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          Albert Ward fonds
          PR1333 · Fonds · Copied 1983

          The fonds consists of images copied from glass negatives, originally dating 1916-1918, primarily of the Sedgewick, Alberta area, including a horse and cart, horse and sleigh, a girl and her doll, grain elevators, horse racing, Sports Days, buildings, farms, a baptism, musicians, harvesting, school construction, automobiles, a tractor, a sail boat, horses; also included are images of the Sports Day in Killam, Alberta and a view of Killam. Some of the glass negatives from which copies were made were quite damaged and this is reflected in the copies that were made.

          Ward, Albert
          Fonds · 1963-1974

          The fonds consists of the records of the Alberta Racing Commission. The records include specimens of harness applications (1963-1974), stable applications (1970) and thoroughbred applications (1971-1974)

          Alberta Racing Commission
          Ardis Kamra fonds
          PR0875 · Fonds · Copied 1980

          The fonds consists of 4 images from circa (ca.) 1918, of the Calgary Derby, F.E. Nichol’s Department Store in Killam, Alberta and views of Killam.

          Kamra, Ardis
          Arthur S. Mould fonds
          PR0922 · Fonds · 1923-1974, predominant 1923-1925

          Fonds consists of records related to Arthur S. Mould’s participation in the Hoadley Scheme, and includes an issue of The Radio, a Legislative Assembly of Alberta member’s gallery pass, a personal reminiscence, and photographs that depict horse teams, a train, and various buildings.

          Mould, Arthur S.
          Arthur Scrutton fonds
          PR3901 · Fonds · [1902?]

          The fonds consists of seven photographs of members of Siksika/Blackfoot Nation in the Fort MacLeod area, ca. 1902. Also included are four pages of recipes for horse medicine created by Katy May Scrutton (Fuller), wife of Arthur.

          Scrutton, Arthur
          Beth Witherbe fonds
          PR0455 · Fonds · 1905-1966

          The fonds consists of the ephemera and records of Miss Beth Witherbe, and includes photographic postcards and photographs of friends, family, automobiles, floats, tennis, horses and carriages, a photographs album with 16 photographs of camping scenes, Vermilion School of Agriculture memorabilia, music programs, cards, a dance card, invitations and name tags, movie programs, a calendar, Vermilion Live Stock Protective Association Brand Books, a dry cleaning guide, banquet menus, newspaper clippings and family history information.

          Witherbe, Beth
          Betty Schwob fonds
          PR1235 · Fonds · 1880-[1920]

          Fonds consists of copied and original photographs depicting horse and carriages at the Strathcona racetrack, the first Strathcona hockey team, members of a Strathcona tennis tournament, The Strathcona Theatrical Group, the Alberta Inaugural Ball in Thistle Rink, members of the Watherston, Sutherland, Cameron, Hill, Lee, Jackson, Davies, Spohn, and Sharples families, Jackson's Foundry, and the Wilkin and Company store. Fonds also includes a poster for a showing of the play Chiselling, a photocopied newspaper clipping of a review of the play, a cookbook compiled by the Woman's Guild of Holy Trinity Church, a short history of tennis in Edmonton, and an 1880 issue of The Bulletin.

          Schwob, Betty
          C.D. Taylor fonds
          PR2263 · Fonds · 1930-1941

          The fonds consists of correspondence, and certificates of C.D. Taylor dating from 1930 to 1939.The fonds also includes correspondence, minutes, and by-laws originated from the Iola Progressive Agricultural Society dating from 1937 to 1941.

          Taylor, C.D.
          PR1100 · Fonds · 1907-1965, predominant 1907-1945

          Fonds consists of the records of the Claresholm Park Association and includes voting proxies, minutes, notes, race results and prizes, financial records, resolutions, a register of shareholders, and newspaper clippings.

          Claresholm Park Association
          C.W. Youngs collection
          PR1719 · Collection · [between 1912 and 1916]

          The collection consists of images from a surveying crew that worked in the Peace River area, and includes images of pack horses, camps, trees and crew.

          Youngs, C.W.
          Dorothy Blakey Smith fonds
          PR0795 · Fonds · 1919- [1981], predominant 1919

          Fonds consists of a personal reminiscence by Dorothy Blakey Smith about the summer she taught at Pine View School in Alberta, and a number of photographs taken during that time which depict the Pine View School and students, log buildings, horse, carriages, the Calgary Stampede, as well as Dorothy Blakey Smith and other individuals.

          Smith, Dorothy Blakey
          D.W. MacDonald fonds
          PR2146 · Fonds · 1940- 1947

          The fonds consists of horse racing programs from the High River Rodeo; horse racing forms from and a certificate from the Canadian Trotting Association, and programs from the Lacombe Agricultural Society collected by Dr. D.W. MacDonald. The fonds dates from 1940 to 1947.

          MacDonald, D.W.
          Edward S. Bryant fonds
          PR1049 · Fonds · 1906-1983

          The fonds consists of Bryant’s daytimers and business cards, essays and correspondence about Bryant’s return to school after retirement, and the following series: Military records, which were created and accumulated during the Second World War and during Bryant’s time with the 19th Alberta Dragoons, many of which are photographic records; Clubs and association records, which include records relating to Bryant’s involvement in the Salisbury Saddle Club (an affiliate of the Edmonton Gymkhana Association) and the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps Association; Radio records, which relate to Bryant’s interest in amateur radio and his work in the radio industry; Travel records, which relate to Bryant’s involvement in the travel industry, in particular with the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA); and William Wilder McKinney Parker publications.

          Bryant, Edward S.
          Folk, Hodgson family fonds
          PR1254 · Fonds · 1904-1939

          The fonds consists of a Christian Catechism for the Use of School Children and Young People booklet in Ukrainian and English for the Independent Greek Church in Canada, prescription receipts, other receipts, Christmas cards, a road map of Alberta and British Columbia, photographs of a wedding, the Markerville band, the Claresholm School of Agriculture graduating class, the Edmonton Normal school graduating class, members of the Edmonton Saddle Club, the Royal visit in 1939, the Earl of Bessborourgh's (Governor General) visit, and photographic postcards of Westlock including a farmer's field, hospital and Main Street, and postcards of Edmonton buildings and land marks, including the Court House, the train station, the High Level Bridge, McDougall Church, the Post Office, the MacDonald Hotel, the Royal Alexandra Hospital and a view of Jasper Avenue.

          Folk, Hodgson family
          Frank Milling fonds
          PR1459 · Fonds · [ca. 1913]

          Fonds consists of photographs depicting the Legislative buildings, a horse and cart belonging to Western Junk and Lead Melting Company, and construction of the High Level Bridge in Edmonton, Alberta.

          Milling, Frank
          Gargus family fonds
          PR3168 · Fonds · Copied 1981

          The fonds relates to the life of the Gargus family and includes copies of photographs featuring men with horses and unidentified individuals with horses dating from the 1920s and 1930s.

          Gargus family
          G.C. Pinhorn fonds
          PR0490 · Fonds · [ca. 1906]-[before 1921]

          The fonds consists of photographs from the Milk River, Pendant d’Orielle and Coutts areas, including the Writing-on-Stone, Pendant d’Orielle and Wild Horse detachments (exteriors and interior), ranches, ranch camps, camp dinner, ranch buildings, ranch hands, horses, cattle, a quarantine station, many relating to the Milk River Cattle Company, houses, and postcards of Medicine Hat streets.

          Pinhorn, G.C.
          Helen Lindsay fonds
          PR2611 · Fonds · [ca. 1930]

          The fonds consists of three images featuring equestrian jumps circa 1930.

          Lindsay, Helen
          Helen Manson fonds
          PR1457 · Fonds · 1914-1917

          Fonds consists of three coloured postcards depicting scenes in Edmonton, Alberta including the McKay Avenue Public School, construction of the High Level Bridge, and a woman riding a horse.

          Manson, Helen
          Henry Arthur Conroy fonds
          PR0435 · Fonds · [ca.1905]

          Fonds consists mainly of photographs depicting people transporting goods via canoe and horseback in northern Alberta areas such as Lesser Slave Lake, Great Slave Lake, Fort Resolution, Peace River, Vermilion, and Dunvegan.

          Conroy, Henry Arthur
          H.J. Hogarth fonds
          PR1451 · Fonds · [1900]-1913

          Fonds consists of copied and original photographs depicting Delia, Alberta, including street views, businesses, buildings, a Sunday school picnic, agricultural machinery, horses, a railroad station, and grain elevators.

          Hogarth, H.J.
          PR2991 · Fonds · [ca. 1923]

          The fonds includes three photo-postcards depicting horses and ranching scenes in Alberta. The notes on the back of the postcards were written by Isabelle Mitchell [Millie] Hardwick to Miss Joan Barrow, Miss B. Barrow and Miss Val. Barrow in Victoria, British Columbia in the 1920s.

          Hardwick, Isabelle Mitchell
          J.B. Wood fonds
          PR1072 · Fonds · 1912-1918

          Fonds consists of records pertaining to Lt. J.B. Wood’s service in World War I and includes booklets about military law and procedure and physical training, maps depicting military fronts in Belgium, France and Germany, and a composition written by Lt. J.B. Wood containing information about the organization, training, procedures, and duties of troops, and copied excerpts about various aspects of the German Army. Fonds also includes a photograph depicting polo players.

          Wood, J.B.
          Katherine Baier fonds
          PR2249 · Fonds · [1949 - 1960]

          The fonds consists of five reels of 16mm colour silent film shot by Katherine Baier featuring scenes of cars, weddings horseback riding, Chateau Lake Louise, Bonnyville School dating from 1954; scenes of the Columbia Ice Fields, Banff, Frank Slide, and Turtle Mountain dating from ca. 1957; equestrian scenes in Bawlf, Alberta dating from ca. 1955; scenes of Radium, BC, the Banff town site, a restored Model-T Ford dating from ca. 1959; scenes of harvesting, the Banff Highway, waterfalls, the Banff town site, animals, campsite, cars, St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, and a Viking Parade dating from ca. 1949 to 1953.

          Baier, Katherine
          L. Eric Hansen fonds
          PR2565 · Fonds · 1967 - 1968

          The fonds consists of materials pertaining to L. Eric Hansen's participation in an Interprovincial Historical Trail Ride and includes correspondence, historical notes on locations on the route, color and black & white photographs of the trail ride, and pamphlets and clippings related to the locations on the on the trail.

          Hansen, L. Eric
          PR3391 · Collection · 1974

          The collection consists of images of the Lieutenant Governor's Purse thoroughbred horse race at the Northlands Racetrack in 1974. Images include the race track, grandstand, and race horses.

          Unknown donor
          Linda Finstad fonds
          PR3682 · Fonds · 2008-2010

          The fonds consists of photographs by Linda Finstad of dozens of horse breeds with anecdotal information regarding the experiences and history of individual horse breeders. The textual material is arranged by site visit and includes correspondence with participant breeders, information about the site and its horses, and a written summary of each visit that includes information about the horses seen. The photographs are printed from original digital files and depict several horse breeds from around Alberta. However, these photos are not identified. The original files are found on the external hard-drive and are arranged by site visit and/or horse breed. There are many more digital photographs than printed photographs.

          The collages are over-sized boards featuring photographs of horse breeds with some information about the history of horse-breeding in the province.

          Finstad, Linda
          Marian Little fonds
          PR2614 · Fonds · 1911 - 1913

          The fonds consists of postcards featuring scenes on the Athabasca River including York Boats, boatmen, and Grand Rapids dating from 1911 to 1912. The fonds also includes a photograph of Robert Little and his horse, Laddie, in 1913.

          Little, Marian
          Marlene Jerred fonds
          PR1427 · Fonds · 1908-1924

          The fonds consists of photographic postcards, photographs and postcards from Okotoks, Lethbridge, Millarville, Saddle Lake, Fort Chipewyan, Athabasca Landing, Fort Smith and Fort McMurray of buildings, churches, missions, barn building, residents, dog teams, horses, houses, boats and canoes, rivers, horse races, and some of the Calgary Stampede.

          Jerred, Marlene
          PR0864 · Collection · 1912-1914

          The collection is made up of five photographs donated to the Provincial Archives of Alberta from the collection of the Medicine Hat Museum and Art Gallery. The photographs include one photo of soldiers and nurses in front of St. Stephen’s College, University of Alberta, one of Cadomin Mines, one of construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway bridge in Edmonton, one of construction of the High Level Bridge in Edmonton, and one of the horse “Edgewood Boy” owned by Alex Galbraith and Sons, Edmonton.

          Medicine Hat Museum and Art Gallery
          Mike Stelmach fonds
          PR3207 · Fonds · Copied 1979

          The fonds consists of material belonging to Mike Stelmach and includes copies of photographs featuring a wedding, cars, a family, horses, a band, and individuals dating from the early to mid 20th century.

          Stelmach, Mike
          Morris Taylor fonds
          PR3833 · Fonds · 1927-1990

          The fonds consists of materials made or received by Morris Taylor in his various capacities throughout his horseracing career, such as: photographs; correspondence; scripts from the prime-time television show “Track Talk;” audio and film recordings of racing events, including the Speed to Spare Championship and Canadian and Alberta Derbies; racing columns such as the “Racing Review”; racing history studies; stall applications; and, records of family horses.

          Records also include ephemeral materials collected by Taylor relating to the history of horse racing in Western Canada, including: scrapbooks, clippings, magazines, programs and pamphlets, posters, racing date cards, Northlands entry tickets, and a racing map.

          Taylor, Morris
          Roger Vick fonds
          PR0797 · Fonds · Copied 1973

          Fonds consists of records dating circa (ca.) 1937 relating to the construction of the Monkman Pass road in the Peace River area of Alberta and includes photocopied articles, newspaper clippings, and a map. Fonds also includes copied photographs depicting work crews, trucks, automobiles, buildings, corduroy roads, horses, log cabins, and a waterfall.

          Vick, Roger
          Roy Schlader fonds
          PR0451 · Fonds · Copied 1986

          The fonds consists of images relating to the fishing operations of McInnes Products Corporation, Limited in Waterways, Alberta, originally dating circa (ca.) 1930s and 1940s, and includes images of the horses and sleighs, trucks, cars, fish, workers, log buildings, airplanes, barges, ferries, fishing boats, net making, laundry and aerial views of the McInnes buildings at Waterways.

          Schlader, Roy
          R.T. Cole fonds
          PR1957 · Fonds · 1911-1915

          The fonds consists of an image of Joseph Edouard Lambert (who operated Imperial Stables) driving a horse-drawn carriage, most likely in Edmonton, images of the award winning (Winnipeg Horse Show) horses Going Some, So Am I and Lady Tuck owned by Fred C. Lowes of Calgary, an image of the 3rd Canadian Mounted Regiment, "C" Squadron, 4th Troop from Edmonton and an image of the 2nd Service Squadron, 19th Alberta Dragoons, "C" Squadron, 3rd Division of the Royal Canadian Mounted Regiment (Canadian Expeditionary Force). The fonds also includes a 1915 Cavalry Training manual of the General Staff, War Office London, used by R.T. Cole while serving with the 19th Alberta Dragoons.

          Cole, R.T.
          Tom Count fonds
          PR3029 · Fonds · Copied 1971-1976

          The fonds reflects Tom Count's professional occupation in the heritage industry and consists of copies of two photographs featuring the interior of T.M. Williams' Harness Shop; a copy of a photograph featuring a drill used by the Geological Survey of Canada in Pakan, North-West Territories in 1898; and a copy of the murder trial of Charcoal, an Indigenous individual [Kainai First Nation] who was tried at the Supreme Court of the Northwest Territories in 1897.

          Count, Tom
          Vi May series
          PR0484.0002 · Series · 1911-1980
          Part of May family fonds

          Series includes articles, journals, newspaper clippings, and scrap books of Vi May as well as photographs from Vi’s childhood, her horse riding career, of family members, and her travels.

          PR0195 · Fonds · 1925-1968

          Fonds consists of publications, programs, photographs and news releases of the Western Canada Racing Association Ltd.

          Western Canada Racing Association