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            PR1933 · Fonds · 1975-1991

            The fonds consists of the records created, used, and maintained by the Alberta Indian Arts and Crafts Society including correspondence, memorandum, reports, publications, pamphlets, newsletters, tax assessments, studies, ledgers, minutes, resolutions, accounts, invoices, applications, expense claims, manuals, promotional material, bulletins, news clippings, brochures, photographs, images, and sound recordings. The fonds dates from 1975 to 1991.

            Alberta Indian Arts and Crafts Society

            This series contains records from several Government of Alberta departments, including Culture, Youth, and Recreation. Over the course of the creation of these records, the departments responsible for them changed in name and scope.

            These records contain files such as a map of Alberta with reserves and Métis colonies, recordings of interviews with Indigenous elders, recordings of songs and prayers during a transfer ceremony, and interviews and ceremonies (including translations) from the Peigan Reserve.

            Anne Anderson fonds
            PR3963 · Fonds · 1976-1977

            The fonds contain a speech given by Anderson in St. Albert, a taped interview related to her efforts to preserve Cree culture, and photocopies of essays, speeches, and poems written by Anderson. Some of these photocopied records describe Indigenous and Métis life around St. Albert in the early 1900s. The fonds also includes a copy of Heritage magazine from 1976 with an article on Anderson’s involvement in Cree instruction.

            This fonds also contains audiotape records of an interview that Anderson conducted with Granny (Mary) Whitford in April 1971. Whitford was a well-known figure in the Eureka River community (located in Clear Hills County, Alberta), known to early settlers as available on call as doctor, nurse, or midwife before a doctor arrived in the area. She was well-known in the community for a life of service and for her dedication, making many long and hazardous journeys when her assistance was requested. In the interview, which is conducted in Cree, Whitford discussed her experiences and life with Anderson.

            Anderson, Anne
            Bill Wuttunee interview
            PR1973.0212-1 · File · [1972-1973]
            Part of Jerry Puckett fonds

            In this recording Jerry Puckett interviews Bill Wuttunee about his perspective on First Nation people in Canada. Wuttunee was western Canada’s first status Indian lawyer, and had written about "total integration of Indians into white society."

            CFRN Television fonds
            PR0019 · Fonds · 1935-1995

            The fonds consists of News and Air checks (news excerpts including commercials, but no complete news programs), documentaries (original, final and outs, including CFRN anniversaries, 1978 Commonwealth Games, etc.), Stock Shots of Communities in Alberta, Personalities, and various other subjects, and Dan Kauffman documentaries; the textual and photographic records are comprised of those from the program "Sunday Visit" and of records compiled regarding the history of the Sunwapta Broadcasting Company, G.R.A. Rice, and CFRN (both television and radio).

            CFRN (Television station: Edmonton, Alta.)
            Elders Project fonds
            Fonds · 1996

            The fonds consists of audio tapes of interviews with seventeen First Nations elders who were interviewed between May and August of 1996. The interviews were conducted by Rhonda DeLorme of Alberta Aboriginal Affairs. The negatives and photographs depict the elders interviewed and there are labels printed on the backs of the photographs. Some of the elders interviewed include Josephine Crowshoe, Rita Auger, Joe Crowshoe, Ruth Bad Eagle , Tom Crane Bear, Wallace Mountain Horse, and Evelyn Thunder, among others.

            In the recordings, the elders speak about their own family histories, traditions and celebrations from their home communities, and values. Several also related stories that had been shared with them and spoke of how resources from the land and animals were used in their communities. Many of the elders also spoke about their experiences while attending residential schools and other impacts that settler society had on their way of life (including world wars, treaties, and industry).

            These interviews took place in the Bigstone Cree Reserve, Whitefish Lake First Nation, Loon Lake First Nation, Woodland Cree First Nation, Brocket, Siksika Nation, Dene Tha’ Reserve, Blood Reserve, and Alexis Reserve.

            Elders Project, Aboriginal Affairs
            Gilda Rath fonds
            PR0406 · Fonds · 1954-1973

            Fonds consists of project records and includes correspondence, working papers, maps, genealogical charts, a slide, a newspaper clipping, reports, and photographs. Fonds also includes a list of Indigenous herbal medicines.

            Rath, Gilda
            Jenny Margetts fonds
            PR3681 · Fonds · 1971-1991

            The fonds includes records collected or created by Jenny Margetts when she conducted advocacy activities as a leader supporting Cree language, Indigenous culture, and women’s rights. The fonds document the activities, commitments and interests of Jenny Margetts as well as the activities conducted by Indian Rights for Indian Women (IRIW).

            The records include several personal and IRIW notebooks and schedule books, as well as multiple records produced during Jenny Margetts’ life. These records consist of meeting minutes, correspondence to and from the IRIW, legislation summaries and discussions, committee records, publications, and internal communications of the IRIW, among other records. Other IRIW records include correspondence to and from Margetts and IRIW, research and planning notes, conference and meeting minutes and proceedings, reports and proposals, and workshop programs and evaluation forms.

            This collection also contains a wide variety of records from Jenny Margetts, both in the form of personal correspondence and notes and from her work with IRIW. The majority of this collection relates to the IRIW’s lengthy legal battle to repeal the section of the Indian Act that stripped Indigenous women (and their children) of their status if they married a non-status man (Section 12 1(b)), as well as the subsequent work to address continued discrimination against Indigenous women in the Indian Act.

            Margetts, Jenny
            Jerry Puckett fonds
            PR3968 · Fonds · 1973

            The fonds contains ten sets of tapes of oral history interviews conducted by Jerry Puckett. Interviewees include Mr. G.R. Davis, Allan Gibson, Hope Johnson, Gladys Reeves, Hugh Dempsey, Howard Kelly, Bill Wuttunee, Andy Russell, and Frank Anderson. The interview with David Melting Tallow and George Crowchief includes the nature of Blackfoot artifacts, relationships and rivalries with the Cree, dances, ceremonies and protocols of religious significance, and attempts to preserve culture. This interview was not aired during the original series.

            These interviews were originally recorded for use in the program “Puckett’s General Store” from 1972-1973 on CFAC-TV Calgary (now known as Global Calgary). This show had 26 total episodes. The video versions of these interviews were deposited with the TV station while the audio tapes were copied for use at the Provincial Archives of Alberta in 1973.

            Puckett, Jerry
            Jessie Daryl Sturrock fonds
            PR0227 · Fonds · [ca. 1890]-1979, predominant 1911-1979

            Fonds consists of the personal and family records of Jessie Daryl Sturrock and records reflecting her many interests, including photographs, correspondence, diaries, newspaper clippings, financial records and reports. The fonds has been divided into the following series: Canadian Native Friendship Centre; Native interests; Personal records; Edward Nielson Sturrock records; Other interests; Latta family records.

            Sturrock, Jessie Daryl
            Larry Langley fonds
            PR4009 · Fonds · 1956-1979

            The fonds consists of audio reels of interviews and radio programs that Langley produced during his career with the CBC. The topics of these recordings cover a wide array of subject matter, and include oral histories of Father Lacombe, First Nations, and Hutterite colonies. There are also interviews with members of the Edmonton Grads, on the construction of the Bighorn Dam, on the founding of the oil industry, and with Margaret Atwood. Also included are programs on Albertan aviation history.

            The film reels contain interviews and news reports featuring Langley over the course of his broadcast career in Saskatoon, Calgary, and Edmonton. These feature interviews with Bill Kenny of the vocal group the Ink Spots, singer Pearl Bailey, comedian Jack Benny, and news reports from the Calgary Stampede. There are also some home movies (including amateur short films and home movies of RCAF Squadron 418 events) and a reel of public service announcements from the federal Department of Health and Welfare.

            Langley, Larry
            PR1343 · Collection · 1784-1972

            The collection consists of both copied and original records and includes records belonging to various companies, associations, governments, and individuals. Fonds includes agendas, Alberta law stamps, association records, banners, calendars, celebration and event programmes, certificates, constitutions, diaries and daily journals, financial records, glass plate negatives, historical and biographical sketches, invitations, judges’ case books, lantern slides and coloured lantern slides, literary manuscripts, maps, mechanically produced photographic reproductions, minutes, negatives and cyanotype negatives, newsletters, newspapers and newspaper clippings, personal reminiscences, phonodiscs, photographs, political party records, prize lists, radio broadcasts and broadcast transcripts, receipts, scrapbooks, shares, souvenir booklets and photograph albums, surveys, temperance posters, and various other miscellaneous records. The collection has been divided into the following series: Aberdeen Association (1909-1911); Aberhart, William (1943); Alberta Golden Jubilee (1954-1955); Alberta Institute of Co-operation (1928-1929); Alberta Society of Petroleum Geologists (around 1954); Alberta Women's Institute (1915-1963); Albright, W.D. (1930); Athabasca and District Board of Trade (June 9, 1952); Bennett, Richard Bedford (1905-1938, predominant 1937-1938); Blue, Mrs. John (1907-1913); Blyth, Alfred (1936-1939); Bob Edwards' Summer Annual (1920-1922); Brick, Mrs. A.L. (19-?); Brown, James McCredie (19-?); Bulkley, C.S. (1865-1867); Byron-May Company (1910-1914); Callihoo, Victoria (around 1948); Campbell, Colin Nicol (April 4, 1887); Canadian Club, Edmonton (1909-1912); Canadian Medical Association (August 1912); Carpenter, W.G. (April 8, 1927); Civil Service Association of Alberta (1955-1956); College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (1924); Denny, Sir Cecil Edward (around 1905); Devore, R.W. (19-?); East Clover Bar Alberta Farmers' Association (1906-1912); Edmonds, W

            Legislature Library Archives Program
            Lorraine Hoffman fonds
            PR2485 · Fonds · 1997-1998

            The fonds consists of oral history interviews with First Nations Elders of the Wood Buffalo Region that Lorainne Hoffmam (Mercredi) conducted in 1998, and used as research material for the publication of Inkonze: the Stones of Traditional Knowledge: a story of the Athabasca tar sands (2002).

            Elders interviewed include Mary Rose Waquan, Eusebe (Red) Adam, Pete W. Arnold, Alice Boucher, Raymond Boucher, Leonard J. Campbell, Willie Courtoreille, Trace Deranger, Liza Flett, Everest Janiver, Julienne Janiver, Frank Marcel, Margaret Marcel, Jean Janvier, Cecil Mercredi, Josephine Marie Mercredi, Victoria Mercredi, Harvey Scanie, George Wandering Spirit, William Woodward, and Roland Woodward.

            Hoffman, Lorraine
            Nelles Victor Buchanan fonds
            PR0031 · Fonds · 1607, 1645, 1904-1967

            The fonds consists of the following series : Personal correspondence; Judge's notebooks; Buchanan family; Health association activities; United Church of Canada; Education; Early law career; Politics; Speeches; Photographs; Certificates and honours; Alberta Trusts Company Ltd.; and, Miscellaneous.

            Buchanan, Nelles Victor
            Ray Yellowknee fonds
            PR2859 · Fonds · 1968

            The fonds consists of three audio reels containing 16 hours of recorded stories and legends recounted by eight Cree Elders of the Wabasca-Desmarais area. Ray Yellowknee captured these stories in 1968.

            Yellowknee, Ray
            PR3970 · Fonds · 1966

            The fonds contains interviews with local Indigenous people and settlers, and also contains a portrait of a young Indigenous woman. The interviews generally concern settlers who came to Alberta to homestead and the lives they had here. Some of the settlers interviewed include Adelard and Cora Dandeneau (family arrived 1895), Roy and Edna Hagen (born in Ontario and Spruce Grove), and Frederick Johnson (arrived in Ardrossan in 1912), among others.

            Some of the interviews with Indigenous interviewees (with some conducted in Indigenous languages) largely discuss life on reserves. Some of those interviewed include Alexis Morin (interview is in Cree, discusses life on Enoch Reserve) and Vital Victor and Clothtilda Calahoo (early life, Métis traditions).

            The stated purpose of these recordings was to keep a record of the heritage and customs of early residents of the Spruce Grove (specifically Winterburn) area, to be available to be listened to and recalled by any interested person.

            Spruce Grove Chamber of Commerce
            Tom Many Guns family fonds
            PR0185 · Fonds · 1831-1955

            Fonds consists of the Blackfoot winter counts compiled by Lone Chief, White-Haired Chief, Many Guns Sr. and Mathew Many Guns, and translations of some sections of the winter count. The translation work was done in 1965 by Dave Melting Tallow of the Provincial Museum of Alberta.

            Tom Many Guns family