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        Alberta Report fonds
        PR0440 · Fonds · 1973 - 2003

        The fonds consists of records of the Alberta Report, including magazines, photographs, and negatives.

        Alberta Report (magazine)
        Alexandre Mahé fonds
        PR3350 · Fonds · 1900-1969

        The fonds consists of French military papers, financial records of the St-Vincent Roman Catholic parish and general store, a booklet in French on teaching French in Alberta, an unpublished handwritten novel in French, original articles and research notes handwritten by Alexandre Mahé, correspondence in French with the Franco-Albertan and French elite in Edmonton in the 1930s as well as with family, various newspapers in French holding articles written by Alexandre Mahé or collected by him, and Bulletins France Libre published during World War II. Also included is a list of parishioners of the Saint-Vincent parish and a map covering a region in Africa where Alexandre Mahé spent 12 years.

        Mahé, Alexandre
        Alma Taft fonds
        PR3345 · Fonds · 1960-1967

        The fonds consists of recorded interviews conducted by Alma Taft on various topics, including medical research, employment, falconry, and student activism.

        Taft, Alma
        Armin Hecht fonds
        PR2128 · Fonds · 1959-1987

        The fonds consists of photographs, negatives, and slides Armin Hecht took while on assignment from the Edmonton Journal dating from 1950’s to the 1960’s. Locations include: Alberta, Yukon, Europe, Eastern Canada, and Japan. The fonds also includes some publications of Armin Hecht’s reporting dating from 1959-1987.

        Hecht, Armin
        Arthur W. McIntyre fonds
        PR0257 · Fonds · 1906-1968, predominant 1921-1956

        Fonds consists of newspaper articles written by Arthur W. McIntyre as well as pamphlets, magazines, newspapers, photographs and other records that he collected.

        McIntyre, Arthur
        PR3822 · Collection · 1961-2015

        The collection consists of issues of the Rimbey Reporter, Rimbey Review, Red Deer Advocate, Co-operative Consumer, Lakes District News, The Advocate, Daily Herald-Tribune, Fototab: A Photographic Journal of the Lakes District, Central Alberta Parkland News, and Ponoka County News.

        Bentley Museum
        Bonnyville Nouvelle fonds
        PR3823 · Fonds · 1937-2007

        The fonds consists of issues of the Bonnyville Nouvelle and the Bonnyville Tribune.

        Bonnyville Nouvelle
        Bruce Hogle fonds
        PR1504 · Fonds · 1981-1988

        The fonds consists of some of Bruce Hogle’s editorials, including The Best of Editorials.

        Hogle, Bruce
        Calgary Eye Opener fonds
        PR3157 · Fonds · [between 1916 - 1917]

        The fonds consists of 22 card blocks for the Calgary Eye Opener circa 1916 to 1917.

        Calgary Eye Opener
        PR2402 · Fonds · 1904-1972, 1975

        The fonds consists of records maintained, collected, and created by the Canadian Women's Press Club, Edmonton Branch including by-laws, minutes, correspondence, financial records, reports, membership information, speeches, newsletters, booklets, press releases and news clippings.

        Canadian Women's Press Club. Edmonton Branch
        Dorothy Gray fonds
        PR3258 · Fonds · 1949-1978

        The fonds consists of records pertaining to Dorothy Gray's involvement with a variety of Calgary women’s groups including the Calgary Women’s Press Club, the Media Club of Canada, the Calgary Press Club, the Women’s Canadian Club, the Calgary Canadian Citizenship Council, the Alberta Heart Foundation, the Ladies Auxiliary, and the Imperial Order of the Daughters of Empire.

        Gray, Dorothy
        Edmonton Bulletin fonds
        PR2970 · Fonds · 1880 - 1916

        The fonds consists of copies of The Bulletin dating from 1880 and 1886; a copy of the Edmonton Bulletin, Greater Edmonton Number dating from 1911; and The Bully Tin (published by The Edmonton Bulletin) in 1916.

        Edmonton Bulletin
        Edmonton Journal fonds
        PR0644 · Fonds · 1905-1989

        Fonds consists of the records of the Edmonton Journal and includes advertising staff manuals, agreements, bank books, booklets regarding the Alberta newspaper industry, budgets, certificates, a circulation register, classified ads order slips, computer advertising catalogues, correspondence, court transcripts, Dominion Law Reports, feasibility studies, financial records, historical and biographical sketches, itineraries, journal and magazine articles, memorandum, minutes, newspaper clippings, notes, notices, operations manuals, pamphlets, plans, press releases, programmes, radio transcripts, receipts, reports, returned cheques, speeches, telegrams, trophy deeds of gift, and photographs and negatives depicting various people, places, buildings, events, industries, animals, construction sites, celebrities, natural disasters, and scenes in Alberta, mainly the Edmonton area dating from 1905-1989. Fonds also includes oral histories of Frederick Watt, Don MacDougall, and Don Getty.

        Edmonton Journal
        Frank Oliver family fonds
        PR1831 · Fonds · 1881-1979

        The fonds consists of records related to the professional activities of the family including correspondence, memorandum, addresses, speeches, and photographs. In particular these records document Frank Oliver's professional activities as Minister of the Interior and as the editor of the Edmonton Bulletin, Rose Oliver's professional work with the Hospital Auxiliaries Association, John Oliver's journalistic and musical activities, and Allan Oliver's military career.

        The fonds also includes personal records created by the family such as diaries, photographs, musical compositions, notebooks, and financial records. In particular, these records document Frank Oliver's interest in historical writing. Additionally, the fonds contains commemoratory records collected by the family such newspaper clippings, publications, sheet music, articles, telegrams, cards, certificates. The records also document the achievements, births, and deaths of the Oliver Family.

        Frank Oliver family
        Frank Oliver Studios fonds
        PR2711 · Fonds · 1953-1955

        The fonds consists of 5486 negatives Frank Oliver Jr. shot while working on contract for the Edmonton Journal dating from 1953 to 1955. The negatives include images of news items such as accidents, fires, robberies, cornerstone ceremonies, and construction; images of sport items such as boxing, wrestling, basketball, baseball, swimming, football, hockey, bowling, stock car racing, curling, tennis and badminton; and images of social events such as balls, banquets, luncheons, conventions, teas, retirements, anniversaries, winter carnivals, reunions, fashion shows, alumni gatherings, contest winners, presentations, groups and associations. The fonds also includes invoices, business cards, envelopes, desk calendars, and photo mats of the Frank Oliver Studio dating from 1953 to 1955 as well as some amateur photographic work by Frank Oliver dating from the 1950's.

        Frank Oliver Studios
        F.R.F. McKitrick fonds
        PR0628 · Fonds · 1882-1935

        Fonds consists of records associated with F.R.R. McKitrick’s time as a teacher, farmer, and newspaper correspondent and includes correspondence, homestead records, curriculum material for geography and history, school exams, financial records, brand records, promissory notes, bank books, resort brochures, newspaper clippings, notes, written and typed manuscripts, railroad timetables, poems, income tax forms, receipts, pamphlets, hand-drawn maps, and bankruptcy records. Fonds also includes photographs, negatives, and glass plate negatives depicting various people, buildings, and scenes in Alberta and Ontario including the McKitrick family, the Edmonton Commercial Grads, the logging industry, churches, parades, steamers and ferries, First Nations, railroad and road construction, bridge construction, farming, train wrecks, horses and other animals, exhibitions and fairs, and an oil field.

        McKitrick, F.R.F.
        G. R. McCrea fonds
        PR0567 · Fonds · Copied 1971

        Fonds consists of undated photographs and a glass slide depicting various views, buildings, and people in Hanna, Alberta.

        McCrea, G.R.
        Gilbert Bouchard fonds
        PR3406 · Fonds · 1969-2009

        Fonds consists of handwritten notes and typed articles, poems, fiction and non-fiction writing, class assignments, newspaper and magazine articles, all written by Gilbert Bouchard (these articles cover cultural events mainly in the Edmonton area including art, theatre, film, history, music, religion, literature, poetry, comic books, food and culture in general), articles of research and writing interest to Gilbert Bouchard, invitations, brochures, exhibit catalogues and press releases for cultural events, newsletters, business and personal correspondence, day-timers and personal journals, Unitarian Church records, gay rights and gay culture records, recorded interviews by Gilbert Bouchard with people who are involved in the arts and other topics, textual and AV material submitted to Gilbert Bouchard from artists for review, published books and journals, computer hard drive and floppy discs.

        Bouchard, Gilbert
        Guy Lacombe fonds
        PR2903 · Fonds · 1964-1994

        The documents from this fonds relate to the personal and communitarian activities of Guy Lacombe. Researchers will find information regarding his interests in the constitutional rights of the francophones outside Quebec; materials he used for teaching; audio and video recordings, and other documents created over a span of 30 years. Most of the files have the original titles given by their creator. The fonds also include some photographs of personalities of the French community in Alberta, like Dr. Joseph Boulanger, J.-Harry Tremblay, and Dr. Jean-Louis Petitclerc.

        Lacombe, Guy
        Jasper Place Citizen fonds
        PR0407 · Fonds · 1953-1957

        Fonds consists of bound volumes numbers 4,5,6, and 7, of the Jasper Place Citizen newspaper. Also included are three issues of the Suburban Times newspaper dating August 8, 1957 to August 15, 1957.

        Jasper Place Citizen
        J.G.C. Dignard fonds
        PR1632 · Fonds · 1983-1986

        The fonds consists of copied of articles and letters by Gilles Dignard, mostly relating to the Peace River area, predominantly for Le Franco.

        Dignard, J.G.C
        John Yardley-Jones fonds
        PR3795 · Fonds · 1949-2014

        The fonds consists of original editorial political and social cartoons created by Yardley-Jones throughout his career. The cartoons were drawn with ink on a regular artist’s drawing board. The cartoons illustrate and document political and social events in Alberta, Canada, and internationally from the 1960s to the 1990s.

        The fonds also includes photographs, film, sketches, drafts and clippings, research and project files, and scrapbooks that document Yardley-Jones’ business, interests, hobbies, and commitment to his communities. These records documents his career in its entirety, and serves to provide insight into his methodology, his viewpoint, his business and personal interests, the world of editorial cartoonists.

        Yardley-Jones, John
        La Survivance fonds
        PR3358 · Fonds · 1928-1967

        The fonds consists of a complete run of the newspaper La Survivance on 14 microfilms from November 16, 1928 to November 8, 1967.

        La Survivance
        Lakeside Leader fonds
        PR1866 · Fonds · [197-]-[198-]

        The fonds consists of images, including approximately 6000 negatives, approximately 250 contact sheets and approximately 1200 photographs, of image that were taken for the Lakeside Leader newspaper.

        Lakeside Leader
        PR2025 · Fonds · 1905-1916

        The records consist of the whole run of Le Courrier de l'Ouest on microfilm, from 1905 to 1916, as well as an index to the newsapaper.

        Courier de l'Ouest
        PR3325 · Fonds · [Microfilmed in 1981?] (originals created in 1909-1915)

        The fonds consists of the microfilms of Le Progrès (March 6th, 1909-November 27, 1913) and Le Progrès Albertain (December 4th, 1913-April 15, 1915).

        Progres Albertain (Le)
        Malcolm Mayes fonds
        PR3771 · Fonds · 1982-2014

        The fonds consists of editorial political and social cartoons created by Malcolm Mayes throughout his career. The cartoons were drawn with ink on a regular artist’s drawing board, and document Alberta political and social events as well as national and international events having an impact on Albertans, from the 1980s to present.

        Mayes, Malcolm
        Miriam Elston fonds
        PR0132 · Fonds · 1910-1920

        Fonds consists of three scrapbooks containing articles and short stories by Miriam Elston, and editorial appreciation of her work. Also consists of photographs and postcards depicting life in Alberta.

        Elston, Miriam
        Myrna Kostash fonds
        PR1867 · Fonds · 1975

        The fonds consists of Myrna Kostash’s research for All of Baba’s Children, and includes oral history interviews with Ukrainian-Canadians, primarily from the Vegreville and Two Hills areas; she interviewed the children of immigrants, who had to find their identity, their purpose, their community and their pride between Galicia and Canada. The fonds also includes other research materials, such as articles, newspaper clippings, publications, papers and notes, used in the publication.

        Kostash, Myrna
        Naomi Radford fonds
        PR0151 · Fonds · 1889-1970, predominant 1901-1938

        Fonds consists of the personal papers of Naomi Radford and her parents, as well as other items that Radford found to be of interest and considered worthy of long-term preservation.

        Radford, Naomi
        Pawson family fonds
        PR3745 · Fonds · 1921-1981

        The fonds includes sports sections of newspapers, newspaper clippings, correspondence, cards, a journal, a book documenting Edmonton’s successful bid for the 1978 Commonwealth Games dedicated to Hal, certificates, speeches, dance cards, administrative records of Hal Pawson Consulting, and plans for the Commonwealth Games.

        Photographs depict R.C.A.F members, a Navy Officer, a trip Claudia took to Vancouver, leisure activities, and events surrounding the bid for the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton. One vinyl record is of Hal Pawson interview after the Grey Cup in 1956, and the other is titled “Newsroom Nocturne,” and features, among others, a colleague of Hal’s from the Edmonton Journal, Art Evans.

        Pawson family
        PR1004 · Collection · 1983-2018

        The collection consists of Edmonton, Alberta weekly publications SEE Magazine #16-913 (1992-2011), VUE Magazine #1-1205 (1995-2018), the Edmonton Bullet (1983-1993), Ed Magazine (2001-2007).

        The collection also consists of a complete run of Edmonton's Real Estate Weekly newspaper from 1983 to 2018, which in early years contained mostly trade advertisements, but in later years contained a variety of historical features by columnists such as Alex Mair and Lawrence Herzog, along with public interest articles on the real estate industry, the building trades, and tourism in Alberta.

        Melnycky, Peter J
        PR3404 · Fonds · 1893-1986

        The fonds consists of personal papers and correspondence of Pierre and Marguerite Féguenne, documents from Belgium regarding Féguenne, his business records and correspondence related to Union Printing, Elgin Apartments, his farm near Lac La Biche and his participation in a fox farm, the Memorandum and the Articles of Association of Union Printing, samples of printing, minute book and constitutive documents of Union Printing, some publications from Pierre Féguenne’s collection, a set of photographs of people, events and activities pertaining to the Legion of Frontiersmen, a history of the Legion, one photograph from 1908 of the staff and office of Red Deer Advocate, photographs of the staff of Trochu Tribune, Progrès Albertain, and Union Printing, and photographs of family and friends in Alberta and in Belgium.

        Féguenne, Pierre
        Roland Bonvalet fonds
        PR1906 · Fonds · 1953-1961

        The fonds consists of correspondence and writings created by Roland Bonvalet as a journalist for CFNS Saskatoon and CBC/SRC (Edmonton, Saskatoon, and International).

        Bonvalet, Roland
        Ronald Tremblay fonds
        PR3255 · Fonds · 1972 - 2022

        The fonds consists of planning records, minutes, correspondence, press releases, press clippings, budgets, scripts, photographs, and other records documenting various broadcasts produced by Ronald Tremblay, as well as of audio and video recordings of events and shows produced by him for the CBC/Radio-Canada, such as Gala albertain de la chanson (renamed Polyfonik in 2010), and Gala interprovincial de la chanson (renamed Chant’Ouest in 1997), dating from their inception in 1989 and 1990 respectively, as well as interviews and selected recordings from “Le Café show”.

        There are records documenting Ronald Tremblay’s activities as a member of various Francophone organizations and events, including Regroupement artistique francophone de l’Alberta, Société du Gala albertain, Cohenights Arts Society, Sommet des communautés francophones et acadiennes, Réseau national des galas de la chanson, UniThêatre, and Chant’Ouest. The fonds also includes audio-video recordings of Francophone musicians from Alberta at the end of 20th and beginning of the 21st century, some on which Ronald Tremblay was producer.

        There are yearly agendas from Ronald Tremblay during the years of 1984 to 2010, which provide a detailed view of his personal life as well as his career. The fonds includes many cassettes and demos submitted by candidates for various singing contests, interviews and songs from various artists from the west, CD launches and interviews of various artists, as well as tapes of interviews Tremblay gave or took for various events. The fonds also includes CDs of various Albertan artists,event photographs.

        The fonds also includes publications of plays that toured in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, for which Tremblay was the vice-president of marketing. There is also a large amount of articles, which appeared in various newspapers written by him, about him and/or about various singing events, contests or musicians. The fonds also includes original recordings of songs written, co-written or adapted by Tremblay himself from 1972-2008. Finally, there are various project or administrative records of singing contests such as Chant’Ouest, Gala Albertain and Polyfonik, which Tremblay put in place and worked on for the last 30 years of his career.

        Tremblay, Ronald
        Smoky Lake Signal fonds
        PR2190 · Fonds · [1978-1990]

        The fonds consists of 63,680 negatives taken during the production of the Smoky Lake Signal dating from [1978] to [1990].

        Smoky Lake Signal
        Strathcona Plaindealer fonds
        PR2403 · Fonds · 1907

        The fonds consists of handwritten and typed notes and articles written by reporters for the Strathcona Plaindealer.

        Strathcona Plaindealer
        Tony Cashman fonds
        PR2067 · Fonds · c. 1930 - 2009

        The fonds consists of records related to Tony Cashman's career as an author, broadcaster, journalist, and historian. The fonds includes research notes, typed transcripts of research interviews, recorded interviews, and clippings dating from the 1950's to 2005, drafts used to create various publications and broadcasts dating from the 1950's and 1960's and audio recordings used during Tony Cashman's radio broadcasts featuring commercials, music, historical vignettes dating from the 1950's and 1960's. It also includes correspondence, memoirs, and newspaper clippings relating to Cashman's childhood in California in the 1930s.

        Cashman, Tony
        Vance Rodewalt fonds
        PR0387 · Fonds · 1970-1990

        Fonds consists of Vance Rodewalt’s editorial cartoons on a variety of topics. Fonds consists of approximately 1600 political cartoons and approximately 1000 cartoons focused on social issues. Fonds also includes a smaller number of cartoons on seasonal topics, sports, the Calgary Stampede, the Olympics, and other miscellaneous topics.

        Rodewalt, Vance
        Vegreville Observer fonds
        PR1819 · Fonds · 1906-1989

        The fonds consists of photographs and 11 printing plates of images from Vegreville, including people, buildings and events. The fonds also includes programs, issues of the Vegreville Observer, copies of a commemorative 1909 issue, a certificate from the trustees of Columbia University for special Pulitzer Prize, and the film St. Laurent: A Man and his Country.

        Vegreville Observer
        Wesley Smith fonds
        PR1780 · Fonds · 1912-1964

        The fonds consists of copies of Wesley Smith’s weekly newspaper columns for the Taber Times, including his series “Better Crops Under Irrigation” (1946-1947). The fonds also includes issues of the Bassano News for October 17, 1912 and Bassano Mail for November 11, 1915.

        Smith, Wesley
        Western Sports Weekly fonds
        PR2973 · Fonds · Copied 1968

        The fonds consists of a copy of Western Sports Weekly Vol. 1, No. 1.

        Western Sports Weekly
        William Earle Hudgeon fonds
        PR3663 · Fonds · 1950-1992

        The fonds consists of photographs created by Hudgeon as part of his professional work and as a hobbyist. There are three distinct types of photos: portraits (weddings, graduations, group portraits, etc.), news photos, and scenic shots.

        The portraits make up the bulk of the photos and the selected portraits all depict identified subjects, with a few exceptions. In addition to the types of portraits mentioned above (namely weddings and graduations), there are also formal portraits of Scout groups, school classes, Rotary Club events, and other social gatherings in Drumheller and Delia.

        The news photos depict specific events such as parades or the aftermath of news-worthy events such as accidents or fires. Many of these photos have newspaper copy attached to the back, thus providing detailed information about the images.

        The scenic shots depict the built environment of Drumheller and Delia with some landscape shots present.

        The textual material consists of several daily diaries kept by Blanche Chambers of Morrin, AB. Chambers was a family friend of the Hudgeons and gave these diaries to Earle at some point. There is no further information about Chambers or her relationship with the Hudgeons, but the diaries contain an immense amount of information.

        The diaries have daily entries, with each journal accounting for one year. The 1950s are particularly well-represented with some years in the 1960s-1980s present, as well. The diary entries provide information about the weather, daily activities, special events, and domestic life. There are also inserts such as pamphlets, extra pages for diary entries, letters, and drawings. Furthermore, some diaries contain hand-drawn quilt designs.

        Hudgeon, William Earle
        William W. Parker fonds
        PR0219 · Fonds · 1913-[ca. 1964]

        Fonds consists of published and unpublished literary works written by Parker as well as other personal records, including family photographs taken during the time of World War I.

        Parker, William Wilder McKinley