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PR1343 · Colección · 1784-1972

The collection consists of both copied and original records and includes records belonging to various companies, associations, governments, and individuals. Fonds includes agendas, Alberta law stamps, association records, banners, calendars, celebration and event programmes, certificates, constitutions, diaries and daily journals, financial records, glass plate negatives, historical and biographical sketches, invitations, judges’ case books, lantern slides and coloured lantern slides, literary manuscripts, maps, mechanically produced photographic reproductions, minutes, negatives and cyanotype negatives, newsletters, newspapers and newspaper clippings, personal reminiscences, phonodiscs, photographs, political party records, prize lists, radio broadcasts and broadcast transcripts, receipts, scrapbooks, shares, souvenir booklets and photograph albums, surveys, temperance posters, and various other miscellaneous records. The collection has been divided into the following series: Aberdeen Association (1909-1911); Aberhart, William (1943); Alberta Golden Jubilee (1954-1955); Alberta Institute of Co-operation (1928-1929); Alberta Society of Petroleum Geologists (around 1954); Alberta Women's Institute (1915-1963); Albright, W.D. (1930); Athabasca and District Board of Trade (June 9, 1952); Bennett, Richard Bedford (1905-1938, predominant 1937-1938); Blue, Mrs. John (1907-1913); Blyth, Alfred (1936-1939); Bob Edwards' Summer Annual (1920-1922); Brick, Mrs. A.L. (19-?); Brown, James McCredie (19-?); Bulkley, C.S. (1865-1867); Byron-May Company (1910-1914); Callihoo, Victoria (around 1948); Campbell, Colin Nicol (April 4, 1887); Canadian Club, Edmonton (1909-1912); Canadian Medical Association (August 1912); Carpenter, W.G. (April 8, 1927); Civil Service Association of Alberta (1955-1956); College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (1924); Denny, Sir Cecil Edward (around 1905); Devore, R.W. (19-?); East Clover Bar Alberta Farmers' Association (1906-1912); Edmonds, W

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PR1270 · Colección · 1870-1936

Collection consists of lantern slides depicting photographs and drawings of First Nations people in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, maps depicting the Dominion of Canada, a photograph album depicting farm scenes along the Canadian Pacific Railways (CPR) line in Manitoba and Assiniboia and a souvenir album for the Fifth Congress of the Chambers of Commerce of the Empire which depicts members of the congress as they traveled to various cities across Canada. The collection also includes a letter from William Aberhart to R.H. Babbage of Westmount, Quebec.

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Millie Hay collection
PR0535 · Colección · 1874-1961

Collection consists of a copied map of the North-West Territory, now Alberta, dating 1874, copied bills and a land agreement belonging to W.F. Smith of Athabasca Landing dating 1897-1907, a pamphlet entitled The Aberhart Plan dating 1935, and a 50th Anniversary issue of The Landing Trail Post newspaper dating 1961.

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Dan Campbell fonds
PR1533 · Fondo · 1932-1949

The fonds consists of photographs and negatives that depict various people, views, aerial views, buildings, and events in Alberta, as well as includes an index compiled by Dan Campbell. The fonds also includes photographs of Lieutenant-Governor John J. Bowlen, Premier William Aberhart, a scenic view around Banff, Alberta by Ernest Brown, and two of the Cascade River.

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Herbert C. Boyd fonds
PR1248 · Fondo · 1934-1936

The fonds consists of correspondence with William Aberhart, C. H. Douglas, Herbert Bruce Brougham, G.B. O’Connor, G.H. Van Allen and others about Social Credit in Alberta, newspaper clippings, research notes, and a copy of “The Case for Douglas Social Credit,” the brief prepared by Herbert C. Boyd for C.H. Douglas.

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Ernest C. Manning fonds
PR0071 · Fondo · 1901-1980, predominant 1935-1959

The fonds consists of records created or received by Ernest C. Manning during his tenure as the Premier of Alberta. The files include records generated by the activities of Herbert Greenfield, John E. Brownlee, Richard G. Reid, and William Aberhart as Premier that Manning received upon taking office.

The fonds also includes materials relating to Manning's external activities of the Premier, including speeches, radio broadcasts, correspondence, as well as records pertaining to the Prophetic Bible Institute, the Alberta Social Credit League, as well as Aberhart's and Manning’s constituency records.

The records contain correspondence, memorandum, reports, meeting minutes, agendas, legislation, submissions from organizations, newspaper clippings, invitations, registers of incoming mail, and other records containing diverse information regarding all aspects of government administration, including:

  • Agriculture, including schools, livestock, dairying, wheat and other crops, relief plans, the Alberta Wheat Pool, marketing, land settlement, cooperatives, and agricultural colonies, drought, soil erosion and conservation;

  • Justice, including acts and legislation, police, judges, gambling, prisons, and law enforcement generally;

  • Education, including schools, teachers, organizations, universities, agricultural colleges, other post-secondary and technical institutions, school districts, school buildings, students, school boards and trustees, and school finance;

  • Executive Council, including the British monarch, the Governor General, the Lieutenant-Governor, civil service, consular services and Agent-General positions;

  • Environment, including soil and water conservation, flood control, and dry areas;

  • Mines, minerals and other resources, including electricity, fisheries, forestry, timber, hydropower, coal, natural gas, pipelines, oil and oil sands;

  • Legislative Assembly, including meetings of the caucus, library administration, sessional papers, acts and legislation, speeches from the throne, reports, printing, and elections;

  • Labour, including minimum wage issues, disputes and strikes, unemployment, working conditions, and the Worker’s Compensation Board;

  • Municipal affairs, including cities, villages, towns, irrigation districts, special districts, improvement districts, planning, and local taxation and assessment;

  • Provincial Secretary, including corporations, theatres, motor vehicles, airplanes, historic sites, licensing, tourism, movies and censorship;

  • Public health, including hospitals, nurses, doctors, communicable and other diseases, mental health, sanatoriums, vital statistics, child welfare;

  • Public works, including roads, highways, parks, public buildings, and transportation;

  • Public welfare, including relief and unemployment projects and programs, mother’s allowances, and pensions;

  • Publicity and advertising, including government advertising, government publications, the Publicity Commissioner, films, television and radio broadcasts, exhibitions, and CKUA Radio;

  • Treasury, including provincial finances, bank policy, taxation, public debt, free trade, auditor’s reports, statistics, and audits;

  • Telephone and railway matters, including Alberta Government Telephones, the Canadian Pacific Railway, the Canadian National Railway, and other railways;

  • Trade, commerce and industry, including economic plans, freight rates, tariffs, free trade, marketing, licensing, and trade organizations;

  • Interprovincial issues, including relief efforts, commerce, Premier’s conferences, and liaison between provinces;Dominion and national issues, including constitutional matters, federal royal commissions, federal-provincial conferences, immigration and citizenship;

  • Celebrations, commemorations, and visits of dignitaries, including royal visits and those of Governors-General;Imperial, British, and international matters, including imperial conferences;

  • Alberta political parties, including the United Farmers of Alberta, the Alberta Social Credit League, Social Credit organizations in other provinces, and other political groups in Alberta; and

  • Other issues, including immigration and specific immigrant groups, wars and veterans, religion and the creation of the United Church, civil defense, alcoholism, and women’s rights.

The fonds also includes a file of financial accounts of the Alberta Hotel Licenses "Help Win The War Fund" administered by Manning as well as letters patent appointing Manning as Provincial Treasurer (1944), Minister of Mines and Minerals (1952) and Attorney General (1955). It also includes a small volume of records created by Manning after leaving office.

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Art Dixon fonds
PR2000 · Fondo · 1945-1979

The fonds consists of materials relating to Art Dixon’s political career and dates from 1945-1979. The fonds includes Social Credit pamphlets, election pamphlets for Dixon, committee files, clipping files, correspondence, Social Credit meeting minutes and banners used by William Aberhart in election campaigning.

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Abraham Shnitka fonds
PR0143 · Fondo · 1892-1957, predominant 1940-1957

Fonds consists of Abraham Shnitka’s personal records including Alberta Government calendars and posters, William Aberhart’s handwritten notes about chess given to Shnitka by Aberhart’s wife, and a photograph of William Aberhart.

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Lethbridge Historical Society fonds
PR0412 · Fondo · Copied 1970, 1998

The fonds consists of records used, maintained, and created by the Historical Society of Alberta, Lethbridge Chapter to hold "William Aberhart Speaks for Himself", an event to celebrate William Aberhart and recreate a speech William Aberhart intended to deliver to a graduating class of 1941 at the University of Alberta. The fonds includes correspondence, pamphlets, and a transcript dating from 1998.

The fonds also includes a microfilm copy of material collected by the Lethbridge Historical Society including minutes of the Lethbridge Historical Society and correspondence and receipts of the Sheran Cairn Committee regarding the Sheran Cairn covering the time period of the 1920s and 1930s.

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Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute fonds
PR3018 · Fondo · [ca. 1926] - 1945

The fonds consists of materials documenting the activities of the Alberta Prophetic Bible Institute circa 1926 to 1945 and includes: bulletins; pamphlets; lectures; bylaws; platforms; brochures and pamphlets related to Social Credit theory; and photographs of Ernest Manning speaking at the Institute.

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R.J. Dinning fonds
PR0500 · Fondo · 1902-1942, predominant 1924-1941

Fond consists of one scrapbook containing newspaper clippings related to the liquor trade, and a number of scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings regarding the Alberta Social Credit Party and William Aberhart. Fonds also includes a report, transcripts of religious radio broadcasts given by William Aberhart and E.C. Manning, a typed manuscript entitled Alberta’s Social Credit Pantomime: Two Years of It, pamphlets regarding the Social Credit Party of Alberta, an index of member’s speeches reported in Canadian papers, and a photograph. Also includes material about Solon E. Low.

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L.P.V. Johnson fonds
PR0513 · Fondo · [ca.1909]-1969

Fonds consists mainly of records relating to William Aberhart and include a typed manuscript of Aberhart of Alberta, photographs of Aberhart and other Social Credit Party members, pamphlets of speeches delivered by Aberhart, and an election notebook kept by Richard L. Johnson for the 1935 election campaign of Aberhart.

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