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Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited fonds
PR2437 · Fondo · 1940-1992

The fonds consists of records maintained, collected, and created by the Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited Club, including by-laws, minutes, financial records, reports, correspondence, membership lists, and a scrapbook.

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PR2985 · Fondo · 1933 - 1956

The fonds consists of a scrapbook and operational records, including by-laws, minutes, correspondence, membership lists, programs of activities, of the Twentieth Century Women's Liberal Club of Edmonton.

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Zandra Bell fonds
PR3551 · Fondo · 1990-2009

The fonds consists of scripts, research notes, correspondence, and posters related to Bell's performance career. There are also videocassettes that contain TV appearances by Bell, promotional clips of her various performances and characters, complete recordings of her one-person shows, and demo reels.

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Campbell family fonds
PR3414 · Fondo · 1900-1992

The fonds consists of material created by John, Ruby, and Donald K. Campbell and includes mathematics manuscripts, poetry, correspondence, memoirs, and photographs related to Edmonton sites and events, the First World War, the University of Alberta, the Alaska Highway, and Northwestern Utilities.

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Alma Taft fonds
PR3345 · Fondo · 1960-1967

The fonds consists of recorded interviews conducted by Alma Taft on various topics, including medical research, employment, falconry, and student activism.

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Mae Deans fonds
PR3377 · Fondo · 1955-2009

The fonds consists of textual, digital and audiovisual material created or collected by Mae Deans during her volunteer years with the Alberta Women's Institutes. The drawings were created in color by children during a Farm Safety educational event organized in 1998-1999 by the Alberta Women's Institutes, which later donated this material to Mae Deans. The drawings show strategies developed by the Alberta Women's Institutes to improve quality of life in rural Alberta.

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Hazel McCardell fonds
PR0673 · Fondo · [18-]-1976

Fonds consists of the personal papers of Hazel McCardell and includes music scores, poems, songs, newspaper clippings, greeting cards, diaries, an autograph book, articles, newsletters, correspondence, historical/biographical sketches, family histories, pamphlets, notices, a wedding invitation, tax receipts, journals, magazines, books, telegrams, an insurance policy, notes, returned cheques, negatives and photographs depicting family members and various people, views, buildings, airplanes, air pilots, street views, fires, and plane crashes, and cinefilms depicting home movies. Fonds includes many records pertaining to Hazel McCardell’s research of the Strang family, Jesse James Strang, and the Mormon community in St. James, Michigan, USA. Fonds also contains records pertaining to William McCardell’s service in the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Canadian Forestry Service.

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Irene MacKinnon fonds
PR1115 · Fondo · 1906-1909

Fonds consists of the personal records of Irene MacKinnon and includes correspondence, receipts, a bankbook, newspaper clippings, a journal, and negatives which depict various men and women with an automobile.

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PR1432 · Fondo · 1947-1990

The fonds consists of the records of the Edmonton Retired Women Teachers’ Club and includes members lists and attendance, financial records, minutes, agendas, correspondence, and photographs of members at meetings and special events.

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John and Sarah Harrold fonds
PR1651 · Fondo · Copied 1977-1979

Fonds consists of the personal records of John Harrold Jr. and Sarah Harrold dating 1900-1959 and includes correspondence, an obituary for Sarah Harrold, farm account books that contain financial records, journal entries and inventories, diaries, and scrapbook. Fonds also includes a copied photograph depicting various members of Harrold family and their farm activities, and a copied township map of Edmonton, Alberta and the surrounding area.

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Myrtle Guest fonds
PR0781 · Fondo · [ca. 1967] -1974

Collection consists of a city map of Edmonton, Ward 2 candidate information election materials and a Voters Guide newspaper for the Edmonton Civic Election of October 13, 1971, Student Directories from the University of Alberta, fact sheets from the Women's Cultural and Information Bureau, Alberta, and a handbook for the Unitarian Church of Canada.

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Shirley Ludwig fonds
PR1544 · Fondo · 1912-1952

Fonds consists of the personal records of Shirley Ludwig and includes photographs and negatives of various people, buildings, and views in Edmonton, Alberta including street views, a flood, and St. John’s Church. Fonds also includes photocopied newspaper clippings, as well as autographs and photographs pertaining to the Edmonton Grads basketball team, and hand coloured photographs by A.M Parker depicting Lake Louise and Edmonton Beach in Alberta, and Lake Temiskaming in Ontario.

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Helen Manson fonds
PR1457 · Fondo · 1914-1917

Fonds consists of three coloured postcards depicting scenes in Edmonton, Alberta including the McKay Avenue Public School, construction of the High Level Bridge, and a woman riding a horse.

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Earl Baker fonds
PR1495 · Fondo · Copied 1984

The fonds consists of images of the Wetaskiwin hockey teams, including the Wetaskiwin Ladies Hockey Team (1905-1906), the Wetaskiwin Hockey Club (1911-1912), the Wetaskiwin High School hockey team (1935-1936), the Wetaskiwin Colonels (1945-1946).

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Christina McKnight fonds
PR1968 · Fondo · Copied 1979

The fonds consists of reminiscences of Christina McKnight, including information about some of the first women in Edmonton and growing up in Edmonton, and two images of First Presbyterian Church's women's hockey team, the Victorias.

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Louise Yee fonds
PR2158 · Fondo · [1990]

The fonds consists of a self-published copy of Louise Yee’s memoirs entitled, Louise, that details her life in Northern Alberta. The fonds also includes a self-published book of poetry entitled Poetic Musings dating from 1990.

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Hess family fonds
PR0855 · Fondo · 1898-1967

Fonds consists of the personal records of the Hess family and includes used steamship passenger tickets, golf manuals and scorecards, a St. John’s Ambulance certificate, notes, poems, songs, sheet music, a Calgary Exhibition Prize List, a hymnbook, mechanically produced postcards, a souvenir book for Penetanguishene, Ontario, agricultural information sheets, and an agricultural machinery catalogues, maps depicting the artillery area of Camp Sarcee and the geological area along Bow River, Alberta between Cochrane and Kananaskis, plans for construction of an outhouse and a well, and photographs depicting the Hess family, a sawmill, and a hunting party. Fonds also includes a scrapbook belonging to Ina Perkins Hess which includes calendars, church bulletins, certificates, signatures, clippings from magazines and newspapers, songs, programmes, theatre programmes, shipping company timetables and menus, greeting cards, and various artistic images. Fonds also includes records related to Ina Perkins Hess and Margaret P. Hess’s affiliation with the Canadian Girl Guides Association and includes, newspaper clippings, the Girl Guides prayer, correspondence, notes, inventories, agendas/itineraries, badge certificates, songs, receipts, minutes, Fuchia Patrol charts, and convention newsletters. This fonds has been divided into the following series: Girl Guides (1930-1937); Family papers (1897-1967)

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Alda Dale Randall fonds
PR2006 · Fondo · 1920-[ca. 1960]

The fonds consists of two diaries of Alda Dale Randall, primarily from the 1920s, which include accounts of her life as well as short stories. The diaries serve as a good example of the reuse of writing materials which had previously served another purpose.

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PR1993 · Fondo · 1973-1978

The fonds consists of the records of the Edmonton Options for Women Council and includes newsletters, correspondence, reports, minutes and information about Alberta Status of Women Action Committee. The fonds also includes one sous-fonds, the Edmonton Women’s Place Society sous-fonds.

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Gerald Schuler fonds
PR1145 · Fondo · 1918-1952

The fonds consists of two photographs, one of the 1918 United Farmers of Alberta annual convention, and one of the 1952 Farm Women’s Union of Alberta annual convention.

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100th Avenue War Service Group fonds
PR1384 · Fondo · 1940-1945

Fonds consists of minutes and a photograph depicting various items of clothing made in the sewing room of the club, located in the home of Ernest E. and Gertrude Poole.

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PR0906 · Fondo · 1923-1988

The fonds consists of records pertaining to the Alberta Home Economics Association - Edmonton Area Branch including constitutions, bylaws, general meeting minutes, executive meeting minutes, annual meeting minutes, executive and committee reports, financial records, membership lists, correspondence, newspaper clippings, newsletters and Canadian Home Economics Association newsletters.

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Eva Fujczak fonds
PR1193 · Fondo · [before 1970]

The fonds consists of a Bible and photographs of Eva Fujczak’s family members.

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Violet B. Douglas fonds
PR0817 · Fondo · 1968-1980

The fonds includes a transcript of a poem by Violet Douglas dedicated to J. Percy Page and the Edmonton Grads, a transcript of a letter from J. Percy Page thanking Mrs. Douglas for the poem, and a brief biography of Mrs. Douglas' mother, Grace Hood Watts.

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Jacqueline Ogg fonds
PR4040 · Fondo · 1968-2009

The fonds consists of records that pertain to the activities of performing arts groups in Edmonton from the late 1960s into the twenty-first century including Alberta Contemporary Dance Theatre, Dance Alberta, Brian Webb Dance Company, the Arts Administration Resource Centre, Orchesis Dance Society, Theatre 3, the Citadel Theatre, Ukrainian Shumka Dancers, and Alberta Ballet.

The textual records consist of correspondence, show programs, posters, informational booklets, newspaper clippings, scripts, choreographic illustrations, show production notes, costume inventories, newsletters, budgets, meeting minutes, meeting agendas, costume mock-ups, news releases, conference programs, souvenir booklets, committee reports, statements of expense, rent payment schedules, and course listings. The other materials are audio and music recordings and tapings of Alberta Contemporary Dance Theatre performances.

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Alberta Labour History Institute fonds
PR4044 · Fondo · 2001-2016

The fonds consists of records related to ALHI’s mandate to collect and preserve oral histories from Albertan workers. Each video and audio cassette contains an oral history and is identified by date, participant, and subject matter. There are multiple copies on different media of most of the oral history recordings, with digital copies backed up on the 4 hard disk drives. The textual records consist of signed release forms completed by the participants, which stipulate that the recordings may be disseminated for research purposes and made publically available.

As a whole, there are dozens of different oral histories on a variety of labour-related topics including union activism (with a host of unions represented), the experiences of women in the work force, the experiences of visible minorities in the work force, and significant events such as strikes, lock-outs, organizing campaigns, and the daily lives of Albertan workers.

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PR0223 · Fondo · 1924-1967

Fonds consists of records pertaining to the Girl Guide movement in general, as well as records of the Canadian Girl Guides Association, Alberta Council. These records include newspaper clippings, published material, minutes, reports, directories, correspondence, diaries, photographs, postcards, negatives and posters. The fonds has been divided into the following series: Newspaper clippings; Published material; Periodicals; Annual Reports; Business records; Correspondence; Camps and Scrapbooks; Lone Guides; Photographs; Miscellaneous records.

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Vera Collins Webb fonds
PR0056 · Fondo · 1939

Fonds consists of a diary portraying the excitement of Canadians caused by the visit of King George and Queen Elizabeth in 1939. Vera Collins Webb illustrated the diary with her own watercolour paintings.

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PR0039 · Fondo · 1906-2011

The fonds consists of a variety of executive records from the Alberta Healthcare Auxiliaries Association, as well as its predecessor organizations; the Alberta Hospital Auxiliaries Association and the Associated Auxiliaries of Hospitals of Alberta. The records include meeting agendas and minutes, annual reports, by-laws, grant applications, auxiliary histories, financial records, statistics, scrapbooks, membership lists, correspondence, colour transparencies and photographs of events and hospitals, contest winners, and newsletters. The fonds includes three series: the Provincial Records series, the Regional Histories series, and the Local Auxiliary Histories series.

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Edmonton Working Women fonds
PR0390 · Fondo · 1983-2001

Fonds consists of operational and administrative records for the Edmonton Working Women as well as programme files. Also included are annual reports, evaluation and planning, policies, incorporation and meeting minutes. Fonds also consists of project files for resource guides on sexual harassment and workplace rights including low literacy and foreign language versions. Also included are financial statements, grant applications, and fund raising files as well as submissions on a variety of city and provincial policies or legislation including health care, poverty, and wages. Fonds also consists of subject files on a number of issues like social justice, employment equity, and sexual harassment. Also includes transcripts of hotline calls and monthly summaries.

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PR0373 · Fondo · 1986-1992

Fonds consists of Board meeting minutes and correspondence as well as philanthropic project files. Fonds also consists of records from the Hospitality Committee including budgets, correspondence, minutes and other event planning documents.

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PR0307 · Fondo · 1975-1997

Fonds consists of records pertaining to the formation and operation of the Alberta Status of Women Action Committee including correspondence, by-laws, newsletters, reports, articles, financial records, minutes, publications, and audio-visual records. The fonds also consists of the records of RATJAM (origin of this acronym could not be located), an unofficial sub-committee of ASWAC. The fonds has been divided into the following series: Audio-visual records; Political and women’s issues articles and other material; Affiliated organizations’ records; Financial records; Correspondence; Publications and other material; Committee records; Conference records; Board records; and RATJAM records.

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Bowker family fonds
PR0339 · Fondo · 1927-1998

The fonds consists of records created by Marjorie Bowker and Wilbur Bowker. These papers show their involvement in legal, social and political issues in Alberta and Canada. The fonds holds family papers, speeches and writings, material created by Marjorie Bowker’s position as a judge, media interviews and various photo albums. The fonds includes two series: Marjorie Bowker records and Wilbur Bowker records.

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Mabel E. Clark fonds
PR0503 · Fondo · 1884-1988

Fonds consists of a Methodist hymnal, a photograph of the Women’s Industrial Auxiliary Reception Committee and Delegates of Women’s Section at the United Farmers of Alberta Convention, slides, articles, and newspaper clippings about Alberta history and pioneers, Clark family and Long family records, including photographs and family histories.

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PR0267 · Fondo · 1905-2000

Fonds consists of by-laws, minutes, reports, financial records, pamphlets, photographs, conference agendas, scrapbooks, newsletters, newspaper clippings and correspondence. Fonds consists of records from various primary chapters in Alberta, the Alberta Provincial Chapter, and the Junior Chapter program.

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Thelma Cameron collection
PR1648 · Colección · 1904-1975

The collection consists of stock certificates for various oil companies in Alberta, a retraction of charges by Katty Dewar against Rory McDonald, an informational advertisement for a booklet called Unmarried Mothers and Illegitimate Children written by Georgina Sackville, and two issues of The Yellowknife Blade newspaper.

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Thelma Johannes O’Neill fonds
PR0300 · Fondo · [191-?]-2001

Fonds consists of records created by Thelma O’Neill in the course of her performing as a musician, and a music teacher. Fonds consists of records generated and accumulated relating to Thelma’s personal life. The fonds consists of two series: Professional records; Private records.

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McDonald family fonds
PR0270 · Fondo · 1903-1960, predominant 1903-1930

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Helen McDonald’s personal life and her career as a teacher. Fonds also consists of records pertaining to Justin McDonald’s career in the military and as a doctor. The records include diplomas, photographs, certificates and a scrapbook of greeting cards, programs, and newspaper clippings.

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Beatrice Lefroy fonds
PR0180 · Fondo · 1885-1962, predominant 1888-1948

Fonds consists of records relating to Beatrice Lefroy’s personal interests as well as records relating to the activities of the Willing Workers Women’s Auxiliary. The fonds has been divided into two series: Personal records and Willing Workers Women’s Auxiliary.

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Julie Anne LeGras fonds
PR0306 · Fondo · 1972-1993

Fonds consists of Le Gras' personal records as well as records reflecting her interests and involvement in various women's organizations. These records include publications, minutes, manuscripts, newspaper clippings, correspondence, posters, videotapes, audio cassettes and photographs.

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Olive Ross fonds
PR0505 · Fondo · 1895-1960

Fonds consists of records of Olive Ross and the Ross family and includes correspondence, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, poems, pamphlets, passenger lists, wills, and photographs.

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Parish Council of Saint-Joachim fonds
PR2021 · Fondo · 1891-1985

The fonds includes meeting minutes of the council and of the Dames de Saint-Joachim. Also included is an early church register from the late nineteenth century.

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Winifred Ross fonds
PR1150 · Fondo · 1921-1967

The fonds consists of records, including radio transcripts, newspaper clippings and other information, related to Winifred Ross's interests in agriculture and education, as well as records, including reports and minutes, relating to her involvement with the Alberta Federation of Agriculture, Alberta Health Survey Committee, Canadian Federation of Agriculture, Alberta Division of the Canadian Red Cross, Alberta Council of Women, Canadian Association for Consumers, Board of Industrial Relations, the University of Alberta's Board of Governors, Women's Regional Advisory Committee of the Consumer Branch.

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Bellerose Harmony Club fonds
PR2034 · Fondo · Copied 1979

The fonds consists of minutes and membership lists of the Bellerose Harmony Club originally dating from 1921 to 1923.

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Martin and Mary Ryder fonds
PR1019 · Fondo · 1901-1970

Fonds consists of the personal records of Martin and Mary Ryder and includes writings by Martin and Mary Ryder, including bound books of their poems, an Edmonton Philharmonic Orchestra programme, an eulegy written about Martin Ryder by Reverend M.E. Murphy, a British Army Soldier's Small Book and World War I medal, and two photographs depicting Mary Ryder.

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Max E. Runions fonds
PR1118 · Fondo · Copied 1975

Fonds consists of copied photographs dating 1906 to circa (ca.) 1915 which depict a number of images at Banff and Calgary, Alberta including students of Calgary Public School, the Central Methodist Church interior and exterior, an automobile, boats, canoes, a Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) camp at Banff, horse and carriages, a Dominion Exhibition parade, First Nations men, women and children, a dirigible balloon, tennis and other sport players, and the interior of E. Runions Brokerage Office.

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Dorothy Gray fonds
PR3258 · Fondo · 1949-1978

The fonds consists of records pertaining to Dorothy Gray's involvement with a variety of Calgary women’s groups including the Calgary Women’s Press Club, the Media Club of Canada, the Calgary Press Club, the Women’s Canadian Club, the Calgary Canadian Citizenship Council, the Alberta Heart Foundation, the Ladies Auxiliary, and the Imperial Order of the Daughters of Empire.

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Everitt family fonds
PR3338 · Fondo · 1862-1946

The fonds consists of photographs depicting identified members of the Everitt family from several generations in England and Canada, family road trips through Alberta, cartes-de-visite of family members and family friends, Madeline's salon, and the British King and Queen's visit to Edmonton in 1939. The fonds also includes personal journals and notebooks.

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Femmes d’Aujourd’hui fonds
PR1576 · Fondo · 1984-1985

The fonds consists of copied records of Femmes d’Aujourd’hui and includes minutes, reports, grant applications and financial records.

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Annie Norris fonds
PR0956 · Fondo · 1925-1974

The fonds consists of seven “Calahoo News” scrapbooks compiled by Annie Norris. The scrapbooks primarily contain newspaper clippings about the Calahoo community, its members, local weddings, anniversaries, births, obituaries, sports, weather, local politics and the Women’s Institute. As well, the scrapbooks have some correspondence, programs, stories, cards, a postcard, and photographs of community members, weddings, school classes, grain elevators, farming and other images relating to Calahoo.

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PR0674 · Fondo · 1922-1982

The fonds consists of minute books and a financial ledger created by the District Lodge No. 18 of the Vasa Order of America as well as material created by individual Alberta Lodges. The fonds has been divided into one series, the records of the District Lodge No. 18 and five sous-fonds according to the creating lodge: Branting Lodge 417 (Calgary) sous-fonds, Norden Lodge 513 (Meeting Lake) sous-fonds, Skandia Lodge 549 (Edmonton) sous-fonds, Tegner Lodge 565 (Stavely) sous-fonds, and Lethbridge Lodge 579 (Lethbridge) sous-fonds.

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Jeane Thompson fonds
PR1151 · Fondo · 1959-1961

The fonds consists of the personal correspondence of Jeane Thompson, and correspondence relating to and Mrs. Thompson’s response to a National Radio-Television Study for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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Betty Bowen fonds
PR2255 · Fondo · Copied 1993

The fonds consists of an image of Dr. James Naismith and Percy Page dating from 1929 and a composite image of the Edmonton Commercial Graduates Basketball Team, with team members from 1921 to 1940.

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Dorcas Society fonds
PR0554 · Fondo · 1924-1964

Fonds consists of minutes, membership lists, and correspondence of the Dorcas Society dating from 1924 to 1964.

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Jim and Constance Panchuck fonds
PR1591 · Fondo · 1939-1995

The fonds consists of the records of Jim and Constance Panchuck and includes one series, Panchuk/Panchuck Get-Together records, as well as the following: correspondence, newspaper and magazine articles, pamphlets and photographs related to Constance's employment with the Southern California Gas Company, copies of Constance's magazine articles and newspaper columns (in Medicine Hat News and Lloydminster Times), records relating to Jim's employment, passports, and an audio recording of "Get Smart" TV show on which Constance a guest.

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Becky Hanson Rosenberg fonds
PR1234 · Fondo · Copied 1975

Fonds consists of copied photographs dating circa (ca.) 1909 to 1934 that depict members of the Hanson family, Calgary Laundry Limited employees, and pioneer women from the Jewish community. Fonds also includes a copied photograph that depicts Leo Goelman, a principal of the Talmud Torah school.

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Jenny Margetts fonds
PR3681 · Fondo · 1971-1991

The fonds includes records collected or created by Jenny Margetts when she conducted advocacy activities as a leader supporting Cree language, Indigenous culture, and women’s rights. The fonds document the activities, commitments and interests of Jenny Margetts as well as the activities conducted by Indian Rights for Indian Women (IRIW).

The records include several personal and IRIW notebooks and schedule books, as well as multiple records produced during Jenny Margetts’ life. These records consist of meeting minutes, correspondence to and from the IRIW, legislation summaries and discussions, committee records, publications, and internal communications of the IRIW, among other records. Other IRIW records include correspondence to and from Margetts and IRIW, research and planning notes, conference and meeting minutes and proceedings, reports and proposals, and workshop programs and evaluation forms.

This collection also contains a wide variety of records from Jenny Margetts, both in the form of personal correspondence and notes and from her work with IRIW. The majority of this collection relates to the IRIW’s lengthy legal battle to repeal the section of the Indian Act that stripped Indigenous women (and their children) of their status if they married a non-status man (Section 12 1(b)), as well as the subsequent work to address continued discrimination against Indigenous women in the Indian Act.

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Daughters of Penelope fonds
PR3788 · Fondo · 1959-2009

The fonds consist of administrative records of the Daughters of Penelope, Calgary Chapter that documents their activities, interests, issues and commitments. The records specifically include: minutes, financial reports, correspondence, membership lists, newsletters, scholarship applications, yearbooks, and constitutions and bylaws.

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PR3644 · Fondo · 1980-2007

The fonds consists of administrative records of the association including records of the Secretary including correspondence, meeting minutes, and other materials (1984-2007); membership lists (1981-2007); membership handbooks (1987-2000); program records (1986-2006); reports of the Treasurer and financial statements (1988-2007); Newsletters (1982-2006); and records relating to fundraising and auctions (1987-2007). It also includes publicity photo albums, including numerous administrative materials, of the organization featuring members and events (1982-2007, some gaps) and photographs from the IFTWO Mid-Americas Regional Conference held in Edmonton, September 21-24, 1995.

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Helen Sabin fonds
PR4128 · Fondo · 1933-1993

The fonds consists of University of Alberta and Faculty of Nursing student items: graduation program, invitation, valedictory exercises program, news clippings, and a photograph (1938); Christmas dinner program (1933), junior prom program (1936), midwinter program (1937), and examination papers (1938); varsity yells from the Faculty of Nursing; 50th-anniversary program (1974); Alberta Department of Health, District Nursing Branch staff photograph (1938); Alberta Public Health Association annual meeting program (1942); convocation program and invitation for the presentation of an honorary doctorate to Helen Sabin by Athabasca University (1993). Additionally, there is Lynne French's interview with Helen Sabin, where she describes the daily routine and training program of student nurses and the changes brought about by the Weir Report (1932) and the CNA curriculum study (1936). In the interview, Sabin also comments on the effects of the changes brought about by the restructuring of health care in Alberta during the 1990s.

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Elaine Gleeson fonds
PR4092 · Fondo · 1926-1990

The fonds consists of photographs of Gleeson in military uniform and with her military company, her temporary commission qualification record, and letters with updates from her time on leave during WWII (some typed, many on carbon paper).

The fonds also includes the Molson Hole-in-One certificate received by Gleeson, several photographs from golf games and tournaments, a photograph of Gleeson with the Edmonton Monarchs hockey team, photographs of a hockey game between the Fernie Swastikas and the Vancouver Amazons, and a memorial booklet from Gleeson’s funeral.

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Elnora Hibbert fonds
PR4118 · Fondo · 1963-1993

The fonds consists audiotaped interview of Elnora Hibbert by Jean Bellstedt on November 16, 1992, for the course Nursing 550 at the University of Alberta (professor: Dr. Shirley Stinson). The materials include Hibbert’s description of the developments in pediatric rehabilitation care at the Glenrose Hospital since it opened for patients in 1964. Supplemental to the interview and Bellstedt’s essay are copies of press clippings on the work of the Glenrose, 1964-1973, a job description for the Supervisor of the Emotionally Disturbed Children’s Unit, and organization charts for the Hospital and the Nursing Department.

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Wallbridge & Imrie, Architects fonds
PR1298 · Fondo · 1950-1984

The fonds consists of the records of Wallbridge & Imrie, Architects, and includes two series: project records, which include correspondence, agreements, plans, blueprints, drawings, specifications, tenders; and financial records, which include financial statements, correspondence and other finance-related records.

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Fondo · 1975-1990

The fonds consists of the records of the Advisory Council on Women's Issues. The files include correspondence, reports, speeches, news releases, statistics, legislation, background research materials, and subject files pertaining to women's health, human rights, immigration, child care, legal issues, divorce, liaison activities with federal and provincial departments as well as other stakeholders, pornography, employment equity, abortion, and aging.

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Beta Sigma Phi fonds
PR1093 · Fondo · 1938-2003

The fonds consists of the records of the Edmonton Area chapters and the Edmonton Area Council, and have been divided into the following sous-fonds: Alpha Mu Chapter, Alpha Nu Chapter, Beta Chapter, Chi Chapter, Edmonton Area Council of Beta Sigma Phi, Iota Chapter, Nu Chapter, Nu Phi Mu Chapter, Omega Chapter, Preceptor Epsilon Chapter, Preceptor Gamma Chapter, Xi Chapter, Xi Alpha Chapter, Xi Epsilon Chapter, Xi Mu Chapter, Xi Sigma Chapter, and Xi Theta Chapter.

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Beulah Home fonds
PR0803 · Fondo · 1909-1989

Fonds consists of the business records of Beulah Home and includes minutes, financial records, an audio recording, and scrapbooks compiled by Mary A. Finlay which include newspaper clippings, correspondence, testimonials from former Beulah Home residents, reports, statistics minutes, programmes, invitations, transcripts of radio broadcasts, postcards, telegrams, and photographs.

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Alice Gee fonds
PR1559 · Fondo · 1901-1902

The fonds consists of a single diary, approximately 220 pages in length, handwritten by Alice Gee from January 1, 1901 to August 20, 1902. It provides detail on rural life in the Strathcona area of the North-West Territories in the early 20th century, as well as lists of letters sent and received by the author, newspapers received, attendees at social functions, and dates of frost at the author’s farm.

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Patricia Wright fonds
PR0446 · Fondo · 1946-1986

The fonds consists of a copy of the booklet Little Smoky: A Biography of Modern Pioneers by Patricia Wright, which contains correspondence regarding her time spent at the Little Smoky Farm Industries settlement from 1946 to 1949, and related images from this time, originally dating late 1940s, including images of cabin and house construction, logging, the landscape, threshing, farm machinery, bulldozers, automobiles, trucks, houses, picnics, wheelbarrow, children, family and friends.

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Anna Leah Evans fonds
PR1033 · Fondo · 1938 - 1944

Fonds consists of a membership card for the National Women's Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints made out to Leah A. Burgess, and a temporary receipt issued to Phil Evans from the Ward Building Fund.

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Stella Ruttan Russell fonds
PR1119 · Fondo · 1916

Fonds consists of a book of recipes and an issue of Club Women's Records, which contains reports from a number of women's clubs in Alberta.

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LaPerle family fonds
PR3336 · Fondo · [189-]-1995

The fonds consists of records of the LaPerle family including photographs, correspondence, diaries and other personal papers, cookbooks and recipes, gardening, how-to and decorating magazines, books and booklets, biographical and genealogical papers, press clippings, school handbooks and other materials used or accumulated by Annie LaPerle as a teacher.

The fonds also includes records from the Winterburn Golden Agers and Winterburn Women's Institute, store and farm cash books and statements of accounts and other records documenting daily activities, as well as greeting and sympathy cards, maps, slides and 8 mm film reels.

The photographs, slides and films depict the LaPerle family and friends, the Winterburn Store, post office, house and other buildings, farming, farm machinery and crews, weddings and anniversaries, burials, churches and other buildings, cars, picnics, parties and leisure activities, students and schools, soldiers, First Nations people, Banff and Jasper, Edmonton and other places in Alberta, and the Edmonton Ski Club.

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Halyna Freeland fonds
PR2400 · Fondo · 1970-1990

The fonds consists of Halyna Freeland's personal papers, including her appointment books, daily journal, agendas, her clients' legal files, and files from her New Democratic Party election campaign; as well as records she collected on women's rights, on rights for Indigenous women, international issues on women, on fighting violence against women, and on Ukrainian studies.

The fonds also includes operational files from the Common Woman Bookstores Ltd; operational files of the Alberta Women's News Magazine and copies of this magazine; operational records from the Alberta Law Foundation; records from the Advisory Council on the Status of Women, from the Institute of Law Research and Reform on children and women; as well as from the Hromada Housing Cooperative.

The fonds is of outstanding significance and national importance by reason of its unique content on Canadian history and politics, women’s rights, rights of Indigenous peoples and people of colour, and because of Halyna Freeland’s impact on feminism in Alberta and Ukraine.

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PR2440 · Fondo · 1907-1993

The fonds consists of minutes of Boards meetings, general annual reports, reports on programmes offered by the organization, correspondence, minutes of meetings including minutes from the Social Action, Public Relations, Advisory, Personnel, Cafeteria, Programme Committees, and minutes from the Out-door Recreation, Health and Physical Education, Acquatics, Fitness Centre, Child care, Special Services and Extension sub-committees; financial records, material collected to write the book "Retrospect: : the Edmonton YWCA 1957-1991", photographs and newspaper clippings.

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PR2402 · Fondo · 1904-1972, 1975

The fonds consists of records maintained, collected, and created by the Canadian Women's Press Club, Edmonton Branch including by-laws, minutes, correspondence, financial records, reports, membership information, speeches, newsletters, booklets, press releases and news clippings.

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Women of Unifarm, Eastburg Local fonds
PR3957 · Fondo · 1900-1963

The fonds consists of an album compiled in 1963 by the Eastburg local of the Farm Women's Union of Alberta in 1963 its history as well as the history of its successor organizations. The album includes photographs, hand-drawn maps, and textual records.

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PR1091 · Fondo · 1874-2010

The fonds consists of records created and/or collected by members of the Scott, Bisset, and McPherson families as well as related branches. The records include correspondence, diaries, clerical documents, family photographs, cookbooks, professional writings, and genealogical information. The records relate to such subjects as the domestic and professional lives of women across the 20th century; Albertan legal history; Albertan religious life and history; the evolution of public morality from the late 19th to the 21st centuries; the evolution of etiquette, entertainment, and home economics in the same period; and military records related to both the First and Second World Wars, including Canadian involvement in the armed forces and life on the home-front.

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Barbara Alice Slater fonds
PR0002 · Fondo · 1902-1914

Fonds consists of letters written by Barbara Alice Slater (Bas) to friends Ellen and Liliana ("Lily Anna") Clement of Wantage in Berkshire, England. The letters describe homestead life in detail and originate from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and a variety of Alberta communities including Berry Creek, Baraca and Stoppington. Fonds also includes a photograph of Liliana Clement, a copy negative of Bas and her autograph book.

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Cornelia Wood fonds
PR0114 · Fondo · 1839-1984

This fonds consists of records relating to Cornelia Wood’s work as a Member of the Legislative Assembly for the Alberta Social Credit Party, publications and pamphlets about the Social Credit movement, photographs of Alberta scenes, particularly around Stony Plain, personal and political correspondence, speeches, newspaper clippings, periodicals, financial records, posters, calling cards, magazines and other records relating to Cornelia Wood’s involvement with various organisations.

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Lillian Morris fonds
PR1751 · Fondo · Copied 1988

The fonds consists images, originally dating 1928, of the Great Western Garment Company workers attending a picnic and delegates to an Alberta Federation of Labour meeting.

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Margaret D. Tettelaar fonds
PR1620 · Fondo · Copied 1977

Fonds consists of oral history given by Emma Gertrude Mayer dating 1977, and copied photographs and postcards dating 1908-1914 depicting members of the Mayer family, a sod house, buildings, railroad survey crew, the first opera at Wainwirght, Alberta, and views, buildings, hotels, and hospitals in Wainwirght, Strathmore, Athabasca, Lac La Biche, Jasper and Mayerthorpe, Alberta.

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Ethel Broderson fonds
PR1917 · Fondo · [Copied 197-]

The fonds consists of a transcribed copy of Ethel Hastings’ 1911 diary, and a copied newspaper article about Ethel and John Broderson’s 55th wedding anniversary. The fonds also includes one page with a transcription of a few entries for May 1912 from the diary of Sarah Wright Hastings.

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Asker Ladies Aid fonds
PR1125 · Fondo · 1916-1924

Fonds consists of minutes of Asker Ladies Aid.

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Eva Morel fonds
PR1460 · Fondo · [19--?]-1974, predominant 1932-1974

The fonds consists of the personal records of Eva Morel relating to her involvement with the Northern Alberta Pioneers and Old Timers' Association and includes greeting cards, banquet programmes and a membership card. Also included are an inventory of items in the Relics Building at Fort Edmonton and a photograph of Henri Morel outside of J.T. Blowey Furniture store.

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PR2116 · Fondo · 1972- 1992

The fonds consists of a typed transcript, completed in 1992 by Allen Ronaghan of Victoria Anderson and Mary Barnett's diary documenting their wagon journey from Waskasoo, Alberta to Vermilion, Alberta in 1906. The fonds also includes a letter, written in 1972, from Victoria Anderson to John C. Anderson describing the diary.

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Desk and Derrick Club of Edmonton fonds
PR2099 · Fondo · 1951-1986

The fonds consists of scrapbooks including text and pictures of the Desk and Derrick Club of Edmonton dating from 1951-1986 documenting the history of the organization.

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Phyllis Ellis fonds
PR2110 · Fondo · 1975-1984

The fonds consists of appointment books, memorandum, reference material, publications, correspondence related to Phyllis Ellis’s activities with the Alberta Women’s Bureau dating from 1967-1984.

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Hazel Jamison fonds
PR1485 · Fondo · Copied 1984

The fonds consists of images of the Jasper Place Rustlers women’s hockey team, originally dating 1928 to 1933.

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Canadian Daughters League fonds
PR0659 · Fondo · 1927-1937

Fonds consists of correspondence by Nellie McClung and Emily Murphy to members of the Canadian Daughters League.

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Longview Grandmothers’ Tea fonds
PR1152 · Fondo · 1954-1983

The fonds consists of the Grandmothers’ Tea planning committee’s planning notebook.

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PR1519 · Fondo · 1935-1940

The fonds consists of correspondence, financial statements, building permit, a newspaper clipping, specifications, a sketch, an issue of The Red Chevron and an issue of the Canadian Corps Association Yearbook - 1940, both of which contain information about the Edmonton Cenotaph.

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Helen Ellis fonds
PR2351 · Fondo · 1952-1981

The fonds consists of scrapbook created by Helen Ellis documenting the Peace Ladies Curling Association.

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Susan Gunn fonds
PR1815 · Fondo · 1920-1972

The fonds consists of magazines, correspondence, pamphlets, handbooks, and newspaper clippings related to Susan Gunn's work with the UFWA. The fonds also consists of correspondence between Roy Wilson, a University of Alberta history student, and Susan Gunn. The correspondence relates to his thesis, and the fonds includes a copy of his thesis, "Henry Wise Wood and the Ideology of Western Canadian Agrarianism."

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Celebration of Women in the Arts fonds
PR0388 · Fondo · 1981-2000

The fonds consists of the records created by Celebration of Women in the Arts during the course of conducting its activities. The fonds is organized in the following two series: operational files with bylaws, minutes, correspondence, financial records, membership information and publications created or received by the society; and project files which present information on activities of interest to the society.

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PR1838 · Fondo · 1913-1989

The fonds consists of the Victorian Order of Nurses (Edmonton Branch) and includes minutes, booklets of rules and regulations, reports, including reports for the Florence Nightingale Emergency Auxiliary who were working for the Victorian Order of Nurses, correspondence, monthly and annual reports, financial statements, newspaper clippings, material relating to the Provincial Branch, the book Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada, Fiftieth Anniversary, 1897-1947, Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada nursing manuals, scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and photographs, and images of nurses.

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PR0853 · Fondo · 1941-1974

Fonds consists of the business records of the East of the Smoky and District Nursing Association and includes receipts, returned cheques, an invitation, correspondence, financial records, a newspaper clipping, minutes, a certificate of incorporation, leases, inventories, membership lists, bylaws, and a plan for the nurse’s residence in Valleyview, Alberta.

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Thompson family fonds
PR1122 · Fondo · [187-?]-1971, predominant [187-?]-1915

Fond consists of the personal records of the Thompson family and includes an Alberta College calendar, correspondence, a tax notice, certificate of naturalization, a pictorial booklet of Aberdeen, Scotland, a dance card, newspaper clippings of poems, an article about the Kleskun Ranch Limited, and two postcard albums containing mechanically and photographically produced postcards. Fonds also includes tintypes and photographs depicting Thompson family members and friends, as well as various people, buildings and views in Kingman, Cold Lake, Camrose, and Wetaskiwin, Alberta, including, automobiles, hunting parties, agricultural machinery and scenes, buildings, barns, houses, street views, women, and an army band, students of Pretty Hill School District No. 1422, Arlington Hotel, and Thompson General Store.

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