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        IRG_Treaty 8 -- Maps

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            IRG_Treaty 8 -- Maps

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              Academic Books (Vancouver) collection
              PR3962 · Colección · 1872-1929

              The collection contains a variety of materials, purchased from Academic Books in five purchases over a decade. The collection includes an unpublished manuscript (1908) written by Alexander MacKenzie on the Peace River District covering the years 1793-1908. The next is a typed letter from R.B. Bennet to John Stocks (1905), the then-Deputy Commissioner of Public Works of the North-West Territories (which included present-day Alberta and Saskatchewan at the time). This letter concerned the rising waters that were beginning to circumvent the Elbow River Bridge in Calgary.

              Other records include North-West Territories Gazettes (Volume 18, Numbers 7-14, 1901), a HBC census record of the Saskatchewan District (1872), a HBC census record from the Athabasca District (1873), and a small ledger book used in Dunvegan with several pages at the end used by a child to practice letters and drawing (1891-1925). Attached to the census of the Athabasca District is also a document noting the “division of the Chipewyan Nation” according to the Census taken.

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