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            Abel Weekes fonds
            PR2198 · Fonds · 1990

            The fonds consists of a copy of an unfinished account of Abel Weekes’ journey to the Klondike. The account details transportation, diet, disease, climate, encounters with First Nations Peoples, and geography.

            Weekes, Abel
            PR3962 · Collection · 1872-1929

            The collection contains a variety of materials, purchased from Academic Books in five purchases over a decade. The collection includes an unpublished manuscript (1908) written by Alexander MacKenzie on the Peace River District covering the years 1793-1908. The next is a typed letter from R.B. Bennet to John Stocks (1905), the then-Deputy Commissioner of Public Works of the North-West Territories (which included present-day Alberta and Saskatchewan at the time). This letter concerned the rising waters that were beginning to circumvent the Elbow River Bridge in Calgary.

            Other records include North-West Territories Gazettes (Volume 18, Numbers 7-14, 1901), a HBC census record of the Saskatchewan District (1872), a HBC census record from the Athabasca District (1873), and a small ledger book used in Dunvegan with several pages at the end used by a child to practice letters and drawing (1891-1925). Attached to the census of the Athabasca District is also a document noting the “division of the Chipewyan Nation” according to the Census taken.

            Academic Books (Vancouver)
            Dorothy Dahlgren fonds
            PR0521 · Fonds · [1950-1980]

            The fonds consists of drafts of Dorothy Dahlgren's radio broadcasts for CKUA radio in Edmonton on a variety of subjects including the settlers and the settlement of Alberta, miscellaneous current affairs commentary, and various opinion pieces. The fonds also contains several newspapers and magazines which include Dorothy Dahlgren's writings. Additionally, the fonds includes poetry, plays and fiction written by Dorothy Dahlgren, a scrapbook of articles from MacLean's magazine dating from 1934 and a article about market gardening written by Herman Miller dating from 1937 collected by Dorothy Dahlgren. The fonds contains materials from 1934 to 1980.

            Dahlgren, Dorothy
            Eliza McDougall fonds
            PR2653 · Fonds · [ca. 1932]

            The fonds consists of a transcript of an address by Eliza McDougall documenting her life as a missionary in Alberta, including among the Stoney Nakoda Peoples at Morleyville.

            McDougall, Eliza
            Fires of Spring film reel
            PR3761 · Item · 1978, 2008
            Part of Provincial Archives of Alberta discrete items collection

            These records consist of a copy of Fires of Spring on 16mm film and a DVD copy of the same title. Fires of Spring is a 1978 documentary produced by the University of Alberta about the use of controlled fires for agricultural management. The film specifically focuses on the use of controlled fires by First Nations people in northern Alberta and features interviews with members of the Cree, Beaver, Dene, and Chipewyan nations regarding the traditional use of fire in land management. The film also features several University of Alberta faculty members discussing the importance of the practice.

            George Brandak fonds
            PR3156 · Fonds · 1973

            The fonds consists of a copy of George Brandak's Master's Thesis entitled, "A Study in the Missionary Activity in the Diocese of Athabasca, 1884- 1903."

            Brandak, George
            Gerald Hutchinson fonds
            PR3861 · Fonds · 1957 - 1990

            The fonds consists of a photocopy of a transcript of the trail of Reverend James Evans, and a letter from R. Alder to Sir George Simpson concerning the Trail in 1846. The fonds also includes agreements regarding the Rundle Mission dating from 1957 – 1990.

            Hutchinson, Gerald M.
            Hugh Dempsey interview
            PR1973.0210-1 · File · [1972-1973]
            Part of Jerry Puckett fonds

            In this recording Jerry Puckett interviews Hugh Dempsey about his research on and book about Chief Crowfoot. He also discusses some of the details fo Treaty Seven and his own difficulties in publishing a book. Dempsey was an historian, an author, and the Chief Curator Emeritus of the Glenbow Museum.

            Series · 1960-1986

            The series consists of records pertaining to community and economic development programs pertaining to Alberta's Indigenous communities. The files include correspondence, studies, reports, research proposals, minutes of meetings, grant applications, and other records related to liaison with Indigenous organizations, treaty commemorations, advisory services, and other activities.

            Alberta. Human Resources Development Authority
            J. G. Nelson fonds
            PR3967 · Fonds · 1973, 1981

            The fonds contains a manuscript for The Last Refuge by J.G. Nelson. The text is composed mainly of a historical study of Indigenous peoples in the Cypress Hills area of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. The manuscript discusses history and settler activity in the area from 1690 onwards, and includes topics such as the Bow River Expedition, the fur trade, the decline of bison and beaver, NWMP and traders, and Fort Whoop Up. It includes text, maps, graphs and tables, and references to photographs and illustrations by Russell, Rindisbacher, Point, Remington, Ewers, Dawson, Hoffman, Audubon, and Wallace. The Last Refuge was first published in 1973.

            In addition, the PAA holds two paper copies of the manuscript.

            Nelson, James Gordon
            John Hellson fonds
            PR3242 · Fonds · 1973-2008

            This material consist of research manuscripts and notes pertaining to songs, rituals, artifacts, and the ethno-botany of the Kainai, Piikani, and Siksika nations of Alberta. Specific topics include the use of wild plants by the Siksika, Siksika women, the Pigeon Society of the Niitsitapi, sweat lodges, the Siksika Sun Dance, the Siksika medicine pipe bundle, and the ritualistic use of eagle feathers by the Siksika.

            Hellson, John
            John J. Martin fonds
            PR0425 · Fonds · Copied 1970

            Fonds consists records dating 1888-1968 and includes a reminiscence by John J. Martin about pioneering in the Rosebud-Gleichen area of Alberta, a history of the Severn Creek School District No. 852 in Rosebud, and photographs depicting various people and views of the Rosebud-Gleichen area.

            Martin, John J.
            John Tobias fonds
            PR3825 · Fonds · 1964-2013

            The fonds consists of research papers, lecture notes, research notes taken for his dissertation, papers from John Tobias’ teaching career at Red Deer College, court case files from his time as a subject matter advisor, high school memorabilia, and recordings of lectures and presentations.

            Tobias, John
            PR0865 · Collection · Copied 1988-1992

            The collection consists of images, originally taken circa 1890 to the 1960s, from the Lac La Biche area, including images of the Filles de Jésus, priests, church exteriors and interiors, Lac La Biche Mission, mission students, houses, stores, buildings destroyed by a tornado, deer, barn building, potato picking, planting, skiing, chopping and hauling wood, a hockey team, children, Métis, families including members of the Ladouceur, Cardinal, Chevigny, families, and Italian settlers (Canterra, Biollo, Bonifacio) and a grain elevator in the Venice district. The collection also includes prints of some Le Franco images of the 1988 "Cultural Rendezvous Culturel," a copy of Joseph Ladouceur's Bill of Landing Hudson's Bay Company (1877), copies of Cree grammar books and copies of certificates of Victor Parenteau.

            Lac La Biche Mission Historical Society
            Larry Langley fonds
            PR4009 · Fonds · 1956-1979

            The fonds consists of audio reels of interviews and radio programs that Langley produced during his career with the CBC. The topics of these recordings cover a wide array of subject matter, and include oral histories of Father Lacombe, First Nations, and Hutterite colonies. There are also interviews with members of the Edmonton Grads, on the construction of the Bighorn Dam, on the founding of the oil industry, and with Margaret Atwood. Also included are programs on Albertan aviation history.

            The film reels contain interviews and news reports featuring Langley over the course of his broadcast career in Saskatoon, Calgary, and Edmonton. These feature interviews with Bill Kenny of the vocal group the Ink Spots, singer Pearl Bailey, comedian Jack Benny, and news reports from the Calgary Stampede. There are also some home movies (including amateur short films and home movies of RCAF Squadron 418 events) and a reel of public service announcements from the federal Department of Health and Welfare.

            Langley, Larry
            PR1343 · Collection · 1784-1972

            The collection consists of both copied and original records and includes records belonging to various companies, associations, governments, and individuals. Fonds includes agendas, Alberta law stamps, association records, banners, calendars, celebration and event programmes, certificates, constitutions, diaries and daily journals, financial records, glass plate negatives, historical and biographical sketches, invitations, judges’ case books, lantern slides and coloured lantern slides, literary manuscripts, maps, mechanically produced photographic reproductions, minutes, negatives and cyanotype negatives, newsletters, newspapers and newspaper clippings, personal reminiscences, phonodiscs, photographs, political party records, prize lists, radio broadcasts and broadcast transcripts, receipts, scrapbooks, shares, souvenir booklets and photograph albums, surveys, temperance posters, and various other miscellaneous records. The collection has been divided into the following series: Aberdeen Association (1909-1911); Aberhart, William (1943); Alberta Golden Jubilee (1954-1955); Alberta Institute of Co-operation (1928-1929); Alberta Society of Petroleum Geologists (around 1954); Alberta Women's Institute (1915-1963); Albright, W.D. (1930); Athabasca and District Board of Trade (June 9, 1952); Bennett, Richard Bedford (1905-1938, predominant 1937-1938); Blue, Mrs. John (1907-1913); Blyth, Alfred (1936-1939); Bob Edwards' Summer Annual (1920-1922); Brick, Mrs. A.L. (19-?); Brown, James McCredie (19-?); Bulkley, C.S. (1865-1867); Byron-May Company (1910-1914); Callihoo, Victoria (around 1948); Campbell, Colin Nicol (April 4, 1887); Canadian Club, Edmonton (1909-1912); Canadian Medical Association (August 1912); Carpenter, W.G. (April 8, 1927); Civil Service Association of Alberta (1955-1956); College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (1924); Denny, Sir Cecil Edward (around 1905); Devore, R.W. (19-?); East Clover Bar Alberta Farmers' Association (1906-1912); Edmonds, W

            Legislature Library Archives Program
            PR2632 · Fonds · 1965 - 1978

            The fonds consists of records used, maintained, and created by the Alberta Liberal Party and the Liberal Party of Canada in Alberta while they operated as a single entity dating from 1965 to 1978. The fonds includes records related to finance such as receipts, ledgers, balance sheets and budgets, pay roll registers; records related to membership including membership ledger receipts, alphabetical membership lists, and correspondence; records relating to election campaigns including promotional material for party candidates, films, audio recordings, handbooks, voters lists, correspondence, campaign buttons, election returns, candidate profiles, speech notes, campaign group photos, and clippings; records related to conventions and conferences including agendas, conference packages, proceedings, minutes, photographs; records related to committees and commissions including correspondence regarding the Edmonton Steering Committee and the Women's Liberal Commission; records related to leaders including photographs, news releases, correspondence, policy statements, position papers, reports, speech notes, expenses; records relating the adjunct liberal associations including the Alberta Women's Liberal Association including constitution and bylaws, executive lists, correspondence, meeting notes and minutes and records of the Young Liberals including position papers, member lists, and records related to the Student Liberals at the University of Alberta including correspondence.

            Liberal Party of Canada in Alberta
            PR3684.0006.0001 · Sub-series · 1989-1994
            Part of Gil Cardinal fonds

            The sub-series consists of material created for the documentary Our Home and Native Land, a BBC production about the Assembly of First Nations’ (AFN) and AFN Chief Ovide Mercredi’s efforts to achieve self-government for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples during the 1992 Charlottetown Accord negotiations. The records include masters, original camera tapes (which document the AFN campaign across Canada, including several public hearings on reservations and in Parliament and provincial legislatures), production stills, correspondence, and production notebooks.

            PR4007 · Collection · [Before 1983]

            The collection consists of research files related to the former Papaschase Indian Reserve. The collection includes photocopies of correspondence, reports, orders in council, and other related records. The copied records cover the years 1881-1975

            The Papaschase Band [Papaschase First Nation] signed to join Treaty 6 in 1877, but no action was taken by the Federal Government until 1880 to survey a reserve for the band. Due to a government error in the number of band members the surveyed reserve was smaller than should have been allotted. The Indian Agent responsible for the band transferred some members out when a complaint about this error was brought up, and the later commissioner pressured the band to surrender their land near Edmonton after years of pressure from Edmonton-area settlers. Band members were transferred mostly to the [Enoch Cree Nation] Enoch Band, and the land of Indian Reserve 136 was sold off. Band members were also convinced to relinquish Treaty Status through the North West Half-breed Commission, having been informed they would still retain title to their land. As of 2019, there were two separate groups representing descendants of the original Band. As of 2020, the Papaschase First Nation contended that Canada has acted contrary to the terms of the surrender.

            The collection contains student reports on the Papaschase Reservation, and these are accompanied by documents such as copies of land titles, land patent applications, memorandum of scrip applications and deeds, Treaty 6, and surrender documents. There are also maps, correspondence on land title status and sales, records of those receiving scrip and having been discharged from treaty, interview records for scrip applications, and correspondence on uses of the “abandoned” Papaschase Reserve.

            In addition, many of the folders contain indexes of sales, correspondence, and Library and Archives Canada records. There are also copies of relevant newspaper articles, handwritten notes and timelines, legal decisions, and the Métis Betterment Act.

            The collection also contains a map depicting how the Papaschase Reserve fit into quarter sections. This map is a “plan of the subdivision into sections of the lands reserved for the band of Chief Papaschase.” It has been marked with pencil and pen along several edges. This map was first printed in Ottawa in 1891, and follows the reserve’s re-survey in 1890.

            Robert Logan fonds
            PR2616 · Fonds · 1912 - [1994]

            The fonds consists of photocopies of articles published in the Epigraphic Society journal written by Robert Logan recounting his work as a surveyor dating from circa 1994; aerial photographs dating from 1912- 1913 taken by Robert Logan while working as a Dominion Land Surveyor in Northern Alberta; correspondence with Father Jean Lessard regarding the structure of the Cree language dating from 1951 - 1958; and a microfilm copy of Robert Logan's Cree dictionary and a print copy of the dictionary dating from 1964.

            Logan, Robert
            Robert Rundle fonds
            PR4010 · Fonds · (before 1974)

            This fonds contains a bound copy of a typewritten copy of the contents of Robert Rundle’s journal. The original journal which this copies from was used by Rundle between March 16 of 1840 and July 29 of 1848. This journal has been labeled as an “extract” of the original journal, and so may not include the full contents of the journal written in by Robert Rundle. The copy in these fonds is typed in chronological order, with entries labeled by date and with varying lengths of entries. The entries are more often shorter closer to the end of the journal.

            The last few pages of the copy in this fonds include some commentary on Rundle’s work and quotes from a few articles and letters that mentioned him. There is also a loose-leaf photocopied version, which contains the same information as the journal transferred from the Legislative Library.

            Rundle, Robert
            PR4006 · Collection · [before 1978]

            This collection contains research materials and reference documents on other archival materials around the Sharphead Indian Reserve. The records include copies of documents from between 1876-1966, as well as handwritten timelines, research notes, and index cards for relevant records of RG-10, The Bulletin, and HBC Archives. The collection includes extensive records related to surrender and settlement.

            The Sharphead Band moved from the Pigeon Lake to the reserve selected for them near the Battle River, between Calgary and Edmonton, in 1884. Some of the records in this collection include accounts from missionaries, Indian agents, and other government officials describing the early years of the Sharphead Band’s transfer to their reserve, including their reactions to the Northwest Resistance.

            The band population declined, losing over 172 individuals to colds and other illnesses between 1886 and 1890. The majority of the remaining band members were amalgamated with the White Whale Lake Band (which is now Paul First Nation). The Sharphead Reserve was surrendered in 1897 and opened to settlement in 1899.

            Nicks, Trudy
            Sister Annette Potvin fonds
            PR1673 · Fonds · 1959-1994

            The records consist of histories in French and English about the Saint-Emile Parish of Legal and the Sisters of Charity (Grey Nuns) in Legal, as well as images of Legal, including a tractor, farm machinery, church interiors and exteriors, a log cabin, and lumbering. There are also photographs that depict Indigenous children at the Blue Quills Residential School of Saint-Paul between 1959 and 1966, and group portraits, snapshots, and depictions of school events and groups such as the Sea Cadets. Some of the subjects are identified and all of these photos are dated. The material covers the period from the beginning of 20th century to 1994.

            Potvin, Annette
            PR1323 · Fonds · 1877-1982

            The fonds consists of a history of the Grey Nuns at Lac St. Anne and St. Albert, and bound volumes which have been organized into the following 5 series: The Annales (a Grey Nuns periodical containing news from missions, lists of personnel and short biographies of deceased members of the congregations); General histories; Works written about the Foundress of the Grey Nuns, Saint Marguerite d'Youville; Biographies of the Superiors General; and Miscellaneous items.

            Sisters of Charity (Grey Nuns) of Alberta
            PR2811 · Collection · 1889 - 1987

            The fonds consists of letters from Father Collignon of the St. Bernard Mission in Grouard, Alberta to Father Le Serrec of the St. Charles Mission in Dunvegan, Alberta dating from 1889. The fonds also includes photocopies of the letters, and typed transcriptions of the letters into French and English dating from 1987 written by Louise Zuk.

            St. Charles Mission
            Theresa Ferguson fonds
            PR3322 · Fonds · 1974-1980, 2008

            The fonds consists of slides and textual material created by Theresa Ferguson, archaeology and anthropology professor, in the course of her field research.

            Ferguson, Theresa A.
            W. Everard Edmonds fonds
            PR0160 · Fonds · 1897-1965, predominant 1899-1955

            Fonds consists of material pertaining to Edmonds' religious, educational and historical work or interests including manuscripts, articles and photographs.

            Some manuscripts by W. Everard Edmonds were written as studies on Indigenous peoples in Alberta and bear titles such as “Early Explorers Who Visited Alberta,” “The Indians of the Plains,” “The Saskatchewan Rebellion of 1885,” and “Jerry Potts: Famous NWMP Guide and Interpreter.”

            Edmonds, W. Everard