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Archival description
PR2912 · Collection · 1965

The collection consists of four photographs of a building located at 10509- 100th Avenue in Edmonton, Alberta taken by an unknown photographer.

Alberta. Industry and Development. Film and Photographic Branch
PR2907 · Collection · [ca. 1900]

The collection consists of a photograph and a glass plate negative featuring two female children seated in front of a piano with a mantle clock sitting on the piano circa 1900. The photographer is unidentified.

Unknown donor
PR2911 · Collection · [between 1940 - 1949]

The collection consists of nine posters featuring advertisements for commercial products dating from the 1940s such as "Winchester Cigarettes", "Orange Crush", "Five Roses Flour", "Burns Shamrock Cooked Meats", and "Millbank Cigarettes".

Unknown donor
PR3153 · Collection · 1968

The collection consists of material related to candidates from Alberta for the 1968 federal election and includes pamphlets, correspondence, posters, and clippings.

Ostashewsky, Roman
A.A. Chervinski collection
PR1222 · Collection · 1905-1968

Collection consists of operational records for the Continental Coal Corporation Limited (Ltd.) of Grassy Lake, Alberta, personal and business records of Victor W. Campbell who resided in Grassy Lake and Taber, Alberta and who was a shareholder in the Continental Coal Corporation Ltd., personal records of John W. Trusswell, who was a mayor of Taber, and his estate, and miscellaneous records pertaining to the Grassy Lake and Taber, Alberta area. Fonds includes telegrams, correspondence, agreements, resolutions, minutes, notices, shareholder lists, shares, contracts, test hole logs, financial records, survey reports, a postcard, bank books, receipts, insurance policies, advertising posters, shares, income tax returns, tax assessments and notices, employee lists, coal statistics, telephone directories for Taber and Lethbridge, Alberta, newspaper clippings about F. Hallworth and the history of Taber and Grassy Lake, Alberta Briquetting Corporation Ltd. shares, and maps depicting Taber subdivisions and the mines of Victor W. Campbell, Continental Coal Corporation Ltd. Fonds also includes photographs depicting images in Lethbridge and Taber, Alberta and includes bridges, street views, Alberta Brewery, construction of Knight Sugar Factory, a church, and a photograph copy of a letter written from Lorenzo Snow to William Pierson of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Chervinski, A.A.
PR3962 · Collection · 1872-1929

The collection contains a variety of materials, purchased from Academic Books in five purchases over a decade. The collection includes an unpublished manuscript (1908) written by Alexander MacKenzie on the Peace River District covering the years 1793-1908. The next is a typed letter from R.B. Bennet to John Stocks (1905), the then-Deputy Commissioner of Public Works of the North-West Territories (which included present-day Alberta and Saskatchewan at the time). This letter concerned the rising waters that were beginning to circumvent the Elbow River Bridge in Calgary.

Other records include North-West Territories Gazettes (Volume 18, Numbers 7-14, 1901), a HBC census record of the Saskatchewan District (1872), a HBC census record from the Athabasca District (1873), and a small ledger book used in Dunvegan with several pages at the end used by a child to practice letters and drawing (1891-1925). Attached to the census of the Athabasca District is also a document noting the “division of the Chipewyan Nation” according to the Census taken.

Academic Books (Vancouver)
PR3956 · Collection

The collection consists of photographic portraits of members of the Alberta Agricultural Hall of Fame.

Unknown donor
Agriculture print collection
PR2445 · Collection · [ca. 1940]

The collection consists of two poster prints featuring agricultural scenes dating from ca. 1940 and a poster print featuring King George V dating from ca. 1940. The artist of the prints is unknown.

Unknown donor
Alberta 2005 collection
PR2273 · Collection · 1988

The collection consists of 16 hours of audio recordings capturing the Alberta 2005 Conference. The fonds also includes the accompanying typed transcripts dating from 1988.

Unknown donor
PR2225 · Collection · 1909-1922

The collection consists of a schedule and map for the Alberta and Great Waterways Railway dating from 1922 as well as photographs of the construction of the Alberta and Great Waterways Railway in 1909.

Alberta and Great Waterways Railway
PR3685 · Collection · 1930-2010

The collection includes newsletters, membership lists, minutes, obituaries, remembrance cards, copies of historic photographs, photographs from Coal Branch reunions, and newspaper clippings. The records were created by the Alberta Coal Branch Club and document their club events.

The collection also contains The Cadomin Project, a teaching unit developed by Jim Shaw, Director of the Educational Media Services at the University of Alberta. The teaching unit was created as part of a series of units on small towns across Alberta and used photos, slides, recordings, and other media to teach in elementary and secondary schools.

This unit consists of slides and copies of photographs of subjects in Cadomin in the Alberta Coal Branch, as well as supplemental information, all with a focus on the social history of Cadomin.

There is also a scrapbook that includes clippings related to the Coal Branch and its residents, correspondence with other former Coal Branch residents, membership lists of Coal Branch unions, obituaries of Coal Branch residents, and short biographical sketches of Coal Branch residents.

Alberta Coal Branch Club
PR2071 · Collection · 1945-1955

The fonds consists of ten 78 RPM LP recordings by the artists Stu Davis and the Northwesterners, Lennie Siebert and the Calgary Chuck Wagon Gang, Vic Siebert and the Westernnaires, King Ganum and his Sons of the West, Bill Dixie Hilton and his Calgary Range Riders, Buddy Reynolds with Calgary Range Riders, Keray Regan, Scotty Stevenson with the Edmonton Eskimos, Scotty Stevenson and the Canadian Nighthawks, and Lucille Starr. The fonds dates from 1945-1955.

Leonard, Dave
PR3305 · Collection · 1963-1967

This collection contains original comics which are related to the Alberta Liquor Control Board (ALCB) and were collected by A.D. Elliott, a former chairman of the ALCB. These comics include thirteen published in the Edmonton Journal and created by John Yardley-Jones and six published in the Calgary Herald and created by Tom Innes.

Yardley-Jones, John
PR1059 · Collection · [ca.1909]-1978

Collection consists of various records relating to the City of Edmonton Street Railway Department, Edmonton Street Railroad and Radial Railway, Canadian National Railroad, Canadian Northern Railway Company, Canadian Pacific Railway Company, Grand Trunk Pacific Companies, Northern Alberta Railways Company, Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia Railway Company, and Central Canada Railway Company. Collection includes financial records, passenger statistics, correspondence, telegrams, equipment inventories, specifications and advertising catalogues, tenders, equipment and track standards, duplicate certificates of title, newsletters, newspaper clippings, a conductor’s book, public notices and transit system schedules, employee files and seniority lists, radio advertising broadcast transcripts and advertising copy. Collection also includes plans and maps depicting various areas in Edmonton, Alberta that are serviced by transit and railroad companies. Collection also includes photographs that depict the interior and renovations of a street-car, and various railroad construction crews and equipment.

There is also a photograph of the last remaining Northern Alberta Railways engine being removed from the Cromdale Barns to the Alberta Railway Museum site by the Alberta Pioneer Railway Association on 12 October 1975. This was the last APRA engine housed at the Cromdale Barns and it is still part of the APRA holdings on display at the Alberta Railway Museum.

Alberta Pioneer Railway Association
PR1827 · Collection · [1943 - 1988]

The collection consists of scripts that won the Alberta Playwriting Competition dating from 1970 to 1988. The fonds also consists of plays dating from 1943 to 1970 which likely won other playwriting contests. Additionally, the fonds includes two plays from Edmonton playwright and director Brad Fraser as well as two plays by Canadian actor Paul Gross, known for his work on the television series Due South.

Alberta Playwriting Competition
PR2095 · Collection · 1948-[197-?]

The collection consists of two Alberta School Broadcast songbooks: "Sing and Play" from 1954 -1955, by Jane McIlrena and "Music Makers" from 1960 - 1961 by Hazel Robinson. The collection also contains 33 transcription discs created for Alberta School Broadcasts featuring music and narrated books such as Ivanhoe. The discs also include broadcasts featuring information on explorers of the Northwest Territories including David Thompson, James Cook, Henry Kelsey, Samuel Hearne, and Anthony Henday. The transcription discs date from 1948 to 1949. The audio cassettes consist of several episodes from the following series: World of Today, Alberta at Work, We Live in Alberta, Alberta Album, Adventure Time, and Pioneer Communities. These episodes likely date from the 1970s. There are also photographs of recording sessions.

Alberta School Broadcasts
PR3921 · Collection · 1884-1900

The collection consists of 30 stereographic images of sites around the Rocky Mountains in Alberta with a small selection of images in other areas of western Canada. The images were created by the following photographic studios: Bingham and Thom, Thom, and Underwood and Underwood.

Unknown donor
PR2269 · Collection · 1932 - 1958

The collection consists of Alberta Sugar Beet Growers annual reports dating from 1932 - 1958. The fonds also includes the publication Why Canada Needs Sugar Beets.

Alberta Sugar Beet Growers Association
Alice Whitfield collection
PR0527 · Collection · Copied 1971-1973

Collection consists of an undated town site map and lot pricelist for the Townsite of Lignite, Alberta, a newspaper clipping about Tail Creek, Alberta dated 1953, an undated pamphlet published by the Alix Board of Trade, and photographs depicting various people and views of Alix, Alberta dating 1905-1976.

Whitfield, Alice
Allen Ronaghan collection
PR0543 · Collection · Copied 1971-1995

Collection consists of an oral history by Hugh B. Evans about his experiences as a sailor on the Southern Cross Expedition, dated 1970, an index to a cash book dated 1905 from the Vermilion Branch of the Canadian Bank of Commerce and notes on the pioneer telegraph system in Alberta dated 1976, both compiled by Allen Ronaghan, a copy of the United Farmers of Alberta Union Local No. 139 minutes and membership roll, and a copy of the attendance register of the Batts School District No. 1960 dating 1918-1919.

Ronaghan, Allen
Andrij Baziuk collection
PR3625 · Collection · 1922-1951

The collection consists of films used in an itinerant picture show that toured through rural Saskatchewan, particularly through Ukrainian communities around Regina, during the 1930s-50s. The films include episodes of popular series such as Tarzan of the Apes, Dick Tracy, Krazy Kat, and Hopalong Cassidy; full-length genre films including Westerns and melodramas; comedy shorts; compilations of trailers for Hollywood features; episodes of Canadian Movietone News for 1950-51; a documentary about Inuit life in the 1940s; and two feature-length Ukrainian films that were made in North America. Both of these films were produced by Ukrainian-Canadian Vasile Avramenko. The first is entitled Cossacks in Exile (Zaporozhets za dunaem) (Edgar L. Ulmer, 1938), while the second is entitled Marusia (Leo Bulgakov, 1938). These films are in the Ukrainian language with English subtitles, were specifically made for the expatriate Ukrainian community in North America, and are rare examples of Ukrainian commercial filmmaking in North America.

Many of the films are fragments of larger works, but it is unclear if the complete films were ever shown as part of the travelling picture show.

The collection also contains a poster for Cossacks in Exile and an original cardboard box used to house one of the film reels.

Baziuk, Andrij
Angela E. Harris collection
PR1850 · Collection · 1983

The collection consists of a copy of “The Cookson Memoirs,” which contains photocopies of John W. (Jack) Cookson’s diary from his voyage from Liverpool, England to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1890 as well as notes about his early days in Tofield, Alberta. The collection also includes copies of photographs relating to Jack Cookson and the Cookson family in Tofield.

Harris, Angela E.
PR3039 · Collection · 1969

The collection consists of transcripts of interviews with Annie and Charles Johnston recalling their life in Bowden at the beginning of the 20th century typed by Abe Sawatsky of the Bowden Historical Society in 1969.

Johnston, Annie and Charles
Anthony Mardiros collection
PR1129 · Collection · [ca. 1907]-1979, predominate 1932-1962

The collection consists of records accumulated by Anthony Mardiros in the course of his research into the life of William Irvine. The collection includes correspondence, writings and reference material of William Irvine, as well minutes, financial statements and other records of the Alberta Section of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) and Mardiros’s research materials; the collection has been arranged into the following nine series: Correspondence; Minutes (Alberta CCF minutes, National CCF reports and minutes, and People’s Weekly and New Party topical files); CCF Campaign/organizational materials; Writings (Articles, columns, notes, etc., Book Manuscripts, and Publications); Reference and clipping files (Social Credit files, and Other reference files); Memorabilia; Mardiros research files (Correspondence, Photocopies and transcriptions, and Clippings and publications); Photographs (Irvine portraits, CCF group portraits, and Other); and Electoral map of Alberta.

Mardiros, Anthony
Collection · 1965-1972

The collection consists of five event posters for the Antique Car and Gun Show presented by the Edmonton Antique Car Club and the Alberta Arms and Cartridge Collectors Association. The posters are from the second, fourth, fifth, seventh and ninth annual events.

Edmonton Antique Car Club
PR3394 · Collection · 1977-1988

The collection consists of photographs taken at various architectural sites around Alberta. These include a survey of housing in the abandoned coal town of Nordegg that was created by the Woolfenden Group, a photographic survey by McIntosh, Workun & Chernenko Architects of a federal building, and architectural surveys of St. Joseph's College, St. Stephen's College, the Ukrainian Village, and Beaver House.

Unknown donor
Argosy Books map collection
PR3964 · Collection · 1815-1867

The collection consists of four historical maps of North America and one negative copy of a map originally from 1867. The three maps that are dated are from 1815, 1824, and 1867.

The fourth map of North America is glued to a cardboard backboard and is not dated, but was likely first created in the year 1770. It includes mythological descriptions of areas not fully explored, including Hyperborea in the Arctic Circle. This last map also includes parts of northern Europe and Russia.

Argosy Books
Arnold LeP. Agnew collection
PR0436 · Collection · Copied 1970

Collection consists of a small section of the McPhillips Saskatchewan Directory of 1888-1905 concerning areas in the North West Territories, now the province of Alberta.

Agnew, Arnold LeP.
Arthur Morris collection
PR3934 · Collection · [ca. 1900]

The collection consists of photographs of Edmonton and Banff, ca. 1900. Images include a flood at Walter's Mill in Edmonton and the Banff Hot Springs.

Unknown donor
PR1787 · Collection · Copied 1988-1989

The collection consists of images, originally dating 1914 to 1945, of military personnel who had lived in the Ashmont School District of Alberta.

Cheshire, Robert
Baker Centre collection
PR3922 · Collection · 1988

The collection consists of photographs and negatives of the Baker Centre in Calgary, formerly the Baker Memorial Sanatorium.

Unknown donor
Banff photograph collection
PR2370 · Collection · [1918]

The collection consists of 15 photographs of the Banff area including views of "Beehive Mountain", a waterfall at "Johnson's Creek", a canoe, and the Banff Springs Hotel; a photograph of Vancouver; a photograph of Santa Monica featuring electric street lights; a photograph of New York Woolworth Building; two photographs of unidentified women; and two photographs of an unidentified harbor. The photographs date from ca. 1918 and were taken by an unknown photographer.

Unknown donor
Barbara Campbell collection
PR3703 · Collection · 1968-1971

The collection consists of pamphlets, posters, articles, and clippings from a variety of political and activist groups. There are informational pamphlets from the Black Panther Party and the Young Communist League; anti-Vietnam War pamphlets, leaflets, and posters from a Canadian perspective; articles and pamphlets focusing on anti-racism; pamphlets and posters for candidates from multiple parties in the Strathcona and Beverly ridings during the 1971 provincial election; posters and informational material related to the University of Alberta Students’ Union debate to re-join the Canadian Union of Students in 1968; and other material related to the student movement.

Campbell, Barbara J.
PR2304 · Collection · Copied 1976-1977

The collection consists of images of dating from about 1903 to about 1930 from the Lloydminster, Saskatchewan area relating to Barr colonists, and includes images of a variety of buildings including the school, train station, bank, post office, and hospital, automobiles, houses, log cabins, tents, ploughing, haying, horse and cart, a musical band and a soccer team. The fonds includes a number of images relating to the Tebbs, Booth, Topott, Hall, Wright, Grey, Fisher, Jones, Sutton, and Cripps families and to Rev. Trench.

Barr Colony Museum
PR1964 · Collection · Copied 1977

The collection consists of copied photographs dating 1927-1955 that depict various people, buildings and views in Barrhead, Alberta including Carl Johnson’s Central Meat Market, Hooper’s Garage, the Bank of Toronto, nuns, the United church and St. John’s Lutheran church, an Alberta Jubilee parade, street views, cars, the first train in Barrhead, and a hospital built by Doctor (Dr.) E.J. Varreau.

Barrhead Centennial Museum
Bassano collection
PR2916 · Collection · 1913 - [ca. 1930]

The collection consists of images of two men and a child in an unidentified location circa 1930; an envelope for the business of R.A. Bird, a photographer in Bassano, Alberta circa 1920; a program for the Annual Banquet of the Timber Construction Staff, Canadian Pacific Irrigation Project, held at the Berkely Hotel in Bassano, Alberta dating from 1913.

Town of Bassano
BC Archives film collection
PR3760 · Collection · 1961, 1966

The collection consists of two films: A New Rose in Alberta (1961), produced by the Canadian Oil Companies Ltd., is an industrial film about White Rose gasoline. An Invitation to the Future (1966), produced by the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), is a promotional film about SAIT and its programs.

Unknown donor
PR1325 · Collection · Copied 1982-1984

The collection consists of images, originally dating 1893 to 1982, of the Beaumont, Alberta area, featuring schools, churches, houses, farms and ranches, sawmills, service stations, post offices, blacksmith/garage, stores, bands, baseball teams and parks, statue installation, landmarks, celebrations and weddings, farm and construction machinery, harvesting and threshing, automobiles, horses, tobogganing, wells, a tug-o-war, families and local pioneers, and views of Beaumont.

Beaumont History Book Committee
PR3893 · Collection · [191-]

The collection consists of photographs of school houses across Beaver County, Alberta.

Unknown donor
PR3822 · Collection · 1961-2015

The collection consists of issues of the Rimbey Reporter, Rimbey Review, Red Deer Advocate, Co-operative Consumer, Lakes District News, The Advocate, Daily Herald-Tribune, Fototab: A Photographic Journal of the Lakes District, Central Alberta Parkland News, and Ponoka County News.

Bentley Museum
Beth Tachit collection
PR0896 · Collection · [ca. 1930]-1978

The fonds consists of photographs and copied photographs dating from 1917 to 1978 which were collected and used in Our Bend in the Peace: The Story of Royce and Lubeck, and End of Steel: Hines Creek, A Pictorial History, along with a newspaper clipping about Louie Garskie, and photocopied records about the 1928 surrender of the Beaver First Nation Reserve.

Tachit, Beth
Beverly Alcock collection
PR3923 · Collection · [194-]

The collection consists of photographs of Banff National Park, Royal Canadian Air Force #2 Wireless School, and Royal Canadian Air Force Service Flying Training School #3 in Calgary.

Alcock, Beverly
Bijou Theatre Collection
PR4081 · Collection · 1887-1959

The fonds is composed of several posters, advertisements, and bulletins for shows and patronage at the Bijou Theatre; several letters to the Bijou; a typed history of the Bijou Theatre and “Pop” Lawrence; and multiple pages of sheet music that were used for music during intermissions and some shows. The records also include an audiocassette recording of several songs that were played at the first Bijou Theatre.

Bijou Theatre
PR3285 · Collection · 1896-1969

The collection consists of the minutes and financial records of the Bon Accord School District, the minutes and bylaws of the Bon Accord Literary Society, minutes of the Bon Accord Society of Equity, financial records of the Bon Accord and Sturgeon Valley Threshing Company, minutes and financial records of the Bon Accord Women’s Institute, family histories, and photographs of Bon Accord subjects.

Bon Accord Local History Committee
PR1878 · Collection · Copied 1978

The collection consists of images from Ryley, Alberta, most of which were used in Beaver Tales: History of Ryley & District and includes buildings, businesses (including blacksmiths and drug stores), schools, barns, harvesting, house transportation, store interiors, coal mining, a coal dock, automobiles, horses, wagons, sleighs, businessmen, a traveling salesman, students, local residents, and local families.

Ryley Ladies' Auxiliary, Royal Canadian Legion Ryley Branch No. 192. Book Committee
Brander Studios collection
PR4086 · Collection · 1951

The photographs depict the 1951 Royal Visit, during which Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) and Prince Phillip visited all the Canadian provinces. The photographs depict their visit to Edmonton in October, and two are labeled on the reverse with the date and people present. In one of these photos where Princess Elizabeth is making an address, Premier Manning and Lieutenant Governor Bowden are also present.

One of the photographs is labeled with “Brander Studios,” and it is likely that the photographs were taken by a photographer who worked there.

Brander Studios
PR2453 · Collection · 1941

The collection consists of two maps printed by the Department of Mines and Resources, Mines and Geology Branch, Government of Canada, in 1941. The maps provide geological information on the Brazeau and Bighorn River areas of Alberta.

Canada. Department of Mines and Resources. Mines and Geology Branch
Brian Huff collection
PR1366 · Collection · [19-]

The collection consists of images of tenting, a log cabin, canoes, boats, seaplanes and airplanes.

Huff, Brian
Bruce Spencer collection
PR4050 · Collection · [193-?]

The collection consists of 9.5mm safety film reels that were produced by Pathé from the 1920s to 1960 for the home market. Pathé produced both 9.5mm negative stock for amateur cinematography and copies of films and short subjects on 9.5mm stock for home viewing. These films are an example of the latter and include travelogues, Mickey Mouse and Popeye shorts, and short comedies.

PR1710 · Collection · 1982-1984

The collection consists of 23 bound volumes of transcripts of interviews with lawyers, judges, sheriffs, court reporters and clerks relating to the practice of law in southern Alberta. The interviews were conducted by Susie Sparks and James H Gray. Those interviewed were: the Honourable Gordon H. Allen, Q.C., “Barney” Barnett and Tom Malcolm, R.H. Barron, Q.C., W.F. Bowker, Q.C., E.M. Bredin, Q.C., Chester V. Burns, Q.C., R.L. Fenerty, Q.C., Spencer Cumming, Q.C., J.H. Gray, Dr. Ruth Gorman, Rollie Jardine, A.W. MacDonald, M.E. Jones, Q.C., A.W. Henricks, Q.C., the Honourable J.H. Laycraft, the Honourable W.G.N. Egbert, E.W.N. Macdonald, Q.C., the Honourable L.D. MacLean, the Honourable E.C. Manning, R.A. MacKimmie, Q.C., the Honourable R. Martland, Q.C., Marie McCaffary, D.P. McDonald, Q.C., the Honourable J.V.H. Milvain, Q.C., D.P. McLaws, Q.C., Archdeacon Cecil Swanson, Judge F. Thurgood, E. Kush, Q.C., A. Gilchrist, Mrs. Harry Nolan, Mrs. Orrin Might, Ruth Patterson, R.G. Black, Q.C., J.M. Pritchard, Q.C., J.J. Saucier, Q.C., Arthur R. Smith and Peter S. Vallance.

Calgary Bar Association Oral History Project
Cam Finlay collection
PR3291 · Collection · 1952-1965

The collection consists of newsletters, notices, manuals, directories, publicity, minutes, and correspondence related to the City of Edmonton Parks and Recreation Department.

Finlay, Cam
Camrose Ski Jump collection
PR3891 · Collection · 1913 - ?

The collection consists of photographs of a ski jump in Camrose, Alberta.

Unknown donor
Canada Map Office collection
PR3985 · Collection · 1834, 1966-1992, predominant 1966-1992

This collection contains a broad scope of published maps, mainly depicting Canada, Alberta, and smaller-scale maps within Alberta. Some examples of the areas depicted on larger-scale maps include Alberta communities of Paradise Valley, Grizzly Bear Creek, Lloyminster, Delacour, Trochu, Cluny, Bearspaw, Lac La Biche, Kananaskis Lake, Weberville, Grande Prairie, Brazeau Lake, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Wainwright.

The maps come from a variety of original sources and served a wide range of original purposes. Most were created by the federal National Topographic Survey, many more are general topographical maps, and some were produced for the National Atlas of Canada, among other purposes.

Canada. Department of Energy, Mines, and Resources. Canada Map Office
PR3920 · Collection · 1972

The collection consists of photographs and negatives depicting a parade and ice sculptures at Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake in 1972.

Unknown donor
PR3973 · Collection · 1964-1975

This collection contains microfilm reels of newspapers copied by the Canadian Library Association as part of its various microfilm projects. it includes various newspapers related to Alberta and the west, spanning 1871 to 1910, and includes Le Manitoba (1881-1900), Saskatchewan Herald (1878-1910), Farmer’s Advocate, Western Editor (1890-1910), Métis (1871-1881), Calgary Eye-Opener (1902-1922), Lethbridge News (1885-95), Macleod Gazette (1882-1906), and Edmonton Bulletin (1880-1906).

There are also some reels from the T. Eaton Co., including The T. Eaton Co. Limited mail Order Catalogue (1953-1964) and T. Eaton Catalogue (1884-1953).

Canadian Library Association
PR3919 · Collection · [19--]

The fonds consists of nine lantern slides that were potentially created as promotional images for Canadian Pacific Railway in the early 20th century. The images depict CPR employees, trains, interiors of train cars, and a biplane.

Unknown donor
PR3134 · Collection · 1966 - 1969

The collection consists of oral history interviews conducted by Carl J. Tracie during the years 1966 to 1969 with pioneers of the Grande Prairie region. The interviews include recordings of the following individuals:

  • Eric Wilson homesteaded in Saskatoon Lake in 1910;
  • Barney Throness Lake Saskatoon circa (ca) 1911;
  • Marley Sherk and Gordon Sherk, traveled with Mennonites to Beaverlodge area ca. 1910;
  • James Summerville homesteaded in Grande Prairie ca. 1911;
  • J.J.E. Clarke homesteaded in Peace River ca. 1911;
  • G. Balisky homesteaded in Grande Prairie ca. 1912;
  • Joseph Tracie homesteaded in Grande Prairie ca.1916; and
  • Oskar Anderson homesteaded in Peace River ca. 1911.

The tapes discuss climate, individuals, religions, agriculture, transportation, the economy, and geography of the region.

Tracie, Carl J.
Carolla Christie collection
PR2288 · Collection · [1977] - 1981

The fonds consists of six 45 RPM audio discs of the following artists: Give Your Head a Shake / It’s Raining over Morley (no date) by Marcel Tom Hawk Henry and the Country Royals; I’ll Come Running / Forget that Yesterday (no date) by Debbie (Davis) Stevenson; That Galavanting (sic.) Galveston Gal / In My Mind (no date) by Scotty Stevenson; High Fashion Queen / Rocky Mountain Skyline (1980) and Crazy Heart / Rollin Slow (1981) by Laura Vinson and Red Wyng; and Kenora / Mean Woman Blues (1977) by Wooden High.

Christie, Carolla
PR2920 · Collection · 1935, predominant 1967

The collection consists of material related to events held in Edmonton during Canada's centennial year (1967). The collection includes of a copy of The Edmonton Unitarian Vol. 14, No. 37, a program from Sherwood Heights Junior High to commemorate the birthday of Sir John A. Macdonald, a bulletin from the Northern Alberta Centennial Indoor Match Rifle Championships, a souvenir program from the Centennial Midget Hockey Championship Tournament, a program from the noon day services at the All Saints Cathedral, a program of the presentation of T.S. Elliot's Murder in the Cathedral at the All Saint's Cathedral, a program and poster of the Mystery Plays at the All Saint's Cathedral, a program for Muk-luk Mardi Gras in Edmonton, an invitation to the opening of the Charles M. Russell exhibit at the Edmonton Art Gallery, a program on the opening of the "Midnight Stadium" and Rodeo of World Champions at Fort Macleod, an O'Hara Auctions Centennial Business Bulletin, an information pamphlet on the centennial conference on the History of the Canadian West, a Banff School of Fine Arts schedule, a Casbah restaurant advertisement, a brochure on the Avord Arms Apartments, and a poster for the RCMP Concert Band and Musical Ride. The collection also includes an Order of Service of the twenty-fifth anniversary services of Robertson Church, Edmonton dating from 1935.

Unknown donor
PR1405 · Collection · Copied 1974-1987

The collection consists of images, originally dating ca. 1914 to ca. 1983 from Cereal, Alberta, including images of views of Cereal, streets, hotels, train station, schools, hospitals, a restaurant interior, houses and log houses, children, residents, hospital matrons, a hospital doctor, the director of nurses, geese hunters, a fiddler, horse and carts, horse and sleigh, horses, cattle, oxen, barns, farming, harvesting, plowing, harrows, water well, baseball spectators, cars, picnics, skiing, trains, and a steam engine.

Cereal Prairie Pioneer Museum
PR2118 · Collection · 1991

The collection consists of recorded and written interviews with former staff and patients of the Charles Camsell Hospital dating from 1991 conducted by Lisa Staples of the Provincial Museum of Alberta.

Provincial Museum of Alberta
Chris Yorath Collection
PR4076 · Collection · 1948-1969

The transparencies depict Atlantic No. 3 oil well, an oil well close to Devon, Alberta. The Atlantic No. 3 disaster of 1948 has been widely credited as leading to both further investment in Alberta oil and gas as well as increased regulatory and environmental standards. The transparencies depict the well during the fire and its aftermath, and the single textual record is a copy of the letter describing the conditions of the original 1969 loan.

Yorath, Chris
PR3021 · Collection · Copied 1971

The collection consists of copies of photographs dating from the 1870s to the 1910s in Alberta from the City of Edmonton Archives and includes images featuring Fort Saskatchewan, a log cabin, teepees near Fort Carlton, coal mining in Edmonton, the first jail in Calgary, Calgary's first City Hall, Calgary's first Land Titles Office, D. Ricker's lumber camps at Poplar Creek, and Main Street in Tofield. There are also photographs of churches in Edson and views of Fort McMurray.

City of Edmonton Archives
Coal mines collection
PR3950 · Collection · [19--]

The collection consists of photographs of coal mines, miners, and mine rescue workers across Alberta.

Unknown donor
PR3027 · Collection · 1915 - 1961

The collection consists of mining agreements between coal mining unions and coal mines in Alberta dating from 1915 to 1961. Coal mines represented in the collection include the Canadian Collieries Limited, Cadomin Coal Co. Ltd., Canmore Coal Company Limited, Mine Workers Central Union of Estevan and District, Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company, Bighorn and Saunders Creek Collieries, Drumheller and Wayne District Coal Companies, Hillcrest Collieries Ltd., Hinton Collieries Limited, International Coal and Coke Company Limited, McGillivary Creek and Coal Company Limited, Lethbridge Collieries Limited, Luscar Collieries Limited, and McLeod River Hard Coal Co. Limited.

Unknown donor
Colin Watson collection
PR3770 · Collection · [ca. 1930]

These photographs depict locations around Fort McMurray and Waterways, Alberta. The photos were printed on card stock and sold as postcards by Hill Drugs. The locations are all identified and depict such subjects as the Fort McMurray shipyards, tugboats, and aerial views of Fort McMurray and Waterways settlements.

Unknown donor
PR2922 · Collection · Copied 1966

The collection consists of photographs of correspondence, orders-in-council, memorandum, drafts, and resolutions copied from the Library and Archives Canada related to the confederation of Canada and the provincial autonomy of Alberta.

Unknown donor
Conrad Rochon collection
PR3334 · Collection · Copied 1968 (originals 1966)

The collection consists of seven tapes of French folk songs collected and recorded by Conrad Rochon in 1966 in Central and Northern Alberta, and of the transcripts of songs, in French.

Rochon, Conrad
PR2314 · Collection · 1951 - 1994

The collection consists of county, municipal and school district maps acquired by the Provincial Archives of Alberta. The collection includes:

  • maps of the Counties of Grand Prairie, Vulcan, Ponoka, Newell, Warner, Wetaskiwin, Barrhead, Lacombe, Wheatland, Mountain View, Paintearth, Camrose, Vermilion River, Leduc, Lethbridge, Minburn, Lac St. Anne, Lamont, and Parkland dating from the 1960s to the 1990s
  • maps of the Municipal Districts of Cypress, Cardston, Bright, Argyle, Willow Creek, Foothills, Starland, Kneehill, Provost, Wetaskiwin, Brazeau, Lamont, Stony Plain, Sturgeon, Westlock, Clearwater, Smoky River, Peace, and Fairview dating from the 1950s to the 1990s
  • a map of Improvement District 1 dating from 1966
  • a map of the Wheatland School District dating from 1958; and
  • an Edmonton and Area map of Townships 50 to 55.
PR2951 · Collection · Copied 1968

The collection consists of a copy photograph and negative featuring cowboys from the Calgary Stampede circa 1926. The collection also includes a list identifying the individuals in the photograph. The photographer remains unidentified.

Unknown donor
C.W. Youngs collection
PR1719 · Collection · [between 1912 and 1916]

The collection consists of images from a surveying crew that worked in the Peace River area, and includes images of pack horses, camps, trees and crew.

Youngs, C.W.
PR3758 · Collection · 1920-1930

The collection consists of seven photographs. Five of the seven photographs in the record appear to show evidence of a fire that took place at a Dalhousie Oil refinery in Okotoks, Alberta. One image depicts a smoldering refinery, while four others depict vehicles damaged in the incident. Two of the seven photographs are of unknown provenance, and each feature a matching decorative border. One of these photographs depicts a street scene from the 1920’s, and the other eight airplanes lined up in a row.

Dalhousie Oil Ltd.
PR2553 · Collection · 1966

The collection consists of images documenting Danard Great Northwest Pioneer Village in 1966. The collection includes views of Ukrainian dwellings, a Greek Orthodox Chapel, Peter Erasmus' house, Earl Danard, furniture, horse drawn cutters and buggies, farm equipment, fire fighting equipment, a sod house, the Kreye House, the Excelsior Methodist Church, a building of the Northwest Trading Co., one of the first post offices in Namao, a blacksmith shop, and the Bellrose Catholic Public School.

Danard Great Northwest Pioneer Village
PR0915 · Collection · 1973-1974

Collection consists of oral history interviews of Italian pioneers in Edmonton, Alberta, including Mr. and Mrs. Louis Biamonte, Gisella Biollo, Filomena Michettie, Father Giovanni Bonelli, Camillo Bridarolli, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Butti, John Camarta, Domenico Chirello, Joe Fabbri, Mr. and Mrs. Mario Grassi, Victor Losa, Mamie Meardi, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Nimis, Georgio W. Pocaterra, Norma Pocaterra, Mr. and Mrs. John Segatti, Roman Tedesso, Irma Giacobbo, and Angelo Toppano.

Dante Alighieri Society. Edmonton Committee
Darlene Skaer collection
PR1885 · Collection · 1943

The collection consists of 18 prints of Second World War cartoons by Stew Cameron, two of which have been signed by Cameron. The cartoon appeared in Cameron's book Basic Training Daze.

Skaer, Darlene
PR0483 · Collection · [ca. 1900]-[ca.1914]

The collection consists of 37 glass plate negatives with matching prints, 11 glass plate negatives without prints and 9 prints without negatives, of a variety of subjects purported to be from east of Edmonton, Alberta dating circa (ca.) 1900 to ca. 1914 including family portraits and portraits of children, buildings, houses, log cabins, parks, a church and cemetery, a baseball game, sleighs, the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) 66th Overseas Battalion, and farm activities such as threshing, ploughing and haying, with some of the agricultural images marked as copyright R. Weaver.

Puckrin, Dave and Loretta
Dave Davies collection
PR0651 · Collection · 1911-1938

Collection consists of photographs depicting the Central Alberta Sanitarium and various hotels, hospitals, buildings, and street views in Coronation and Wainwright, Alberta, and various animals in Wainwright, Alberta. Some of the photographs are addressed to and from Edith Roessler, who worked in the Central Alberta Sanitarium in Infirmary 2.

Davies, Dave
David Clark collection
PR1302 · Collection · [ca. 1905]

The fonds consists of a photograph album with twenty-four photographs of the North West Territories (Alberta and Saskatchewan) and Manitoba, featuring trains, riverboats, picnics, parades, a fire brigade, [Indigenous people and First Nation camps] natives and native encampments, Doukabors, mining, a hotel, the St. Andrew's Lockport bridge, Countess Grey, and a toboggan slide.

Clark, David
PR0526 · Collection · Copied 1973

Collection consists of photocopies of a map of Redcliff, Alberta and articles and transcribed articles, and historical and biographical sketches, dating 1889-1967, predominant 1961-1969, written by various authors about people, industries, and events in Redcliff. Also includes a Redcliff Motors Company catalogue dated 1967.

Broadfoot, David R.
PR3031 · Collection · [ca. 1968]

The collection consists of an archival inventory of the David Thompson journals held at the Archives of Ontario and exploratory notes on the inventory prepared by the Archives of Ontario circa 1968.

Thompson, David
PR2924 · Collection · [Copied 1967]

The collection consists of a photocopy of article regarding the Debtors' Assistance Board, originating from Within Our Borders. The photocopy was made circa 1967. It's unknown who copied the material.

Alberta. Debtors' Assistance Board
PR1378 · Collection · [1925]

Collection consists of photographs depicting the interior, a display window, and exhibition display of the Heintzman and Company Limited (Ltd.) music store in Edmonton, Alberta. Collection also includes a photograph of St. Andrew’s Church in Lacombe, Alberta.

Hunter, Delton J.
Dennis Person collection
PR3102 · Collection · 1970

The fonds consists of course work prepared by Dennis Person's students in the Architectural Section of NAIT for course credit. The fonds includes architectural drawings featuring the Old Edmonton Post Office, Mellon House, Mellon House Barn, the Canadian Pacific Railway Station in South Edmonton, and the Kenneth MacDonald House.

The fonds also contains reports created by students regarding the construction and design of buildings in Edmonton such as the Church of the Resurrection, St. Anthony's Chapel and Church, St. Joseph's Cathedral, the Church of St. Albert, All Saints Cathedral, St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Alberta Government Telephones building, the Perma building, the Union Bank building, Chancery Hall, Michener Park, Rutherford House, Secord Residence, the Royal George Hotel, the Strand Theatre, the T. Eaton Mail Order Building, Southgate Shopping Centre, the Old Edmonton Library, Hillcrest Junior High School, Corgett Hall, the Industrial Research and Training Centre for the Retarded, and Alex Taylor School.

Person, Dennis
PR2338 · Collection · 1982

The collection consists of images of the Donatville Church fire in 1982.

Unknown donor
Doris Gibson collection
PR1002 · Collection · 1981

The collection consists of writings about the life of Glenn Harrison Wilson, and includes a biographical sketch entitled “A Pioneer Couple,” about Glenn Harrison Wilson and his wife Cora, by Marjorie J. Grant, and a second biographical sketch entitled “Glenn Harrison Wilson,” by Rita Ranks, also about Glenn Harrison Wilson, to which is attached some of Wilson’s own reminiscences.

Gibson, Doris
Dorothy Dyde collection
PR0636 · Collection · 1904-1930

Collection consists of programmes from various professional and amateur theatre and music productions held in a number of venues in Edmonton, Alberta, including the Empire Theatre, McDougall Auditorium, Edmonton Opera House, Marie Hall, Grand Theatre, Thistle Rink, Glenora Skating Club, Edmonton Arena, Orpheum Vaudeville, and Temple Theatre. Collection also includes a souvenir menu from the Shasta Grill in Edmonton and a photograph capturing a fire in Alfred Block in Red Deer, Alberta.

Dyde, Dorothy
PR3944 · Collection · [ca. 1910]

The collection consists of photographs of a bridge at Dowler's Hill in Edmonton showing a 15-foot drop resulting from a landslide near the bridge.

Unknown donor
PR0861 · Collection · Copied 1990

The collection is made up of copies of two photographs (postcard format) from the Museum's collection, obtained by copy loan. The two photographs, originally taken ca. 1900, depict Main Street, Leduc and the Leland Hotel, Leduc.

Dr. Woods House Museum
PR3949 · Collection · [ca. 1965]

The collection consists of photographs of sites in Duffield, AB and members of Paul First Nation, Wabamum Reserve.

Unknown donor
Dunvegan collection
PR3905 · Collection · [1920-1930]

The collection consists of photographs of sites in and around Dunvegan, Alberta including the communities of Waterhole and Fairview.

Unknown donor
PR4280 · Collection · 1978

The fonds is composed of records which commemorate and describe the planning of the 25th anniversary of Eastglen High School. The textual records include a 25th anniversary school newspaper, correspondence between the board, a floor plan of the school, and a banquet program.

The fonds also contains a commemorative coin minted by the Alberta Mint for the 25th anniversary. This coin is contained within a carboard anniversary sleeve which mentions changes since the school first opened.

Eastglen High School
Ed Allison collection
PR3955 · Collection · 1904-1963

The collection consists of aerial photographs of Delburne and Stettler, AB and school houses in the region. There are also photographs of the construction of a bridge over the Red Deer River, sites in and around Content, and residents of these areas.

Allison, Ed
PR3903 · Collection · 1911 - 1965

The collection consists of photographs of Adolf Minchau's General Blacksmith and the North Edmonton Iron Works in their years of operation and later photographs taken of the same sites in 1965.

Unknown donor
PR2462 · Collection · 1915

The collection consists of five photographs featuring views of Edmonton during a flood in 1915 including Currie Street, Edmonton Boat Building Co, 5th Street Bridge, Low Level Bridge, and Ross Flats from McDougall Hill.

Unknown donor
PR3895 · Collection · 1979 - 1980

The collection consists of photographs of street scenes and housing around Edmonton, particularly the development of housing in the Millwoods neighbourhood.

Unknown donor
PR2925 · Collection · 1967

The collection consists of clippings from The Edmonton Journal pertaining to the release of Ernest Manning's publication Political Realignment: a Challenge to Thoughtful Canadians in 1967. The creator of the collection is unknown.

Unknown donor
PR3977 · Collection · 1910-[ca. 1925]

The collection consists of 12 photographs of sites in Edmonton in the early decades of the 20th century. Sites include the High Level Bridge, the Legislature, Fort Edmonton, the City of Edmonton steamer, the Low Level Bridge, 1st Presbyterian Church, and the Edmonton Saddlery.

Unknown donor