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          42 Archival description results for Farmers

          Albert Bishop fonds
          PR3264 · Fonds · 1907-1990, predominant 1922-1975

          The fonds is comprised of textual records collected and created by Albert Bishop during his time with the United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) and Alberta Farmers' Union. The records include correspondence, minute and cash books, bylaws, a copy of the constitution, membership lists, and other administrative records.

          These records were collected and created while Bishop was with the UFA but some were created during his personal life and work. Some UFA records that he collected were created well before his time with the UFA, such as a donation register. Personal records from Bishop are mixed with the records that were collected or retained from the UFA.

          Bishop, Albert
          Albert Williams fonds
          PR2209 · Fonds · 1924-1968

          The fonds consists of 4 ration books belonging to Albert Williams, and 16 photographs of saw mills, farms, and fires dating from 1924-1968.

          Williams, Albert
          PR1424 · Fonds · 1986-1995

          The fonds consists of the records of the Alberta Farm Women’s Network, and includes bylaws, incorporation records, correspondence, minutes, reports, membership lists, grant applications, conference records, Farm Women of the Year applications, financial statements and accounts, newsletters, two computer disks, and photographs of Farm Women of the Year and Alberta Farm Women’s Network members and events.

          Alberta Farm Women's Network
          Alexander Postans series
          PR3755.0001 · Series · 1882-2015
          Part of Postans family fonds

          Series includes Alexander Postans’ life before coming to Alberta and his work as a farmer in Alberta. It contains correspondence, diaries, souvenirs, and photographs of friends.

          C.D. Taylor fonds
          PR2263 · Fonds · 1930-1941

          The fonds consists of correspondence, and certificates of C.D. Taylor dating from 1930 to 1939.The fonds also includes correspondence, minutes, and by-laws originated from the Iola Progressive Agricultural Society dating from 1937 to 1941.

          Taylor, C.D.
          Clarke family fonds
          PR2289 · Fonds · Copied 1994

          The fonds consists of photocopies of letters from the Clarke Family to family members in England dating from 1918- 1947 describing their life on the farm. The fonds also includes a family history, genealogical information, and family photographs.

          Clarke family
          Denis Cretin fonds
          PR1811 · Fonds · [1910-1960]

          The fonds consists of financial records, legal certificates, personal identifiers, and graphic memorabilia created and collected by Denis Cretin dating from 1910 to 1960.

          Cretin, Denis
          Donald Graham fonds
          PR3036 · Fonds · [196?]

          The fonds consists of handwritten, transcribed, and bound reminiscences written by Donald Graham recalling his life in Western Canada in the 1880s. The material discusses hunting, the Riel Rebellion, crime, farming, and wildlife. Donald Graham's grandson, Gordon Graham, transcribed the material.

          Graham, Donald
          Fowler family fonds
          PR2405 · Fonds · [ca. 1965]

          The fonds consists of an aerial photograph of the Fowler family farm dating from ca. 1965.

          Fowler family
          Galbraith family fonds
          PR3778 · Fonds · [189-]-2011, predominantly [189-]-1977

          The fonds is made up of 15 diaries, a newspaper article, and correspondence. 14 of the diaries are of Barry Galbraith and are focused on farming and the weather, while the diary of Nan is of household chores and visits with friends and family.

          Galbraith family
          George H. Cresswell fonds
          PR1984 · Fonds · 1898-1919

          The fonds consists of the financial records of George H. Cresswell and includes correspondence, agreements, receipts, bills and tax notices.

          Cresswell, George H.
          Gerald Schuler fonds
          PR1145 · Fonds · 1918-1952

          The fonds consists of two photographs, one of the 1918 United Farmers of Alberta annual convention, and one of the 1952 Farm Women’s Union of Alberta annual convention.

          Schuler, Gerald
          Glen Erickson fonds
          PR3233 · Fonds · 1936-1992

          The fonds consists of 12 five-year farm diaries of Glen James Erickson, covering the years 1936-1992.

          Erickson, Glen James
          Green and Peets Family fonds
          PR4074 · Fonds · 1912-2006

          The fonds consists of personal letters, photographs, negatives, postcards, scrap books, day planners, sheet music, financial roll ups, journals, posters, insurance documents, manuals, newspaper clippings, recipes, event programs, poems, and drawings. These records were created and accumulated by several members of the Green and Peets family, and offer insights into their interests and daily lives.

          The fonds also contains audiovisual material of tapes of Harlan Green's musical performances and original music for the Plumbers Union group. These recordings include Alberta composers Tommy Banks, Roger Deegan, and Georgie Andix. There is also a collection of audio recordings from the Green and Peets family conversations and oral histories from neighbors at Greenridge Farm.

          The fonds consists of three series: Greenridge Fam series, Areta and Lee Green series, and Harlan and Mara (Marilyn) Green series.

          Green and Peets Family
          H. Norman Fisher fonds
          PR0279 · Fonds · 1921-1963, predominant 1921-1925

          Fonds consists of records reflecting H. Norman Fisher’s farming activities including correspondence regarding farmers’ debts and agricultural credit, manuscripts written by Fisher regarding hardships endured by farmers, and a certificate from an agricultural fair. Fonds also consists of other personal records including poems written by Fisher under the name Chico, photographs, and ribbons received by Fisher.

          Fisher, H. Norman
          Hans Palm fonds
          PR2716 · Fonds · 1914 - 1996

          The fonds consists of material used, maintained and collected by Hans Palm including certificates, farm account books, photographs, ledgers, income tax returns, passbooks, correspondence, farming magazines, catalogs, manuals, policies, posters, registrations, and calendars dating from the 1940s to the 1950s.

          Palm, Hans
          Hodgkinson family fonds
          PR0179 · Fonds · [189?] - 1927

          Fonds includes family photographs of Bessie Feakes, Harry Hodgkinson and sons. Fonds includes teaching certificates, a passport, postcard, correspondence and a homestead receipt.

          Hodgkinson family
          Howes, Fleming family fonds
          PR0175 · Fonds · 1929-1961

          Fonds consists of personal records, farm business records as well as association records. Fonds includes four series: breeding certificates; crop records; tax and financial records, and personal correspondence. Fonds consists of correspondence, financial statements, account books, tax returns and certificates.

          Howes, Fleming family
          Jack Armstrong fonds
          PR2367 · Fonds · 1997

          The fonds consists of a bound copy of Jack F. Armstrong's memoirs detailing his life growing up in Alberta and fighting in World War II. The memoirs also include copies of telegrams Jack sent to his family while serving in the war.

          Armstrong, Jack
          James Horne fonds
          PR0741 · Fonds · 1892-1991

          The fonds consists of materials created or collected by James Horne relating to his family life and his farm and dating from 1892-1991. The fonds consists of personal and agricultural photographs, Mr. Horne’s diary, and other personal effects.

          Horne, Jim
          PR1172 · Fonds · 1886-1905

          The fonds consists of farm account book, and includes bills and promissory notes from Rapid City and Minnedosa, Manitoba.

          Porter, James Kenneth Bruce
          James Platt fonds
          PR2712 · Fonds · 1899 - 1909

          The fonds consists of materials reflecting James Platt's involvement with the Mexican Plantation Association including a pass book dating from 1899 - 1905 and a share certificate dating from 1909.

          Platt, James
          Joe Dusseault family fonds
          PR3222 · Fonds · 1914-[1991?]

          Fonds consists of correspondence, newspaper articles, transcription discs, and photocopy of Master Farm Family booklet, regarding Joe Dusseault receiving the Master Farm Family Award. Transcription discs are recordings of the inaugural Master Farm Family awards event in 1949.

          Dusseault, Joe
          Julie Hrapko collection
          PR3171 · Collection · Copied 1973, Copied 1974, Copied 1976

          The collection pertains to Julie Hrapko's career in the heritage industry, and consists of copies of photographs featuring the Miette Hot Springs circa 1930, Mr. and Mrs. Lakusta's wedding circa 1919, and a civil protest by farmers in Two Hills in 1931.

          Hrapko, Julie
          Lunden Family fonds
          PR4277 · Fonds · [190-]-2013

          The fonds contain textual records and photographs from various members of the Lunden family. The records come from across the family and have been sorted by which family members they came from and the time periods that they span. The textual records include documents such as birth and marriage certificates, letters between family members and friends, business records from various ventures, stories and histories written by the family, and school records, among others.

          The photographs are generally well-sorted and labeled with names and dates on the envelopes, depicting a broad picture of the family and their histories.

          The fonds represents a broad—and sometimes deep—picture of the work and lives of an Alberta family, including early years after immigration, raising of a multigenerational family, farming in Alberta, and life during the Great Depression.

          Lunden Family
          McConkey family fonds
          PR3783 · Fonds · [195-? - 201-], predominantly 1992-[201-]

          The fonds consists of a history of the McConkey family written by Howard and Florence’s granddaughter Cheryl Silverthorne and a write-up by Margaret Beach about attending the White Rose School. The photographs show the family farm and family members at different times.

          McConkey family
          PR1142 · Fonds · 1920-1936

          The fonds consists of the records of the Millet U.F.A. Co-operative Association Limited, and includes minutes, financial statements, audit records, correspondence, correspondence, newspaper clippings. Within the minutes, there can be found a membership card of Mrs. Howard Marr for the Methodist Church, for year ending May 1924.

          Millet U.F.A. Co-operative Association
          Omer Fluet fonds
          PR0302 · Fonds · Copied 1981

          Fonds consists of copies of photographs, and photocopies of family and business financial records dating from the early 1900s to 1923.

          Fluet, Omer
          Ora B. Moore fonds
          PR0308 · Fonds · 1912-1967

          Fonds consists of a diary, a photo album depicting Rimbey, Alberta, political posters, newspaper clippings, instructions for constructing pillows, invitations, and a receipt book from the family farm auction sale. Fonds also consists of reference letters for Erma Sutton.

          Moore, Ora B.
          Postans family fonds
          PR3755 · Fonds · 1882-2015

          The fonds consists of Postans family material on the UFA, UFWA, and RCAF and includes correspondence, diaries, souvenirs, newspaper clippings, notebooks, meeting minutes, reports, conventions, studies, programs, a speech, a recipe book, service records, ledgers, cards, comics and propaganda, a ration book, newsletters, handbooks, personal recollections, membership cards, German, Dutch, and Canadian currency, address books, postcards, and homestead entry papers.

          Photographs and negatives are of UFA and UFWA members, convention attendees, airplanes, war, servicemen, travel, and friends. The audio tape is an interview Stanley Postans did with the Wainwright Star Chronicle and maps are of electoral districts and one municipal map for Wainwright.

          Records will be arranged into the following three series, according to their creator: Alexander Postans series, Agnes Postans series, and Stan Postans series. Some family records haven’t been arranged into one of the series.

          Postans family
          Robin Smith collection
          PR3993 · Collection · 1912-1934

          The collection consists of two photographs of barn-raising, records of Marguerite (Quesnel) Rogers (including teaching certificates, teaching reports, job applications, and diaries for herself and her sister, Lillian), and records of Ernest John Jones (including tax assessments and receipts, mortgage documents, and other financial documents).

          Unknown donor
          Stan Postans series
          PR3755.0003 · Series · 1920-2015
          Part of Postans family fonds

          Series records cover Stan Postans’ air force service and work with the United Farmers of Alberta. It includes R.C.A.F. service records, ledgers, notebooks, diaries, cards, newspaper clippings, correspondence, comics and propaganda, a ration book, newsletters, handbooks, personal recollections, membership cards, German, Dutch, and Canadian currency, an address book, postcards, and homestead entry papers. There are also genealogical records and research into his R.C.A.F. service by Diane Carl after his death. His photographs and negatives are of airplanes, war, servicemen, travel, and friends. The audio tape is an interview with the Wainwright Star Chronicle.

          Svend Jensen fonds
          PR4021 · Fonds · 1931-1932

          The fonds consist of four letters written to Neils Poulsen by Svend Jensen in 1931 and 1932, mailed to Poulsen in Denmark after Jensen settled in Alberta as a farmer. They document Jensen’s early experiences in the province and add context to Alberta’s oil and farming industry in the early 1930s. The photographs compliment the textual records by capturing Jensen as a farmer along with some of his equipment on the farm.

          Jensen, Svend Aage
          Sydney Earnest Palmer fonds
          PR0269 · Fonds · 1909-1928

          Fonds consists of records relating to Palmer’s military and farming activities including diaries, correspondence, postcards, receipts and certificates.

          Palmer, Sydney Earnest
          Tamarac Stock Farm fonds
          PR4078 · Fonds · 1919-1954

          The fonds consists of a collection of detailed financial ledgers created by the Elwells in their running of the Tamarac Stock Farm in Blackfalds, Alberta.

          Tamarac Stock Farm
          PR0363 · Fonds · 1906-1949

          The fonds consists of the records of the United Farmers of Alberta and includes the following sous-fonds: United Farm Women of Alberta sous-fonds, Junior Branch of the U.F.A. sous-fonds, United Farmers of Alberta Political Association sous-fonds, Bellcamp Local No. 135 sous-fonds, Earlie Local No. 607 sous-fonds, East Clover Bar local No.3 sous-fonds, Harmattan Local No. 1093 sous-fonds, Huxley to Granger District Association of the UFA and UWFA locals sous-fonds, Josephburg Local No. 500 sous-fonds, Lamont Local No. 589 sous-fonds, Longview Local No. 393 sous-fonds, Namao Local No. 18, Pearce Local No. 177 sous-fonds, Trochu Local No. 762 sous-fonds, Wimborne Local No. 1005 sous-fonds, and Winona Local No. 161 sous-fonds.

          United Farmers of Alberta
          W. C. McKillican fonds
          PR1845 · Fonds · 1908-1989

          The fonds consists of a transcribed copy of “A Description of the Land and Life: Edmonton to Peace River, 1908,” transcription prepared by William C. McKillican’s for his mother of his journal kept during his and Horace A. Craig’s May 19 to June 22, 1908 journey from Calgary to Edmonton and then onto Peace River, to hold agricultural meetings/information sessions for an unidentified institute at various locations. McKillican’s account refers to the quality of the land and its agricultural potential, the flora and the fauna, settlements they passed through, as well as individuals they met along the way, including surveyors J.B. St. Cyr and (J.L.?) Coté, and Members of the Legislative Assembly T.A Brick and W.F. Bredin. The fonds also includes photographs relating to the journey, including images of the boat “Midnight Sun,” wagons and horses, the Athabasca and Peace Rivers, tents, a homesteader and a moose calf, as well as photocopies of these images and others from a photograph album.

          McKillican, W. C.
          William Cooper Shaw fonds
          PR0286 · Fonds · 1883-1937

          Fonds consists of correspondence, registration of birth, pamphlets, bank cheques, telegrams, diaries, financial records, game regulations, photographic postcards, as well as instructions to police magistrates and Justice of the Peace. Photographs depict an alcohol still from a bootlegging liquor operation, other police photographs and portraits.

          Shaw, William Cooper
          William Klemme fonds
          PR2141 · Fonds · 1918-1945

          The fonds consists of records reflecting William Klemme’s occupation as a farmer and member of the Camrose and area community. The fonds includes Membership Lists for the Seed Growers Association dating from the 1930’s and 1940’s, voter registration of the Electoral Division of Stettler from the 1930’s and 1940’s, and attendance registers for the Up to Date School District No. 2014 from 1918 to 1936.

          Klemme, William
          William Rossing fonds
          PR1702 · Fonds · 1922-1968

          The fonds consists of a school certificate, identification card, bank books, tax information, Farm Record Books, United Farmers of Alberta Co-operative Limited certificates, mining agreements and correspondence, records relating to his shares in Slave Lake Copper Mines Limited, assorted membership cards and licenses, personal correspondence and newspaper clippings, a map of Alscope Exploration Limited in Canada and a film of family life in the 1950s. The fonds also includes negatives of Yellowknife, campsites, and airplanes, and photographs of mining, camps, agricultural activities, and airplanes.

          Rossing, William
          William Sutton fonds
          PR0176 · Fonds · 1910-1947, predominant 1910-1928

          Fonds consists of records pertaining to William Sutton’s life in the Lloydminster area.

          Sutton, William