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        PR2538 · Fonds · 1962 - 1997

        The fonds consists of correspondence, alphabetical office files, chronological correspondence files, financial statements, minutes from various committees, policy papers, reports, resolutions, newsletters, personnel files, programs manuals, pamphlets dating from the 1960s and 1990s related to the operation of the Alberta Federation of Labour. The fonds also includes audio recordings of conference and conventions of the AFL dating from 1962 - 1994; photographs documenting activities such as conventions, meetings, ceremonies, and social outings dating from the 1950s to the 1970s; audio recordings and video recordings of labour reviews, and AFL sheet music and recordings.

        Alberta Federation of Labour
        PR4044 · Fonds · 2001-2016

        The fonds consists of records related to ALHI’s mandate to collect and preserve oral histories from Albertan workers. Each video and audio cassette contains an oral history and is identified by date, participant, and subject matter. There are multiple copies on different media of most of the oral history recordings, with digital copies backed up on the 4 hard disk drives. The textual records consist of signed release forms completed by the participants, which stipulate that the recordings may be disseminated for research purposes and made publically available.

        As a whole, there are dozens of different oral histories on a variety of labour-related topics including union activism (with a host of unions represented), the experiences of women in the work force, the experiences of visible minorities in the work force, and significant events such as strikes, lock-outs, organizing campaigns, and the daily lives of Albertan workers.

        Alberta Labour History Institute
        PR0059 · Fonds · 1918-2009

        The fonds consists of the records created by both the Civil Service Association and the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees from the inception of the CSA in 1919 to its present day incarnation. The fonds is made up of minutes of meetings, bulletins, labour relations files, negotiations, classification appeals, and affiliations relating to the running of AUPE as a whole and to individual branch operations. The fonds also contains material relating to constitutional matters and by-laws, administration, membership services, committees, publicity and annual conventions of both the CSA and AUPE. The fonds is divided into the Civil Service Association sous-fonds and the following series: labour relations; classification appeals; negotiations; CSA material and; public affairs.

        There are also scrapbooks containing clippings related to AUPE activities throughout the 1980s and 1990s, including scrapbooks devoted to the Health Care Employees Union of Alberta, a union that briefly splintered from AUPE in the 1980s before reintegrating back into AUPE. There is also a 1918 copy of the Constitution and Guidelines of the Brotherhood of Dominion Express Employees.

        The photographs and negatives included in the scrapbooks depict events such as AUPE training sessions, demonstrations, bargaining and arbitration sessions, staff members, and conventions. There is also a framed portrait of W.T. Aiken, the first president of the Civil Service Association of Alberta, the predecessor organization to AUPE.

        Alberta Union of Provincial Employees
        Anna MacLaren fonds
        PR1891 · Fonds · 1944-1958

        The fonds consists of loose scrapbook pages, compiled by Anna MacLaren, of newspaper articles about unionism, labour organizations, labour legislation, minimum wages, the Hotel and Restaurant Employees’ International Alliance Local No. 198 and Anna MacLaren.

        MacLaren, Anna
        PR2549 · Fonds · 1954 - 1983

        The fonds consists of records used, maintained, received and created by the Canadian Labour Congress, Edmonton Sub-regional Office, including reports and minutes from conventions; daily journals of Henry Tomaschuk, general representative of the CLC; council minutes; financial statements; pamphlets; news releases; conference reports and minutes; correspondence and agreements between the CLC and other local, international and federal unions; correspondence and agreements between the CLC and companies and organizations. The fonds dates from 1954 to 1983.

        Canadian Labour Congress. Edmonton Sub-regional Office
        PR3027 · Collection · 1915 - 1961

        The collection consists of mining agreements between coal mining unions and coal mines in Alberta dating from 1915 to 1961. Coal mines represented in the collection include the Canadian Collieries Limited, Cadomin Coal Co. Ltd., Canmore Coal Company Limited, Mine Workers Central Union of Estevan and District, Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company, Bighorn and Saunders Creek Collieries, Drumheller and Wayne District Coal Companies, Hillcrest Collieries Ltd., Hinton Collieries Limited, International Coal and Coke Company Limited, McGillivary Creek and Coal Company Limited, Lethbridge Collieries Limited, Luscar Collieries Limited, and McLeod River Hard Coal Co. Limited.

        Unknown donor
        PR0643 · Fonds · Copied 1971

        Fonds consists of an oral history of L.C. (Len) Stevens, interviewed by David Lake dated 1967, and negatives depicting various people, buildings, machinery, and views of various coal mining operations in Alberta and British Columbia dating about 1900 to 1969.

        Coal Operators Association of Western Canada
        Series · 1953-2005

        The series consists of collective agreements between employers and unions that were subsequently deposited with the provincial government. The collective agreements include information related to wages and / or salaries; job classification and reclassification procedures; holidays, sick leave and time off; benefits and general working conditions, restrictions and allowances.

        The series also includes sign-ons of various worksites agreeing to the terms of the collective agreement applicable to that site.

        Alberta. Labour (1959-1971). General Administration
        Series · 1932-2007

        The series consists of records pertaining to conciliation and mediation activities, including preventive mediation initiatives, undertaken to resolve disputes between labour unions and employments during collective bargaining negotiations. The series includes case files related to conciliation and mediation activities undertaken when these activities were under the jurisdiction of the Board of Industrial Relations. It also includes transcripts of testimonies at the enquiry regarding the Swift Canadian and Gainers strikes of 1937.

        The case files comprise applications for mediation, contact information for the parties in dispute, renewals, Board certificate number, meeting information,, lists of items in dispute, notice of mediation to parties, notice of non-attendance, mediated agreement, withdrawal notices, cancellations, evaluation forms, lists of parties in attendance, and notice of completion of mediation.

        The series also includes committee minutes, statistics, correspondence and other records related to management of the mediation process in the business unit.

        Alberta. Labour (1975-1999). Conciliation and Mediation Services
        Series · 1925-1999

        The series consists of the records of the Deputy Minister of Labour, including those of that position's predecessors, the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Deputy Minister of Industries and Labour, and the Deputy Minister of Advanced Education and Manpower.

        The files include correspondence, minutes of meetings, reports, legal decisions, publications, conference proceedings, background research, legislation and other records related to employment standards, working conditions in various industries, hours of pay, wages, investigations, apprenticeship, labour disputes, federal-provincial liaison activities, women and youth in the workforce, and occupational health. It also includes records related to departmental administration and liaison activities with branches within the department.

        The series also includes records related to the Deputy's role as the chair of the regional chapter of the National War Labour Board, including correspondence, speeches, newspaper clippings, legislation, and case files of liaison activities with stakeholders.

        Alberta. Trade and Industry. Deputy Minister
        PR0559 · Fonds · 1905-2010

        The fonds consists of two series: 1. Edmonton Trades and Labour Council Records (1905-1958) 2. Edmonton and District Labour Council Records (1928-2010, predominantly 1951-2010).

        Edmonton and District Labour Council
        PR0779 · Fonds · 1946-1948

        Fonds consists of minutes, financial records, membership lists, and a copy of the Edmonton Building and Construction Trades Council charter.

        Edmonton Building and Construction Trades Council
        Series · 1940-1998, predominant 1967-1998

        The series consist of records related generally to the operations of the business unit responsible for employment standards. The files include correspondence, minutes of management, policy and advisory committees, copies of board orders, and other related records.

        The series also includes minutes of a 1940 advisory committee on coal mines.

        Alberta. Manpower and Labour. Labour Standards Branch
        Series · 1922-1983

        The series consist of records related to the oversight of employment standards. The series primarily consists of sampled case files of complaints against employers regarding non-payment of wages or inadequate working conditions. The files contain correspondence, statements of claims, investigator's notes and reports, and copies of orders regarding remedial actions such as payment of funds. The series incorporates records created when these labour standards was under the jurisdiction of the Minimum Wage Board as well as the Board of Industrial Relations.

        The series also comprises records related to approvals by the Minimum Wage Board and the Board of Industrial Relations to permit workplaces to operate non-standard working hours. These files consist of correspondence, reports, and statistics regarding the approval of overtime in various workplaces. They also contain correspondence and copies of contracts with various industries regarding non-standard employment hours. In particular, the series includes correspondence with the Canadian National Railway and the Canadian Pacific Railway pertaining to their operations at the Banff Springs Hotel, Jasper Park Lodge, and Chateau Lake Louise, which includes copies of employment contracts with staff working at these hotels.

        Alberta. Manpower and Labour. Labour Standards Branch
        PR3229 · Fonds · 1911-1990

        The fonds consists of three photographs regarding CN and the Keefes, numerous Rail Operating Instruction and rule books and other trade manuals, ledgers detailing day to day train operations, newspaper articles related to railway history, two union constitution manuals and a labour relations manual, Instructions and Schedule for the CNR Royal Tour in 1939, a folio of folded circuit designs, and numerous CN time tables.

        Keefe, Frank H. and George W.
        PR2048 · Fonds · 1911- 2001

        The fonds consists of financial, organizational and administrative records created by Local 120 during its service to the Great Western Garment Company (GWG) such as minute books, and union publications as well as records documenting the operation of the GWG plant dating from 1911-2004. The fonds documents GWG's transfer to Levi's, and UGWA and Levi's subsequent relationship and agreements. In addition, the fonds contains commemoratory photographs of GWG dinners, promotional material created by GWG, and newspapers clippings documenting the operation of GWG.

        Great Western Garment Company
        Series · 1947-1948, 1969-2007, predominant 1969-2007

        The series consists of records related to grievance arbitration activities. Primarily comprising case files, the files include application forms (which may include the name of the employer, union or bargaining agent, the description of the grievance, and the expiry date of the Collective Agreement), grievance letter, and additional correspondence related to the appointment of the arbitrator and the arbitration process.

        The series also includes committee minutes, correspondence and other records related to management of the arbitration process in the business unit as well as statistics regarding arbitration (1947-1948).

        Alberta. Labour (1975-1999). Conciliation and Mediation Services
        PR3328 · Fonds · 1929-1953, predominant 1929-1935

        The fonds consists of correspondence, annual reports, financial statements, an Allied Printing Trades Union Agreement, and some shares in both Imprimerie Canadienne Ltd. and Imprimerie La Survivance.

        Imprimerie Canadienne Ltd.
        PR2568 · Fonds · 1908-1994

        The fonds consists of material created, used, and maintained by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, Local Lodge 817 dating from 1908 to 1994, including minutes, photographs, charters, bylaws, constitutions, membership dues registers, member rolls, cashbooks, agreements, and treasurer's books.

        International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. Local Railway Lodge 817
        PR4056 · Fonds · 1976-2003

        The fonds consists of a complete run of IBEW 424 newsletters for the years 1976-2003 and copies of local records compiled into a history document. These copies include minutes, collective agreements, correspondence, and short histories of the local and member biographies compiled by the union.

        International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 424
        Series · 1937-1995, predominant 1967-1995

        The series consists of records related to policy analysis, planning, statistics and research pertaining to labour issues in Alberta. The files include general correspondence and press releases regarding research projects, minutes and correspondence regarding liaison activities with external organizations, background research materials from various sources about labour and human rights issues, labour statistics, labour standards survey returns, submissions and research papers regarding labour legislation, and case files regarding specific research projects.

        Arranged by project number, the case files typically consist of an assignment sheet indicating the parameters of the project, related correspondence, and the final results of the research project. The topics of the research include employment standards, absenteeism, collective bargaining and arbitration statistics, strikes and lockouts, right to work, arbitration methodologies, labour supply, apprenticeships, minimum wage, and the participation of women, Indigenous people, and persons with disabilities in the workforce.

        Alberta. Trade and Industry. General Office
        Labour Relations Board fonds
        Fonds · 1923-2009, predominant 1936-1980

        The fonds consists of the records of the Labour Relations Board and its predecessors, the Minimum Wage Board and the Board of Industrial Relations, pertaining to its activities in managing labour relations issues in the province. The fonds is divided into the following series:

        • Board administration records
        • Board application case file records
        • Board bulletin records
        • Board meeting records
        • Board operations records
        • Union case file records
        Alberta. Minimum Wage Board
        Leslie G. Young fonds
        PR3151 · Fonds · 1978-1986

        The fonds consists of records created and received by Les Young during his term as the Minister of Labour. The records include correspondence and briefs related to labour disputes, labour legislation, mediation services, building standards, and liaison activities with labour and employer associations in Alberta such as the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, the Human Rights Commission, the Alberta Federation of Labour, and the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association. The fonds also contains reports related to labour issues in Alberta.

        Young, Les
        Louis Broten fonds
        PR2271 · Fonds · 1886-1979

        The fonds consists of records used, created, and maintained by Louis Broten while serving on the International Board of Directors of BLF and E, North Star Lodge 810, Local 1771, as General Chairman of the Board of Appeals of the BLF and E and its successor body, the UTU, (E) Division, and as an Engineer for CNR including reports, correspondence, memoranda, information files, audits, photographs, constitutions, publications such as the Locomotive Firemen's and Enginemen's Magazine (1891 - 1960), Enginemen's Press (1959 - 1968), circulars, lodge directories, newsletters, reports, bulletins, pamphlets, agreements, contracts, appeals cases of the BLF and E dating from 1886 - 1969. The fonds also includes copies Hansards dating from 1960 to 1967 collected by Louis Broten.

        Broten, Louis
        PR4053 · Fonds · 1998-2009

        The fonds consists of promotional material (posters, flyers, programs, etc.), budgets, financial statements, meeting minutes, grant proposals, bylaws, administrative documents, and promotional material from Mayworks events held across Canada. There are also records related to planning specific events such as the May Day march, the Day of Mourning, concerts, etc. The video and audio records consist of promotional material.

        May Week Labour Arts Festival Society
        Series · 1960-2018

        The series consists of records related to managing labour relations within the Alberta public service. The files include correspondence, reports, collective bargaining agreements, reports, policies and procedures, surveys, and other records related to workplace interventions, workforce reduction, arbitration, collective bargaining, bargaining unit exclusions, job actions and strikes, wrongful dismissal, and codes of conduct.

        The series also includes case files pertaining to grievances, cases heard by the Labour Relations Board, as well as management conduct cases heard by the Board of Review.

        Alberta. Personnel Administration Office. Employee Relations Division
        PR3205 · Fonds · 1920

        The fonds consists of a labour agreement of Sheet Metal Union, Local No. 8 dating from 1920.

        Sheet Metal Union. Edmonton Local No. 8
        PR0566 · Collection · 1903-1973

        Collection consists of coal mining union agreements, an Alberta government Department of Public Welfare information booklet, a report entitled Who’s Who in Alberta Agriculture, a Lethbridge School souvenir programme, notes, correspondence, and reports of C. A. (Charles Alexander) Magrath, Manager of the Canadian Northwest Irrigation Company, concerning St. Mary water rights and the St. Mary and Milk Rivers diversions, undated photographs depicting farming in the Peace River area, and a view of the Clearwater River and Dr. Frank Hamilton Mewburn of Lethbridge, Alberta. Collection includes microfilm copies of correspondence written to William Stafford dated 1883-1894, various records concerning farming, irrigation, homesteading, and Lethbridge, Alberta dated 1887-1921, a map of Alberta electoral districts dated 1924, and correspondence, reports and memorandum from the Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company dating 1885-1906. Collection also includes copied photographs from a number of photograph albums, some with annotations, dating 1830-1935, which depict various forts, trading posts, canals, people, buildings, farms, livestock, and views in Alberta and western Canada.

        Sir Alexander Galt Museum and Archives
        Strike Press Committee fonds
        PR2930 · Fonds · 1919

        The fonds consists of copies of The Edmonton Free Press, and The Edmonton Strike Bulletin published by the Strike Press Committee in 1919.

        Strike Press Committee (Edmonton, Alberta)
        Theo Serra fonds
        PR0438 · Fonds · Copied 1970-1972

        The fonds consists of records dating 1910-1972 and includes written transcripts of oral interviews, an oral interview with Orestes Serra, financial records and other records for a number of businesses and associations in the Bellevue-Blairmore area in Alberta, pamphlets and publications, a short history of Bellevue, Alberta and photographs of various towns in Alberta including Lethbridge, Calgary, Edmonton, Blairmore, Canmore, and Crow’s Nest Pass.

        Serra, Theo
        PR0261 · Fonds · 1903-1966

        Fonds consists of the records of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, Local 1325 including minutes, financial records, correspondence, membership records, publications and photographs. The fonds has been arranged into the following series: Financial records; Affiliated organizations; Minutes; Correspondence; Conventions; Labour legislation; Publications; Membership records; Labour agreements; Miscellaneous records. Some series have been further divided into sub-series.

        United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. Edmonton Local 1325
        PR0761 · Fonds · 1955-1973, predominant 1955-1968

        Fonds consists of a New Democratic Party calendar depicting photographs of the labour movement in Canada, a Steelworkers of America Newsletter, a photograph depicting the Alberta Federation of Labour Third Convention in Lethbridge, Alberta, and various collective agreements involving various Alberta United Steelworkers of America, District 6 (Alberta) Locals, including 5592, 5529, 5220, 5530, 5575, 5592, 5044, 3345, 5458, and 6239. Fonds also includes a collective agreement for the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America, Local 551, and the United Steelworkers of America, Local 803, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

        United Steelworkers of America. District 6 (Alberta)
        Warren Caragata fonds
        PR0936 · Fonds · 1883-1979

        The fonds consists of the research material compiled by Warren Caragata in preparing his book, Alberta Labour: A Heritage Untold, and includes transcripts of interviews, interview notes, primary source material (original, transcribed and copied records dating from 1883), secondary source material, research notes, and correspondence.

        Caragata, Warren
        Yvonne Chapman fonds
        PR4162 · Fonds · 1970-1983

        Pamela Allan recorded her interview with Yvonne Chapman on May 31, 1994. In the interview, Chapman recounts her early experiences working as an Employee Relations Officer with the Alberta Association of Registered Nurses. She described the growth of unionism in the profession, the decision of the AARN to cease being a bargaining agent for the union, the separation of the Association and the United Nurses of Alberta in 1977, strikes in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and her views on the future of the professional unions in Alberta. A timed summary of the audiotape is included in the textual material.

        Chapman, Yvonne