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              PR3548 · Fonds · 1958-2011

              The fonds consists of annual reports (1984-1994, with gaps), correspondence (1958-1959), board meeting minutes (1986-2010), statistical reports (1998-2010) and orders of service (1995-2011).

              Woodcliff United Church
              W.J. Oliver fonds
              PR2948 · Fonds · 1924

              The fonds consists of a photograph featuring the Calgary Stampede in 1924 by W. J. Oliver. The fonds also includes a lithograph print by W.J. Oliver featuring RCMP officers and Chief James Starlight, a Tsuut'ina First Nation Chief, meeting at the 50th Calgary Exhibition and Stampede in conjunction with the Diamond Jubilee of the arrival of police in Calgary.

              Oliver, W.J.
              Winifred Day fonds
              PR2554 · Fonds · Copied 1969

              The fonds consists of copies of photographs of Chief Crow Foot and Chief Dick Bad Boy taken at the Calgary Stampede by Winifred Day during her honeymoon in 1923.

              Day, Winifred
              William John McLennan fonds
              PR3402 · Fonds · 1968-1998

              The fonds consists of images by William McLennan depicting various sites around Alberta, including Edmonton, Drumheller, Calgary, Jasper, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Fort McMurray, various provincial parks, several heritage sites, churches, and more. The slides also contain images of community events such as Edmonton’s Heritage Fest, chuckwagon races, etc.

              There are also slides of McLennan family members and events. Furthermore, there is a relatively comprehensive collection of close-up images of various species of butterflies and other insects from across Alberta. Lastly, there are title card slides that McLennan would have used to create slide shows from his work.

              McLennan, William John
              PR2982 · Fonds · 1955-2003

              The fonds consists of W. G. Milne Architect operational records, prints and drawings of Western Canadian buildings, including Calgary buildings as well as structures built in the Kananaskis Country which was basically a concept developed by W. G. Milne.

              The fonds has been arranged into the following 16 series: - Centennial Tower, later Husky and now Calgary Tower - Bowlen Building, Calgary - Monenco Place, Calgary - Bridges, including the Crowchild Trail Pedestrian Bridge, the Nose Creek Bridge and the Sappers Bridge - Mini Max Development, Calgary - University of Calgary Library Extension - Other Calgary buildings - Fish Creek Provincial Park - Kananaskis development, including the Evan Thomas Alpine Village and the Kananaskis Alpine Villages - Gondola Lift, Jasper - Saxony Motor Hotel, Edmonton - Caravan Motor Hotels, Western Canada - Other Canadian buildings - Sunset Esplanade, San Francisco - The Universal Lifesaver concept - Beautification and traffic reducing projects.

              This arrangement is based on the record keeping practice of the company. The material for each building includes operational records and drawings created from the preliminary to the final stages of construction. Operational records consist of agreements, minutes of meetings, correspondence, proposals, project descriptions, engineering reports, guidelines and specifications, overview reports, progress reports, financial files, beautification reports, traffic and parking reports, news releases and promotional material. Architectural drawings comprise site plans, sketches, perspectives, floor plans, elevations, sections, electrical, plumbing, heating, lighting, mechanical and air conditioning drawings, window, door and stair details. Preliminary, final and revised drawings found in the series document the development of the building.

              Milne, William G.
              PR3546 · Fonds · 1962-2002

              The fonds consists of annual reports (1981-1993); administrative correspondence (1994-1995); orders of service (1962, 1968); newsletters (1987-1993); and historical data (1968).

              Westminster United Church (Calgary)
              Wendy Davey fonds
              PR0892 · Fonds · [1904 -1911]

              The fonds consists of 17 mechanically reproduced souvenir postcards of views of the Canadian Rockies, Banff, Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge and Buffalo Park (Wainwright), Alberta.

              Davey, Wendy
              Walter Nobbs fonds
              PR2699 · Fonds · Copied [ca. 1966]

              The fonds consists of photographs copied from Mrs. J.C. Knobbs's collection of Walter Nobb's photographs. The photographs date from circa 1895 to 1920 and feature views of Edmonton, the interior of Walter Nobb's blacksmith shop, the first Blacksmith's convention in Calgary, and a Blacksmith convention in Edmonton. The fonds also includes Walter Nobb's certificate of membership to the Edmonton Horseshoers and Carriage Makers Association.

              Nobbs, Walter
              Walter Motyka fonds
              PR2154 · Fonds · 1912- 1945

              The fonds consists of fourteen photographs featuring Chipman, Edmonton and Calgary; one photograph of Bill Winnick, the first Ukrainian to enlist with the RCMP in Alberta, taken by an unknown photographer; and Dymetro Motyka's accounts receivable book dating from 1944 to 1945.

              Motyka, Walter
              Walter C. Lewis fonds
              PR3067 · Fonds · [196-]

              The fonds reflects Walter Lewis' involvement with the Canadian Pacific Railway Company (CPR) and consists of Canadian Pacific photographs of the last spike to complete the CPR in 1885; the arrival of the first train from Montreal to arrive in Calgary in 1886; the construction of the High Level Bridge in Edmonton in 1913; and CPR transportation services in the 1960s. The fonds also includes clippings from the Edmonton Journal pertaining to the construction of the High Level Bridge; an image of the CPR station at 109th St. and Jasper Avenue in 1922; and typewritten articles related to the operation of CPR.

              Lewis, Walter C.
              Walt Healy fonds
              PR2482 · Fonds · copied 1996

              The fonds consists of 64 photographs originating from Walt Healy featuring the Calgary Motorcycle Club from the 1930s and the 1940s

              Healy, Walt
              Waldemar Laser fonds
              PR3064 · Fonds · 1972

              The fonds consists of a booklet written by Reverend Waldemar Laser in 1972 recounting the history of the German Baptist Church in Calgary in honour of the construction of a new church building and the fifteenth anniversary of the church.

              Laser, Waldemar
              W Roland Winter fonds
              PR3308 · Fonds · 1893-1938

              The fonds consists of records related to Winter’s judicial career, newspaper clippings related to the Winters’ involvement in the arts, and newspaper clippings of arts articles written by Lydia Winter.

              Winter, W. Roland
              W. C. McKillican fonds
              PR1845 · Fonds · 1908-1989

              The fonds consists of a transcribed copy of “A Description of the Land and Life: Edmonton to Peace River, 1908,” transcription prepared by William C. McKillican’s for his mother of his journal kept during his and Horace A. Craig’s May 19 to June 22, 1908 journey from Calgary to Edmonton and then onto Peace River, to hold agricultural meetings/information sessions for an unidentified institute at various locations. McKillican’s account refers to the quality of the land and its agricultural potential, the flora and the fauna, settlements they passed through, as well as individuals they met along the way, including surveyors J.B. St. Cyr and (J.L.?) Coté, and Members of the Legislative Assembly T.A Brick and W.F. Bredin. The fonds also includes photographs relating to the journey, including images of the boat “Midnight Sun,” wagons and horses, the Athabasca and Peace Rivers, tents, a homesteader and a moose calf, as well as photocopies of these images and others from a photograph album.

              McKillican, W. C.
              Viki van Hogezand fonds
              PR1671 · Fonds · Copied 1986

              The fonds consists of images, originally dating 1920 to circa (ca.) 1955, of the Banff Springs Hotel and the Banff townsite and buildings, Angel Glacier near Jasper, Chateau Lake Louise, Central Park, the library, Burns’ house in Calgary, views of the University of Alberta and the river valley in Edmonton, the interior of different homes in Edmonton including kitchens and living room with fireplaces and radios, and the interior of a cabin and St. Mark’s Church, both at South Cooking Lake.

              van Hogezand, Viki
              Vern Hunter fonds
              PR1351 · Fonds · Copied 1983

              The fonds consists of 11 images dating circa (ca.) 1915 to 1968, including an aerial views of the Imperial Leduc No. 1 oil field, Imperial Leduc No. 1 gushing, the 14th Troop of the Calgary Boy Scouts, the Hunter family home with parents and brothers, Vern, a Good Luck plaque on Vern’s departure from Devon for Redwater.

              Hunter, Vern
              Vera Gingras fonds
              PR4159 · Fonds · 1941-1994

              The fonds consists of an interview of Vera Gingras in which she reviews her days at a student at Holy Cross Hospital, Calgary and her work experience at St Michael’s Hospital, Lethbridge and St. Vincent’s Hospital, Pincher Creek. Nursing practices during the wartime shortages of 1944-1945 are described. Gingras records her observations on the changes in medical/nursing/patient relationships, in medication and procedures, and in nurses’ professional and union activities, that have taken place during her career.

              Gingras, Vera
              PR0674 · Fonds · 1922-1982

              The fonds consists of minute books and a financial ledger created by the District Lodge No. 18 of the Vasa Order of America as well as material created by individual Alberta Lodges. The fonds has been divided into one series, the records of the District Lodge No. 18 and five sous-fonds according to the creating lodge: Branting Lodge 417 (Calgary) sous-fonds, Norden Lodge 513 (Meeting Lake) sous-fonds, Skandia Lodge 549 (Edmonton) sous-fonds, Tegner Lodge 565 (Stavely) sous-fonds, and Lethbridge Lodge 579 (Lethbridge) sous-fonds.

              Vasa Order of America. District Lodge Alberta No. 18
              PR3526 · Fonds · 1906-1994

              The fonds consists of annual reports (1981-1994); Minutes (1941-1991); membership records (1942); correspondence (1955-1981); Registers of Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials (1910-1987, with gaps); Communion Rolls (1954-1983); Woman's Association records (1948-1969); Woman's Missionary Society records (191930-1953); United Church Women (1961-1976); newsletters (1964-1990); Anniversary and Reunion (1963-1993);historical data (1957-1989, with gaps); choir music; newspaper clippings; Sunday School records; audio cassette tapes of the 75th Anniversary slideshow and of Rev. H. Russell Ross; architectural drawings (1963); printing plates [196-?]; photographs, negatives, and slides of the building, congregation, church fire, ministers, and groups.

              Trinity United Church (Calgary)
              PR3525 · Fonds · 1906-1926

              The fonds consists of Woman's Missionary Society records (1914-1921).

              Trinity Methodist Church (Calgary)
              PR1429 · Collection · 1903-1914

              The collection consists of a souvenir book of the Canadian Grand Union Meeting of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen and Ladies’ Societies, and photographs of the staff and students at the Western Canada College in Calgary, Alberta.

              Tom Williams Books
              Tom Smith fonds
              PR0481 · Fonds · Copied 1986

              The fonds consists of images, originally from the 1930s through the early 1950s, of bicycles, a naval officer with a bicycle, a tandem bicycle, bicyclists, the Calgary Cycle Club, the Rudge Calgary Cycle Store, and cycling at Stampede Park, Calgary.

              Smith, Tom
              Thomas McInall fonds
              PR2213 · Fonds · [ca. 1904] - 1943

              The fonds consists of 8 photographs of Thomas and Susan McInall along with family members in Calgary and the general area. Two carte de visites depict Thomas and Susan during their short stay in South Africa. An obituary, receipts for burial and a handwritten will are included. There are 14 stock certificates from Albertan or Canadian companies, oil stocks predominate.

              McInall, Thomas
              Thelma Cameron collection
              PR1648 · Collection · 1904-1975

              The collection consists of stock certificates for various oil companies in Alberta, a retraction of charges by Katty Dewar against Rory McDonald, an informational advertisement for a booklet called Unmarried Mothers and Illegitimate Children written by Georgina Sackville, and two issues of The Yellowknife Blade newspaper.

              Cameron, Thelma
              Terry Howes collection
              PR1721 · Collection · 1937

              The collection consists of a brochure about the Howey Syndicate of Calgary, Alberta and “Maps, Reports & Pictures of the Pouce Coupe Oil Field Alberta” compiled by E.R. Lovewell for Canada Empire Crude Oil Syndicate of Calgary, which includes photographs of gas fires and oil seepages.

              Howes, Terry
              PR2287 · Fonds · [1909] - 1965

              The fonds consists of 16 black and white negatives featuring members of the MacFarland and Wood families of Calgary, Alberta dating from ca. 1909. The fonds also includes six kodachrome 35 mm slides taken by William Betts in 1965 capturing Reg Kelly during an Honorary Chief Ceremony at the Saddle Lake Cree Nation Reserve with Chief Ralph Steinhauer presiding. The slides also feature Reg’s wife, Mary White Jacket, and their son, Harvey.

              Betts, Tannis
              T. Randall fonds
              PR2748 · Fonds · 1858, 1910-1945

              The fonds consists of Morehead's Family Almanac dating from 1858 and a variety of materials dating from the 1910s to 1940s including a pamphlet from the Western Canada Exhibition Tour, The Zenith, a leaflet for the Calgary Exhibition, Helpful Hints for Housekeepers, a Lethbridge telephone directory, World War II ration books, a gasoline license, a leaflet for Coca Cola, a leaflet for the Home Decorator, a coupon for Comfort Soap, a Canadian Pacific Railway blotter, and a pamphlet for the Calgary Stampede.

              Randall, T.
              Sylvia Childe fonds
              PR1686 · Fonds · 1909-1918

              Fonds consists of the personal records of Sylvia Childe prior to her marriage and includes dance cards, invitations, and programmes for various events at the Al Azhar Temple, the Canadian Women's Press Club, Alberta College and the Hotel Palliser.

              Fonds also includes greeting cards and a political pamphlet for Conservative MLA Albert John Robertson.

              Childe, Sylvia
              PR2828 · Fonds · 1973 - 1994

              The fonds consists of material used, maintained, and created by the Sulphur Development Institute of Canada including by-laws, correspondence, research files, annual reports, minutes, project, and agreements relating to patentable products and research. The fonds dates from 1973 - 1994.

              Sulphur Development Institute of Canada
              PR3958 · Collection · 1906, 1909, 1924

              The collection consists of photographic postcards of Lake Louise, Calgary, Edmonton, and Alby, Alberta.

              Unknown donor
              Stew Cameron fonds
              PR1884 · Fonds · 1926-1972

              The fonds consists of the cartooning records of Stew Cameron, and includes rough sketches, ink drawings, and copies of press prints of cartoons created from his time as a student, as an employee of the Calgary Herald, the military and the Vancouver Province, and as a freelance cartoonist. The fonds also includes correspondence with parents, his wife, friends and business associates, other records relating to Stew’s life and work as well as a number of published volumes of other editorial cartoonists, some of whom influenced Stew’s work.

              Cameron, Stew
              PR3521 · Fonds · 1912-1925

              The fonds consists of church register of baptisms (1912-1925), marriages (1912-1922), burials (1912-1923) and a circuit register (1912-1925).

              Stanley Park Methodist Church
              PR3520 · Fonds · 1994

              The fonds consists of an annual report, including financial statement (1994) and a newsletter (1994).

              St. Thomas United Church (Calgary)
              PR3615 · Fonds · 1909-1998

              The fonds consists of Annual Reports (1958-1996,); Certificate of Incorportation (1924); Board of Managers Presbyterian/United minutes (1921-1929); Board of Stewards Presbyterian/United minutes (1921-1966); Congregational Meetings Presbyterian/United minutes (1921-1929); Official Board records (1912-1998); Congregational Meeting records (1929-1937); Committee of Stewards records (1974-1996); Session records (1929-1982); Board of Trustees (1909-1915, 1998); Fellowship (1982-1997); Marriage records from Norwood Methodist Church (1921); Registers of Baptisms (1927-1997), Marriages (1927-1997), and Burials (1928-1997); Presbyterian/United Communion Roll and Register (1919-1997); Membership records (1950-1997); Guest Registers (1959-1997); Church School Register (1967-1968); Couple’s Club (1937-1989); Historic Roll (1953-1974); Property and Development Committee records (1945-1996), including plans (1960-1979); Choir and Organ Committee records (1959-1970); Personnel Committee records (1980); Steering Committee records (1995-1997); Sunday School financial records (1938); Orders of Service (1953-1998); C.G.I.T. (1964-1975); Young People’s Union (1939-1950); Missionary and Maintenance Committee (1937-1959); U.C.W (1943-1997); Women’s Federation (1946-1961); Women’s Missionary Society (1935-1941); Historical data (1910-1967, n.d.); Newsletters (1959-1970); Christian Education Committee (1961-1967); St. Paul’s Commission (1967-1980); Scrapbooks (1907-1997): Photographs (1912-1975); an audio cassette (1996); and Printed publications.

              St. Paul's United Church (Calgary)
              PR3614 · Fonds · 1907-1923

              The fonds consists of Session minutes (1907-1923); Communion Roll and Register (1909-1919); Treasurer's account book (1909-1921); Women's Home Mission Society minutes (1910-1920, includes membership rolls); and Sunday School minutes (1909-1913).

              St. Paul's Presbyterian Church (Calgary)
              PR3602 · Fonds · 1907-1926

              The fonds consists of Quarterly Official Board minutes (1907-1924, includes attendance roll); Correspondence (1920-1925); Circuit Register (1908-1926); Financial records (1920-1925); Epworth League (Young People's Society) minutes (1912-1916, includes membership roll); newspaper clipping re: anniversary (1924); Historical Sketch (1907-1925).

              St. Paul's Methodist Church (Calgary)
              PR3513 · Fonds · 1981-1994

              The fonds consists of annual reports (1981-1994, with gaps); Quarterly Official Board records (1981-1982); an order of service (1981); and newsletters (1981, 1994).

              Southwood United Church
              PR0866 · Collection · 1907-1928

              The collection is made up of items donated to the Provincial Archives of Alberta from the Society’s holdings. The collection is made up of postcards and postcard-format photographs depicting places in Alberta, including views of Banff, Mount Stephen and Cathedral Peak, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Lacombe, a train on the Lacombe Branch of the C.P.R., Lacombe High School, an early view of Calgary, and the Lacombe hockey team, winners of the Alberta Amateur Hockey Association championship. Addressees of the postcards are: Miss Ruth McKenzie (Ft. Pierre, SD), Mr. L.M. Fortune (Andover, SD), Miss Sarah Summerside (Pierre, SD), Mrs. Emma Fortune (Coude, SD), Mrs. T. Jones (Andover, SD), Mr. And Mrs. R.W. Fortune (Coude, SD), and H.D. Parhauw (Woonsocket, SD).

              South Dakota State Historical Society
              Sonia de Grandmaison fonds
              PR3584 · Fonds · 1915-2000

              The fonds consists of photographic images that depict de Grandmaison from the 1910s to the 1980s in several locations. There are also portraits of de Grandmaison with friends and family over a similar time span. The remainder of the photos depict de Grandmaison's sculptures and work studio, including some images of de Grandmaison at work.

              The fonds also consists of textual material that includes a history of the Dournovo family from their time in Russia until their immigration to Canada, other genealogical information, programs from de Grandmaison's shows and unveiling ceremonies of her public works, correspondence (including with prominent figures such as Pierre Trudeau and Peter Lougheed), and legal documents such as de Grandmaison's Russian birth certificate, certificate of Canadian citizenship, and passport.

              de Grandmaison, Sonia
              Sketchley family fonds
              PR3696 · Fonds · 1891-2001

              The fonds consists of correspondence, tickets, programs, workbooks and art, photographs, View-Master reels, and recordings and scripts from Rose’s teenage acting career, among others. Also included in the fonds is a guidebook for cat breeds, ribbons from the Calgary Horticultural Fair and artwork done by John Sketchley.

              The letters are to and from the Sketchley family and they include Christmas cards, teaching and school correspondence from Arthur Jr, cat-related affairs from Corol, and legal and union correspondence from Colin Sinclare.

              The fonds includes publications that have been well-used and/or include notes from family members, newspaper clippings that are in good condition and mention members of the family directly, as well as filled-out forms and workbooks. Other textual records are comprised of recital notes, typed songs (including one written and copywritten by Colin Sinclare), tickets, and somewhat rare publications held by family members (such as Colin Sinclare’s editions of the Kabalarian Courier, technocracy leaflet, and Ku Klux Klan handbook).

              Other records include photographs, largely comprised of Corol Sketchley’s cat breeding and showing career, stage performances, and company during World War II. The selected records from these categories came from the sorted and assembled albums, photographs in good condition, and photographs with contents not otherwise represented in the fonds.

              There are also homemade View-Master stereo reels that were created using photos taken by the family throughout Alberta and during their vacations. These were likely taken on the View-Master Personal Camera that came with the records at the time of donation. Records also include drawings and other art from Gwen, a book of pressed flowers, and a name change certificate for Colin Sinclare and his immediate family.

              Sketchley family
              PR4031 · Fonds · 1993-2012

              These records consist mostly of project files from specific Prairie Chapter campaigns such as those devoted to urban sprawl, the Alberta oil sands, Castle Mountain, climate change, car idling, and car dependency. There are some administrative records consisting of meeting minutes and notes but these are incomplete. The remainder of records consist of reports related to campaigns and publications (e.g. pamphlets, brochures, and copies of the Prairie Sierran newsletter).

              Sierra Club. Prairie Chapter
              Sidney C. Bellamy fonds
              PR1692 · Fonds · [ca. 1900]-1951

              The fonds consists of images from Lamerton, Edmonton, Calgary and other areas in Alberta, including glass plate negatives of portraits of Lamerton residents, images from the Edmonton Exhibition including many of the parades and floats, especially for 1914, views of Edmonton, the 1914 flood and Edmonton buildings, as well as parks, swimming, skiing, soldiers and officers, and photographs of the cast of Iolanthe at Empire Theatre and the 19th Alberta Dragoons. The fonds also includes souvenir books for Alberta Attractions (Edmonton Exhibition Association), Calgary, Edmonton and the 1951 Royal Visit, and musical scores for The Crucifixion by J. Strainer, Iolanthe by Gilbert and Sullivan and San Toy by Sidney Jones, and programs for the Canadian tour of Breden-Savoy Comic Opera Company’s Gilbert and Sullivan Repertoire and the Passion Play.

              Bellamy, Sidney C.
              Sid Barron fonds
              PR1592 · Fonds · 1964-1969

              Fonds consists of cartoons drawn by Sid Barron for the Albertan newspaper in Calgary, Alberta.

              Barron, Sid
              PR3205 · Fonds · 1920

              The fonds consists of a labour agreement of Sheet Metal Union, Local No. 8 dating from 1920.

              Sheet Metal Union. Edmonton Local No. 8
              Roy Berlando fonds
              PR1882 · Fonds · Copied 1978

              The fonds consists of images of Hunger Marches in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta in 1932.

              Berlando, Roy
              Rosedale United Church fonds
              PR3510 · Fonds · 1982-2002

              The fonds consists of annual reports (1982-1994); congregational meetings (1988); newsletters (1991-1994); and historical data ([1970]).

              Rosedale United Church
              Rose Mandelin fonds
              PR1525 · Fonds · 1906-1994

              The fonds consists of notes and photocopies about Mennonite genealogy for La Crete, photocopies about the Boire family reunion and genealogical information, photocopies of Bérard family genealogical information, films of Edmonton and the Edmonton Exhibition, postcards of Edmonton Historical Exhibits, Calgary and Peace River, images of the Batt School students, the Boire sawmill, the Banff Springs Hotel, Edmonton streets, Peace River, the Calgary Stampede parade and Shelley Winters, Alan Ladd and the filming of movie Saskatchewan at Bow Lake, Alberta.

              Mandelin, Rose
              Room A137 collection
              PR3113 · Collection · 1906 - 1966

              The collection consists of material found in Room A137 of the Provincial Museum and Archives Building in 1969. The collection includes: Edmonton and District Labour Council Annuals published by the Edmonton Trades and Labour Council and the Calgary Labour Council dating from 1951 - 1961; a booklet entitled "Boy Blue's Verses" by Frederick Balmer Watt (1918); the first annual report of the North Alberta Auxiliary of the British and Foreign Bible Society in Canada and Newfoundland (1938); regulations providing for the election of representatives of the Armed Forces (1944); a conference paper presented by Ernest Manning (1945); a booklet entitled "The Magpie Menace" by Kerry Wood; Alberta Public Service pamphlets (1955); informational pamphlets on Alberta's Jubilee Auditoriums of Calgary and Edmonton (1955); a program of the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Historical Society of Alberta (1959); Peace River and District Telephone Directory (1963); copy of the "Tattler" published by the Minus One Club of Edmonton (1955); pamphlets and postcards related to the history of Edmonton circa 1950s; a photo album entitled "The Canadian Pacific Rockies"; 25 photogravures published by Byron Harmon circa 1900; copies of the Raymond Review Aug 3, 1966 and Aug 10, 1966; Vol. 1, No. 1 of the Explorer first centennial edition, Peace River Country (1967); a copy of the Alberta Red Cross News Pictorial Campaign No. 3 (1925); a copy of the Edmonton Journal "Annual Review and Forecast (1967); an illustrated booklet celebrating Alberta's Golden Jubilee; Edmonton Transit System passes dating from the 1960s; and 6 blueprints indicating the construction of streets in Carstairs and Wetaskiwin, Alberta (1906).

              Unknown donor
              Ronald Clarke fonds
              PR1133 · Fonds · 1954-1973

              The fonds includes 2 series: Aberhart Hospital records and Health Sciences Centre records. The fonds also includes the following: correspondence, news clippings, receipts, reports, articles, programs, seating plans, examinations, and specifications for the Provincial Auditoria, the Provincial Mental Hospital (Ponoka), the Alberta School for the Deaf, the Treasury Branch Building (Edmonton), and the Biology Wing, University of Alberta.

              Clarke, Ronald
              PR3507 · Fonds · 1914-1930

              The fonds consists of minutes (1917-1930); annual reports (1920-1921); secretary's annual reports (1919-1921); financial records (1914-1930); list of officers (1920-1921); Fruit Showers of the Guild register of names (1921-1923); correspondence (1921, 1930); programs (1919-1920); and notes on a lecture (1921).

              Robertson College Guild Society of Calgary
              Robert S. Niven fonds
              PR1818 · Fonds · 1929

              The fonds consists of photographs taken by Robert S. Niven, primarily taken on a Sunday visit to Calgary by airplane from Arrowwood, and includes images of an airplane, aerial views of the Bow River and Calgary, the oil derricks at Turner Valley, the Bow River at Arrowwood, an irrigation flume at Crossing Valley and workers along the railroad tracks.

              Niven, Robert S.
              PR3505 · Fonds · 1981-1995

              The fonds consists of annual reports (1983-1994, with gaps); mission design report (1981); Official Board records (1981) membership records (1989); and newsletters (1981-1995, with gaps).

              Robert McClure United Church
              Robert Hawkesworth fonds
              PR3661 · Fonds · 1972-2010

              The fonds consists of minutes, correspondence, press releases, audited financial statements, speech drafts and research materials regarding Bob Hawkesworth’s election campaigns for both provincial politics and the City of Calgary municipal council.

              Hawkesworth, Robert "Bob"
              PR3504 · Fonds · 1957-2006

              The fonds consists of annual reports (1966-2001, with gaps); Official Board records (1965-2002, with gaps); Membership records (1960-1983, with gaps); Directories (1970-2001 with gaps); United Church Women records (1957-2006); order of service (1957); newsletters (1993); photographs ([1960s]-2004); and historical data (1962-[1967]).

              Riverview United Church
              Riley and McCormick fonds
              PR2965 · Fonds · 1925

              The fonds consists of a catalogue No. 9 "Cowboy Equipment, Harness, Saddles" for Riley and McCormick Ltd. dating from 1925.

              Riley and McCormick
              Rick McSparron fonds
              PR1803 · Fonds · [194-?]-1989

              The fonds consists of images of a funeral, family, children, houses, barns, farm animals, and grain elevators, as well as images taken by Rick McSparron of the construction and destruction of Edmonton buildings and other images showing the architectural changes in Edmonton. The fonds also includes images taken by McSparron of Banff, Waterton and Calgary and images of Gaby Haas and his Barndance Gang.

              McSparron, Rick
              PR3599 · Fonds · 1990-2004

              The fonds consists of the personal registers of Rev. Dr. Stephen Wilk recording marriages, baptisms, and burials Wilk performed between 1990-2004 in Calgary and the surrounding area, as well as a copy of 100 Years of Nose Creek History.

              Wilk, Stephen
              Remi Brisson fonds
              PR1496 · Fonds · Copied 1984

              The fonds consists of images of the Calgary Buffaloes hockey team (1952-1953) and the Lacombe Rockets (1960-1961, 1964-1965).

              Brisson, Remi
              PR3355 · Fonds · 1948

              The fonds consists of photographs that depict images from downtown Calgary and locations in Banff, including Lake Lousie, Mount Eisenhower, and Johnston Canyon. The images of downtown Calgary depict street scenes and styles of the period as well as elements of the downtown transit system. Regina Municipal Railway employees are also depicted and some are identified.

              Regina Municipal Railway
              Ralph Klein fonds
              PR3786 · Fonds · 1986-2006

              Fonds consists of the personal records of Ralph Klein including constituency records and ministerial records dating before April 1, 1995. Records created after that date by Klein in his roles as Premier and Minister are deemed to be governmental records.

              The fonds has been divided into two series:

              • Ministerial records, including records received as Minister of Environment (1989-1992), Minister of Federal and Intergovernmental Affairs (1993-1994), and Minister of Economic Development and Tourism (1994-1995); and
              • Constituency records.
              Klein, Ralph
              PR2741 · Fonds · 1990

              The fonds consists of 1 compact disc recording of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Band Celebration dating from 1990.

              Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Band
              Phyllis Robinson fonds
              PR4151 · Fonds · 1951-1974

              Lynne French interviewed Robinson on January 28, 1994, for the oral history project of the AARN History of Nursing Professional Practice Group. Robinson discusses her basic and advanced academic education in nursing. She spent most of her career in association with the Calgary General Hospital School of Nursing and speaks of the problems in the administration of both the Hospital and the School in the early 1950s. These were resolved by new administrators, Dr. Lloyd Bradley and Gertrude Hall and the position of the nursing students improved as a result of their changes. In 1959, changes in regulations at all three levels of government put severe limitations on the school’s budget – nurses were blamed for the high costs of medical service – and once again the administration of the School and the Hospital was restructured. Robinson speaks of Miss Hall’s resignation as Director of Nursing and her encouragement for her instructors to go on to advanced degrees in their profession. She describes the closing of the CGH School of Nursing and her transfer to the University of Calgary.

              Robinson, Phyllis
              Penley family fonds
              PR1706 · Fonds · 1918 - 1986

              The fonds consists of records and information prepared by Ken Penley and Nita Bertram about their parents, the Penley’s Dancing Academy and dance in Calgary, and includes interviews with Wahnita about her life and Ken about his father’s life, a transcription of the interviews, photocopies of newspaper articles, photographs, and other records, newspaper clippings, photographs of Wahnita and Jack, and photographs and mechanically-produced photographic reproduction of some of their students.

              Penley family
              Paul Hawirko fonds
              PR1795 · Fonds · 1910-2006

              The fonds includes records relating to the family history and employment history of Paul Hawirko. The records from the family consist of a stereotype matrix (printing plate) for the front page of the October 29, 1931 Edmonton Bulletin, and photographs of delegates to the Rural Municipalities Convention in Calgary and the officers of the 101st Regiment (Edmonton) of the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force at Valcartier Camp (Quebec).

              The employment material mainly relates to the Northern Alberta Railway and railway pension reform. These records contain material from the Retired Railway Veterans Organization, the American Association of Retired Persons, the Northern Alberta Railway, and the National Council of CN Pensioners Association. They include meeting minutes, publications, meeting attendance, correspondence, labour and pension booklets, constitution and bylaws, brochures and pamphlets, conference proceedings, and newsletters.

              Hawirko, Paul
              PR3937 · Collection · 1909-1949

              The collection consists of one cirkuit print of Edmonton (1909), one cirkuit print of Edmonton (1913), one cirkuit print of #3 Company, Alberta Depot Battalion, C.E.F., Calgary (1918), and one oversize panorama of Redwater (1949).

              Unknown donor
              Orestes Serra fonds
              PR0437 · Fonds · Copied 1970

              Fonds consists of various negatives dating ca.1917-ca.1929 that depict people mainly from various Italian communities in Alberta towns such as Blairmore, Ponoka, Calgary, and Bellevue.

              Serra, Orestes
              N.K. Webb fonds
              PR2870 · Fonds · [ca. 1903 - 1904]

              The fonds consists of Alberta Liberal Party publications dating from 1903 to 1904 including "The Record of Liberal Government", "A Progressive Policy Pursued", "Further Facts for Farmers", and "Exports of Farm Products."

              Webb, N.K.
              Nick Taylor fonds
              PR3387 · Fonds · 1961-1995

              The fonds is largely comprised of records from Nick Taylor's time in Alberta politics, including prior to his first successful election as an MLA and up to the end of his work in the Alberta Legislature. Also included are some records that Taylor collected from the Alberta Liberal Party which were created prior to his first time as an election candidate. Some of the records were created for or by Taylor and others were more generally for the Alberta Liberal Party and those within it.

              The fonds includes records of correspondence, including with work done by Taylor as a member of the executive; administrative, press release, and research files from the offices of the Alberta Liberal Party; tour itineraries and speeches as leader; fund-raising activities; and party conventions. Other records come from election campaigns and reports, Taylor's work outside the Liberal Party, and further personal papers from Taylor.

              Taylor, Nicholas
              PR2028 · Fonds · 1903-1952

              The fonds consists of mechanically reproduced souvenir booklet with photographic reproductions of buildings and scenes of Calgary, valentine cards, photographs of threshing, farm at Beaver Hills, Marshall-Wells Company Limited baseball team, picnic, employees, building, a banquet of the Edmonton Gun Club, students of the Grand Trunk Business College (Edmonton), a house (18 Stewart Street), the office of Ashdown company, Revillon Brothers' office, public library, Edmonton, churches, stores, postcards of Edmonton buildings, a "Happy Gang" souvenir album, a "CKUA and 40 Wondrous Years of Radio" booklet, the Breakfast Club yearbooks, a pictorial souvenir booklet of the Alaska Highway, a Home Builders' Handbook for Edmonton, a book on practical drills in rapid calculus, Hamley Press Limited advertisement, a map of Waterton Lakes Park, a Mundy maps of Edmonton, and a photograph album containing just over 200 photographs of family and friends. The fonds also includes a leather-covered photograph album with photographs by C.W. Mathers containing photographs of various views of Edmonton.

              Neumann, Bomerlan family
              PR2685 · Fonds · 1913 - 1959

              The fonds consists of cashbooks, assessment and tax rolls, auditors, minutes, by-laws, cashbooks receipts, auditor's statements, maps, special assessments, registers of property dating from 1913 - 1959 from:

              • Municipal District of Beddington No. 250

              • Municipal District of Conrich No. 44

              • Municipal District of Shepard No. 220

              • Municipal District of Springbank No. 221

              • Municipal District of Calgary No. 44,

              • Municipal District of Rockyview No. 44 and

              • Langdon Village.

                The fonds also includes:

              • 285 aerial photos of the Municipal District of Calgary dating from the 1940s

              • records of admission to Calgary Rural Municipal Hospital District 363

              • voters lists from Conrichy, Foothills, Kneehill, Mountain View, Servicebury, Springbank, Acme Village, Airdrie Village, Beiseker Village, Cluny Village, Cochrane, Crossfield, Gleichen, Irricana, Rockyford, Standard Village, and Strathmore Town dating from the 1940s; and

              • correspondence and records of admissions to Calgary General Hospital ,1950s.

              Municipal District of Rockyview No. 44
              Mount Royal College fonds
              PR3482 · Fonds · 1962

              The fonds consists of one photograph of a demonstration of a class to the hearing impaired (1962).

              Mount Royal College
              Mona Russell fonds
              PR3354 · Fonds · 1953-1988

              The fonds consists of travel photography and corresponding information compiled by Russell to accompany slide shows as well as extensive coverage of various sites and events across Alberta. These images include Medicine Hat, Albertan industry (specifically the Medicine Hat clay industry), churches of various denominations (including the Al Rashid Mosque prior to its move to Fort Edmonton), Edmonton, Calgary, the Calgary and Medicine Hat Stampedes, sports and recreation, and national/provincial parks. International travel photography is also included, such as images from pre-Revolution Cuba and Cold War-era Berlin. The slides also show PRPA field trips, conventions, and photographic lessons as well as title slides created by Russell for use in her slide shows.

              Russell, Mona
              PR2633 · Fonds · 1912

              The fonds consists of one cirkuit print featuring the original (1874) Royal Northwest Mounted Police troop at the 1912 Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Alberta taken by Milward Belmont Davis Marcell.

              Marcell, Milward Belmont Davis
              PR3549 · Fonds · 1982-2007

              The fonds consists of records of the Midlands United Church including annual reports (1988-1994, 2000-2007); newsletters (1994); and official board minutes (1982-1986, 1990-2008).

              Midlands United Church (Calgary)
              Michael Keusch fonds
              PR2579 · Fonds · 1980 - 1983

              The fonds consists of 2 16 mm film copies and two VHS copies of Pieces of Anger (1980), directed by Michael Keusch, and If I Can Do it (1983). If I Can Do It documents the William Roper Hull Home for emotionally disturbed children in Calgary, Alberta. Pieces of Anger documents the Michener Centre home in Red Deer, Alberta.

              Keusch, Michael
              PR3461 · Fonds · 1897-1924

              The fonds consists of minutes of annual Ministerial Sessions and District Meetings (1897-1902, 1908-1918, 1923-1924) and financial meetings (1904-1924.)

              Methodist Church (Canada). Calgary District
              McKitrick family fonds
              PR0550 · Fonds · 1909-1938

              Fonds consists of photographs depicting people and images such as schools, Victoria Day celebrations, buildings, boats, dogsledding teams, and mountain views, in various National Parks and Alberta towns, including Fort McMurray, Tofield, Calgary, Camrose, and the Lethbridge land rush of 1910.

              McKitrick family
              Max E. Runions fonds
              PR1118 · Fonds · Copied 1975

              Fonds consists of copied photographs dating 1906 to circa (ca.) 1915 which depict a number of images at Banff and Calgary, Alberta including students of Calgary Public School, the Central Methodist Church interior and exterior, an automobile, boats, canoes, a Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) camp at Banff, horse and carriages, a Dominion Exhibition parade, First Nations men, women and children, a dirigible balloon, tennis and other sport players, and the interior of E. Runions Brokerage Office.

              Runions, Max E.
              Max Cantor fonds
              PR2035 · Fonds · [197-]

              The fonds consists of copied images, originally dating from the 1890s to the1950s, of hospital buildings throughout Alberta including those in Lethbridge, Daysland, Medicine Hat, Mannville, Ponoka, nurses, and one image of Dr. Max Cantor with colleagues outside the Banff School of Fine Arts.

              Cantor, Max
              Maureen E. Kidd fonds
              PR2580 · Fonds · 1899

              The fonds consists of two photographs featuring Stephen Avenue, Calgary Alberta from the West in 1899. The photographer is unidentified.

              Kidd, Maureen E.
              Maslen Family fonds
              PR4085 · Fonds · 1910-2003

              The photographic records are comprised of photographs of Maurine, her family, and some friends in Olds and Lethbridge, Alberta. Most of these photographs have been labeled with people, places, and dates by Maurine and her family.

              The photographic records from Nelson Maslen include images of his early life and family, hometown buildings and people, the family farm, and travels. Also included are photographs of people, including relatives, friends, and returned POWs. There is also a small photo album of photographs of a truck accident that Nelson Maslen was called to assist with.

              The textual records include Maurine’s Bible (with a genealogy section), Maurine’s baby book, balance and financials notebooks, cards and correspondence, teaching and schooling certificates and reviews, recipe books with notes and markings, and collected textual records and memories from Ruth Maslen.

              Maslen Family
              Marlene Jerred fonds
              PR1427 · Fonds · 1908-1924

              The fonds consists of photographic postcards, photographs and postcards from Okotoks, Lethbridge, Millarville, Saddle Lake, Fort Chipewyan, Athabasca Landing, Fort Smith and Fort McMurray of buildings, churches, missions, barn building, residents, dog teams, horses, houses, boats and canoes, rivers, horse races, and some of the Calgary Stampede.

              Jerred, Marlene
              Margaret Nelsen fonds
              PR2694 · Fonds · [ca. 1921]

              The fonds consists of a postcard featuring the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) Station in Calgary circa 1921 and a postcard featuring the Palliser Hotel in Calgary circa 1921.

              Nelsen, Margaret
              Margaret Dixon fonds
              PR0916 · Fonds · 1925-1926

              Fonds consists of photographs depicting the Calgary Normal School class of 1925-1926, and the Calgary Normal School women's basketball champions of 1926.

              Dixon, Margaret
              PR1601 · Fonds · Copied [19-]

              The fonds consists of copied photographs depicting A.H. Goldberg and other members of the Jewish community. Also contains photocopied records including a eulogy for Mrs. W. Diamond delivered by A.H. Goldberg, a speech given by A.H. Goldberg for the fourteenth anniversary of Theodore Herzl’s death, and a copy of A.H. Goldberg’s obituary.

              Goldberg, Henry
              Magnus I. Danielson fonds
              PR2347 · Fonds · 1949 - 1992

              The fonds consists of research notes, technical drawings, photographs, correspondence, pamphlets, manuals, research notes, related to Magnus I. Danielson's career in the Alberta oil industry. The fonds dates from 1949 to 1992.

              Danielson, Magnus
              Lula Fetterly fonds
              PR1967 · Fonds · [1912]-1913

              The fonds consists of a 1913 Christmas menu from Cronn's Rathskeller in Calgary and a photograph of haying near Didsbury, Alberta.

              Fetterly, Lula
              PR2612 · Fonds · 1965 - 1991

              The fonds consists of correspondence, bulletins and programs of the Westlock, Rimbey, Lacombe, Calgary, Grand Prairie, Multiple District 37, and Camrose Lions Clubs of Lions Club International dating from 1965 - 1991.

              Lions Club International
              Leslie Sheraton fonds
              PR3360 · Fonds · 1929-1975

              The fonds consists of photographs, negatives, and slides depicting sites throughout Alberta, including the Provincial Legislature, Elk Island National Park, Banff, Edmonton, and Calgary. Prints of Sheraton's art photography are also included, as are images of drag racing in the 1960s and 1970s.

              Sheraton, Leslie
              Leopold Valcourt fonds
              PR1419 · Fonds · Copied 1984

              The fonds consists of two copied images, originally dating 1905 and 1908, one of cars and passengers outside the McDougall Block in Calgary, and one of the construction of the Clover Bar Bridge.

              Valcourt, Leopold
              Lena Stanley fonds
              PR3638 · Fonds · [189-?]-1958

              The fonds consists of photos assembled by Lena Stanley over the course of her life and depict various relatives from the Stanley, Tucker, and Anderson families as well as friends and extended relatives. The photos were taken in central and southern Albertan communities such as Arrowwood, Gleichen, Calgary, and Morley.

              Stanley, Lena