Grain elevators

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      Grain elevators

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        Grain elevators

        • Usado para Elevators, Grain

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        Grain elevators

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          PR1276 · Colección · Copied 1975-1977

          Collection consists of photocopied newspaper clipping about Margaret McCauley dated 1961 and copied photographs dating 1914-1974 which depict various people, buildings, businesses, and views in Three Hills, Alberta including Harvey Moir Elliot.

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          Trevor Shaw fonds
          PR4058 · Fondo · 1998-2002

          The fonds consists of photography that depicts mostly built infrastructure around the province, primarily in rural settings. These include places such as Pickardville, Chipman, Red Water, Langdon, Mossleigh, and many others. The sites are located across the province in a variety of topographic settings and depict rural houses, barns, churches, grain elevators, and other types of buildings. Furthermore, the prints and negatives are very well-organized and catalogued by date and location by Shaw.

          The textual records consist of a few examples of the Edmonton Journal’s “Country Asides” section that contain Shaw’s photography.

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          Tom Kirkam fonds
          PR1000 · Fondo · 1978

          The fonds consists one photograph and one negative of “The Buffalo,” a new kind of grain elevator made of precast concrete sloping bins bolted together, located near Magrath, Alberta.

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          Lawrence A. Lindskoog fonds
          PR1139 · Fondo · Copied 1982

          The fonds consists of a slide presentation entitled “Looking Back 75 Years” about the history of Hughenden, Alberta, directed by Lawrence Lindskoog, and includes copies of the slides from the presentation featuring farms, grain elevators, area residents, buildings, house, schools, churches; a copy of the accompanying script; and an audio reel copy of the 90 minute narration by Mr. and Mrs. Matt Lund.

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          Rick McSparron fonds
          PR1803 · Fondo · [194-?]-1989

          The fonds consists of images of a funeral, family, children, houses, barns, farm animals, and grain elevators, as well as images taken by Rick McSparron of the construction and destruction of Edmonton buildings and other images showing the architectural changes in Edmonton. The fonds also includes images taken by McSparron of Banff, Waterton and Calgary and images of Gaby Haas and his Barndance Gang.

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          PR1107 · Colección · Copied 1975

          Collection consists of copied photographs dating 1912-1967 which depict various images in the High Prairie, Alberta area including women, children, buildings, grain elevators, livery barns, aerial and street views, businesses, floods, houses, logging, agricultural scenes, schools, churches, post offices, barracks, airplanes, hospitals, bridges, a dairy and a circus.

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          Lawrence Tippie collection
          PR0623 · Colección · 1838-1931

          Collection consists of various pamphlets regarding the postal system in Canada dating 1914-1931, blank letterhead for Strathcona’s Horse, an advertising newsletter for the dentist Dr. H. Barrie Millican of Calgary, Alberta dated ca. 1919, a contest poster from General Mailstores System Company dated 1929, circulation advertisements for The Nor-West Farmer dating 1918-1926, postal vouchers dated 1925, a notice from the Edmonton Journal circulation department dated 1930, an undated copy of The Canadian Glider Boosters, an undated glass plate negative depicting an unknown man, and an undated photograph depicting Howard Douglas. Fonds also includes a copied map depicting western Canada dated 1790, and various other maps depicting areas in northwestern Canada in the years 1874-1916 such as the North West Mounted Police territory, the Canadian Pacific Railway lines, the Riel Rebellion territory, the Elevators in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, and the Northern and Southern Alberta Disposition of Lands.

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          Krause Milling Company fonds
          PR1756 · Fondo · 1938-1950, predominant 1938-1943

          The fonds consists of records of the Krause Milling Company, primarily for Radway, and includes correspondence, blank stationary, records of grain storage, receipts, and lists of those with liens upon their crops provided by Albert Hail Insurance Board. The fonds also includes blank forms for the Gillespie Grain Company Limited, with whom the Bruderheim Milling Company cooperated.

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          Albert Ward fonds
          PR1333 · Fondo · Copied 1983

          The fonds consists of images copied from glass negatives, originally dating 1916-1918, primarily of the Sedgewick, Alberta area, including a horse and cart, horse and sleigh, a girl and her doll, grain elevators, horse racing, Sports Days, buildings, farms, a baptism, musicians, harvesting, school construction, automobiles, a tractor, a sail boat, horses; also included are images of the Sports Day in Killam, Alberta and a view of Killam. Some of the glass negatives from which copies were made were quite damaged and this is reflected in the copies that were made.

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          Multicutural Heritage Centre collection
          PR1321 · Colección · 1978-1982

          The collection consists of records collected by the Multicultural Heritage Centre in Stony Plain, Alberta. The collection includes a history of the Winterburn Area Church by Noel Gour and images from a number of different individuals: John Ducholke, Hilda Margerison, Mrs. Pahal, Mrs. Vanderwell, Mrs. Dringenberg, Dora and Alex Ziegler, Dan Dale, C. Groat, Mrs. J. Eatock, Clara Evjen, Mrs. Deby, D. Dickie, Harold Anderson, Frank Maddock, Mrs. C. Talbot, Mrs. Burger, Mrs. Erickson, A. Kulak, Dennis Jettkant, R. Breitkrietz, Elizabeth Altheim, Curtland Schwalbe, Mr. A Shep, Mike Nonay, Allite Meads, Willie Propp, and Emil Fischer. The images date from circa (ca.) 1905 to 1937, and feature the Stony Plain area including Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and Wabamun, and include images of stores (exteriors and interiors), train stations, hotels, grain elevators (exteriors and interiors), garages and liveries, houses and log houses, schools and students, churches, harvesting, agricultural machinery, musicians, picnics, a merry-go-round, laundry, sleighs, exhibitions, logging, locomotives, ferries and town views.

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          United Grain Growers fonds
          PR1123 · Fondo · 1944-1965

          Fonds consists of business records of the United Grain Growers, specifically relating to the activities of Hugh Allen, a director of United Grain Growers, and to the activities of A.J. Fender who was an agent of the United Grain Growers in Camrose, Alberta and includes annual reports, notices, correspondence, radio broadcast transcripts, speeches, telegrams, memorandum, bills of lading, inventories, issues of The UFA, an Edmonton telephone directory, agricultural information bulletins, notices, copies of proceedings of the Alberta Legislative Assembly, photographs depicting an oyster shell deposit and oyster grit manufacturing buildings on the Belly River, near Glenwood, Alberta, and a grain field. Fonds also contains records pertaining to the Pinto Creek Coal Mines in Wembley, Alberta and minutes from a Canadian Trade Committee Meeting held in London in 1950. Accession PR2013.0136 consists of photographs depicting grain elevator construction sites in Fort Macleod and Wayne, Alberta.

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          Douglas Gaudette fonds
          PR0954 · Fondo · Copied 1980

          The fonds consists of five images dating from 1913 to 1914, one of Frank Gaudette’s Drugstore in Mirror Landing (renamed Smith), Alberta and four of Granum, Alberta, including the train station and grain elevators, a school, a church, and Main Street.

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          Howard Colwell fonds
          PR0884 · Fondo · [1915 - 1946]

          Fonds is made up of 11 photographs of grain elevators at Compeer, Alberta, including the Alberta Pacific Grain elevator, Home Grain elevator, and Searle Grain elevator.

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          Laurel Wolanski fonds
          PR0882 · Fondo · 1988-1990

          The fonds consists of reproduction copies of records relating to Leo Cecil Satterfield, including a Canada Registration Board certificate from 1918, a Certificate of Entry for Soldier Grant from 1918, and a Statement of the Poll after Counting the Ballots regarding prohibition from 1923; sixteen slides of the Government House, the Provincial Museum exterior, and a view of the River Valley from the museum grounds; ten photographs of the 1987 Klondike Days parade, including Edmonton Oilers Dave Hunter, Kevin Lowe and Craig Muni, the Edmonton Eskimos, various bands and other float entries; and five photographs and five negatives of the Alberta Wheat Pool grain elevator near Egremont, Alberta.

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          Barry and Doreen Wyman fonds
          PR1810 · Fondo · Copied 1989

          The fonds consists of images, originally dating from the 1910s, of a Canadian Pacific Railway land office and Blairmore, an image of Rockyford, Alberta, and images, originally dating 1948, of the flood in Baintree, Alberta, including images of houses, buildings, automobiles, grain elevators, farms, railroad tracks and roads.

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          PR1028 · Colección · Copied 1974

          Collection consists of copied photographs that date from 1912 to circa (ca.) 1923 which depict various people, buildings, and views in Vegreville, Alberta including members of the Girl Guides, army troops on trains, school buildings and students, including the Aplomb and Imperial schools, various farming scenes, Galician settlers, houses, hospitals, churches, banks, grain elevators, and street views. Fonds also contains a panoramic view of Vegreville, Alberta and some collage images.

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          Roy Hoster fonds
          PR1269 · Fondo · Copied 1975

          Fonds consists of copied photographs dating in the 1900s that depict views of Stettler and Banff, Alberta and include grain elevators, houses, railroad cars, and a view of Stettler taken from the school.

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          Groat family fonds
          PR1851 · Fondo · [189-]-[192-]

          The fonds consists of photographs, postcards and 4 tintypes relating to the Groat family and includes images of Edmonton streets, streetcars, riverboats, houses, wagon racing, train station, streets, soldiers from the “E” company, 31st Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, horses, trains, unidentified people, a grain elevator (Brackman-Ker Milling Company Limited), children, log cabins, surveying parties, canoes, rivers, landscapes, tents, packhorses, surveyors, mountains, lakes, a surveying party for the Grand Trunk Pacific railway, a train crash, and members of the Groat family.

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          H.J. Hogarth fonds
          PR1451 · Fondo · [1900]-1913

          Fonds consists of copied and original photographs depicting Delia, Alberta, including street views, businesses, buildings, a Sunday school picnic, agricultural machinery, horses, a railroad station, and grain elevators.

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          Terry and Sheelagh Kerr fonds
          PR3687 · Fondo · [192-?]

          This collection includes photographs of Canadian agribusiness in the 1920’s. The photographs include images of horse and tractor farm machinery, the use of irrigation in farming, agricultural shipping via rail and the many types of livestock and field crops raised and grown in Canada.

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          K.G.L. Sange collection
          PR3990 · Colección · 1920-1925

          The collection consists of photographs of threshing scenes, a biplane in Viking, grain elevators in Blackie, and Peace River.

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