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            14 Description archivistique résultats pour Farm management

            John and Sarah Harrold fonds
            PR1651 · Fonds · Copied 1977-1979

            Fonds consists of the personal records of John Harrold Jr. and Sarah Harrold dating 1900-1959 and includes correspondence, an obituary for Sarah Harrold, farm account books that contain financial records, journal entries and inventories, diaries, and scrapbook. Fonds also includes a copied photograph depicting various members of Harrold family and their farm activities, and a copied township map of Edmonton, Alberta and the surrounding area.

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            Frank Sidney Grisdale fonds
            PR0066 · Fonds · 1921-1976

            The fonds consists of the records of Frank Sidney Grisdale. The fonds is divided into the following three series: Diaries; General files; and Farm records.

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            Gauthier family fonds
            PR3051 · Fonds · 1875 - 1952

            The fonds consists of materials pertaining to the Gauthier family including birth announcements, farming supply receipts, correspondence, farming publications, court records regarding a land dispute, tax assessments, and invoices for medical treatments dating from 1875 to 1952.

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            Wood family fonds
            PR2211 · Fonds · 1915-1990

            The fonds consists of letters written by Elizabeth Wood describing her life in Sedgewick, Alberta to friends and family from 1921-1966; Christmas letters written by Rosa Wood dating from 1916-1990; and financial records relating to the operation of the homestead dating from 1915-1948.

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            Michael Clark family fonds
            PR3023 · Fonds · [ca. 1905 - 1962]

            The fonds consists of a farm record book for the Clark farm from circa 1905 to 1963.

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            Waite, Nobes family fonds
            PR3324 · Fonds · 1814-2004

            The fonds consists of records related to several generations of the Waite-Nobes families and the management of the Waite homestead and weather station from the early 20th century to the near-present.

            The large amount of photos and negatives depict family members over the decades with most of them being identified and/or dated. Farming activities are also documented in the photographic images. Many of the photos are arranged in thematic albums.

            The textual material provides a wealth of detail related to the management of the farm and data specific to the weather station. There is also correspondence related to the farm and weather station, family correspondence, contracts, ration books, genealogical information, township and homestead maps, family Bibles, local election material, auction posters, memorial cards, diaries, journals, and notebooks.

            Sans titre
            Director of Farm Development records
            Série · 1952-1977

            The series consists of the records of the Director of the Farm Development Division and that position's predecessors. The records include correspondence, minutes of meetings, reports and other records related to divisional and branch operations as well as intradepartmental relationships with other divisions as well as Assistant Deputy Ministers, the Deputy Minister and the Minister.

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            Lennie and Nellie Maxfield fonds
            PR1561 · Fonds · 1923

            The fonds consists of the Weekly Farm Record and Journal of Receipts and Expenses for C.L. Maxfield's farm.

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            Green and Peets Family fonds
            PR4074 · Fonds · 1912-2006

            The fonds consists of personal letters, photographs, negatives, postcards, scrap books, day planners, sheet music, financial roll ups, journals, posters, insurance documents, manuals, newspaper clippings, recipes, event programs, poems, and drawings. These records were created and accumulated by several members of the Green and Peets family, and offer insights into their interests and daily lives.

            The fonds also contains audiovisual material of tapes of Harlan Green's musical performances and original music for the Plumbers Union group. These recordings include Alberta composers Tommy Banks, Roger Deegan, and Georgie Andix. There is also a collection of audio recordings from the Green and Peets family conversations and oral histories from neighbors at Greenridge Farm.

            The fonds consists of three series: Greenridge Fam series, Areta and Lee Green series, and Harlan and Mara (Marilyn) Green series.

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            Howes, Fleming family fonds
            PR0175 · Fonds · 1929-1961

            Fonds consists of personal records, farm business records as well as association records. Fonds includes four series: breeding certificates; crop records; tax and financial records, and personal correspondence. Fonds consists of correspondence, financial statements, account books, tax returns and certificates.

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            William Copeland McCalla family fonds
            PR1326 · Fonds · 1904-1940

            The fonds consists of hand-coloured lantern slides of flowers, the movement of floral parts, fertilization and seed production, fruits, flower gardening, ornamental planting, vegetable gardening, farm scenes, potatoes, the microscopic structure of plants, landscapes (Pacific Coast, mountains, park country, plains), farms, mammals, birds, the erosion of rocks, sunsets and clouds, clouds, deposits of sand and gravel, stratification of rocks and soil, plants as soil makers, erosion of rocks, logging and lumber, and trees; glass plate negatives of the Banff area including hotels, golf courses, mountains; farm machinery; negatives of the family's farm, family members, farming, harvesting, picnics, the Drumheller area including hoodoos; and a photograph of William Copeland McCalla.

            Fonds also includes three ledgers of farm notes, seed records, accounts of receipts and expenditures, manure records, etc. for William Copeland McCalla and Margaret McCalla's farms at St. Catherines, Ontario and Bremner, Alberta. Part of the third ledger is farm notes, accounts of receipts and expenditures, etc. for Frederick and Gladys McCalla, who took over the Bremner farm from parents William and Margaret. Includes some loose notes, correspondence, receipts, Alberta Wheat Pool grading slips, etc.

            Fonds also includes a CD made in 2008 by Alex McCalla that contains scans of all the pages in the ledgers.

            Fonds also includes McCalla's lantern slide projector and a wooden lantern slide case in a canvas carrying bag.

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            William Begert fonds
            PR2076 · Fonds · 1912-1944

            The fonds consists of certificates, photographs, and financial records relating to William Begert's farm in Cornation, Alberta, and his marriage to Rosa Belle Finch dating from [1912] to 1944.

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            A.E. Jones fonds
            PR2571 · Fonds · 1926 - 1935

            The fonds consists of records pertaining to the operation of A.E. Jones' farm in Fenn, Alberta including Weekly Farm Records and Journal of Receipts and Expenses dating from 1926, a Farmer's Account Book dating from 1930, and a letter bequeathing A.E. Jones' property to E. Mary Jones dating from 1935.

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            Fred Freschette collection
            PR3904 · Collection · 1906 - 1938

            The collection consists of photographs of Red Deer, Dalemead, Lacombe, and Old Basing in the early decades of the twentieth century. The account book is a farm ledger belonging to Arthur L. Long.

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