Canada. Canadian Armed Forces

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        Canada. Canadian Armed Forces

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          Canada. Canadian Armed Forces

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            Canada. Canadian Armed Forces

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              True North Strong and Free Inquiry Society fonds
              PR2838 · Arquivo · 1986 - 1996

              The fonds consists of by-laws, certificate of incorporation, minutes, and agendas created by the True North Strong and Free Inquiry Society dating from 1986 - 1996. The fonds also includes 13 audio cassette recordings of the proceedings of The True North Strong and Free? A Public Inquiry into Canadian Defense Policy and Nuclear Army dating from 1986.

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              Reel Girls Media fonds
              PR3830 · Arquivo · 1999-2007

              The fonds consists of production files for various projects undertaken by Reel Girls Media. These projects are as follows:

              SciQ: Up Close and Palaeo: a one-hour, children’s program shot at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller that focuses on palaeontology. The records include masters, b-rolls, and interview transcripts.

              Stories from the Seventh Fire: a half-hour, animated, children’s series featuring Indigenous performers such as Tantoo Cardinal and Gordon Tootoosis narrating several First Nations stories and legends. The records include DVDs and the original masters.

              Booked: a half-hour series in which book reviewers and criminal justice professionals discuss a prominent mystery novel. The records include masters and DVDs.

              Out of the West: a one-hour documentary featuring interviews with several western Canadian authors. The records include masters, shooting tapes, and production files.

              Between the Stones and the Ocean: A Portrait of Rudy Wiebe: a one-hour documentary about western Canadian author Rudy Wiebe. The records include shooting tapes and masters.

              Capturing Cooperman: A Not So Private Investigation of Howard Engel: a one-hour documentary about Canadian mystery author Howard Engel. The records are limited to the masters.

              WildFiles: a half-hour, children’s series that focuses on animal biology. The records are limited to production files.

              Return of the Peregrine: a one-hour documentary about conservation efforts to restore peregrine falcon populations across Canada. The records include shooting tapes and interview transcripts.

              Homefront: a one-hour documentary that follows the stories of several Edmonton-based soldiers and their families during deployment to Afghanistan. The records are limited to masters.

              How the Fiddle Flows: a one-hour documentary that traces Métis culture and history through music and dancing. The records are limited to masters.

              In addition to these completed projects, there are several non-completed projects that are also captured in the records. These projects were started by Reel Girls but never broadcast or distributed and include the following:

              Return of the Bison: a potential documentary that would have focused on conservation efforts to restore bison populations across the world. The records include shooting tapes and production files.

              A to Z Film Guide: this potential series would have focused on various roles within the film industry as an educational tool. The records are limited to pre-production files.

              Rock ‘n’ Fossil Road Show: this potential series was modeled on Antiques Roadshow and would have featured rock and fossil collectors consulting with experts about their collections. A pilot was completed but the series was not pursued. The records include pre-production files.

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              Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake collection
              PR3920 · Coleção · 1972

              The collection consists of photographs and negatives depicting a parade and ice sculptures at Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake in 1972.

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