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        Bon Accord, AB

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          Bon Accord, AB

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            Bon Accord, AB

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              Rev. Harry Peters fonds
              PR4245 · Fonds · 1964

              The fonds contains records holding information on William George Mulligan (1855-1936), Mary Mulligan Peters (1890-1926), and a Mulligan family tree. It also includes a photograph of the 1917 graduating class of Alberta College South and information on the first Methodist church in Bon Accord (est. 1915).

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              PR3165 · Fonds · 1950 - 1972

              The fonds consists of material created by the Edmonton Regional Metropolitan Planning Commission including site plans created by the Commission in 1966 for the communities of Alcomdale and Mearns, Ardrossan, Glenevis, Magnola, Gunn, Kaunagh, Looma, Namoa, Nisku, Riviere Qui-Barre, Rochford Bridge, Rollyview, Sherwood Park, Sunnybrook, Tomahawk, Telfordville, Villeneuve, Calmar, Devon, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, Mayerthrope, Morinville, Stony Plain, Bon Accord, Breton, Entwistle, Gibbons, Legal, New Sarepta, Onaway, Sanguido, Thorsby, Spruce Grove, and Warburg; a map created by the Commission in 1964 displaying Edmonton and Environs; and a 1972 report created by the Commission entitled "Report of Market Areas and Service Centres Edmonton Regional Planning Commission Area."

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              Mary Leah de Zwart fonds
              PR3640 · Fonds · 1957-1967

              The fonds consists of two personal record books for the 4-H Garden Club and the 4-H Clothing Club which detail the history of the clubs, her personal goals, and the steps taken to complete the goals; two 4-H banquet programs; nine photographs depicting club members and award recognition; a Alberta Wheat Pool scholarship certificate; and two miscellaneous 4-H newspaper clippings.

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              Studio '71 Art Club (Bon Accord) fonds
              PR4017 · Fonds · 1971-2009

              The fonds consists of Studio ’71 Art Club (Bon Accord)’s operational records, and include by-laws, annual summaries, and event reports. The records relate to the art classes, exhibits, and shows that the Club was involved in, and include membership lists, artist profiles, and artwork summaries. As well, the fonds contains some newspaper clippings, flyers, and informational pamphlets about the Club’s activities and the interests of its members.

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              PR3285 · Collection · 1896-1969

              The collection consists of the minutes and financial records of the Bon Accord School District, the minutes and bylaws of the Bon Accord Literary Society, minutes of the Bon Accord Society of Equity, financial records of the Bon Accord and Sturgeon Valley Threshing Company, minutes and financial records of the Bon Accord Women’s Institute, family histories, and photographs of Bon Accord subjects.

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              Sylvia Walsh fonds
              PR2862 · Fonds · Copied 1967

              The fonds reflects Sylvia Walsh's participation in the creation of writing the local history Leaves of Yesteryear: a History of the Bon Accord District and the Biographies of the Men and Women who Pioneered the Area. The material pertains to the history of Bon Accord and includes copies of images featuring the laying the railway through Bon Accord in 1914, a copy of a certificate appointing Alberta E. Putnam of Excelsion as a Justice of the Peace dating from 1905, a copy of a tax receipt to George Carleton of Bon Accord dating from 1916, a copy of a sale receipt from the Freeman Company Ltd dating from 1918, a copy of a sales receipt from Lines Motor Company dating from 1918, a copy of a cultural program attended by residents of Bon Accord dating from 1925, and a copy of The Bon Accord Herald dating from 1937.

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              Lydia Babcock fonds
              PR0639 · Fonds · Copied 1984

              Fonds consist of pages from a family bible dating from about 1902 to 1951 containing information about the Lydia Babcock family and pupils of Lydia Babcock.

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              Joseph Majakey fonds
              PR1289 · Fonds · 1900-[ca. 1976]

              Fonds consists of photocopied annuals from Camrose High School dating 1918-1922, a biographical sketch of Henry Wood, a genealogical history of the Matejka family entitled Many, Many Matejkas, written by Joseph Majakey, and photographs and copied photographs dating ca. 1900-1971 that depict the Matejka and Woods families, as well as various people, buildings and views in Alberta including agricultural machinery, parades, bridges, schools, houses, street views, churches, hospitals, teacherages, automobiles, railroads, stockyards, businesses, Camp Sarcee, a Hutterite colony, a hockey and baseball team, the Alberta Legislative Assembly, and Imperial Oil Refinery in Calgary, Alberta.

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              Bon Accord Mutal Telephone Company fonds
              PR0696 · Fonds · 1937-1975

              Fonds consists of the business records of the Bon Accord Mutual Telephone Company and includes bylaws, minutes, agreements, annual reports, telephone statistics, correspondence, financial records, customer accounts, newspaper clippings, plans, and maps.

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              Bon Accord United Church fonds
              PR3560 · Fonds · 1906-2000

              The fonds consists of Quarterly Official Board Methodist/United minutes (1914-1919); Official Board Meeting minutes (1951-1990); Session minutes (1956-1957); Register of Baptisms (1914-1990), Marriages (1914-2000), and Burials (1915-1998); Circuit Register for Bon Accord Methodist Church; Ladies' Aid Union/United Treasurer's book (1923-1938); Sunday School Union Church record book (1906-1914); Bon Accord Methodist/United Church Financial records (1915-1952); Order of Service (1965); List of Ministers (1962); Newspaper Clippings (re: Excelsior Church 1946, 1960); and 1 photograph for Church's 50th anniversary (1965).

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              Bon Accord Board of Trade fonds
              PR1889 · Fonds · 1914-1965

              The fonds consists of minutes, financial statements, correspondence, and working records of the Bon Accord Board of Trade.

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              Sturgeon School Division fonds
              PR2827 · Fonds · Copied [ca. 1983]

              The fonds consists of microfilm copies of the minutes of the Sturgeon School Division dating from 1938 to 1982.

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