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Robin Smith collection
PR3993 · Colección · 1912-1934

The collection consists of two photographs of barn-raising, records of Marguerite (Quesnel) Rogers (including teaching certificates, teaching reports, job applications, and diaries for herself and her sister, Lillian), and records of Ernest John Jones (including tax assessments and receipts, mortgage documents, and other financial documents).

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Hospital album collection
PR3916 · Colección · 1974

The collection consists of photographs of hospitals across Alberta.

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Jasper National Park collection
PR3952 · Colección · 1912-1967

The collection consists of articles, oral histories, and government reports about the development of Jasper National Park and the influence of human development in the area. The photographs focus on the Pocahontas area of Jasper National Park, including mining and rail infrastructure.

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McLeod Building collection
PR3960 · Colección · 1921-1929

The collection consists of 14 photographs of the interior and exterior of the McLeod Building in Edmonton and statistical information on income derived from its operation as a revenue property.

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Welsh's Saddlery collection
PR3980 · Colección · ca. 1912

The collection consists of three photographs of Welsh's Saddlery, located on 101 Street in Edmonton, in 1912.

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Alberta 2005 collection
PR2273 · Colección · 1988

The collection consists of 16 hours of audio recordings capturing the Alberta 2005 Conference. The fonds also includes the accompanying typed transcripts dating from 1988.

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Agriculture print collection
PR2445 · Colección · [ca. 1940]

The collection consists of two poster prints featuring agricultural scenes dating from ca. 1940 and a poster print featuring King George V dating from ca. 1940. The artist of the prints is unknown.

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Lethbridge video collection
PR2608 · Colección · 1992 - 1993

The collection consists of a VHS recording entitled The History of Lethbridge (1992) and a VHS recording entitled Oh Pioneers (1993).

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PR2744 · Colección · 1921 - 1925

The collection consists of a photograph for the Camrose Normal School Class, 1924-1925 taken by McDermid Studios, Edmonton and a photograph of the 1921 Edmonton Normal School class taken in 1921 by Langbell Photo.

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PR2807 · Colección · [ca. 1983]

The collection consists of nine 16 mm films shown at the Strathcona Science Centre. Film titles include, Petroleum's Progress, Alberta's Natural Heritage, Behind the Switch - Coal to Kilowatts, Refinery, Oil the Hard Way, Bridge to the Future, Objective: Energy, The Sand Barrier, and Producing Oil. The fonds also includes 1571 slides featuring the Science Centre building.

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Edmonton programs collection
PR2928 · Colección · 1958 - 1967

The collection consists of a program of the 64th Annual Round-up Banquet and Dance of the Northern Alberta Pioneers and Old Timers Association, Edmonton dating from 1958 and a program of the 4th Educational District Convention of the Alberta Teacher's Association dating from 1967.

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Fire insurance map collection
PR3860 · Colección · 1908- 1946

The collection consists of fire insurance maps for the following communities in Alberta:
Alix, 1910
Bawlf, 1910
Blairmore, 1925
Bruce, 1910
Burdett, 1910
Carbon, 1924
Cardson, 1915
Carmangay, 1910
Castor, 1910
Claresholm, 1906
Cochrane, 1908
Coleman, 1905
Daysland, 1924
Didsbury, 1924
Exshaw, 1910
Frank, 1906
Gadsby, 1910
Gleichen, 1916
Grande Prairie, 1916
Hanna, 1922
Hardieville, 1920
Hardisty, 1910
High River, 1915
Holden, 1910
Irma, 1931
Irvine, 1910
Killiam, 1910
Lacombe, 1946
Leduc, 1930
Fort Macleod, 1912
Manville, 1918
Monarch, 1910
Morinville, 1930
Mundare, 1946
Nanton, 1931,
Olds, 1924
Pincher Creek, 1908
Ponoka 1924
Provost, 1924
Redcliffe, 1913
Ryley, 1910
Steller, 1951
Strome, 1931
Taber, 1910
Tofield, 1910
Vegreville, 1930

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PR3201 · Colección · 1973

The collection consists of images featuring a portrait painting of Alexander Cameron Rutherford.

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Leduc collection
PR3385 · Colección · [ca. 1930]

The collection consists of over 30 identified individuals and families from the Leduc and Beaumont area, Alberta. The images also include landscapes, homesteads, Dominion Day celebrations, and agricultural working conditions and equipment.

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Smoky Lake collection
PR3389 · Colección · 1935

The photos depict members of the Smoky Lake Ukrainian community and the Smoky Lake Board of Trade. The provenance is unknown, but many of the people in the photos are identified, dates are noted on the photos, and some of the photos feature group portraits with identifying signs. Two of the photos are of Ukrainian groups and organizations, one is the Board of Trade Sports Committee, and the last features the four-piece Andrews Orchestra.

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Fort Chipewyan collection
PR3390 · Colección · 1989

The collection consists of photographs of various sites and people around Fort Chipewyan, Alberta during winter. All of the locations and some of the subjects are identified

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Architectural site survey collection
PR3394 · Colección · 1977-1988

The collection consists of photographs taken at various architectural sites around Alberta. These include a survey of housing in the abandoned coal town of Nordegg that was created by the Woolfenden Group, a photographic survey by McIntosh, Workun & Chernenko Architects of a federal building, and architectural surveys of St. Joseph's College, St. Stephen's College, the Ukrainian Village, and Beaver House.

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Edmonton postcard scenes collection
PR2345 · Colección · [ca. 1915]

The collection consists of 11 photographic postcards featuring Edmonton scenes dating from ca. 1915.

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Mount Cheviot Mine collection
PR3651 · Colección · [193-?]

The collection consists of photos depicting the sites around Mountain Park and Mt. Cheviot in the Coal Branch. The sites include both the town site and mining infrastructure around the mountain. Each photo is identified with some information written on the back.

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Arthur Morris collection
PR3934 · Colección · [ca. 1900]

The collection consists of photographs of Edmonton and Banff, ca. 1900. Images include a flood at Walter's Mill in Edmonton and the Banff Hot Springs.

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Western Development Museum collection
PR3938 · Colección · [ca. 1910]

The collection consists of photographs of a Siksika medicine lodge, ranching, the laying of the cornerstone of the Alberta Legislature, the hospital of Grande Prairie, bison in Banff National Park, Vegreville school, and other sites in Alberta.

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Frank photographs collection
PR3941 · Colección · [ca. 1903]

The collection consists of four photographs from the Frank, Alberta area.

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Dowler's Hill landslide collection
PR3944 · Colección · [ca. 1910]

The collection consists of photographs of a bridge at Dowler's Hill in Edmonton showing a 15-foot drop resulting from a landslide near the bridge.

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PR3951 · Colección · 1975

The collection consists of a sound recording and photographs of the dedication ceremony of the pysanka statue in Vegreville, AB.

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Agricultural Hall of Fame collection
PR3956 · Colección

The collection consists of photographic portraits of members of the Alberta Agricultural Hall of Fame.

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Roald Amundsen collection
PR3976 · Colección · 1913

The collection consists of publicity photographs used to promote a lecture given by polar explorer Roald Amundsen in Edmonton in 1913.

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Edmonton, Summer 1989 collection
PR3890 · Colección · 1989

The collection consists of photographs taken in Edmonton in July and August of 1989. The images depict businesses around Edmonton, street scenes, and actor Adam West at the Klondike Days festival.

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Camrose Ski Jump collection
PR3891 · Colección · 1913 - ?

The collection consists of photographs of a ski jump in Camrose, Alberta.

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Peace River collection
PR3892 · Colección · 1990

The collection consists of photographs of communities in the Peace River region, including Beaverlodge, Bezanson, Buffalo Lake, Clairmont, Crooked Creek, Debolt, Grande Prairie, Hythe, La Glace, Sexsmith, Valhalla, Valleyview, Wembley, and Whitecourt.

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Beaver County School House collection
PR3893 · Colección · [191-]

The collection consists of photographs of school houses across Beaver County, Alberta.

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Canadian Pacific Railway collection
PR3919 · Colección · [19--]

The fonds consists of nine lantern slides that were potentially created as promotional images for Canadian Pacific Railway in the early 20th century. The images depict CPR employees, trains, interiors of train cars, and a biplane.

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PR3930 · Colección · [18--]-[19--]

The collection consists of a photo montage of the 1911 class of Edmonton High School, photographs of George Stovel and his hardware store, threshing scenes, and a portrait of William Mold in military uniform.

The collection also consists of 11 photographs of cattle branding at the CY Ranch on the Piikani Reserve, 1955.

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1913 Edmonton Souvenir Album
PR3933 · Unidad documental simple · 1913

The album consists of photographs of Edmonton street scenes and Lake Wabamun in the early 20th century.

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Montana Historical Society collection
PR3910 · Colección · [19--]

The collection consists of 12 prints of paintings by Charles Russell and 121 postcards of sites around Alberta with a focus on the Banff area.

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St. Patrick's Church collection
PR3991 · Colección · 1930, 1951

The collection consists of a portrait of Father Beek of St. Patrick's Church, Lethbridge, and two photographs showing the demolition of the church.

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PR2479 · Colección · 1910 - [ca. 1950]

The collection consists of a negative featuring Harry Pollard dating from ca. 1920, a negative featuring Ernest Brown dating from ca. 1950, and an extract from The Farm and Ranch Review dating from 1910.

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West to the Mountains collection
PR2974 · Colección · 1967, copied 1986

The fonds consists of two 35 mm copies of the film West to the Mountains, one 16 mm version of the film West to the Mountains, and one 16 mm of the film West to the Mountains in Japanese.

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Cowboys at Calgary Stampede collection
PR2951 · Colección · Copied 1968

The collection consists of a copy photograph and negative featuring cowboys from the Calgary Stampede circa 1926. The collection also includes a list identifying the individuals in the photograph. The photographer remains unidentified.

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Town of Rainbow Lake collection
PR2971 · Colección · 1968

The collection consists of materials related to the formation of the Town of Rainbow Lake in 1966 and includes clippings from The Edmonton Journal.

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Coal mining agreements collection
PR3027 · Colección · 1915 - 1961

The collection consists of mining agreements between coal mining unions and coal mines in Alberta dating from 1915 to 1961. Coal mines represented in the collection include the Canadian Collieries Limited, Cadomin Coal Co. Ltd., Canmore Coal Company Limited, Mine Workers Central Union of Estevan and District, Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company, Bighorn and Saunders Creek Collieries, Drumheller and Wayne District Coal Companies, Hillcrest Collieries Ltd., Hinton Collieries Limited, International Coal and Coke Company Limited, McGillivary Creek and Coal Company Limited, Lethbridge Collieries Limited, Luscar Collieries Limited, and McLeod River Hard Coal Co. Limited.

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PR2152 · Colección · [ca. 1920 – 1940]

The collection consists of 19 photographs of monasteries in Alberta dating from the 1920’s to the 1940’s.

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Donatville church fire collection
PR2338 · Colección · 1982

The collection consists of images of the Donatville Church fire in 1982.

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Banff photograph collection
PR2370 · Colección · [1918]

The collection consists of 15 photographs of the Banff area including views of "Beehive Mountain", a waterfall at "Johnson's Creek", a canoe, and the Banff Springs Hotel; a photograph of Vancouver; a photograph of Santa Monica featuring electric street lights; a photograph of New York Woolworth Building; two photographs of unidentified women; and two photographs of an unidentified harbor. The photographs date from ca. 1918 and were taken by an unknown photographer.

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Room A137 collection
PR3113 · Colección · 1906 - 1966

The collection consists of material found in Room A137 of the Provincial Museum and Archives Building in 1969. The collection includes: Edmonton and District Labour Council Annuals published by the Edmonton Trades and Labour Council and the Calgary Labour Council dating from 1951 - 1961; a booklet entitled "Boy Blue's Verses" by Frederick Balmer Watt (1918); the first annual report of the North Alberta Auxiliary of the British and Foreign Bible Society in Canada and Newfoundland (1938); regulations providing for the election of representatives of the Armed Forces (1944); a conference paper presented by Ernest Manning (1945); a booklet entitled "The Magpie Menace" by Kerry Wood; Alberta Public Service pamphlets (1955); informational pamphlets on Alberta's Jubilee Auditoriums of Calgary and Edmonton (1955); a program of the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Historical Society of Alberta (1959); Peace River and District Telephone Directory (1963); copy of the "Tattler" published by the Minus One Club of Edmonton (1955); pamphlets and postcards related to the history of Edmonton circa 1950s; a photo album entitled "The Canadian Pacific Rockies"; 25 photogravures published by Byron Harmon circa 1900; copies of the Raymond Review Aug 3, 1966 and Aug 10, 1966; Vol. 1, No. 1 of the Explorer first centennial edition, Peace River Country (1967); a copy of the Alberta Red Cross News Pictorial Campaign No. 3 (1925); a copy of the Edmonton Journal "Annual Review and Forecast (1967); an illustrated booklet celebrating Alberta's Golden Jubilee; Edmonton Transit System passes dating from the 1960s; and 6 blueprints indicating the construction of streets in Carstairs and Wetaskiwin, Alberta (1906).

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Satirical Poster collection
PR3202 · Colección · [before 1973]

The collection consists of two satirical posters regarding money and personal finance.

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St. Albert urban planning collection
PR3124 · Colección · 1966 - 1967

The collection consists of material pertaining to urban planning in St. Albert including briefs and studies prepared by the City of St. Albert and the City of Edmonton in 1966 and 1967 identifying problems and suggestions for urban renewal in St. Albert.

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Edmonton Blacksmith collection
PR3903 · Colección · 1911 - 1965

The collection consists of photographs of Adolf Minchau's General Blacksmith and the North Edmonton Iron Works in their years of operation and later photographs taken of the same sites in 1965.

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Dunvegan collection
PR3905 · Colección · [1920-1930]

The collection consists of photographs of sites in and around Dunvegan, Alberta including the communities of Waterhole and Fairview.

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Alberta stereographic images collection
PR3921 · Colección · 1884-1900

The collection consists of 30 stereographic images of sites around the Rocky Mountains in Alberta with a small selection of images in other areas of western Canada. The images were created by the following photographic studios: Bingham and Thom, Thom, and Underwood and Underwood.

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John Walter collection
PR3931 · Colección · [1905?]-[1919?]

The collection consists of photographs of the Walter Lumber Mill in Strathcona on the south bank of the North Saskatchewan River and interiors of the Chapman Brothers Store at 104 Street and 82 Avenue, Strathcona.

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PR3948 · Colección · [ca. 1970]

The collection consists of photographs of Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park in southern Alberta, including images of hoodoos and petroglyphs.

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Duffield photographs collection
PR3949 · Colección · [ca. 1965]

The collection consists of photographs of sites in Duffield, AB and members of Paul First Nation, Wabamum Reserve.

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Stratford-Perth Archives collection
PR3958 · Colección · 1906, 1909, 1924

The collection consists of photographic postcards of Lake Louise, Calgary, Edmonton, and Alby, Alberta.

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Siksika photographs collection
PR3959 · Colección · [19--?]

The collection consists of 7 black and white photographs of unidentified members of the Siksika Nation and 1 colour photograph of blankets.

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Edmonton photographs collection
PR3977 · Colección · 1910-[ca. 1925]

The collection consists of 12 photographs of sites in Edmonton in the early decades of the 20th century. Sites include the High Level Bridge, the Legislature, Fort Edmonton, the City of Edmonton steamer, the Low Level Bridge, 1st Presbyterian Church, and the Edmonton Saddlery.

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Tom Court collection
PR3994 · Colección · [ca. 1922]

The collection consists of two photographs of moonshine distilleries near the Wapiti River.

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Edmonton postcard collection
PR2108 · Colección · 1904-1912

The fonds consists of 18 postcards of Edmonton dating from 1902- 1912.

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PR2387 · Colección · 1950 - 1987

The collection consists of a photograph of the Alberta School Trustee's Association Annual Convention dating from 1950, a photograph of the 26th Annual Convention of the Alberta Dairymen's Association dating from 1950, an invitation to the opening of the Percy Page Centre dating from 1987, a poster featuring Pilbrock, Alberta, and a poster commemorating Alberta's Golden Jubilee in 1955.

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Edmonton recording artists collection
PR2426 · Colección · [between 1970 - 1979]

The collection consists of one LP recording by Olga Cunningham recorded at Damon Sound Studios in Edmonton in 1979, one LP recording by the Ruscheinski Family recorded at Century II Studios in Edmonton in the 1970s, and one 45 RPM recording by the Maclin Alouettes recorded at Project 70 in Edmonton in the 1970s.

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PR2462 · Colección · 1915

The collection consists of five photographs featuring views of Edmonton during a flood in 1915 including Currie Street, Edmonton Boat Building Co, 5th Street Bridge, Low Level Bridge, and Ross Flats from McDougall Hill.

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PR2506 · Colección · 1966

The collection consists of material created by the City of Lethbridge in commemorating the first flight over the Canadian Rockies in 1919 by pilot Captain Ernest C. Hoy including two formal invitations for the City of Lethbridge luncheon proceeding the ceremony to unveil a plaque, an official program, photographs, and newspaper clippings dating from 1966.

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Ranching scenes slide collection
PR2743 · Colección · [ca. 1930]

The collection consists of four glass plate slides featuring images of ranching in Alberta circa 1930.

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Shandro Museum photograph collection
PR2772 · Colección · 1966

The collection consists of images featuring the Shandro Museum including a framed house and individuals in Ukrainian dress dating from 1966 and taken by an unidentified photographer.

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1900 two girls image collection
PR2907 · Colección · [ca. 1900]

The collection consists of a photograph and a glass plate negative featuring two female children seated in front of a piano with a mantle clock sitting on the piano circa 1900. The photographer is unidentified.

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PR2920 · Colección · 1935, predominant 1967

The collection consists of material related to events held in Edmonton during Canada's centennial year (1967). The collection includes of a copy of The Edmonton Unitarian Vol. 14, No. 37, a program from Sherwood Heights Junior High to commemorate the birthday of Sir John A. Macdonald, a bulletin from the Northern Alberta Centennial Indoor Match Rifle Championships, a souvenir program from the Centennial Midget Hockey Championship Tournament, a program from the noon day services at the All Saints Cathedral, a program of the presentation of T.S. Elliot's Murder in the Cathedral at the All Saint's Cathedral, a program and poster of the Mystery Plays at the All Saint's Cathedral, a program for Muk-luk Mardi Gras in Edmonton, an invitation to the opening of the Charles M. Russell exhibit at the Edmonton Art Gallery, a program on the opening of the "Midnight Stadium" and Rodeo of World Champions at Fort Macleod, an O'Hara Auctions Centennial Business Bulletin, an information pamphlet on the centennial conference on the History of the Canadian West, a Banff School of Fine Arts schedule, a Casbah restaurant advertisement, a brochure on the Avord Arms Apartments, and a poster for the RCMP Concert Band and Musical Ride. The collection also includes an Order of Service of the twenty-fifth anniversary services of Robertson Church, Edmonton dating from 1935.

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PR2949 · Colección · 1967

The collection consists of material commemorating the dedication ceremony of Fort Edmonton Park in 1967 collected by R.O. Harrison, Director of the Provincial Museum of Alberta. The collection includes a clipping from The Edmonton Journal, an invitation, a program, a letter requesting a copy of the dedication speech by V.M. Dantzer from R.O. Harrison to V.M. Dantzer and a reply from V.M. Dantzer, and a map of Fort Edmonton Park.

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PR3177 · Colección · [before 1973]

The collection consists of lists documenting the Members of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta for the years 1967, 1968, and 1969 created by an unidentified individual.

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Lieutenant Governor's Purse collection
PR3391 · Colección · 1974

The collection consists of images of the Lieutenant Governor's Purse thoroughbred horse race at the Northlands Racetrack in 1974. Images include the race track, grandstand, and race horses.

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Frank Slide collection
PR3639 · Colección · 1903-[193-?]

The collection consists of photos depicting mountainous scenes around the Frank Slide and Crowsnest Pass area, including images of the Frank Slide.

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Syncrude film collection
PR3756 · Colección · 1982

The collection consists of two films, Bridge to the Future and The Sand Barrier, about the Alberta oil industry that were commissioned by Syncrude.

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Ron La Rose collection
PR3768 · Colección · 1915-1928

The collection consists of photographs that depict subjects in and around Shandro, Alberta. Images include the loading of a riverboat on the North Saskatchewan River, threshing machines and crews, Ukrainian folk dancers, and St. Jordan’s Day ceremonies. Members of the Shandro and Boychuk families are also identified.

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Colin Watson collection
PR3770 · Colección · [ca. 1930]

These photographs depict locations around Fort McMurray and Waterways, Alberta. The photos were printed on card stock and sold as postcards by Hill Drugs. The locations are all identified and depict such subjects as the Fort McMurray shipyards, tugboats, and aerial views of Fort McMurray and Waterways settlements.

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Baker Centre collection
PR3922 · Colección · 1988

The collection consists of photographs and negatives of the Baker Centre in Calgary, formerly the Baker Memorial Sanatorium.

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Fort McMurray photographic collection
PR2124 · Colección · 1905-[ca. 1950]

The collection consists of photographs of the Fort McMurray area. The 32 photographs in PR1982.0084 depict scenes from the Fort McMurray area from 1905-1915 with emphasis on shipping and riverboats. The 80 photographs in PR1992.0134 depict the inhabitants, settlements, and lands of the Fort McMurray region from the 1930s to the 1950s.

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Glenbow Alberta history collection
PR2464 · Colección · 1905 - 1935

The collection consists of a program for the Alberta Inaugural Celebration Concert at Thistle Rink in Edmonton, Alberta dating from 1905; a membership card for the Edmonton Amateur Athletic Club dating from ca. 1908; an account book for the Union Book of Canada and a bundle of cancelled cheques dating from 1917; a copy of The Alberta Social Credit Chronicle dating from 1935; a pamphlet entitled "The Douglas System of Economics"; a photograph of the G.A. Forster Ranch House; and a photograph of the Forster family.

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Manitoba Museum collection
PR2630 · Colección · 1907 - [ca. 1927]

The collection consists of postcards featuring views of Alberta locations including Wainwright, Fort McMurray, and Edmonton circa 1907 to 1927.

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PR2804 · Colección · 1979

The collection consists of a copy of a video produced for Alberta Social Services and Community Health in 1979 related to speech and language pathology entitled, "Language Stimulation - Let's Talk".

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Women's issues collection
PR2891 · Colección · 1973 - 1976

The collection consists of notes, pamphlets, publications, related to issues concerning women such as equality, birth control, and sexuality collected by an anonymous donor dating from 1973 to 1976.

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1940s Advertisement collection
PR2911 · Colección · [between 1940 - 1949]

The collection consists of nine posters featuring advertisements for commercial products dating from the 1940s such as "Winchester Cigarettes", "Orange Crush", "Five Roses Flour", "Burns Shamrock Cooked Meats", and "Millbank Cigarettes".

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PR2922 · Colección · Copied 1966

The collection consists of photographs of correspondence, orders-in-council, memorandum, drafts, and resolutions copied from the Library and Archives Canada related to the confederation of Canada and the provincial autonomy of Alberta.

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PR2925 · Colección · 1967

The collection consists of clippings from The Edmonton Journal pertaining to the release of Ernest Manning's publication Political Realignment: a Challenge to Thoughtful Canadians in 1967. The creator of the collection is unknown.

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Group of Seven slide collection
PR2934 · Colección · [ca. 1967]

The collection consists of ten color slides featuring the work of the original members of the Group of Seven including F.J. Johnson, F.H. Varley, Arthur, Lismer, J.E.H. MacDonald, F. Carmichael, Lawren Harris, and A.Y. Jackson dating from 1920 - 1928. The collection also includes two slides featuring work by Tom Thomson dating from 1916 to 1917. The date of the creation of the slides as well as the creator of the slides remains unknown.

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Photographs of banks collection
PR2957 · Colección · Copied 1968

The collection consists of a copy of a photograph of the Union Bank at Fort Macleod, Alberta taken by an unidentified photographer circa 1906, and a copy of a photograph of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in Red Deer, Alberta taken by an unidentified photographer circa 1906.

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PR2975 · Colección · 1958 - 1959

The collection consists of material related to youth recreation and activities in Alberta including a post-summer evaluation of Edmonton's playground and parks program dating from 1958, a report on the proceedings of Western Recreation Conference held in the Banff School of Fine Arts in Banff, Alberta, dating from 1958, a report on a playground teacher's training course for Edmonton Recreation Department dating from 1959, and the minutes of a meeting of the Edmonton Council of Community Services, Youth Service Division, Executive Workshop dating from 1959.

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PR3048 · Colección · 1966

The collection consists of fifteen black and white photographs featuring farmhouse near Fort Macleod taken in 1966 by an unknown photographer.

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PR3181 · Colección · [between 1911 - 1912]

The collection consists of surveyor's plans created between 1911 and 1912 by Dominion Government surveyors for the Medicine Hat district including plans for the subdivisions of Rosemount Medicine Hat, Suffield, Fairview, Arlington, Burrell, Kenilworth, north Redcliff, Broadway Extension, and Parkview.

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BC Archives film collection
PR3760 · Colección · 1961, 1966

The collection consists of two films: A New Rose in Alberta (1961), produced by the Canadian Oil Companies Ltd., is an industrial film about White Rose gasoline. An Invitation to the Future (1966), produced by the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), is a promotional film about SAIT and its programs.

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PR3895 · Colección · 1979 - 1980

The collection consists of photographs of street scenes and housing around Edmonton, particularly the development of housing in the Millwoods neighbourhood.

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Five Roses Flour Mill collection
PR3896 · Colección · 1908-1912

The collection consists of photographs of the construction of the Five Roses flour mill in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

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Southgate Shopping Centre collection
PR3912 · Colección · 1980

The collection consists of photographs of the Southgate Shopping Centre in Edmonton, Alberta.

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PR3920 · Colección · 1972

The collection consists of photographs and negatives depicting a parade and ice sculptures at Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake in 1972.

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Panoramic photographs collection
PR3937 · Colección · 1909-1949

The collection consists of one cirkuit print of Edmonton (1909), one cirkuit print of Edmonton (1913), one cirkuit print of #3 Company, Alberta Depot Battalion, C.E.F., Calgary (1918), and one oversize panorama of Redwater (1949).

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Sun Dance Ceremony collection
PR3947 · Colección · 1967

The collection consists of photographs of a Siksika Sun Dance ceremony held near Cardston, AB in 1967.

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