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Edward P. McNeill fonds
PR4164 · Fondo · 1882-1913

The fonds consists of records created by Edward P. McNeill as part of his law practice in Fort Macleod from 1899-1913 prior to his appointment as a judge of the District Court of Alberta. The fonds includes client files (1882-1913) pertaining to land sales, mortgages, partnerships, agreements and contracts, wills and estates, and brands. The files also pertain to civil litigation, including representing the Hudson’s Bay Company in overdue accounts cases as well as business dealings with banker John Cowdry and rancher Edward Maunsell. The fonds also includes files pertaining to the administration of his law practice (1902-1910) as well as his personal business interests (1898-1912).

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PR1710 · Colección · 1982-1984

The collection consists of 23 bound volumes of transcripts of interviews with lawyers, judges, sheriffs, court reporters and clerks relating to the practice of law in southern Alberta. The interviews were conducted by Susie Sparks and James H Gray. Those interviewed were: the Honourable Gordon H. Allen, Q.C., “Barney” Barnett and Tom Malcolm, R.H. Barron, Q.C., W.F. Bowker, Q.C., E.M. Bredin, Q.C., Chester V. Burns, Q.C., R.L. Fenerty, Q.C., Spencer Cumming, Q.C., J.H. Gray, Dr. Ruth Gorman, Rollie Jardine, A.W. MacDonald, M.E. Jones, Q.C., A.W. Henricks, Q.C., the Honourable J.H. Laycraft, the Honourable W.G.N. Egbert, E.W.N. Macdonald, Q.C., the Honourable L.D. MacLean, the Honourable E.C. Manning, R.A. MacKimmie, Q.C., the Honourable R. Martland, Q.C., Marie McCaffary, D.P. McDonald, Q.C., the Honourable J.V.H. Milvain, Q.C., D.P. McLaws, Q.C., Archdeacon Cecil Swanson, Judge F. Thurgood, E. Kush, Q.C., A. Gilchrist, Mrs. Harry Nolan, Mrs. Orrin Might, Ruth Patterson, R.G. Black, Q.C., J.M. Pritchard, Q.C., J.J. Saucier, Q.C., Arthur R. Smith and Peter S. Vallance.

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J. Boyd McBride fonds
PR4163 · Fondo · 1921-1959

The fonds consists of records related to cases heard by Justice J. Boyd McBride in the Trial Division of the Supreme Court of Alberta, which comprise criminal law memos, files regarding both civil and criminal cases, remission applications and forms of reprieve from 1939 to 1957. The series also includes cases heard by Justice McBride in the Appellate Division from 1957 to 1959. The series also contains three scrapbooks of cigarette advertisements from 1921 to 1938.

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Frank Byrne fonds
PR2262 · Fondo · 1965-1985

The fonds consists of records related to Frank Byrne's career as an Alberta provincial court judge, and his interest and work with youth justice committees. The fonds includes correspondence, proposals, and drafts related to the passing and evaluation of the Juvenile Delinquents Act and the Young Offenders Act dating from 1965 to 1985.

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Lucien Maynard fonds
PR0642 · Fondo · 1915-1986, predominant 1930-1986

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Lucien Maynard’s political career, to his involvement with ACFA, and to his personal life, and includes affidavits, agendas/itineraries, almanacs, articles, blank cheques, business cards, bylaws, books, certificates of incorporation, correspondence, court transcripts, draft manuscripts, election materials, financial records, historical/biographical sketches, invitations, leases, legislation, maps, member lists, memorandum, minutes, the ACFA newspaper La Survivance, the Social Credit newspaper Today and Tomorrow, newsletters, newspaper clippings, notes, notices, oaths, pamphlets, petitions, plans, poems, postcards, programmes, questionnaires, radio broadcast transcripts, receipts, reports, resolutions, speeches, telegrams, various government commissions reports, voting proxies, wills, and photographs.

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Raymond M. Lee fonds
PR0786 · Fondo · 1910-1949

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Raymond M. Lee’s law practice and includes case files, mainly regarding the settlement of estates, which contain agreements, correspondence, petitions, affidavits, land transfers and sales, mortgages, by-laws, wills, property inventories and lists of assets and liabilities, receipts, tax notices, financial records, notices, land descriptions, court records, certificates of title, newspapers, income tax returns, minutes, birth certificates, notes, marriage certificates, insurance policies and other records pertaining to the settlement of estates.

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McDougall family fonds
PR0237 · Fondo · 1878-1965, predominant 1878-1950

Fonds consists of records pertaining to various members of the McDougall family including Lovisa McDougall, John A. McDougall and E.H. McDougall. Records include cinefilms created by E.H. McDougall, correspondence, a photograph and an Edmonton directory.

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Bowker family fonds
PR0339 · Fondo · 1927-1998

The fonds consists of records created by Marjorie Bowker and Wilbur Bowker. These papers show their involvement in legal, social and political issues in Alberta and Canada. The fonds holds family papers, speeches and writings, material created by Marjorie Bowker’s position as a judge, media interviews and various photo albums. The fonds includes two series: Marjorie Bowker records and Wilbur Bowker records.

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Roland Michener fonds
PR3902 · Fondo · 1912-1968

The fonds consists of 12 photographs of Daniel Roland Michener and his family.

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Wilfred G. Harrison fonds
PR0872 · Fondo · 1902-1928

The fonds consists of the client files of Wilfred G. Harrison, including powers of attorney, last will and testaments, duplicate certificates of titles, transfers of land, memoranda of mortgage, agreements, indentures and correspondence. Records dating from after Harrison’s departure from Edmonton are primarily correspondence, handled by C.G. Scarth and Scarth Agencies, Ltd.

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Jim Foster fonds
PR4167 · Fondo · 1958-1979

The fonds consists of the records of Jim Foster pertaining to his terms as a provincial cabinet minister. The records are divided into the following series:

  • Minister of Advanced Education records, including records received by Foster from his predecessors Anders Aalborg, Hugh McKinnon, Raymond Reierson, and Bob Clark as Minster of Education when the advanced education function was part of the Ministry of Education; and
  • Attorney General records, including records from his predecessor Merv Leitch that Foster received upon taking office.
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Jim Horsman fonds
PR4168 · Fondo · 1974-1992

The fonds consists of the records created and received by Jim Horsman during his tenure as an MLA and cabinet minister. The fonds is divided into the following series:

  • Minister of Advanced Education and Manpower records, including records received from his predecessor Bert Hohol when Horsman took office;

  • Minister of Federal and Intergovernmental Affairs records, including records received from his predecessors Lou Hyndman and Dick Johnston when Horsman took office;

  • Attorney General records; and

  • Member of Legislative Assembly records.

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Lou Hyndman fonds
PR4177 · Fondo · 1943-1985

The fonds consists of the records created and received by Lou Hyndman during his career as a Member of the Legislative Assembly and a cabinet minister. The fonds is divided into the following series:

  • Constituency records;
  • Minister of Education records, including files received from his predecessors Ivan Casey, Anders Aalborg, Randolph McKinnon, Raymond Reierson, and Bob Clark;
  • Minister of Federal and Intergovernmental Affairs records, including files received from his predecessor Don Getty; and
  • Provincial Treasurer records.
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John F. Lymburn fonds
PR0301 · Fondo · 1896-1968

The fonds consists of records pertaining to the personal and professional life of John Lymburn, including records related to his family, legal career, and tenure as the Attorney General of Alberta. The fonds is divided into two series:

  • Personal and professional records
  • Attorney General office records
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Julian Koziak fonds
PR4176 · Fondo · 1967-1983

The fonds consists of records created and received by Julian Koziak during his tenure as a provincial cabinet minister. The fonds is divided into the following series:

  • Minister of Education records, including records received from his predecessors Bob Clark and Lou Hyndman when Koziak took office; and
  • Minister of Municipal Affairs records, including records received from his predecessors Edgar Gerhart, Harry Strom, Fred Colborne, David Russell, Dick Johnston and Marvin Moore when Koziak took office.
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Margaret Crang fonds
PR0067 · Fondo · 1906-1946

The fonds consists of her law school notes, client files from her legal practice, material generated in her career as an alderman for the city of Edmonton, correspondence and newsletters from various youth and peace organizations she was involved with, correspondence created as secretary of the Empire Opera Company and its predecessor the Opera Slav, and personal correspondence with family and friends.

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Downes family fonds
PR0169 · Fondo · 1892-1945

Fonds consists of professional records created and accumulated by George Francis Downes during his practice of law as well as his personal records. The fonds also includes the personal records of George Frost Downes. The fonds includes maps of Edmonton, Strathcona, sections of the Mackenzie River, and British Columbia. Fonds also includes blueprints, school notebooks and reports, correspondence, writs, reports, affidavits, diplomas, and certificates.

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W Roland Winter fonds
PR3308 · Fondo · 1893-1938

The fonds consists of records related to Winter’s judicial career, newspaper clippings related to the Winters’ involvement in the arts, and newspaper clippings of arts articles written by Lydia Winter.

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Howard T. Emery fonds
PR1223 · Fondo · [ca. 1918-ca. 1950]

Fonds consists of photographs depicting early Edmonton, Alberta including All Saints Cathedral, Misercordia Hospital, a parade to celebrate the visit of the Duke of Connaught, and a ceremonial presentation of colours during World War I. Fonds also includes photographs depicting members of the Law Society and the Bar Association of Alberta, a greeting card by the Northern Alberta Pioneers' and Old Timers' Association and a map of Edmonton.

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George J. Bryan fonds
PR0962 · Fondo · 1926-1973

The fonds consists of programs relating the various groups with which George J. Bryan was involved, correspondence, newspaper clipping, awards, and photographs of the Brethren of the Pine (1925) and the Alberta College Board (1966).

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William Buchanan fonds
PR0190 · Fondo · 1945-1980

The fonds consists of educational certificates, diplomas and degrees, an issue of Financial Times of Canada, newspaper clippings related to William Buchanan, a photograph of Buchanan and a photograph of the 29th Graduating Class (1951-1952) of the Faculty of Law at University of Alberta.

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Young & Bisset fonds
PR1092 · Fondo · 1902-1953, predominant 1921-1953

The fonds consists of the business records of Young & Bisset, and includes correspondence, agreements, orders, memoranda of agreement, letters of administration, probate records, handwritten case notes, a list of cases, Bisset’s daily journals (includes appointments), a bank passbook, and days books (cashbooks).

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James Duncan Hyndman fonds
PR0443 · Fondo · 1914-1931

The fonds consists of the judicial records of James Duncan Hyndman, specifically his judge’s notebooks which include personal notes on testimony and arguments presented in trial.

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Charles Coursolles McCaul fonds
PR0813 · Fondo · 1899-1925, predominant 1921-1925

The fonds consists of records dating from 1899 to 1925 which relate to McCaul’s business and social affairs and includes a diary, appeal books, briefing documents, opening addresses, petitions, and a photographic copy of a portrait.

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W.E. Simpson fonds
PR0578 · Fondo · 1938-1951

Fonds consists of records regarding various commissions, proceedings, and hearings in the Alberta petroleum and natural gas industry.

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Serie · 1942-2004, predominant 1980-2004

The series consists of records related to the regulation and oversight of various provincial professions and occupations. The files include those created by several government-appointed independent regulatory boards as well as government branches responsible for professional regulation whose records were subsequently consolidated into a single filing system for all regulatory activities.

The records include correspondence, reports, minutes of meetings, agendas, background research into and histories of specific disciplines, drafts and copies of legislation, questionnaires, ministerial orders, orders-in-council, and other records related to liaison with and oversight of health-related and other professions and occupations. Those professions and occupations include:

  • accountants
  • acupuncturists
  • agrologists
  • appraisers
  • architects
  • assessors
  • athletic therapists
  • chiropodists
  • chiropractors
  • laboratory and x-ray technicians
  • dental mechanics
  • dental technicians
  • dental hygienists
  • dental assistants
  • dieticians
  • electroencephalograph technologists
  • emergency medical technicians
  • engineering technologists
  • engineers / geologists / geophysicists
  • foresters
  • funeral directors / embalmers
  • health records administrators
  • hearing aid practitioners
  • herbalists
  • home economists
  • homeopathic practitioners
  • interior designers
  • landscape architects
  • lawyers
  • licensed practical nurses
  • local government managers
  • massage therapists
  • medical lab technologists
  • medical doctors
  • medical radiation technologists
  • mental deficiency nurses / psychiatric nurses
  • midwives
  • naturopaths
  • nurses
  • occupational therapists
  • ophthalmic dispensers
  • optometrists
  • orthomolecular consultants
  • orthopedic technologists
  • orthotists / prosthetists
  • pharmacists
  • physical therapists
  • planners
  • podiatrists
  • professional biologists
  • psychologists
  • purchasers
  • rehabilitation practitioners
  • respiratory therapists
  • school business officials
  • shorthand reporters
  • social workers
  • teachers, and
  • veterinarians.
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Halyna Freeland fonds
PR2400 · Fondo · 1970-1990

The fonds consists of Halyna Freeland's personal papers, including her appointment books, daily journal, agendas, her clients' legal files, and files from her New Democratic Party election campaign; as well as records she collected on women's rights, on rights for Indigenous women, international issues on women, on fighting violence against women, and on Ukrainian studies.

The fonds also includes operational files from the Common Woman Bookstores Ltd; operational files of the Alberta Women's News Magazine and copies of this magazine; operational records from the Alberta Law Foundation; records from the Advisory Council on the Status of Women, from the Institute of Law Research and Reform on children and women; as well as from the Hromada Housing Cooperative.

The fonds is of outstanding significance and national importance by reason of its unique content on Canadian history and politics, women’s rights, rights of Indigenous peoples and people of colour, and because of Halyna Freeland’s impact on feminism in Alberta and Ukraine.

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Merv Leitch fonds
PR4166 · Fondo · 1955-1982

The fonds consists of the records of Merv Leitch that were created or received during his tenure as a provincial cabinet minister. The fonds includes the following series:

  • Attorney General records, including some records of his predecessors Ernest C. Manning and Edgar Gerhart;
  • Minister responsible for the Personnel Administration Office; and
  • Provincial Treasurer records.
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Shortreed family fonds
PR3700 · Fondo · 1885-1995

The fonds consists of photographs depicting identified members of various branches of the Shortreed family dating back to the late 19th century. The majority of the photos focus on the above-named members of the family and include images from the First and Second World Wars, the 1918-19 Canadian expedition in Siberia, family gatherings, holidays, and family snapshots.

The textual material consists of correspondence between John Shortreed and several other members of the family as well as ballet programs collected by Margaret Shortreed in Paris during the 1920s including one from the renowned ballet troupe Ballet Russes. There are also business records, family trees, and records related to important life events such as births and deaths.

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F. C. Jamieson fonds
PR1537 · Fondo · 1937-1964

Fonds consists of the personal records of F.C. Jamieson pertaining to his affiliation with the 19th Alberta Dragoons and includes correspondence, poems, photocopied newspaper clippings, and a greeting card from the South African War Veterans’ Association.

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Peter and Olga Savaryn family fonds
PR0671 · Fondo · 1919-2013

The fonds consists of records pertaining to both Peter and Olga Savaryn’s participation in various community organizations including reports, administrative records, photographs, awards, studies, speeches, contracts, and newsletters. The records depict the history of the Ukrainian communities in Alberta, Peter Savaryn’s part in that history, and Savaryn’s own history and experiences.

Peter Savaryn’s university education and law practice are captured by finances, newspaper clippings, personal correspondence, and cards. Records of his tenure at the University of Alberta as Chancellor and member of the Board of Governors and Senate includes administrative materials, convocation information, and programs. Also included are records of Peter and Olga Savaryn’s participation in the political community, containing campaign material, conference notes, newspaper articles, and audio-visual material. There are also collected publications from various Canadian Ukrainian communities and the University of Alberta Law School and Alumni and Ukrainian music publications.

In addition to professional and community records, the fonds includes family archives such as photographs, negatives, and Christmas cards and letters from family members in Ukraine dating from the 1940s. Also included in the fonds is other correspondence, research notes, financial accounts, notebooks, scrapbooks, and photograph albums.

There are also collected publications from various Canadian Ukrainian communities and the University of Alberta Law School and Alumni, hand-written cards, a membership notebook, and Ukrainian music publications. Several of these have been annotated by Savaryn.

The fonds is divided into six series:

  • Community Involvement Records ([193-?]-2013)
  • Professional and Career Records (1951-2011)
  • Academic Involvement Records (1956-2011)
  • Political Activity Records (1958-2012)
  • Family Records (1919-2013)
  • Olga Savaryn Records (1959 – 1998)
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F.A. Morrison fonds
PR1919 · Fondo · 1897-1928

The fonds consists of records relating to the public life of F.A. Morrison and includes notebooks, manuscripts, correspondence, certificates and assorted speeches, including those given after the First World War and those given to the Burns Club and to the Masons. The fonds also includes two bound volumes of Macaulay’s Life and Letters, presented to F.A. Morrison for the Christmas of 1910 by R.B. Bennett.

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Charles B. Rouleau fonds
PR0247 · Fondo · 1886-1901

Fonds consists of the court notebooks of Justice Charles B. Rouleau created during his tenure as Judge of the Northern Alberta Judicial District.

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Alexander Cameron Rutherford fonds
PR0252 · Fondo · 1864-1955, predominant 1900-1935

Fonds consists of Rutherford’s personal and business records, particularly records created in his capacity as a lawyer and as a politician. These records include political papers, financial records, ordinances, proceedings, policies, reports, publications, personal records, photographs, diplomas, newspapers and newspaper clippings. Also included in this fonds are a newspaper clipping and photograph dated after Rutherford’s death. These two items were interfiled with Rutherford’s papers when they were deposited in the Provincial Archives of Alberta in 1975. They probably belonged to a member of Rutherford’s family and so were maintained within accession PR1975.0518.

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Fred Stewart fonds
PR0299 · Fondo · 1981-1994, predominant 1988-1992

The fonds consists of records created and received by Fred Stewart as Minister of Technology, Research and Telecommunications, including publications and other reference material created prior to his tenure. The files include correspondence, reports, speeches, press releases, briefing books, minutes of meetings, and subject files pertaining to planning, accommodations, broadcasting and cable, federal-provincial relations, recycling, Alberta Government Telephones (AGT), ACCESS, space initiatives, Science Alberta, Alberta Research Council, cabinet and caucus meeting materials, individual line service, Chembiomed, and other corporations, associations and societies.

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William A. Griesbach fonds
PR1035 · Fondo · 1901-1929

Fonds consists of records relating to the military career of William A. Griesbach, and includes certificates conferring various military awards and honorary appointments and a copy of an article describing the circumstances surrounding the awarding of a bar to Griesbach’s DSO. Fonds also includes records related to Griesbach’s profession and includes certificates of appointment as notary public, King’s Counsel, and Senator.

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Frank Ford fonds
PR0138 · Fondo · 1836 -1982

Fonds consists of assorted personal accounts and receipts, certificates, diplomas, degrees, programmes, invitations, photographs, postcards and other documents relating to the Ford Family dating from 1836-1982. The fonds is divided into three series:

PR0138.0001 Frank Ford series
PR0138.0002 Francis Armour Ford series
PR0138.0003 Ford Family Memorabilia series

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J.E. Brownlee fonds
PR4060 · Fondo · 1921-1925

The fonds consists of the records used by J.E. Brownlee, including personal photographs, newspaper clippings, and files used while he served as Attorney General of Alberta.

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Ken Rostad fonds
PR4170 · Fondo · 1973-1992

The fonds consists of the records of Ken Rostad created and received during his terms as a cabinet minister for various government ministries. The fonds includes the following series:

  • Solicitor General records, including those of his predecessors Helen Hunley, Ray Farran, Graham Harle, Neil Crawford, and Ian Reid that Rostad received upon taking office;
  • Minister responsible for Indigenous affairs records, including some created by his predecessor Milt Pahl; and
  • Attorney General records.
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John Hugill fonds
PR4169 · Fondo · 1878-1943, predominant 1935-1937

The fonds consists of records created and received during John Hugill's tenure as Attorney General of Alberta. The files include correspondence, minutes of meetings, proposed legislation, policies, financial statements and other records related to the Alberta Liquor Control Board, debt adjustment, health insurance, child welfare, courts, gaols / Jails, the Hillcrest disaster of 1926, the Alberta Provincial Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Social Credit, and liaison activities with various organizations. The records also include Northwest Territory Ordinances: Note on Legislative Sessions (1878-1904).

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W.G. Morrow fonds
PR0573 · Fondo · 1893-1959

Fonds consists of a union card from the Order of Railroad Telegraphers of North America, postcards, a newspaper clipping regarding William Aberhart, transcripts of the Edmonton Public Works Inquiry of 1955, reports from the Royal Commission on Dominion-Provincial Relations, a report to the Alberta Bondholder’s Committee, and photographs.

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Norman C. Wilson fonds
PR0798 · Fondo · 1909-[ca. 1918]

Fonds consists of photographs depicting the building housing Norman C. Wilson’s law practice, a group of mountain climbers, and residences at the University of Alberta.

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S. Bruce Smith fonds
PR0688 · Fondo · 1914-1972, predominant 1959-1964

Fonds consists of records relating to the legal career of S. Bruce Smith and includes judge’s notebooks, and a copy negative of a photograph of Mr. C.C. McCaul.

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Frank Jost Newson fonds
PR0814 · Fondo · [between 1910-1912]-1927

The fonds consists of photographs created or collected by Frank Jost Newson, dating from approximately 1910 or 1912 to about 1923, which depict various scenes throughout Alberta as well as images of the Edmonton Male Chorus and the McKay Avenue School Cadets.

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Jean Édouard Côté fonds
PR0610 · Fondo · 1946-2011

The records document his professional life and consist of Alberta Court of Appeal and Queen’s Bench records, research papers on Canadian Courts of Appeal, international law and early communications in Canada, notes of oral arguments on appeals, as well as drafts, notes and correspondence related to The Appellate Craft, and to Alberta Rules of Court.

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J.R. Boyle fonds
PR1812 · Fondo · 1912- [1933]

The fonds consists of indexed scrap books containing newspaper clippings pertaining to J.R. Boyle's political career as well as Boyle's Judge's Notebooks dating from 1917 to 1930. The fonds also includes photographs of Edmonton, and the surrounding rural and urban areas dating from 1913 to 1933.

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A.U.G. Bury fonds
PR1581 · Fondo · [ca. 1880]-1945

The fonds consists of the personal records of A.U.G. Bury and includes photographs of family members, newspaper clippings predominantly about General Sir Edward Spears, M.P. for Carlisle, correspondence, and speech notes; anti-socialist and anti-Co-operative Commonwealth Federation notes and newspaper clippings collected by Bury; included with Bury’s personal records are Wartime Prices and Trade Board Rentals Administration forms relating to Ethel M. Heath and Mrs. M.E. Stoler, and the Manitoba certificate of birth of Catherine Crawford McRae (April 6, 1887).

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Charles W. Cross fonds
PR1371 · Fondo · 1895-1918, predominant 1908-1910

The fonds consists of records related to the life and career of Charles W. Cross. The photographs depict Charles W. Cross and the Cross house in Edmonton, Alberta. The textual records were created and received by Charles W. Cross during his tenure as Attorney General of Alberta and include correspondence, reports and other records related to legislation, prisoners, lawyers and the legal profession, railways, vital statistics, doctors and the medical profession, timber, hunting, liquor, and personal matters such as his letter of resignation and last will and testament.

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Law Society photograph collection
PR3982 · Colección · 1894-1911

The collection consists of a photograph of the members of the Supreme Court of the North West Territories, a photograph of the 8th Convocation of the Benchers of the Law Society of Alberta, a portrait of P.J. Nolan, K.C., a portrait of R.B. Bennett, and a photograph of the Benchers of the Law Society of the North West Territories.

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Gerard Amerongen fonds
PR4034 · Fondo · 1939-2008

The fonds includes personal records, legal files, church records, and records from Amerongen’s career as a Member of the Legislative Assembly.

The MLA records include constituency files (including newsletters to constituents and correspondence), riding association files (including minutes and reports), caucus files (including minutes and reports), speeches, election campaign records, photographs of political events, VHS recordings of Amerongen’s farewell ceremonies from the Legislative Assembly, and Speaker’s rulings.

The church records provide evidence of Amerongen’s extensive involvement with various bodies of the Catholic Church and include parish committee files and Caritas High School board minutes and correspondence.

The legal records include administrative records from Amerongen’s law office and were selected as evidence of his decades-long career as a practicing lawyer. Samples of his case files were also selected as evidence of his legal career but most case files were not selected due to privacy concerns. Those that were selected will be closed for a period of 50 years from the date of creation.

The personal records include scrapbooks, family records (including correspondence, records related to anniversary celebrations, and religious writings), and condolence cards and other records related to funerals for family members.

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George B. Henwood fonds
PR0188 · Fondo · 1902-1943

Fonds consists of records relating to George B. Henwood’s law career as well as records pertaining to his career as the Deputy Attorney General.

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Horace Harvey fonds
PR0248 · Fondo · 1904-1949

Fonds consists of the court notebooks of Justice Horace Harvey created during his tenure as Supreme Court Justice and as Chief Justice in Alberta.

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André Miville Déchène fonds
PR0974 · Fondo · 1898-1987

The fonds consists of professional records from Déchène's time as a judge, including reasons for judgments, reports, correspondence, admissions to the bar and newspaper clippings; records pertaining to Déchène's involvement with Association canadienne-française de l'Alberta, Fédération canadienne-française de l'Ouest, Radio-Edmonton Limitée (CHFA), Conseil de la vie française en Amérique, Association canadienne des éducateurs de langue française, Friends of the University of Alberta, Collège Saint-Jean, Canadian Centenary Council, Saint-Thomas More Catholic Lawyers' Guild, Liberal Association of Alberta, Knights of Columbus, Église Saint-Joachim, Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for the North-West Territories, including correspondence, minutes, reports, photographs, programs and pamphlets, personal correspondence, speeches, newspaper clippings, conference programs, photographs of family, friends and colleagues, cards, invitations, menus, and genealogical information.

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