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Archival description
Draft regulations records
Series · 1907-2007, predominant 1962-2007

The series consists of the records of the Legislative Counsel pertaining to the drafting of Alberta Regulations, which include rules, orders, forms, tariffs of costs, fees, proclamations, bylaws, or resolutions authorized through a power conferred by or under the authority of a provincial statute. The files include rough drafts of regulations; correspondence relating to the revision and/or development of regulations; copies of edited regulations; legal opinions from solicitors within the departments and Legislative Counsel; and any documentation related to the regulations, such as agreements and forms; and final drafts

Alberta. Attorney General. Legislative Counsel

This accession contains records from the Alberta Mortgage and Housing Corporation, consisting of records concerning housing on Métis settlements in Alberta. The files contain reports detailing existing conditions, status reports and program summaries, a file titled “Programs Funded by Alberta Heritage and Savings Trust Fund,” information on Métis Settlement census data, and a report entitled “Senior Citizen Housing on Métis Settlements, 22 October 1985,” among others.

This accession contains records from Métis Rehabilitation Branch and the Métis Settlement Association regarding land use in northern Alberta. It contains annual levy statements, correspondence from the Board of Arbitration concerning the Right of Entry Arbitration Act, and financial statements of money owed and/or paid by lessee (oil) companies.

It also includes ledgers titled “Abandonment and Acceptance of Application: Journal Vouchers and Correspondence Concerning Annual Levy - All Areas,” application/acceptance letters from the Métis Rehabilitation Branch, permits and grants of land to various Métis people, including terms of land use, and annual levy statements for Frog Lake/Fishing Lake [Frog Lake First Nation].

Series · 1888-1997, predominant 1960-1997

The series consists of files related to federal and provincial statutes used for reference purposes by the business unit. The files include correspondence about the act or statute, related regulations, proposed legislation, legal opinions, prosecution of offences, collections and claims under acts, and other related records.

Alberta. Attorney General. Civil Law Branch

The accession consists of records from Emergency Welfare Services and includes records of the Métis Settlement Study Community and its activities involving disaster planning. Files contain both federal and provincial correspondence, memoranda, news releases, advisory bulletins, meeting minutes for Emergency Welfare Services. It also includes information on emergency stockpiling of items such clothing and food in the event of fire, flooding, gas well eruption and other general threats to the safety of all Albertans, both Aboriginal and otherwise.

Box 3 contains file information on the Métis Task Force Trip to Manitoba (1-7 November, 1970), correspondence of the Métis Task Force (1969-1971), the 1972 Report of the Métis Task Force and other documentation relating to the Métis Settlement Study Community. In particular, the records discuss disaster planning strategies in the following communities: Woodburn, Cadomin, Joussard, Sandy Lake, Wabasca and Desmarais, Imperial Mills, Driftpile, Kinuso, Black Diamond, Swan Hills, Peace River, Grande Cache, Rainbow Lake, and Camrose.

This accession contains records from the Family Farm Development Branch of the Department of Agriculture. The records include a study of potential Métis relocations to southern Alberta farms, composed of a sample relocation survey, a final report (“Relocation and Evaluation of Indian Workers Permanently Settled on Farms in Southern Alberta” by William Bayda), and correspondence by Agricultural Manpower Programs - Alberta Department of Agriculture.

The collection also includes a preliminary list of Indigenous people to be interviewed, including Métis and [Kainai First Nation] Blood who would be affected by the move. It contains completed surveys, with a typical survey inquiring about place of residence, age, marital status, children, education, relocation information, employment and training, welfare received, and interviewer’s remarks about the social conditions of the family. It also includes the “Nominal Roll for the Federal-Provincial Agricultural Manpower Agreement, 12 June 1970” including the name, age, sex, residence, treaty number, and employer of the Indigenous people involved.

Series · 1974-1981

The series relates to the Alberta Housing Metis Lease (AHM) program. The records relate to leases issued by the Government of Alberta to Alberta Housing and Mortgage Corporation (AMHC) for the building of accommodations for Metis people on public land. The records may include lease and application documents; financial documents; sketches and plans; reports; legal land searches; correspondence. The AHM program ended in 2002.

Alberta. Lands and Forests. Public Lands Division
Series · 1949-1999

The series consists of the executive records of the Assistant Deputy Minister of the Mineral Resources Division and their predecessor and successor.

Alberta. Mines and Minerals. Minerals Division
PR3380 · Fonds · 1994

The fonds consists of material related to the Gift Lake Métis Days Homecoming celebration held at the Gift Lake Métis Settlement from July 30th to August 1st, 1994. The photographs and negatives depict sites around Gift Lake and speakers, events, and performances related to the Homecoming celebration. The textual material consists of the Homecoming registration packet, including a program, schedule of events, a history of the Gift Lake Settlement, and a map of the Settlement.

Gift Lake Métis Settlement
James McKenna fonds
PR2149 · Fonds · 1899- 1900

The fonds consists of a photograph of James McKenna dating from 1899, and a Half-Breed Claims Commission document dating from 1900.

McKenna, James

The discrete item is a photograph album printed to record the significance of the Elders’ Conference in 1979 of the Federation of Métis Settlements, and details the elders in attendance. The album also contains a loose copy of “Foundation for the Future,” the statement of principles that came from the conference.

The elders in attendance were Maurice L’Hirondelle, Sid Beaudry, Fred Carifelle, Joe McDermott, Richard Poitras, Adolphus Ghostkeeper, Joe Cardinal, Fred Martineau, Robert Aulotte, and Adrian Hope. Including the photos of these elders, there are 28 total photographs in the album, most of which are labeled.

Federation of Métis Settlements
Fonds · 1929-1940

The fonds consists of the records of the Enquiry Into and Concerning the Problems of the Health, Education and General Welfare of the Half-Breed Population of the Province that resulted from its investigation into issues regarding the Metis population of Alberta. The records include correspondence, background information, proceedings, evidence, and the final report of the Commission.

The records also include a 1929 report by N.O. Cote regarding grants and scrip as well as correspondence from 1931-1940 pertaining to issues such as Metis education and settlement. The fonds also includes a microfilm copy of the final report.

Alberta. Enquiry Into and Concerning the Problems of the Health, Education and General Welfare of the Half-Breed Population of the Province
PR3984 · Collection · 1990

The collection consists of microfilm reels describing Métis families and records related to the “Northwest Half-Breed Commission,” created between 1870-1906. These records are from what is now Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. The records were originally created as records of Métis land grants in Manitoba and the then-North West Territories, with a few references to land grants for “Original White Settlers” in Manitoba. The microfilm are copies of original records held at Library and Archives Canada.

The majority of the records are related to the “Northwest Half-Breed Commission,” to which Métis individuals and families could apply for scrip (after the 1.4 million acre land grant for children of Métis families in Manitoba was exhausted, the government supplemented it through scrip distribution to individuals). The main records relevant to the commission are registers of declaration numbers, names and addresses of applications, and names of parents. The applications which are copied in these records contain information on applicants’ names, status, place of residence and birth, parents, and whether funds were already received through other Indigenous rights claims. Earlier applications were sworn in in front of the only commissioner at the time, James Andrew Joseph McKenna. Later ones had other commissioners as well, such as James Walker. The applications were divided into folders by applicant, and some of these folders contain supplementary documents such as birth or baptism certificates, commissioner notes, application status correspondence, and occasional copies of scrip certificates.

Some of the records in the collection go into detail with affidavits of heads of Métis families and children, applications for scrip, list of heirs of deceased Métis and White settlers, homesteading and land grant records, and “North-West Half-Breed Commission” claims and registers. Many of the records contain alphabetical listings of Métis families, but the records are first divided by date (as a result, many names do not appear in records of most years).

Library and Archives Canada
Donald M. Stewart fonds
PR1211 · Fonds · 1844-1979

The fonds consists of 2 printer’s proofs and 27 original land scrips for the purchase of Dominion lands, including predominantly scrips granted by the North-West Half-Breed Commission (Dominion of Canada, Department of the Interior), but also colonization scrips, and scrips for military service, originals dating 1844 to 1909, and the three journals in which Donald M. Stewart’s article installments were published.

Stewart, Donald M.
Mary Percy Jackson fonds
PR0102 · Fonds · 1928-2000

The fonds consists of correspondence between Mary Percy Jackson and her friends and family in Canada and England; biographical information about the doctor and her many achievements; transcripts of speeches which she had given; subject files of material that was of professional and personal interest to her; and, four audio recordings of her life as a doctor and a farmer in Peace River Country.

Jackson, Mary Percy
PR0003.002SF.0012 · Series · 1842-1990
Part of Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI), Lacombe Canada fonds

This series relates largely to the administration of parishes, missions and other localities within the Province of Alberta-Saskatchewan, covering the area of Alberta and portions of western Saskatchewan. The records in this series vary according to each mission and parish, but can include codices historici which are daily journals written by the Oblates about the parishes and missions and its surrounding communities, libri animarum which are records of families, histories of given names, dates of births and deaths and marriages accumulated by Oblates, correspondence with the Provincial or the Bursar, correspondence with the local diocese, property and land records, financial reports and accounts, list of personnel, histories of the parish, newsletters, church bulletins, diaries, press clippings and scrapbooks.

Community material can include brochures, censuses, interviews, records of construction, press clippings, advertisements, articles, local planning or committee records, newsletters, genealogy records, project files, weather related material, school yearbooks, bulletins, and pamphlets specific to the locale.

The series also includes textual records and images of various Indian Residential Schools and their surrounding communities, such as Assumption, Brocket, Cardston, Cluny, Desmarais, Fort Chipewyan, Grouard, Dunbow, Hobbema [Maskwacis], Joussard, St Albert, Blue Quills, and Sturgeon Lake in Alberta. As well, some records relate to the following Saskatchewan schools, Delmas, Duck Lake, Onion Lake, as well as St. Patrick’s orphanage at Prince Albert.

The series includes numerous photographs, negatives and transparencies of local communities, subjects and activities. These include images of missions and churches and convents, residential schools, hospitals, buildings, industry and settlements. Images relate to members of the communities, students, teachers, clergy and nuns. Events include family and community celebrations, religious events, marriages, sports such as hockey, skiing, diving and ice carving, activities such as the Queen’s visit, the Papal visit, gardening, floods, oil work, burials, fires and other experiences of the communities.

The records pertain to the following locations: Albertville, SK, Aldina, SK, Ardmore, AB, Assumption, AB, Athabasca, AB, Athabasca Landing, AB, Atmore, AB, Banff, AB, Barnegat, AB, Barrhead, AB, Batoche, SK, Battleford, SK, Beacon Hill, SK, Bear Lake, BC, Beaver Crossing, SK, Beaver Lake, AB, Belloy, AB, Big River, SK, Blackfoot Crossing, AB, Black Lake, SK, Bonnyville, AB, Boyle, AB, Breynat, AB, Brocket, AB, Brosseau, AB, Buffalo River, NWT, Cabana, SK, Calgary, AB, Calling Lake, AB, Canmore, AB, Canyon Creek, AB, Cardston, AB, Carlton, SK, Carstairs, AB, Chauvin, AB, Christopher Lake, SK, Cluny, AB, Cochin, SK, Cochrane, AB, Cold Lake, AB, Crowsnest Pass, AB, Cut Knife, SK, Dapp, AB, Delmas, SK, Denholm, SK, Desmarais, AB, Donnelly, AB, Driftpile, AB, Duck Lake, SK, Duhamel, AB, Dunbow, AB, Dunvegan, AB, Edmonton, AB, Edson, AB, Egg Lake, AB, Eleske, AB, Elizabeth Colony, AB, Elk Point, AB, Faith, AB, Faust, AB, Fish Creek, AB, Fishing Lake, AB, Fond du Lac, SK, Fort des Prairies, AB, Fort Kent, AB, Fort MacLeod, AB, Fort McMurray, AB, Flat Lake, AB, Frenchman’s Butte, SK, Frog Lake, SK, Gleichen, AB, Goodfish Lake, AB, Goodridge, AB, Grand Centre, AB, Grande Cache, AB, Green Lake, SK, Grouard, AB, Gunnar, SK, Gurneyville, AB, Hafford, SK, Hinton, AB, Hobbema [Maskwacis], AB, Holyoke, AB, Hussar, AB, Ile-à-la-Crosse, SK, Jackfish Lake, AB, Joussard, AB, Kikino, AB, Kinuso, AB, Lac Athabasca, AB, Lac Athabasca, SK, Lac Brochet, MB, Lac Caribou, MB, Lac-en-Long, AB, Lac La Biche, AB, Lac La Nonne, AB, Lac La Salle, SK, La Corey, AB, Lac Ste-Anne, AB, Lac Vert, SK, Lafond, AB, Lashburn, SK, Lebret, SK, Leduc, AB, Legal, AB, Le Goff, AB, Lethbridge, AB, Linaria, AB, Maidstone, SK, Maillardville, BC, Makwa Sud, SK, Mallaig, AB, Marshall, SK, McLennan, AB, McLeod, AB, Meadow Lake, SK, Medicine Hat, AB, Midnapore, AB, Milo, AB, Morinville, AB, Muskeg Lake, SK, New Kiew, AB, North Battleford, SK, Okotoks, AB, Onion Lake, SK, Ouelletteville, AB, Paddle Prairie, AB, Philomena, AB, Paradise Hill, SK, Park Valley, SK, Pascal, SK, Paynton, SK, Peace River, AB, Pickardville, AB, Pincher Creek, AB, Plamondon, AB, Poundmaker, SK, Prince Albert, SK, Radway, AB, Red Deer, AB, Richard, SK, Rivière-Qui-Barre, AB, Saddle Lake, AB, St-Albert, AB, St-Antoine, SK, St-Brides, AB, St-Cyr, AB, St-Edouard, AB, St-Joachim, AB, St-Laurent, SK, St-Lina, AB, St-Paul, AB, St-Paul des Métis, AB, St-Vincent, AB, Sarcee Reserve, AB, Saskatoon, SK, Shell River, SK, Smoky Lake, AB, Spirit River, AB, Standoff, AB, Star City, SK, Stony Rapids, SK, Sturgeon Lake, AB, Sweet Grass, SK, Taber, AB, Thérien, AB, Trappers Lake, AB, Trochu, AB, Vancouver, BC, Vegreville, AB, Venice, AB, Vermilion, AB, Victoire, SK, Vimy, AB, Wabamun, AB, Wabasca, AB, Wakaw, SK, Warspite, AB, Waseca, SK, Waugh, AB, Westlock, AB, Wetaskiwin, AB, Whitecourt, AB, White Star, SK, and Winterburn, AB.

Series · 1906-1995
Part of Legislative Assembly of Alberta fonds

The series consists of sessional papers and other records tabled in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. The tabled records include annual and other reports of government departments, boards and universities related to their operations and programs; reports of royal commissions and commissions of inquiry; reports of Assembly committees; copies of orders-in-council, correspondence, agreements and other records requested by Members of the Legislative Assembly; regulations; petitions from individuals and organizations about various issues; annual public accounts and other financial statements; as well as other returns related to orders of the Assembly. The series also includes lists of reports required to be tabled as well as binders listing all records tabled in the legislative assembly (1979-1987).

Roy Ells fonds
PR1316 · Fonds · 1921-1978

The fonds consists primarily of Roy Ells’s constituency records from his time as Member of the Legislative Assembly for Grouard, as well as records from his time as chairman of the Legislative Committee on Automobile Insurance; these includes correspondence, certificates, reports and minutes, pamphlets and newsletters, invitations and programs, newspaper clippings, financial statements, speeches and copies of bills.

The fonds also holds some personal papers of Roy Ells, including minutes, reports, correspondence, programs and pamphlets relating to his membership in the Alberta Hotel Association, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, the Alberta Social Credit League and the Grouard Constituency Association; a photograph of High Prairie’s first town council and other photographs featuring Rimbey, High Prairie, Fort Vermilion, Swan Hills, and other constituency locations, and includes the 1948 High Prairie flood, the High Prairie Fire Department, the Spaulding Hotel, the High Level Hotel, ribbon cutting ceremonies, and Legislature tour groups; and audio recordings of speeches by Roy Ells, interviews conducted by Roy Ells of Mr. Leesrud and Sid (Bud) Brown, the Social Credit Grassroots theme song and the opening of the High Level Hotel.

Ells, Roy