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Serie · 1920-2000

The series consists of records relating to 4-H Information Services. The records include the 4-H Clubtime T.V. show video tapes and scripts. The records also include general administration of public affairs, slides, contracts, photographs, newspaper clippings, 4-H Clover Leaflet, radio and TV. broadcast and media relations material.

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4-H Organization records
Serie · 1942-1997

The series consists of records relating to the organization of the 4-H business unit. The records include policies and procedures for creation of and change in organization, functions, organization charts, reorganization proposals, and related studies.

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4-H Associations and Club records
Serie · 1930-2019

The series consists of information about 4-H clubs, including members and non-members. It also contains information and tally sheets relating to 4-H clubs by project.

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4-H Committee records
Serie · 1943-2000

The series consists of records related to committees involving the business unit. The records include agendas, minutes, reports, correspondence, and related documents.

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4-H Contest records
Serie · 1961-1998

The series relates to contests and competitions coordinated by the business unit. The records may include promotional brochures, competition rules, judging sheets, final results, and correspondence related to the contest or competition.

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Film Library resources
Serie · 1947-1994

The series consists of audio-visual materials that were maintained by the business unit's film library.

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Agricultural publications
Serie · 1949-1988

The series consists of publications generated by Communications. The records include books, reports, histories, divisional and branch annual reports, and guides.

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Serie · 1959-2000

The series consists of records resulting from the Branch's role in coordinating committee member appointments, maintaining records, and providing current information and training. The records include appeal minutes, establishing orders, board membership, recommendations, and other related documents.

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Director of Extension records
Serie · 1930-1984

The series consists of the records of the Director of Extension. The files include minutes of meetings, correspondence, policies and procedures, evaluations, and reports related to intradepartmental liaison activities with branches, other divisions, the Assistant Deputy Minister, and Minister; programs such as Master Farm Families, crop insurance, and water well recovery; Indigenous programs such as farm labour, cooperatives, Agricultural and Rural Development Administration (ARDA) programs, and range improvement; district agriculturalists, and data sheets regarding the commercial, municipal and other industrial services in Alberta communities.

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Serie · 1895-1980

The series consists of reference materials assembled from various branches within the Department of Agriculture to support outreach and information about agriculture in Alberta. The records include photographs, photograph albums, negatives and lantern slides of department staff and events, meetings and banquets, weeds, crops, livestock, poultry, field crops, buildings at demonstration farms, rural life, creameries and other agricultural industries. The series also includes maps of crop production, plans of irrigation and drainage projects, pest control areas, and proposed community pastures; posters of farm equipment, production statistics, and Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Act projects; and blueprints of experimental plots at the Olds Demonstration Farm, the Stock Show Pavilion, and a dairy barn. The records also include reports about the use of straw (1948), the sugar beet industry (ca. 1956-1957), pamphlets regarding agricultural pests, brochures as well as miscellaneous correspondence from the Agriculture Development Corporation.

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Serie · 1949-2010

The series relates to the Agriculture Hall of Fame Awards. The Hall of Fame was established in 1951. It is the highest honor conveyed by the Department to citizens who have made outstanding contributions to Agricultural life in Alberta. The records include communication about the Hall of Fame special events.

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Agricultural Societies records
Serie · 1897-2001

The series includes records that document the Department’s relationship with Agricultural Societies. The records include case files, reports of annual meetings, fiscal statements, grant approvals, officer listings, correspondence, fidelity bonds, indemnity bonds, exhibition materials, and promotional materials. The records also include blueprints of multipurpose structures built by agricultural societies, 1973-1983.

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Serie · 1905-2002

The series consists of reports and statistics pertaining to agricultural economics. The files include annual statistics for various agricultural commodities, fact sheets, manuals, and other reports produced or used for reference by the business unit. The records also include bound ledgers of annual statistics for livestock (1921-1970) and field crops (1905-1943).

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Master Farm Family program records
Serie · 1949-1971

The series consists of records of the Master Farm Family program, an initiative operating from 1949-1971 that selected and honored farm families who made an outstanding success of farming, homemaking and citizenship. The files include booklets regarding each family as well as case files organized by family name which may contain information about each farm home and farmstead; its management, business organization and operations including livestock, poultry, and animal husbandry; as well as documentation about family and community life.

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4-H Reports
Serie · 1943-2000

The series consists of reports regarding the business unit's activities. The records include monthly or annual reports; statistics; and member, club, and leader reports.

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4-H Program records
Serie · 1919-2013

The series relates to 4-H programs operated by the business unit. The series includes general programs, provincial programs, and special (one-time) programs. The records may include correspondence, reports, brochures, itineraries, plans, press releases, policies, procedures, lists of award winners, and other related documents.

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Agri-News and Press Releases
Serie · 1949-1952, 1970-2004

The series consists of the Agri-News newsletter, press releases, and other related documents.

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Serie · 1964-1989

The series consists of Minister or Deputy Minister correspondence relating to the Communications Branch.

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Home economics program records
Serie · 1930-1996

The series consists of records related to home economics programs operated by the provincial government. The files include policies, evaluations, program development records, correspondence and other related records. The records include a file on Farm Women's Week (1930), an evaluation on the future of home economics programs (1972-1974), bee location plots books and ledgers (1965), photographs of District Home Economists (1968-1985) a video-recording of the 1983 Agricultural Hall of Fame awards ceremony, and files related to the Farm Safety and Agriculture in the Classroom Programs.

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