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Archival description

This series contains health records from several Government of Alberta departments, including Healthcare and Community Supports. Over the course of the creation of these records, the departments responsible for them changed in name and scope.

These records contain files from several Métis organizations and branches, Health Service branches, the Blood Indian Hospital in Cardston, and the Bonnyville Rehabilitation Centre Proposal.

File · 1952-1953
Part of School oversight records

This file includes correspondence relating to the possible establishment of a correspondence school program for the Charles Camsell Hospital (1952), and a copy of the June 1953 edition of the Camsell Arrow newsletter.

Other records in this accession, GR1982.0273, include information regarding the operations of private, Indian, Métis, and Hutterite schools.

PR3779.0002 · Series · 1984-1990
Part of Elaine McCoy fonds

The series consists of records of Elaine McCoy created and received during her tenure as the Minister responsible for the Status of Women, including records from her predecessors Dick Johnston and Dennis Anderson that McCoy received upon taking office. The files include action requests, orders in council, meeting minutes, legislation, and correspondence pertaining to the Advisory Council of Women's Issues, first minister's conferences, women's organizations, and topics such as abortion, women's shelters, indigenous women, child care, and other topics.


This series contains Health records from the office of various Deputy Ministers on the provision of social services and community health programs as well as records from several district offices relevant to Indigenous people and communities.

Social Services and Community Health
Albert Johnson fonds
PR3798 · Fonds · [194-]-1985

The fonds consists of records related to Albert Johnson’s time at the Charles Camsell Hospital in Edmonton and includes reunion programs, The Camsell Mosaic history book and a letter on contributing to it, Veteran’s Hospital newspapers, and photographs of patients and nurses.

Johnson, Albert Leander
PR1828 · Fonds · [1960]

The fonds consists of 31 photographs, dating from the 1960’s, of patients, staff, and activities at the Aberhart Memorial Sanatorium taken by an unidentified photographer.

Aberhart Memorial Sanatorium
Standoff Hospital fonds
PR3975 · Fonds · 1971, 1973

The collection contains hospital registers from the health care centre at the Blood Indian Reserve [Kainai First Nation] near Standoff. The smaller register contains the patient’s name, age, sex, date of admission, reason for admission, date of release and condition on release. The larger register contains additional statistical information such as vital statistics, date of admission, in or out patient status, school status in the case of children, number of meals eaten during stay, days in hospital, days treated, and results. The original documents which were microfilmed to create this fonds were created between 1899 and 1923.

Standoff Hospital
H.H. Stephens fonds
PR2195 · Fonds · [1992]

The fonds consists of a paper written in ca. 1992 by Dr. H.H. Stephens entitled “Tuberculosis in Alberta 1905 – 1980”.

Stephens, H.H.
Irene Powell fonds
PR4008 · Fonds · 1958-2020

The fonds consists of records that document Irene Powell’s life and work, as well as her interests and time in Alberta.

The fonds includes photograph albums and loose photos that Irene Powell took as part of her work life and as part of her hobby. These images include pictures of the staff at the Camsell hospital, and images depict K-Days celebrations, Christmas decorating and events, Halloween costumes, staff and patient photos (largely children), hospital picnics, and other hospital events. Many personal photos document the Alberta landscape, Powell’s life and events in the province. These images include barns and livestock, flora and fauna, as well as well known locales such as West Edmonton Mall, the Ukrainian Village, Heritage Days and numerous parades and local fairs.

The fonds also includes textual records such as Camsell Hospital newsletters, with seven editions of the “Camsell Arrow” as well as various graduation booklets and hospital newsletters and annual reports from the Royal Alexandra when Powell was there.

Powell, Irene
Cairn Committee fonds
PR2264 · Fonds · 1984-1999

Fonds consists of the records created and maintained by the Cairn Committee over the course of the research, fundraising, advocating, and unveiling of the commemorative cairn at the St Albert Municipal Cemetery for Camsell patients. Records include a reconstruction of the original plot plan of the St. Albert Aboriginal Cemetery created by Donald J. McBride and John Beedle in 1992, correspondence of committee members, lists of the deceased buried in the plot, newsclippings on the cairn and plot grounds, and memorabilia from the unveiling ceremony for the cairn.

Cairn Committee (Edmonton, Alberta)
Mary Percy Jackson fonds
PR0102 · Fonds · 1928-2000

The fonds consists of correspondence between Mary Percy Jackson and her friends and family in Canada and England; biographical information about the doctor and her many achievements; transcripts of speeches which she had given; subject files of material that was of professional and personal interest to her; and, four audio recordings of her life as a doctor and a farmer in Peace River Country.

Jackson, Mary Percy
Joe Atkinson fonds
PR2238 · Fonds · copied 1993

The fonds consists of 20 photographs documenting Joe Atkinson’s work as a nurse for Indigenous peoples in Northern Alberta throughout the 1950s.

Atkinson, Joe
Series · 1906-1995
Part of Legislative Assembly of Alberta fonds

The series consists of sessional papers and other records tabled in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. The tabled records include annual and other reports of government departments, boards and universities related to their operations and programs; reports of royal commissions and commissions of inquiry; reports of Assembly committees; copies of orders-in-council, correspondence, agreements and other records requested by Members of the Legislative Assembly; regulations; petitions from individuals and organizations about various issues; annual public accounts and other financial statements; as well as other returns related to orders of the Assembly. The series also includes lists of reports required to be tabled as well as binders listing all records tabled in the legislative assembly (1979-1987).

Betty Eggen fonds
PR4110 · 1938 - 1981

The fonds consists of an audiotaped interview of Betty Eggen by Lynne French on January 20, 1994. In the interview, she discusses her training and career as an Army nurse, and as a public health nurse for the Victorian Order of Nurses, the Calgary Board of Health, and the Federal government. Notes from the interview include the advances in training and practice, as well as the development of homecare services. She also compares the cooperative inter-agency activities among charities and agencies in Montreal with the competitive activities of service groups in Calgary.

Eggen, Betty
Jack Wooders fonds
PR4012 · Fonds · 1956

The fonds consists of slides of images of activities at the Camsell Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. Jack Wooders created the slides at the behest of Dr. Harold Pfeiffer, a doctor at the Camsell Hospital. Pfeiffer was a sculptor and taught some patients (largely Inuit) at the Camsell in arts and crafts, both as a social activity and for the patients to earn some money while at the hospital.

The slides show portraits of patients with and without their carvings and sculptures, art collections and pieces, Dr. Pfeiffer at his desk and work, and several pictures of paintings.

There are two copies of 17 of the slides, with a copy each in two different tints (red and blue). There are also two blue-tinted photos of the inside of a sculpture and of a third painting. The slides also have different details that are highlighted based on the tint.

The first box, with blue-tinted slides, was labeled “C. Campsell [sic] Hosp. with Harold Pfeiffer on Sunday March 25/3/56, Palm Sun.” The blue slides are on Pix-A-Color slides. The second box that these slides were donated in, with red-tinted slides, was labeled as “C. Campsell [sic] Hospital Continued 1956.” These slides are on Ansco Color slides. The photos were taken using a Leica III Pentax camera.

Wooders, Jack E.
PR0383 · Fonds · 1946-1992

Fonds consists of records created and maintained by the staff of the Charles Camsell Hospital between 1946 and 1996. Records include inspection reports, annual reports, correspondence, newsletters, photographs of former staff and patients, long service award recipient photographs, newspaper clippings, articles, and drawings. The fonds has been divided into the following series:

  1. Charles Camsell History Committee records from 1910 to 1988
  2. Camsell Arrow records from [196-?]
Charles Camsell Hospital
John Johnston fonds
PR3808 · Fonds · [1900]-1964

The fonds consists of the photo albums John Johnston kept between 1941 and 1964 featuring photographs of his life, work and travels. Subjects include John’s training for military service between 1941 and 1949 in Montreal and Ottawa; John and his wife Hazel’s early years dating in Edmonton; Hazel’s work at the Charles Camsell Hospital and Central Alberta Sanatorium as a nurse in the early 1950s; John and Hazel’s travels across Canada and the United States after their marriage in 1951; John’s work with the Canadian military in Whitehorse and Ontario; and Hazel’s family in Hythe and Grand Prairie between 1900 and 1940.

Johnston, John Henry
PR2118 · Collection · 1991

The collection consists of recorded and written interviews with former staff and patients of the Charles Camsell Hospital dating from 1991 conducted by Lisa Staples of the Provincial Museum of Alberta.

Provincial Museum of Alberta
Malcolm Ross Bow fonds
PR1647 · Fonds · 1912-1965, predominant 1940-1965

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Malcolm Ross Bow’s personal and professional activities and includes correspondence, reports, speeches, articles, agendas/itineraries, financial records, newspaper clippings, a pictorial review of Charles Camsell Hospital, and certificates. Fonds also includes photographs that depict various images in Donnelley, Berwyn, Slave Lake, and Wildwood, Alberta and includes doctors, vehicles stuck in mud, a boat, women, a flood, camps, houses, and a dog sled. This fonds has been divided into the following series: Personal (1912-1963); Deputy Minister of Health (1933-1952); World Health Organization (1947-1951); Chief Medical Health Officer for Yukon Territories (1952-1954); University of Alberta (1950-1954); Canadian Cancer Society (1951-1965)

Bow, Malcolm Ross
PR0034 · Fonds · 1947-1999

The fonds consists of the administrative records of the Charles Camsell Historical Society, as well as records of historical interest pertaining to the Charles Camsell Hospital that have been collected by the Society. These records include minutes, correspondence, reports, photocopies of newspaper clippings, transparencies in the form of teaching slides, and a videocassette of the closing ceremony for the Charles Camsell Hospital. The fonds has been divided into two series: Administrative records; and Historical records.

Charles Camsell Hospital Historical Society
Neil Webber fonds
PR4016 · Fonds · 1982-1983

The fonds consists of the records created and received by Neil Webber as Minister of Social Services and Community Health, including records from his predecessor Bob Bogle that Webber received upon taking office. The records include correspondence, action requests, and reports pertaining to social services programs and issues within the department, including abortion, Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH), adoptions, widows pensions, and other subjects.

The records also include child welfare agreements correspondence; a Tri-partite agreement between the Federal Gov., Gov of Manitoba, and the Four Nations Confederacy; a Lesser Slave Lake Indian Regional Council proposal; files from the Métis Association on disability pension and client needs; files on building the Riel Centre in Lloydminster; and counselling Service Wage parity records.

Webber, Neil
Arrowhead Programme fonds
PR0960 · Fonds · 1979

The fonds includes Arrowhead Programme ’79 posters targeting Indigenous youth on topics such as alcoholism, health, depression, nutrition and other social issues.

Arrowhead Programme
Winnie Shandro fonds
PR4161 · Fonds · 1934-1984

Winnie Shandro describes her career in public health nursing, not in chronological order, but in the order that her lively memory decided. She describes the professional relationships between doctors and nurses and the bad behavior of some doctors towards nurses. One of their first tasks at the East Central Health Unit was to restore discipline to both professions and to improve relations between the public health service and the local hospital. Her main focus is on the health services she offered to First Nations and Metis settlements and to Indigenous patients in the Yukon and northern Alberta. Shandro’s career covered over 50 years of nursing service.

Shandro, Winnie