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William Sutton fonds
PR0176 · Fondo · 1910-1947, predominant 1910-1928

Fonds consists of records pertaining to William Sutton’s life in the Lloydminster area.

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John Hackett fonds
PR2473 · Fondo · 1922

The fonds consists of a letter to the President and Directors of the Edson Local United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) from the Immigration Committee of the local UFA regarding the promotion and development of the Edson, Alberta district dated March 25, 1922; a letter to W. Puff, Secretary of the Edson Local UFA from D.M. Kennedy, Member of Parliament for West Edmonton regarding the re-opening of the Edson Sub-Agency Dominion Lands dated May 23rd 1922, and a letter from the Minister of the Interior, Charles Stewart to D.M. Kennedy informing him that the Edson Sub-Agency would not open, dated May 12, 1922.

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Mabel E. Clark fonds
PR0503 · Fondo · 1884-1988

Fonds consists of a Methodist hymnal, a photograph of the Women’s Industrial Auxiliary Reception Committee and Delegates of Women’s Section at the United Farmers of Alberta Convention, slides, articles, and newspaper clippings about Alberta history and pioneers, Clark family and Long family records, including photographs and family histories.

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Louisa M. Gordon fonds
PR1144 · Fondo · 1920-1921

The fonds consists of sheet music for two songs, “Equal Rights for All” (1920) and “The Farmers’ Movement Nought Can Stay” (1921), both by H.W. Gothard.

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Gerald Schuler fonds
PR1145 · Fondo · 1918-1952

The fonds consists of two photographs, one of the 1918 United Farmers of Alberta annual convention, and one of the 1952 Farm Women’s Union of Alberta annual convention.

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Maxim Tomyn fonds
PR3227 · Fondo · 1909-1940

The fonds consists of correspondence files for the municipal district, school districts, and United Farmers of Alberta local that Tomyn served. There are also personal correspondence files intermingled with these records, as well as some financial records pertaining to the municipality and school districts.

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Henry E. Spencer fonds
PR3121 · Fondo · Copied 1970 (originally created 1921- 1942)

The fonds consists of materials created and acquired by Henry E. Spencer including a copy of "Parliament and the Party System" written by Spencer circa 1921, a copy of "A Case for the Alberta School Trustee" written by Spencer in 1942, and clippings pertaining to Spencer's political career.

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John F. Lymburn fonds
PR0301 · Fondo · 1896-1968

The fonds consists of records pertaining to the personal and professional life of John Lymburn, including records related to his family, legal career, and tenure as the Attorney General of Alberta. The fonds is divided into two series:

  • Personal and professional records
  • Attorney General office records
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Frank Sidney Grisdale fonds
PR0066 · Fondo · 1921-1976

The fonds consists of the records of Frank Sidney Grisdale. The fonds is divided into the following three series: Diaries; General files; and Farm records.

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Postans family fonds
PR3755 · Fondo · 1882-2015

The fonds consists of Postans family material on the UFA, UFWA, and RCAF and includes correspondence, diaries, souvenirs, newspaper clippings, notebooks, meeting minutes, reports, conventions, studies, programs, a speech, a recipe book, service records, ledgers, cards, comics and propaganda, a ration book, newsletters, handbooks, personal recollections, membership cards, German, Dutch, and Canadian currency, address books, postcards, and homestead entry papers.

Photographs and negatives are of UFA and UFWA members, convention attendees, airplanes, war, servicemen, travel, and friends. The audio tape is an interview Stanley Postans did with the Wainwright Star Chronicle and maps are of electoral districts and one municipal map for Wainwright.

Records will be arranged into the following three series, according to their creator: Alexander Postans series, Agnes Postans series, and Stan Postans series. Some family records haven’t been arranged into one of the series.

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W. M. Fawcett fonds
PR0768 · Fondo · 1908-1917

Fonds consists of a photograph depicting the first street car in Edmonton, Alberta and a panoramic photograph of a United Farmers of Alberta convention in Edmonton.

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Omer Saint-Germain fonds
PR3343 · Fondo · 1904-1949

The fonds consists of correspondence and political papers of Omer Saint-Germain of Morinville, photographs, paper clippings, minutes of meetings of the Saint-Albert Liberal Association, membership lists, election results and other records related to his political career, as well as post-cards addressed to his sister-in-law, Priscille Renaud.

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Susan Gunn fonds
PR1815 · Fondo · 1920-1972

The fonds consists of magazines, correspondence, pamphlets, handbooks, and newspaper clippings related to Susan Gunn's work with the UFWA. The fonds also consists of correspondence between Roy Wilson, a University of Alberta history student, and Susan Gunn. The correspondence relates to his thesis, and the fonds includes a copy of his thesis, "Henry Wise Wood and the Ideology of Western Canadian Agrarianism."

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Howes, Fleming family fonds
PR0175 · Fondo · 1929-1961

Fonds consists of personal records, farm business records as well as association records. Fonds includes four series: breeding certificates; crop records; tax and financial records, and personal correspondence. Fonds consists of correspondence, financial statements, account books, tax returns and certificates.

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L.J. Wilson fonds
PR0542 · Fondo · 1921-1969

Fonds consists of the research records of L.J. Wilson and includes correspondence, notes, copies of articles about Perren Earle Baker, and taped interviews with Baker and Richard Reid. Fonds also includes some personal records of Baker including memoranda, correspondence, and speeches.

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Winnie Olthuis fonds
PR1864 · Fondo · 1918-[194-]

The fonds consists of photographs relating to the Prins family, who farmed on the Humberstone property, which has since become part of Rundle Park, and includes images of the Humberstone house, the Prins farmhouse and farm buildings, Jacob and Aafje Prins, the McGavin Brothers (Bros.) Bakery and wagons, and a photograph of the 1918 annual convention of the United Farmers of Alberta.

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United Farmers of Alberta fonds
PR0363 · Fondo · 1906-1949

The fonds consists of the records of the United Farmers of Alberta and includes the following sous-fonds: United Farm Women of Alberta sous-fonds, Junior Branch of the U.F.A. sous-fonds, United Farmers of Alberta Political Association sous-fonds, Bellcamp Local No. 135 sous-fonds, Earlie Local No. 607 sous-fonds, East Clover Bar local No.3 sous-fonds, Harmattan Local No. 1093 sous-fonds, Huxley to Granger District Association of the UFA and UWFA locals sous-fonds, Josephburg Local No. 500 sous-fonds, Lamont Local No. 589 sous-fonds, Longview Local No. 393 sous-fonds, Namao Local No. 18, Pearce Local No. 177 sous-fonds, Trochu Local No. 762 sous-fonds, Wimborne Local No. 1005 sous-fonds, and Winona Local No. 161 sous-fonds.

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William Jerome Lampley fonds
PR2595 · Fondo · Copied 1968

The fonds consists records pertaining to William Lampley including a photograph of William Jerome Lampley as a school teacher in Tennessee ca. 1905, Ruby Lampley feeding chickens on the Lampley Ranch in 1914, William Jerome Lampley feeding pigs in 1916 taken by J. Nartino, the UFA General Store ca. 1920, the UFA Hall at Griffin Creek, and a biography of W.J. Lampley An Alberta Pioneer written by his daughter Florence Lampley Brown.

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Hugh Allen fonds
PR1096 · Fondo · 1900-1974, predominant 1930-1966

Fonds consists of the personal records of Hugh Allen and contains records that pertain to his farm, his involvement with various agricultural associations, and his time as an MLA, and includes correspondence, insurance policies, receipts, electoral results and voters lists, memorandum, resolutions, petitions, telegrams, UFA newspapers, radio broadcast transcripts, speeches, a daily journal, greeting cards, driver’s licenses and registrations, gas ration coupons, school exams, a family genealogy, newspaper clippings, tax notices and receipts, permits, income tax returns, farm employee records and grain and livestock records. Fonds also contains correspondence, financial records, wills, and inventories relating to the settlement of the estates of Marjorie McKenzie and Sarah Anne Jackson, a transcript of diary entries by Mrs. Percy Clubine, maps depicting sites of various agricultural operations in Alberta and the main natural resources in Canada, and photographs which depict bridges, roads, Hugh Allen, various agricultural association members, and the Alberta Relief Commission Labour Camp Number (No.) 115. This fonds has been divided into three series: Personal Papers (1900-1974); Farm Account (1927-1961); MLA Papers (1926-1935)

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Frank Walker fonds
PR1999 · Fondo · 1916-1979

The fonds consists of images copied from glass negatives, originally dating from 1906 to about 1920, and includes images of various family members, friends, homes and homesteading, taken in Edmonton, Manly and Round Hill. The fonds also includes two photographs of United Farmers of Alberta delegates in Calgary and a copy of a paper about the history of the Hay Lakes Mutual Telephone Company.

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J.E. Brownlee fonds
PR4060 · Fondo · 1921-1925

The fonds consists of the records used by J.E. Brownlee, including personal photographs, newspaper clippings, and files used while he served as Attorney General of Alberta.

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Allen Ronaghan collection
PR0543 · Colección · Copied 1971-1995

Collection consists of an oral history by Hugh B. Evans about his experiences as a sailor on the Southern Cross Expedition, dated 1970, an index to a cash book dated 1905 from the Vermilion Branch of the Canadian Bank of Commerce and notes on the pioneer telegraph system in Alberta dated 1976, both compiled by Allen Ronaghan, a copy of the United Farmers of Alberta Union Local No. 139 minutes and membership roll, and a copy of the attendance register of the Batts School District No. 1960 dating 1918-1919.

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Gustav Magnus Eriksson fonds
PR1147 · Fondo · 1919-1955

The fonds includes the 1928 Constitution and Bylaws of the United Farmers of Alberta, Report and Addresses of the 1928 United Farm Women of Alberta Convention, with correspondence to locals, the 1926-1927 Annual Report of the Alberta Co-operative Wheat Producers Limited, the 1919 Annual Report and Year Book of the United Farmers of Alberta, the 1955 unclaimed reserves of the Alberta Wheat Pool and a 1937 report from the Dominion Experimental Station in Scott, Saskatchewan. The fonds also includes correspondence, American income tax forms and agricultural catalogues.

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Namao Community Hall fonds
PR1143 · Fondo · 1925-1959

The fonds consists of the records of the Namao U.F.A. Community Hall board, and includes incorporation records, minutes and cashbook.

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Leslie Robinson fonds
PR1146 · Fondo · 1977

The fonds consists of correspondence to Leslie Robinson from Susan Gunn, president of the United Farm Women of Alberta (UFWA) from 1924 to 1929. The correspondence consists of the personal reflections of Susan Gunn, answering questions posed by Leslie Robinson, and includes information about the establishment of the women's section of the United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) and the early members of the UFWA and the UFA, including Henry Wise Wood and William Irvine.

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