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              Alberta Paterson fonds
              PR1903 · Fonds · 1926-1929

              The fonds consists of a photograph album entitled “Life in Northern Canada” with sections “From Edmonton, Alta. to Fort Smith, N.W.T.,” “From Wainwright to LaBute, Alta.,” and “The Flood of 1928,” and includes images dating from 1926 to 1928 of trains, cars, boats, barges, the Northland Echo, the Athabasca River, Fort McMurray, Fort Chipewyan, Fort McKay, Fort Fitzgerald, Fort Smith, camps, airplanes, and buffalo. The fonds also includes an image of Don Paterson.

              Paterson, Alberta
              PR3006 · Fonds · 1908 - 1971

              The fonds consists of materials reflecting the life of Alice Gertrude Bannerman and includes a booklet of verses Alice Gertrude Bannerman composed in honor of Canada's centennial in 1967; an oral history recording of Alice Gertrude Bannerman recalling her father's (Bishop William Day Reeve) life and role as Bishop of Mackenzie River; and copies of issues No. 1 and No. 3 of the first newspaper in Athabasca Landing, the Northern Light dating from 1908.

              Bannerman, Alice Gertrude
              Charles Eymundson fonds
              PR3659 · Fonds · 1911-1963

              The fonds consists of photographs taken by either Charles Eymundson or his son, Romeo, between 1911 and 1963, digitized copies of these photos on four DVD-Rs, and a newsletter from St. John the Baptist’s Church in Fort McMurray.

              The photos depict subjects, events, and locations from across northern Alberta and some locations in Saskatchewan. Locations include Fort Chipewyan, Lesser Slave Lake, Cascade Rapids, McKenzie River, Lake Athabasca, White Mud Canyon, Waterways, Fort McMurray, Athabasca River, Goldfields (Saskatchewan), Edmonton, Brownvale, Slave River, and Embarras.

              Events and subjects depicted in the photos include the Dr. Karl Clark oil sands expedition of 1929, Waterways floods of 1936 and 1963, the Dr. August Sandberg expedition of 1911, the poet Robert Service, the Athabasca Fire Brigade, Hudson’s Bay Company posts, water transportation, hunting and trapping, the crash site of CF-ARI (January, 1940), airplanes and airfields, dog sleds, work crews, American military forces in Waterways during the Second World War, forest fires, and other facets of daily life in northern Alberta. There are also several images of Eymundson family members and friends or associates of the family.

              Eymundson, Charles
              Colin Fraser fonds
              PR0770 · Fonds · 1893-1896

              Fonds consists of daily journals listing trade transactions between Colin Fraser and various individuals.

              Fraser, Colin
              Constance Pearson fonds
              PR1972 · Fonds · Copied 1979

              The fonds consists of selected images copied from three photographs albums, one album titled "Holiday Pictures," the other two untitled, and includes images, originally dating from about 1908 to 1912, of the Hudson's Bay Store at Athabasca Landing, a land sale a Athabasca Landing, Robert Baden-Powell and boy scouts, women on horseback, Fort Chipewyan, people in the hot springs at Banff, automobiles, the Duke of Connaught with Gilbert E. Sanders, and people skating.

              Pearson, Constance
              Eva Ladouceur fonds
              PR0894 · Fonds · Copied 1980

              The fonds consists of two images, one of Fort Chipewyan, undated, and the other of Michel Desjarlais and family, a Métis family from the Lac La Biche area, circa 1915.

              Ladouceur, Eva
              Fort Chipewyan collection
              PR3390 · Collection · 1989

              The collection consists of photographs of various sites and people around Fort Chipewyan, Alberta during winter. All of the locations and some of the subjects are identified

              Unknown donor
              G. Edmund Kelly fonds
              PR0416 · Fonds · [188-?] - [196-]

              Fonds consists of photographs of various Alberta towns and industries (including the rail industry), a booklet of photographs entitled The Far North, a biography of Father Lacombe written by G. Edmund Kelly, family and local histories sent to Kelly by the authors, correspondence created as part of Kelly's work with the Historical Society of Alberta, and two newspaper clippings about Monseigneur Grouard and anniversary celebrations in St. Albert, Alberta.

              Kelly, G. Edmund
              Harold Routledge fonds
              PR1788 · Fonds · Copied 1988

              The fonds consists of colour images taken by Harold Routledge, originally dating 1948 to 1954, of people and place in and around Fort Chipewyan, Alberta; images include aboriginal peoples, local residents, children, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, priests and nuns, log cabins, buildings, churches, tents, streets, dogs, a hockey game, boats, airplanes, automobiles, ice fishing, hunting and trapping .

              Routledge, Harold
              Horace Wylie fonds
              PR0775 · Fonds · Copied 1973

              Fonds consists of photographs dating from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s depicting people, buildings, and views at various Hudson’s Bay Company forts including Fort Chipewyan, Fort Edmonton, and Fort Battleford. Photographs also depict boats, a sawmill, and Battleford Industrial School.

              Wylie, Horace
              Hugh E. Pearson fonds
              PR1971 · Fonds · Copied 1979

              The fonds consists of selected images copied from photographs albums and includes images from a surveying trip around Great Slave Lake in 1922 with images of Fort McMurray, Fort Chipewyan, the boat Northland Echo, canoes, Fort Smith Landing, a First Nations village, tents, Fort Resolution, Souci King Beaulieu, gold mining equipment, the drying of fish, a sawmill, Hudson's Bay Company posts, the Waterways train station; images from a surveying trip in 1923 with images of Largent's Post, Peace River, survey crew, canoes, Fort Fitzgerald, tractors, dogs, Hay River, Fort Simpson, the Stick River, First Nations members, Fort Franklin, camps and an First Nations grave; and miscellaneous images, originally dating from 1912 to about 1919, of a ferry at Athabasca Landing, the J.L. Côté and Alberta Land Survey's building at Grouard, and a First nations woman and her baby, surveyors at Wabasca Lake, Jack Hornby and his log house.

              Pearson, Hugh E.
              Hugh Stroud fonds
              PR1973 · Fonds · Copied 1979

              The fonds consists of images from the Fort McMurray area, originally dating from 1920s, and includes images of furs, likely trapped at Sled Island, participants in a school play in Fort McMurray, First Nations people gathered at Fort Providence, Fort Chipewyan, dogs being used to deliver milk, a school in Fort McMurray and children playing baseball.

              Stroud, Hugh
              Jack P. O’Sullivan fonds
              PR1896 · Fonds · Copied 1978

              The fonds consists of images of river transportation in northern Alberta, possibly dating from the early 1950s, and includes images of boats, barges, tugboats, ferries, freight, crew, and fishing and fish processing, at Waterways, Hay River, Fort Chipewyan, and Fort McMurray.

              O'Sullivan, Jack P.
              Jack Stewart fonds
              PR2818 · Fonds · 1960

              The fonds consists of a combination of datebook and diary used by Jack Stewart in 1960 while he served as an Indian Agent for the Athabasca Agency at Fort Chipewyan.

              Stewart, Jack
              James I. Shepherd fonds
              PR1717 · Fonds · 1927-1930

              The fonds consists of records relating to the time James I. Shepherd spent in Canada, primarily in Northern Alberta, and includes reminiscences about his travels along the Athabasca River, a transcript of a letter to the Warrington Guardian about dogs, a sales agreement for a Ford Coach, and photographs of Fort McMurray, Lake Athabasca, rivers, boats, barges, dogs, native children, canoes, buffalo, tobogganing, natives, as well as images from Swan Lake, British Columbia, Pouce Coupe, British Columbia, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Quebec, and postcards of the Capilano Canyon in Vancouver, British Columbia and Lake Louise, Alberta.

              Shepherd, James I.
              J.J. O'Neill collection
              PR3098 · Collection · [Copied 1969]

              The collection consists of copied images of photographs taken by J.J. O'Neill on a journey through the Northwest Territories in 1921. The images include notes added by G.C. Cherer including titles and identification of individuals.

              The images feature a dog team plowing in at the Hay River Mission; First Nations peoples leaving Deadman's Island on Great Slave Lake; Fort Providence; fishers at Great Slave Lake; Fort Norman; the Anglican Mission School at Hay River; a First Nations settlement at Two Islands; the Mackenzie River; a dog at Hay River; a First Nation's boat; Fort Resolution; Fort Smith; the mouth of the Nahanni River; Royal Canadian Mounted Police Barracks at Fitzgerald; Deadman's Island, Oil Creek, Imperial Oil Company's well at Fort Norman; a Hudson's Bay Company boat on the Mackenzie River; Wrigley Northwest Territories; Fort Chipewyan; and Fort Fitzgerald.

              The fonds also includes a letter from Dr. J.J. O'Neill to G.C. Cherer regarding J.J. O'Neill's journey throughout the Northwest Territories.

              O'Neill, J.J.
              Joe Atkinson fonds
              PR2238 · Fonds · copied 1993

              The fonds consists of 20 photographs documenting Joe Atkinson’s work as a nurse for Indigenous peoples in Northern Alberta throughout the 1950s.

              Atkinson, Joe
              John Veillette fonds
              PR2855 · Fonds · 1935 - 1955

              The fonds reflects John Veillette's interest in history and consists of a photograph of Chipewyan, Alberta and a photograph of Wilf Brown in Chipewyan, Alberta dating from 1955. The fonds also includes a photograph and a negative featuring the Central Canadian Greyhound Bus-lines dating from 1935.

              Veillette, John
              Lawrence family fonds
              PR0187 · Fonds · [187-]-1979, predominant 1879-1950

              Fonds consists of records primarily relating to the Sheridan Lawrence family and their activities or interests, but also consists of records pertaining to the entire Lawrence family. Records include newspaper clippings about various family members, genealogy books written by members of the Lawrence family and photographs. The fonds has been divided into two series: Sheridan Lawrence family and E.J. Lawrence family.

              Lawrence family
              Lucien Mercier fonds
              PR1233 · Fonds · [ca. 1916-ca. 1938]

              Fonds consists of photographs and mechanically and photographically produced postcards depicting Lucien Mercier and his wife, as well as various people, buildings, and views in Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories, including Inuit women, First Nations men and women, dredges, ferries, mills, rivers, churches, airplanes, stores, railroad stations and accidents, hotels, floods, fishing and fish drying, caribou, trading posts, trucks, street views, aerial and panoramic views, banks, hospitals, shipyards, post offices, bituminous oil production plants, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, fires, dogsleds, and houses. Fonds also includes a caribou skin map depicting Slave Lake, Alberta, and newspaper clippings about Lucien Mercier.

              Mercier, Lucien
              Marlene Jerred fonds
              PR1427 · Fonds · 1908-1924

              The fonds consists of photographic postcards, photographs and postcards from Okotoks, Lethbridge, Millarville, Saddle Lake, Fort Chipewyan, Athabasca Landing, Fort Smith and Fort McMurray of buildings, churches, missions, barn building, residents, dog teams, horses, houses, boats and canoes, rivers, horse races, and some of the Calgary Stampede.

              Jerred, Marlene
              Robina Polet fonds
              PR1695 · Fonds · 1944-1952

              The fonds consists of the personal correspondence of Robina Polet.

              Polet, Robina
              Victor Mercredi fonds
              PR3080 · Fonds · 1962

              The records consist of the 'Diary of Victor Mercredi: Fort Chip, 1962', re-typed in English.

              Mercredi, Victor
              Viewegar family fonds
              PR0084 · Fonds · 1913 - 1974, predominant 1913 - 1914

              The fonds consists of photographs taken by Hugo Viewegar and his son, Lute Vieweger. Of particular note are nine autochromes, 1913 - 1914, taken by Hugo Viewegar. The autochrome is a very rare early colour photographic process. The originals are 5"X7" and 3 1/2"X5" transparencies on glass plates. Copy negatives and prints have been produced from the fragile originals by the Provincial Archives of Alberta as reference copies. The subject matter is native people, Royal North West Mounted Police (RNWMP), family portraits, a house and a still life, all taken in Edmonton. Also by Hugo Viewegar are nine black and white photographs and four black and white negatives, 1913 - 1914, of homesteading, RNWMP, the City of Edmonton paddle steamer, and Edmonton scenes. Two of the prints are vintage albumen prints (RNWMP). The remainder are modern prints. Also included are five black and white photographs and four black and white negatives, [193-], by Lute Vieweger, of riverboats, airplanes and Fort Chipewyan. All five prints are modern prints. Also included is an audio reel recording of an interview with Lute Vieweger about his life, recorded in 1974.

              Vieweger family