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          PR1405 · Collectie · Copied 1974-1987

          The collection consists of images, originally dating ca. 1914 to ca. 1983 from Cereal, Alberta, including images of views of Cereal, streets, hotels, train station, schools, hospitals, a restaurant interior, houses and log houses, children, residents, hospital matrons, a hospital doctor, the director of nurses, geese hunters, a fiddler, horse and carts, horse and sleigh, horses, cattle, oxen, barns, farming, harvesting, plowing, harrows, water well, baseball spectators, cars, picnics, skiing, trains, and a steam engine.

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          Jean Moylan collection
          PR2642 · Collectie · [193-]

          The collection consists of nine 1930s "sceneograph" photographs and the postcard envelop that contained the photographs, made by the Gowen Sutton Company (Co.) Limited (Ltd.) of Vancouver, British Columbia. The photographs feature various locations in Edmonton including the Alberta Legislature, the High Level Bridge, the Low Level Bridge, the Hotel MacDonald, the river valley, downtown Edmonton, 100th Street, Jasper Avenue, and Riverside Park swimming pool (later renamed Queen Elizabeth Pool).

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          PR3105 · Collectie · [Copied 1972]

          The collection consists of copies of photographs featuring the Redwater district collected and used for the creation of the publication Memories: Redwater and District and includes views dating from the 1910s to the 1960s featuring pioneers of Redwater, the Opal Presbyterian Church and congregation, a ferry across the North Saskatchewan River at Eldora, Opal School picnic, Pinehurst School staff and students, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Radway, loading grain into a seed drill, a wedding, a barn-raising bee, Eastgate School, Opal baseball team, Redwater School staff and students, Eastgate Russian Orthodox Church, trappers, the Redwater Hotel, Redwater celebrating Canada's centennial, the first Village Council of Redwater, St. Clare's Church, the official valve opening ceremony at the Interprovincial Pipeline No.1 Station in Redwater, Radway hospital, councilors of the Municipal District of Smoky Lake, a sawmill, Maybridge School, agricultural activity, and musical performances.

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          Georgette Reith fonds
          PR0933 · Archief · Copied 1980

          The fonds consists of two images dating 1918 and 1919 of the Francais family, one of George (Jr.) and Georgette Francais, and one of George (Sr.) and Emily Francais, on Connors Hill in Edmonton, Alberta, with the Hotel Macdonald visible in the background.

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          PR1137 · Archief · 1958-1972

          The fonds consists of the business records of Diamond-Clarke & Associates, and includes one sous-fonds, Edmonton Engineering Associates Limited sous-fonds, and two series: Project records and Administrative records. Diamond-Clarke & Associates projects included schools, churches, hospitals, commercial buildings, and hotels.

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          Nan Greenwood fonds
          PR0908 · Archief · [ca. 1933] - [ca.1934]

          The fonds consists of two images of the Hotel Macdonald in Edmonton, Alberta taken from the southside of the North Saskatchewan River.

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          Wize family fonds
          PR0776 · Archief · 1910-1972, predominant 1910-1927

          Fonds consists of the records of the Wize family and includes correspondence, business cards, certificates from the Automobile Association and Motor Union, Calgary Electric Railway tickets, copied newspaper clippings, a promissory note, postcards, a telegram, and a letter of recommendation from Emily Murphy. Fonds also includes photographs and negatives depicting various buildings, street views, and parades in Alberta, including the Corona Hotel, Wize Block, Hudson’s Bay Company trading posts, Queen Alexandra School, the parliament building, airplanes, and the 49th Battalion. A large number of photographs and negatives depict people, buildings, and views in other countries, such as Egypt, Russia, Finland, Germany, England, Holland, Burma, Italy, Japan, Macao, Manila, Norway, and Sweden. Fonds also includes a register from the Corona Hotel.

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          George Turner fonds
          PR1995 · Archief · Copied 1970

          The fonds consists of images of early Edmonton, North Edmonton and Strathcona dating from about 1906 to about 1917, taken by the Byron-May Company and includes images of businesses, saw mills, companies, churches, schools, hotels, buildings, and the post office.

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          Community Press fonds
          PR1081 · Archief · [1910 - 1912]

          The fonds includes images from glass plate negatives of Sedgewick originally dating from 1910 to 1912, and includes views of Sedgewick, farming equipment, buildings such as stores, the livery, the hotel, the lumber yard, houses, streets, and a class of students, and an undated photograph of the Duhamel Bridge, a rail bridge near Camrose, Alberta.

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          Stu and Mabel Robblee fonds
          PR2759 · Archief · 1881 - [ca. 1912]

          The fonds consists of the November 12, 1881 edition of The Edmonton Bulletin. The fonds also contains four photographs featuring downtown Edmonton, Alberta including images of the Legislature Building, and the Cecil Hotel circa 1912.

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          Doreen Olecko fonds
          PR1017 · Archief · Copied 1974-1975

          Fonds consists of copied photographs that date from 1910-1945, predominantly 1910-1922, that depict various people, buildings, and views in the Whitecourt, Alberta area and includes barns, log buildings, carriages and carts, a hockey team, Beaver Bridge, a survey party, school children, street views, churches, tractors, ferries, railroad construction, various public events and picnics, Harrop’s Hotel, Torgerson’s Store, H. Steward Pool Room, and the Whitecourt Hotel.

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          PR3635 · Collectie · 1949

          The collection consists of photographs that were originally held in a coil-bound booklet and have notches on the left side where the coil held the photos in place. The photos depict various sites in downtown Edmonton, including Jasper Avenue, the MacDonald Hotel, the Greyhound Bus Station, and the Legislature.

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          PR0861 · Collectie · Copied 1990

          The collection is made up of copies of two photographs (postcard format) from the Museum's collection, obtained by copy loan. The two photographs, originally taken ca. 1900, depict Main Street, Leduc and the Leland Hotel, Leduc.

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          Buck Lake Hotel fonds
          PR2081 · Archief · 1961-1969

          The fonds consists of correspondence, payrolls, and minutes of the Buck Lake Executive as well as administrative and operational records of the hotel including till tape, hotel registers, tax forms, financial reports, and a photograph of the Buck Lake hotel, dating from 1961-1969.

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          PR1321 · Collectie · 1978-1982

          The collection consists of records collected by the Multicultural Heritage Centre in Stony Plain, Alberta. The collection includes a history of the Winterburn Area Church by Noel Gour and images from a number of different individuals: John Ducholke, Hilda Margerison, Mrs. Pahal, Mrs. Vanderwell, Mrs. Dringenberg, Dora and Alex Ziegler, Dan Dale, C. Groat, Mrs. J. Eatock, Clara Evjen, Mrs. Deby, D. Dickie, Harold Anderson, Frank Maddock, Mrs. C. Talbot, Mrs. Burger, Mrs. Erickson, A. Kulak, Dennis Jettkant, R. Breitkrietz, Elizabeth Altheim, Curtland Schwalbe, Mr. A Shep, Mike Nonay, Allite Meads, Willie Propp, and Emil Fischer. The images date from circa (ca.) 1905 to 1937, and feature the Stony Plain area including Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and Wabamun, and include images of stores (exteriors and interiors), train stations, hotels, grain elevators (exteriors and interiors), garages and liveries, houses and log houses, schools and students, churches, harvesting, agricultural machinery, musicians, picnics, a merry-go-round, laundry, sleighs, exhibitions, logging, locomotives, ferries and town views.

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          Joseph Paithouski fonds
          PR1724 · Archief · 1975-1989

          The fonds consists of the films and some film elements for Auld Lang Syne (1984), which documents the demolition of the Queen’s Hotel in Calgary, and Cityaniscape (1987), which documents Calgary through the eyes of four cinematographers; both were directed and produced by Joseph Paithouski. The fonds also includes a poster for Cityaniscape.

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          Clara Thomas fonds
          PR1190 · Archief · [ca. 1900]-1917

          The fonds consists of photographs of early Edmonton, Alberta, an early view of Strathcona, North-West Territories, a Vegreville, Alberta farm, the Vegreville, Alberta fair, a worker in the Edmonton Bulletin Office and one outside the Office on a bicycle, a postcard of Leduc, Alberta’s main street, and a cyanotype of the Old Edmonton Hotel.

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          Margaret D. Tettelaar fonds
          PR1620 · Archief · Copied 1977

          Fonds consists of oral history given by Emma Gertrude Mayer dating 1977, and copied photographs and postcards dating 1908-1914 depicting members of the Mayer family, a sod house, buildings, railroad survey crew, the first opera at Wainwirght, Alberta, and views, buildings, hotels, and hospitals in Wainwirght, Strathmore, Athabasca, Lac La Biche, Jasper and Mayerthorpe, Alberta.

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          Thomasine Lenkewich fonds
          PR1916 · Archief · Copied 1978

          The fonds consists of images copied from Thomasine Lenkewich’s family album and includes images from the Jasper area including the Miette Hot Springs, hotels, houses, banks, the fire hall, the train station, the icefields, hockey teams, baseball teams, and images of the 1957 railway worker strike in Edmonton.

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          Les Wiegand fonds
          PR1822 · Archief · [192-?]

          The fonds consists of photographs of mountains, of Peace River (by McDermid Studios Limited), and of the Chateau Lake Louise (by Fred Armbrister).

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          A.W. Mohr family fonds
          PR1852 · Archief · 1900-[ca.1915], Copied 1983

          The fonds consists of images from the Mundare and Bruderheim areas and includes portraits, including a wedding portrait, of Jack Mohr (likely Valentine's brother) and his wife, photographs of Valentine Mohr and workers at the Globe Lumber Company in Mundare, photographs of Bruderheim featuring the Victoria Hotel, and postcards of Mundare streets and buildings featuring the Mundare livery-seed and sale stable and Globe Lumber Company. The fonds also includes copies of photographs featuring the Mohr family dating from the 1930s.

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          Charity Hide fonds
          PR1738 · Archief · [ca. 1905]-1954

          The fonds consists of a booklet of images of Banff and Lake Louise, and postcards of black bears, the Alberta-British Columbia border, Chateau Lake Louise and First Presbyterian Church in Edmonton, Alberta.

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          Joseph O. Tremblay fonds
          PR3362 · Archief · [1968]

          The fonds consists of a copy of the manuscript of L'histoire de ma vie by Joseph O. Tremblay, covering the period between 1887 and 1968 and describing significant and anecdotal events from his childhood and life.

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          PR3974 · Archief · 1919-[1927]

          The fonds contains 14 negatives of “Indian Days” at Fort Macleod in 1919-1920, which show numerous people in uniform (soldiers and NWMP) and in various styles of Indigenous regalia. There are also five undated negatives of military personnel and aircraft and one undated negative of the Prince of Wales Hotel under construction in Waterton Park (likely 1927). All of the negatives were taken by Alexander Cochrane Wright.

          The collection also includes an envelope for a 1931 photo order from McDermid Drug Co. Limited (of Calgary, Alberta), and a photograph of the attendees of the NWMP Veterans’ Annual Banquet, held in Calgary, AB in 1925. The banquet took place in the Hudson Bay Company store dining room. This photograph was taken by Collins & Gillies.

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          Ian Paterson collection
          PR3221 · Collectie · [ca.1911] - 1938

          The fonds consists of images of scenes in Alberta acquired by Ian Paterson including Big Island on the North Saskatchewan in 1926, Athabasca Landing Ferry in 1926, the Peace River Highway in 1931, a ferry on the North Saskatchewan River at Strawberry Creek in 1931, the Town of Athabasca in 1932, the Ghost River Dam in 1938, and the Calgary-Edmonton Highway near Bowden in 1938.

          The fonds also contains copies of photographic postcards acquired by Ian Paterson dating from the early part of the 20th century. The postcards feature images of Alberta including the Red Deer River Crossing of the Canadian National Railways (CNR) at Drumheller, the Hanna CNR station, the Athabasca River Bridge, the Beaver Bridge at Bonnyville, "Big Eddy", "Steveville", the CNR Station at Alliance, the St. Albert Hotel, Saunders Creek, a pack train at Edson, a bridge at Wabamun, the CNR depot at Jasper, the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) at Lethbridge, the Athabasca River bridge, the Brazeau Collieries at Nordegg, and the Town of Wayne.

          Zonder titel
          PR3110 · Collectie · 1966-1974

          The collection consists of images featuring buildings in Edmonton, Alberta, taken in 1966-1974 including views from Walterdale Hill Road, the High Level Bridge, Whyte Avenue, businesses at 10265-101 St., the Minchau and Sons Blacksmith Shop, the Imperial Memorial on Stone Company, the Senate Hotel on 98th St. and 103 Ave., the Crescent Rooms at 101 St., a private residence at 10420 - 106th Ave, a private residence at 1107 -98th Ave, the Selkirk Hotel, the Northeast Corner of 101 St. and 164 Ave, the Hope Mission on 97th St. south of 104th Ave, views from the High Level Bridge, the Northeast corner of 101 A. Ave and 100 A St., Edmonton Gardens and Grandstand, University of Alberta residences, Rutherford House, McDougall Court, a residence at 9850 - 91st Ave. owned by Evard Ball, the Central Masonic Temple, Edmonton City Hall, the Edmonton Pet Shop, a frame shop, numerous downtown buildings and city residences, Foster and McGarvey Funeral Parlor, Rosary Hall, the Edmonton Art Gallery, and McKay Avenue School.

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          Philip Hamilton fonds
          PR0923 · Archief · [189-?]-[191-?]

          Fonds consists of photographs depicting various buildings and views in the Banff, Alberta area including a sanitarium, a Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) Hotel, a view of the town of Banff, and a bridge over Devil's Canyon in Banff National Park, souvenir postcards of Edmonton depicting the Court House, the Hudson's Bay Company Post, a high school, the General Hospital, the Legislature Buildings, the Strathcona Bridge, Jasper Avenue, a dog team and Lake Wabamum. The fonds also includes two mechanically reproduced photographic reproductions of train track in the mountains.

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          Curt Smith fonds
          PR0173 · Archief · [1900?]-1960

          Fonds consists of records pertaining to the Driard Hotel including photographs and menus, as well as Smith’s personal records such as newspaper clippings and brochures on various topics.

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          Theodore Skagen fonds
          PR0192 · Archief · 1855-1965, predominant 1884-1955

          Fonds consists of records pertaining to Skagen’s business involvements, in particular his operation of the Florence Hotel. Fonds also consists of personal records and other material reflecting Skagen’s many interests. The fonds has been divided into two series: Business material and Personal material. These series have been further divided into sub-series.

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          Wilson family fonds
          PR0689 · Archief · 1887-[197-?], predominant 1887-1901

          Fonds consists of a letter written from Sir John A. McDonald to Anne Jackson Wilson’s father, John Jackson, reminiscences of Anne Jackson Wilson and of “Dad” Sharples, theater memorabilia, and photographs.

          Zonder titel
          Richard Berry fonds
          PR1030 · Archief · copied 1975

          Fonds consists of photographs dating circa 1950 that depict a car, a house, and the McDonald Hotel and a temporary building housing the Imperial Bank of Canada in Edmonton, Alberta.

          Zonder titel
          Roy Ells fonds
          PR1316 · Archief · 1921-1978

          The fonds consists primarily of Roy Ells’s constituency records from his time as Member of the Legislative Assembly for Grouard, as well as records from his time as chairman of the Legislative Committee on Automobile Insurance; these includes correspondence, certificates, reports and minutes, pamphlets and newsletters, invitations and programs, newspaper clippings, financial statements, speeches and copies of bills.

          The fonds also holds some personal papers of Roy Ells, including minutes, reports, correspondence, programs and pamphlets relating to his membership in the Alberta Hotel Association, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, the Alberta Social Credit League and the Grouard Constituency Association; a photograph of High Prairie’s first town council and other photographs featuring Rimbey, High Prairie, Fort Vermilion, Swan Hills, and other constituency locations, and includes the 1948 High Prairie flood, the High Prairie Fire Department, the Spaulding Hotel, the High Level Hotel, ribbon cutting ceremonies, and Legislature tour groups; and audio recordings of speeches by Roy Ells, interviews conducted by Roy Ells of Mr. Leesrud and Sid (Bud) Brown, the Social Credit Grassroots theme song and the opening of the High Level Hotel.

          Zonder titel
          Elina Ramberg fonds
          PR0924 · Archief · 1910-1911

          Fonds consists of photographic and mechanically produced postcards sent to Elina Ramberg from her friend Marie Smith. The images depicted on the postcards include buildings in Edmonton, Alberta including the Court House, Strathcona College, the Royal George Hotel, and the Skandinavian Restaurant.

          Zonder titel
          Rodberg and Roy family fonds
          PR2763 · Archief · Copied 1966

          The fonds consists of photographs documenting the life of the Roy and Rodberg families and features family portraits, the 105th Street Roy family home, the Rodberg family attending church, a hunting party, and school, boating on the Sturgeon River, images of homesteading, the Rodberg's home, the Diana Post Office at Gwynne, school children, First Nations playing musical instruments and at camp, a Blacksmith shop, a Wetaskiwin street scene, McDougall Hill in Edmonton, the Richelieu Hotel in Edmonton, and the Alberta Hotel in Edmonton. The images date from the late 1800s and early 1900s.

          Zonder titel
          Margaret Nelsen fonds
          PR2694 · Archief · [ca. 1921]

          The fonds consists of a postcard featuring the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) Station in Calgary circa 1921 and a postcard featuring the Palliser Hotel in Calgary circa 1921.

          Zonder titel
          Joseph Majakey fonds
          PR1289 · Archief · 1900-[ca. 1976]

          Fonds consists of photocopied annuals from Camrose High School dating 1918-1922, a biographical sketch of Henry Wood, a genealogical history of the Matejka family entitled Many, Many Matejkas, written by Joseph Majakey, and photographs and copied photographs dating ca. 1900-1971 that depict the Matejka and Woods families, as well as various people, buildings and views in Alberta including agricultural machinery, parades, bridges, schools, houses, street views, churches, hospitals, teacherages, automobiles, railroads, stockyards, businesses, Camp Sarcee, a Hutterite colony, a hockey and baseball team, the Alberta Legislative Assembly, and Imperial Oil Refinery in Calgary, Alberta.

          Zonder titel
          Romano Truant fonds
          PR1201 · Archief · Copied 1975

          Fonds consists of copied photographs dated 1921-1929 that depict aspects of Nordegg, Alberta including a boarding house, street views, cars, houses, and members of the Nordegg Canadian Legion.

          Zonder titel
          Trisa Schrum fonds
          PR1613 · Archief · 1909-1912

          Fonds consists of photographs depicting people and the interiors and exteriors of buildings in Stony Plain, Alberta including the Royal Hotel, Jacob Miller’s store, John Miller’s smithy, and the interior of a barn.

          Zonder titel
          Bryce Van Dusen fonds
          PR3140 · Archief · Copied 1970 (originally created 191?)

          The fonds consists of material acquired by Bryce Van Dusen including a photograph featuring the Globe Lumber Limited, Edmonton dating from the 1910s, a photograph featuring the Pendennis Hotel, Edmonton in 1912, a photograph featuring the Edmonton Exhibition dating from the 1910s, and a photograph featuring a view of the Edmonton legislature circa. 1913.

          Zonder titel
          Dave Davies collection
          PR0651 · Collectie · 1911-1938

          Collection consists of photographs depicting the Central Alberta Sanitarium and various hotels, hospitals, buildings, and street views in Coronation and Wainwright, Alberta, and various animals in Wainwright, Alberta. Some of the photographs are addressed to and from Edith Roessler, who worked in the Central Alberta Sanitarium in Infirmary 2.

          Zonder titel
          PR2064 · Collectie · 1905-[ca. 1960]

          The collection consists of materials related to the operation of the Florence Hotel in Killiam, Alberta created by Theo Skagen dating from 1916 to 1926, a negative of the Parliament Building by J.A. Brown dating from 1920, a copy of a map of the Westmount neighborhood in Edmonton circa 1910, a map of the Yellowhead Highway from Edmonton to Lloydminster, Alberta dating from the 1960s, and a photograph of Morley, Alberta taken by A.W. "Nick" Carter in 1920, a tractor advertisement, and images of threshing machinery and outfits.

          Zonder titel
          Edmonton Transit Hotel fonds
          PR2109 · Archief · 1925-1990

          The fonds consists of clippings related to the Transit Hotel and photographs of the Transit Hotel dating from 1925-1990.

          Zonder titel
          Viki van Hogezand fonds
          PR1671 · Archief · Copied 1986

          The fonds consists of images, originally dating 1920 to circa (ca.) 1955, of the Banff Springs Hotel and the Banff townsite and buildings, Angel Glacier near Jasper, Chateau Lake Louise, Central Park, the library, Burns’ house in Calgary, views of the University of Alberta and the river valley in Edmonton, the interior of different homes in Edmonton including kitchens and living room with fireplaces and radios, and the interior of a cabin and St. Mark’s Church, both at South Cooking Lake.

          Zonder titel
          PR1040 · Collectie · Copied 1974

          Collection consists of copied photographs dated 1883-1917 that depict various people, buildings, and views in Pincher Creek, Alberta including a sawmill, Hotel Arlington, the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) store interior, a hockey rink, street views, log buildings, horses, carts, the Union Bank of Canada, agricultural machinery, branding cattle, houses, Allison’s Store, the Lynch Brothers Livery, and the railroad.

          Zonder titel
          Hazel Stewart fonds
          PR1619 · Archief · [ca. 1915]

          Fonds consists of photographic and mechanically produced postcards and photographs depicting various mountain views in Alberta, as well as the interior and exterior of Jasper Park Lodge in Jasper, Alberta, an incline railway and Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) fort in Edmonton, Alberta, and the interior of the New Cecil Grill. Fonds also includes hand coloured photographs and photographic postcards depicting women, children and wilderness scenes.

          Zonder titel
          PR1708 · Archief · [ca. 1915]-1987

          The collection consists of images of Morinville, Alberta, originally dating circa (ca.) 1900 to ca. 1920, and includes images of streets, buildings, stores, banks, hotels, restaurants, interior of a saloon, hearse, a religious procession, horses, sleighs, wagons, delivery wagons, trains, the Cardiff Coal Mine, a church service, tennis players and a marching band and Byron-May Company, Limited photographs of buildings and views along Morinville’s main street.

          Zonder titel
          PR1863 · Archief · 1983

          The fonds consists of records created by William C. Rutledge Architects Limited as part of a study for the City of Edmonton and includes images of the Alberta Hotel (built 1903) on Jasper Avenue in Edmonton, Alberta as well as images of a model of the hotel and neighbouring buildings; the images were to have been used to panelize the walls which would then be used in a new construction. The Alberta Hotel was dismantled in 1984 and replaced by Canada Place.

          Zonder titel
          Ethel McKnight fonds
          PR3078 · Archief · [196?]

          The fonds consists of materials that Ethel McKnight acquired and contains postcards featuring scenes of Alberta including views of Wainwright, the Edmonton Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) building in Edmonton, the Corona Hotel in Edmonton, and the First Presbyterian Church in Edmonton circa the 1960s.

          Zonder titel
          Chris and Grace Ness fonds
          PR1476 · Archief · Copied 1984

          The fonds consists of images, originally dating 1925 to 1932, of trips Chris and Grace took to Jasper, Alberta, and include bears, trestle and other bridges, carts, Jasper Park Lodge and mountains.

          Zonder titel
          Chevalier family fonds
          PR1517 · Archief · 1910-1938

          The fonds consists of images of various locations in Alberta, including Fort Saskatchewan (interior of a tailor shop), Leduc (interior of a confectionery), Irma, Peace River, Fahler, Castor, Vegreville, St. Paul de Metis, and Onion Lake; the images include churches, homesteading, street scenes, school, hotels, rivers, clergy, airplanes, houses, first nations, cars, and students.

          Zonder titel
          PR0220 · Archief · [ca. 1910]-1972

          Fonds consists of records pertaining to a number of hotels throughout Alberta including a variety of licenses issued to different hotels, photographs of hotels and other miscellaneous records. Fonds has been divided into the following series: Photographs; Licenses; Miscellaneous records.

          Zonder titel
          Marlena Wyman fonds
          PR2201 · Archief · 1983 - 1990

          The fonds consists of 19 photographs of buildings and street scenes of Rosebud, Alberta and 17 photographs of buildings and street scenes in Rockyford, Alberta photographed in 1989-1990 by Marlena Wyman. There are also 20 photographs and negatives of the Num-ti-jah Lodge in Banff National Park.

          Zonder titel