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Daniel Rosenberg fonds
PR2766 · Fondo · 1992

The fonds consists of a photograph taken by Daniel Rosenberg in 1992 featuring three Alberta judges: Samuel S. Lieberman, Ronald L. Berger, and Tevie H. Miller.

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Glenn Roth fonds
PR2768 · Fondo · 1919 - 1939

The fonds consists of three scrapbooks documenting the activities of the British Royal Family created with published materials such as newspaper and magazine clippings by Glenn Roth's mother, dating from 1919 to 1939.

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Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited fonds
PR2437 · Fondo · 1940-1992

The fonds consists of records maintained, collected, and created by the Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited Club, including by-laws, minutes, financial records, reports, correspondence, membership lists, and a scrapbook.

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Mike Rudakewich fonds
PR2773 · Fondo · 1958 - 1967

The fonds consists of two Edmonton and District Telephone Directories dating from 1958 and 1959, and a centennial addition of the newsletter of the Peace River Country, The Explorer, dating from 1967.

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Francis Runnalls fonds
PR2774 · Fondo · 1915

The fonds consists of a photographic souvenir book created by Francis Runnalls while he attended school at the Berry Creek Mission Field in 1915 featuring images of Berry Creek and the surrounding area including Stevesville, Flowerdale, Winnington, and Stewartsville School District.

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Sadie Samis fonds
PR2776 · Fondo · Copied 1968

The fonds consists of copies of photographic postcards featuring Alberta scenes circa 1910 - 1911 taken by J.R.F. McKitric. The postcards feature the Catholic Separate School in Edmonton, a River steamer on the North Saskatchewan River, Lacombe, the Low Level Bridge, line ups during the Lethbridge land rush, the Incline Railway in Edmonton, and boatman on the Athabasca River.

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Gordon Sanders fonds
PR2777 · Fondo · 1915-1992

The fonds consists of material used, maintained, and created by Gordon Sanders related to his professional career as an educator in Alberta. The fonds dates from 1915 - 1992.

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E. Anne Schmitt fonds
PR2785 · Fondo · [ca. 1903]

The fonds consists of a photograph capturing a celebration at Bellevue Alberta, two photographs featuring a woman at the Frank Slide, and a postcard featuring the Rocky Mountain Sanatorium. The photographs date from circa 1903.

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Richard Secord fonds
PR2787 · Fondo · [ca. 1912]

The fonds consists of 1 portrait photograph of Richard Secord cica 1912.

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H.M. Seller fonds
PR2788 · Fondo · 1908

The fonds consists of 4 picture postcards featuring Edmonton scenes addressed to H.M. Seller and dating from 1908.

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Smoky Lake County fonds
PR2799 · Fondo · 1911 - 1995

The fonds consists of assessment rolls and registers, assessment and tax rolls, cash books, minutes, legers, expenditures, receipts, by-laws, labor pay sheets, farm and land assessment forms, the following local authorities:

  • Local Improvement District 30-N-4
  • Local Improvement No. 576
  • Local Improvement District No. 577
  • Municipal District of Ashmont No. 605
  • Municipal District of Municipal District No. 576
  • Municipal District of Unity No. 577
  • Municipal District of Vilna No. 575
  • Village of Bellis, and
  • Smoky Lake County.

In addition, the fonds contains 2 maps illustrating land boundaries of Smoky Lake County.

The fonds also includes tax assessments, minutes, disbursement, and cashbooks of the following school districts:

  • Bavilla #1477: 2-58-15-W4, 1906 - 1952
  • Bear Lake #2898: NE 10-60-16-W4, 1913- 1956
  • Bellis #3185 (North Bellis): 9-60-15-W4, 1914 - ?
  • Brighton #3245: NE 36-59-19-W4, 1915 - 1951
  • Cache Lake #3285: SW 22-59-12-W4, 1915 - 1951
  • Clodford #2678: SW 29-59-19-W4, 1912 - 1953
  • Cossack #4468: SW 6-61-16-W4, 1930 - 1952
  • Dickiebush #3984: NW 23-58-15-W4, 1920 - 1952
  • Edwand #1632: 36-59-16-W4, 1907 - 1958
  • Errol #2073: SW 25-59-13-W4, 1909 - 1957
  • Gold Creek #3681: NE 28-57-16-W4, 1918 - 1950
  • Green Lake #3908: NW 19-57-13-W4, 1920 - ?
  • Irondale #2532: SW 7-59-14-W4, 1911 - 1950
  • Kildonan #4644: NW 11-60-14-W4, 1934 - 1957
  • Kotzman #2325: NE 30-59-16-W4, 1910 - 1955
  • Lilyfield #3316: NW 28-58-14-W4, 1915 - 1954
  • Lopstick #1433: SW 27-58-18-W4, 1905 - 1952
  • Low Level #4024: SE 18-59-15-W4, 1921 - 1950
  • Mission Hill #4585: NE 35-60-17-W4, 1932 - 1952
  • North Bellis #3185: SE 9-60-15-W4, 1914 - 1953
  • North Kotzman #3881: SW 18-60-16-W4, 1919 - 1955
  • Northern Moose #3581: NE 21-60-18-W4, 1917 - 1953
  • Pakan #3530: 12-58-17-W4, 1917 - 1950
  • Pine Knoll #3133: SW 26-59-14-W4, 1914 - 1954
  • Prosvischina #1476: NW 33-59-15-W4, 1906 - 1946
  • Quiet Nook #2500: SE 6-58-13-W4, 1911 - 1957
  • Riverland #1942: NW 6-59-19-W4, 1909 - 1950
  • Ruthenia #2408: 11-58-16-W4, 1911 - ?
  • Sidehill #3985: NW 11-58-13-W4, 1920 - 1956
  • Smoky Lake #13: ?
  • Smoky Lake #3880: ?
  • Sokal Lake #3886 (Veillette): NE 8-60-12-W4, 1919 - ?
  • South Kotzman #2325: ?
  • Spedden #4320: SW 34-59-12-W4, 1927 - 1984
  • Sprucefield #2766: NW -8-60-19-W4, 1912 - 1953
  • Stry #2508: SW 26-58-13-W4, 1911 - 1954
  • Sunny Knoll #3914: SE 6-59-13-W4, 1920 - 1954
  • Thorhild # 3632: SE 6-60-21-W4, 1918 - ?
  • Toporoutz #1935: 18-59-17-W4, 1909 - ?
  • Two Lakes #4571: NW 36-60-12-W4, 1931- 1953
  • Victoria #75: NW 21-58-17-W4, 1886 - ?
  • Vilna #75: NW 20-59-13-W4, 1920 - ?
  • Volunteer #3933: NW 11-59-16-W4, 1920 - 1950
  • Warspite #3241: NW 10-59-18-W4, 1915 - ?
  • Waskatenau #2419 (Waskatenow): 16-59-19-W4, 1911 - ?
  • Wayetenau # 4656: NE 28-61-13-W4, 1934 - 1955
  • White Deer #3650: ?
  • White Earth #3582: SE 16-60-17-W4, 1917 - 1952?
  • White Mud Creek #2407: 12-60-18-W4, 1911 - 1952
  • Wineston #4888: ?, and
  • Yuma #3384 (Bellis): SE 34- 59-15-W4, 1916 - 1957.

The fonds also includes County files related to the appointment and hiring of teachers, health services, hospitals, municipal districts, town schools, village districts, workman's compensation board, and teacher salaries. The fonds also includes records used, maintained, and created by the County of Smoky Lake District Library Board including administrative correspondence, minutes, newspaper clippings dating from 1984 - 1995.

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Strathcona Plaindealer fonds
PR2403 · Fondo · 1907

The fonds consists of handwritten and typed notes and articles written by reporters for the Strathcona Plaindealer.

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Red Deer River Naturalists fonds
PR2750 · Fondo · 1967

The fonds consists of a history of the Red Deer River Naturalist Society from 1906 to 1967, a list of the members of the Society, a list of presidents of the society, a recollection of a field day to Captain and Mrs. Heast's home in 1912, an article by Kerry E.A. Wood, and a copy of an article regarding Kerry E.A. Wood's land conservation work published in a local Red Deer paper. All of the materials were typed from originals circa 1967 by an unidentified typist.

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Reed Medical Library fonds
PR2751 · Fondo · 1981 - 1982

The fonds consists of 331 one inch master video tapes containing 330 hours of unedited camera footage, 5 hours of edited programs on VHS, and planning records on topics such as financial/budget, research, lenders, participants, and information on Reed Communications.

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Stu and Mabel Robblee fonds
PR2759 · Fondo · 1881 - [ca. 1912]

The fonds consists of the November 12, 1881 edition of The Edmonton Bulletin. The fonds also contains four photographs featuring downtown Edmonton, Alberta including images of the Legislature Building, and the Cecil Hotel circa 1912.

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Ken Poyser fonds
PR2737 · Fondo · 1965 - 1989

The fonds reflects Ken Poyser's career as an accountant, and consists of published copies of The Canadian Chartered Accountant dating from 1965 to 1989.

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Albert Loblick fonds
PR2733 · Fondo · June, 1926

The fonds includes three photographs. The photographs depict different views of activities occurring at Benesch's sawmill, located at Lobstick Jct [Junction], including: - a shot of men posing around a saw, logs and cut planks; - lumber piles and a horse and cart carrying lumber; - and a view of log piles taken from Auto road.

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Alexandre Michelet fonds
PR2666 · Fondo · Copied in [198-]. Original photographs: 1912-[1918]

The fonds consists of the transcript of the unpublished novel "La grande épinettière. Récit du Nord-Ouest canadien", by Alex Michelet, and four b&w photographs taken on the trail to La Calmette and at the family farm in Alberta. The novel depicts the life of a young teacher who establishes herself in a small community at Grande Coulée (today, Big Coulee) at the beginning of the Twentieth century and the life of French homesteaders in Alberta.

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Hillgardner family fonds
PR3323 · Fondo · 1941-2005

The fonds consists of one handwritten cookbook compiled by Lena Hilgardner and other members of the Hilgardner family (1970); A Golden Jubilee Senior Citizens award given to Lena Hillgardner (1955) one funeral photo of Benjamin Hillgardner (1941); a copy of the eulogy given for Lena Hillgardner (1976); programs from the funerals of Lena and Clayton Hillgardner (1976, 1990); and a copy of Relatively Speaking: the Quarterly Journal of the Alberta Genealogical Society featuring an article written about Lena by Audrey Bell-Hiller in 2005.

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PR2985 · Fondo · 1933 - 1956

The fonds consists of a scrapbook and operational records, including by-laws, minutes, correspondence, membership lists, programs of activities, of the Twentieth Century Women's Liberal Club of Edmonton.

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Jules Bidault fonds
PR1912 · Fondo · 1906-1925

The fonds consist of postcards from family and friends in France, received or collected by Jules Bidault.

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Robert McKay Brebner fonds
PR3369 · Fondo · [ca. 1890] - 1909

The fonds consists of photographic negatives depicting a wide variety of activities related to farming and labour, and family and daily life and leisure in the early homesteading period of Albertan history. Images include family portraits, the Spruce Grove homestead, farm work and equipment, horse-drawn carriages and carts, First Nations, and locations in Scotland.

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Sonia de Grandmaison fonds
PR3584 · Fondo · 1915-2000

The fonds consists of photographic images that depict de Grandmaison from the 1910s to the 1980s in several locations. There are also portraits of de Grandmaison with friends and family over a similar time span. The remainder of the photos depict de Grandmaison's sculptures and work studio, including some images of de Grandmaison at work.

The fonds also consists of textual material that includes a history of the Dournovo family from their time in Russia until their immigration to Canada, other genealogical information, programs from de Grandmaison's shows and unveiling ceremonies of her public works, correspondence (including with prominent figures such as Pierre Trudeau and Peter Lougheed), and legal documents such as de Grandmaison's Russian birth certificate, certificate of Canadian citizenship, and passport.

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Grace Methodist Church (Lacombe) fonds
PR3589 · Fondo · 1902-1924

The fonds consists of Quarterly Official Board Minutes (1905-1922); Quadrennial report on Church Property (1922); register of baptisms (1902-1922), marriages (1902-1922), and burials (1903-1922); Cash book (1914-1922); Church mortgage (1917); Insurance documents (1921-1922); Ladies Aid cash books (1897-1924); Sunday school board minutes (1919-1922); and the Young Men's Club guest book (1907-1908).

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PR3593 · Fondo · 1894-1998

The fonds consists of Presbyterian/United Session minutes (1894-1933); Presbyterian and United Church Register of Baptisms (1918-1959), Marriages (1918-1944), and Deaths (1921-1959), with gaps; Blackfalds Presbyterian Church and St. Andrew’s United Register of Baptisms (1920), Marriages (Blackfalds 1919-1920, Lacombe 1950-1958), and Burials (1919); Pre United Church Register of Baptisms (1923-1953), Marriages (1924-1925, 1944-1950) and Deaths (1924-1927); Presbyterian/United Congregational Meeting minutes (1919-1937); Annual Reports (1953-1998); Quarterly Board minutes (1933-1969); Board of Stewards minutes (1955-1970); Session minutes (1934-1970); Congregational Meetings minutes (1922-1990); Registers of baptisms (1959-1987), marriages (1959-1987), and burials (1959-1987); Communion Roll and Register (1957-1967); Financial Records (1952-1954); Ladies’ Aid/Women’s Association minutes (1940-1948, includes membership list); Women’s Association minutes (1948-1962); Women’s Missionary Society minutes (1917-1961, includes membership rolls and records from St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church); United Church Women minutes (1962-1971); Orders of Service (1954-1995); Papers written for the 40th Anniversary (1932); Newspaper article for 50th Anniversary (1942); Newspaper articles (1969, 1984); Church History (1986); and one Township plan (n.d.).

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PR3594 · Fondo · 1893-1924

The fonds consists of Congregational Meeting minutes (1893-1922); Communion Roll (1893-1921); Membership Certificates (1919-1921); and Ladies' Aid minutes (includes constitution and bylaws and list of members) (1893-1908, 1920-1922).

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Reverend Dr. Stephen Wilk fonds
PR3599 · Fondo · 1990-2004

The fonds consists of the personal registers of Rev. Dr. Stephen Wilk recording marriages, baptisms, and burials Wilk performed between 1990-2004 in Calgary and the surrounding area, as well as a copy of 100 Years of Nose Creek History.

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PR3606 · Fondo · [1900]-1925

The fonds consists of Board of Managers minutes (1902-1920); Financial records ([1900]-[1922]); Sunday School Registers (1919-1925); and 5 photographs.

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PR3607 · Fondo · [1900s]-[1981]

The fonds consists of Correspondence [1900s-1930s]; Board of Managers minutes (1927-1928); Presbyterian/United Congregational meeting minutes (1898-1932); Epworth League Presbyterian /United minutes (1898-1928, with gaps); Presbyterian/United Ladies' Aid minutes (1903, 1919-1928, includes membership roll); Presbyterian/United Session minutes (1903, 1914-1930); Financial records (1927-1929); Historical data (1907, 1960, [1981]); and a letter from the Presbyterian Church Archives (1974).

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Rev. James Shortt fonds
PR3609 · Fondo · 1998

The fonds consists of the family history "Stories of the Past: A Brief History of the Shortt and Magowen Families by James Shortt of Lamont, Alberta."

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Cardston-Magrath Pastoral Charge fonds
PR3619 · Fondo · 1906-1982

The fonds consists of Annual Reports (1957-1967); Financial records (1924-1980); Correspondence (1963); Minutes (1920-1972);
Church Registers (1917-1982); Membership Lists and Communion Rolls; AOTS Club records (1956-1963); United Church Women (1966-1972) and Ladies' Aid/Women's Association records (1906-1975). Includes records of Woolford United Church, Owendale United Church, St. Andrew's United Church (Cardston), and Magrath United Church.

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PR3550 · Fondo · 1925-2019

The fonds consists of Annual Reports of various Alberta Presbyteries (1995, 2005-2006); annual conference minutes (1925-1986); records of proceedings (1926-1993); agenda books (1988-1994); conference addresses and reports (1938-1968, with gaps); programs (1926-1966); photographs (1925-2011); annual conference meetings (1982-1986); Celebrations Unlimited (1977-1978); Conference Executive (1970-1983, with gaps); Committee on Religious Education (1928-1969); Ordinations (1943-1968); Board of Education and Social Service (1964-1967); Archives Committee (1925-1978); Historic Sites and Archives Committee, (1983-1992); Caravan Committee (1953-1973); Committee on Church Vocations (1964-1970); Historical Committee (1946); Edmonton Office Committee (1970-1984); Youth Exchange Committee (1975-1976); Historic Sites Committee Calgary Office (1971-1981); Alberta Church Consultation Committee (1978-1984); Home Missions Committee (1972-1990); Camp Committee, (1968-1992, with gaps); Settlement Committee (1925-1982); Long Range Planning Committee (1979-1984); Native Ministries Committee (1978-1981); Mission Development Committee (1979-1987); Ventures in Mission Committee (1982-1984); Stewardship Committee (1977-1987); Conference Staff Committee (1972-1984, 1989-1993); financial records (1938-1946); church property ([1925]-1980); President (1960-1977); Executive Secretary (1964-1987, with gaps); Conference Staff Resources Committee (1989-1993); Church in Society Division (1974-1979); Division of Communication (1972-1975); Christian Development Division, (1972-1992); Division of Ministry and Personnel (1981-1988); Division of Ministry, Personnel and Education (1985-1989); Task Force on Evangelism (1978-1986); personnel ([1970-1990]); library (1932-1941, 1986); pageants (1940-1967); orders of service (1954, 1975); newsletters (1995-1996); Historic Sites and Archives Journal (1988-1999); and historical data (1925-[1980s]); Historical Society meeting minutes, reports and correspondences (1987-2000); Women of the United Church Northern Spirit and Chinook Winds annual report (2018-2019); United Church Women annual report and directory (2018); congregational annual reports (1997).

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PR3553 · Fondo · 1984-2007

The fonds consists of records created and maintained by the Alberta Summer Swimming Association, including minutes, bylaws, agendas, membership lists, and end of year financial reports dating from 1984 to 2007.

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Zandra Bell fonds
PR3551 · Fondo · 1990-2009

The fonds consists of scripts, research notes, correspondence, and posters related to Bell's performance career. There are also videocassettes that contain TV appearances by Bell, promotional clips of her various performances and characters, complete recordings of her one-person shows, and demo reels.

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Hythe United Church fonds
PR3563 · Fondo · 1930-2007

The fonds consists of Official Board Minutes (1921-1957, 2002-2005); Board of Stewards minutes (1960-1971, 1981-1988); Board of Trustees minutes (1981-2001); Session Minutes (1956-1972, 1985-2001); Annual Reports (1980-2005); Congregational Meetings minutes (1984, 1987-2001); Memorial Fund records (1956-2001); Register of baptisms (1925-1974, 1980-1997), marriages (1924-1973, 1980-1996), and burials (1923-1974, 1980-1997); Circuit Register (1921-1954); Communion Roll and Register (1954-1971); General Ledgers (1961-1983); Woman’s Association Minutes (1931-1937, 1947-1950, 1952-1956, 1958-1961, including membership rolls) and Treasurer’s Records (1952-1965); Ladies’ Aid Minutes ([1929]-1930); United Church Women minutes (1962-1991), UCW Executive minutes (1962-1992), UCW Life Members (1956-1999), and Financial Records (1952-1992); Building Committee minutes (1930) and Building Fund records (1975-2003); Financial Records (1984-2003); CGIT minutes (1943); Sunday School attendance book (1936-1942) and Financial Records (1933-1945); Order of Service for 35th anniversary (1965); Histories of Hythe United Church and Correspondence on the 35th anniversary (1961-1967); and a Manuscript of Hythe Mission (1931).

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Southminster United Church fonds
PR3572 · Fondo · 1967-1995

The fonds consists of Annual Reports (1968-1988 with gaps); Official Board records (1968-1992); Correspondence (1968-1983); Mission Proposal (Steinhauer) records (1976-1981); Congregational Meeting records (1967-1992); Register of Baptisms (1969-1992); Registers of Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials (1967-1994); Historic Roll (1967-1992); Communion Roll and Register (1967-1979); Congregation Directories ([1973]-1992); Financial Records (1967-1995); Long Range Planning Committee records (1971-1989, with gaps); Stewardship Committee records (1976-1978, 1985); Finance Committee records (1968-1990); Property Committee records (1980-1995); Insurance Committee records (1977-1989); Special Housing Committee records (1970-1980); Christian Education Committee records (1968-1990, with gaps); Music Committee records (1967-1979); Worship Committee records (1975-1990); Pastoral Relations Committee records (1973, 1978); Publicity Committee records (1990); Outreach Committee records (1968-1991); Personnel Committee records (1980-1984); Congregational Care Committee records (1984-1991); Congregational Life Committee records (1969-1975); Southern Homes Project Committee records (1968-1991); Curriculum Development Committee records (1979-1987); Anniversary Committee records (1982); Social Committee records (1978-1988); Junior Teens records (1975-1990); Youth Group records (1981-1983); Sunday School records (1967, 1977); Orders of Service (1974, 1981-1989); Newsletters "Southminster Reminder" (1968-1983) "Southminster News" (1990); photographs (1988-1990); Negatives of final Southminster service (1992); and Historical Data (1974-1982).

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Springbank United Church fonds
PR3573 · Fondo · 1912-1994

The fonds consists of Annual Reports (1981-1994); Presbyterian / Methodist / United Board Meeting minutes (1915-1925); Board and Annual Meeting minutes (1941-1948, 1960-1985); Session minutes (1978-1986); Correspondence (1978-1985); Register of Burials (1913-1923); Guest Register (1972-1978); Historic Roll (1912-1974); Financial records (1938-1985); Ministers Reports (1951, 1954-1955); Ladies' Aid minutes (1945-1951) and Treasurer's Book (1935-1950); Women's Association minutes (1952-1955, 1957-1962) and Account Books (1955-1961); Women's Missionary Society minutes (1945-1953) and Account Books (1925-1957, 1962); United Church Women minutes (1962-1966, 1969-1978) and Treasurer's books (1962-1967, 1976-1978); CGIT records (1954-1970); Young People's minutes (1940-1948); Sunday School records (1934-1966); Newsletters (1992-1993); Church History (1975); and a published newcomer's guide to the United Church (1986).

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St. David's United Church (Leduc) fonds
PR3575 · Fondo · 1925-1994

The fonds consists of a Methodist Yearbook (1925); Board of Trustees of the Clearwater Cemetery minute book (1923-1942); Annual Reports ([1959-1962],1985-1994 with gaps); Administrative Correspondence ([1959-1962]); Committee (Board) of Stewards records (1940-[1974]); Session minutes (1957-1969): Congregational Meeting minutes (1941-1985); Financial records (1936-1940, [1959-1962]); Communion roll and register (1926-1955); Ladies’ Aid records (1926-1961); Women’s Auxiliary records (1955-1962); Women’s Missionary Society records (1937-1961); Hi-C minutes (1961-1964); [Mission Band minutes] ([1957-1959]); Young People’s Society records (1934-1941); Sunday School records (1929-1974 with gaps); [Presbytery Commitments by Congregation] (1966-1968); Clearwater Cairn records (1966-1968); Order of Service (1957); Statistical Reports (1947-1978); Memorial Record Book (1956-1971); Newsletter (1987); Newspaper article (1969); “Let’s Look at Steward’s” United Church publication (1961).

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Steinhauer United Church fonds
PR3576 · Fondo · 1976-1992

The fonds consists of Annual Reports (1983, 1985-1989); Official Board records (1983-1994); Congregational Meetings minutes (1983-1991); Register of Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials (1983-1992); Congregational Directories (1982-1992); Financial Records (1979-1992); Management Council minutes (1978-1981); Long Range Planning Committee records (1983-1988); Stewardship Committee records (1989-1992); Finance Committee report (1985); Christian Education Committee minutes (1983-1989); Worship Committee minutes (1987-1990); Outreach Committee records (1985-1992); Christian Development Committee minutes (1989, 1991); Congregational Care Committee records (1986-1991); Adult Education Committee records (1985); Home Meetings minutes (1981, 1986-1987); UCW records (n.d.); Seniors Groups records (1988-1991); Junior Teens records (1985-1989); Heritage and District Youth Club (n.d.); Sunday School records (1978-1983, 1990); photographs (1983, 1988); Order of Service (1987); Historical data (1980, 1985, 1988); and Steinhauer Community School records (1976-1980).

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Patricia M. Calvert fonds
PR3407 · Fondo · 1940-2003

The fonds consists of records relating to the Edmonton Normal School graduating class of 1940-1941 including the 1940-1941 yearbook, and graduate directory from the 25th reunion in 1966, a book created for the 50th reunion in 1991 including photographs, a type written memoir by Calvert created most likely for the 50th reunion including photographs, and photographs of Edmonton Normal School (now Corbett Hall, c. 1980s-90s), from a gathering of former students on May 18, 2003, and from the 60th anniversary of the graduating class in 2001.

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Campbell family fonds
PR3414 · Fondo · 1900-1992

The fonds consists of material created by John, Ruby, and Donald K. Campbell and includes mathematics manuscripts, poetry, correspondence, memoirs, and photographs related to Edmonton sites and events, the First World War, the University of Alberta, the Alaska Highway, and Northwestern Utilities.

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Murray family fonds
PR3413 · Fondo · 1892-[197?]

The fonds consists of black and white photographs of members of the Murray family, their farm, the Leduc area, a logging camp in Entwistle, and a camp in Wildwood; photo postcards, mostly of the Edmonton area, some colour, some black and white, dating c. 1910-1930 some of which contain correspondence sent to Ellen Murray from her daughter Mary in Edmonton, and what may be a promotional postcard booklet; correspondence relating to John Murray's involvement in the creation of the West Union Public School District, No. 753, in 1902; and materials relating to John and Ellen Murray including their marriage certificate, 1889, letters from John to Ellen when he was in Vancouver, 1892-1893, a Dominion Lands Tax Receipt for their homestead in the Leduc area, 1899, a letter to John and Ellen from her [sister] S. Tripp in 1912, a receipt for John's tombstone, 1920, a tax notice for the Leduc property from 1938, and other ephemera.

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Bilodeau family fonds
PR3330 · Fondo · [1900]-2007

The records consist of family and pen pal correspondence, cards, diaries, scrapbooks, genealogical material on the Gagné, Bilodeau and Hartry families, paper clippings, photographs and local histories relevant to the family's history. Also included is Joseph Bilodeau's correspondence with his family while in the army, covering the last years of the Second World War and his service in the period immediately after the war. The photographs range in date between ca. 1900 to ca.1994 and document family members and friends, and events from their lives.

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Armada United Church fonds
PR3421 · Fondo · 1965-1975

The fonds consists of the series: Congregational Meetings (Minutes) (1966-1975); Membership Records (1965-1974); and Financial Records (1966-1973).

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Beverly United Church fonds
PR3424 · Fondo · 1913-2014

The fonds includes annual reports (1975-2013, with gaps); correspondence (1959-1996); board minutes (1975-2007); Membership lists (1913-1914, 1968); financials (1965-1997); committee minutes (1962-1994); planning, building plans (1986-2012); Sunday School (1960-[201-?]); ministry, youth, UCW (2000-2009); AOTS (1994); Women’s Aid (1944-1950); Men’s Club (1959-1962); Bughanan Young People’s Society (1936); Archives and History Committee (1997-2014); bulletins (1961-2012); photographs and slides (1986-2010); Honour Rolls (1942-[19-]); certificates (1915, 1960); and historical data (1954-2012).

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Calvin United Church fonds
PR3428 · Fondo · 1925-1960

The fonds consists of Official Board minutes (1952-1958); congregational meeting minutes (1952-1960); session minutes (1925-1941, 1957-1960); membership roll (1925-1950); Committee of Stewards minutes (1957-1960); church registers of baptisms, marriages, and burials including Avonmore, Forest Heights, and Rabbit Hill (1934-1959); communion roll (1957, 1960); guest book (ca. 1958); collections record book (1957-1960); Women's Association minutes (1959-1960); Ladies' Aid notes, correspondence, and reports (1937-1946); and Sunday School minutes and lists (1956-1958).

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Campbell-Stone United Church fonds
PR3429 · Fondo · 1988-1995

The fonds consists of annual reports (1988-1994, with gaps) and newsletters (1989-1995, with gaps).

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Chalmers Presbyterian Church fonds
PR3431 · Fondo · 1909-1925

The fonds consists of correspondence (1910-1925); Board of Managers records (1913-1925); list of births (1910-1916); Ladies' Aid records (1917-1925); First World War Roll of Honour (1919); and a map of a Calder subdivision (1909).

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Stanley Park Methodist Church fonds
PR3521 · Fondo · 1912-1925

The fonds consists of church register of baptisms (1912-1925), marriages (1912-1922), burials (1912-1923) and a circuit register (1912-1925).

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PR3523 · Fondo · 1951-1992

The fonds consists of annual reports (1951-1991); organizational meeting records (1951); Official Board records (1951-1983); congregational meetings records (1969-1983); Committee of Stewards records (1952-1979); Session records (1951-1970); church registers of baptisms (1951-1970), marriages (1951-1982), burials (1951-1970); historic roll (1951-1984); directories (1970-1979); financial reports (1984, 1986); United Church Women records (1971-1979); orders of service (1952-1959, with gaps); newsletters (1990, 1992); historical data ([1951]-[1976], with gaps).

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PR3466 · Fondo · 1901-1922

The fonds consists of minutes of annual Ministerial Sessions and District Meeting minutes (1901-1921, with gaps) and Financial District meeting minutes (1918-1922).

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Methodist Church Lacombe District fonds
PR3469 · Fondo · 1906-1921

The fonds consists of minutes of annual Ministerial Sessions and District Meetings (1906-1921, with gaps) and a photograph of the first meeting ([1905]).

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Methodist Church Olds District fonds
PR3474 · Fondo · 1910-1916

The fonds consists of minutes of annual Ministerial Sessions and District Meetings (1912-1915); Financial District minutes (1910-1915); and General Conference Fund, Social Service and Evangelism Fund, Educational Fund statements and correspondence (1913-1916).

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Metropolitan Methodist Church fonds
PR3479 · Fondo · 1909-1925

The fonds consists of records of the Official Board (1909-1925); Board of Stewards (1924-1925); Board of Trustees (1909-1925); congregational meetings [1909-1925]; and Finance Committee (1924-1925).

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Norwood United Church (1925-1966) fonds
PR3483 · Fondo · 1925-1996

The fonds consists of annual reports (1958-1966); Official Board minutes (1925-1966), correspondence (1954-1958); Board of Stewards minutes (1930-1964); list of officers (1945-1961); Session minutes (1947-1966); church registers of baptisms (1925-1963), marriages, (1925-1966), and burials, (1925-1966); membership (1928-1966); communion roll (1937-1959, with gaps); circuit register (1925-1932); budget records (1960-1961); fundraising records (1958-1959); Woman's Association records (1925-1961); Woman's Missionary Society records (1925-1961); United Church Women records (1962-1966); Men's Club/A.O.T.S (As One That Serves) records (1959-1963); C.G.I.T (Canadian Girls in Training) records (1959-1966); Young People's Union / Kairos records (1959-1966); Sunday School records (1925-1960); orders of service (1957-1966); and historical data (1956-1960).

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Rabbit Hill United Church fonds
PR3497 · Fondo · 1928-1944

The fonds consists of congregational meetings minutes (1928-1944, with gaps) and Ladies' Aid minutes (1941-1942).

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Riverbend United Church fonds
PR3501 · Fondo · 1985-1994

The fonds consists of annual reports (1985-1994), newsletters, (1988-1991), and historical data (1989, 1994).

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Robertson United Church fonds
PR3508 · Fondo · 1930-1969

The fonds consists of annual reports (1946-1961, with gaps); amalgamation records (1969); financial records (1930-1933); Stewardship Committee records (1963); programmes and orders of service (1949-1964, with gaps); newspaper clippings (1951-1962).

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PR3489 · Fondo · 1896-1925

The fonds consists of Presbytery of Edmonton minutes on microfilm (1896-1925); Church Extension Committee minutes (1912-1920); Home Mission Committee minutes (1921); Union Committee minutes (1922-1924); photograph (1907).

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PR3492 · Fondo · 1914-1925

The fonds consists of minutes (1914-1925); certificate of transfer, testimonial, authorization of proxy (1925); minutes of interim meeting (1925); returns on ministers, students and licentiates (1925); Treasurer's accounts (1915-1925) of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, Presbytery of Medicine Hat.

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PR3495 · Fondo · 1907-1925

The fonds consists of minutes (1907-[1925]); digests of proceedings (1909-1924); Home Mission Committee minutes, (1907-1910); miscellaneous notes ([ca. 1923-1924]); historical data ([1907]-1925); publications (1914-1916); charges and preaching places ([1925]); synod roll and committee members, ([1921-1925]); reports ([1921]); and a resolution (1919).

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Rosedale United Church fonds
PR3510 · Fondo · 1982-2002

The fonds consists of annual reports (1982-1994); congregational meetings (1988); newsletters (1991-1994); and historical data ([1970]).

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Deer Park United Church fonds
PR3433 · Fondo · 1980-1994

The fonds consists of annual reports (1980-1994); Quarterly Official Board minutes (1981-1983); congregational meetings records (1981-1982); financial statements (1988); newsletters (1981-1991, with gaps); and historical data (1986).

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Edmonton Chinese United Church fonds
PR3435 · Fondo · 1933-1994, predominant 1986-1994

The fonds consists of annual reports (1986-1994); historical data (1933); and an outreach pamphlet (1994).

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Erskine United Church fonds
PR3439 · Fondo · 1925-1966

The fonds consists of an Annual Report (1960); Official Board minutes (1942-1965); Board of Stewards minutes (1928-1962); congregational meeting minutes (1925-1965); cash books (1930-1961); Session minutes (1925-1965, with gaps); Board of Trustees records (1942); reports (1925-1930); church registers of baptisms (1925-1965), marriages (1925-1965), and burials (1925-1965); historic roll (1959-1965); communion roll (1930-1933); membership transfers (1954-1965); financial statements (1920-1935); 1 photograph [1950]; and historical data (1957, 1966).

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Garneau United Church fonds
PR3441 · Fondo · 1937-1994

The fonds consists of annual reports (1952-1994); Quarterly Official Board minutes (1938-1988); Committee of Stewards minutes (1938-1988); congregational meeting minutes (1937-1988); Session minutes (1939-1988); church registers of baptisms (1938-1989), marriages (1938-1981), and burials (1938-1992); membership records (1961-1963); communion roll and register (1938-1956); financial records (1939-1954, 1985); Building committee records (1938-1969); Sunday School records (1931); newsletters (1956-1994, with gaps); and historical data (1978, 1982).

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Gilchrist Memorial United Church fonds
PR3442 · Fondo · 1980-1995

The fonds consists of annual reports (1980-1995); an order of service (1983); newsletters (1990-1993); and historical data (1983).

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Highlands United Church fonds
PR3447 · Fondo · 1925-2017

The fonds consists of annual reports (1946-1994); correspondence (1945-1983); Official Board records (1925-1982); Executive Committee records (1969-1982); Board of Stewards records (1926-1965); Session records (1933-1969); Board of Trustees records (1960-1962); congregational meetings records (1928-1979); church registers of baptisms (1925-1967), marriages (1925-1986), and burials (1925-1979); circuit registers (1925-1947); membership records (1956-1978, with gaps); guest registers (1944-1962, with gaps); Stewards and Finance Committee records, (1967-1982); Stewardship Committee records (1969-1927, 1975); Finance Committee records (1969-1972, 1975); Property Committee records (1969, 1971); Worship Committee records (1969-1980); Organ Committee records (1969-1970); Christian Education Committee records (1969-1975, with gaps); Social Action Committee records (1969); Evangelism Committee records (1969); Membership Committee records (1970-1973, with gaps); charitable status records (1967-1980); Building Committee records (1953); insurance records (1964-1967); Senior Choir records (1952-1970); Worship Committee records (1972-1980); Ladies' Aid records (1925-1929); Woman's Association records (1960-1963); Woman's Missionary Society records (1937-1961); United Church Women records ([1962]-1963); Sunday School records (1925-1975); and historical data (1950-1997).

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Joint Committee on Church Union fonds
PR3449 · Fondo · 1906-1924, predominant 1906-1910

The fonds consists of proceedings, documents, resolutions, reports, and a sample ballot (1906-1910) of the Committee and a copy of The United Church of Canada Act (1924).

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Kirk United Church (1994-) fonds
PR3452 · Fondo · 1905-2003

The fonds consists of Annual Reports (1995-1998); a list of elders, committee members and staff (1995); and membership records (1995); Register of Marriages (1991-2000); and a Register of Burials (1983-2003).

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Korean United Church Edmonton fonds
PR3457 · Fondo · 1989-1994

The fonds consists of annual reports (1993-1994); financial statements (1989-1990); and historical data (1993.)

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Henri Garnier fonds
PR2202 · Fondo · 1921-1971

The fonds consists of photographs and notebooks concerning parish business.

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Douglas Folkins fonds
PR0907 · Fondo · 1904-1951

The fonds consists of a 1906 bill of sale for a bay pony, a 1904 letter from A.G. Kinnaird and six aerial images of Medicine Hat, Alberta from 1951, taken by Douglas Folkins with a 24 Fairchild aerial camera.

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Stony Plain Records fonds
PR0023 · Fondo · 1965-2003

The fonds consists of musical recordings that were written, produced and performed by Alberta artists many of which were released on the Stony Plain Records label. Also included are unreleased demos and musical recordings, Albertan and Canadian commercial music recordings acquired by Holger Petersen and Stony Plain Records, musicians' promotional material and programs. Also includes business records of the Stony Plain Record company, minutes, agendas and correspondence for the Alberta Recording Industry Association, documents from Holger Petersen's time as Artistic Director of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, and articles and related material regarding Holger Petersen's career in the music business.

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Rudd family fonds
PR2032 · Fondo · [1916]

The fonds consists of images of the Rudds' fields taken by Harry Pollard for the promotion of land sales.

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W.A. Walker fonds
PR2036 · Fondo · 1979

The fonds consists of a letter from W.A. Walker about Thomas (Tom) Daly and the Daly family, and images of Tom Daly with his awarding-winning oats and wheat.

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David T. Williamson fonds
PR2030 · Fondo · Copied 1979

The fonds consists of images, originally dating from 1953 and 1954, of a displayed bear skin along with a rifle and Bella Twin. In the spring of 1953, while she was collecting berries near Slave Lake, sixty-three year old Bella Twin encountered a grizzly bear which she was able to kill. As of 2007, this bear was still the largest grizzly bear shot in Alberta according to the Alberta Outdoorsman.

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Alma Taft fonds
PR3345 · Fondo · 1960-1967

The fonds consists of recorded interviews conducted by Alma Taft on various topics, including medical research, employment, falconry, and student activism.

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PR3349 · Fondo · 1983-1986

The records consist of minutes of meetings, financial statements and by-laws, and the unpublished manuscript Des missionnaires en Alberta, a research paper on the Oblates that worked in Alberta.

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Mona Russell fonds
PR3354 · Fondo · 1953-1988

The fonds consists of travel photography and corresponding information compiled by Russell to accompany slide shows as well as extensive coverage of various sites and events across Alberta. These images include Medicine Hat, Albertan industry (specifically the Medicine Hat clay industry), churches of various denominations (including the Al Rashid Mosque prior to its move to Fort Edmonton), Edmonton, Calgary, the Calgary and Medicine Hat Stampedes, sports and recreation, and national/provincial parks. International travel photography is also included, such as images from pre-Revolution Cuba and Cold War-era Berlin. The slides also show PRPA field trips, conventions, and photographic lessons as well as title slides created by Russell for use in her slide shows.

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Alberta Nelson fonds
PR3091 · Fondo · [between 1910 - 1918]

The fonds consists of materials pertaining to Alberta Nelson's life in Edmonton between 1906-1918 and includes images of the Strathcona Military Hospital; a group of individuals in front of the Legislature Building; the first Alberta Music Festival group photograph held at Thistle Rink in Edmonton; the "Temple of Fame" Pageant held at the Bijou Theatre in Edmonton; Dr. McCarney Wilson and a short biography of Dr. Wilson; the Alberta College Student's Music Group at McDougall Church in Edmonton; and Professor Chisholm's Violin Class.

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La Survivance fonds
PR3358 · Fondo · 1928-1967

The fonds consists of a complete run of the newspaper La Survivance on 14 microfilms from November 16, 1928 to November 8, 1967.

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Association La Girandole fonds
PR2530 · Fondo · 1976-2008

The fonds consists of financial and administrative records, correspondence, choreography, inventories of dances and history related to dances performed by the troupe, a large number of photographs, and audio-visual recordings.

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Ronald Tremblay fonds
PR3255 · Fondo · 1972 - 2022

The fonds consists of planning records, minutes, correspondence, press releases, press clippings, budgets, scripts, photographs, and other records documenting various broadcasts produced by Ronald Tremblay, as well as of audio and video recordings of events and shows produced by him for the CBC/Radio-Canada, such as Gala albertain de la chanson (renamed Polyfonik in 2010), and Gala interprovincial de la chanson (renamed Chant’Ouest in 1997), dating from their inception in 1989 and 1990 respectively, as well as interviews and selected recordings from “Le Café show”.

There are records documenting Ronald Tremblay’s activities as a member of various Francophone organizations and events, including Regroupement artistique francophone de l’Alberta, Société du Gala albertain, Cohenights Arts Society, Sommet des communautés francophones et acadiennes, Réseau national des galas de la chanson, UniThêatre, and Chant’Ouest. The fonds also includes audio-video recordings of Francophone musicians from Alberta at the end of 20th and beginning of the 21st century, some on which Ronald Tremblay was producer.

There are yearly agendas from Ronald Tremblay during the years of 1984 to 2010, which provide a detailed view of his personal life as well as his career. The fonds includes many cassettes and demos submitted by candidates for various singing contests, interviews and songs from various artists from the west, CD launches and interviews of various artists, as well as tapes of interviews Tremblay gave or took for various events. The fonds also includes CDs of various Albertan artists,event photographs.

The fonds also includes publications of plays that toured in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, for which Tremblay was the vice-president of marketing. There is also a large amount of articles, which appeared in various newspapers written by him, about him and/or about various singing events, contests or musicians. The fonds also includes original recordings of songs written, co-written or adapted by Tremblay himself from 1972-2008. Finally, there are various project or administrative records of singing contests such as Chant’Ouest, Gala Albertain and Polyfonik, which Tremblay put in place and worked on for the last 30 years of his career.

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Clara Southwell fonds
PR3120 · Fondo · Copied 1970 (originally created 1910)

The fonds consists of typed transcription of Clara Southwell's diary. The transcription describes Clara's trip by train from Field, British Columbia to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1910.

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Henry E. Spencer fonds
PR3121 · Fondo · Copied 1970 (originally created 1921- 1942)

The fonds consists of materials created and acquired by Henry E. Spencer including a copy of "Parliament and the Party System" written by Spencer circa 1921, a copy of "A Case for the Alberta School Trustee" written by Spencer in 1942, and clippings pertaining to Spencer's political career.

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Mike Stelmach fonds
PR3207 · Fondo · Copied 1979

The fonds consists of material belonging to Mike Stelmach and includes copies of photographs featuring a wedding, cars, a family, horses, a band, and individuals dating from the early to mid 20th century.

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Mary Sterritt fonds
PR3125 · Fondo · [Copied 1970 (originally created 192?)]

The fonds consists of a typed copy of Mary Sterritt's reminiscences recalling her life working in the Peace Country in the 1920s.

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Olive Stickney fonds
PR3209 · Fondo · Copied 1967

The fonds consists of photographs copied from Olive Stickney featuring images of Dora "Ma" Brainard of Peace River in the 1960s, and a clipping of newspaper article related to "Ma" Brainard.

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Western Irrigation District fonds
PR3214 · Fondo · 1944 - 1963

The fonds consists of annual reports of the Western Irrigation District dating from 1944 to 1963.

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William Clare Wonders fonds
PR3149 · Fondo · 1972

The fonds relates to William Clare Wonders' professional occupation as a geographer and includes a copy of Field Guide Field Tour EA 1 (The Canadian Northwest) 22nd International Geographical Congress, Canada 1972.

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