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Agathe Gaulin fonds
PR3735 · Fonds · 1970-2008

The fonds consists of material relating to the history of the Francophone community and women’s rights in Alberta, either collected or created by Agathe Gaulin. It includes administrative records from associations where Agathe Gaulin volunteered or worked, such as the Association canadienne-française de l’Alberta, Cité Francophone, Fédération des aînés franco-albertains, Fédération des communautés francophones et acadienne, Alliance des femmes de la francophonie canadienne, Fédération nationale des femmes canadiennes-françaises, Centre éducatif communautaire de l'Alberta, Salon d'histoire de la francophonie albertaine, Héritage franco-albertain, Fédération Jeunesse de l'Alberta. Also included are identified photographs of preeminent members or friends of the Francophone community in Alberta.

Gaulin, Agathe
Series · 1963-1999

The series consists of case files related to accounting activities for individual government agencies and funds. Referred to as "permanent files," the case files contain records related to the authority, objectives and a description of the business of a specific fund agency; the source of finances and a brief profile of the administrative framework under which the fund/agency operates; significant accounting policies and statutory reporting requirements of the fund/agency; details of long-term assets and liabilities; details of long-term agreements and contracts; annual audited financial statements of the fund/agency; analysis of the retained earnings account or the fund equity balance; as well as relevant legislation, Treasury Board directives / minutes, orders in Council, or memoranda of agreement among parties involved in the establishment of the fund/agency.

Alberta. Provincial Auditor (1968-1978)
Series · 1978-2003

The series consists of records related to meetings of the Executive Council's Agenda and Priorities Committee, which reviews major government policy decisions, planned major events, announcements and/or communications strategies. The files include minutes, agendas, minute cuts, and meeting materials such as minister's reports, cabinet reports, legislative agendas, and other related records.

Alberta. Executive Council
Series · 1927-1931

The series consists of records created by Herbert Greenfield during his term as Alberta’s Agent-General in London from 1927-1931. The files contain correspondence and programs pertaining to advertising and newspaper articles, promotional tours, Premier J.E. Brownlee and the Executive Council, British and Canadian businesses and organizations such as the British Empire League, recruitment of doctors, land settlement, and Alberta resources and industries including bituminous sands, oil, dairy, barley malting, coal, agriculture, timber, flax straw and fur farming.

Alberta. Executive Council. Agent-General (London)
Aggregate records
Series · 2002-2006

The series relates to the monitoring and acquiring of aggregate sources for highway construction. The records include agreements, certified copies of the certificate of title, aggregate sources removed, stockpile sites, gravel crushing, plans, payment vouchers, reclamation information, and other related documents.

Alberta. Transportation (2001-2004). Transportation and Civil Engineering. Assistant Deputy Minister
Agnes Chidgey fonds
PR2088 · Fonds · 1942-1943

The fonds consists of 34 transcription discs played on the Armed Forces Station in the Yukon during the construction of the Alaskan Highway dating from 1942-1943.

Chidgey, Agnes
PR2883 · Fonds · [between 1920 and 1929]

The fonds consists of photographs of Alberta including the sites of Edmonton, Gull Lake, Lake Louise, and Banff taken by Agnes Mary Whitney and Helen Gertrude Whitney in the 1920s. The fonds also contains some photographs of family members taken by Agnes Mary Whitney and Helen Gertrude Whitney in the 1920s.

Whitney, Agnes Mary and Helen Gertrude
Series · 1913-1974

The series consists of records created by the Government of Alberta in operating its agricultural and vocational colleges at Claresholm, Olds, Vermilion, Gleichen, Raymond, and Fairview. The files include calendars representing all schools during their years of operation, yearbooks, correspondence, applications for admittance, course announcements, newsletters, reports, financial reports, inventories, promotional publications, as well as correspondence between the Department and the principals of the colleges. The records also include photographs of individuals, classrooms and events.

Alberta. Agriculture. Schools of Agriculture Branch
Series · 1972-1997

The series consists of records pertaining to liaison activities between the business unit and companies and producers regarding agricultural commodities. The aim of the liaison activities was ensuring an efficient supply of quality products and taking advantage of all marketing opportunities. The files contain grants, surveys, studies, and correspondence with meat, dairy, alfalfa, honey, fish, canola and other companies and producers,

Alberta. Agriculture. Commodity Development Branch
Series · 1980-1999

The series consists of records related to various agricultural commodities from the perspective of understanding and developing markets. The records include correspondence, reports, studies, statistics, and information on the development of various commodities (e.g. meats, grains, oilseeds, honey, dairy products, livestock and crops) in Canada as well as other countries.

Alberta. Agriculture. Market Development Division (1982-1991)
Series · 1972-1989

The series consists of records related to the processing of agricultural commodities. The records include correspondence, reports, and studies pertaining to the processing of meat, dairy, honey, grains, oilseeds and vegetables.

Alberta. Agriculture. Product Development Section
Series · 1959-2000

The series consists of records resulting from the Branch's role in coordinating committee member appointments, maintaining records, and providing current information and training. The records include appeal minutes, establishing orders, board membership, recommendations, and other related documents.

Alberta. Agriculture. Agricultural Extension Service
Series · 1905-2002

The series consists of reports and statistics pertaining to agricultural economics. The files include annual statistics for various agricultural commodities, fact sheets, manuals, and other reports produced or used for reference by the business unit. The records also include bound ledgers of annual statistics for livestock (1921-1970) and field crops (1905-1943).

Alberta. Agriculture. Farm Economics Branch
Series · 1972-2002

The series consists of records related to research projects involving agricultural economics. The files may include minutes of meetings, correspondence, working papers, and other records related to studies of beef, sheep and other agricultural commodities.

Alberta. Agriculture. Production Economics Branch (1970-1983)
Series · 1973-1979

The series consists of records related to agricultural engineering. The records includes minutes of committee meetings, correspondence, and project files.

Alberta. Agriculture. Engineering and Home Design Branch (1972-1975)
Series · 1895-1980

The series consists of reference materials assembled from various branches within the Department of Agriculture to support outreach and information about agriculture in Alberta. The records include photographs, photograph albums, negatives and lantern slides of department staff and events, meetings and banquets, weeds, crops, livestock, poultry, field crops, buildings at demonstration farms, rural life, creameries and other agricultural industries. The series also includes maps of crop production, plans of irrigation and drainage projects, pest control areas, and proposed community pastures; posters of farm equipment, production statistics, and Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Act projects; and blueprints of experimental plots at the Olds Demonstration Farm, the Stock Show Pavilion, and a dairy barn. The records also include reports about the use of straw (1948), the sugar beet industry (ca. 1956-1957), pamphlets regarding agricultural pests, brochures as well as miscellaneous correspondence from the Agriculture Development Corporation.

Alberta. Agriculture. Agricultural Extension Service
Series · 1979-1995

The series consists of feasibility studies or market research pertaining to agricultural products. The records include studies and research about the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), export opportunities, marketing strategies, industry profiles, statistics, and other records related to meat, poultry, canola, condiments, frozen foods, pork, and other agricultural products.

Alberta. Agriculture. Market Development Division (1975-1977)
PR3956 · Collection

The collection consists of photographic portraits of members of the Alberta Agricultural Hall of Fame.

Unknown donor
Series · 1972-1987

The series consists of records pertaining to liaison committees involving the business unit and companies and producers with the aim of ensuring an efficient supply of quality products and taking advantage of all marketing opportunities. The files contain minutes and correspondence of the liaison committees.

Alberta. Agriculture. Commodity Development Branch
Series · 1981-1996

The series consists of records related generally to the market development activities of the Division. The records include correspondence, reports, and other records pertaining to staff activities, operations of branches, interdepartmental liaison work, and other Divisional functions related to market development.

Alberta. Agriculture. Market Development Division (1982-1991)
Series · 1981-1999

The series consists of records related to the marketing of agricultural products in North and South America, with a focus on countries involved in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The records include correspondence and other records related to food companies, banks, embassies, and trade offices from the United States, Canada, and Latin America (Mexico), regarding export of food products and agricultural commodities.

Alberta. Agriculture. Americas Branch
Series · 1981-1999

The series consists of records related to the marketing of agricultural products outside of North America. The records include correspondence and other records related to food companies, banks, embassies, and trade offices from the Pacific Rim (e.g. Japan and China), various countries in Europe, the Soviet Union and Russian, Africa and the Middle East regarding exporting of food products and commodities.

Alberta. Agriculture. Overseas Branch
Series · 1965-1978

The series consists of records related generally to personnel within the Department of Agriculture and the organization of the Department.

Alberta. Agriculture. Secretary
Series · 1977-1992

The series consists of records related to the operations of the Canada/Alberta Subsidiary Agreement on Agricultural Processing and Marketing (APMA) and its predecessor, the Nutritive Processing Agreement (NPA), which were grant programs designed to provide direct financial incentives to agriculture and food value-adding and research projects in Alberta. The records include policies, procedures, minutes of meetings of the Joint Committee, agreements and other records related to the program's development and operations.

Alberta. Agriculture. Rural Development Division
Series · 1971-1989

The series consists of records related to committees involved in the processing of agricultural commodities. The records include minutes, correspondence and other supporting material of committees such as the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (Food Technology Committee), the Alberta Food Industry Advisory, the Canada Committee on Food, Farming for the Future, the Alberta Agriculture Co-ordinating Committee, as well as other committees involving the business unit.

Alberta. Agriculture. Product Development Section
Series · 1981-1988

The series consists of research reports and studies created by consultants related to the processing of agricultural commodities. The reports and studies pertain to the processing of red meats, poultry, fish, grains, oilseeds, honey, vegetables, starch, and other commodities.

Alberta. Agriculture. Agricultural Processing Branch
Agricultural publications
Series · 1949-1988

The series consists of publications generated by Communications. The records include books, reports, histories, divisional and branch annual reports, and guides.

Alberta. Agriculture. Agricultural Extension Branch
Series · 1949-1959, 1967-1981, 1997-2000

The series consists of records resulting from the partnership between the Department and local Agriculture Service Boards to address agricultural concerns in communities in order to ensure agricultural production is maintained and improved.

Alberta. Agriculture. Rural Services Branch
Series · 1897-2001

The series includes records that document the Department’s relationship with Agricultural Societies. The records include case files, reports of annual meetings, fiscal statements, grant approvals, officer listings, correspondence, fidelity bonds, indemnity bonds, exhibition materials, and promotional materials. The records also include blueprints of multipurpose structures built by agricultural societies, 1973-1983.

Alberta. Agriculture. Agricultural Extension Service
Series · 1971-2005

The series consists of records related to the analysis of economic issues surrounding the transportation of agricultural commodities to markets outside Alberta. The files include evaluations of policies, procedures, acts and legislation; studies and reports; correspondence regarding agricultural commodities such as grains, livestock, specialty crops, and other goods; as well as records related to hopper cars used for the shipment of grain and the development of grain terminals.

Alberta. Agriculture. Transportation Economics Branch
Series · 1914-1961

The series consists of financial ledgers maintained by the Accounts Branch of the Department of Agriculture pertaining to provincial farms, schools of agriculture, and motor vehicles. The files also include inventories of farm and school equipment and records related to insurance at Schools of Agriculture.

Alberta. Agriculture. Accounts Branch (1905-1966)
Agriculture briefing books
Series · 1972-2000

The series consists of briefing books prepared for the Minister, Deputy Minister or other senior officials attending meetings or conferences related to agricultural issues. The books may contain correspondence, agenda, statistics, and position papers related to the subjects addressed at a particular conference or meeting.

Alberta. Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. Policy Secretariat
Series · 1926-1945

The series consists of the records of the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture pertaining to various administrative activities, including financial accounts, stationery, inventories of branch equipment, and audits of branch accounts. The records also include claims and agreements related to the Dominion-Provincial Farm Labour Agreement, correspondence and orders-in-council regarding land settlement and relief initiatives, as well as correspondence, audits, and reports related to the liquidation of the province's Egg and Poultry Marketing Service.

Alberta. Agriculture. Secretary
Series · 1977-1998

The series consists of records of the Home Studies Program. The program is responsible for coordinating the development, marketing, and distribution of educational course materials for agri-business and farm operators. The program works in cooperation with non-governmental agencies. The records include copies of courses, final exams, course surveys, and financial information.

Alberta. Agriculture. Extension Division
Agriculture print collection
PR2445 · Collection · [ca. 1940]

The collection consists of two poster prints featuring agricultural scenes dating from ca. 1940 and a poster print featuring King George V dating from ca. 1940. The artist of the prints is unknown.

Unknown donor
Agriculture research reports
Series · 1970-2003

The series consists of formal reports regarding various agricultural topics. The reports may pertain to tariffs, trade and marketing issues.

Alberta. Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. Policy Secretariat
Series · 1947-2000

The series consists of research requests regarding agricultural matters. The requests may pertain to tariffs, trade policy, marketing, and other issues. The records may include correspondence, notes, and background research material related to specific requests.

Alberta. Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. Policy Secretariat
Series · 1991-2001

The series consists of records related to summer employment programs within the agricultural sector. The records include policies and procedures for Veterinary Work Experience Program, Agriculture Processing Industry Program, and Summer Farms Program (1991-2001) as well as final payment and statistical information (1998).

Alberta. Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. Central Program Support Division
Series · 1932-1998

The series consists of records related to programs designed to control weeds. The records include correspondence, reports, minutes of meetings, conference proceedings pertaining to urban weed and weed alert programs, weed control courses, and other related subjects.

Alberta. Agriculture. Field Crops Branch (1921-1966)
Agri-News and Press Releases
Series · 1949-1952, 1970-2004

The series consists of the Agri-News newsletter, press releases, and other related documents.

Alberta. Agriculture. Agricultural Extension Branch
AGT radio coverage maps
Series · 1969

The series consists of maps created by the Department of Highways and Transport that relate to Alberta Government Telephones (AGT) radio coverage. One map shows general mobile radio coverage and one shows private mobile systems.

Alberta. Highways and Transport. Surveys and Properties Branch
A.H. Baker fonds
PR0423 · Fonds · Copied 1970

Fonds consists of a scrapbook dating 1928-1953 that contains newspaper clippings, photographs, correspondence, invitations, programmes, and various issues of the Central Alberta Sanatorium’s newsletter.

Baker, A.H.
A.H. McQuarrie fonds
PR0149 · Fonds · 1911-1966

Fonds consists of manuscripts written by A.H. McQuarrie about different events in Alberta’s history and photographs of various areas throughout Alberta.

McQuarrie, A.H.
Ahmad family fonds
PR4049 · Fonds · 1982-2013

The fonds consists of family home movies and recordings of mushera, Urdu poetry readings organized as cultural events for the Pakistani community in Edmonton.

Ahmad family
Aimee Hill fonds
PR2224 · Fonds · 1985

The fonds consists of a history of the Eli Beamer Smith family written by Aimée Hill in 1985 and seven photographs featuring a flood in Edmonton that occurred in 1915 taken by an unidentified photographer.

Hill, Aimée
Series · 1971-1983

The series relates to forest management air photography. The records may include correspondence, maps, and photographs that relate to emergency fire photography and mapping programs.

Alberta. Lands and Forests. Aerial Surveys Branch
Air quality monitors records
Series · 1962-1998

This series relates to air quality monitoring units, stations, and networks. The records include correspondence, information about emissions monitoring, maps, photographs, site descriptions, and reports.

Alberta. Environment (1971-1992). Air Quality Control Branch
Air quality program records
Series · 1962-1999

The series relates to air quality monitoring programs, program development, post program review and analysis, information about air quality issues and strategies, and reports from other jurisdictions.

Alberta. Environment (1971-1992). Air Quality Control Branch
Series · 1962 - 1999

The series relates to air quality monitoring special studies and surveys. The records include correspondence, final reports, summaries, monitoring schedules, copies of complaints, industry notifications, reports from other jurisdictions, photographs and slides.

Alberta. Environment (1971-1992). Air Quality Control Branch
PR3802 · Fonds · 1992-2009

The fonds consist of administrative records of the ACWBPA, including minutes, correspondence, financial records, and annual reports of the association. The fonds also includes applications and reports regarding the ACWBPA’s four Community Lottery Board grants, as well as records relating to the construction and management of the Airdrie Chinook Winds Ball Park.

Airdrie Chinook Winds Ball Park Association
Airdrie United Church fonds
PR4212 · Fonds · 1910-2019

This fonds is comprised of records from the operations of Airdrie United Church, of the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches that came before it, and of Airdrie Pastoral Charge.

The records include annual reports, sacramental registers, year books, outreach and membership committee minutes, board minutes, cash accounts, financial reviews, subscription lists, and membership lists.

Airdrie United Church
Airport and aviation records
Series · 1962-1996

The series consists of transportation records that relate to airports and aviation. The department was responsible for maintaining and protecting the network of publicly licensed community airports until 1984, when the responsibility was transferred to the Airport Commission. The department also owned and operated provincial airports until 1996 when the function was transferred to municipalities. The series addresses how the department performed these functions and other related aviation concerns. The records relate to land purchases and transfers, airport maintenance and lighting, inspections and incidents, standards, and branch operational records.

Alberta. Transportation (1975-1986). Aviation Branch
Airworks Media fonds
PR0076 · Fonds · 1974-1994

The fonds consists of scripts, contracts, invoices, technical session information logs, general correspondence, proposals and other production records of Airworks Media, Machine Shop Studio, Goede Studios and Goede Creative. Also includes 280 Beta, 3/4" and VHS videotapes of commercials, training videos and promotional videos, some of which are finished products, and some of which are components. Also includes 475 - 1/4" reel to reel audio tapes of commercials, public service announcements and jingles, some of which are finished products and some of which are components. Also included are 200 photographs of court buildings in Alberta, both interior and exterior shots.

Airworks Media
Al Adair fonds
PR4191 · Fonds · 1968-1992

The fonds consists of records created and received by Al Adair during his career as an MLA and a cabinet minister. The fonds is divided into the following series:

  • Minister without Portfolio records, including records of his predecessor Adolph Fimrite that Adair received upon taking office;
  • Constituency and personal records; and
  • Northern Alberta Development Council records.
Adair, Al
A.L. Wilk fonds
PR2003 · Fonds · 1907-1979

The fonds consists of records relating to A.L. Wilk’s interest in ornithology and includes migration notes, note cards, notices of dead birds, and “A Provisional List of the Birds of Alberta” prepared by William Rowan for the Edmonton Bird Club. The fonds also includes image of Frank L. Farley, Frank’s great-nephew Farley Mowat and A.L. Wilk in Churchill, Manitoba, originally dating from 1936.

Wilk, A.L.
Alan Bryan fonds
PR2456 · Fonds · 1915 - [ca. 1965]

The fonds consists of the memoirs of Mrs. Robert Holmes covering the period of 1902, typed and edited by Mrs. Victor C. Hint of Beaverlodge circa 1964; a photograph of Reverend Hugh Speke of Grande Prairie dating from 1915; and a news clipping noting the death of Mrs. Robins, wife of the former Reverend E.F. Robbins, dating from 1940.

Bryan, Alan
Alan D. Ridge fonds
PR0086 · Fonds · 1892-1991, predominant 1968-1991

The fonds consists of records created by Mr. Ridge in pursuance of his role as the Provincial Archivist of Alberta, documenting what he thought to be important or mandatory transfers of records to the Archives. Also included in the fonds are the personal papers of Mr. Ridge that, for the majority, were created as a result of his active involvement in the national and international archival community. The fonds consists of two series: Personal papers, and Records of the Provincial Archivist.

Ridge, Alan D.
Alan Dakin fonds
PR4045 · Fonds · 1968

The fonds consists of an undergraduate thesis written by Alan Dakin entitled A Study of Log Construction in the Vicinity of Carrot Creek, Alberta. The thesis contains three binders featuring photographs of log constructions with detailed descriptions of building techniques as well as the names of the builders and dates of construction.

Dakin, Alan
Alan E. Smith fonds
PR1784 · Fonds · Copied 1988-1989

The fonds consists of images, originally dating from 1927 to 1933, of the students of the Royal School of Cavalry (maintained by the Lord Strathcona's Horse) at the Mewata Armoury in Calgary, officers of the 23rd Field Battalion of the Canadian Artillery, soldiers of the 91st Field Battalion of the Canadian Artillery at Sarcee Camp, and a group portrait of the award-winning 15th Canadian Light Horse Machine Gun Troop.

Smith, Alan E.
PR2394 · Fonds · 1943

The fonds consists of a circuit photograph featuring the soldiers of the # 11 Equipment Depot, Royal Canadian Air Force in Calgary, Alberta, reflecting Alan Stewart's Fitzsimmons' military career.

Fitzsimmons, Alan Stewart
PR3418 · Fonds · 1915-1925

The fonds consists of church registers of baptisms (1919-1925), marriages (1917-1925), and burials (1919-1925); circuit register (1920-1924); members and adherents (1914-1925); cash books (1922-1925); and a Ladies' Aid treasurer's book (1915-1922).

Albany Avenue Methodist Church
Albers family fonds
PR0359 · Fonds · 1982-1996

The fonds consists of a research paper covering the period 1781-1990, edited by the Albers family, on the history of the Svenskbybo-people. It also includes a detailed genealogy of the Albers family and it holds a few family members’ memoirs on World War II and farming life in Alberta. These memoirs were transcribed from audiotaped interviews not preserved by the family.

Albers family
Albert Allbright fonds
PR0759 · Fonds · 1917-1972

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Albert Allbright and includes a newspaper clipping, a nominal roll of members of the 14th Canadian Field Ambulance at Witley Camp, and a panorama photograph of the 14th Canadian Field Ambulance, CEF at Witley Camp in Surrey England.

Allbright, Albert
Albert Bishop fonds
PR3264 · Fonds · 1907-1990, predominant 1922-1975

The fonds is comprised of textual records collected and created by Albert Bishop during his time with the United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) and Alberta Farmers' Union. The records include correspondence, minute and cash books, bylaws, a copy of the constitution, membership lists, and other administrative records.

These records were collected and created while Bishop was with the UFA but some were created during his personal life and work. Some UFA records that he collected were created well before his time with the UFA, such as a donation register. Personal records from Bishop are mixed with the records that were collected or retained from the UFA.

Bishop, Albert
Albert Crux fonds
PR2327 · Fonds · 1907 - 1911

The fonds consists of two diplomas inscribed to Albert Crux originating from the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1907, and the University of Toronto in 1911.

Crux, Albert
Albert Donnelly fonds
PR2339 · Fonds · 1993

The fonds consists of 2 audio cassette recordings of an oral history conducted by the Old Strathcona Foundation with Albert Donnelly.

Donnelly, Albert
Albert E. Orpwood fonds
PR1038 · Fonds · [19-?]-1963

Fonds consists of photographic and mechanically produced postcards, photographs, negatives, and a photograph album depicting various images including Albert Orpwood, the Calgary Normal School, construction, railroads, log cabins, oil wells, women, children, soldiers, agricultural machinery, farm scenes, buildings, cars, bridges, houses, barns, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers, street views, airplanes, snow blowers, churches, a sports team, and a wedding. Fonds also includes booklet, containing a commercial map of Alberta and historical sketch, produced by CJCA Broadcasting Station.

Orpwood, Albert E.
Albert Johnson fonds
PR3798 · Fonds · [194-]-1985

The fonds consists of records related to Albert Johnson’s time at the Charles Camsell Hospital in Edmonton and includes reunion programs, The Camsell Mosaic history book and a letter on contributing to it, Veteran’s Hospital newspapers, and photographs of patients and nurses.

Johnson, Albert Leander
Albert LeRouzic fonds
PR1567 · Fonds · Copied 1985

The fonds consists of colour images, originally dating 1955 to 1960, of the Pelican Rapids gas well and remnants of a boiler, and the Pelican Spruce Mills sawmill.

LeRouzic, Albert
Albert LeRoy Kvarnberg fonds
PR4025 · Fonds · 1936-1943, 2006

The fonds consists of a photo album created by Kvarnberg that documents his time working on the Canol Project. The photos depict transportation of supplies via portage, riverboat, and Caterpillar trains through the bush of northern Alberta and the North West Territories. There are also photos of camps and towns along the supply route, including Fort McMurray, Waterways, Norman Wells, Fitzgerald, Fort Smith and others. There are also images of pipeline and supply depots as well as U.S. soldiers and Indigenous people supporting the Canol Project.

There is also one photograph of the 1935-1936 Luscar Hockey Club. Kvarnberg’s connection to this team is unclear, as he was not listed on the photograph as a team member.

The textual records consist of a brief, hand-written explanation of the photos written by Kvarnberg and three articles about the history of the Canol Project from Arctic Journal, Alberta Oil magazine, and the Hougen family history website.

Kvarnberg, Albert LeRoy
Albert Loblick fonds
PR2733 · Fonds · June, 1926

The fonds includes three photographs. The photographs depict different views of activities occurring at Benesch's sawmill, located at Lobstick Jct [Junction], including: - a shot of men posing around a saw, logs and cut planks; - lumber piles and a horse and cart carrying lumber; - and a view of log piles taken from Auto road.

Loblick, Albert
Albert Ludwig fonds
PR4187 · Fonds · 1953-1971

The fonds consists of the records of Albert Ludwig as the Minister of Public Works, including records received from his predecessors James Hartley and Fred Colborne that Ludwig received upon taking office. The files include administrative and operational subject files pertaining to the Queen's Printer, the Solid Waste Disposal Study Committee, the Space Committee, various provincial buildings in communities throughout the province, publicity, Building Design Department policies, the Building Owners and Managers Association, Canadian Western Natural Gas Company Limited, the Alberta Government Communications study, construction expenditures and overseas recruiting of architects and engineers.

Ludwig, Albert
Albert S. LaRue fonds
PR0596 · Fonds · Copied 1972-1976

Fonds consists of a copied oral history of Piotr Topczewski, a polish farmer in Hansen Corner, Alberta, conducted by Albert S. LaRue, copies of the Alberta citizens registration covenant dating ca. 1932, photographs depicting the Holy Family Seminary at St. Albert, Alberta, the first St. Albert city council, and various stores and hotels in Edmonton, St. Albert, Athabasca, Alberta, dating 1900-1908. It includes also a photograph of the store (built 1908) owned by Segismond and Theodore LaRue in Winterburn and the residence of Theodore LaRue (built 1913), with Athala LaRue in doorway.

LaRue, Albert S.
Albert "Scotty" Munroe fonds
PR1491 · Fonds · Copied 1984

The fonds consists of images of the Alberta Avenue Community League hockey team (1928), the H.A. Gray Public School Skating Relay Champions (1930), the Edmonton Capitals hockey team (1930-1931) and the Canadian Hockey Club (1934-1935).

Munroe, Albert "Scotty"
Albert Seymour fonds
PR1293 · Fonds · [ca. 1913]

Fonds consists of panoramic photographs depicting views of Edmonton, Alberta.

Seymour, Albert
Albert Ward fonds
PR1333 · Fonds · Copied 1983

The fonds consists of images copied from glass negatives, originally dating 1916-1918, primarily of the Sedgewick, Alberta area, including a horse and cart, horse and sleigh, a girl and her doll, grain elevators, horse racing, Sports Days, buildings, farms, a baptism, musicians, harvesting, school construction, automobiles, a tractor, a sail boat, horses; also included are images of the Sports Day in Killam, Alberta and a view of Killam. Some of the glass negatives from which copies were made were quite damaged and this is reflected in the copies that were made.

Ward, Albert
Albert Williams fonds
PR2209 · Fonds · 1924-1968

The fonds consists of 4 ration books belonging to Albert Williams, and 16 photographs of saw mills, farms, and fires dating from 1924-1968.

Williams, Albert
Alberta 2005 collection
PR2273 · Collection · 1988

The collection consists of 16 hours of audio recordings capturing the Alberta 2005 Conference. The fonds also includes the accompanying typed transcripts dating from 1988.

Unknown donor
Fonds · 1975-1983

The fonds consists of the operational files of the Alberta 75th Anniversary Commission. The records consist of files of the Commissioner, including meeting minutes, organizational charts, speeches, correspondence and schedules; files of the General Manager, which include correspondence, meeting minutes, statistics, grants files, and administrative matters pertaining to the Commission; and records of the Commission’s three Divisions. The records of the Administration Division include records pertaining to expenses, staffing, hosting grants, contracts, and advertising copy. The records of the Publicity and Communications Division include general correspondence, committee meeting materials, logo authorizations, ceremonies files, newsletters, news releases, merchandising files, photographs, commemorative items, photographs, videotape of television broadcasts, documentary films, and audiotape including songs and radio advertisements. The Program Division records comprise proposals, per-capita grants files, Recreation and Parks 75th anniversary program files, Alberta Culture books and films, CBC Programs, the Corporate Sector liaison files, and individual files for anniversary medallion recipients.

Alberta 75th Anniversary Commission

This series contains operational and administrative records from the Government of Alberta's Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs.

These records contain project files from the Northern Development Branch, administration files, population and trends charts, and public relations records.


This series contains administrative, operational, executive and program records from several Government of Alberta departments, mostly from Advanced Education and Career Development. Over the course of the creation of these records, the departments responsible for them changed in name and scope.

Fonds · 1967-1971

The fonds consists of minutes, agendas, reports, and research materials of the Alberta Advisory Council pertaining to its assessment of government programs for economic and human resource development.

Alberta Advisory Council
PR0277 · Fonds · 1965-1968

The fonds consists of materials pertaining to the activities of the Alberta Agricultural Centennial Committee in 1967. It includes programs, pamphlets, bulletins, and two blueprints documenting the burial of a centennial cairn.

Alberta Agricultural Centennial Committee
Fonds · 1929, 1965-2003

The fonds consists of records of the Alberta Agricultural Products Marketing Council. Established in 1965, the Council is responsible for supervising the operations and facilitating the establishment of agricultural marketing boards and commissions. The Council's mission, in administering the legislation under the Marketing of the Agricultural Products Act, is to enable commodity organizations to assist producers in their efforts to be more profitable and globally competitive in expanding Alberta's agriculture and food industry. The Appeal Tribunal under the Act is also administered by the Council. The records include correspondence, reports, agreements, policies, procedures, agendas, minutes, cardex, working papers, and related documents.

Alberta. Agricultural Products Marketing Council
Fonds · 1951-1993

The series relates to the Agriculture Hall of Fame Committee or Selection Panel. The Alberta Agriculture Hall of Fame was created in 1951 to recognize individuals on a biennial cycle who have made significant contributions to the agriculture and food industry and to the development and sustainability of rural life in Alberta. Alberta Agriculture and Forestry ceremonially inducts up to 3 individuals every 2 years. The Selection Panel is appointed by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry and is comprised of a cross-section of panelists representing Alberta's agriculture industry. The records include awardee case files and related documents.

Alberta. Agriculture. Deputy Minister
Series · 1949-2010

The series relates to the Agriculture Hall of Fame Awards. The Hall of Fame was established in 1951. It is the highest honor conveyed by the Department to citizens who have made outstanding contributions to Agricultural life in Alberta. The records include communication about the Hall of Fame special events.

Alberta. Agriculture. Agricultural Extension Branch
PR2225 · Collection · 1909-1922

The collection consists of a schedule and map for the Alberta and Great Waterways Railway dating from 1922 as well as photographs of the construction of the Alberta and Great Waterways Railway in 1909.

Alberta and Great Waterways Railway
PR3601 · Fonds · 2008

The fonds consists of historical research materials regarding the Wahstao Cemetery including a copy of the Kolokreeka Diary describing missionary work ca. 1908-1910; copies of letters written in the 1950s by Edith Weekes and Ethelwyn Chace, early missionaries at Wahstao, discussing early mission work; and colour digital copies of photos taken by Sheila Johnston of the Wahstao Cemetery in 2008.

United Church of Canada. Alberta and Northwest Conference. Heritage Cemeteries Ad Hoc Committee
PR2906 · Fonds · 1926 - 2013

The fonds consists of material documenting the operation of Alberta Artistic Swimming in the course of their regular activities, including: meetings; meets, competitions and programs; training for coaches and officials; summer camps; correspondence with other sports bodies and sponsors; affiliation with parent organization Canadian Artistic Swimming (previously known as Synchro Canada); and, awards and other events.

Types of material include: a constitution and by-laws; meeting minutes and agendas; newsletters; meet results; scrap books featuring photographs and clippings of athletes and events; photographs and videos of athletes, members, and events; board manuals; correspondence, notices, memoranda and faxes; reports; financial statements, budgets, plans and grant applications; speeches; contracts; lists of alumni, executives and committee members; handbooks; and, logo designs.

Alberta Artistic Swimming
PR3341 · Fonds · 1994-2003

The fonds consists of slides, video, photographs, and textual material created and used by the Alberta Arts Festival Association in the course of their work promoting Albertan arts festivals.

Alberta Arts Festivals Association
PR0676 · Fonds · 1921-1972, predominant 1951-1963

Fonds consists of agendas/itineraries, articles, assessment manuals, issues of the Assessors’ Forum newsletter, bylaws, certificates of incorporation, constitutions, correspondence, court transcripts of assessment appeals, examples of assessments, financial records, historical/biographical sketches, material related to an assessors’ association archives, membership lists, memorandum, minutes, municipal assessment course material, newspaper clippings, notes, pamphlets, postcards, press releases, proceedings transcripts, programmes, questionnaires, receipts, reports, submissions and telegrams.

Alberta Assessors' Association
PR2226 · Fonds · 1981-1996

The fonds consists of Vol.1, no. 1 - Vol. 15, no. 4 (1981-1996) of Bright Notes, the newsletter of the Alberta Association for Bright Children, Edmonton Chapter.

Alberta Association for Bright Children. Edmonton Chapter
PR2377 · Fonds · 1970 - 1998

The fonds consists of records used, maintained, and created by the Alberta Association for Young Children including correspondence, a history of the organization, minutes, photographs, negatives, and newsletters dating from 1970 to 1998.

Alberta Association for Young Children
PR2070 · Fonds · 1980-1988

The fonds consists of minutes, correspondence, and financial records of the Alberta Association of Art Galleries dating from 1980-1988.

Alberta Association of Art Galleries