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        Alex Hamilton fonds
        PR1173 · Fonds · [1940]

        The fonds consists of 17 photographs of Alex Hamilton, Alex Hamilton’s farm, and the roundup of buffalo at the park dating from [1940].

        Hamilton, Alex
        Bud Cotton fonds
        PR3911 · Fonds · 1909-1970

        The fonds consists of photographs of Bud Cotton, Wainwright Buffalo Reserve, and the transfer of bison from Wainwright Buffalo Reserve to Wood Buffalo National Park. There are also brochures and accounts related the Wainwright Buffalo Reserve.

        Cotton, Edwin John "Bud"
        Clarence Comrie fonds
        PR1447 · Fonds · 1912-1995

        Fonds consists of photographs depicting mainly railroad locomotives, cars, stations, employees and derailments in Lac La Biche, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Waterways and Hythe, Alberta, but also includes a ceremony for returning First World War soldiers, buildings, sled-dogs, a hotel, floods, buffalo, tar sands, a Hudson’s Bay Company steamer on the Athabasca River, bridges, and construction of a water tower. Fonds also includes a newspaper clipping entitled The Muskeg Special, correspondence, information and photographs used for publishing the book Ribbons of Steel.

        Comrie, C.
        Dale family fonds
        PR1701 · Fonds · Copied 1987

        The fonds consists of images, originally dating 1907 to 1941, of the 1939 Royal Visit, the unveiling of the cairn at Frog Lake, and other images from Kitscoty including store exteriors and interiors, banks, streets, horses, wagons, bison, automobiles, snow banks, hockey teams, tents, fishing, children, swimming as well as R.W. Miller’s store in Lloydminster, the Olds Agricultural School, Sylvan Lake, picnics at Lake Laurier, boats, boating and a cabin at Cold Lake.

        Dale, John
        Daniel Schneider fonds
        PR1679 · Fonds · 1907-1938

        The fonds consists of images of mountain scenes, Jasper, Alberta sites, swimmers, children, wedding portraits, bison, Wainwright, farm machinery, and a ship.

        Schneider, Dan
        Frank W. Bell fonds
        PR0686 · Fonds · 1915-1916

        Fonds consists of photographs in the Wainwright, Alberta area of buffalo in Wainwright Park, Wainwright Main Street, an Orangemen celebration, a car, and Chief of the Stony Indians.

        Bell, Frank W.
        G. N. Finn fonds
        PR1539 · Fonds · 1909-1916

        The fonds consists of photographs and photographic and mechanically produced postcards which depict various people and views in Banff, Hardisty, Bow River, Edmonton, and Sylvan Lake, Alberta including rivers, a locomotive, buffalo, agricultural machinery, a First Nations chief, a church and church booth, log cabins, floods, bridges, street views, carriages, and hotels. Fonds also includes an image of Emmanuel College in Saskatchewan, and the R.M. Empress of Ireland.

        Finn, G.N.
        Harold Medjuck collection
        PR2011 · Collection · [ca. 1896 – 1955]

        The three lantern slides and four stereoviews are as follows: “A Treacherous Crevasse in Victoria Glacier;” Centre Street Bridge – Calgary (colour); “Midnight Sun [river boat] – G. Rubie – 1896;” “Mt. Edith Cavell from Jasper Park Lodge…;”Beautiful Crystal Garden and Cascade Mountain Range, Banff, Alberta, Canada;” “One of the Three Sisters Overlooking the Snow River Valley, Banff, Alberta, Canada; ”Ancient Monarch of the Herd, Buffalo at Banff, Alberta, Canada.”

        Medjuck, Harold L.
        J. G. Nelson fonds
        PR3967 · Fonds · 1973, 1981

        The fonds contains a manuscript for The Last Refuge by J.G. Nelson. The text is composed mainly of a historical study of Indigenous peoples in the Cypress Hills area of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. The manuscript discusses history and settler activity in the area from 1690 onwards, and includes topics such as the Bow River Expedition, the fur trade, the decline of bison and beaver, NWMP and traders, and Fort Whoop Up. It includes text, maps, graphs and tables, and references to photographs and illustrations by Russell, Rindisbacher, Point, Remington, Ewers, Dawson, Hoffman, Audubon, and Wallace. The Last Refuge was first published in 1973.

        In addition, the PAA holds two paper copies of the manuscript.

        Nelson, James Gordon
        James I. Shepherd fonds
        PR1717 · Fonds · 1927-1930

        The fonds consists of records relating to the time James I. Shepherd spent in Canada, primarily in Northern Alberta, and includes reminiscences about his travels along the Athabasca River, a transcript of a letter to the Warrington Guardian about dogs, a sales agreement for a Ford Coach, and photographs of Fort McMurray, Lake Athabasca, rivers, boats, barges, dogs, native children, canoes, buffalo, tobogganing, natives, as well as images from Swan Lake, British Columbia, Pouce Coupe, British Columbia, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Quebec, and postcards of the Capilano Canyon in Vancouver, British Columbia and Lake Louise, Alberta.

        Shepherd, James I.
        Laurence Adamson fonds
        PR0934 · Fonds · 1883-1907

        The fonds consists of a Certificate of Military Instruction, a certificate of appointment as Justice of the Peace, a copy of the Edmonton Daily Bulletin, copies of the Edmonton Bulletin, and photographs and postcards of Laurence Adamson, the Canadian Mounted Rifles at Camp Edmonton, buffalo at Wainwright, Alberta the Strathcona Shooting Club, homesteading, Edmonton scenes, the Fifth Canadian Regiment in Durban Natal, South Africa, and the Fort Saskatchewan rugby team.

        Adamson, Laurence
        Mike Eagle Bear fonds
        PR2557 · Fonds · 1895 - 1927

        The fonds consists of photographs taken in Banff at the Highland Games in 1927 including images featuring Bison, Kainai [Kainai First Nation] dwellings, Kainai drummers, a ring and arrow game behind the Banff Springs Hotel, a parade of Kainai warriors, and a hand guessing game. The fonds also includes a photograph of Mr. R.N. Wilson, an Indian agent in the early part of the 20th century in Alberta, and a photograph of Mrs. R.N. Wilson.

        Eagle Bear, Mike
        M.R. Gentles fonds
        PR0819 · Fonds · Copied [ca. 1980]

        Fonds consists of 176 copied photographs and newspaper clippings. The photographs, dating from 1913 to 1980, are of wildlife, including buffalo, elk, moose, and cattalo, in Buffalo National Park, the residents of and visitors to Buffalo National Park, the filming of “Thundering Herd,” reserve and active forces training at Camp Wainwright, and Wainwright. The newspapers clippings are from the Wainwright-Star Chronicle regarding the return of buffalo to Wainwright (1980).

        Gentles, M.R.
        Reel Girls Media fonds
        PR3830 · Fonds · 1999-2007

        The fonds consists of production files for various projects undertaken by Reel Girls Media. These projects are as follows:

        SciQ: Up Close and Palaeo: a one-hour, children’s program shot at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller that focuses on palaeontology. The records include masters, b-rolls, and interview transcripts.

        Stories from the Seventh Fire: a half-hour, animated, children’s series featuring Indigenous performers such as Tantoo Cardinal and Gordon Tootoosis narrating several First Nations stories and legends. The records include DVDs and the original masters.

        Booked: a half-hour series in which book reviewers and criminal justice professionals discuss a prominent mystery novel. The records include masters and DVDs.

        Out of the West: a one-hour documentary featuring interviews with several western Canadian authors. The records include masters, shooting tapes, and production files.

        Between the Stones and the Ocean: A Portrait of Rudy Wiebe: a one-hour documentary about western Canadian author Rudy Wiebe. The records include shooting tapes and masters.

        Capturing Cooperman: A Not So Private Investigation of Howard Engel: a one-hour documentary about Canadian mystery author Howard Engel. The records are limited to the masters.

        WildFiles: a half-hour, children’s series that focuses on animal biology. The records are limited to production files.

        Return of the Peregrine: a one-hour documentary about conservation efforts to restore peregrine falcon populations across Canada. The records include shooting tapes and interview transcripts.

        Homefront: a one-hour documentary that follows the stories of several Edmonton-based soldiers and their families during deployment to Afghanistan. The records are limited to masters.

        How the Fiddle Flows: a one-hour documentary that traces Métis culture and history through music and dancing. The records are limited to masters.

        In addition to these completed projects, there are several non-completed projects that are also captured in the records. These projects were started by Reel Girls but never broadcast or distributed and include the following:

        Return of the Bison: a potential documentary that would have focused on conservation efforts to restore bison populations across the world. The records include shooting tapes and production files.

        A to Z Film Guide: this potential series would have focused on various roles within the film industry as an educational tool. The records are limited to pre-production files.

        Rock ‘n’ Fossil Road Show: this potential series was modeled on Antiques Roadshow and would have featured rock and fossil collectors consulting with experts about their collections. A pilot was completed but the series was not pursued. The records include pre-production files.

        Reel Girls Media
        Rick Schott fonds
        PR1023 · Fonds · [1900] - 1920

        Fonds consists of photographs and photographic postcards depicting various people, buildings, bridges and views in Alberta and British Columbia, including many scenes along the Canadian Pacific Railway line, and includes Columbia River and highway, Tooth Rock, Connaught Tunnel, Yoho Valley, Kicking Horse Canyon, Morraine Lake, Lake Louise, Cascade Mountain, Castle Mountain, Mount (Mt.) Rundle, Mt. Temple, Bow Valley, and Douglas Street in Victoria, British Columbia, and Banff Hot Springs Hotel. Fonds also includes images of canoes, automobiles, buffalo, mountain goats, log cabins, trains, and William S. Gavitt with a moose.

        Schott, Rick
        PR0508 · Collection · 1908-1925

        Collection consists of photographs depicting bison, elk and various views in early Edmonton and Wainwright, Alberta.

        Royal Ontario Museum
        S. A. Dickson fonds
        PR0765 · Fonds · 1899-1908, predominant 1907-1908

        Fonds consists of newspaper clippings, articles, and historical/biographical sketches, mainly concerning a buffalo herd purchased by the Canadian government in 1907. Fonds also contains a sale agreement between Michael Pablo and the Canadian government for the buffalo herd and photographs depicting the first Mayor and Council of Strathcona.

        Dickson, S.A.
        Vern French fonds
        PR1599 · Fonds · 1973-1977, predominant 1974-1975

        The fonds consists of records pertaining to Vern French’s activities in a lobby to the federal and provincial governments to re-establish Buffalo National Park at Wainwright, Alberta and includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, various government acts, articles, press releases, reports, minutes and photographs depicting various buffalo artefacts owned by Vern French, and flint corn.

        French, Vern
        Wendy Davey fonds
        PR0892 · Fonds · [1904 -1911]

        The fonds consists of 17 mechanically reproduced souvenir postcards of views of the Canadian Rockies, Banff, Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge and Buffalo Park (Wainwright), Alberta.

        Davey, Wendy
        PR3938 · Collection · [ca. 1910]

        The collection consists of photographs of a Siksika medicine lodge, ranching, the laying of the cornerstone of the Alberta Legislature, the hospital of Grande Prairie, bison in Banff National Park, Vegreville school, and other sites in Alberta.

        Unknown donor