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            PR0307 · Fonds · 1975-1997

            Fonds consists of records pertaining to the formation and operation of the Alberta Status of Women Action Committee including correspondence, by-laws, newsletters, reports, articles, financial records, minutes, publications, and audio-visual records. The fonds also consists of the records of RATJAM (origin of this acronym could not be located), an unofficial sub-committee of ASWAC. The fonds has been divided into the following series: Audio-visual records; Political and women’s issues articles and other material; Affiliated organizations’ records; Financial records; Correspondence; Publications and other material; Committee records; Conference records; Board records; and RATJAM records.

            Alberta Status of Women Action Committee
            PR0305 · Fonds · 1983

            Fonds consists of records of the All Women Campaign Committee pertaining to the 1983 civic election campaign for Louise Swift including minutes, correspondence, financial statements, transcripts of interviews, photographs, debriefing cassettes and transcriptions, newsletters, and campaign pamphlets.

            All Women Campaign Committee
            Ann Hall fonds
            PR1907 · Fonds · 1898-2004

            The fonds consists of Dr. Ann Hall's research material for her book The Girl and the Game: A History of Women's Sport in Canada. The fonds includes newspaper and magazine clippings, theses and dissertations, profiles of various athletes and athletic organizations, copies of materials from various archives and the Sports Hall of Fame.

            Hall, M. Ann
            Betty Mardiros fonds
            PR2634 · Fonds · 1949 - 1993

            The fonds reflects Betty Mardiros political and social activities and includes clippings, reports, minutes, publications newsletters, articles, correspondence, reports related to the following committees and organizations the CCF, NDP, VOW, EVA, ENUF, WISF, STOP, the Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association, and the Canadian-Chilean Committee for Solidarity dating from 1949 to 1993.

            Mardiros, Betty
            Catherine Garvey fonds
            PR2605 · Fonds · 1972-1991

            The fonds consists of records which have been created in the process of running the Edmonton Catholic Schools Committee on Women. They include reports, correspondence, brochures and articles on women and stereotypes.

            Garvey, Catherine
            PR2500 · Fonds · 1978-2011

            The fonds consists of administrative records, including constitutions, minutes, financial records and correspondence created by the Coalition des femmes de l’Alberta, its affiliates, and partners.

            Coalition des femmes de l'Alberta
            Common Woman Books fonds
            PR2092 · Fonds · 1978-1990

            The fonds consists of records relating to the operation of Common Woman Books, including correspondence, invoices, receipts, inventories, ordering procedures, book inventories, records related to special events held at the store, photographs of members, and four issues of The Newsmagazine by Alberta Women.

            Common Woman Books
            PR1993 · Fonds · 1973-1978

            The fonds consists of the records of the Edmonton Options for Women Council and includes newsletters, correspondence, reports, minutes and information about Alberta Status of Women Action Committee. The fonds also includes one sous-fonds, the Edmonton Women’s Place Society sous-fonds.

            Edmonton Options for Women Council
            Edmonton Peace Council fonds
            PR4052 · Fonds · 1956-2000

            The fonds consists of records, the majority of which are from the 1970s to the 1990s, that consist of minutes, reports, correspondence, petitions, annual financial statements, and press releases created by the Edmonton Peace Council. There are also newsletters, bulletins, and circulars created by the Canadian Peace Congress, the World Peace Council, and other peace organizations such as the Soviet Peace Council, the Canadian Peace Alliance, the Edmonton Peace Network, and many others.

            In addition to literature related to the peace movement, there is also literature related to anti-imperialism, feminism, and other social movements of the second half of the twentieth century.

            The audiovisual records consist of audio recordings of conferences and lectures either hosted or attended by the EPC and educational films on topics related to the peace movement.

            Edmonton Peace Council
            Edmonton Working Women fonds
            PR0390 · Fonds · 1983-2001

            Fonds consists of operational and administrative records for the Edmonton Working Women as well as programme files. Also included are annual reports, evaluation and planning, policies, incorporation and meeting minutes. Fonds also consists of project files for resource guides on sexual harassment and workplace rights including low literacy and foreign language versions. Also included are financial statements, grant applications, and fund raising files as well as submissions on a variety of city and provincial policies or legislation including health care, poverty, and wages. Fonds also consists of subject files on a number of issues like social justice, employment equity, and sexual harassment. Also includes transcripts of hotline calls and monthly summaries.

            Edmonton Working Women
            Halyna Freeland fonds
            PR2400 · Fonds · 1970-1990

            The fonds consists of Halyna Freeland's personal papers, including her appointment books, daily journal, agendas, her clients' legal files, and files from her New Democratic Party election campaign; as well as records she collected on women's rights, on rights for Indigenous women, international issues on women, on fighting violence against women, and on Ukrainian studies.

            The fonds also includes operational files from the Common Woman Bookstores Ltd; operational files of the Alberta Women's News Magazine and copies of this magazine; operational records from the Alberta Law Foundation; records from the Advisory Council on the Status of Women, from the Institute of Law Research and Reform on children and women; as well as from the Hromada Housing Cooperative.

            The fonds is of outstanding significance and national importance by reason of its unique content on Canadian history and politics, women’s rights, rights of Indigenous peoples and people of colour, and because of Halyna Freeland’s impact on feminism in Alberta and Ukraine.

            Freeland, Halyna
            Julie Anne LeGras fonds
            PR0306 · Fonds · 1972-1993

            Fonds consists of Le Gras' personal records as well as records reflecting her interests and involvement in various women's organizations. These records include publications, minutes, manuscripts, newspaper clippings, correspondence, posters, videotapes, audio cassettes and photographs.

            Legras, Julie Anne
            McKinney family fonds
            PR1037 · Fonds · 1900-1964

            Fonds consists of the personal records of J.W. McKinney and Louise Crummy McKinney. Fonds includes records pertaining to Louise Crummy McKinney’s involvement in the WCTU and in the “persons” case, including membership certificates, newspaper clippings, correspondence, articles, and invitations. Fonds also includes records pertaining to J.W. McKinney’s career as an organic chemist and to his service in the RAF and includes membership certificates, personal reminiscences, a copy of his thesis, and correspondence. Fonds contains issues of The Claresholm Local Press and The Canadian White Ribbon Tidings and photographs which depict J.W. McKinney, Louise Crummy McKinney, and other McKinney family members, as well as students of the Claresholm School District No. 764, and the interior of the McKinney Store.

            McKinney family
            PR0355 · Fonds · 1981-1999

            The fonds consists of a variety of Board of Directors records including agendas, minutes, reports, statistics, financial papers, correspondence and marketing materials. These records document activities, issues and decisions reached by the Society.

            Options for Women Society
            PR0116 · Fonds · 1984-1986

            The fonds consists of: general information sheets, financial records, press releases, reports, membership lists, correspondence, minutes of annual, executive and regional meetings, newspaper clippings.

            Provincial Committee for an Alberta Council on Women's Affairs
            PR2177 · Fonds · 1985-1990

            The fonds consists of issues of the magazine, bank statements, deposit slips, cheque stubs, invoices, tax forms, correspondence, clippings, subscription cards, payrolls, legers, bank statements, memorandum, and mailing labels created in conjunction with the production of The Newsmagazine by Alberta Women. The fonds dates from 1985 to 1990.

            Newsmagazine by Alberta Women
            Tom Monto collection
            PR3630 · Collection · 1924, 1932, 1965-1992

            The collection consists of records from a wide variety of sources that are all related to progressive movements and the Canadian left. There are particularly large amounts of records from the Alberta New Democrats and the Strathcona NDP constituency association as well as material from the Alberta Federation of Labour, the Woodsworth-Irvine Socialist Fellowship, and the Edmonton Women's Coalition.

            The NDP material consists of committee files from the Edmonton NDP Anti-War Committee, the Women's Committee, and the Environment Committee; scrapbooks and documents created by Franklin Foster related to his 1975 NDP campaign for the Bonnyville MLA seat; Alberta New Democrat publications, magazines, and reports; and minutes and administrative files from the Strathcona NDP constituency.

            In addition to the Franklin Foster NDP material, there is also a copy of an abridged version of Foster's PhD dissertation on John E. Brownlee.

            The non-NDP material consists of a conference packet from the 1965 Summer Seminar of the Woodsworth-Irvine Socialist Fellowship; several papers and research documents published by leftist and progressive organizations such as the Revolutionary Marxist Group (Saskatchewan), the Woodsworth-Irvine Socialist Fellowship, and the Edmonton Women's Coalition; newsletters and pamphlets from the Edmonton Women's Coalition; several issues of The Other Alberta Report, a progressive compendium of Alberta-focused news analysis; and Alberta Federation of Labour publications.

            Monto, Tom
            Vivien Houle fonds
            PR2857 · Fonds · 1995

            The fonds consists of a copy of Vivien Houle's thesis for partial fulfillment of a Master's of Social Work at the University of British Columbia in 1995, "Collaborative Life Writing with my Grandmother: A Reflexive Feminist Perspective." The fonds also contains eight 90 minute audiocassette tapes capturing the reminiscences of Irma Houle recorded between 1993 and 1995.

            Houle, Vivien
            Women's issues collection
            PR2891 · Collection · 1973 - 1976

            The collection consists of notes, pamphlets, publications, related to issues concerning women such as equality, birth control, and sexuality collected by an anonymous donor dating from 1973 to 1976.

            Unknown donor