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A. Clayton Milroy fonds
PR0536 · Fonds · Copied 1971-1977

Fonds consists of records dating 1912-1973 and includes a report on the Canada Land and Irrigation Company Limited, which contains maps and photographs of areas in Medicine Hat, Alberta, a report entitled The Lost Mine of the Saskatchewan, and a brief history of Medicine Hat. Fonds also includes various photographs relating to engineering, railroads, land and irrigation, and farming.

Milroy, A. Clayton
PR0622 · Fonds · 1963-2002

The fonds consists of executive minutes, correspondence, bylaws, and a club history created by the Alberta Federation of Rock Clubs between 1963 and 2002. The executive minutes cover the period between 1963-1972 and 2002.

Alberta Federation of Rock Clubs
PR0325 · Fonds · 1969-1998

Fonds consists of records from the Provincial Chapter including operational records, financial records, executive records and the Association’s articles of incorporation. Fonds consists of minutes, correspondence, annual reports, committee and chapter reports, audio cassettes, newsletters, hand books, pamphlets, and mailing lists.

Alberta Pastoral Care Association
Allan R. Turner fonds
PR1585 · Fonds · 1906-1935

The fonds consists of a letter from F.H. (Bert) Riggall, a list of the images, and photographs and photographic postcards of mountains, lakes, wildlife including bears, mountain goats, mountain sheep, deer, a grouse, and a porcupine, pack trains, tenting, hunting, and Bert Riggall. The fonds also includes a photograph of Lethbridge Central School, a photograph of Medicine Hat Public School, a photograph of Edmonton Protestant Public School, and a photograph of Edmonton High School. The photographs date from circa 1900. The photographer remains unidentified.

Turner, Allan R.
Douglas Folkins fonds
PR0907 · Fonds · 1904-1951

The fonds consists of a 1906 bill of sale for a bay pony, a 1904 letter from A.G. Kinnaird and six aerial images of Medicine Hat, Alberta from 1951, taken by Douglas Folkins with a 24 Fairchild aerial camera.

Folkins, Douglas
Series · 1918-1941

The series consists of the administrative and operational records of the Alberta Government Employment Service and its predecessor, the Alberta Government Employment Bureau, pertaining to its work with the federal Employment Service of Canada to manage labour supply and demand in the province.

The administrative records include personnel files and other staffing records; agreements with the federal government; orders in council; expenditures, budgets, vouchers, placement costs, and other financial management records; office accommodation expenses; transportation; office supplies; mailing lists; and other related records.

The operational records include liaison files with the federal government, stakeholder organizations and local employment offices in Calgary and Lethbridge; files related to immigration and deportation of workers; applications for work and for workers; and employment program files related to ex-servicemen including those with disabilities, farm labour, youth employment and training, highways, forestry, and skilled workers during World War II. It also includes a variety of program-related reports, including daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly statistical reports regarding employment conditions in communities as well as summaries of applicants, vacancies and placements for men and women in Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and Drumheller.

The series also includes records related to unemployment relief activities undertaken by the Service, including operations of camps, including bush and railway camps, in Calgary, Edmonton, Drumheller and Lethbridge as well as payrolls, grants and other files related to relief initiatives in cities as well as rural communities.

Alberta. Government Employment Service
PR3896 · Collection · 1908-1912

The collection consists of photographs of the construction of the Five Roses flour mill in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Unknown donor
Frank Byrne fonds
PR2262 · Fonds · 1965-1985

The fonds consists of records related to Frank Byrne's career as an Alberta provincial court judge, and his interest and work with youth justice committees. The fonds includes correspondence, proposals, and drafts related to the passing and evaluation of the Juvenile Delinquents Act and the Young Offenders Act dating from 1965 to 1985.

Byrne, Frank
George Adel fonds
PR2913 · Fonds · [ca. 1927]

The fonds relates to George Adel's work with Medalta Potteries and consists of a photograph featuring the Medalta Potteries Ltd. staff circa 1927 taken by an unknown photographer.

Adel, George
Grace Bear fonds
PR1221 · Fonds · Copied 1975

Fonds consists of photocopies of transcribed letters written to Grace Bear from Edward J. Sartain, who lived in Medicine Hat, Alberta and Montana from 1906-1916 (primarily 1906-1908), about his daily life, including hunting and traveling across Alberta.

Bear, Grace
PR2515 · Fonds · [ca. 1960]

The fonds consists of two 16 mm films created in ca. 1960 by I-XL Industries Ltd. and illustrating the activities of the Medicine Hat Brick and Tile Co. The films are entitled Packaging Brick and Steps to Automation.

I - XL Industries
James Jensen fonds
PR4091 · Fonds · 1925-1958, [copied after 1970].

The fonds is comprised of photographs and textual records.

The photographs depict James Jensen and his family in his early years on the farm in southern Alberta, Jensen and his company and friends during their military careers, and several photos of Jensen and his family in the 1950s on the family farm.

The fonds also contain textual records which are copies and originals of documents from James Jensen’s and his family’s history. These include the homesteading papers, border crossing record, and probated will of his father. There are also records of James’ service records which were obtained from the Canadian Armed Forces.

Jensen, James
Jim Marshal fonds
PR0877 · Fonds · Copied 1980

The fonds consists of 10 images, originally dating from 1912 to the 1960s, of the Redcliff Pressed Brick Company, the Medicine Hat Brick and Tile Company and brick manufacturing.

Marshal, Jim
Keith Driver fonds
PR3307 · Fonds · 1960-1999

The fonds is comprised of management and development plans and reports that Keith Driver had a part in. His contribution varied across the records and is not always recorded, but includes roles in research, consultation, writing, and management. The records span across his career and are mostly from across Alberta, with some work from elsewhere Canada. Prominent examples include Oldman River General Plan Analyses, Lethbridge General Plan documents, and Bushe River assessments and planning.

The records were created for a variety of clients, including land management corporations, municipal councils, and consultation boards. Also included in the donation was a large transparent sheet with a base map of the Wabamun Lake area. Many of the textual records have labels or codes written on the front covers in pen or pencil, sometimes with Keith Driver’s name.

Driver, Keith
Lawrence Bruce fonds
PR2258 · Fonds · 1930-1931

The fonds consists of 2 pieces of sheet music by Lawrence Bruce entitled, "Joanne", and "True Sweetheart of Mine".

Bruce, Lawrence
L.J. Wilson fonds
PR0542 · Fonds · 1921-1969

Fonds consists of the research records of L.J. Wilson and includes correspondence, notes, copies of articles about Perren Earle Baker, and taped interviews with Baker and Richard Reid. Fonds also includes some personal records of Baker including memoranda, correspondence, and speeches.

Wilson, LeRoy John
Mary Yawney fonds
PR0321 · Fonds · 1904-1995

Fonds consists of materials created and collected by Mary Ruckman including a school art notebook, two autograph books, a high school graduation photograph, a postcard sent to Mary Ruckman's father featuring Harley Davidson motorcycles. The fonds also includes material related to Mary Ruckman's musical studies including a music exam and a music dictation book; and materials documenting her life in the Vauxhall and Scandia/Rainer area of Alberta including correspondence, a history of Vauxhall, a Christmas Day services pamphlet, two copies of The Vauxhall Advance, and a Union Bank of Canada Farmer's Handy Book Account.

Yawney, Adella Mary
Max Cantor fonds
PR2035 · Fonds · [197-]

The fonds consists of copied images, originally dating from the 1890s to the1950s, of hospital buildings throughout Alberta including those in Lethbridge, Daysland, Medicine Hat, Mannville, Ponoka, nurses, and one image of Dr. Max Cantor with colleagues outside the Banff School of Fine Arts.

Cantor, Max
PR0272 · Fonds · 1911-1956

Fonds consists of the business records of Medalta Potteries Ltd. including financial records, minutes, correspondence, reports, blueprints, maps and promotional materials. Fonds also includes photocopies of the certificate of incorporation, an example of a share certificate, and minutes of the first meeting of the stock-holders dated December 22, 1915, The fonds has been divided into the following series: Correspondence; Financial records; and General files.

Medalta Potteries
Series · 1983-1997

The series consists of records related to the operations of the Medicine Hat Community Corrections office pertaining to parole and probation programs.

Alberta. Justice. Community Corrections and Release Branch
PR3181 · Collection · [between 1911 - 1912]

The collection consists of surveyor's plans created between 1911 and 1912 by Dominion Government surveyors for the Medicine Hat district including plans for the subdivisions of Rosemount Medicine Hat, Suffield, Fairview, Arlington, Burrell, Kenilworth, north Redcliff, Broadway Extension, and Parkview.

Unknown donor
PR3103 · Collection · Copied 1970, Copied 1972, Copied 1973, Copied 1974

The collection consists of copies of photographs acquired from the Medicine Hat Historical and Museum Foundation featuring views of the Medicine Hat area dating from the late 19th century and the early part of the 20th century including views of Medicine Hat, Bassano, Irvine, Farmers' Lumber Co. Ltd, Metis women, Connaught School, a milling company, Medicine Hat Crayon Company, a fire at the Alberta Linseed Oil Mills, Medicine Hat Glass Company, a court house, agricultural machinery, agricultural activities, Captain Ross' steam launch, flour mills, a baptism, a Canadian Pacific Railway Train, cowboys, First Nations, a pottery barn, pioneers, a football team, St. John's Presbyterian Church, surveyor's camps, and Canadian National Railway Depots. The collection also includes images featuring Hudson's Bay Company Factors.

Medicine Hat Historical and Museum Foundation
Series · 1986-2013

The series consists of records related to the operations of the Medicine Hat Remand Centre. The files include director's files, minutes of management meetings, and records related to inmate education, treatment, chaplaincy, volunteers and other programs.

Alberta. Solicitor General (1973-1992). Medicine Hat Remand Centre
PR4231 · Fonds · 1909-1998

This fonds is comprised of records from Memorial Salem United Church and preaching points that amalgamated with it, including Washington Avenue Methodist, Knox Presbyterian, Zion Congregational Church, and Fifth Avenue Memorial United.

The records include annual reports, treasurer and financial reports, sacramental registers, communion rolls, orders of services, and minutes. Minutes are from Church Boards, Sessions, and congregational meetings.

Memorial Salem United Church (Medicine Hat)
Mona Russell fonds
PR3354 · Fonds · 1953-1988

The fonds consists of travel photography and corresponding information compiled by Russell to accompany slide shows as well as extensive coverage of various sites and events across Alberta. These images include Medicine Hat, Albertan industry (specifically the Medicine Hat clay industry), churches of various denominations (including the Al Rashid Mosque prior to its move to Fort Edmonton), Edmonton, Calgary, the Calgary and Medicine Hat Stampedes, sports and recreation, and national/provincial parks. International travel photography is also included, such as images from pre-Revolution Cuba and Cold War-era Berlin. The slides also show PRPA field trips, conventions, and photographic lessons as well as title slides created by Russell for use in her slide shows.

Russell, Mona
PR0738 · Fonds · 1959-1973

Fonds consists of the business records of the Pashley Mutual Telephone Company and includes minutes, agreements, subscriber accounts, correspondence, financial records, telephone statistics, line maintenance diary, annual reports, certificate of incorporation, Alberta Government Telephone publications, plans of telephone wires crossing Canadian Pacific Railway tracks, and maps.

Pashley Mutual Telephone Company
PR1196 · Fonds · 1907-1961

Fonds consists of minutes, correspondence, voting proxies, reports, financial records, accounts payable and receivable records, inventories, annual reports, a share certificate, diagrams of tiles, bricks and kilns, and maps depicting the land and mines owned by the Redcliff Brick and Coal Company Ltd.

Perry Brick and Tile Company
PR2033 · Fonds · 1921-1922

The fonds consists of the Pingle Drug & Book Company's register of liquor sold to permit holders in Medicine Hat.

Pingle Drug & Book Company
PR3492 · Fonds · 1914-1925

The fonds consists of minutes (1914-1925); certificate of transfer, testimonial, authorization of proxy (1925); minutes of interim meeting (1925); returns on ministers, students and licentiates (1925); Treasurer's accounts (1915-1925) of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, Presbytery of Medicine Hat.

Presbyterian Church in Canada. Presbytery of Medicine Hat
PR2668 · Fonds · 1943-1946

The fonds consists of a register of the Prisoner of War Camp 132 in Medicine Hat, Alberta from 1943-1946 listing the arrivals and transfers of individual prisoners of war.

Canada. Prisoner of War Camp 132 (Medicine Hat, Alberta)
PR0708 · Fonds · 1936-1972

Fonds consists of the business records of the Ranchers Mutual Telephone Company and include, by-laws, agreements, share certificates, minutes, subscriber accounts, subscriber lists, certificate of incorporation, financial records, annual reports, telephone statistics, correspondence, policies, publications, and maps.

Ranchers Mutual Telephone Company
Richard Harrington fonds
PR1319 · Fonds · 1949-1969

The fonds consists of images, dating 1949 to 1962, featuring various locations in Alberta including Banff, Beaver Lodge, Brazeau, Calgary, Caroline, Champion, Crowsnest Pass, Cypress Hills, Dorothy, Drumheller, Duvernay, East Coulee, Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, Frank, Frog Lake, Grisham, High Prairie, High River, Kananaskis, Lethbridge, Lloydminster, Longiven, Manning, Manville, Manyberries, Medicine Hat, Midland, Nordegg, Orion, the Red Deer River, Ricinus, Rocky Mountain House, Rosebud, Rosedale, Sundre, Vulcan, Wabamun, Whiskey Gap, and the Yellowhead Pass. The photographs include street scenes, schools, fire halls, churches and mosques, stores, restaurants, diners and bakeries, beer parlours, post offices, greenhouses, telephone lines, workers and operators, grain elevators, ferries, swimming pools, airports, Jaycopters, airplanes and cargo, mills and mines (flour, steel, coal, nickel), plants, camps, pipeline construction, saddleries, apiaries, bridges, dams, roads, signs, hoodoos, mountains, ice fields, cattle, horses and sheep, stampedes and parades, cattle branding and dehorning, lariat making, artists and sculptors, and laundry and ironing.

The fonds also includes images of rancher and juniper root carver Wilf Hodgson (Wilfred Garstang-Hodgson), of Dorothy, Alberta.

Harrington, Richard
PR1042 · Fonds · 1963-1973

Fonds consists of the business records of the Shortgrass Mutual Telephone Company and includes minutes, financial records, subscriber accounts, correspondence and agreements.

Shortgrass Mutual Telephone Company
PR3539 · Fonds · 1945-2015

Fonds contains Minutes (1952-1983, 1987, 1994-2013); Pastoral Charge Statistics (1962-1966); Correspondence (1945-1978, 1988-1989); Lethbridge Extension Council (1984-1988); Photographs of Executive (1991-1992); Treasurer’s Reports (2006-2013); Pastoral Oversight Committee [1973-1999]; Financials (1985-1997); Stewardship (1994); Consultation (1994-1997); Newsletters (2000-2001); Budget (1995); History Book [2000]; U.C.W. (United Church Women) (1961-1996); Annual Reports (1992-1994); Community and Global Justice Committee (2003-2015).

United Church of Canada. South Alberta Presbytery
PR2852 · Collection · [Copied 1966]

The collection consists of a variety of copied images including photographs featuring maps of the areas of Fort Garry, Fort Ellice, Fort Pitt, Fort Edmonton, the Yellowhead Pass, the North Saskatchewan River, and Fort McMurray dating from the 1880s; photographic copies of certificates and correspondence related to Col. Francis Mewburn dating from 1776 to 1880; photographs of the Lethbridge area featuring images of railways, dwellings, minters, engines, businesses such as H. Bentley and Co., T. Botterill Hardware, and members of the Blood Nation dating from the 1880s; photographs of Medicine Hat featuring a hospital and the Lady Aberdeen's Women's Hospital dating from 1894; images of Saskatchewan including a carbonizing and briguetting plant; photographs of the University of Alberta and the Edmonton area including images of campus residences, the Royal Alexandra Hospital, the University Hospital, classes of students, St. Joseph's College, CKUA Radio Station, farm buildings, the Oliver Institute, and First Nations dating from the 1920s.

University of Alberta
Urban transportation records
Series · 1958-1975

The series relates to agreements between the provincial government and municipalities regarding transportation. The records include correspondence of the Chief Planning Engineer, reports, studies, guidelines, projections, and agreements.

Alberta. Highways. Locations Branch
Vera Bracken fonds
PR2256 · Fonds · 1981-1996

The fonds consists of histories written by Vera Bracken in ca. 1996 including "The One-Room School", the "Rural School Teacher", and the "Schools of the Foothills". The fonds also includes reminiscences documenting her experience growing up on a homestead in Alberta written in 1981 entitled, "Real and Romantic Reminiscences of the Early Years of the Daughter of a Pioneer."

Bracken, Vera