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Archival description
Cinefilm and Video series
PR0003.003SF.0006 · Series · 1931-1976
Part of Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI), Lacombe Canada fonds

The series consists of records created or acquired by the Oblates of the Vice-Province of Mackenzie in Alberta, the Northwest Territories and the Arctic. The recordings consist of amateur footage and produced material, and subjects may include Oblate home movies, various communities, missions, schools and residential schools, religious events and activities.

The film and video includes recordings of pilgrimages, carnivals, nuns, nurses and convents, local buildings and hospitals, stables, camps, local people and families, their communities, the timber industry, transportation, sports, and indigenous peoples of Canada’s north.

Jerry Puckett fonds
PR3968 · Fonds · 1973

The fonds contains ten sets of tapes of oral history interviews conducted by Jerry Puckett. Interviewees include Mr. G.R. Davis, Allan Gibson, Hope Johnson, Gladys Reeves, Hugh Dempsey, Howard Kelly, Bill Wuttunee, Andy Russell, and Frank Anderson. The interview with David Melting Tallow and George Crowchief includes the nature of Blackfoot artifacts, relationships and rivalries with the Cree, dances, ceremonies and protocols of religious significance, and attempts to preserve culture. This interview was not aired during the original series.

These interviews were originally recorded for use in the program “Puckett’s General Store” from 1972-1973 on CFAC-TV Calgary (now known as Global Calgary). This show had 26 total episodes. The video versions of these interviews were deposited with the TV station while the audio tapes were copied for use at the Provincial Archives of Alberta in 1973.

Puckett, Jerry
Elders Project fonds
Fonds · 1996

The fonds consists of audio tapes of interviews with seventeen First Nations elders who were interviewed between May and August of 1996. The interviews were conducted by Rhonda DeLorme of Alberta Aboriginal Affairs. The negatives and photographs depict the elders interviewed and there are labels printed on the backs of the photographs. Some of the elders interviewed include Josephine Crowshoe, Rita Auger, Joe Crowshoe, Ruth Bad Eagle , Tom Crane Bear, Wallace Mountain Horse, and Evelyn Thunder, among others.

In the recordings, the elders speak about their own family histories, traditions and celebrations from their home communities, and values. Several also related stories that had been shared with them and spoke of how resources from the land and animals were used in their communities. Many of the elders also spoke about their experiences while attending residential schools and other impacts that settler society had on their way of life (including world wars, treaties, and industry).

These interviews took place in the Bigstone Cree Reserve, Whitefish Lake First Nation, Loon Lake First Nation, Woodland Cree First Nation, Brocket, Siksika Nation, Dene Tha’ Reserve, Blood Reserve, and Alexis Reserve.

Elders Project, Aboriginal Affairs
Cinefilm and Video series
PR0003.002SF.0007 · Series · [1946?]-1984
Part of Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI), Lacombe Canada fonds

The series consists of recordings created and collected by the Oblates of the Province of Alberta-Saskatchewan, and primarily relate to Alberta, the Northwest Territories and the Arctic. The records consist of professional and amateur film and videos of events in various First Nations communities and include religious events such as masses, vow and ordination celebrations, Christmas activities, weddings and funerals.

The film and video includes recordings of sports and outdoor activities and events such as hockey, fishing, dogsledding, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. The films also show nuns, students, nurses, local buildings and hospitals, transportation and infrastructure, highways, lakes and boats. In addition, the series includes recordings of the First Nations people and families and many aspects of their communities.

Cinefilm and Video series
PR0003.001SF.0007 · Series · [1931]-2002
Part of Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI), Lacombe Canada fonds

The series consists of recordings created and collected by the Oblates of Grandin Province, and primarily relate to Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Arctic. The records consist of professional and amateur recordings of events such as anniversaries, vow and ordination celebrations, Christmas activities, conferences, pilgrimages, and funerals. Documentary subjects include the forest, the Inuit, Dene and Cree, various Oblates, Castle Mountain, and cultures and indigenous peoples of Alberta and the north. In addition, there are recordings of masses and programs such as “Reflections”.

Marke Slipp fonds
PR1988 · Fonds · 1968-2003

The fonds consists of VHS and ¾” videotapes, 16mm and 35mm film release prints and film elements, ¼” reel to reel and cassette audiotapes and textual material regarding film productions that Marke Slipp worked on, mainly as film editor. Some of the productions include My Partners My People, Get Back the Night with Alberta singer/songwriter Connie Kaldor, Learning With Love about the Alex Taylor School in Edmonton, Sylvan Lake Summer, and Truckers: A Road Well Travelled. Also included are the film elements for the unfinished production, A Poet of Place, regarding architect Douglas Cardinal.

Slipp, Marke
Gil Cardinal fonds
PR3684 · Fonds · [195-]-2010

The fonds consists of records from Gil Cardinal’s independent and freelance projects; the film companies co-founded by Cardinal (Great Plains Productions, Kanata Productions, Strange Empire Productions); and his work for NFB, BBC, or other broadcasters.

The textual materials contain the complete business records of Great Plains Productions, creative records for specific projects (including scripts, notebooks, shot lists, story boards, and editing notes), administrative records for specific projects (including contracts, financial records, grant applications, and correspondence), developmental records related to unrealized projects, and personal records (including correspondence, speaking notes, speeches, and teaching material).

The films consist of home movies from Cardinal’s foster family (some of which were used as part of Foster Child); a tour of the Canadian Museum of Civilization with its architect, Douglas Cardinal; and release prints of Foster Child.

The videocassettes consist of original shooting tapes and completed masters of several projects. Most prominent among these are My Partners, My People, Our Home and Native Land, The Great Possibility, and David with F.A.S. There are also masters, but not shooting tapes, for several other projects including Big Bear, Chiefs (for both episodes directed by Cardinal), Totem, and others. Some of these masters are on DVD as well as videocassette.

The photographs, negatives, and slides consist of images shot by Cardinal during the course of filming, images of special events, and family photos.

Cardinal, Gil
Reta Rowan fonds
PR1900 · Fonds · 1918-1966

The fonds consists of records relating to the life and works of Reta Rowan and includes correspondence, music programs, a Junior League of Nations Society program, a Peace Conference program, poems, and correspondence relating to her involvement with the Friends of the Indians Society.

Rowan, Reta