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          PR3962 · Collection · 1872-1929

          The collection contains a variety of materials, purchased from Academic Books in five purchases over a decade. The collection includes an unpublished manuscript (1908) written by Alexander MacKenzie on the Peace River District covering the years 1793-1908. The next is a typed letter from R.B. Bennet to John Stocks (1905), the then-Deputy Commissioner of Public Works of the North-West Territories (which included present-day Alberta and Saskatchewan at the time). This letter concerned the rising waters that were beginning to circumvent the Elbow River Bridge in Calgary.

          Other records include North-West Territories Gazettes (Volume 18, Numbers 7-14, 1901), a HBC census record of the Saskatchewan District (1872), a HBC census record from the Athabasca District (1873), and a small ledger book used in Dunvegan with several pages at the end used by a child to practice letters and drawing (1891-1925). Attached to the census of the Athabasca District is also a document noting the “division of the Chipewyan Nation” according to the Census taken.

          Academic Books (Vancouver)
          Achilles Schmid fonds
          PR2783 · Fonds · 1912, Copied 1967

          The fonds consists of photographs taken during Achilles Schmid's travels down the Athabasca River in 1912. The photographs feature images of Athabasca Landing, limestone, First Nations, rapids, Athabasca Valley, a moose hunt, a portage, boat travel, an oil derrick, Pelican Rapids, tar sands, Fort McMurray, the Athabasca Oil Company, Hudson's Bay Company scows, dog teams, wintery landscapes, Calling Lake, a school house at Lac La Biche, the Northwest Mounted Police Station at Lac La Biche, and settlers of Lac La Biche. The fonds also includes photographs and negatives copied by the Provincial Archives of Alberta for the purpose of displaying the material in the Achilles Schmid fonds.

          Schmid, Achilles
          Alan D. Ridge fonds
          PR0086 · Fonds · 1892-1991, predominant 1968-1991

          The fonds consists of records created by Mr. Ridge in pursuance of his role as the Provincial Archivist of Alberta, documenting what he thought to be important or mandatory transfers of records to the Archives. Also included in the fonds are the personal papers of Mr. Ridge that, for the majority, were created as a result of his active involvement in the national and international archival community. The fonds consists of two series: Personal papers, and Records of the Provincial Archivist.

          Ridge, Alan D.
          Alberta New Democrats fonds
          PR0144 · Fonds · 1944-1993, predominant 1961-1993

          Fonds consists of federal and provincial records pertaining to the Alberta New Democrats including administrative records, executive minutes, news releases, day files, campaign literature, candidate histories, history papers and correspondence on various political issues.

          Alberta New Democrats
          PR3996 · Fonds · 1858-2013, predominant 1870-1990

          The fonds consists of records relating to the canonical and the civil administration and operation of the Anglican Church, Diocese of Athabasca. The fonds includes baptismal, marriage and burial registers, accounts of various parishes, residential schools, as well as correspondence files and diocesan accounts, newsletters and journals, meeting minutes, diaries of missionaries, photos, correspondence between missions, histories, biographies, and maps.

          Anglican Church of Canada. Diocese of Athabasca
          PR0600 · Fonds · 1967-1970

          Fonds consists of certificate of incorporation, correspondence, newspaper clippings, memorandum, curriculum material, reports, membership lists, financial records, and minutes of the Beaverlodge-Hythe Head Start Society.

          Beaverlodge-Hythe Head Start Society
          Beth Tachit collection
          PR0896 · Collection · [ca. 1930]-1978

          The fonds consists of photographs and copied photographs dating from 1917 to 1978 which were collected and used in Our Bend in the Peace: The Story of Royce and Lubeck, and End of Steel: Hines Creek, A Pictorial History, along with a newspaper clipping about Louie Garskie, and photocopied records about the 1928 surrender of the Beaver First Nation Reserve.

          Tachit, Beth
          PR2085 · Fonds · 1971-1983

          The fonds consists of copies of reports on Grande Cache, Alberta land development dating from the 1970s as well as correspondence relating to land claims in the Grand Cache area dating from the 1980s. The fonds also includes a report prepared by Carcajou Research Limited evaluating the public health, social community, economy, government, geography, administration, population, and organization of the Kehewin Cree Nation Reserve #123 from 1971-1979, published in 1980.

          Carcajou Research Limited
          Charles McLaughlin fonds
          PR3079 · Fonds · Copied 1970

          The fonds consists of 113 photographs originating from Charles McLaughlin's family photograph albums circa 1911 to 1957. The fonds features images of plowing, the Athabasca River, Jarvis Creek, the McLaughlin home, deer, a hunting party, pack horses, the McLeod River, mountain goats, caribou, cars, Peace Country, scows, canoes, Athabasca, First Nations peoples, Grouard, Sawridge, the Hart River, the Revillon Brothers' Store, and missionary sites.

          McLaughlin, Charles E.
          David Neil Allison fonds
          PR2073 · Fonds · 1912-1924

          The fonds consists of images taken during David Neil Allison's trip up the Athabasca and Mackenzie Rivers in Alberta dating from 1912-1913. The fonds includes images First Nations Peoples, towns, settlements, missions, industry, and the North West Mounted Police. The fonds also includes correspondence related to the financial activities of the Appleton School District No. 2818, and a farmer's handbook dating from 1913 to 1924.

          Allison, David Neil
          David T. Williamson fonds
          PR2030 · Fonds · Copied 1979

          The fonds consists of images, originally dating from 1953 and 1954, of a displayed bear skin along with a rifle and Bella Twin. In the spring of 1953, while she was collecting berries near Slave Lake, sixty-three year old Bella Twin encountered a grizzly bear which she was able to kill. As of 2007, this bear was still the largest grizzly bear shot in Alberta according to the Alberta Outdoorsman.

          Williamson, David T.
          Delores J. Dunn fonds
          PR1762 · Fonds · 1956-1963

          The fonds consists of photographs from the Lubicon Mission School, including images of students and staff, buildings, and classrooms.

          Dunn, Delores J.
          Dora Anne Clark fonds
          PR1006 · Fonds · Copied after 1966

          Fonds includes a copy of a presentation of the history of the Athabasca Oil Sands, with information about Dr. Karl Adolph Clark, compiled and written by Dora Anne Clark, including slides of photographs dating circa (ca.) 1920-1966 that depict various equipment, buildings, machinery, construction, and people associated with the Athabasca Oil Sands. Fonds also includes images depicting Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) boats, First Nations people, and pontoon planes.

          Clark, Dora Anne
          Eileen Paris fonds
          PR3100 · Fonds · [193? - 194?]

          The fonds consists of materials pertaining to Eileen Paris' missionary work with the Athabasca Diocese and includes images of Sunday School Outdoors, the Sunday School Caravan, church buildings at Big Coulee, the environment of Athabasca, a residential school, and First Nations dating from the 1930s and 1940s.

          Paris, Eileen
          Elizabeth Taralson fonds
          PR1763 · Fonds · 1955-1960

          The fonds consists of photographs from the Lubicon Mission School, including images of the digging of a well, livestock, horses, students and staff, buildings, trucks, classroom, and the lake.

          Taralson, Elizabeth
          Estelle May Hill fonds
          PR0562 · Fonds · Copied 1971

          Fonds consists of photographs depicting various people and views of the Peace River district of Alberta, including Reverend C.D. White, Anglican Church missions, Hudson’s Bay Company posts, First Nations camps, and government buildings, dating 1890-1931. Fonds also includes some correspondence, articles from the Canadian Churchman newspaper of Toronto, Ontario, and religious writings.

          Hill, Estelle May
          Fires of Spring film reel
          PR3761 · Item · 1978, 2008
          Part of Provincial Archives of Alberta discrete items collection

          These records consist of a copy of Fires of Spring on 16mm film and a DVD copy of the same title. Fires of Spring is a 1978 documentary produced by the University of Alberta about the use of controlled fires for agricultural management. The film specifically focuses on the use of controlled fires by First Nations people in northern Alberta and features interviews with members of the Cree, Beaver, Dene, and Chipewyan nations regarding the traditional use of fire in land management. The film also features several University of Alberta faculty members discussing the importance of the practice.

          Fort Chipewyan collection
          PR3390 · Collection · 1989

          The collection consists of photographs of various sites and people around Fort Chipewyan, Alberta during winter. All of the locations and some of the subjects are identified

          Unknown donor
          Gene Gregoret fonds
          PR3666 · Fonds · 1968-1980

          The fonds consists of release prints, A and B rolls, answer prints, inter-negatives, original camera rolls (negative and reversal), mixed soundtracks, and original audio reels created for Viator Films documentaries. Most of these films focus on Cree communities in northern Alberta. These titles are This Place—Chipewyan Lakes, Spring Beaver, 40 Yards of Canvas, The Craftsman, Voice of My Grandmother, Season of the Birch, Lac Ste. Anne Experience, and Trout Lake. These films cover a variety of topics including Cree oral traditions, beaver trapping, woodcarving, traditional canoe construction, teepee construction, the Lac Ste. Anne pilgrimage, and Catholic missionaries. There are also two films that focus on the Caribbean immigrant experience in Alberta or life in the Caribbean (Tradewinds: West Indians in Alberta and Sweet Barbados).

          The photographs depict various Cree subjects from Chipewyan Lakes, Trout Lake, and other northern Albertan communities. The textual material consists of editing notes, shot lists, and production diaries.

          Gregoret, Gene
          Harold Routledge fonds
          PR1788 · Fonds · Copied 1988

          The fonds consists of colour images taken by Harold Routledge, originally dating 1948 to 1954, of people and place in and around Fort Chipewyan, Alberta; images include aboriginal peoples, local residents, children, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, priests and nuns, log cabins, buildings, churches, tents, streets, dogs, a hockey game, boats, airplanes, automobiles, ice fishing, hunting and trapping .

          Routledge, Harold
          Hugh E. Pearson fonds
          PR1971 · Fonds · Copied 1979

          The fonds consists of selected images copied from photographs albums and includes images from a surveying trip around Great Slave Lake in 1922 with images of Fort McMurray, Fort Chipewyan, the boat Northland Echo, canoes, Fort Smith Landing, a First Nations village, tents, Fort Resolution, Souci King Beaulieu, gold mining equipment, the drying of fish, a sawmill, Hudson's Bay Company posts, the Waterways train station; images from a surveying trip in 1923 with images of Largent's Post, Peace River, survey crew, canoes, Fort Fitzgerald, tractors, dogs, Hay River, Fort Simpson, the Stick River, First Nations members, Fort Franklin, camps and an First Nations grave; and miscellaneous images, originally dating from 1912 to about 1919, of a ferry at Athabasca Landing, the J.L. Côté and Alberta Land Survey's building at Grouard, and a First nations woman and her baby, surveyors at Wabasca Lake, Jack Hornby and his log house.

          Pearson, Hugh E.
          PR4302 · Fonds · 1985-2012

          The fonds consists of project files and master versions of productions created by The Image Works for multiple clients. The productions include A Taste For Trade (concerning alternative trade organizations in East Africa), Scraping the Surface (concerning Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park), Native Art: Woodland Cree, Keep It Moving (concerning waste management), River of Joy (a celebration of 1,000 years of Ukrainian Christianity), Our Own Voice (concerning development in Nepal), multiple projects concerning crime and corrections made for the John Howard Society, multiple projects concerning the boreal forest region of Alberta, Hockey Night in Harlem (a documentary about hockey in Black communities in Harlem, New York City), promotional projects on behalf of the Government of Alberta, and interviews with Métis elders conducted at Fort Calgary among other projects.

          Image Works Video Productions
          Jack Stewart fonds
          PR2818 · Fonds · 1960

          The fonds consists of a combination of datebook and diary used by Jack Stewart in 1960 while he served as an Indian Agent for the Athabasca Agency at Fort Chipewyan.

          Stewart, Jack
          James I. Shepherd fonds
          PR1717 · Fonds · 1927-1930

          The fonds consists of records relating to the time James I. Shepherd spent in Canada, primarily in Northern Alberta, and includes reminiscences about his travels along the Athabasca River, a transcript of a letter to the Warrington Guardian about dogs, a sales agreement for a Ford Coach, and photographs of Fort McMurray, Lake Athabasca, rivers, boats, barges, dogs, native children, canoes, buffalo, tobogganing, natives, as well as images from Swan Lake, British Columbia, Pouce Coupe, British Columbia, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Quebec, and postcards of the Capilano Canyon in Vancouver, British Columbia and Lake Louise, Alberta.

          Shepherd, James I.
          J.B. Tyrrell collection
          PR2850 · Collection · Copied 1966

          The collection consists of copies of photographs taken in 1881, 1883, 1886 and 1900 by J.B. Tyrrell of locations in Alberta. The photographs feature Chipewyan, Hudson's Bay Company posts, Fort McKay, Red River carts, the Athabasca River, Smith's landing, Lac La Biche, Saddle Lake Mission, sled dogs, the Red Deer Settlement, Edmonton, Lorne Crossing, Blackfoot Creek, Bear Lake, Red River Carts, Calgary, Rocky Mountain House, Fort Pitt, Fort Saskatchewan, and Battle Lake.

          Tyrrell, J.B.
          J.J. O'Neill collection
          PR3098 · Collection · [Copied 1969]

          The collection consists of copied images of photographs taken by J.J. O'Neill on a journey through the Northwest Territories in 1921. The images include notes added by G.C. Cherer including titles and identification of individuals.

          The images feature a dog team plowing in at the Hay River Mission; First Nations peoples leaving Deadman's Island on Great Slave Lake; Fort Providence; fishers at Great Slave Lake; Fort Norman; the Anglican Mission School at Hay River; a First Nations settlement at Two Islands; the Mackenzie River; a dog at Hay River; a First Nation's boat; Fort Resolution; Fort Smith; the mouth of the Nahanni River; Royal Canadian Mounted Police Barracks at Fitzgerald; Deadman's Island, Oil Creek, Imperial Oil Company's well at Fort Norman; a Hudson's Bay Company boat on the Mackenzie River; Wrigley Northwest Territories; Fort Chipewyan; and Fort Fitzgerald.

          The fonds also includes a letter from Dr. J.J. O'Neill to G.C. Cherer regarding J.J. O'Neill's journey throughout the Northwest Territories.

          O'Neill, J.J.
          Joe Atkinson fonds
          PR2238 · Fonds · copied 1993

          The fonds consists of 20 photographs documenting Joe Atkinson’s work as a nurse for Indigenous peoples in Northern Alberta throughout the 1950s.

          Atkinson, Joe
          PR4066 · Fonds · 1993-2022

          The fonds consists of directories of environmental organizations in Alberta that pre-date the existence of KOA, solar project proposals for First Nations communities including Beaver Lake Cree Nation and Sucker Creek First Nation, a report on the Lower Athabasca Regional Plan, Community Environment Action Grant planning documents, documents from the Indigenous Climate Action meeting, incorporation documents, workshop evaluations, meeting minutes, conference files, and assorted project files including the Frontier Oil Sands Mine Project and Tailings Management Framework.

          Keepers of the Water Society
          Lloyd Bossert collection
          PR0637 · Collection · Copied 1972

          Collection consists of negatives depicting pioneers and First Nations people from the Grande Cache, Alberta area.

          Bossert, Lloyd
          Lorraine Hoffman fonds
          PR2485 · Fonds · 1997-1998

          The fonds consists of oral history interviews with First Nations Elders of the Wood Buffalo Region that Lorainne Hoffmam (Mercredi) conducted in 1998, and used as research material for the publication of Inkonze: the Stones of Traditional Knowledge: a story of the Athabasca tar sands (2002).

          Elders interviewed include Mary Rose Waquan, Eusebe (Red) Adam, Pete W. Arnold, Alice Boucher, Raymond Boucher, Leonard J. Campbell, Willie Courtoreille, Trace Deranger, Liza Flett, Everest Janiver, Julienne Janiver, Frank Marcel, Margaret Marcel, Jean Janvier, Cecil Mercredi, Josephine Marie Mercredi, Victoria Mercredi, Harvey Scanie, George Wandering Spirit, William Woodward, and Roland Woodward.

          Hoffman, Lorraine
          Lucien Mercier fonds
          PR1233 · Fonds · [ca. 1916-ca. 1938]

          Fonds consists of photographs and mechanically and photographically produced postcards depicting Lucien Mercier and his wife, as well as various people, buildings, and views in Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories, including Inuit women, First Nations men and women, dredges, ferries, mills, rivers, churches, airplanes, stores, railroad stations and accidents, hotels, floods, fishing and fish drying, caribou, trading posts, trucks, street views, aerial and panoramic views, banks, hospitals, shipyards, post offices, bituminous oil production plants, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, fires, dogsleds, and houses. Fonds also includes a caribou skin map depicting Slave Lake, Alberta, and newspaper clippings about Lucien Mercier.

          Mercier, Lucien
          Malcolm Lott fonds
          PR2618 · Fonds · [ca. 1900 - 1930]

          The fonds consists of photographs featuring a variety of scenes in Alberta including a deer hunt, individuals on a lake, school children and a teacher gathered in front of a school house, a group of children and two men in front of a house, a man chopping a tree, the construction of railway through the mountains, a homestead, and a mill on the river. The fonds also includes a series of postcards pertaining to catholic missionary work in Northern Alberta including Fort Resolution, a church in Fort Providence, missionaries, First Nations, and Great Bear Lake. The photographs and postcards date from ca. 1900 to 1930s.

          Lott, Malcolm
          Marilyn L. Franklyn fonds
          PR2015 · Fonds · [191-]

          The fonds consists of photographs from Grouard and High Prairie and include images of the Grouard main street, the Indian Agents Quarters and Police Barracks at Grouard, the Grouard school, a bridge at High Prairie, the loading of hay on to a train at High Prairie, the Canadian Bank of Commerce at High Prairie, and window display of Cree artifacts, and postcards from Big Point of an Indigenous family along with tipi and log building, the Grouard Mission and the Grouard main street.

          Franklyn, Marilyn L.
          Series · 1881-1993

          The series consists of files documenting land title searches regarding mineral rights. The searches determine the previous dispositions of mineral rights prior to issuing a new certificate of title. The files contain correspondence between the registrars and legal firms as well as documents related to searches, such as caveats, certificates of title, mineral certificates, land surveys and plans, and transfer of land documents. The files may also contain copies of court records such as Submissions, Petitions, Affidavits and Judgments.

          Northwest Territories. Registrar of Deeds
          Patricia Spence fonds
          PR2193 · Fonds · [1930]

          The fonds consists of 26 photographs of Northern Alberta and Northwest Territories including views of settlements, rivers, lakes, agriculture, industry, and the people of the region. The fonds also includes a scrapbook entitled, "From the Land of the Midnight Sun" containing 145 photographs of settlements, rivers, lakes, agriculture, industry, and the people of the region. The photographs in the scrapbook appear to have been taken during a trip up the Mackenzie River to Fort Macpherson and includes numerous images of Indigenous peoples of the region. The fonds dates from [1930].

          Spence, Patricia
          Peter Anderson fonds
          PR0421 · Fonds · 1882-1952

          Fonds consists of records dealing mainly with - Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Anderson’s military career and includes correspondence, certificates, biographies, newspaper clippings, business letterheads, poetry, partial manuscripts, and photographs.

          Anderson, Peter
          Ray Yellowknee fonds
          PR2859 · Fonds · 1968

          The fonds consists of three audio reels containing 16 hours of recorded stories and legends recounted by eight Cree Elders of the Wabasca-Desmarais area. Ray Yellowknee captured these stories in 1968.

          Yellowknee, Ray
          Reverend Aubrey Godwin fonds
          PR3897 · Fonds · 1950 - 1955

          The fonds consists of slides taken by Aubrey Godwin during his time at St. John's Mission and other sites in and around Wabasca, Alberta.

          Godwin, Reverend Aubrey Eric Walter
          Reverend Marchmont Ing fonds
          PR3794 · Fonds · Copied 2008

          Material consists of the memoirs of Reverend Marchmont Ing.

          Ing, Marchmont
          PR1761 · Fonds · 1954-1996

          The fonds consists of the personal records of Rolland and Thelma Smith relating to the Northland Indian Mission and the Lubicon Mission School, and includes Northland Indian Mission newsletters, programs, music, song books, Smith Wedding Anniversary programs, a photograph of Rolland and Thelma, photographs of students and the mission school, broadcasts of Circuit Rider and scripts of Morning Mediations on CKYL (Peace River), newspaper articles, a manuscript by Rolland Smith, a slide presentation with script and slides and fabric from a plane that crashed in Peace River.

          Smith, Rolland and Thelma
          Roy Ells fonds
          PR1316 · Fonds · 1921-1978

          The fonds consists primarily of Roy Ells’s constituency records from his time as Member of the Legislative Assembly for Grouard, as well as records from his time as chairman of the Legislative Committee on Automobile Insurance; these includes correspondence, certificates, reports and minutes, pamphlets and newsletters, invitations and programs, newspaper clippings, financial statements, speeches and copies of bills.

          The fonds also holds some personal papers of Roy Ells, including minutes, reports, correspondence, programs and pamphlets relating to his membership in the Alberta Hotel Association, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, the Alberta Social Credit League and the Grouard Constituency Association; a photograph of High Prairie’s first town council and other photographs featuring Rimbey, High Prairie, Fort Vermilion, Swan Hills, and other constituency locations, and includes the 1948 High Prairie flood, the High Prairie Fire Department, the Spaulding Hotel, the High Level Hotel, ribbon cutting ceremonies, and Legislature tour groups; and audio recordings of speeches by Roy Ells, interviews conducted by Roy Ells of Mr. Leesrud and Sid (Bud) Brown, the Social Credit Grassroots theme song and the opening of the High Level Hotel.

          Ells, Roy
          Stephen Moses fonds
          PR1399 · Fonds · Copied 1983

          The fonds consists of photocopies of: information about Sturgeon Lake, a list of Chiefs and Councillors for the Sturgeon Lake First Nation, confirmation class lists, "Early Indian Life from Early Catholic Records," a chronology of the Sturgeon Lake Catholic Mission, correspondence to Stephen Moses; and images, originally dating circa (ca.) 1935 to ca. 1958, from the Sturgeon Lake Catholic Mission, including the Mission, a confirmation class, St. Francis Xavier Church, a Christmas play, students, a graduating class, and the Sturgeon Lake former band chief John Baptiste.

          Moses, Stephen
          PR1220 · Fonds · 1903-1993

          Fonds consists of the operational and administrative records of the Sturgeon Lake Trading Post, which document its activities as a general store and fur trading post. The records span several decades and illustrate the importance of the fur trade to the inhabitants of rural Alberta. The fonds consists of a variety of records including ledgers, correspondence, photographs, and invoices.

          Sturgeon Lake Trading Post
          Theresa Ferguson fonds
          PR3322 · Fonds · 1974-1980, 2008

          The fonds consists of slides and textual material created by Theresa Ferguson, archaeology and anthropology professor, in the course of her field research.

          Ferguson, Theresa A.
          PR2854 · Collection · [ca. 1909 - 1924]

          The collection consists of 456 glass plate lantern slides featuring images relating to cartography, natural resources, First Nations, northern Alberta communities, and the oil and gas industry. Some of the images may have been created by Harry Pollard.

          University of Alberta
          Valentine Barrow fonds
          PR1932 · Fonds · 1906-1933

          Fonds consists of letter written by Dr. Valentine E. Barrow regarding his life and work, 1933; 9 albumen photographs of Indigenous peoples in northern Alberta and Northwest Territories, mainly Hay River area, 1906; Fort McMurray Royal Canadian Mounted Police Patrol Report, 1914.

          Barrow, Valentine