · Collection · [19-]

          Collection consists of a transcript of an obituary of William Rowland published in the Standard newspaper on November 5, 1907, and biographical information about William Rowland.

          Nerland, Mrs. M.
          P. M. Plunkett fonds
          PR0624 · Fonds · 1967-1971

          Fonds consists of a Sparrow family history entitled The Sparrow Papers: History of the Sparrow family, which includes personal reminiscences by Sparrow family members, compiled and written by P.M. Plunkett.

          Plunkett, P.M.
          Pat Hewitt fonds
          PR3774 · Fonds · [189-] - 2009

          The fonds consists of correspondence, genealogies, biographies and obituaries, research notes, photographs created or collected by Pat Hewitt and documenting her personal interests and genealogical activities in Alberta.

          Hewitt, Pat
          Paul Lloyd fonds
          PR1287 · Fonds · 1938-1972

          Fonds consists of copied and original records pertaining to Paul Lloyd’s personal life and contains a copy of his memoirs, entitled No Rehearsals-No Regrets, poetry, short stories, correspondence pertaining to the publishing of his memoirs, and pamphlets about the Mennonites and Hutterites.

          Fonds also includes records pertaining to Lloyd’s activities in lobbying for the creation of the Office of the Ombudsman and includes correspondence, briefs, newspaper and magazine clippings, and information and legislative acts pertaining to the Office of Ombudsman in Alberta and Denmark.

          The fonds is arranged into four series: Manuscripts (PR1287.0001), Personal Correspondence (PR1287.0002), Newspapers and Magazines (PR1287.0003), and Publications (PR1287.0004).

          Lloyd, Paul
          Pearl Clark fonds
          PR2297 · Fonds · 1984

          The fonds consists of oral history interview with Pearl Clark conducted by the Windsor Creek Historical Society, recorded in 1984. The tape discusses her life living in Windsor Creek during the 1930s to 1950s.

          Clark, Pearl
          R. T. McGrath fonds
          PR1980 · Fonds · 1912-1957

          The fonds consists of images of workers in front of a Grand Truck Pacific engine, First World War soldiers, train engines; most images include R.T. McGrath. The fonds also includes a short synopsis of R.T. McGrath's life.

          McGrath, R.T.
          Ralph C. Armstrong fonds
          PR2235 · Fonds · 1997

          The fonds consists of Ralph C. Armstrong's 7 volume autobiography, Somebody's Son. The first section of the work documents Ralph C. Armstrong's experience growing up in foster care in Ontario. The second half of the work consists of opinion pieces by Ralph C. Armstrong on various topics including politics and healthcare.

          Armstrong, Ralph C.
          Ralph Greene fonds
          PR2508 · Fonds · [ca. 1967]

          The fonds consists of the autobiography of Ralph Greene dating from ca. 1967.

          Greene, Ralph
          Rathgeber family fonds
          PR2992 · Fonds · 1929 - 1992

          The fonds consists of material documenting the life of the Rathgeber family. The fonds includes diaries written by Margaret Rathgeber documenting her experiences at school and as a domestic worker in Alberta between Jan 1, 1931 to June 21, 1938; letters written by Jake Rathgeber to Margaret Rathgeber while he served in World War II, 1944 to 1945; photographs featuring oil wells and the oil industry around Turner Valley, Alberta; biographical and family history information; a book written and published by the donor, Elaine Long, regarding her Uncle Ralph, To Capture A Cowboy: The Story of Ralph Rathgeber; and photographs. The photographs include one photograph of the 1912 dam built by the Calgary Power Company; and one cirkuit print featuring Jake Rathgeber's platoon, "Platoon No. 2 "A" Company G. A(B)TG No. 131 Camrose November 1942" [The "G"s may be "C"s]. The creator/owner of the five small photographs is not identified.

          Rathgeber family
          Rita Stevens fonds
          PR2008 · Fonds · Copied 1979

          The fonds consists of copies of a brief biography of Robert Watt Lendrum, and an autobiography entitled "Biography of Pioneer Days" by Mrs. A.L. Brick (Sarah Brock Lendrum), and images, originally dating from the 1890s to 1954 from the Old Slave Lake, Lesser Slave Lake and Peace River areas, primarily from the Brick family's early days in the area, including images of log buildings, horses, carts, trails, dog sleds, mission, Métis, camps, police barracks, threshing machines, students, farms and members of the Brick family.

          Stevens, Rita
          Rowland family fonds
          PR1022 · Fonds · [1870]-1939

          Fonds consists of personal records belonging to members of the Rowland family and includes a funeral notice, photographic and mechanically produced postcards, wedding invitations, correspondence, greeting cards, homestead records, grocery receipts, a pamphlet entitled Clover Bar Celebration: Fifty Years of Homesteading, and a biographical sketch of the Rowland family. Fonds also includes photographs, including tintypes and an ambrotype, depicting members of the Rowland family and their friends, as well as various people, buildings, and views in Edmonton, Peace River, Camrose, and Lac La Biche, Alberta including railroad bridges, Camrose Normal School, Peace River Creamery, camps, ice-houses, horse-drawn carriages, houses, the Royal Alexandra Hospital and Hopital de la Misericorde, dog teams, agricultural machinery, G. Rowland Livery and Feed, students of Turnip Lake School District No. 386 and a panoramic photograph of the Low Level Bridge in Edmonton, Alberta.

          Rowland family
          Roy DeVore fonds
          PR3033 · Fonds · 1969

          The fonds consists of the memoirs of Roy DeVore written in 1969. The memoir recalls Roy's life traveling across the United States as a child, life on the homestead in Alberta, his life in Edmonton, and his later travels across the United States.

          Devore, Roy
          Speakman family fonds
          PR2803 · Fonds · 1991 - 1993

          The fonds consists of typed transcripts of letters Joseph Taylor wrote to his parents while visiting his uncle, James Speakman, in 1894-1895. Joseph Taylor's granddaughter completed the transcripts in 1993. The fonds also includes reminiscences written by Thomas Speakman Barnett in 1991 recalling his childhood growing up in Waskasoo, Red Deer, and Rocky Mountain House in the early party of the 20th century.

          Speakman family
          Stanley Brooker fonds
          PR1955 · Fonds · 1977-1978

          The fonds consists of images, likely from the 1920s, from the Wayne, Alberta area and includes images of an unidentified family, rivers, ferries, the Rosedeer Coal Mine, Wayne, a washed out bridge, interior of a cheese factory and a kitchen oven. The fonds also includes the memoirs of Stanley Brooker.

          Brooker, Stanley
          Strong family fonds
          PR0122 · Fonds · 1889-[1964?], predominant 1889-1893

          Fonds consists of photocopies of various letters to the Strong family, photocopies of newspaper clippings about Frank Strong or his daughter Pearl Haliburton, photographs of Frank Strong and Maggie Strong, and a photocopy of a short biography of Frank Strong.

          Strong family
          Sylvia Miller fonds
          PR0895 · Fonds · 1977-1980

          The fonds consists of short stories by Sylvia Miller, about her grandparents journey to Alberta, homesteading and life on the Prairies.

          Miller, Sylvia
          Tom A. Richards fonds
          PR2755 · Fonds · [ca. 1995]

          The fonds consists of a family history written by Tom A. Richards circa 1995.

          Richards, Tom A.
          PR0022.0002 · Series · 1950 - 2009
          Part of Tommy Banks fonds

          The series consists of material commemorating the career of Tommy Banks. The series includes biographies of Tommy Banks in publications; copies of speeches and tributes to Tommy Banks from special events; awards from the Prairie Music Awards, the Juno Awards, the Alberta Recording Industry Association, the Alberta Achievement, the Alberta Order of Excellence, the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Awards, the Order of Canada, the100 Edmontonians of the Century including an edited copy of the book of the same name, and materials related to the creation of Tommy Banks Way in Edmonton; and photographs and caricatures of Tommy Banks, certificates of appreciation, letters of congratulation, and newspaper clippings.

          Verey family fonds
          PR0784 · Fonds · 1876-1976

          Fonds consists of a biographical/historical sketches, marriage certificates, newspaper clippings and copied newspaper clippings from the Edmonton Bulletin and the Edmonton Journal, a family Bible, and two historical journals, the Alberta Historical Review and Alberta Writers Speak. Fonds also includes photographs depicting Verey family members.

          Verey family
          Victor Liversidge fonds
          PR0838 · Fonds · 1987-1991

          Fonds consists of family histories for the Andrew A. Lindberg and Peter E. Dalquist families, and for the Liversidge family.

          Liversidge, Victor
          PR3304 · Fonds · 2002-2010

          The fonds is composed of recorded oral history interviews with people of the Smoky Lake and Fort Victoria area. Four of the interviews were conducted by Ken Tingley, a historian contracted by the Victoria Home Guard Historical Society.

          The interviews conducted by Tingley were with Anna Mae McDonald, Harold Thomas Mitchell, Zonja Shevolup, Mary Radomsky, and Nicholas Semeniuk, all of whom were referred to by the society as pioneers of the Smoky Lake area. During these interviews, they speak about their experiences in the Smoky Lake and Fort Victoria area.

          The other records are composed of oral history interview recordings and typed interview transcripts. These interviews collect the histories of five people who had stories and experiences about the Victoria Trail in the Smoky Lake County, though one of the recordings does not have an associated transcript and one of the transcripts does not have an associated recording.

          Victoria Home Guard Historical Society
          PR1218 · Fonds · Copied 1981

          The fonds consists of records relating to Vladimir J. Kaye’s Dictionary of Ukrainian Canadian biography of pioneer settlers of Alberta, 1891-1900 including a photocopy an earlier draft of the work and additional biographical information about Ukrainian families that was not included in the book compiled by Isidore Goresky.

          Kaye, Vladimir J.