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Smoky Lake collection
PR3389 · Colección · 1935

The photos depict members of the Smoky Lake Ukrainian community and the Smoky Lake Board of Trade. The provenance is unknown, but many of the people in the photos are identified, dates are noted on the photos, and some of the photos feature group portraits with identifying signs. Two of the photos are of Ukrainian groups and organizations, one is the Board of Trade Sports Committee, and the last features the four-piece Andrews Orchestra.

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Fort Chipewyan collection
PR3390 · Colección · 1989

The collection consists of photographs of various sites and people around Fort Chipewyan, Alberta during winter. All of the locations and some of the subjects are identified

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Architectural site survey collection
PR3394 · Colección · 1977-1988

The collection consists of photographs taken at various architectural sites around Alberta. These include a survey of housing in the abandoned coal town of Nordegg that was created by the Woolfenden Group, a photographic survey by McIntosh, Workun & Chernenko Architects of a federal building, and architectural surveys of St. Joseph's College, St. Stephen's College, the Ukrainian Village, and Beaver House.

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Parish Register
PR2013.0376/36 · Unidad documental compuesta · 1934-2005
Parish Record Ledger
PR2013.0376/4 · Unidad documental compuesta · 1952-1999
Sheila Hall collection
PR1700 · Colección · [Copied between 1933 and 1970]

The collection consists of reproduction photographs of images originally dating circa (ca.) 1895 from the Siksika First Nation Reserve at Gleichen, North-West Territories, by photographers R.H. Trueman & Co. and N. Caple & Co., both of Vancouver, British Columbia, and a photograph dating ca. 1950 of Siksika people at Gleichen, Alberta by Vern Kent of the Visual Education Branch of the Saskatchewan Department of Education.

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C.W. Youngs collection
PR1719 · Colección · [between 1912 and 1916]

The collection consists of images from a surveying crew that worked in the Peace River area, and includes images of pack horses, camps, trees and crew.

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Héritage franco-albertain
PR0968 · Colección · 1895 -1975

The collection covers the period ca. 1895-1975 and consists of some of the records collected through the Héritage franco-albertain project in the effort to preserve French-Albertan songs, dances, recipes, autobiographies, histories, and photographs. The collection includes a biography of Alphonse Corbière, a photocopy of a 1910 letter from Alexandre Mahé, photocopies of a poem and traditional songs collected by Henri Hétu, a photocopied history of François-Xavier Gauthier's family, photocopied financial reports from the Legal parish and photographs from a number of different individuals: Bertha Lafrance, M. and Mme. Olivier Lafleur, Zéa Piquette, Maurice Langlais, Sister Antoinette Trudel, Monseigneur Raymond Roy, Diane Rémillard, M. and Mme. Adrien Pelletier, Ladislas Messier, Paul Montpetit, Jeanne Bilodeau, Jos L'Heureux, Aldège and Thérèse Arcand, M. and Mme. Ferrier Laflamme, Thérèse Beaudain, Yvette Laflamme, Carmen Maisonneuve, Lucienne Baril, Angélina Gobeil, Annette Bérubé, Alouisia Dansereau, Elizabeth Royer, Soeur Emile Hermary, Aimé Auger, Joseph Brosseau, Sarah Charest, Léopold Magnan, M. and Mme. Maurice Magnan, Alexina Zrion, Germaine Hurtubise, Thérèse Richard, Renée Labrecque, Jeanne Pivert and Marguerite Audet. The images, both original and copied, date from ca. 1895 to 1951, feature Beaumont, Bonnyville, Edmonton, Falher, Legal, Plamondon, Spirit River, Slave Lake, Girouxville, and the Grand Prairie, Red Deer and Lethbridge areas, as well as a few from Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and are of schools, churches, stores, houses, trades, automobiles and trucks, sports, farming, agricultural machinery, families, weddings, rites and ceremonies, musicians, children and town views.

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PR1056 · Colección · Copied 1975-1986

The collection consists of a photocopy of a file, primarily witness statements, once belonging to defence attorney William C. Robertson relating to the legal case of Alexander Soderberg, who was suspected of the 1911 murder of Bill Lennox; and images from Stettler in 1900 through to the 1920s of various views of Stettler itself, buildings and businesses in the Stettler, such as the Merchant’s Bank, Lundy and Magee Insurance, the town hall and the post office, the interior, exterior and workers of Stettler Cigar Factory Ltd., firemen, school children, goose hunting, horses, parades, boy scouts, the 187th Regiment, ranches, Erskine post offices and the Tail Creek Metis cemetery.

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Millie Hay collection
PR0535 · Colección · 1874-1961

Collection consists of a copied map of the North-West Territory, now Alberta, dating 1874, copied bills and a land agreement belonging to W.F. Smith of Athabasca Landing dating 1897-1907, a pamphlet entitled The Aberhart Plan dating 1935, and a 50th Anniversary issue of The Landing Trail Post newspaper dating 1961.

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Della Reidel fonds
PR0078 · Fondo · [192-]-1973

The fonds consists of number of greeting cards collected by Mrs. Reidel between the years of 1920 and 1970. The fonds also includes mementos from Mrs. Reidel's life in Edmonton including Johnstone Walker ads; a local insurance company premium book, a bank book from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce,a photo of the Edmonton Radial Railway observation car, a photo of the interior of Ghormley's Store, and other souvenir publications.

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Thelma Johannes O’Neill fonds
PR0300 · Fondo · [191-?]-2001

Fonds consists of records created by Thelma O’Neill in the course of her performing as a musician, and a music teacher. Fonds consists of records generated and accumulated relating to Thelma’s personal life. The fonds consists of two series: Professional records; Private records.

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MacCrimmon family fonds
PR0097 · Fondo · 1963-1976

The fonds consists of correspondence to and from the Premier’s office, a booklet covering the story of Malcolm McCrimmon, and two copies of a genealogical chart documenting the MacCrimmon family tree from 1425 until 1981. There is some discrepancy between the copyright date on the poster, which is 1976, and the actual dates of family members, which goes up until 1981.

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J.A.L. MacDougall fonds
PR0137 · Fondo · 1900-1910

Fonds consists of records relating to J.A.L. MacDougall’s lumber business in Edmonton including tax assessments, agreements for rafting timber, correspondence and photographs.

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H. Milton Martin fonds
PR0292 · Fondo · 1899-1972, predominant 1899-1913

The fonds consists of photographs, personal papers and a scrapbook belonging to H. Milton Martin, and also a manuscript of reminiscences (38 p.).

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John J. Martin fonds
PR0425 · Fondo · Copied 1970

Fonds consists records dating 1888-1968 and includes a reminiscence by John J. Martin about pioneering in the Rosebud-Gleichen area of Alberta, a history of the Severn Creek School District No. 852 in Rosebud, and photographs depicting various people and views of the Rosebud-Gleichen area.

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F.J. McCann fonds
PR0123 · Fondo · 1880-1964

Fonds consists of personal and business correspondence, minutes of the meetings for the Heart Stooker Co., financial records, books, personal records of F.J. McCann’s children, patent applications and correspondence, shareholder certificates, minutes from meetings of the McCauley Community League, photographs and negatives of the Heart Stooker in operation and various newspaper clippings.

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McDonald family fonds
PR0270 · Fondo · 1903-1960, predominant 1903-1930

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Helen McDonald’s personal life and her career as a teacher. Fonds also consists of records pertaining to Justin McDonald’s career in the military and as a doctor. The records include diplomas, photographs, certificates and a scrapbook of greeting cards, programs, and newspaper clippings.

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McDougall family fonds
PR0237 · Fondo · 1878-1965, predominant 1878-1950

Fonds consists of records pertaining to various members of the McDougall family including Lovisa McDougall, John A. McDougall and E.H. McDougall. Records include cinefilms created by E.H. McDougall, correspondence, a photograph and an Edmonton directory.

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PR0309 · Fondo · 1984-1995

Fonds consists of the administrative records of the Mill Creek Child Care Educational Society including by-laws, minutes, reports, financial records, and newsletters.

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PR0379 · Fondo · 1935-1972

Fonds consists of memorandum of association, certificates of incorporation and registration, and initial sales agreement with AGT. Fonds also consists of minutes, financial records, statements of income and expenses, annual returns, subscriber accounts, telephone statistics, correspondence, annual reports, receipts, and cancelled cheques. Fonds includes technical drawings from the Canadian Pacific Railway Company for a telephone wire crossing over its railway lines. Fonds includes AGT maps and other hand drawn maps depicting the townships, the location of telephone lines, and the location of subscribers.

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John Morris fonds
PR0159 · Fondo · 1887-1920, predominant 1914-1920

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Morris’ service in World War I and his membership in the Great War Veterans Association of Canada, as well as a photograph that is assumed to be of his father and uncle.

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A.H. McQuarrie fonds
PR0149 · Fondo · 1911-1966

Fonds consists of manuscripts written by A.H. McQuarrie about different events in Alberta’s history and photographs of various areas throughout Alberta.

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Beatrice Lefroy fonds
PR0180 · Fondo · 1885-1962, predominant 1888-1948

Fonds consists of records relating to Beatrice Lefroy’s personal interests as well as records relating to the activities of the Willing Workers Women’s Auxiliary. The fonds has been divided into two series: Personal records and Willing Workers Women’s Auxiliary.

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Julie Anne LeGras fonds
PR0306 · Fondo · 1972-1993

Fonds consists of Le Gras' personal records as well as records reflecting her interests and involvement in various women's organizations. These records include publications, minutes, manuscripts, newspaper clippings, correspondence, posters, videotapes, audio cassettes and photographs.

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Lloyd McLaurin fonds
PR0189 · Fondo · 1912-1964

Fonds consists of records pertaining to McLaurin’s business and personal life including financial records, correspondence, dental literature, brochures, postcards and photographs. Fonds has been divided into two series: Business records and Personal records.

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PR0342 · Fondo · 1938 - 1944

Fonds consists of the business records of the Peace Prairie Mutual Telephone Company including reports, telephone statistics, financial records, and a map.

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Harry Pollard fonds
PR0125 · Fondo · 1875-1970

Fonds consists of two scrapbooks with letters, clippings and photographs related to Pollard's family and travels, tour brochures and lists of photographs taken on foreign journeys, an essay on the Cardston Temple and magazines with Pollard's photographs. Fonds also consists of a photographic supply catalogue, a large number of photographs taken or collected by Pollard, cinefilms created by Pollard, two order books, lantern slides, correspondence, magazines and brochures.

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PR0350 · Fondo · 1935-1972, predominant 1959-1972

Fonds consists of the business records of the Olds Northwest Mutual Telephone Company including minutes, financial records, correspondence, reports, agreements, maps, and published advertisements.

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Oyen Mutual Telephone Company fonds
PR0318 · Fondo · 1935-1968

Fonds consists of the business records of the Oyen Mutual Telephone Company including by-laws, minutes, financial records, and agreements.

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Frank H. Norbury fonds
PR0183 · Fondo · 1838-1979

Fonds consists of the family records of Frank and Ethel Norbury, and their two children Hubert and Esmé. The records include correspondence, photographs, service records, school records, newspaper clippings, compositions, and artwork. The fonds will be arranged into the following four series: Frank H. Norbury series, Flores “Ethel” Norbury series, Hubert and Marjorie Norbury series, and Helmer and Esme Hanna series.

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PR0168 · Fondo · 1911-1984

Fonds consists of blueprints, reproductions of catalogues, lists for Reeves Steam Traction Engines, made specifically for the Society, correspondence, published State Boiler Laws and other relevant literature, news clippings, photographs and negatives, Reeves Historical Society of America membership lists, membership cards, letterhead, promotional materials and newsletters, a Reeves Steam Traction Engine Ledger, Reeves and Company history, patents, engine blueprint-reproductions, and other Steam-Club membership rosters.

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Olive Ross fonds
PR0505 · Fondo · 1895-1960

Fonds consists of records of Olive Ross and the Ross family and includes correspondence, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, poems, pamphlets, passenger lists, wills, and photographs.

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PR0337 · Fondo · 1936-1970

Fonds consists of the business records of the Shaftesbury Mutual Telephone Company including minutes, correspondence, maps, certificates, financial records, reports, pamphlets, and brochures.

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William Cooper Shaw fonds
PR0286 · Fondo · 1883-1937

Fonds consists of correspondence, registration of birth, pamphlets, bank cheques, telegrams, diaries, financial records, game regulations, photographic postcards, as well as instructions to police magistrates and Justice of the Peace. Photographs depict an alcohol still from a bootlegging liquor operation, other police photographs and portraits.

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Roland Bonvalet fonds
PR1906 · Fondo · 1953-1961

The fonds consists of correspondence and writings created by Roland Bonvalet as a journalist for CFNS Saskatoon and CBC/SRC (Edmonton, Saskatoon, and International).

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