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File · 1983-1984
Part of St. Paul Career Centre records

This accession includes records from the Alberta Career Centre in St. Paul, and contains reports, statistics, meeting minutes and correspondence on existing labour force conditions, and the North West Career Centre’s staffing and financial reports.

Also contains records on the Leap Project at Caslan Métis Settlement, Kehewin Human Development Program (Kehewin Cree Nation), Fishing Lake House Building Program, Community Development Program (Lac La Biche), Ashmont Living and Vocational Skills Program, rural youth and school vocational programs in Alberta, and Alberta Advanced Education and Manpower, among several other programs. The files also include Further Education Policy Guidelines and Procedures.

This accession contains records on the social conditions for Indigenous and Métis people in the St. Paul area. The records include memoranda, correspondence, minutes of meetings occurring at the Vermilion Regional Office and the Northeast Committee discussing social work, youth programs records, and records of staff training in the area.

It also contains staff and student correspondence at the Blue Quills Native School and information from the Community Coordinating Council regarding employment and counseling issues at the St Paul Counseling Centre.

The records contain additional correspondence from Indian and Northern Affairs regarding general affairs at the Frog Lake [Frog Lake First Nation] and Goodfish Lake [Goodfish Lake First Nation] Reserves. They also contain information on Habitat Enterprises Unlimited, discussing vocational workshops, the St Paul Association of the Handicapped, the Handicapped Children’s Program, and Handicapped Services for Adults, among other records.

This accession contains the proposal to the Minister of Health and Social Development regarding possible construction of the Bonnyville Indian-Métis Rehabilitation Centre. The proposal states the Centre’s intention to treat alcoholism and drug abuse, and in general to serve over 4,000 First Nation and Métis people in three Reserves, two Métis settlements, and various localities near Bonnyville, Elk Point, Grande Centre and Cold Lake [Cold Lake First Nation].

The proposal includes black and white photographs of architectural mock-ups done by architect Douglas Cardinal. It also includes an estimated cost to construct the Centre.

File · 1974-1975
Part of School oversight records

This file is from the Department of Education, School Business Administration. It contains records relating to the Kehewin Band [Kehewin Cree Nation], Bonnyville.

Other files in this accession, GR1989.0299, include records relating to Private Schools, Indian, Hutterite and Mennonite schools, and Schools for the Handicapped.

This accession contains information regarding funding for child welfare activities among Indigenous nations in Alberta. In particular, it contains correspondence from Indian and Northern Affairs and Blackfoot Social Services regarding surplus funds for the 1985/86 fiscal year and various financial reports for Treaty Indian groups detailing institutional placement and maintenance costs.

It also contains two publications (from 1984 and 1985) entitled Management Information Bulletin that outlines existing social services such as child welfare, day care, employment opportunity programs, health, education and promotion services, income security, mental health, and widow’s pensions. Included next is financial data on the Yellowhead Regional Tribal Council and the Beaver Lake, Bigstone Cree, Blood, Boyer River, Cold Lake, Cree, Dene, Ermineskin, Fort Chipewyan, Fort Mckay, Fort McMurray, Frog Lake, Heart Lake, Janvier, Kehewin, Little Red River, Louis Bull, Lubicon Lake, Montana, and Paul Bands.

[Beaver Lake First Nation, Montana First Nation, Paul First Nation, Frog Lake First Nation, Heart Lake First Nation, Kehewin Cree Nation, and Kainai First Nation are all referred to or included in these records]

Indigenous land publications
Series · 1889, 1972, 1988

The series consists of publications held by the Department of Lands and Forests library and its successors that relate to Indigenous people and land. The records include a [Maskwacis-Mackinaw] Hobbema-Mackinaw camp report, an Atlas published by the Federal Department of Indian Affairs, a draft copy of a study addressing the impact of settlers on the Indigenous people and ecosystem of Cypress Hills, and a copy of the Northern Athabasca River Basin Study.

Alberta. Lands and Forests. Administrative Support Branch
Series · 1947-1965

The series consists of records, primarily transcripts of proceedings and oral judgments, created by the Clerk of the Clerk in Edmonton pertaining to civil and criminal cases as well as other matters before the courts in Edmonton, including those heard in the District Court of Alberta as well as the Trial Division and Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Alberta.

The records pertain to arbitrations, probate and bankruptcy issues, hearings before the Workers' Compensation Board and the Petroleum and Natural Gas Conservation Board, inquests, ceremonial events marking the swearing-in and death of justices, and the transcript of proceedings and final report of the Royal Commission on Metropolitan Development of Edmonton and Calgary.

These records also contain a transcript of the public hearings related to the Michel Band application for enfranchisement as well as a transcript of the proceedings of "The Indian Act vs. Members of the Samson Indian Band."

Alberta. Attorney General. Clerk of the Court

These records contain lists of band members under age 18 for the following bands: Sunchild; O’Chiese; Peigan; Samson; Salteaux; Louis Bull; Little Pine; and Stoney.

It also includes an extensive list of the Indigenous children listed as wards of Alberta as of July 1973 in the following communities: North Edmonton; Barrhead; Bonnyville; West Edmonton; Lethbridge; Ft McMurray; South Edmonton; Wetaskiwin; Grande Prairie; North Calgary; Rocky Mountain House; Lethbridge; St. Paul; Camrose; North and South Calgary; High Prairie; Vegreville; Blairmore; Brooks, Smoky Lake; High Level; Red Deer; Lac La Biche; Slave Lake; Athabasca; Hanna; Drumheller; Wainwright; Vermilion; Edson; Peace River; Medicine Hat; and Whitecourt.

PR4007 · Collection · [Before 1983]

The collection consists of research files related to the former Papaschase Indian Reserve. The collection includes photocopies of correspondence, reports, orders in council, and other related records. The copied records cover the years 1881-1975

The Papaschase Band [Papaschase First Nation] signed to join Treaty 6 in 1877, but no action was taken by the Federal Government until 1880 to survey a reserve for the band. Due to a government error in the number of band members the surveyed reserve was smaller than should have been allotted. The Indian Agent responsible for the band transferred some members out when a complaint about this error was brought up, and the later commissioner pressured the band to surrender their land near Edmonton after years of pressure from Edmonton-area settlers. Band members were transferred mostly to the [Enoch Cree Nation] Enoch Band, and the land of Indian Reserve 136 was sold off. Band members were also convinced to relinquish Treaty Status through the North West Half-breed Commission, having been informed they would still retain title to their land. As of 2019, there were two separate groups representing descendants of the original Band. As of 2020, the Papaschase First Nation contended that Canada has acted contrary to the terms of the surrender.

The collection contains student reports on the Papaschase Reservation, and these are accompanied by documents such as copies of land titles, land patent applications, memorandum of scrip applications and deeds, Treaty 6, and surrender documents. There are also maps, correspondence on land title status and sales, records of those receiving scrip and having been discharged from treaty, interview records for scrip applications, and correspondence on uses of the “abandoned” Papaschase Reserve.

In addition, many of the folders contain indexes of sales, correspondence, and Library and Archives Canada records. There are also copies of relevant newspaper articles, handwritten notes and timelines, legal decisions, and the Métis Betterment Act.

The collection also contains a map depicting how the Papaschase Reserve fit into quarter sections. This map is a “plan of the subdivision into sections of the lands reserved for the band of Chief Papaschase.” It has been marked with pencil and pen along several edges. This map was first printed in Ottawa in 1891, and follows the reserve’s re-survey in 1890.

Series · 1960-1986

The series consists of records pertaining to community and economic development programs pertaining to Alberta's Indigenous communities. The files include correspondence, studies, reports, research proposals, minutes of meetings, grant applications, and other records related to liaison with Indigenous organizations, treaty commemorations, advisory services, and other activities.

Alberta. Human Resources Development Authority
Alex Calliou fonds
PR1061 · Fonds · 1949-1986

Fonds consists of the personal records of Alex Calliou and includes records pertaining to his employment with the Provincial Government of Alberta, his financial investments, and to the settlement of his father’s estate, and includes, newspaper clippings, membership forms, programmes, pension records, mortgage records, agreements, wills, correspondence, mechanically produced postcards, and a family tree. Fonds also contains correspondence to Alex Calliou from Phyllis Dewey

Calliou, Alex
Fonds · 1906-1994, predominant 1937-1994

The fonds consists of records related to the constitutional and ceremonial duties performed by the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. The records include correspondence with the Premier, the Secretary of State of Canada, other lieutenant governors; documents related to swearing-in ceremonies for cabinet members; throne speeches; and documents related to the installation of Lieutenant Governors. The records also include correspondence, photographs, Christmas cards, invitations, minutes of meetings, Government House guest registers, and other records related to royal visits, tours, centennials and other commemorative events, levees at Government House, organizations of which the Lieutenant Governor served as patron, the presentation of coronation and other medals, liaison activities with honorary consuls, and the operations of the Alberta Order of Excellence program. The fonds also includes biographical sketches, journals, and personal correspondence of some Lieutenant Governors.

The fonds includes the records from the terms of all Lieutenant Governors of Alberta, namely G.H.V. Bulyea, R.G. Brett, William Egbert, William Walsh, P.C.H. Primrose, John C. Bowen, J.J. Bowlen, J. Percy Page, Grant MacEwan, Ralph Steinhauer, Frank Lynch-Staunton, Helen Hunley, and Gordon Towers.

With most of the records dating from Bowen's term onward, the pre-1937 records are largely represented by a correspondence record book (1906-1917), a file of correspondence regarding ministerial resignations (1909-1917), and the Government House guest registers (1914-1936).

Alberta. Lieutenant Governor
PR4006 · Collection · [before 1978]

This collection contains research materials and reference documents on other archival materials around the Sharphead Indian Reserve. The records include copies of documents from between 1876-1966, as well as handwritten timelines, research notes, and index cards for relevant records of RG-10, The Bulletin, and HBC Archives. The collection includes extensive records related to surrender and settlement.

The Sharphead Band moved from the Pigeon Lake to the reserve selected for them near the Battle River, between Calgary and Edmonton, in 1884. Some of the records in this collection include accounts from missionaries, Indian agents, and other government officials describing the early years of the Sharphead Band’s transfer to their reserve, including their reactions to the Northwest Resistance.

The band population declined, losing over 172 individuals to colds and other illnesses between 1886 and 1890. The majority of the remaining band members were amalgamated with the White Whale Lake Band (which is now Paul First Nation). The Sharphead Reserve was surrendered in 1897 and opened to settlement in 1899.

Nicks, Trudy
Nelles Victor Buchanan fonds
PR0031 · Fonds · 1607, 1645, 1904-1967

The fonds consists of the following series : Personal correspondence; Judge's notebooks; Buchanan family; Health association activities; United Church of Canada; Education; Early law career; Politics; Speeches; Photographs; Certificates and honours; Alberta Trusts Company Ltd.; and, Miscellaneous.

Buchanan, Nelles Victor
Dorothy Dahlgren fonds
PR0521 · Fonds · [1950-1980]

The fonds consists of drafts of Dorothy Dahlgren's radio broadcasts for CKUA radio in Edmonton on a variety of subjects including the settlers and the settlement of Alberta, miscellaneous current affairs commentary, and various opinion pieces. The fonds also contains several newspapers and magazines which include Dorothy Dahlgren's writings. Additionally, the fonds includes poetry, plays and fiction written by Dorothy Dahlgren, a scrapbook of articles from MacLean's magazine dating from 1934 and a article about market gardening written by Herman Miller dating from 1937 collected by Dorothy Dahlgren. The fonds contains materials from 1934 to 1980.

Dahlgren, Dorothy
Series · 1906-1995
Part of Legislative Assembly of Alberta fonds

The series consists of sessional papers and other records tabled in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. The tabled records include annual and other reports of government departments, boards and universities related to their operations and programs; reports of royal commissions and commissions of inquiry; reports of Assembly committees; copies of orders-in-council, correspondence, agreements and other records requested by Members of the Legislative Assembly; regulations; petitions from individuals and organizations about various issues; annual public accounts and other financial statements; as well as other returns related to orders of the Assembly. The series also includes lists of reports required to be tabled as well as binders listing all records tabled in the legislative assembly (1979-1987).

PR3250 · Fonds · 1957-1985

The fonds consists of photographs of Scotty Murray, dignitaries from various bands, scenes in Gleichen and other locations, and various members of the bands that Scotty worked with. Textual records include reports, minutes, and regulations drafted or used by Scotty in his work with the [Maskwacis] Four Bands and other administrative areas of responsibility.

Murray, Alexander (Scotty) Hamilton
Alberta New Democrats fonds
PR0144 · Fonds · 1944-1993, predominant 1961-1993

Fonds consists of federal and provincial records pertaining to the Alberta New Democrats including administrative records, executive minutes, news releases, day files, campaign literature, candidate histories, history papers and correspondence on various political issues.

Alberta New Democrats
Stan Daniels fonds
PR0092 · Fonds · 1924-1991, predominant [196-]-[198-]

This fonds consists of material including personal and family records as well as records of the many Native organizations with which Stan Daniels was involved (minutes, by-laws, research material, correspondence, financial statements, membership lists, etc.) The fonds is comprised of the following series: Private life, Public life.

Daniels, Stan
Lucas family fonds
PR0232 · Fonds · [187-]-1960

Fonds consists of photocopies of histories compiled by Daisy Lucas pertaining to the Lucas family, the Nelson family and other homesteading families in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, as well as photographs depicting early scenes around Edmonton and a manuscript about Fort Ethier and the Indian Industrial Farm from 1879 to 1902.

Lucas family
PR2085 · Fonds · 1971-1983

The fonds consists of copies of reports on Grande Cache, Alberta land development dating from the 1970s as well as correspondence relating to land claims in the Grand Cache area dating from the 1980s. The fonds also includes a report prepared by Carcajou Research Limited evaluating the public health, social community, economy, government, geography, administration, population, and organization of the Kehewin Cree Nation Reserve #123 from 1971-1979, published in 1980.

Carcajou Research Limited
PR0003.002SF.0012 · Series · 1842-1990
Part of Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI), Lacombe Canada fonds

This series relates largely to the administration of parishes, missions and other localities within the Province of Alberta-Saskatchewan, covering the area of Alberta and portions of western Saskatchewan. The records in this series vary according to each mission and parish, but can include codices historici which are daily journals written by the Oblates about the parishes and missions and its surrounding communities, libri animarum which are records of families, histories of given names, dates of births and deaths and marriages accumulated by Oblates, correspondence with the Provincial or the Bursar, correspondence with the local diocese, property and land records, financial reports and accounts, list of personnel, histories of the parish, newsletters, church bulletins, diaries, press clippings and scrapbooks.

Community material can include brochures, censuses, interviews, records of construction, press clippings, advertisements, articles, local planning or committee records, newsletters, genealogy records, project files, weather related material, school yearbooks, bulletins, and pamphlets specific to the locale.

The series also includes textual records and images of various Indian Residential Schools and their surrounding communities, such as Assumption, Brocket, Cardston, Cluny, Desmarais, Fort Chipewyan, Grouard, Dunbow, Hobbema [Maskwacis], Joussard, St Albert, Blue Quills, and Sturgeon Lake in Alberta. As well, some records relate to the following Saskatchewan schools, Delmas, Duck Lake, Onion Lake, as well as St. Patrick’s orphanage at Prince Albert.

The series includes numerous photographs, negatives and transparencies of local communities, subjects and activities. These include images of missions and churches and convents, residential schools, hospitals, buildings, industry and settlements. Images relate to members of the communities, students, teachers, clergy and nuns. Events include family and community celebrations, religious events, marriages, sports such as hockey, skiing, diving and ice carving, activities such as the Queen’s visit, the Papal visit, gardening, floods, oil work, burials, fires and other experiences of the communities.

The records pertain to the following locations: Albertville, SK, Aldina, SK, Ardmore, AB, Assumption, AB, Athabasca, AB, Athabasca Landing, AB, Atmore, AB, Banff, AB, Barnegat, AB, Barrhead, AB, Batoche, SK, Battleford, SK, Beacon Hill, SK, Bear Lake, BC, Beaver Crossing, SK, Beaver Lake, AB, Belloy, AB, Big River, SK, Blackfoot Crossing, AB, Black Lake, SK, Bonnyville, AB, Boyle, AB, Breynat, AB, Brocket, AB, Brosseau, AB, Buffalo River, NWT, Cabana, SK, Calgary, AB, Calling Lake, AB, Canmore, AB, Canyon Creek, AB, Cardston, AB, Carlton, SK, Carstairs, AB, Chauvin, AB, Christopher Lake, SK, Cluny, AB, Cochin, SK, Cochrane, AB, Cold Lake, AB, Crowsnest Pass, AB, Cut Knife, SK, Dapp, AB, Delmas, SK, Denholm, SK, Desmarais, AB, Donnelly, AB, Driftpile, AB, Duck Lake, SK, Duhamel, AB, Dunbow, AB, Dunvegan, AB, Edmonton, AB, Edson, AB, Egg Lake, AB, Eleske, AB, Elizabeth Colony, AB, Elk Point, AB, Faith, AB, Faust, AB, Fish Creek, AB, Fishing Lake, AB, Fond du Lac, SK, Fort des Prairies, AB, Fort Kent, AB, Fort MacLeod, AB, Fort McMurray, AB, Flat Lake, AB, Frenchman’s Butte, SK, Frog Lake, SK, Gleichen, AB, Goodfish Lake, AB, Goodridge, AB, Grand Centre, AB, Grande Cache, AB, Green Lake, SK, Grouard, AB, Gunnar, SK, Gurneyville, AB, Hafford, SK, Hinton, AB, Hobbema [Maskwacis], AB, Holyoke, AB, Hussar, AB, Ile-à-la-Crosse, SK, Jackfish Lake, AB, Joussard, AB, Kikino, AB, Kinuso, AB, Lac Athabasca, AB, Lac Athabasca, SK, Lac Brochet, MB, Lac Caribou, MB, Lac-en-Long, AB, Lac La Biche, AB, Lac La Nonne, AB, Lac La Salle, SK, La Corey, AB, Lac Ste-Anne, AB, Lac Vert, SK, Lafond, AB, Lashburn, SK, Lebret, SK, Leduc, AB, Legal, AB, Le Goff, AB, Lethbridge, AB, Linaria, AB, Maidstone, SK, Maillardville, BC, Makwa Sud, SK, Mallaig, AB, Marshall, SK, McLennan, AB, McLeod, AB, Meadow Lake, SK, Medicine Hat, AB, Midnapore, AB, Milo, AB, Morinville, AB, Muskeg Lake, SK, New Kiew, AB, North Battleford, SK, Okotoks, AB, Onion Lake, SK, Ouelletteville, AB, Paddle Prairie, AB, Philomena, AB, Paradise Hill, SK, Park Valley, SK, Pascal, SK, Paynton, SK, Peace River, AB, Pickardville, AB, Pincher Creek, AB, Plamondon, AB, Poundmaker, SK, Prince Albert, SK, Radway, AB, Red Deer, AB, Richard, SK, Rivière-Qui-Barre, AB, Saddle Lake, AB, St-Albert, AB, St-Antoine, SK, St-Brides, AB, St-Cyr, AB, St-Edouard, AB, St-Joachim, AB, St-Laurent, SK, St-Lina, AB, St-Paul, AB, St-Paul des Métis, AB, St-Vincent, AB, Sarcee Reserve, AB, Saskatoon, SK, Shell River, SK, Smoky Lake, AB, Spirit River, AB, Standoff, AB, Star City, SK, Stony Rapids, SK, Sturgeon Lake, AB, Sweet Grass, SK, Taber, AB, Thérien, AB, Trappers Lake, AB, Trochu, AB, Vancouver, BC, Vegreville, AB, Venice, AB, Vermilion, AB, Victoire, SK, Vimy, AB, Wabamun, AB, Wabasca, AB, Wakaw, SK, Warspite, AB, Waseca, SK, Waugh, AB, Westlock, AB, Wetaskiwin, AB, Whitecourt, AB, White Star, SK, and Winterburn, AB.

PR1323 · Fonds · 1877-1982

The fonds consists of a history of the Grey Nuns at Lac St. Anne and St. Albert, and bound volumes which have been organized into the following 5 series: The Annales (a Grey Nuns periodical containing news from missions, lists of personnel and short biographies of deceased members of the congregations); General histories; Works written about the Foundress of the Grey Nuns, Saint Marguerite d'Youville; Biographies of the Superiors General; and Miscellaneous items.

Sisters of Charity (Grey Nuns) of Alberta
Lee Pritzker fonds
PR2742 · Fonds · Copied [ca. 1968]

The fonds consists of five photographs relating to the Mennonite community in Western Canada in 1882. The fonds features a photograph of a Mennonite girl tending cattle taken by W.T. Smedley in 1882, the interior and exterior of a Mennonite Church taken by W.T. Smedley, a prairie farm, and the exterior of a Mennonite dwelling take by E.R. Tichenor.

The fonds also contains four colored prints originating from The Canadian Pictorial and Illustrated War News that depicts the Buffalo Dance at Fort Qu'Appelle (1881), First Nations trappers (1882), the Frog Lake incident (1885), and a prairie church parade (1885).

Pritzker, Lee
Alex Miller fonds
PR0129 · Fonds · 1979-1981

The fonds consists of video records of Rellim Productions and has been divided into the following series: “Fliers Pioneering Canadian Aviation” records, “Jazz Unlimited” records, “Air Shows in Western Canada” records, and “Enoch Indian Days (Stony Indian Reserve)” records [of Enoch Cree Nation].

Miller, Alex
Gilda Rath fonds
PR0406 · Fonds · 1954-1973

Fonds consists of project records and includes correspondence, working papers, maps, genealogical charts, a slide, a newspaper clipping, reports, and photographs. Fonds also includes a list of Indigenous herbal medicines.

Rath, Gilda
PR2895 · Fonds · 1993

The fonds consists of a booklet entitled, "A Historical Perspective of Pigeon Lake Reserve #138A" written by Casey Rowan and Rik Yellowbird in 1993.

Contents of the file include an historical and commemorative account of the Reserve’s history, notes on the Rundle mission, surrender of the land near the Village of Mameo Beach, and a list of the original families of the reserve. It also contains information on mineral resources and issues, leadership then and now, a vision for the future, the Pigeon Lake Satellite Health Unit, and leadership of the four bands of [Maskwacis] Hobbema (Samson Cree Nation, [Montana First Nation] Montana Band, [Ermineskin Cree Nation] Ermineskin Band, Louis Bull Band). The publication also contains a bibliography at the end and images throughout.

Yellowbird, Rik
PR0865 · Collection · Copied 1988-1992

The collection consists of images, originally taken circa 1890 to the 1960s, from the Lac La Biche area, including images of the Filles de Jésus, priests, church exteriors and interiors, Lac La Biche Mission, mission students, houses, stores, buildings destroyed by a tornado, deer, barn building, potato picking, planting, skiing, chopping and hauling wood, a hockey team, children, Métis, families including members of the Ladouceur, Cardinal, Chevigny, families, and Italian settlers (Canterra, Biollo, Bonifacio) and a grain elevator in the Venice district. The collection also includes prints of some Le Franco images of the 1988 "Cultural Rendezvous Culturel," a copy of Joseph Ladouceur's Bill of Landing Hudson's Bay Company (1877), copies of Cree grammar books and copies of certificates of Victor Parenteau.

Lac La Biche Mission Historical Society
Gene Gregoret fonds
PR3666 · Fonds · 1968-1980

The fonds consists of release prints, A and B rolls, answer prints, inter-negatives, original camera rolls (negative and reversal), mixed soundtracks, and original audio reels created for Viator Films documentaries. Most of these films focus on Cree communities in northern Alberta. These titles are This Place—Chipewyan Lakes, Spring Beaver, 40 Yards of Canvas, The Craftsman, Voice of My Grandmother, Season of the Birch, Lac Ste. Anne Experience, and Trout Lake. These films cover a variety of topics including Cree oral traditions, beaver trapping, woodcarving, traditional canoe construction, teepee construction, the Lac Ste. Anne pilgrimage, and Catholic missionaries. There are also two films that focus on the Caribbean immigrant experience in Alberta or life in the Caribbean (Tradewinds: West Indians in Alberta and Sweet Barbados).

The photographs depict various Cree subjects from Chipewyan Lakes, Trout Lake, and other northern Albertan communities. The textual material consists of editing notes, shot lists, and production diaries.

Gregoret, Gene
Jenny Margetts fonds
PR3681 · Fonds · 1971-1991

The fonds includes records collected or created by Jenny Margetts when she conducted advocacy activities as a leader supporting Cree language, Indigenous culture, and women’s rights. The fonds document the activities, commitments and interests of Jenny Margetts as well as the activities conducted by Indian Rights for Indian Women (IRIW).

The records include several personal and IRIW notebooks and schedule books, as well as multiple records produced during Jenny Margetts’ life. These records consist of meeting minutes, correspondence to and from the IRIW, legislation summaries and discussions, committee records, publications, and internal communications of the IRIW, among other records. Other IRIW records include correspondence to and from Margetts and IRIW, research and planning notes, conference and meeting minutes and proceedings, reports and proposals, and workshop programs and evaluation forms.

This collection also contains a wide variety of records from Jenny Margetts, both in the form of personal correspondence and notes and from her work with IRIW. The majority of this collection relates to the IRIW’s lengthy legal battle to repeal the section of the Indian Act that stripped Indigenous women (and their children) of their status if they married a non-status man (Section 12 1(b)), as well as the subsequent work to address continued discrimination against Indigenous women in the Indian Act.

Margetts, Jenny