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William D. Hughs fonds
PR1768 · Fonds · Copied 1988

The fonds consists of images, originally dating 1944-1945, of the Seaforth Highlands of Canada in Amsterdam in the Netherlands; the flag in the images was recovered from a German tank.

Hughs, William D.
William Delday collection
PR2555 · Collection · Copied 1967

The collection consists of copies of clippings related to the political career of William Delday.

Delday, William
William Earle Hudgeon fonds
PR3663 · Fonds · 1950-1992

The fonds consists of photographs created by Hudgeon as part of his professional work and as a hobbyist. There are three distinct types of photos: portraits (weddings, graduations, group portraits, etc.), news photos, and scenic shots.

The portraits make up the bulk of the photos and the selected portraits all depict identified subjects, with a few exceptions. In addition to the types of portraits mentioned above (namely weddings and graduations), there are also formal portraits of Scout groups, school classes, Rotary Club events, and other social gatherings in Drumheller and Delia.

The news photos depict specific events such as parades or the aftermath of news-worthy events such as accidents or fires. Many of these photos have newspaper copy attached to the back, thus providing detailed information about the images.

The scenic shots depict the built environment of Drumheller and Delia with some landscape shots present.

The textual material consists of several daily diaries kept by Blanche Chambers of Morrin, AB. Chambers was a family friend of the Hudgeons and gave these diaries to Earle at some point. There is no further information about Chambers or her relationship with the Hudgeons, but the diaries contain an immense amount of information.

The diaries have daily entries, with each journal accounting for one year. The 1950s are particularly well-represented with some years in the 1960s-1980s present, as well. The diary entries provide information about the weather, daily activities, special events, and domestic life. There are also inserts such as pamphlets, extra pages for diary entries, letters, and drawings. Furthermore, some diaries contain hand-drawn quilt designs.

Hudgeon, William Earle
William Fallow fonds
PR4190 · Fonds · 1921-1952, predominant 1935-1948

The fonds consists of records created and received by William Fallow during his term as Minister of Public Works and Minister of Railways and Telephones, including records of his predecessors Alex Ross and Oran McPherson as Minister of Public Works that Fallow received upon taking office.

Primarily pertaining to his role as Minister of Public Works, the files include correspondence, reports, agendas, minutes, copies of speeches and other records relating to Alberta Government Telephones, Abasand Oil Ltd., agriculture, airports, the Alaska Highway, the Alberta Motor Association, automobiles, bridges, public buildings, the Canadian Good Roads Association, cost of living bonuses, the Debt Adjustment Board, education, ferries, floods, gaols (jails), highways, old age pensions, the Post War Reconstruction Committee, public utilities, railways, the Social Credit Party, the United Farmers of Alberta, the University of Alberta, the Vermilion School of Agriculture, war assets, water resources and the Workmen's Compensation Board.

The fonds includes one file regarding the Peace River Exploration Party that contains correspondence from Vernor Smith, Fallow's predecessor, and Gordon Taylor, Fallow's successor, as Minister of Railways and Telephones.

Fallow, William
PR0558 · Fonds · 1888-1912

Fonds consists of photographs depicting William Hastings McMahon and images of some of his cartoons. Fonds also includes a copy of the Edmonton Plaindealer newspaper.

McMahon, William Hastings
PR1090 · Fonds · 1909-1971

The fonds includes newspaper clippings, a Cree election pamphlet (1911), Alberta: A Land for Living magazines, Gyro Club of Edmonton roster book, a copy of Jerry Potts, plainsman (by Hugh Dempsay), a copy of The Prairie Garden (magazine), certificates belonging to Harry and Edwin Henry Turton, a marriage certificate for Kenneth Campbell MacLeod and Winifred Viola Macdonald (1920), booklets about Freemasonry, Jacques De Molay (order of De Molay) and the Grand Lodge of Alberta, a souvenir program of 1939 Royal Visit, a booklet of Alberta Historic Sites, Clarence Tillenius wildlife and prairie prints, and photographs and photographic postcards mostly dating circa (ca.) 1909 to 1915 and 1952, including Grouard, Sawridge, Sturgeon Lake, Peace River, Dunvegan, Athabasca Landing and the areas around Lesser Slave Lake, and include Cree Nation Chiefs Moostoosh and Kinisāoo, the Peace River landing, the first car in Grouard, Sturgeon Lake Mission, churches, local people, mail delivery, homesteads, main streets, horses and carts, stores, buildings, bridges, snowploughs, dogsleds, Indigenous peoples, as well as photographs and photographic postcards of Fort Edmonton, views of Edmonton, the 1915 Edmonton flood, 19th Alberta Dragoons, First World War Honour rolls, soldiers, mountain scenes around Banff, portraits of John Stocks, L.C. Charlesworth, H.P. Keith, J.D. Robertson, G.H.N. Monkman, Peter Tomkins, Kenneth MacLeod, Winifred Macdonald, and postcards from Bath, Folkestone and Taunton, England.

Turton, William Henry and Edwin Henry
PR2168 · Fonds · 1962

The fonds consists of the reminiscences of William Henry and Florence Nightingale Pike covering the period of 1910-47. The material was compiled in 1962.

Pike, William Henry and Florence
William Henry Noakes fonds
PR2698 · Fonds · [ca. 1920 - 1929]

The fonds consists of four photographs featuring First Nations Peoples from the Fort MacLeod, Alberta area. The photographs were taken by William Henry Noakes in the 1920s.

Noakes, William Henry
William Hornecker fonds
PR4033 · Fonds · 1991-1994

The fonds consists of records that were created for Two Brothers, A Girl and A Gun. The textual records consist of the screenplay for the film as well as handbills made to advertise the film. The photographs are production stills.

The audiovisual records consist of two 35mm release prints of the film as well as all of the production elements including the original negatives, inter-positives, inter-negatives, and soundtracks.

Hornecker, William
William James Fraser fonds
PR1306 · Fonds · 1908

The fonds consists of two photographs, one of the Jackson Coulee Post Office and residents, and one of the Fraser homestead and family in Jackson Coulee, and a list of the children of Colin Fraser, who died April 19, 1867.

Fraser, William James
William Jerome Lampley fonds
PR2595 · Fonds · Copied 1968

The fonds consists records pertaining to William Lampley including a photograph of William Jerome Lampley as a school teacher in Tennessee ca. 1905, Ruby Lampley feeding chickens on the Lampley Ranch in 1914, William Jerome Lampley feeding pigs in 1916 taken by J. Nartino, the UFA General Store ca. 1920, the UFA Hall at Griffin Creek, and a biography of W.J. Lampley An Alberta Pioneer written by his daughter Florence Lampley Brown.

Lampley, William Jerome
William John McLennan fonds
PR3402 · Fonds · 1968-1998

The fonds consists of images by William McLennan depicting various sites around Alberta, including Edmonton, Drumheller, Calgary, Jasper, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Fort McMurray, various provincial parks, several heritage sites, churches, and more. The slides also contain images of community events such as Edmonton’s Heritage Fest, chuckwagon races, etc.

There are also slides of McLennan family members and events. Furthermore, there is a relatively comprehensive collection of close-up images of various species of butterflies and other insects from across Alberta. Lastly, there are title card slides that McLennan would have used to create slide shows from his work.

McLennan, William John
William Klemme fonds
PR2141 · Fonds · 1918-1945

The fonds consists of records reflecting William Klemme’s occupation as a farmer and member of the Camrose and area community. The fonds includes Membership Lists for the Seed Growers Association dating from the 1930’s and 1940’s, voter registration of the Electoral Division of Stettler from the 1930’s and 1940’s, and attendance registers for the Up to Date School District No. 2014 from 1918 to 1936.

Klemme, William
William Lindgren fonds
PR1379 · Fonds · 1915-[ca. 1950]

Fonds consists of negatives and a photograph depicting Northern Alberta Railways (NAR) trains. Also includes images of the Alberta Great Waterways train, railroad stations, employees, and a crash.

Lindgren, William
William Livock fonds
PR0587 · Fonds · Copied 1972

Fonds consists of correspondence between William Livock and his sister dated 1897 and 1898.

Livock, William
William Louth fonds
PR2619 · Fonds · 1924 - 1935

The fonds consists of a certificate of membership to the Loyal Orangemen registered to William Louth dating from 1925 and a cirkuit print photograph featuring the first annual meeting of the Alberta Social Credit League dating from 1935.

Louth, William
William Mark fonds
PR0313 · Fonds · [194-?]-1992

Fonds consists of the reminiscences of William Mark of his time spent in and around the Edmonton, Alberta area, a colour photograph of William Mark, and a copy of a letter from Canadian National Railways.

Mark, William
William Marsden fonds
PR2637 · Fonds · 1904-2006

The fonds consists of records that document multiple facets of Marsden’s life and work, including freelance photography, film production, his work as Alberta Film Commissioner, and several hobbies such as woodworking, sailing, and aviation.

The freelance photography records include prints and negatives of Marsden’s work, including commissions and landscape stills. These records also include clippings of Marsden’s published work, correspondence related to his photography business, and awards.

The film production records include scripts, production stills, and masters from several productions such as The Naked Flame, Okan (a Glenbow Foundation documentary on the Siksika Sun Dance), and Wings of Chance.

The Film Industry Development records include correspondence with film producers across Canada and the United States, information files, reports on the Alberta film industry, and production stills and/or video copies of films shot in Alberta (including Unforgiven and Heaven and Earth).

Marsden’s personal records include flight logs, photographs of woodworking projects (including sailboats and planes), plane-building project diaries, scrapbooks (including family histories and photographs dating from 1904), a high school yearbook, and files related to the writing and publication of Big Screen Country: Making Movies in Alberta.

Marsden, William
William Meikle fonds
PR1116 · Fonds · Copied 1975-1977

Fonds consists of copied photographs dating circa (ca.) 1912-1917 of the construction of the D.A. Thomas which depict equipment and machinery, a shipyard, railroad cars, teams of horses, engine parts, and various stages of construction of the D.A. Thomas. Photographs also depict a group of priests at the east end of Vermilion Chutes, the Peace River Tramway and Navigation Company office and officers, and a long distance view of Peace River.

Meikle, William
William O. Farquharson fonds
PR2356 · Fonds · 1905

The fonds consists of a certificate of registration to the College of Physicians and Surgeons for William O. Farquharson dating from 1905.

Farquharson, William O.
William Peiffer fonds
PR4286 · Fonds · [19--]

The photographs depict the area around and in Frank following the Frank Slide, including a partially cleared road and an automobile driving along the road. Two of the photographs are labeled on the reverse with ‘Town of Frank buried beneath a rock slide.” These photographs were either taken or purchased by William Peiffer or his family during the family's move from Idaho in 1926.

The photographic postcard depicts William Peiffer siting in the front seat of a partial car with a painting backdrop behind him depicting part of Bar X Ranch (which is in southern Alberta, close to the border with Montana). The reverse is labeled with “William Edward Peiffer after he crossed the line coming to Canada.” This souvenir photograph was created during travels with his family.

Peiffer, William Edward
William Ratsoy fonds
PR3199 · Fonds · Copied 1979 (originally created 1926 - 1943)

The fonds consists of material documenting William Ratsoy's life and includes copies of photographs taken between 1926 and 1934 featuring a wedding, Smoky Lake, Lazaruk's Garage, the Smoky Lake fire brigade, and family photographs.

Ratsoy, William
William Rigby fonds
PR1165 · Fonds · 1928-1930

Fonds consists of a leaflets from the Eaton's Farm News Service and newspaper clippings about peonies and gardening.

Rigby, William
William Rossing fonds
PR1702 · Fonds · 1922-1968

The fonds consists of a school certificate, identification card, bank books, tax information, Farm Record Books, United Farmers of Alberta Co-operative Limited certificates, mining agreements and correspondence, records relating to his shares in Slave Lake Copper Mines Limited, assorted membership cards and licenses, personal correspondence and newspaper clippings, a map of Alscope Exploration Limited in Canada and a film of family life in the 1950s. The fonds also includes negatives of Yellowknife, campsites, and airplanes, and photographs of mining, camps, agricultural activities, and airplanes.

Rossing, William
William S. Kay fonds
PR1541 · Fonds · 1912-1945

Fonds consists of photographs and negatives pertaining to the Swift Canadian Company Limited meat packing plant in Edmonton, Alberta and includes a 25th anniversary celebration, an ice cutting operation, members of the carpenter department and various employees, including Charles Wentworth, buildings, equipment and street views.

Kay, William S.
William Skoreyko fonds
PR1121 · Fonds · [1890]

Fonds consists of an unidentified street view with men, women and children standing in front of various buildings and a church in the background, and an unidentified group shot of a number of men, including A. Waters, F.G. Westlak, James Anderson, Charles Lilly, J.B. Laidlaw, D. Robertson, G.Jolly, G.W. Foster, C. Tucker, E. Lilly, F. Fitzgerald, R.F. Kingsmill, J. Bond, Charles Johnston, and H. Baldwin.

Skoreyko, William
William Stewart Herron fonds
PR1936 · Fonds · 1911-1978

The fonds consists of William Stewart Herron’s records relating to his involvement in the development of the Turner Valley oil field and includes correspondence, leases and assignments of lease, stock certificates, and legal agreements. The fonds includes a 1937 portrait of William Stewart Herron by Nicholas de Grandmaison.

Records dating after W.S. Herron’s death include a CFAC radio broadcast about Okalta Oils Limited, publications and newspaper articles, and a 1978 agreement between H.F. Herron and Thelma Cameron, who was commissioned by Herron to assemble and correlate the material about his father.

Herron, William Stewart
William Sutton fonds
PR0176 · Fonds · 1910-1947, predominant 1910-1928

Fonds consists of records pertaining to William Sutton’s life in the Lloydminster area.

Sutton, William
William Swingler fonds
PR2306 · Fonds · [ca. 1908]

The fonds consists of a letter William Swingler wrote to Judith M. Tester's grandfather, Harry, in England while homesteading circa 1908; the letter recounts his experiences on the homestead. The fonds also includes a typed transcript copy of the letter and a photograph of William Swingler.

Swingler, William
PR2411 · Fonds · 1919

The fonds consists of a photograph of the Canadian Expeditionary Force and a discharge certificate for Major William Thomas "Patsy" Gallagher dating from 1915.

Gallagher, William Thomas
William Todd fonds
PR2178 · Fonds · [1880]

The fonds consists of 1 tintype photograph of William Todd dating from [1880]

Todd, William
William Totton fonds
PR0569 · Fonds · 1918-1919

Fonds consists of a World War I Army pay book, leave pass, and discharge. Also includes 2 photographs of Private William Totton.

Totton, William
PR0079 · Fonds · [between 193- and 195-]

The fonds consists of black and white photographs and black and white negatives, 1930s to 1940s, mainly of finished furniture produced by Troock Furniture. Other photographs are of furniture in the process of being built, of Troock employees and of the Troock family. Most of the photographs were taken by Edmonton photographer Alfred Blyth. Also included are 9 furniture catalogues and magazines, dated 1930s to 1950s.

William Troock Furniture
William W. Parker fonds
PR0219 · Fonds · 1913-[ca. 1964]

Fonds consists of published and unpublished literary works written by Parker as well as other personal records, including family photographs taken during the time of World War I.

Parker, William Wilder McKinley
William Wolfe fonds
PR3148 · Fonds · [192?], [Copied 1970 (originally created 192?)]

The fonds consists of materials pertaining to William Wolfe's career as a taxidermist and includes copies of photographs featuring animal mounts, newspaper clippings noting William Wolfe's professional contributions, and receipts. The fonds also includes a copy of his obituary.

Wolfe, William
Willie and the Walkers fonds
PR2210 · Fonds · 1966 - 1989

The fonds consists of set lists, album cover art, clippings, pamphlets, photographs documenting the career of Willie and the Walkers. The fonds also includes nine 45 rpm recordings by Willie and the Walkers. The fonds dates from the 1960's to the 1980's

Willie and the Walkers
Willis Chipman fonds
PR2296 · Fonds · 1907 - 1909

The fonds consists of 5 photographs of the Edmonton district taken by Willis Chipman and dating from 1907 - 1909.

Chipman, Willis
PR1556 · Fonds · 1960-1981

Fonds consists of minutes, financial records, correspondence, newspaper clippings, membership lists, and biographical/historical sketches that were used in the local history produced by the Willow Creek Historical Association. The fonds also includes recordings capturing reminiscences of pioneers of the Willow Creek area recorded by the Willow Creek Historical Association in 1970.

Willow Creek Historical Association
Wilson family fonds
PR0689 · Fonds · 1887-[197-?], predominant 1887-1901

Fonds consists of a letter written from Sir John A. McDonald to Anne Jackson Wilson’s father, John Jackson, reminiscences of Anne Jackson Wilson and of “Dad” Sharples, theater memorabilia, and photographs.

Harry Wilson family
Wilson family fonds
PR0408 · Fonds · 1874-1950

Fonds consists of newspaper clippings, invitations, postcards, and photographs that deal with scenes and personalities, such as H.C. Wilson and Alexander Taylor, of early Edmonton and area.

H.C. Wilson family
PR1473 · Fonds · 1936-1972

Fonds consists of the business records of the Wilson Siding Mutual Telephone Company and includes minutes, financial records, subscriber accounts, voting proxies, telephone statistics, subscriber lists, and maps depicting the area serviced by the Wilson Siding Mutual Telephone Company.

Wilson Siding Mutual Telephone Company
Winifred Day fonds
PR2554 · Fonds · Copied 1969

The fonds consists of copies of photographs of Chief Crow Foot and Chief Dick Bad Boy taken at the Calgary Stampede by Winifred Day during her honeymoon in 1923.

Day, Winifred
Winifred Ross fonds
PR1150 · Fonds · 1921-1967

The fonds consists of records, including radio transcripts, newspaper clippings and other information, related to Winifred Ross's interests in agriculture and education, as well as records, including reports and minutes, relating to her involvement with the Alberta Federation of Agriculture, Alberta Health Survey Committee, Canadian Federation of Agriculture, Alberta Division of the Canadian Red Cross, Alberta Council of Women, Canadian Association for Consumers, Board of Industrial Relations, the University of Alberta's Board of Governors, Women's Regional Advisory Committee of the Consumer Branch.

Ross, Winnifred
Winnie Olthuis fonds
PR1864 · Fonds · 1918-[194-]

The fonds consists of photographs relating to the Prins family, who farmed on the Humberstone property, which has since become part of Rundle Park, and includes images of the Humberstone house, the Prins farmhouse and farm buildings, Jacob and Aafje Prins, the McGavin Brothers (Bros.) Bakery and wagons, and a photograph of the 1918 annual convention of the United Farmers of Alberta.

Olthuis, Winnie
Winnie Shandro fonds
PR4161 · Fonds · 1934-1984

Winnie Shandro describes her career in public health nursing, not in chronological order, but in the order that her lively memory decided. She describes the professional relationships between doctors and nurses and the bad behavior of some doctors towards nurses. One of their first tasks at the East Central Health Unit was to restore discipline to both professions and to improve relations between the public health service and the local hospital. Her main focus is on the health services she offered to First Nations and Metis settlements and to Indigenous patients in the Yukon and northern Alberta. Shandro’s career covered over 50 years of nursing service.

Shandro, Winnie
Winnifred Ellis fonds
PR2013 · Fonds · 1953-1978

Fonds consists of correspondence written by Dr. Mary Percy Jackson to Winifred Ellis, as well as photographs, newspaper clippings, and programs collected by Winifred Ellis.

Ellis, Winnifred
Winnifred Rollis fonds
PR1349 · Fonds · 1932-1934

The fonds consists of evaluations as a student teacher, evaluations as a teacher for the Knee Hill School District No. 1142, examinations and guidelines for teachers.

Rollis, Winnifred
Winston Backus fonds
PR4188 · Fonds · 1953-1975

The fonds consists of the records of Winston Backus as the Minister of Public Works, including records received from his predecessors Alfred Hooke, James Hartley, Fred Colborne, and Albert Ludwig, that Backus received upon taking office. The files include correspondence relating to the development of provincial government buildings in various cities and towns throughout the province as well as subject files concerning the administration of the department. It contains a single letter from Bill Yurko.

Backus, Winston
Winthrop S. Brooks fonds
PR0777 · Fonds · Copied 1973

Fonds consists of a copy of Winthrop S. Brooks’ journal, entitled Wild Fowling in Alberta, Canada, 1909. The journal dates from August 1909 to February 1910.

Brooks, Winthrop S.
Wiwaxy Wanderers fonds
PR2214 · Fonds · 1983-2004

Fonds consists of administrative records of the Wiwaxy Wanderers Club dating from 1983-2004 including minutes, correspondence and other materials written by club members, newsletters, newspaper articles about the club and club members, financial records and photographs and negatives of club trips and events.

Wiwaxy Wanderers
Wize family fonds
PR0776 · Fonds · 1910-1972, predominant 1910-1927

Fonds consists of the records of the Wize family and includes correspondence, business cards, certificates from the Automobile Association and Motor Union, Calgary Electric Railway tickets, copied newspaper clippings, a promissory note, postcards, a telegram, and a letter of recommendation from Emily Murphy. Fonds also includes photographs and negatives depicting various buildings, street views, and parades in Alberta, including the Corona Hotel, Wize Block, Hudson’s Bay Company trading posts, Queen Alexandra School, the parliament building, airplanes, and the 49th Battalion. A large number of photographs and negatives depict people, buildings, and views in other countries, such as Egypt, Russia, Finland, Germany, England, Holland, Burma, Italy, Japan, Macao, Manila, Norway, and Sweden. Fonds also includes a register from the Corona Hotel.

Wize, James Edward and Leonard E.
W.J. Oliver fonds
PR2948 · Fonds · 1924

The fonds consists of a photograph featuring the Calgary Stampede in 1924 by W. J. Oliver. The fonds also includes a lithograph print by W.J. Oliver featuring RCMP officers and Chief James Starlight, a Tsuut'ina First Nation Chief, meeting at the 50th Calgary Exhibition and Stampede in conjunction with the Diamond Jubilee of the arrival of police in Calgary.

Oliver, W.J.
W.O. Mitchell fonds
PR2669 · Fonds · 1967

The fonds consists of a copy of the musical theatre piece written by W.O. Mitchell entitled The Rose (1967) and a copy of the accompanying score.

Mitchell, W.O.
Wolfgang Witschl fonds
PR3416 · Fonds · 1956-1979

The fonds consists of films and slides that were created by Wolfgang Witschl and document travel, hobbies, family activities, and community events. Activities such as hunting, fishing, camping, road trips, and family celebrations are all captured. Witschl also documented various wildlife in natural settings across Alberta, including bighorn sheep, bears, salmon, elk, moose, and caribou.

Public events documented by Witschl include Edmonton's Heritage Days and Klondike Days, the closing of the 1978 Commonwealth Games in Edmonton, marches and parades through Edmonton's downtown, a pageant and powwow to mark the 100th anniversary of the signing of Treaty 6 at Dried Meat Hill (Ka-Ke-Wuk), the christening of Mount Michener (which features Peter Lougheed and Rt. Hon. Daniel Roland Michener), and 1967 centennial celebrations in Edmonton (featuring Lester Pearson and Edmonton mayor Vincent Dantzer).

Witschl, Wolfgang
PR3957 · Fonds · 1900-1963

The fonds consists of an album compiled in 1963 by the Eastburg local of the Farm Women's Union of Alberta in 1963 its history as well as the history of its successor organizations. The album includes photographs, hand-drawn maps, and textual records.

Women of Unifarm, Eastburg Local
PR0989 · Fonds · 1911-2009

The fonds consists of the administrative and operational records of the Women’s Canadian Club of Edmonton and includes constitutions; minute books (which include general, annual and executive meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, event notice cards, attendance, annual reports); minutes of the Women’s Canadian Club Auxiliary to Women-in-Uniform; Women’s Canadian Club of Edmonton annual reports; membership lists; autograph and guest books; Club histories and member biographies; scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, correspondence, menus, programs, event notice cards, presenter biographies and presentation notes, photographs and other ephemera; news reports from the Association of Canadian Clubs; certificates; photographs of Club members and presenters; transcripts of speeches; and correspondence.

Women's Canadian Club of Edmonton
Series · 1962-1996

The series consists of records related to the analysis of women's issues to provide input into government policy as well as develop public awareness through outreach and public awareness activities.

The records include correspondence, minutes of meetings, briefs and reports, research materials, acts and legislation, publications created by the business unit, newsletters, and subject files pertaining to the status of women generally, employment and pay equity, divorce, education, health concerns including pregnancy and adoption decisions, concerns of rural and Indigenous women, aging, pensions, and other related issues. The series also includes files pertaining to liaison activities with the Alberta Advisory Council on Women's Issues as well as other stakeholder organizations.

The series also includes administrative records related to the operations of the business unit as well as files related to mentorship and scholarship programs.

Alberta Women's Bureau (1966-1986)
Women's issues collection
PR2891 · Collection · 1973 - 1976

The collection consists of notes, pamphlets, publications, related to issues concerning women such as equality, birth control, and sexuality collected by an anonymous donor dating from 1973 to 1976.

Unknown donor
PR2984 · Fonds · 1935-1966

The fonds consists of programs of concerts sponsored by the Women's Musical Club of Edmonton, including mainly performances by the Don Cossack Chorus singers who were former officers in the Czar's Imperial Cavalry. In 1942, 1945 and 1946 the Women's Musical Club of Edmonton had invited the members of the Don Cossack Chorus, the leading musical attraction in the world, to perform in Edmonton.

Women's Musical Club of Edmonton
Wood family fonds
PR2211 · Fonds · 1915-1990

The fonds consists of letters written by Elizabeth Wood describing her life in Sedgewick, Alberta to friends and family from 1921-1966; Christmas letters written by Rosa Wood dating from 1916-1990; and financial records relating to the operation of the homestead dating from 1915-1948.

Wood family
Wood family fonds
PR1939 · Fonds · 1868-1947

The fonds consists of death notices for family members in England including members from the Holland, Lomas, Wild, Goodwin, Barker and Wood families, and correspondence, including a letter written during the Second World War.

Wood family
PR3548 · Fonds · 1958-2011

The fonds consists of annual reports (1984-1994, with gaps), correspondence (1958-1959), board meeting minutes (1986-2010), statistical reports (1998-2010) and orders of service (1995-2011).

Woodcliff United Church
Fonds · 1918-1998

The fonds consists of the records of the Workers' Compensation Board in the performance of its mandated functions, including claims processing and review, hearing appeals to compensation decisions, providing advisory services to claims appellants, employer assessment, executive management, investigation of fraudulent claims for compensation, medical assessments of disability and impairment, workplace injury reduction programs, and administrative support to the Board. The fonds consists of a variety of types of case files, meeting minutes, correspondence and reports, records of appeal hearings, and financial records.

Alberta. Workmen's Compensation Board
Series · 1975-2010

The series consists of records related to the development and delivery of programs designed to increase participation in as well as encourage the diversity of Alberta's workforce, including promoting the involvement of individuals typically underrepresented in the province's labour force. The files include correspondence, evaluation reports, labour market reports, statistics, surveys, financial records, contracts, minutes of committee meetings, and other records related to provincially-developed labour programs, federal-provincial labour initiatives, career development centres, and other activities.

The series also includes files pertaining to programs designed to support the employment of youth, Indigneous peoples, women, and persons with disabilities.

The series also incorporates promotional materials regarding difference careers, including a 1972 film about training at Grande Cache mines, video productions regarding training in the workplace (1980, 1992), slides of photograph technicians at work at the Provincial Archives of Alberta in 1981, and a 1992 comic book titled "The Future Beat" regarding various careers.

Alberta. Advanced Education and Manpower. Employment Development
Series · 1972-1994

The series consists of records pertaining to programs designed to promote and support the integration of immigrants into Alberta's workforce. The files include correspondence, minutes of meetings, case files of support organizations, and other records related to attracting workers to Alberta.

The series also includes records related to services provided to support refugees arriving in Alberta, including grants to aid agencies.

Alberta. Advanced Education and Manpower. Career Development
Series · 1928-1991

The series consists of records related to the inspection of workplaces for occupational health and safety issues or the investigation of accidents at those sites. The records include case files of workplaces as well as a small volume of subject files pertaining to the interpretation of regulations as well as prosecutions.

Arranged by the name of the employer, the case files contain correspondence, accident reports, minutes of meetings, inspection reports, and orders regarding corrective measures to improve occupational health and safety concerns at a specific workplace.

The case files incorporate inspections undertaken by the Worker's Compensation Board as well as the Mines Branch of the Government of Alberta as well as the Mines Division of the Energy Resources Conservation Board prior to the centralization of occupational health and safety activities into one business unit.

Alberta. Labour (1975-1999). Occupational Health and Safety Inspection Branch
Series · 1975-2010

The series consists of records related to programs designed to monitor occupational health issues as well as promote safer workplaces. The files include correspondence, reports, agenda and minutes of committee meetings, business plans, audits and reviews, safety hazard alerts, and other records related to health monitoring programs, first aid programs, liaison activities with stakeholder organizations, and other activities.

Alberta. Labour (1975-1999). Occupational Health and Safety Division. Assistant Deputy Minister
Series · 1971-1996

The series consists of records related to programs designed to create safer workplaces. The files consist primarily of legislation and regulations, agendas, correspondence, and minutes of committee meetings related to industrial accidents, workplace hazards, first aid, and other activities.

Alberta. Occupational Health and Safety Division. Work Site Services
Wostok Post Office fonds
PR1557 · Fonds · 1904-1914

Fonds consists of correspondence, financial records, blank forms, and parcel post regulations of the Wostok Post Office.

Wostok Post Office
PR1558 · Fonds · 1928-1932

Fonds consists of correspondence, insurance policies, contracts, receipts, tax rolls, and teacher/trustee agreements of Wostok School District No. 528.

Wostok School District No. 528
PR3948 · Collection · [ca. 1970]

The collection consists of photographs of Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park in southern Alberta, including images of hoodoos and petroglyphs.

Unknown donor
W.W. Kelland fonds
PR2576 · Fonds · [ca. 1968]

The fonds consists of a copy of comic history of the Fort Nelson airport entitled "The Rise and Fall of the Fort Nelson Airport" written A. Nonymous (W.W. Kelland) dating from ca. 1968.

Kelland, W.W.
W.W. Sales Limited fonds
PR0213 · Fonds · [ca. 1931]

Fonds consists of a stock book and advertising board used by W.W. Sales Limited.

W.W. Sales Limited
Xavier de Beaudrap fonds
PR0592 · Fonds · Copied 1972

Fonds consists of an undated family tree and family history manuscript for the de Beaudrap family and an oral history interview with Xavier de Beaudrap.

de Beaudrap, Xavier
PR1959 · Fonds · 1978

The fonds consists of two bound volumes of the programs from the XI Commonwealth Games held in Edmonton, Alberta from August 3 to August 12, 1978.

XI Commonwealth Games Canada (1978) Foundation
PR2159 · Fonds · 1943-1965

The fonds consists of correspondence, attendance records, financial records, minutes, and records related to the various committees of the Y’s, dating from 1943-1965. The fonds also includes the names and birthdates of charter members.

Y's Men's Club of Edmonton
Yamabe, Wright family fonds
PR3683 · Fonds · 1895-2010

The fonds consists of records related to the Yamabe and Wright families, the Church of God (especially the Camrose Church of God), and the Alberta Bible Institute/Gardner College.

Yamabe, Wright family
Young & Bisset fonds
PR1092 · Fonds · 1902-1953, predominant 1921-1953

The fonds consists of the business records of Young & Bisset, and includes correspondence, agreements, orders, memoranda of agreement, letters of administration, probate records, handwritten case notes, a list of cases, Bisset’s daily journals (includes appointments), a bank passbook, and days books (cashbooks).

Young & Bisset
PR2896 · Fonds · 1977 - 1978

The fonds consists of materials documenting the operation of the Young Alberta Book Week including correspondence documenting the creation of the committee and education kit dating from 1977, responses from children and teachers who used the kit dating from 1978, and kit materials.

Young Alberta Book Week Committee
Young family fonds
PR2897 · Fonds · [ca. 1906 - 1930]

The fonds consists of 96 postcards sent to the Young family from relatives and friends of the family circa 1906 - 1930.

Young family
PR2440 · Fonds · 1907-1993

The fonds consists of minutes of Boards meetings, general annual reports, reports on programmes offered by the organization, correspondence, minutes of meetings including minutes from the Social Action, Public Relations, Advisory, Personnel, Cafeteria, Programme Committees, and minutes from the Out-door Recreation, Health and Physical Education, Acquatics, Fitness Centre, Child care, Special Services and Extension sub-committees; financial records, material collected to write the book "Retrospect: : the Edmonton YWCA 1957-1991", photographs and newspaper clippings.

Young Women's Christian Association of Edmonton
Younge family fonds
PR0850 · Fonds · 1911-1968

Fonds consists of correspondence to, from, and between the Younge family members, postcards, greeting cards, a family history written by Eva Younge, newspaper clippings, and photographs depicting various members of the Younge family. Fonds also includes photographs depicting various buildings at McGill University in Ontario.

Younge family
PR2975 · Collection · 1958 - 1959

The collection consists of material related to youth recreation and activities in Alberta including a post-summer evaluation of Edmonton's playground and parks program dating from 1958, a report on the proceedings of Western Recreation Conference held in the Banff School of Fine Arts in Banff, Alberta, dating from 1958, a report on a playground teacher's training course for Edmonton Recreation Department dating from 1959, and the minutes of a meeting of the Edmonton Council of Community Services, Youth Service Division, Executive Workshop dating from 1959.

Unknown donor
Yvon H. Lefebvre fonds
PR3313 · Fonds · 1979-1986

The records consist of original and photocopied papers documenting the Lefebvre Case (francophone rights) at different legal levels, and Yvon Lefebvre's correspondence with governmental and legal officials. It also includes records related to his activism in francophone education, specifically the opening of Georges et Julia Bugnet school in Edmonton.

Lefebvre, Yvon H.
Yvonne Chapman fonds
PR4162 · Fonds · 1970-1983

Pamela Allan recorded her interview with Yvonne Chapman on May 31, 1994. In the interview, Chapman recounts her early experiences working as an Employee Relations Officer with the Alberta Association of Registered Nurses. She described the growth of unionism in the profession, the decision of the AARN to cease being a bargaining agent for the union, the separation of the Association and the United Nurses of Alberta in 1977, strikes in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and her views on the future of the professional unions in Alberta. A timed summary of the audiotape is included in the textual material.

Chapman, Yvonne
Yvonne Hebert fonds
PR3697 · Fonds · [192-?]-2013

The fonds includes records created or collected by Yvonne Hébert, documenting her academic activities, commitments and interests. Also included are some personal and family records.

The records have been arranged in 12 series according to the original order created by the donor. The series include:

  • Civic Values; Citizenship; Democracy; Social Capital
  • Franco-Alberta history; Francophonie
  • French language education
  • Immigration
  • Integration
  • Justice
  • Linguistics
  • Literacy
  • Minorities; Multiculturalism; Ethnic Studies
  • Official Languages
  • Education – general
  • Personal and family records
Hebert, Yvonne
Zandra Bell fonds
PR3551 · Fonds · 1990-2009

The fonds consists of scripts, research notes, correspondence, and posters related to Bell's performance career. There are also videocassettes that contain TV appearances by Bell, promotional clips of her various performances and characters, complete recordings of her one-person shows, and demo reels.

Bell, Zandra
PR2268 · Fonds · 1905-1951

The fonds consists of minutes, correspondence, annual reports, school inspector's reports, student birthdates and distances from school, assessment of tax rolls, and cash books of Zawale School District No. 1074 dating from 1905 - 1951.

Zawale School District No. 1074
PR0966 · Fonds · Copied 1974

Fonds consists of minutes of the Zella School District No. 1078 dating 1904-1938.

Zella School District No. 1078
Zephirin Malhiot fonds
PR3312 · Fonds · 1927-1938

The fonds consists of the manuscript 'Seventy Years of Growing with Canada' (368 p. with name index), a letter from an editor from Pyerson Press, dated 1938, and a photocopy of an article on Zephirin Malhiot. The manuscript is the autobiography of Mr. Malhiot, from his childhood spent on his parents' farm in Becancour, where he learned French traditions, up to 1927. His memories cover both the technical and the political aspects of building railways and energy stations in Canada at the end of 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.

Malhiot, Zéphirin
PR3580 · Fonds · 1916-1995

The fonds consists of Quarterly Official Board minutes (1961-1979, 1982-1995); Official Board Correspondence (1967, n.d.); Congregation Meeting minutes (1961-1995); Congregational/United Register of Baptisms (1916-1965), Confirmations (1926-1963), Marriages (1922-1963) and Burials (1920-1963); Membership lists (1976-1977, 1984); Financial Records (1961-1985); Weekly offerings books (1956-1984); Finance Committee records (1959-1985); Women’s Association records (1950-1962); United Church Women’s records (1961-1984); 2 photographs; and Historical data ([1975], 1986).

Zion United Church (Beiseker)