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Series · 1947-1977

The series consists of samples of apprentice and journeyman's certificates. The series also includes certificates issued during the 1967 Canadian Centennial Celebrations as well as samples of dental mechanics certificates.

Alberta. Trade and Industry. Apprenticeship Branch
Series · 1945-1996

The series consists of ledgers pertaining to the registration of apprenticeship contracts. The ledgers contain the serial number assigned to the contract, the name of the apprentice, the trade involved, the anticipated length of the apprenticeship, the start date of the contract, the registration date, and the employer of the apprentice, including notations of any transfers of the apprenticeship to a subsequent employer.

Alberta. Trade and Industry. Apprenticeship Branch
Series · 1971-1998

The series consists of records from the land reclamation area of the Department of Environment and its successors that relate to approved large pipeline (regulated pipeline) projects. The projects were referred to the land reclamation area for approval review and monitoring. The pipelines included in this series carry natural gas, sour gas, oil and fresh water, municipal sewage, or water. The records include correspondence, permits, applications, plans, maps, and related documents such as soil handling plans for proposed pipelines.

Alberta. Environment (1971-1992). Reclamation Branch
Aquaculture records
Series · 1932-2013

The series consists of records that relate to the water culture of animals and plants, pothole aquaculture, and commercial, private & restricted fish farming.

Alberta. Lands and Mines. Fisheries Division
A.R. Aldridge fonds
PR0426 · Fonds · 1888-1917

Fonds consists of correspondence and teaching certificates of Rev. A.R. Aldridge.

Aldridge, A.R.
Series · 1995-1999

The series consists of records of the Arable Acres Supplementary Payment Program, a federal-provincial bilateral program which compensated land owners with eligible acres for the reduction in land values resulting from the elimination of the federal Western Grain Transportation Act subsidy. The files include background information about the delivery of the program, detailed office procedures, samples of the applications forms, brochures, briefing notes for the Minister, pay rate calculations, correspondence, reports, statistics and results of the program audit.

Alberta. Agriculture. Central Program Support Division
Arch MacKinnon fonds
PR1690 · Fonds · 1915-1988

The fonds consists of images predominantly from the Cadomin area of hockey players, bands, horses, rivers, the Matheson and Clyburn families, bridges, parades, waterfalls, a mine shaft, trains, blacksmiths, tractors, farm machinery, students, and World War Two soldiers and marching band and Navy Trainees at the Galt Aircraft School.

MacKinnon, Arch
Archibald Campbell fonds
PR0354 · Fonds · 1905-1966

The fonds consists of a variety of records documenting the activities, interests and social life of an influential Edmontonian. It includes biographical information, correspondence, a day timer, a financial journal, a booklet with daily expenses, a poem written by Mrs. A. Campbell, programmes of various cultural and historical events in Edmonton and a photo album with views of early Alberta.

Campbell, Archibald
Archibald Dunlap fonds
PR1666 · Fonds · 1948-1978

The fonds consists of images taken by Archibald Dunlap of Edmonton, Alberta, and various other locations across Alberta, including the Rockies, Seba Beach, Edson, and Lacombe.

Dunlap, Archibald
Archie Jamieson fonds
PR2498 · Fonds · [between 1936 - 1940]

The fonds consists of images owned by Archie Jamieson featuring airplanes chartered to fly from Edmonton to Althona Mine at Goldfields, Saskatchewan circa 1936 to 1940.

Jamieson, Archie
Archie McMullen fonds
PR1420 · Fonds · 1925-1984

The fonds consists of logbooks, Archie McMullen's Second World War pilot's license, correspondence, certificates, Archie's Canadian Pacific Air Lines employment record, air route data, a wedding invitation, a Christmas card, a diary, scripts, newspaper clippings about the Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited Club (CAVU), McMullen family genealogy, photographs of planes, destinations, Archie McMullen, friends and family, a broadcast about Archie McMullen's career, and films of Archie's travel in the North and a family holiday to the Rocky Mountains which includes some footage of the 1939 Royal Visit.

McMullen, Archie
PR3394 · Collection · 1977-1988

The collection consists of photographs taken at various architectural sites around Alberta. These include a survey of housing in the abandoned coal town of Nordegg that was created by the Woolfenden Group, a photographic survey by McIntosh, Workun & Chernenko Architects of a federal building, and architectural surveys of St. Joseph's College, St. Stephen's College, the Ukrainian Village, and Beaver House.

Unknown donor
PR0075 · Fonds · 1979-2017

Fonds consists of records relating to the administration of the Archives Society of Alberta (ASA), including minutes, reports, correspondence, business records, newsletters, posters, surveys, seminar and workshop papers, reviews, and membership lists.

Archives Society of Alberta
PR3829 · Fonds · 2004-2012

The fonds consists of records documenting the activities and interests of faith and religious organization archivists in the Edmonton area and includes correspondence, minutes and membership lists.

Archivists of Faith and Religious Organizations Group
Ardis Kamra fonds
PR0875 · Fonds · Copied 1980

The fonds consists of 4 images from circa (ca.) 1918, of the Calgary Derby, F.E. Nichol’s Department Store in Killam, Alberta and views of Killam.

Kamra, Ardis
Ardyth Barber fonds
PR1637 · Fonds · Copied 1986

The fonds consists of images, originally dating 1928 to 1932, predominantly from the Hines Creek and Fairview areas of Alberta, including Marshall Barber, covered sleighs, log transportation, wood cutting, harvesters, combines and agricultural machinery, cars, the shipment of automobiles by train, pack horses, riverboat, trappers, bands, baseball team, a wedding on horseback, and homesteaders’ camping near the Scona Yards near Edmonton, Alberta.

Barber, Ardyth
Arg Test 1
FR10 · Item · 31-Oct-17
Test for AtoM
Argosy Books map collection
PR3964 · Collection · 1815-1867

The collection consists of four historical maps of North America and one negative copy of a map originally from 1867. The three maps that are dated are from 1815, 1824, and 1867.

The fourth map of North America is glued to a cardboard backboard and is not dated, but was likely first created in the year 1770. It includes mythological descriptions of areas not fully explored, including Hyperborea in the Arctic Circle. This last map also includes parts of northern Europe and Russia.

Argosy Books
Aristide Blais fonds
PR3011 · Fonds · 1906 - 1916

The fonds consists of a photograph album belonging to Aristide Blais consisting of eighty black and white photographs featuring scenes of Edmonton, Alberta taken between 1906 to 1916.

Blais, Aristide
Armada United Church fonds
PR3421 · Fonds · 1965-1975

The fonds consists of the series: Congregational Meetings (Minutes) (1966-1975); Membership Records (1965-1974); and Financial Records (1966-1973).

Armada United Church
PR0733 · Fonds · 1935-1972

Fonds consists of the business records of the Armena-Lundemo Mutual Telephone Company and include memorandum, certificate of incorporation, share certificates, articles of association, agreements, minutes, bylaws, correspondence, financial records, subscriber lists, telephone statistics, annual reports, publications, and maps.

Armena-Lundemo Mutual Telephone Company
Armin Hecht fonds
PR2128 · Fonds · 1959-1987

The fonds consists of photographs, negatives, and slides Armin Hecht took while on assignment from the Edmonton Journal dating from 1950’s to the 1960’s. Locations include: Alberta, Yukon, Europe, Eastern Canada, and Japan. The fonds also includes some publications of Armin Hecht’s reporting dating from 1959-1987.

Hecht, Armin
Armin Joop fonds
PR2054 · Fonds · 1995-2019

The fonds consists of a run of The Albertaner dating from 1995 to 2019, and of the Mill Woods Mosaic from 2008 to 2019.

Joop, Armin
Arne J. Johannessen fonds
PR2027 · Fonds · 1916

The fonds consists of photographic postcards of the Peace River area, including views of Main Street, various buildings, a train, and views of the town; the images are by J. Martinos.

Johannessen, Arne J.
Arnold LeP. Agnew collection
PR0436 · Collection · Copied 1970

Collection consists of a small section of the McPhillips Saskatchewan Directory of 1888-1905 concerning areas in the North West Territories, now the province of Alberta.

Agnew, Arnold LeP.
Arrowhead Programme fonds
PR0960 · Fonds · 1979

The fonds includes Arrowhead Programme ’79 posters targeting Indigenous youth on topics such as alcoholism, health, depression, nutrition and other social issues.

Arrowhead Programme
Art Craft Studio fonds
PR0233 · Fonds · 1951-1961

Fonds consists of photographs taken by the Art Craft Studio of individuals, groups and buildings in the Grande Prairie area.

Art Craft Studio
Art Dixon fonds
PR2000 · Fonds · 1945-1979

The fonds consists of materials relating to Art Dixon’s political career and dates from 1945-1979. The fonds includes Social Credit pamphlets, election pamphlets for Dixon, committee files, clipping files, correspondence, Social Credit meeting minutes and banners used by William Aberhart in election campaigning.

Dixon, Art
Art Gallery of Alberta fonds
PR3154 · Fonds · 1909 - 1973

The fonds consists of material created and maintained by the Art Gallery of Alberta and includes programs from exhibitions held at the Gallery for the artists Harry Savage (1973), Glen Guillet (1973), and Chester and Bentham (1973). The fonds also includes artwork by artists featured at the Gallery including an oil painting by Thomas Adamson entitled "John A McDougall"; an oil painting by T. George Gates featuring the C.N.R. Station in Edmonton; a watercolor painting by M.A. Halloway entitled "20 Below" featuring Rossdale and South Edmonton; a mixed media painting by Hilda Mitchell entitled "Indian Cemetery at Winterburn"; a pastel by A. Ryland entitled "Bella Golden"; and an ink drawing by Dorothy Stevens showing the Chief Factor's house in Fort Edmonton. The fonds also contains a photo featuring the unveiling of the Father Lacombe Memorial in St. Albert in 1929; a panoramic photo of the city of Edmonton dating from 1909; and a map of the city of Edmonton dating from 1956.

Art Gallery of Alberta
Art Park fonds
PR1500 · Fonds · Copied 1984

The fonds consists of images of the Lacombe hockey teams, including the Lacombe Juvenile Hockey Club (1947-1948) and the Lacombe Hockey Team (1953-1954 and 1966-1967).

Park, Art
Art Potter fonds
PR1486 · Fonds · Copied 1984

The fonds consists of images of the Poolers Hockey team, dating 1928 to 1932, and the Lloyd Turner testimonial dinner in 1967.

Potter, Art
Art Roberts fonds
PR1881 · Fonds · Copied 1978

The fonds consists of images of the 1937 May Day Parade in Drumheller, and images of the representatives at the Canadian Congress of Labour conferences in Calgary, Alberta in 1947 and 1948.

Roberts, Art
Arthur Balmer Watt fonds
PR2868 · Fonds · [ca.1905]

The fonds consists of 5 photographs featuring images of the fur trade and transportation in Northern Alberta dating from ca. 1905.

Watt, Arthur Balmer
Arthur Cload fonds
PR2489 · Fonds · [ca. 1950] - 1953

The fonds consists of material used and created by Arthur Cload including an account sheet for Charles Munton noting goods sold in 1952 and goods paid in 1953; and two copies of a catalogue for Cload Auctions circa 1950.

Cload, Arthur
Arthur Elliott fonds
PR2561 · Fonds · 1933, 1949

The fonds consists of materials pertaining to Arthur Elliott's career including a photograph of Arthur Elliott at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Leduc, Alberta in 1933 by Bamber Studio and a photograph of Arthur Elliott at St. Mark's Anglican Church in Edmonton, Alberta in 1949, taken by the Edmonton Journal when Cannon Elliott was requesting that the City of Edmonton put a light on the steeple of St Mark's since airplanes we flying so close.

Elliott, Arthur
Arthur George fonds
PR3382 · Fonds · 1915

The fonds consists of photographs depicting Arthur George in uniform during the First World War, the 1915 Edmonton flood, and the City of Edmonton riverboat.

George, Arthur
Arthur Johnston fonds
PR2217 · Fonds · [ca. 1909 – 1911]

The fonds consists of 12 photographs depicting Arthur Johnston and/or workers at a camp in Southern Alberta. The photographs show horses, buggies and other equipment used at the camp. The majority of the photographs use gelatin developing out paper. Seven of the photographs were used as postcards and have brief correspondence, addresses or identification on the back of the photographs. 5 photographs are mounted on cardboard stock.

Johnston, Arthur
Arthur Marshall fonds
PR0243 · Fonds · 1900-1949

Fonds consists of records belonging to Arthur Marshall including correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings and postcards.

Marshall, Arthur
Arthur Morris collection
PR3934 · Collection · [ca. 1900]

The collection consists of photographs of Edmonton and Banff, ca. 1900. Images include a flood at Walter's Mill in Edmonton and the Banff Hot Springs.

Unknown donor
Arthur Moss fonds
PR0428 · Fonds · 1925-1929

Fonds consists of two letters from Emily Murphy, also known as Janey Canuck, to Inspector A. Moss.

Moss, Arthur
Arthur Rattray fonds
PR1918 · Fonds · Copied 1978

The fonds consists of images relating to the construction of the Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District in 1921 and 1922 and includes images of canals, construction equipment, survey crews, horses, wagons, scrapers, camps, cars, bridge construction, the McLaren dam and the Lethbrigde Viaduct. An image includes Joseph Rattray.

Rattray, Arthur
Arthur S. Mould fonds
PR0922 · Fonds · 1923-1974, predominant 1923-1925

Fonds consists of records related to Arthur S. Mould’s participation in the Hoadley Scheme, and includes an issue of The Radio, a Legislative Assembly of Alberta member’s gallery pass, a personal reminiscence, and photographs that depict horse teams, a train, and various buildings.

Mould, Arthur S.
Arthur Scrutton fonds
PR3901 · Fonds · [1902?]

The fonds consists of seven photographs of members of Siksika/Blackfoot Nation in the Fort MacLeod area, ca. 1902. Also included are four pages of recipes for horse medicine created by Katy May Scrutton (Fuller), wife of Arthur.

Scrutton, Arthur
Arthur Sifton fonds
PR3856 · Fonds · 1916-1920

The fonds consists of a passport issued to Sifton on 17 May, 1916 and renewed on 17 May, 1920. Sifton held this passport during the final years of his tenure as Premier of Alberta. He used the passport to travel to Versailles, France as a member of the Canadian Delegation to the Paris Peace Conference, where the Treaty of Versailles was signed to end the state of war between Germany and the Allied Powers of the First World War.

Sifton, Arthur
Arthur Thomas Meagher fonds
PR1069 · Fonds · 1898-1919

Fonds consists of the personal records of Arthur Thomas Meagher, and records related to his profession as a plumber, and includes tax assessments and notices, correspondence, an insurance policy, The Plumbers’ Textbook, bylaws regarding waterworks and sewage in Edmonton, Alberta, a business card for Ghormley’s Grocery, and various constitutions, photographs and banquet menus for the United Association of Journeymen Plumbers, Gas Fitters and Steam Fitters and Steam Fitters’ Helpers of the United States and Canada, Local 488 in Edmonton, Alberta.

Fonds also includes a Government of Alberta telephone system Operator’s Code Symbols booklet, and a postcard and photographs depicting parades, floats, buildings, street views, an elephant, bison, a log building, a train wreck, a Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) basketball team, and Jasper Avenue in Edmonton, Alberta.

Meagher, Arthur Thomas
PR0666 · Fonds · 1905-1910

Fonds consists of the personal records of Arthur Vandeleur Stoney and includes diaries containing entries about his daily activities, some correspondence and receipts, and a scrapbook containing newspaper clippings from the Lethbridge Daily Herald that pertain to local people, businesses, and events.

Stoney, Arthur Vandeleur
Arthur W. Benton fonds
PR2247 · Fonds · copied 1993

The fonds consists of copies of 60 photographs taken by Arthur W. Benton during his service with the U.S. Army throughout the construction of the Alaska Highway in 1942. The fonds includes images of trucks, First Nations guides, individuals, camps, bridges, and construction sites.

Benton, Arthur W.
Arthur W. McIntyre fonds
PR0257 · Fonds · 1906-1968, predominant 1921-1956

Fonds consists of newspaper articles written by Arthur W. McIntyre as well as pamphlets, magazines, newspapers, photographs and other records that he collected.

McIntyre, Arthur
A.S. Cummings fonds
PR0748 · Fonds · 1973-1975

Fonds consists of reminiscences written by A.S. Cummings entitled Slow Train to the Foothills, 1910, The Yellowhead Pass, 1911, and Life at Mannville, Alberta 1908-1909. Fonds also includes a copied newspaper clipping from the Christian Guardian containing an article written by A.S. Cummings dated 1910, and an oral history given by A.S. Cummings to Frontier College in 1975.

Cummings, A.S.
PR1714 · Fonds · 1934-1974

The fonds consists of the records of the Ascot Mutual Telephone Company, and includes memoranda of association, certificate of incorporation, certificates, agreements, bylaws, minutes, cashbooks, accounts, annual reports, annual returns, correspondence, guidelines and instructions.

Ascot Mutual Telephone Company
PR0612 · Fonds · 1954-1970

Fonds consists of minutes, receipts, correspondence, financial records, and a land assessment of the Ashcroft Community Centre.

Ashcroft Community Centre
PR1787 · Collection · Copied 1988-1989

The collection consists of images, originally dating 1914 to 1945, of military personnel who had lived in the Ashmont School District of Alberta.

Cheshire, Robert
Asker Ladies Aid fonds
PR1125 · Fonds · 1916-1924

Fonds consists of minutes of Asker Ladies Aid.

Asker Ladies Aid
Series · 1987-1992

The series consists of the records of the Assistant Deputy Minister of Administration within the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Alberta. Attorney General. Administration. Assistant Deputy Minister
Series · 1974-1994

The series consists of the executive records of the Assistant Deputy Minister of Administration within the Department of Transportation (1975-1986) and its successor the Department of Transportation and Utilities.

Alberta. Transportation (1975-1986). Administration Division
Series · 1976-1988

The series consists of the records of the Assistant Deputy Minister of Administrative Services pertaining to the oversight of various Ministry activities. The files include correspondence, minutes of advisory committee and other meetings, agreements, budget proposals, reports, and other records related to the day-to-day operation of and funding of continuing education and post secondary programs at universities, colleges, technical institutions and vocational centres in Alberta. The records also document various issues such as extended practicum, tuition fees, Indigenous education, English as a second language programs, foreign students, nursing programs, apprenticeship programs, education in correctional facilities, manpower training programs and distance learning.

Alberta. Advanced Education and Manpower. Administrative Services Division. Assistant Deputy Minister
Series · 1927-1937

The series consists of the records of the Assistant Deputy Minister of Agriculture, a position created in 1922 and abolished in 1937. The files include correspondence and reports pertaining to provincial farms, United Farm Women, liaison activities between branches of the department as well as other levels of government, crops, school fairs, courses, schools of agriculture, boys and girls clubs, and agriculture matters generally.

Alberta. Agriculture. Assistant Deputy Minister
Series · 1989-2015, predominant 2002-2015

The series consists of the records of the Assistant Deputy Minister for Corporate Services pertaining to administrative activities with the ministry. The files include correspondence, reports, minutes of meetings, policies, and other records related to division initiatives, awards and honours, staffing, agreements, legislation, buildings, and other subjects.

Alberta. Justice and Solicitor General. Corporate Services Division
Series · 1968-1982

The series consists of the operational records of the Assistant Deputy Minister of Environmental Evaluation Service. The Assistant Deputy Minister’s office was responsible for two major divisions, Land Reclamation and Environmental Assessment. The records consist of correspondence regarding research projects of the Environmental Evaluation Service.

Alberta. Environment (1971-1992). Environmental Evaluation Services. Assistant Deputy Minister
Series · 1972-1989

The series consists of the executive records of the Assistant Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection Services within the Department of Environment.

Alberta. Environment (1971-1992). Environmental Protection Services. Assistant Deputy Minister
Series · 1982-1994

The series consists of records of the Assistant Deputy Minister of Field Services. The files include correspondence, reports, minutes of meetings, and other records related to regional offices; home economics, and 4-H programs.

Alberta. Agriculture. Field Services. Assistant Deputy Minister
Series · 1978-1990

The series consists of the records of the Assistant Deputy Minister of Field Services. The files include correspondence, minutes of meetings, reports, and other records related to the organization of the Field Services Division, divisional committee meetings, conferences, liaison activities with the federal government and other Alberta provincial government departments, manpower, apprenticeship, career centers, Alberta Opportunity Corps, immigration and settlement services, employment initiatives, training and employment programs, and vocational training.

Alberta. Advanced Education and Manpower. Field Services Division. Assistant Deputy Minister
Series · 1986-1993

The series consists of the records of the Assistant Deputy Minister of Finance and Administration within the Department of Forestry, Lands and Wildlife.

Alberta. Forestry, Lands and Wildlife. Finance and Administration. Senior Assistant Deputy Minister
Series · 1973-1994

The series consists of the records of the Assistant Deputy Minister of Finance and General Services within the Department of Energy. The records include those created by predecessors in Energy and Natural Resources.

Alberta. Energy and Natural Resources. Administrative Services Division
Series · 1988-2004

The series consists of the records of the Assistant Deputy Minister for Industry Development. The files include correspondence, reports and subject files. The records may also contain files created by the Assistant Deputy Minister for Production and Marketing, the predecessor to this position.

Alberta. Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. Industry Development. Assistant Deputy Minister
Series · 1987-1995

The series consists of records of the the Assistant Deputy Minister of Information and Policy Services, including those of its predecessors, the Labour Market Division, the Assistant Deputy Minister of Policy and Program Development, and the Assistant Deputy Minister of Policy and Research.

The files include correspondence, minutes of meetings, case files, and reports pertaining to labour market research and information, legislation, apprenticeship, liaison activities, intergovernmental relations, employment and training programs, career programs, and immigration.

Alberta. Career Development and Employment. Policy and Research Division. Assistant Deputy Minister
Series · 1975-1983

The series consists of the records of the Assistant Deputy Minister for International Marketing pertaining to the development of international markets for Alberta's agricultural products.

Alberta. Agriculture. International Marketing. Assistant Deputy Minister