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            Legal proceedings of Charcoal’s sentencing
            GR1966.0166/37 · Documento · 1897
            Parte de Attorney General central filing system records

            This file discusses the condemned convict “Charcoal” (also known as Pah-cah-pah-ne-cappy or Bad Young Man), who was sentenced to death for murder. It contains telegraphs and letters describing the legal proceedings of Charcoal’s sentencing, details of the crime and confirmation of the sentence.

            Indian Development Conference
            GR1983.0223/265 · Documento · 1970-1973
            Parte de Attorney General central filing system records

            The file consists of information on Indian Development Conferences. In particular, it includes memoranda and correspondence between the Indian Association of Alberta and the Attorney General’s Department. It also includes information on the Alberta Indian Development Conference (1970, Edmonton) and the Annual Provincial Meeting (1973, Hay Lakes).

            GR1997.0206 - Records of Belmont Correctional Centre
            Documento · 1985-1991
            Parte de Belmont Correctional Centre operational records

            The accession consists of records from the Belmont Correctional Centre relating to various programs and issues such as Indigenous offenders, incidents, contracts, complaints, parole programs, training and financial information concerning the Centre. It also contains correspondence from the Solicitor General, Correctional Services Division, and various Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) detachments.

            Stettler Town & Country Museum collection
            PR1056 · Coleção · Copied 1975-1986

            The collection consists of a photocopy of a file, primarily witness statements, once belonging to defence attorney William C. Robertson relating to the legal case of Alexander Soderberg, who was suspected of the 1911 murder of Bill Lennox; and images from Stettler in 1900 through to the 1920s of various views of Stettler itself, buildings and businesses in the Stettler, such as the Merchant’s Bank, Lundy and Magee Insurance, the town hall and the post office, the interior, exterior and workers of Stettler Cigar Factory Ltd., firemen, school children, goose hunting, horses, parades, boy scouts, the 187th Regiment, ranches, Erskine post offices and the Tail Creek Metis cemetery.

            Sem título
            Legal advice and assistance records
            Série · 1914-2013, predominant 1970-2008

            The series consists of files related to the provision of legal advice and assistance to government ministries. The files include requests for solicitor assignments, correspondence with client department, legal research, legal advice and opinions, copies of supporting court documents, and other related records.

            Sem título
            GR2014.0412 - Treatment Programs
            Documento · 1992-2001
            Parte de Lethbridge Correctional Centre operational records

            The accession consists of records relating to programs offered to inmates/offenders while in custody and includes programming relating to Indigenous culture and spirituality (Kamai Correctional). Program records also relate to Protestant and Catholic Chaplaincy, general programming, education and vocational programming, Lethbridge Community College, and female offenders programming.

            Documento · 1969 –1972
            Parte de Government Agent (Ottawa) records

            The files contains correspondence between the Federal-Provincial Indian Association of Alberta, the Department of the Secretary of State, the Department of Regional Economic Expansion, and Manpower and Immigration regarding the general state of Indigenous groups in Alberta.

            It contains a summary of proposed federal legislation – the “White Paper on Indians" and a copy of the Aboriginal “Red Paper” - a response to the contents of the White Paper. It also includes a preliminary proposal for the Alberta Indian Education Centre concept, news clippings from the Calgary Herald and Edmonton Journal involving Harold Cardinal, and various concerns of the Indian Association of Alberta.


            This series contains various records from from various offices on the provision of human resources and employment. Over the course of the creation of these records, the departments responsible for them changed in name and scope.

            These records contain liaison files with First Nations and Métis people and groups, operational and administrative files, records from the Information Technology branch, and files from the Northwest Regional Office of Alberta Human Services and Employment..

            Court Clerk (Edmonton) records
            Série · 1947-1965

            The series consists of records, primarily transcripts of proceedings and oral judgments, created by the Clerk of the Clerk in Edmonton pertaining to civil and criminal cases as well as other matters before the courts in Edmonton, including those heard in the District Court of Alberta as well as the Trial Division and Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Alberta.

            The records pertain to arbitrations, probate and bankruptcy issues, hearings before the Workers' Compensation Board and the Petroleum and Natural Gas Conservation Board, inquests, ceremonial events marking the swearing-in and death of justices, and the transcript of proceedings and final report of the Royal Commission on Metropolitan Development of Edmonton and Calgary.

            These records also contain a transcript of the public hearings related to the Michel Band application for enfranchisement as well as a transcript of the proceedings of "The Indian Act vs. Members of the Samson Indian Band."

            Sem título
            Provincial Police headquarters records
            Série · 1917-1932
            Parte de Alberta Provincial Police fonds

            The series consists of files maintained by the Headquarters of the Alberta Provincial Police. The files pertain to:

            • the organization and structure of the police force;

            • correspondence with government departments, including the Attorney General and the Provincial Auditor;

            • correspondence with other police forces, including those in Edmonton and Calgary as well as provincial police forces in British Columbia and Saskatchewan and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police;

            • equipment including automobiles, saddles, telephones and typewriters;

            • transportation, including insurance, fleet vehicles, and vehicle registration;

            • acts enforced by the Police, including the Vehicle and Highway Traffic Act and the Liquor Control Act;

            • questions in the Legislative Assembly;

            • staffing matters including applications and appointments, game guardians, special duties, stock detectives, monthly reports and diaries of detachments, transfers, investigations into members of the force, pay lists and pensions;

            • newspaper clippings;

            • strikes, strike reports, labour unrest, and surveillance of subversives and revolutionaries, unions and labour organizations, political parties, and the unemployed;

            • murder investigation files; and

            specific complaints, including dangerous explosions in Edmonton; conditions in Drumheller, the 1925 election in Ath abasca; MLA J.C. Buckley; the theft of funds from the Fertile Valley Municipal District; the extradition of Alfred Violette; and the Union Bank robbery in Foremost.

            Arquivo · 1989-1991

            The fonds consists of the records of the Commission of Inquiry on Policing in Relation to the Blood Tribe [Kainai First Nation] relating to its investigation into policing issues. The records include working papers, witness summaries, transcripts, exhibits and reports, including the final report.

            Sem título
            Attorney General first filing system records
            Sub-series · 1884-1917
            Parte de Attorney General central filing system records

            The subseries consists of the central registry of administrative and operational files used by the Attorney General from the department’s creation in 1897 until 1917, including records pertaining to justice matters that predate 1897.

            The subseries includes files pertaining to ordinances, legislation, cases, and subjects regarding:

            Administration of courts in Alberta, including schedules of court sittings, boundaries of judicial districts, construction and maintenance of courthouses, calendars of sentences, and appointments of clerks, magistrates, sheriffs, constables, crown prosecutors, and other officials;

            Specific criminal and civil matters, including files pertaining to inquests, estates, fires, murders, thefts, outbreaks of disease, child welfare, municipal incorporations, bigamy, garnishee summons, requests for compensation, appeals to the Supreme Court of Canada made by the Government of Alberta regarding lower court decisions, public inquiries, and various complaints;

            Ordinances, acts or legislation in effect during this period, including the federal Northwest Territories Act and territorial and provincial ordinances and acts pertaining to: local improvement districts; municipalities; prairie fires; villages; succession duty; hail insurance; schools; school assessment; magistrates; marriage; public health; steam boilers; fences; public works; masters and servants; auctioneers, hawkers and peddlers; liquor licenses; legal profession; medical profession; constables; game; noxious weeds; insane persons; stray animals; companies; foreign companies; vital statistics; remission of certain penalties; dairymen; municipal telephones; pound districts; cemeteries; mechanics liens; fisheries; brands; insurance; benevolent societies; the Lord’s Day; herds; workman’s compensation; seed grain; drainage; elections; railways; theatres and motion pictures; congregations holding; early closing; controverted municipal elections; rural municipalities, liquor, and medical professions;

            Departmental matters, such as the purchase of law books, expenses, estimates, suggested legislation, appointments of agents of the Attorney General, applications for employment, requisitions for postage stamps, salaries, legal forms, telephone and telegraph accounts, and publication and revision of Alberta Statutes;

            Policing matters, including the Criminal Code of Canada, reports of committals, extraditions, disposition of prisoners, detectives, transportation orders, gaols / jails, Provincial Reformatory accounts, returns of cases, Royal Northwest Mounted Police and the origins of the Alberta Provincial Police;

            Land titles and land title offices in Calgary and Edmonton;

            Registrations and registration districts;

            Other government departments, such as Agriculture, Public Works, Provincial Secretary, Education, Government Printer, the Office of Public Administration and Official Guardian; Provincial Auditor; Government Telephones; and the Public Utilities Commission;

            Other subjects, including Government House, the inauguration of the Province of Alberta, the Lieutenant Governor, the provincial university, provincial crest, corporate taxation, immigration, motor vehicles, Industrial School, the Alberta Great Waterways Railway, and women’s interests.

            The subseries also includes a register of letters received by the Attorney General’s Department (1911-1913).

            Inventory of Positions Occupied by Indigenous people
            GR1983.0223/24 · Documento · 1970-1972
            Parte de Attorney General central filing system records

            The file consists of an inventory of government positions occupied by First Nation and Métis people in Alberta. It contains memoranda and correspondence from the Public Service Commissioner, Department of the Attorney General, and information regarding employment of Treaty status personnel in provincial government positions across Alberta for all sectors, mainly, but not exclusively, in the court or legislative system.

            Regina v. Drybones - Intoxication while away from Reserve
            GR1983.0223/256 · Documento · 1967-1968
            Parte de Attorney General central filing system records

            The file consists of records on miscellaneous legal issues and legislation concerning Indigenous rights under the Alberta Indian Act. These records contain the well-known Supreme Court of Canada case Regina v. Drybones, including references to the Indian Act regarding intoxication off a reserve and possible infringement of the Canadian Bill of Rights.

            Lethbridge Correctional Centre operational records
            Série · 1910-2010

            The series consists of records pertaining to the operations of the Lethbridge Correctional Centre. The records include admission ledgers, director's reports, statistics, minutes of committee meetings, policies, logbooks, and files related to chaplaincy, recreation, libraries, and other inmate programs.

            Sem título
            Government Agent (Ottawa) records
            Série · 1934, 1948-1971

            The series consists of records of the Alberta Government Agent in Ottawa pertaining to that office's role in representing Alberta in federal-provincial relations. The files include correspondence, reports, transcripts, and reference material pertaining to railways, freight rates, the federal Royal Commission on Transportation, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, federal-provincial conferences, health care, constitutional issues, agriculture, oil, natural gas, coal, policing, Brazeau Collieries, CKUA, pipelines, and other issues. The records also include James J. Frawley's copies of exhibits presented to the federal Royal Commission on the Natural Resources of Alberta (1934).

            Sem título
            Assembly sessional papers records
            Série · 1906-1995
            Parte de Legislative Assembly of Alberta fonds

            The series consists of sessional papers and other records tabled in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. The tabled records include annual and other reports of government departments, boards and universities related to their operations and programs; reports of royal commissions and commissions of inquiry; reports of Assembly committees; copies of orders-in-council, correspondence, agreements and other records requested by Members of the Legislative Assembly; regulations; petitions from individuals and organizations about various issues; annual public accounts and other financial statements; as well as other returns related to orders of the Assembly. The series also includes lists of reports required to be tabled as well as binders listing all records tabled in the legislative assembly (1979-1987).

            Blackfoot Farm Lessee’s Association fonds
            PR0398 · Arquivo · 1963-1966

            Fonds consists of an appeal judgment by the Alberta Assessment Appeal Board for an appeal in the matter of a decision of the 1963 Court of Revision of the County of Wheatland No. 16 and the members of the Blackfoot Farm Lessee’s Association, as well as a statement of operations, and a schedule of assessments for the Blackfoot Farm Lessee’s Association in 1966.

            Sem título
            Attorney General third filing system records
            Sub-series · 1887-1979, predominantly 1928-1975
            Parte de Attorney General central filing system records

            The subseries consists of the central registry of administrative and operational files used by the Attorney General from 1928 to approximately 1975, including some files transferred from the previous central registry systems.

            The subseries includes files pertaining to legislation, cases, and subjects regarding:

            • Attorney-General’s Department, including staffing, Agents of the Attorney-General, financial management, automobiles, office equipment, recommendations for appointments, and reorganization of files and equipment (File Block 1);

            • Activities within other government departments, including Agriculture, Provincial Analyst, Provincial Auditor, Civil Service Commissioner, Employment Bureau, Environment, Kings and Queens Printer, Industry and Labour, Lieutenant-Governor, Lands and Mines, Mines and Minerals, Highways, Economic Development, Public Works, Publicity Commissioner, Provincial Secretary, Alberta Government Telephones, Provincial Treasurer, Education, Public Health, and Municipal Affairs (File Block 2);

            • Banking, bankruptcy, bills of sale, debts, foreclosures, liens, small debts, wage claims, credit unions, finance companies, trust companies, and garnishee proceedings (File Block 3);

            • Insurance and bonding, including individual companies, motor vehicle insurance and hail insurance (File Block 4);

            • Duties, taxes and taxation, including taxes on beverages, gasoline, minerals, slot machines, estates, and unearned increments (File Block 5);

            • Companies, corporations, combines, including sales of shares, foreign companies, corporate tax, auctioneers, oil companies, gas companies, coal mines, natural resources, factories, steam boilers, partnerships, fruit combines, produce merchants, collection agencies (File Block 6);

            • Railways and railway companies, including Canadian National Railway, Canadian Pacific Railway, and the Alberta Provincial Railways (File Block 7);

            • Drought, draining and irrigation, including irrigation districts and water resources (File Block 8);

            • Land, land titles, and surveys, including the land titles offices in Calgary and Edmonton (File Block 9);

            • Agriculture, including dairymen, the Alberta Wheat Pool, fences, noxious weeds, milk, farm loans and relief, and the Royal Grain Commission Enquiry (File Block 10);

            • Seed grain relief (File Block 11);

            • Domestic animals, including stray animals, dangerous animals, livestock encouragement, herds, round ups, brands, stock inspection, livestock pools, and livestock diseases (File Block 12);

            • Fish, game and wild animals, including fisheries, poisons, and migratory birds (File Block 13);

            • Children and juveniles, including child welfare services, juvenile offenders, neglected children, adoption, and children of unmarried parents (File Block 14);

            • Marriage, divorce and domestic relations, including alimony and maintenance orders (File Block 15);

            • Schools and education, including school assessment, the University of Alberta, and teachers (File Block 16);

            • Religion and religious matters, including cemeteries, the Lord’s Day Act, and the United Church of Canada (File Block 17);

            • Clubs, associations, and societies, including the Alberta Architects Association, cooperatives, miners clubs, veterans associations, benevolent societies, professional associations, and women’s institutes (File Block 18);

            • Cities, towns, villages and rural municipalities, including Blairmore, Calgary, Drumheller, Edmonton, Edson, Irvine, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Redcliff, Red Deer, Vegreville, Wainwright, Wetaskiwin, and rural municipal districts (File Block 19);

            • Public health, hospitals, and medical and dental professions, including maintenance of indigents, alcoholism, tuberculosis, disabled persons, public welfare, nurses, chiropractors, Metis, hospital clinics, venereal disease, and vital statistics (File Block 20);

            • Police, detectives, and prisons, including constables, the Alberta Provincial Police, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, police buildings, Fort Saskatchewan Gaol, Lethbridge Gaol, Bowden Institution, Belmont Rehabilitation Centre, Calgary Provincial Jail, prisoners, prisoners of war, policing in local Alberta communities, deportations, extraditions, and inspections (File Block 21);

            • Crime, crime reports, Criminal Code of Canada, criminal prosecutions and juries, including lotteries, Criminal Code amendments, Alberta Provincial Police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police reports, the Judicature Act, Rules of Court, and bonding companies (File Block 22);

            • Liquor Control Act, including the Alberta Liquor Control Board, local seizures, lists of vendor’s premises, and reports of offenses and infractions (File Block 23);

            • Dominion government, including elections, Indian Agents, Official Languages Act, the Indian Act, references to the Supreme Court of Canada, excise and customs duties, and other federal acts (File Block 24);

            • Pensions, allowances, and superannuation, including mother’s allowances (File Block 25);

            • Miscellaneous legislation files, including the Fire Prevention Act, labour legislation, the Legal Professions Act, issues surrounding uniformity and consolidation of legislation, Bulk Sales Act, Fugitive Offenders Act, Motel and Board House Keeper’s Act, Motor Vehicles and Highway Traffic Act, Mental Defectives Act, Soldier’s Settlement Act, Theatres Act, Amusement Tax Act, and suggested and proposed legislation (File Block 26);

            • Legislative Assembly, aviation and aerial navigation, law books, confiscated weapons, immigration and naturalization, needy litigants, Kings Counsel and Queen’s Counsel, missing persons, orders-in-council, calendar of sentences, women’s rights, and public inquiries (File Block 27);

            • General inquiries received by the Department (File Block 28);

            • Securities fraud (File Block 29);

            • Public Trustee, including estate files (File Block 30);

            • War Measures Act, including soldiers’ estates and debts, Wartime Prices and Trade Board, civil defense, Veterans Volunteer Reserve, rationing of chemicals and rubber, Defense of Canada regulations and investigations, national registration (File Block 31);

            • Returns, inventories, and inspections of legal offices, including the Land Titles Offices in Calgary and Edmonton as well as clerks, court orderlies, interpreters, bailiffs, sheriffs, and court reporters for Supreme and District Courts in Calgary, Drumheller, Edmonton, Macleod, Grande Prairie, Hanna, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Peace River, Red Deer, Vegreville, and Wetaskiwin (File Block 32);

            • Policies, procedures, complaints, minutes of meetings, copies of legislation, and other records related to the Mental Diseases Act (File Block MD); and

            • Commitment case files pertaining to the placement of individuals in psychiatric facilities by order of the Attorney General, including references to cases heard by the Review Board established in 1969 under the Criminal Code of Canada (File Block MI).

            Indian Act - Hunting and Fishing Rights
            GR1983.0223/258 · Documento · 1968-1975
            Parte de Attorney General central filing system records

            The file consists of records on miscellaneous legal issues and legislation concerning Indigenous under the Indian Act. These records contain references to the Indian Act, including mention of hunting and fishing rights. It also includes a map of Alberta depicting lakes, rivers and streams, and areas marked by Treaty 6, Treaty 7 and Treaty 8.

            Survey of "Contemporary Indians" of Canada
            GR1983.0223/255 · Documento · 1969
            Parte de Attorney General central filing system records

            The file consists of records on miscellaneous legal issues and legislation concerning Indigenous rights under the Alberta Indian Act. These records contain a document, A Survey of the Contemporary Indians of Canada: Part II (1967), by H.B. Hawthorn, written for the federal Indian Affairs Branch.

            Belmont Correctional Centre operational records
            Série · 1954-1991

            The series consists of operational records from the Belmont Correctional Centre and reflect the Centre's function of providing minimum security for inmates, with particular emphasis on release planning. The records contain information on topics such as: inmate admittance and discharge; inmate incidents; complaints; conduct; discipline; and inmate programs and issues such as recreation programs, camps, medical treatment, parole, chaplaincy services, work projects and inmate education. The types of documentation include reports, ledgers, correspondence, statistics, policies, procedures and log books.

            Sem título
            GR1993.0190/466 - "Indian and Métis Inmates"
            Documento · 1982-1984
            Parte de Lethbridge Correctional Centre operational records

            Lethbridge Correctional Centre, does not hold inmate case files. It is listed as operational and mostly includes memos on aspects of the facility. This item is listed as “Indian and Métis Inmates.” It is a brief (1982-1983) aggregation of I & M inmates transported, but does not distinguish either in the tables.

            Calgary Remand Centre operational records
            Série · 1964-2011

            The series consists of records related to the operations of the Calgary Remand Centre. The files include director's files, minutes of management meetings, and records related to inmate education, treatment, chaplaincy, volunteers and other programs.

            Sem título
            High Prairie Community Corrections records
            Série · 1975-1990

            The series consists of records related to the operations of the High Prairie Community Corrections office pertaining to parole and probation programs.

            Sem título
            Assistant Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources records
            Série · 1949-1999

            The series consists of the executive records of the Assistant Deputy Minister of the Mineral Resources Division and their predecessor and successor.

            Sem título
            Tom Count fonds
            PR3029 · Arquivo · Copied 1971-1976

            The fonds reflects Tom Count's professional occupation in the heritage industry and consists of copies of two photographs featuring the interior of T.M. Williams' Harness Shop; a copy of a photograph featuring a drill used by the Geological Survey of Canada in Pakan, North-West Territories in 1898; and a copy of the murder trial of Charcoal, an Indigenous individual [Kainai First Nation] who was tried at the Supreme Court of the Northwest Territories in 1897.

            Sem título
            Notice for Trespassing on Reserve Land

            The file contains an official Federal government notice by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration, Indian Affairs Branch, describing the penalty of trespassing on reserve land ($50 fine, one month in jail, or both). The original would have been posted on a sign at the boundary of reserve land.

            Steele family fonds
            PR0083 · Arquivo · 1852-1979

            The fonds consists of records created by various members of the Steele family located both in England and in Canada over a period of 150 years. The fonds contains diaries, correspondence, some photographs, and writings about, and by, family members.

            The collection contains various documents concerning police activity in the MacLeod areas, including a letter to Major S.B. Steele regarding his departure signed by the citizens of Lethbridge, an earlier letter instructing the set up of a RCMP location near Calgary, and references to the murder trial of Charcoal, an Indigenous man of the Kainai Nation.

            Sem título
            Blood Indian Agency fonds
            PR0402 · Arquivo · 1906-1934

            Fonds consists of records produced by the [Kainai First Nation] Blood Indian Agencies at Fort MacLeod and Cardston, and include correspondence to and from the Department of Indian Affairs (Canada), supply lists, goods tenders, vouchers, a list of destitute Indigenous persons, and a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) report concerning a destitute Indigenous person. There are also records of employee returns, services records and charges, and other assorted financial records created by and for the Standoff Hospital.

            Sem título
            Bob Bogle fonds
            PR3155 · Arquivo · 1962-1982

            The fonds consists of records created and received by Bob Bogle during his terms as an MLA and provincial cabinet minister. The fonds is divided into the following series:

            • Minister without Portfolio records; including some records of his predecessors Ira McLaughlin, Adolph Fimrite and Al Adair that Bogle received upon taking office; and

            • Minister of Social Services and Community Health records, including records of his predecessors Helen Hunley as well as Neil Crawford as Minister of Health and Social Development that Bogle received upon taking office.

            Sem título
            Cattle slaughter and Blood Reserve residents
            GR1966.0166/32 · Documento · 1894
            Parte de Attorney General central filing system records

            This file contains records concerning cattle killing by Blood reserve residents in the MacLeod District. Included are reports and correspondence by the North West Mounted Police (NWMP) discussing possible reasons for the killings (i.e. starvation in the Blood Indian Reserve following the signing of Treaty 7).

            Correctional Institutions on Reserves
            GR1983.0223/257 · Documento · 1970-1973
            Parte de Attorney General central filing system records

            The file consists of records on miscellaneous legal issues and legislation concerning Indigenous rights under the Indian Act. These records discuss the construction of correctional facilities on reserves, particular the Morley and Gleichen Indian Reserves. It includes correspondence from the federal Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, the Attorney General's Office, and a news release from the Department of the Solicitor General regarding training Aboriginals as corrections officers.

            Hunting on Reserves
            GR1983.0223/259 · Documento · 1963-1975
            Parte de Attorney General central filing system records

            The file consists of records on miscellaneous legal issues and legislation concerning Indigenous rights under the Indian Act. These records contain correspondence from the federal Department of Indian and Northern Affairs and Attorney General’s Department, Walsh and Company (Barristers and Solicitors) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) regarding hunting on reserves and possible violations of the Alberta Game Act on the Blackfoot Reserve.

            Deputy Solicitor General records
            Série · 2001-2004

            The series consists of the records of the Deputy Solicitor General pertaining to the operations of the department. The records pertain to general administrative activities as well as aboriginal initiatives, first nations policing programs, liaison activities with other provincial government departments, government boards and commissions, and other policing and justice initiatives.

            Sem título
            Provincial law enforcement programs records
            Série · 1943-2009

            The series consists of records pertaining to provincial policing and law enforcement programs. The files relate to activities and programs such as policing, liaison activities with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), crime prevention programs, Crime Stoppers, impaired driving, child safety, missing children, family violence, victims' services and firearms. The records include correspondence, statistics, minutes of committee meetings, audits, agreements, reports, studies, contracts, agendas and legislation. The series also includes four photographs of security guards.

            Sem título