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            Arthur W. Benton fonds
            PR2247 · Fonds · copied 1993

            The fonds consists of copies of 60 photographs taken by Arthur W. Benton during his service with the U.S. Army throughout the construction of the Alaska Highway in 1942. The fonds includes images of trucks, First Nations guides, individuals, camps, bridges, and construction sites.

            Benton, Arthur W.
            Barry Gibson fonds
            PR1825 · Fonds · Copied 1989

            The fonds consists of images, originally dating circa (ca.) 1920, of the Royal North West Mounted Police/Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) at Fort Macleod, Alberta, including an image of the funeral of RCMP Corporal Usher and Alberta Provincial Police Constable Bailey, and images of North West Mounted Police and First Nations people at the Calgary Stampede in 1912.

            Gibson, Barry
            C. H. Carley fonds
            PR2122 · Fonds · 1951-1970

            The fonds consists of photographs, dating from the 1950s and 1960s, taken by the Lethbridge Herald or Crighton Studio, of Indigenous peoples in traditional attire including the following individuals: Jim Shot Both Sides; Yvonne Pelletier; Walter Bastien; Joe Crow Shoe; Julius English; Pat Bad Eagle; Jim Morning Bull; Albert Little Mustache; George Calling Last; Nathan Many Feathers; Wings; John Yellowhorn; Bob Tail Chief; Chief Body; Jim Shot Both Sides with Indian Affairs officials. The fonds also includes several clippings related to health services for First Nations in Alberta dating from the 1960s and 1970s as well as photographs of various Indigenous peoples across Alberta and the Territories: the interior of an igloo at Kuugjuaq (Perry River), Nunavut; Walking Buffalo seated near a tipi; an octogenarian at Bathurst Inlet, Nunavut; a young boy at a camp at Contwoyto Lake, Nunavut; a church at Kingaok (Bathurst Inlet); Father P. Henry at Qikiqtaq (King William Island), Nunavut; Louise Falls at Xátł'odehchee (Hay River), Northwest Territories; Inuit people hauling in a whale; Inuit children sampling whale blubber being hung to dry; and a flock of 2400 reindeer near White Point, Nunavut.

            This fonds also contains 3 files of material on the Blood [Kainai First Nation] and Peigan [Piikani Nation] from southern Alberta

            Carley, C.H.
            Chevalier family fonds
            PR1517 · Fonds · 1910-1938

            The fonds consists of images of various locations in Alberta, including Fort Saskatchewan (interior of a tailor shop), Leduc (interior of a confectionery), Irma, Peace River, Fahler, Castor, Vegreville, St. Paul de Metis, and Onion Lake; the images include churches, homesteading, street scenes, school, hotels, rivers, clergy, airplanes, houses, first nations, cars, and students.

            Chevalier, Barrett
            David Clark collection
            PR1302 · Collection · [ca. 1905]

            The fonds consists of a photograph album with twenty-four photographs of the North West Territories (Alberta and Saskatchewan) and Manitoba, featuring trains, riverboats, picnics, parades, a fire brigade, [Indigenous people and First Nation camps] natives and native encampments, Doukabors, mining, a hotel, the St. Andrew's Lockport bridge, Countess Grey, and a toboggan slide.

            Clark, David
            Ernest Brown fonds
            PR0043 · Fonds · 1759-1965, predominant 1880-1960

            Fonds consists of personal and business records generated by Brown including correspondence, financial records, research material, newspaper clippings and newspapers, periodicals, political pamphlets and articles written by Brown, published books, travel brochures, paintings and maps. It also consists of historical photographs collected by Brown that were taken by other photographers like C.W. Mathers, Boorne and May and by Ernest Brown himself.

            The fonds has been divided into the following series: Items regarding Boorne, May and Mathers; Personal and business papers; Political papers; Photographic studios’ records; Pioneer Days Museum records; Personal writings; Notes and research material; Newspapers; Periodicals; Printed books; Travel brochures and directories; Photographic material; Maps; Paintings; and Time capsule. Many of these series have been further divided into sub-series.

            Brown, Ernest
            George Webber fonds
            PR2871 · Fonds · 1988 - 1991

            The fonds consists of 44 photographs documenting the Lac St. Anne Pilgrimage dating from 1990 - 1991 taken by George Webber. The fonds also includes a photograph dating from 1988 featuring Charlie Chew and Chun Leong, two Chinese immigrants that operated a restaurant in New Dayton, Alberta at the early part of the 20th century.

            Webber, George
            Gladys Reeves fonds
            PR0112 · Fonds · 1860-1969

            Fonds consists of material relating to Gladys Reeves personal life as well as material relating to her life as a photographer including, published and unpublished articles and speeches written by Gladys Reeves, personal and business correspondence, minutes and bylaws from various societies and associations, receipt books and ledgers, financial records, office diaries, personal and business photographs, the Reeves’ family bible, several unframed oil paintings, newspaper clippings, magazines, maps, pamphlets, calendars and photo cards created by Gladys Reeves and Ernest Brown to be sold as teaching aids to schools.

            Also included in this fonds are some of Ernest Brown’s personal and business records, including personal diaries, correspondence, articles and essays written by Brown and political writings.

            The fonds has been arranged into the following series: Personal records; Business records; Reeves family records; Ernest Brown records; Miscellaneous essays, publications; and Photographs. Within some of these broad series designations are sub-series.

            Reeves, Gladys
            Series · 1936-1995, predominant 1971-1995

            The series consists of photographic images created for or by the Government of Alberta. The images include scenes of:

            • Governors-General, Lieutenant-Governors, Premiers, Ministers, politicians, Members of the Legislative Assembly, deputy ministers, civil servants, and members of government boards and committees;

            • official government events and ceremonies, including royal visits, tours, conferences, official presentations, trade missions, and trade show displays;

            • Indigenous and Metis peoples, including scenes of traditional activities and community events;

            • government buildings, such as the Legislature Building, the Jubilee Auditoria, hospitals, jails, courthouses, local provincial buildings, and Alberta Liquor Control Board facilities;

            • tourism, sport and recreation activities, including skiing, curling, golfing, hockey, camping, swimming, and other activities;

            • local communities, including aerial views, main streets, as well as facilities and buildings such as town halls, arenas, apartment buildings, churches, community halls, swimming pools, stadiums, office buildings, restaurants, television stations, libraries, hospitals, hotels and motels, shopping centers, neighborhoods and houses;

            • provincial and community events such as coronation celebrations, concerts, picnics, rodeos, regattas, the 1955 Golden Jubilee activities, the 1967 Canadian centennial celebrations, the 75th Anniversary celebrations in 1980, festivals, winter carnivals, Christmas displays, the Calgary Stampede, and the Edmonton Exhibition / Klondike Days;

            • commercial activities, such as movie productions, ranches, breweries, potteries, chemical plants, canneries, meat packers, mines, wool mills, factories, oil rigs, oil fields, pipelines, gas plants, refineries, and other industries;

            • agricultural activities, such as farming, irrigation projects and dams, creameries, dairies, grain elevators, Master Farm Families, 4-H programs, agricultural schools, and seed cleaning plants;

            • transportation infrastructure, such as roads, highways, bridges, airports, railway stations, and ferries;

            • landscape and wildlife scenes, including views of parks, mountains, lakes, rivers, badlands, buffalo and other animals;

            • health promotion activities, including blood donation clinics, vaccination and tuberculosis screening;

            • cultural activities, such as art shows, museums, paintings, plays, and exhibitions; and

            • other events such as fires, floods, fire prevention training, and accidents.

            The series also includes a number of photographic prints and slides produced from the negatives.

            Alberta. Trade and Industry. Publicity Bureau
            Harry Pollard fonds
            PR0125 · Fonds · 1875-1970

            Fonds consists of two scrapbooks with letters, clippings and photographs related to Pollard's family and travels, tour brochures and lists of photographs taken on foreign journeys, an essay on the Cardston Temple and magazines with Pollard's photographs. Fonds also consists of a photographic supply catalogue, a large number of photographs taken or collected by Pollard, cinefilms created by Pollard, two order books, lantern slides, correspondence, magazines and brochures.

            Pollard, Harry
            Herbert H. Summers fonds
            PR0147 · Fonds · 1908-1966

            Fonds consists of records relating to Rev. Summers’ work in the Anglican Church in the Edmonton area and some photographs depicting life in Alberta during the early 1900s.

            Summers, Herbert H.
            Irene Powell fonds
            PR4008 · Fonds · 1958-2020

            The fonds consists of records that document Irene Powell’s life and work, as well as her interests and time in Alberta.

            The fonds includes photograph albums and loose photos that Irene Powell took as part of her work life and as part of her hobby. These images include pictures of the staff at the Camsell hospital, and images depict K-Days celebrations, Christmas decorating and events, Halloween costumes, staff and patient photos (largely children), hospital picnics, and other hospital events. Many personal photos document the Alberta landscape, Powell’s life and events in the province. These images include barns and livestock, flora and fauna, as well as well known locales such as West Edmonton Mall, the Ukrainian Village, Heritage Days and numerous parades and local fairs.

            The fonds also includes textual records such as Camsell Hospital newsletters, with seven editions of the “Camsell Arrow” as well as various graduation booklets and hospital newsletters and annual reports from the Royal Alexandra when Powell was there.

            Powell, Irene
            John Davids fonds
            PR1808 · Fonds · 1940-[198-]

            The fonds consists of the records of John Davids, pilot and amateur photographer, and primarily includes images reflecting his flying experiences in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories; the images record the life and activities of a bush pilot for three decades, with an emphasis on aerial photography of geographical features, communities (where very few photographs were ever taken) and the oil industry in the field, which is well documented because of John's involvement with Canadian Gulf Oil flight crews. The fonds also includes John Davids' pilot's log books, pilot's licenses, a souvenir edition program commemorating the official opening of a new terminal at the Edmonton Municipal Airport, a certificate for his lifetime membership in the Edmonton Quarter Century in Aviation Club, correspondence, a copy of "Dominion Explorers Limited" (recollections of Stanley R. McMillan written by John Davids), a copy of John's article "A Bit About the Bush Era" and a biography of John Davids. The fonds also includes photographs and records created during Davids' time in the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War.

            Davids, John
            John Kells fonds
            PR4023 · Fonds · [19--]

            This collection consists of 42 photographs from throughout Alberta, mostly depicting Indigenous leaders, people, and camps. Many of these photos were taken in photo studios, with the Indigenous people wearing outfits and regalia specifically for the photographs. There are also photographs of race carts, Alberta scenery, a train, and worker groups, among several others.

            Kells, John
            Lucien Mercier fonds
            PR1233 · Fonds · [ca. 1916-ca. 1938]

            Fonds consists of photographs and mechanically and photographically produced postcards depicting Lucien Mercier and his wife, as well as various people, buildings, and views in Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories, including Inuit women, First Nations men and women, dredges, ferries, mills, rivers, churches, airplanes, stores, railroad stations and accidents, hotels, floods, fishing and fish drying, caribou, trading posts, trucks, street views, aerial and panoramic views, banks, hospitals, shipyards, post offices, bituminous oil production plants, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, fires, dogsleds, and houses. Fonds also includes a caribou skin map depicting Slave Lake, Alberta, and newspaper clippings about Lucien Mercier.

            Mercier, Lucien
            Paul Coze fonds
            PR1905 · Fonds · 1928-1931

            The fonds consists of fifty black and white nitrate negatives taken by Paul Coze during his visits to Western Canada during 1928, 1930 and 1931. The photographs were a part of his ethnographic interests as an artist and document Métis, Cree and Nakoda Nations in Alberta and Saskatchewan. About a quarter of the negatives document Alberta, while the majority was taken in Saskatchewan.

            Coze, Paul
            Philip Godsell fonds
            PR2933 · Fonds · [ca. 1920]

            The fonds consists of a photograph of a painted tipi lining taken by Philip Godsell circa 1920.

            Godsell, Philip
            PR3998 · Collection · created 1976

            The collection contains reproductions of two photos that appeared in the November 1923 edition of The Beaver, taken from pages 45 and 46. The article that these photos were taken from was titled “Cree Sun Dance at Hobbema.” The article was written based on information collected by John Prest, one of the employees of the Edmonton Hudson’s Bay store who was allowed to witness the ceremony. As described by the article, this Sun Dance was the first to be held in four years in Maskwacis (then known as Hobbema)

            The first of these photos shows figures on horseback around a figure made of poles. The caption beneath this photo describes it as “Shrine for Sun Dance.”

            The second photo has 10 figures facing the camera, and has the following captions at the top: “November 1923, The Beaver, 45.” At the bottom the people appearing in the photograph are identified in the following caption: “White Guests and Their Indian Friends [including from Ermineskin Cree Nation] Who Attended the Sun Dance. Chief Samson; W.G. Askey; Head Man Louis Natuwasis; H.G. Munro; Old Man Kinewato; H. Taylor; Head Man Saddleback; J. Prest; Panny Ermineskin and Chief Louis Bull.”

            Canada's History
            Tony Lewis fonds
            PR1722 · Fonds · 1980-2002

            The fonds consists of images from Radway including the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and other buildings, images from along the Coal Branch, including stores, buildings, houses, churches, hotels, train station in Cadomin, Luscar, Mercoal, Coalspur, Leyland, Robb, McLeod River and Bickerdike, extensive documentation of the 100th anniversary of Lac St. Anne pilgrimage including day journal kept by Lewis, images of Edmonton grocery stores, Gainer’s Meat Packing plant, Thorsby, Ken Sutton (a trapper at Calling Lake), the opening of a museum at Alberta Beach, the Alberta Metis Association, the Edmonton Street Performers' Festival, the Edmonton Fringe Festival, and sites around Mearns and Ft. Assiniboine.

            Lewis, Tony