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        Canada. Parliament. House of Commons -- Membership

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          Canada. Parliament. House of Commons -- Membership

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            Canada. Parliament. House of Commons -- Membership

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              Gordon Taylor fonds
              PR2835 · Fondo · 1921-1988

              The fonds consists of records created and received by Gordon Taylor in his personal life and during his career as a Member of the Legislative Assembly, cabinet minister, and Member of Parliament. The fonds includes the following series:

              • Constituency and personal records;
              • Minister of Highway records, including records received by Taylor from his predecessors Vernor Smith and Duncan MacMillan as Minister of Railways and Telephones that Taylor received upon taking office;
              • Camp Gordon records; and
              • Member of Parliament records.
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              Roland Michener fonds
              PR3902 · Fondo · 1912-1968

              The fonds consists of 12 photographs of Daniel Roland Michener and his family.

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              Robert N. Thompson fonds
              PR1958 · Fondo · 1943-1968

              The fonds consists of published material, including pamphlets, newspaper articles, addresses and speeches, as well as photographs, all relating to Robert N. Thompson’s political career.

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              Cora Taylor Casselman fonds
              PR2438 · Fondo · 1900-1964

              The fonds consists of correspondence, speeches, notebooks, campaign material, biographies and other personal documents, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, pamphlets dealing with the political career of Cora Casselman from 1941 to 1945 as well as her pre-political (1888-1941) and post-political (1945-1964) career. The material covers Mrs. Casselman' s activities as a Member of Parliament, particularly on the topics of the War and Social Legislation.

              Her activities as a delegate to the 1944 International Labour Organization Convention in Philadelphia are poorly documented, but material relating to her activities as a delegate to the San Francisco United Nations Organization Conference in 1945 is well documented. In the post-political years, Mrs. Casselman's interest in the Federal District Commission, in International Affairs and the Status of Women is well documented. Most newspaper clippings are undated.

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              Deb Grey fonds
              PR3262 · Fondo · 1977-2004

              The fonds consists of photographs relating to Grey's political and private life; scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, correspondence, greeting cards, and other materials from Grey's political career (1988-2004); speeches, some handwritten some taken out of Hansard, given by Grey in the House of Commons (1989, 1998-2004); press releases (1998-2004); handwritten speeches delivered outside the House of Commons (1989-2004); handwritten notes from political activities (1996-2004); reports and polling information related to her activities (1989-2003); House of Commons day planners (1989-2000); materials relating to Reform Party strategies and policies; materials relating to Grey's wedding to Lewis Larson in 1993; materials from the defamation suit filed against Grey by George Bears et all (Grassroots for Day, 2001-2002); assorted e-mails and letters for and against Stockwell Day as leader of the Canadian Alliance Party, in relation to the 2001 CA Leadership National Council, and in regards to the Democratic Representative Caucus (DRC) formed in part by Grey in reaction to the leadership crisis; campaign mailings, newsletters, and Christmas cards Grey sent to her constituents and stationary samples from her constituency office (1988-2004); memorabilia from Grey's appearances on numerous television programs including the CBC production "The Greatest Canadian" and "The Rick Mercer Report"; memorabilia from Grey's 10th anniversary as a member of the House of Commons (1998); a folder of poetry written by Grey; a folder of farewell correspondence related to her retirement in 2004; a small scrapbook of childhood and other photos with handwritten notes; a copy of "Poisoned Chalice: The Last Campaign of the Progressive Conservative Party?" by David McLaughlin, signed by author, with sections highlighted by Grey; VHS tapes of Grey in the House of Commons, on various television programs, and some home movies; audio cassette tapes including speeches by Grey, parodies, Reform party materials, and recordings of "His", a Christian music group Grey was part of; 1 audio reel of "Reform Radio"; and 1 CD of Grey on AM930 the Light.

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              James Rajotte fonds
              PR3653 · Fondo · 1997-2008

              The fonds consists of information regarding James Rajotte’s campaigns for federal office from 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2011. This material includes correspondence, invitations to events, statistics, and audits regarding Mr. Rajotte’s political campaigns. The material also includes information on how these local campaigns relate to the larger policies of the Canadian Alliance Party and the Conservative Party of Canada.

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              Mable Kennedy fonds
              PR2578 · Fondo · [1966]

              The fonds consists of copies of a biography of Donald Macbeth Kennedy written by his wife, Mable Kennedy in ca. 1966.

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              Frank Oliver family fonds
              PR1831 · Fondo · 1881-1979

              The fonds consists of records related to the professional activities of the family including correspondence, memorandum, addresses, speeches, and photographs. In particular these records document Frank Oliver's professional activities as Minister of the Interior and as the editor of the Edmonton Bulletin, Rose Oliver's professional work with the Hospital Auxiliaries Association, John Oliver's journalistic and musical activities, and Allan Oliver's military career.

              The fonds also includes personal records created by the family such as diaries, photographs, musical compositions, notebooks, and financial records. In particular, these records document Frank Oliver's interest in historical writing. Additionally, the fonds contains commemoratory records collected by the family such newspaper clippings, publications, sheet music, articles, telegrams, cards, certificates. The records also document the achievements, births, and deaths of the Oliver Family.

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              Dr. Hugh Horner fonds
              PR2510 · Fondo · 1945-1974, predominant 1971-1974

              The fonds consists of the records created and received by Hugh Horner during his tenure as Minister of Agriculture (1971-1975) as well as agriculture-related reference materials (1945-1967) assembled by Horner. The fonds also includes two photographs featuring members of the House of Commons dating from 1961.

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              Peter Elzinga fonds
              PR0225 · Fondo · 1980-1992

              The fonds consists of records created, used, or received during Peter Elzinga's term as Minister of Economic Trade and Development and during his term as Minister of Agriculture. The fonds consists of ministerial correspondence with municipal, federal, and provincial constituents, associations, societies, companies and other government agencies; annotated pamphlets and minutes of meetings; publications; and news releases.

              The fonds is divided into two series:

              • Minister of Agriculture records, including records from his predecessor Leroy Fjordbotten that Elzinga received upon taking office; and
              • Minister of Economic Development records
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              W. J. Blair fonds
              PR1507 · Fondo · 1911-1923

              The fonds predominantly consists of the correspondence of W.J. Blair, including his personal correspondence, correspondence possibly resulting from his involvement in the Northern Alberta Conservative Association, and correspondence from his time as Member of Parliament; also included in the fonds are election returns, voters’ lists, invoices and receipts, and electoral maps.

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              John Smith Stewart fonds
              PR0796 · Fondo · [ca. 1897]-1970

              Fonds consists of records pertaining to John Smith Stewart’s military career, professional career as a dentist, and his personal life, and includes invitations, pamphlets, postcards, maps, correspondence, articles, newspaper clippings, speeches, telegrams, historical/biographical sketches, personal reminiscences, awards, historical and medical journals, a 3rd Canadian Division report on operations, souvenir booklets, a watercolour painting, metal plate etchings, a list of dental clients and financial records, programmes, lists of veterans and veteran activities, and transcripts of an oral history by John Smith Stewart. Fonds also includes aerial and aerial composite photographs, and other photographs depicting military personnel, veterans, parades, a lacrosse team, Namao School District, and John Smith Stewart’s dental office.

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              Anthony Mardiros collection
              PR1129 · Colección · [ca. 1907]-1979, predominate 1932-1962

              The collection consists of records accumulated by Anthony Mardiros in the course of his research into the life of William Irvine. The collection includes correspondence, writings and reference material of William Irvine, as well minutes, financial statements and other records of the Alberta Section of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) and Mardiros’s research materials; the collection has been arranged into the following nine series: Correspondence; Minutes (Alberta CCF minutes, National CCF reports and minutes, and People’s Weekly and New Party topical files); CCF Campaign/organizational materials; Writings (Articles, columns, notes, etc., Book Manuscripts, and Publications); Reference and clipping files (Social Credit files, and Other reference files); Memorabilia; Mardiros research files (Correspondence, Photocopies and transcriptions, and Clippings and publications); Photographs (Irvine portraits, CCF group portraits, and Other); and Electoral map of Alberta.

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              Anthony Hlynka fonds
              PR3363 · Fondo · 1939-2007

              The fonds consists of materials created during and after Hlynka's political career including original memoir manuscripts, typed and handwritten, diary entries, correspondence between Hlynka and various people, typed and handwritten speeches, materials related to his activism for displaced persons during the Second World War and from his post war tour of Europe, materials related to his marriage, scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and other materials related to his career, marriage, election loss, death, and legacy, official Hansard copies of speeches he gave in the House of Commons, and various photographs (1939-1957). The fonds also includes materials related to the publishing of his memoirs, the Ukrainian edition in 1982 and the English edition in 2005, including correspondence between Stephanie Hlynka and numerous people, published copies of the memoirs, materials related to, and a video recording of, a lecture given at the University of Manitoba Centre for Ukrainian Studies in 2002 on "Ukrainian Immigration to Canada: Anthony Hlynka and the Third Wave, 1940-1949", and materials regarding other members of the Hlynka family including Anthony Hlynka's brother Dr. Isydore Hlynka and Stephanie Hlynka's uncle Volodymyr Klisch, a pioneer in Polish aviation.

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              A.U.G. Bury fonds
              PR1581 · Fondo · [ca. 1880]-1945

              The fonds consists of the personal records of A.U.G. Bury and includes photographs of family members, newspaper clippings predominantly about General Sir Edward Spears, M.P. for Carlisle, correspondence, and speech notes; anti-socialist and anti-Co-operative Commonwealth Federation notes and newspaper clippings collected by Bury; included with Bury’s personal records are Wartime Prices and Trade Board Rentals Administration forms relating to Ethel M. Heath and Mrs. M.E. Stoler, and the Manitoba certificate of birth of Catherine Crawford McRae (April 6, 1887).

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              Charles W. Cross fonds
              PR1371 · Fondo · 1895-1918, predominant 1908-1910

              The fonds consists of records related to the life and career of Charles W. Cross. The photographs depict Charles W. Cross and the Cross house in Edmonton, Alberta. The textual records were created and received by Charles W. Cross during his tenure as Attorney General of Alberta and include correspondence, reports and other records related to legislation, prisoners, lawyers and the legal profession, railways, vital statistics, doctors and the medical profession, timber, hunting, liquor, and personal matters such as his letter of resignation and last will and testament.

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              Matthews family fonds
              PR1318 · Fondo · [1865]-1970

              The fonds consists of newspaper clippings about family members and photographs of family and friends of the Matthews family, including Vieva's parents and brothers Ewart Cameron and Allan Bremner, Frank's siblings and parents, Vieva, Frank, Andrew, family friend Lillian Miller and an ambrotype of James McMonies, Liberal Member of Parliament from Ontario, 1865 to 1872, great-grandfather of Vieva Matthews.

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              George Prudham fonds
              PR2745 · Fondo · [ca. 1940] - 1964

              The fonds consists of materials acquired by George Prudham including photographs of housing developments in Edmonton built by George Prudham taken by an unidentified photographer dating from the 1940s; blank postcards of the Alaska Highway and region dating from the 1940s; and a published history of Allison Proctor written by Mary Davies, Patti Meekison, and Rose Scott dating from 1964.

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