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        David J. Cromie fonds
        PR0890 · Archief · 1920-1973

        The fonds is made up of various family and farm documents and two photographic prints. The records include farm account books for 1933 to 1939; a file of receipts of Mrs. Cassie Cromie (probably the mother of David Cromie) from the early 1920’s; books of cow testing forms; an agreement for the purchase of land by Albert George Cromie; booklets and pamphlets on animal care, inoculation, and building construction. The fonds also contains one photo of David Cromie taken in 1973, and an aerial view of a farm.

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        B.C. Tanner fonds
        PR3129 · Archief · 1952 - 1972

        The fonds reflects B.C. Tanners' business interests and professional work in the oil industry. The fonds pertains to his position as President of Lassiter Kuma Oils Ltd. and his position as an accountant with B.C. Tanner and Co. and consists of the records of Lassiter Kuma Oils Ltd. as well as the preceding bodies of Lassiter Kuma Oils Ltd. including financial statements, minutes, certificates of incorporation, agreements, and reports of Lassiter Petroleum Ltd., Lassiter Oil Syndicate, Kuma Oils Ltd., Lobitos Oil Fields Canada Ltd., Horn River Resources Ltd., and Round Valley Oil Co., as well as maps and reports related to the arctic petroleum industry. The fonds also includes materials reflecting his agricultural activities and includes notices, certificates, and a cattle inventory relating to the raising of Charolais Cattle, and an account of life growing up in Magrath, Alberta.

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        PR0533 · Archief · 1936-1953

        Fonds consists of the business records of the Coronation Livestock Co-operative Association and includes Alberta Co-operative Union publications, annual reports, and company letterhead.

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        Pamela Conroy fonds
        PR1951 · Archief · 1905-1939

        The fonds consists of images of Ferrand Paget hauling coal, men on horseback and a cattle drive near Jasper, the 1939 Royal Train, Edmonton Fire Hall (No. 1), and decorative arches and celebrations along Jasper Avenue (with images including the Gariepy & Lessard building).

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        Cochrane Ranch House fonds
        PR2486 · Archief · 1990

        The fonds consists of a 1990 VHS cassette entitled, "Hooves of History Cattle Drive."

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        PR2743 · Collectie · [ca. 1930]

        The collection consists of four glass plate slides featuring images of ranching in Alberta circa 1930.

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        Blank family fonds
        PR0275 · Archief · 1913-1948

        Fonds consists of records belonging to the Blank family including correspondence, account books, and photographs.

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        Howes, Fleming family fonds
        PR0175 · Archief · 1929-1961

        Fonds consists of personal records, farm business records as well as association records. Fonds includes four series: breeding certificates; crop records; tax and financial records, and personal correspondence. Fonds consists of correspondence, financial statements, account books, tax returns and certificates.

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        PR0130 · Archief · 1905-1906

        Fonds consists of photographs of the last round-up in the Cochrane Lake area before the range laws came into effect.

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        Thelma Campbell fonds
        PR2275 · Archief · 1929-1954

        The fonds consists of published academic pamphlets, and unpublished notes regarding the management agricultural lands in Alberta collected by Thelma Campbell, and dating from 1929 to 1954.

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        Ed Lambert fonds
        PR3674 · Archief · [1929-1966]

        The fonds includes notes, circulars, and publications about the development of plants and animals that could survive in northern climates, including crops, fruit producing trees, vegetables, bees, chickens and beef cattle.

        Also included are newspaper clippings and letters concerning the transfer of Polish war veterans to Canada for agricultural labour.

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        Oxford family fonds
        PR1887 · Archief · 1907-1978

        The fonds consists of images from the Hardisty area including a Ferry Boat at Battle River, the Neutral Hills stampede, a family gathering, horses, farms, haying, branding, Silas and the Amisk’s Sports day, photographic postcards of a bridge at Hardisty and Frank and his sister Donna on horseback, as well as a prize list for the Hardisty Agricultural Society’s Fourth Fall Fair, a history by Donna Platt about S.W. Oxford, auditor’s financial statement for the Municipal District of Huamba No. 393, receipts and agent information relating to Silas, Interim Homestead receipts for Lilburn Huston Oxford and a copy of an obituary for Silas. The fonds also includes a self-recorded interview of Frank Oxford which includes information on Oxford family genealogy, homesteading, and Hardisty.

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        G.C. Pinhorn fonds
        PR0490 · Archief · [ca. 1906]-[before 1921]

        The fonds consists of photographs from the Milk River, Pendant d’Orielle and Coutts areas, including the Writing-on-Stone, Pendant d’Orielle and Wild Horse detachments (exteriors and interior), ranches, ranch camps, camp dinner, ranch buildings, ranch hands, horses, cattle, a quarantine station, many relating to the Milk River Cattle Company, houses, and postcards of Medicine Hat streets.

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        PR0005 · Archief · 1938-1970

        The fonds consists of the records of Alexander John Charnetski relating to his involvement in agriculture, and includes slides of livestock, barn plans, farm equipment and pastures. The fonds also includes correspondence, reports, records, including a photograph, relating to the Agriculture Officers Orientation conducted by the Canadian Civil Defense College, and yearbooks of the Olds School of Agriculture and the Vermilion School of Agriculture.

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        Cormie Ranch fonds
        PR3581 · Archief · 1905-2011, predominant 1961-1992

        The fonds consist of administrative and operational records of the Cormie Ranch from its inception to its dissolution. The material traces the history of the ranch prior to its purchase by Donald Cormie. The records are comprehensive, and include material created and used by the ranch in the course of business. The records document all aspects of the farming, cattle, breeding and artificial insemination operations of the Ranch, and includes herd listings, breeding records, calving, weaning, feeding, and cattle sales and purchases (prior and subsequent to computer automation).

        The records also include management office files, internal and external correspondence, herdsmen’s reports, farming reports and statistics, feeding programs, finances, staffing reports, office and employee correspondence, and material on the data management system and policies. The records document the development of the ranch over time, including legal correspondence and files on land sales and purchases, photos from cattle shows and event management, reports related to marketing efforts, cattle imports, correspondence and reports on land drainage, ranch security, and management and director reports and minutes.

        Ranch records also consist of detailed cattle records, including data reports, projections, listings of sires, certifications, analyses, indices and registrations of cattle and herds.

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