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Sonia de Grandmaison fonds
PR3584 · Fondo · 1915-2000

The fonds consists of photographic images that depict de Grandmaison from the 1910s to the 1980s in several locations. There are also portraits of de Grandmaison with friends and family over a similar time span. The remainder of the photos depict de Grandmaison's sculptures and work studio, including some images of de Grandmaison at work.

The fonds also consists of textual material that includes a history of the Dournovo family from their time in Russia until their immigration to Canada, other genealogical information, programs from de Grandmaison's shows and unveiling ceremonies of her public works, correspondence (including with prominent figures such as Pierre Trudeau and Peter Lougheed), and legal documents such as de Grandmaison's Russian birth certificate, certificate of Canadian citizenship, and passport.

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Amelia E. McCrum fonds
PR1915 · Fondo · 1893-1943

The fonds consists of images of early Edmonton and includes photographs of Edmonton and Strathcona, Edmonton hospitals, schools, brewery, train stations, streets (including Whyte Avenue), houses, buildings, ferry, bridges, a train derailment, Heimthal church (east of Ellerslie), the Stettler creamery, the Innisfail Hotel, the dining room of Royal Hotel, children swimming, canoeing, shaving, and a bear, and postcards of the Royal Hotel, Diamond Hall (Ash Brothers (Bros.)), Edmonton bridges, an incline railway, buildings, views, streets, street cars, the Legislature, the University, views along the Athabasca River, hotels, buildings and banks in Wetaskiwin, Sylvan Lake, scouts, buffalo, bridge at Rocky Mountain House, First Nations peoples, North Battleford (Saskatchewan), buildings, trolleys, bridges, and rivers in Calgary, mountains, glaciers, near Banff and Jasper, buildings, bridges in Banff, branding, and harvesting.

The fonds also includes an Edmonton Orpheus Society banquet program, toast lists and menus for the Old Timers’ Association of Edmonton, a business card for the Royal Hotel, a Salvation Army Diamond Jubilee dinner ticket, a Christmas card, a Jasper House Christmas Day menu, Royal Hotel Christmas menus, and sheet music for song “The Emblem of Alberta” (words by Jeannette Forsyth and music by Gilbert Stirling).

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Rick McSparron fonds
PR1803 · Fondo · [194-?]-1989

The fonds consists of images of a funeral, family, children, houses, barns, farm animals, and grain elevators, as well as images taken by Rick McSparron of the construction and destruction of Edmonton buildings and other images showing the architectural changes in Edmonton. The fonds also includes images taken by McSparron of Banff, Waterton and Calgary and images of Gaby Haas and his Barndance Gang.

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Mary Beatrice Rundle fonds
PR2176 · Fondo · 1935

The fonds consists of a scrapbook compiled by Mary Rundle during her service as Private Secretary to Sir Anderson Montague-Barlow for the Royal Commission on the Coal Industry in Alberta dating from 1935.

The scrapbook contains diary entries, postcards, and photographs of Alberta including photographs of the Tofield Coal Mine, Rabbit Hill, MacDonald Hotel in Edmonton, Red Deer Ferry, Henderson’s Mine, Drumheller, Lethbridge, Blairmore, Crow’s Nest Mountain and Lake, Old Man River, Forest Reserve near Thunder Creek, Banff, Kicking Horse Pass, Mount Rundle and Vermilion Lake, Kicking Horse Canyon, Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, Caste Mountain (Saskatchewan), Luscar, Cadomin, Crazeau, Mountain Park, Leyard Junction, Luscar, Edson, Coalspar, the Alberta Legislature Building, Edmonton, as well as photographs of Sir Montague-Barlow, Lady Montague-Barlow, and coal miners in Alberta.

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Bert Silverman fonds
PR2189 · Fondo · 1919-[1939]

The fonds consists of 34 views of the Royal Visit of the Prince of Wales dating from 1919; 5 views of the Royal Visit of King George in 1939; 79 views of Edmonton dating from 1920 - [1923]; 9 views of Banff and Lake Louise dating from the 1920's; 31 views of Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and Mexico dating from the 1920's and 1930's; and 36 views of buildings, airplanes, and lumber camps from Alberta dating from the 1920's to the 1930's.

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Ron Daly fonds
PR2097 · Fondo · [1940- 1969]

The fonds consists of nine cine films of Jasper and Banff National Parks depicting wildlife and winter events dating from [1940 – 1969].

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Emil Skarin fonds
PR1071 · Fondo · 1908-1961

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Emil Skarin's employment with Crown Paving Company, and includes photograph albums and photographs depicting road surfacing and construction, mainly on Edmonton, Alberta streets and at the Edmonton airport, and includes images of work crews, paving equipment and machinery, houses, street views, automobiles, horses, airplanes, building interiors, and work camps. Fonds also includes photographs depicting road surfacing in British Columbia, Lethbridge, Ponoka, Banff, Blackfalds, and Calgary, Alberta, and paving company buildings and equipment in the United States. Included in this fonds are photographs depicting coal mining equipment, machinery, employees and buildings, a souvenir booklet of images from the Calgary Pageant in 1908, four mechanically produced reproductions of photographs that depict First Nations chiefs, and maps depicting northern and southern Alberta.

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Sears family fonds
PR1842 · Fondo · [1890]-1962

The fonds consists of records relating to the Sears family and includes a booklet entitled "My Price Ceiling Record" which was used as an address book and a diary likely by a member of the Sears family, images of a log barn on the Sears homestead, a farmer, a Bennett buggy, soldiers including Captain Bidwell of the 49th Battalion, possibly a colliery in the Rocky Mountain area, 1950s holiday shots from a trip to the Rocky Mountains including the Banff and Jasper administration buildings, Banff's Cave and Basin, automobiles, and a Brewster's bus, and a tintype of a baby.

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Max E. Runions fonds
PR1118 · Fondo · Copied 1975

Fonds consists of copied photographs dating 1906 to circa (ca.) 1915 which depict a number of images at Banff and Calgary, Alberta including students of Calgary Public School, the Central Methodist Church interior and exterior, an automobile, boats, canoes, a Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) camp at Banff, horse and carriages, a Dominion Exhibition parade, First Nations men, women and children, a dirigible balloon, tennis and other sport players, and the interior of E. Runions Brokerage Office.

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Godby family fonds
PR3251 · Fondo · 1911-1950

The fonds consists of photographs and negatives taken in or near Coal Branch, Jasper, Banff, Luscar, Mountain Park, Lovett, and Yellowhead County with some photos taken in Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, and British Columbia.

The photos have a wide breadth of subject material including mining (including mine fires, rescue horses, miners, specific mines, equipment, and infrastructure), sports (including baseball, curling, tennis, soccer, and track), leisure activities (including music, parties, and performances), women, outdoor activities (including picnics, hunting, camping, ice skating, horseback riding, and snow-shoeing), landscapes, and people in a wide age range.

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M.E. Foster fonds
PR1703 · Fondo · Copied 1987

The fonds consists of images, originally taken in 1916, from the Castle Mountain internment camp near Banff, Alberta and includes images of soldiers, mountains, tents, trains, and internees.

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Leslie Sheraton fonds
PR3360 · Fondo · 1929-1975

The fonds consists of photographs, negatives, and slides depicting sites throughout Alberta, including the Provincial Legislature, Elk Island National Park, Banff, Edmonton, and Calgary. Prints of Sheraton's art photography are also included, as are images of drag racing in the 1960s and 1970s.

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Anne Wight fonds
PR2885 · Fondo · 1913

The fonds consists of an album of photographs taken by Anne Wight in 1913 during a vacation through the Rocky Mountains from July 19 to September 17. The album features the scenery of Banff, Alberta, and Glacier, BC. H.S. Foster, a Lawrence, Kansas, railway clerk developed the prints.

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Arthur Morris collection
PR3934 · Colección · [ca. 1900]

The collection consists of photographs of Edmonton and Banff, ca. 1900. Images include a flood at Walter's Mill in Edmonton and the Banff Hot Springs.

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John W. Morris fonds
PR3943 · Fondo · 1899-1900

The fonds consists of photographs of Banff, Edmonton, St. Albert, and Mrs. John W. Morris.

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Beverly Alcock collection
PR3923 · Colección · [194-]

The collection consists of photographs of Banff National Park, Royal Canadian Air Force #2 Wireless School, and Royal Canadian Air Force Service Flying Training School #3 in Calgary.

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Montana Historical Society collection
PR3910 · Colección · [19--]

The collection consists of 12 prints of paintings by Charles Russell and 121 postcards of sites around Alberta with a focus on the Banff area.

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PR4032 · Fondo · 1979-2009

The fonds consists of records from festival events from the very first festival up to the 2009 edition. Records include programs, handbooks, pamphlets, delegate directories, newsletters, press books, photographs of events, and audiovisual recordings of events such as master classes and awards presentations. Included in the video and audio coverage are the awards ceremonies, conference sessions, interviews, classes, workshops, social events, and promotional material.

The textual records are arranged into financial, event, general, transportation, technical, correspondence, media, registration, conference, and programs series.

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Charity Hide fonds
PR1738 · Fondo · [ca. 1905]-1954

The fonds consists of a booklet of images of Banff and Lake Louise, and postcards of black bears, the Alberta-British Columbia border, Chateau Lake Louise and First Presbyterian Church in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Constance Pearson fonds
PR1972 · Fondo · Copied 1979

The fonds consists of selected images copied from three photographs albums, one album titled "Holiday Pictures," the other two untitled, and includes images, originally dating from about 1908 to 1912, of the Hudson's Bay Store at Athabasca Landing, a land sale a Athabasca Landing, Robert Baden-Powell and boy scouts, women on horseback, Fort Chipewyan, people in the hot springs at Banff, automobiles, the Duke of Connaught with Gilbert E. Sanders, and people skating.

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Robert F. Legget fonds
PR1954 · Fondo · 1940

The fonds consists of images taken by Robert F. Legget during his travels in Western Canada in 1940, likely while researching the Mackenzie River System, and includes images along the Athabasca and Slave Rivers, images in and around Waterways as well as Fort Smith, images of rivers, bridges, barges, boats, the Northland Echo, freight, Hudson’s Bay Company stores and images from Banff including buildings, the hot springs, and train tracks.

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Glad Bury fonds
PR0485 · Fondo · 1927

The fonds consists of photographs from November 17, 1927 of mountains and the Lake Louise and Banff train stations.

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G. N. Finn fonds
PR1539 · Fondo · 1909-1916

The fonds consists of photographs and photographic and mechanically produced postcards which depict various people and views in Banff, Hardisty, Bow River, Edmonton, and Sylvan Lake, Alberta including rivers, a locomotive, buffalo, agricultural machinery, a First Nations chief, a church and church booth, log cabins, floods, bridges, street views, carriages, and hotels. Fonds also includes an image of Emmanuel College in Saskatchewan, and the R.M. Empress of Ireland.

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Richard Harrington fonds
PR1319 · Fondo · 1949-1969

The fonds consists of images, dating 1949 to 1962, featuring various locations in Alberta including Banff, Beaver Lodge, Brazeau, Calgary, Caroline, Champion, Crowsnest Pass, Cypress Hills, Dorothy, Drumheller, Duvernay, East Coulee, Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, Frank, Frog Lake, Grisham, High Prairie, High River, Kananaskis, Lethbridge, Lloydminster, Longiven, Manning, Manville, Manyberries, Medicine Hat, Midland, Nordegg, Orion, the Red Deer River, Ricinus, Rocky Mountain House, Rosebud, Rosedale, Sundre, Vulcan, Wabamun, Whiskey Gap, and the Yellowhead Pass. The photographs include street scenes, schools, fire halls, churches and mosques, stores, restaurants, diners and bakeries, beer parlours, post offices, greenhouses, telephone lines, workers and operators, grain elevators, ferries, swimming pools, airports, Jaycopters, airplanes and cargo, mills and mines (flour, steel, coal, nickel), plants, camps, pipeline construction, saddleries, apiaries, bridges, dams, roads, signs, hoodoos, mountains, ice fields, cattle, horses and sheep, stampedes and parades, cattle branding and dehorning, lariat making, artists and sculptors, and laundry and ironing.

The fonds also includes images of rancher and juniper root carver Wilf Hodgson (Wilfred Garstang-Hodgson), of Dorothy, Alberta.

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Thomas Albert Donnelly fonds
PR3650 · Fondo · 1974-1978

The fonds consists of slides that were taken during the course of Thomas Donnelly’s weather station inspections around Banff, Fort MacKay, and Fort McMurray. The images depict rural weather installations, work being undertaken on the installations, oil refineries, the Fort McMurray oil sands, sites around the town of Fort McMurray, aerial shots taken from a helicopter of Banff and oil infrastructure, and the helicopter used by Donnelly and his co-workers.

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Mike Eagle Bear fonds
PR2557 · Fondo · 1895 - 1927

The fonds consists of photographs taken in Banff at the Highland Games in 1927 including images featuring Bison, Kainai [Kainai First Nation] dwellings, Kainai drummers, a ring and arrow game behind the Banff Springs Hotel, a parade of Kainai warriors, and a hand guessing game. The fonds also includes a photograph of Mr. R.N. Wilson, an Indian agent in the early part of the 20th century in Alberta, and a photograph of Mrs. R.N. Wilson.

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PR0866 · Colección · 1907-1928

The collection is made up of items donated to the Provincial Archives of Alberta from the Society’s holdings. The collection is made up of postcards and postcard-format photographs depicting places in Alberta, including views of Banff, Mount Stephen and Cathedral Peak, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Lacombe, a train on the Lacombe Branch of the C.P.R., Lacombe High School, an early view of Calgary, and the Lacombe hockey team, winners of the Alberta Amateur Hockey Association championship. Addressees of the postcards are: Miss Ruth McKenzie (Ft. Pierre, SD), Mr. L.M. Fortune (Andover, SD), Miss Sarah Summerside (Pierre, SD), Mrs. Emma Fortune (Coude, SD), Mrs. T. Jones (Andover, SD), Mr. And Mrs. R.W. Fortune (Coude, SD), and H.D. Parhauw (Woonsocket, SD).

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PR2936 · Colección · 1967

The collection consists of conference materials for the History of the Canadian West Centennial Conference held in Banff, 1967. The materials include pamphlets, publications related to the history of the west, correspondence regarding the conference, lists of activities and excursions, programs, and brochures.

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Banff photograph collection
PR2370 · Colección · [1918]

The collection consists of 15 photographs of the Banff area including views of "Beehive Mountain", a waterfall at "Johnson's Creek", a canoe, and the Banff Springs Hotel; a photograph of Vancouver; a photograph of Santa Monica featuring electric street lights; a photograph of New York Woolworth Building; two photographs of unidentified women; and two photographs of an unidentified harbor. The photographs date from ca. 1918 and were taken by an unknown photographer.

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Ruth Corlett fonds
PR0862 · Fondo · 1946 - 1990

The fonds is made up of copies of photographs depicting activities of the Millet Branch of the Alberta Women's Institute in the 1910's, activities of the Edmonton Branch of the Alberta Women's Institute in 1957-58, twelve views of Coalspur, and one view of Banff. The Banff and Coalspur photographs are originals donated to the Provincial Archives of Alberta by Mrs. Corlett.

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Wendy Davey fonds
PR0892 · Fondo · [1904 -1911]

The fonds consists of 17 mechanically reproduced souvenir postcards of views of the Canadian Rockies, Banff, Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge and Buffalo Park (Wainwright), Alberta.

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Roy Hoster fonds
PR1269 · Fondo · Copied 1975

Fonds consists of copied photographs dating in the 1900s that depict views of Stettler and Banff, Alberta and include grain elevators, houses, railroad cars, and a view of Stettler taken from the school.

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PR2883 · Fondo · [between 1920 and 1929]

The fonds consists of photographs of Alberta including the sites of Edmonton, Gull Lake, Lake Louise, and Banff taken by Agnes Mary Whitney and Helen Gertrude Whitney in the 1920s. The fonds also contains some photographs of family members taken by Agnes Mary Whitney and Helen Gertrude Whitney in the 1920s.

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PR3286 · Fondo · 1893-1960

The fonds consists of records created by the Engineering and Construction Service Section, National Parks Branch, for its work in national parks located in the Rocky Mountains, including those in Alberta and British Columbia. The records include photographs and negatives that depict section projects such as bridges and roads as well as specifications, drawings, and inspectors' reports.

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Corrine Hulburd fonds
PR1068 · Fondo · 1905-1955

Fonds consists of scrapbooks containing poems, newspaper clippings and magazine articles by and about various celebrities, musicians, and political figures. Fonds also includes photograph albums containing black and white and coloured photographs of Seattle, United States of America, Waterloo, Quebec and Mexico, as well as to Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia and various places in Alberta including Peace River, Athabasca, South Cooking Lake and Edmonton. A large portion of the photographs depicts houses, streets and building interiors in Edmonton, Alberta, but there are also photographs which depict log cabins, ships and boats, women, children, beaches, picnics and other recreational activities, gardens and flowers, bridges, churches, airplanes and float planes, automobiles, hospital, university and civic buildings, street views, parades, members of the North West Mounted Police (NWMP), a golf course, schools, sawmills, railroads, hotels, and members of the Royal family. Fonds also includes pictorial souvenir booklets of Banff and Calgary, Alberta, and photographic and mechanically produced postcards.

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Claire Somers fonds
PR1767 · Fondo · [ca. 1939]

The fonds consists of images taken on a trip the Somers took to Alberta to visit a Calgary woman whom Claire had met through her work as “conductorette;” images include Claire, Everett and their traveling companions, the Banff Springs Hotel, the Chateau Lake Louise, cabins, mountains, glaciers, lakes, roads, bears and deer.

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F. Morris Flewwelling fonds
PR1008 · Fondo · 1917-1972, predominant 1960-1972

Fonds consists of the personal records of F. Morris Flewwelling and includes programmes from various orchestral and theatrical productions performed in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, and includes the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra's newsletter, Encore, and the Calgary Philharmonic Society's newsletter, Bravura. Fonds also includes souvenir pamphlets from Alix and Banff, Alberta, a copied newspaper clipping about singer Elena Nikolaidi, various Alberta Department of Education departmental examinations, Province of Alberta Centennial Bulletins, negatives depicting an orchestra, children, musicians and musical instruments, and copied photographs dating 1916 that depict the Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Alberta, including a parade, various events, and First Nations people, including Blackfoot Chief Yellow Horse.

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Philip Hamilton fonds
PR0923 · Fondo · [189-?]-[191-?]

Fonds consists of photographs depicting various buildings and views in the Banff, Alberta area including a sanitarium, a Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) Hotel, a view of the town of Banff, and a bridge over Devil's Canyon in Banff National Park, souvenir postcards of Edmonton depicting the Court House, the Hudson's Bay Company Post, a high school, the General Hospital, the Legislature Buildings, the Strathcona Bridge, Jasper Avenue, a dog team and Lake Wabamum. The fonds also includes two mechanically reproduced photographic reproductions of train track in the mountains.

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Gerald Bressmer fonds
PR2079 · Fondo · 1913-1914

The fonds consists of one photo album including views of Grouard, Banff, and Edmonton dating from 1913-1914 taken by an unknown photographer.

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Esther N. Kelly fonds
PR1518 · Fondo · 1931-1941

The fonds consists of photographs of views of Edmonton and Calgary, predominantly of buildings including university buildings, schools, churches, hotels, hospitals, libraries, court houses, grain elevators, train stations, city halls, armouries as well as bridges, monuments, rivers and parks; views of the Rocky Mountains, especially around Kootenay Park and Radium, British Columbia, including mountains, hot springs, canyons, rivers, trees, and highways; various views of Stanley Park and Capilano Canyon and River in Vancouver, British Columbia; postcards of the Alberta-British Columbia border, Bow Lake, Banff Springs Hotel, Chateau Lake Louise, Sicamous Hotel, Central School (Calgary), views of Banff buildings, water falls and mountains; and a booklet of scenes along the Canadian Pacific Railway.

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G.J. McKenzie collection
PR0537 · Colección · 1913-1930

Collection includes a cheque, an account book of the Drumheller Women’s Club, drivers’ and vehicle licenses for Drumheller, Alberta, an Alberta Citizens’ Registration Covenant, and various photographs of railroads in the Drumheller and Banff, Alberta regions.

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Sisters of St. Martha fonds
PR4154 · Fondo · 1929-1991

The fonds consists of two booklets, "Sisters of St. Martha Golden Anniversary: 50 Years of Service 1929-1979", and "The Mineral Springs Hospital and the Sisters of St. Martha: Fifty Years of Service, 1930-1980", (text by Jon Whyte, assisted by Sister Mary Alberta and Sister Lilian Mandryk of the Hospital's administration); two short articles on the Mineral Springs Hospital; and the program for the 20th Anniversary Homecoming of the Lethbridge Community College School of Nursing (1991). The booklets trace the Order's history and association with St. Michael's Hospital School of Nursing, the Lethbridge Community College School of Nursing, and the Mineral Springs Hospital in Banff.

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Mary Briggs fonds
PR0815 · Fondo · [ca. 1915]-1979

This fonds consists of two commercially-produced photogravure albums of the Rocky Mountains. The first album consists of a series of 24 hand-coloured photogravures of the Rocky Mountains published by Byron Harmon. The second album consists a selection of 24 artistic views of the Rocky Mountains, originally photographed by Byron Harmon, copyrighted 1915. The photogravures are primarily scenic views of various mountains, lakes, falls, canyons and valleys in the Rocky Mountains, as well as views of Canadian Pacific Railway hotels, and the Banff townsite.

The fonds also includes images of the University of Alberta experimental farm and its students, a series of images of the haying process near Looma, Alberta from 1925, and an image of an unidentified woman with a Memorial fountain at 104th Street and 81st Avenue in Edmonton.

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Viki van Hogezand fonds
PR1671 · Fondo · Copied 1986

The fonds consists of images, originally dating 1920 to circa (ca.) 1955, of the Banff Springs Hotel and the Banff townsite and buildings, Angel Glacier near Jasper, Chateau Lake Louise, Central Park, the library, Burns’ house in Calgary, views of the University of Alberta and the river valley in Edmonton, the interior of different homes in Edmonton including kitchens and living room with fireplaces and radios, and the interior of a cabin and St. Mark’s Church, both at South Cooking Lake.

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Paul Coze fonds
PR1905 · Fondo · 1928-1931

The fonds consists of fifty black and white nitrate negatives taken by Paul Coze during his visits to Western Canada during 1928, 1930 and 1931. The photographs were a part of his ethnographic interests as an artist and document Métis, Cree and Nakoda Nations in Alberta and Saskatchewan. About a quarter of the negatives document Alberta, while the majority was taken in Saskatchewan.

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Lee Leavitt fonds
PR0528 · Fondo · 1964-1970

Fonds consists of various speeches made by Lee Leavitt as an MLA in the Alberta Legislature.

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PR2975 · Colección · 1958 - 1959

The collection consists of material related to youth recreation and activities in Alberta including a post-summer evaluation of Edmonton's playground and parks program dating from 1958, a report on the proceedings of Western Recreation Conference held in the Banff School of Fine Arts in Banff, Alberta, dating from 1958, a report on a playground teacher's training course for Edmonton Recreation Department dating from 1959, and the minutes of a meeting of the Edmonton Council of Community Services, Youth Service Division, Executive Workshop dating from 1959.

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PR0496 · Colección · [ca. 1881]-1956

The collection consists of records that did not fit the mandate of the Greater Vernon Museum and Archives and includes photographs of the Lieutenant Governor of the North-West Territories, Edgar Dewdney, homesteads and farmhouses, aboriginal families and women trainees at the Air Observer School; a Drumheller District Tourist Guide; an issue of “The Roteller,” the official bulletin of the Drumheller Rotary Club and mechanically produced photographic reproductions of various mountain scenes including Banff Springs Hotel.

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William Hastings McMahon fonds
PR0558 · Fondo · 1888-1912

Fonds consists of photographs depicting William Hastings McMahon and images of some of his cartoons. Fonds also includes a copy of the Edmonton Plaindealer newspaper.

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Rick Schott fonds
PR1023 · Fondo · [1900] - 1920

Fonds consists of photographs and photographic postcards depicting various people, buildings, bridges and views in Alberta and British Columbia, including many scenes along the Canadian Pacific Railway line, and includes Columbia River and highway, Tooth Rock, Connaught Tunnel, Yoho Valley, Kicking Horse Canyon, Morraine Lake, Lake Louise, Cascade Mountain, Castle Mountain, Mount (Mt.) Rundle, Mt. Temple, Bow Valley, and Douglas Street in Victoria, British Columbia, and Banff Hot Springs Hotel. Fonds also includes images of canoes, automobiles, buffalo, mountain goats, log cabins, trains, and William S. Gavitt with a moose.

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George T. Elliott fonds
PR1032 · Fondo · 1925-1930

Fonds consists of records relating the George T. Elliott's career as a pilot in the RCAF and includes four annotated photograph albums containing approximately 550 photographs which depict RCAF camps, including Camp Borden, Ontario and Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba, pilots and other RCAF employees, planes, cockpits, machinery shops, hangars, parachuters, cars, buildings, a winter ambulance, pontoon planes and various plane crashes. Fonds also contains some farming scenes and aerial photographs of various places across Canada, including Banff and Lake Louise, Alberta, the Rocky Mountains, Ottawa, Niagra Falls, Toronto and Barrie, Ontario, and British Columbia, as well as aerial views of forest fires.

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H.R. MacLean fonds
PR3398 · Fondo · 1932-1968

The fonds consists of films from the 1930s and 1940s of H.R. MacLean's trips to the Rocky Mountains including footage of Tonquin, Sunshine Lodge, Mount Athabasca, the Columbia Icefields, Mount Fitzwilliam, Little Yoho, Banff and Lake O'Hara. The fonds also includes maps of Jasper Park, Banff Park, Waterton Lakes Park, North West Alberta, northern and southern Alberta and the County of Strathcona.

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John G. Lewis fonds
PR3885 · Fondo · 1910 - 1963

The fonds consists of photographs of the Lewis family and sites around Claresholm, Calgary, Banff, and other sites in Alberta. There are also photographs of student events and accommodations at the University of Alberta.

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Max Cantor fonds
PR2035 · Fondo · [197-]

The fonds consists of copied images, originally dating from the 1890s to the1950s, of hospital buildings throughout Alberta including those in Lethbridge, Daysland, Medicine Hat, Mannville, Ponoka, nurses, and one image of Dr. Max Cantor with colleagues outside the Banff School of Fine Arts.

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Katherine Baier fonds
PR2249 · Fondo · [1949 - 1960]

The fonds consists of five reels of 16mm colour silent film shot by Katherine Baier featuring scenes of cars, weddings horseback riding, Chateau Lake Louise, Bonnyville School dating from 1954; scenes of the Columbia Ice Fields, Banff, Frank Slide, and Turtle Mountain dating from ca. 1957; equestrian scenes in Bawlf, Alberta dating from ca. 1955; scenes of Radium, BC, the Banff town site, a restored Model-T Ford dating from ca. 1959; scenes of harvesting, the Banff Highway, waterfalls, the Banff town site, animals, campsite, cars, St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, and a Viking Parade dating from ca. 1949 to 1953.

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William Copeland McCalla family fonds
PR1326 · Fondo · 1904-1940

The fonds consists of hand-coloured lantern slides of flowers, the movement of floral parts, fertilization and seed production, fruits, flower gardening, ornamental planting, vegetable gardening, farm scenes, potatoes, the microscopic structure of plants, landscapes (Pacific Coast, mountains, park country, plains), farms, mammals, birds, the erosion of rocks, sunsets and clouds, clouds, deposits of sand and gravel, stratification of rocks and soil, plants as soil makers, erosion of rocks, logging and lumber, and trees; glass plate negatives of the Banff area including hotels, golf courses, mountains; farm machinery; negatives of the family's farm, family members, farming, harvesting, picnics, the Drumheller area including hoodoos; and a photograph of William Copeland McCalla.

Fonds also includes three ledgers of farm notes, seed records, accounts of receipts and expenditures, manure records, etc. for William Copeland McCalla and Margaret McCalla's farms at St. Catherines, Ontario and Bremner, Alberta. Part of the third ledger is farm notes, accounts of receipts and expenditures, etc. for Frederick and Gladys McCalla, who took over the Bremner farm from parents William and Margaret. Includes some loose notes, correspondence, receipts, Alberta Wheat Pool grading slips, etc.

Fonds also includes a CD made in 2008 by Alex McCalla that contains scans of all the pages in the ledgers.

Fonds also includes McCalla's lantern slide projector and a wooden lantern slide case in a canvas carrying bag.

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